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4/21/11: Just came back from a 3 day hiatus! I'm back now, and drawing! I'll also be getting a tablet soon (May 3rd, my birthday!) so I'll be able to have higher quality drawings!
4/12/11: Finished my FINAL urgent request. Onto the leisurely ones!
4/5/11: Hey, entered in Dreamee's SOTM contest! Button on the Welcome! page!
4/3/11: Trying to get back on my feet with updates! So sorry for the wait!
3/31/11: New layout from Sugary! And I love it!
Do you like my banner? Made by mystic (credits page) ;D
In other news: I'm just now getting back on my feet! I use SN image databases for my references, then POOF they were hacked, so.... back up ):

Welcome to my art site!

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Hello! Welcome to Crystal Clear Art! I'm Keedie (keedieasaur), the owner of this fabulous site. I do art requests for applications, lookup pictures, etc. I draw pets in their unconverted and converted forms, so make sure that you specify what you want the pet to look like when you send your Request! I'm searching for affiliates, so if you have a drawing site, please let me know so that we can exchange links. (:

PLEASE NOTE: If any of this art is stolen, the stealer shall be reported to TNT immediately, no questions asked.

Spare a vote for SOTM? : D


Request status: Closed, come back some other time, eh? ;D

Neomail me requests, I'm online almost everyday, and if I'm not online_ then I'll post on this page. I have one premade, ready to fill out request form. (:

Above is what a request should look like. Get the picture? (:


None right now ;D

Gallery (:

*drumroll* What you all have been waiting for... THE GALLERY! This is the section where I will post previous pictures that I have drawn for people so that you can view my work, and decide if you want me to do your drawing! Please note: These are drawings that other people have now. Do not take one of these as your own, thanks!

This is a Maraquan Uni. Drawn for a good friend :D

This is a Gelert detective. Can't you tell by his snazzy suit? ;)

This is a Faerie Draik that I drew for an application. LIke it?

UC Faerie Kyrii for an application as a request.

Baby Chia for an unknown reason.

UC RB Shoy! I personally think this one was my best!

Drawn for Victor (Riki) for his friend Rhys. Lovely, ain't it? XD


Sitely stuff. Buttons, affies, and 'listed at'.


Please link back after you pick up your art!!! (Buttons link back to their creators) Please NM me (link to lookup on Welcome! page) if there's a button that isn't working and linking back.


My affiliates! Please NM me to affiliate!

Listed at...

I am listed at:


Alright! So..... I have nothing for this space yet! What do you think I should have here?
Waiting list?
A 'NM Me!' link?
Really, it's your choice! Just NM me what you think (use the link on the Welcome! page) so I can add it!

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