Hey there, guest! (Why, that is an unusual and wonderfully random name you have there!) My owner has decided to make this a VERY special page indeed - I am going to help her share the Random Contest entries she has submitted and/or won prizes with! Isn't that cool?


First off, this is ME! My name is Cuimhne. You can pronounce it any way you like; we're not entirely sure how it's said either. It is a Gaelic name that means "Remembrance" or "Memory". Seakquy just looked up random Irish names and liked the meaning and the way it sounded. I am owned by Seakquy, but I live here in her Gallery account. (She says she doesn't want her "battlers" to lose any stats by having more pets in there - I wonder what that means!?!?!)

What makes us especially sad is that when a Neopian wins 3rd place for their entry (and hey, that ain't half bad), it isn't displayed in the "Winner's Circle". :@ ( I think anyone who places should have their work showcased as well, although we can understand why 100 3rd place entries can't be on display. So, that's why we're putting Seakquy's here; she put as much hard work into hers as anyone else!! @_@

The "non-winning" entries will be here later, but for now, have a look at the entries that have placed! I think they're pretty darn cool, but then again, I'm rather partial to my owner.=^_^=

Keep an eye out though; one of these days, Seakquy plans to earn 1st place for...who knows what it could end up being? Ah, the joy of randomness, indeed!


*We find we've done better when we submit entries as soon as possible; it gives the Neopets Team more time to review and possibly pick your entry. However, we've also sent in entries "late" in the game and still placed, so really, just do your best, and if it impresses the judges, you will win too!

*For some of the more "offbeat" contests (such as ones involving cooking, crafts or sound recordings), chances are not as many will be able to enter (for whatever reasons). [Example - see my 2nd-placing Thumb Rumble entry below.] So, if you have a special talent and ability to participate in those ones, you SHOULD, because you may have a better chance to place higher. Image/drawing and writing contests tend to be a LOT more competitive with so many talented artists and writers out there.

*Have fun! It will show inĀ  your work if you've put a lot of time and talent into your entries. This may be all you need to win TNT over! Even if you think something isn't as *good* as other people's entries, you never know what they're looking for! We all have our own special style anyway, right? TNT tries to display all levels of talent, as one can see from past contests.

*If you still don't win, no worries: I've seen instances where entries that didn't place in the Random Contest were submitted and posted in the Picture Gallery and/or The Neopian Times, so don't lose hope on getting in the spotlight! Get your work out there, and eventually someone will notice it.

*Don't give up - even if you don't win/place every week you enter, you may another time. (Even I've had several entries I really liked and was proud of, but they never placed.) Keep at it, if nothing else, you are honing your own art and creative skills.

That's all there is to it! Good luck!

Now, for the entries! *DRUMROLL*

Last Updated: June 12, 2006 - 2 New "Winning" Entries Posted! (Ooh, we're becoming Random Regulars!)

In order of appearance:

Random Contest #16 - Paint Brush Pageant
Entry Name: Roo Island Paint Brush
Placed: 3rd Place (Earned our first R.C. Trophy, 2000 np, and the "Random" Avatar on this one!)

Random Contest #28 - Thumb Rumble!
Entry Name: Quiggly Goodness!
Placed: 2nd Place!!! (We got the trophy upgrade, 5000 np, and a Battle Faerie Painting as our prizes.) You can also see the entry on display here! Woohoo!

Random Contest #40 - Completion Chaos!
Entry Name: Dancing with the (Pant) Devil!
Placed: 3rd Place (Already have the 2nd place trophy and Avatar, so we just got the 2000 np.)

Random Contest # 57 - Finger Puppet Paradise
Entry Name: Faerie Poppit Puppet (aka Waiting for the Neocam to Update)
Placed: 3rd Place (Same explanation as above; we earned 2000 np.)

Random Contest #61 - Completion Corruption!
Entry Name: The Sleeper is Watching You!
Placed: 3rd Place (Being a repeat "winner", we got just the standard 2000 np prize here.)

Come back again soon and see what else we have to share! Thank you again, guest, for stopping by!

~Cuimhne ^_^

Besides, it would be really silly and a waste of your time, considering TNT already knows I made these myself. Not to mention just about anyone could do better than these, I'm sure. ^_^