Because some days, you just gotta bury your face in the silken, soft, fleecy, white downy fluff, and scream.

You can write all your verbal disease here, but please, keep it off the Neoboards.
Now mash away, if you like.


Q: Do you get a lot of comments about this page?
A: You'd be surprised. xD

Q: So. Um. You drew that pillow?
A: Uh-huh. Sure did. Used a tablet, and Macromedia Flash. So it looks all smooth and expert-like.

Q: ... Do you ever wonder what people type into this?
A: Hey, no... but now you mention it, I've grown automatically curious all of a sudden :o On the other hand, the whole purpose of this page is for information to never be passed along. So I guess it's not my place to wonder what nonsense gets mashed into it. Even if it might be bad poetry (ACK!)

Q: Why do you have a FAQ section at all. I mean look at this page. It's got like one thing on it.
A: ...You don't like my FAQ? D:

Q: I didn't say that I didn't like the FAQ... I just think it's kind of pointless considering how brief this page is - a title, a picture, and a text area.
A: You hurt my feelings. And the FAQ's feelings too D: Now you better apologise to us both.

Q: *sigh* I'll be out for a while. Gotta use that pillow some more.
A: You do that, poppin. *snivel* Browsers these days...

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(started April 7, 2010)

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