The Mysterious Shenkuu Negg Cave -- Guide

About Shenkuu and the Mysterious Negg Puzzle

Shenkuu is a land rich in lush landscape. As in the aforementioned paragraph, the negg puzzle appeared on Monday, August 27th, 2012 and we are learning more about it each and every day.

My first impressions of the Shenkuu Negg game appear to imitate a small sudoku grid, except there are only nine squares and three different symbols with three different colors. The goal of the game is to use the information that the game gives you to fill the grid with one of each of the symbols in each of the three colors. Therefore, there will be three of each symbol in each of the three colors.

Pretty standard stuff, right? Well, let's walk through an example, then!

Example of how to solve the puzzle

1. When you first happen upon the puzzle, it will be a variation of the picture below:

2. The figure(s) in the top left corner of the page are not there to confuse you-- they actually indicate how to solve the puzzle! These are what logicians call "givens," and that is what I will refer to them as. Let's put these givens into the puzzle as they are, starting with the symbols in this example.

3. Here is what the puzzle looks like after putting in the symbols that were given (you pick the symbols from the bottom of the screen, click on it once and then click where in the grid you want those symbols. If you select the wrong symbol, you can either de-select it by clicking again or click a different symbol). Now, put the colors in the same way, clicking each color, being sure you do not have a symbol selected or it will change the symbol you already have in the grid. Here is the grid completed with all givens.

4. Notice how you can have colors in the grid without symbols. We are not going to leave them like this, because all symbols need color and all colors need a symbol, but we first need to assess what the givens have told us about the puzzle.

It has told us that we already have 2 symbols that are red picked out, and 2 symbols that are blue already put into place and we do not need to worry about them. What the puzzle also shows us is where the last of the red and blue symbols need to go. Since we already have the "shield" and "fire" symbol placed, the last symbol the red color needs is the swirly "X," which will be placed where the red ink was in the example.

5. Now, we will solve for blue the same way. We already have the same symbols for blue picked out, "Shield" and "fire," and the space where the blue inked grid needs a symbol. Therefore, we can keep the "swirly X" symbol selected and change our color selection from red to blue and complete the third blue.

6. So, now both the red and blue symbols are all completed! This makes completing the rest of the grid very easy, even though there is no yellow on the board yet, because 2 out of the 3 symbols remaining are already picked out and placed for us! Therefore, put yellow in the "fire" symbol on the top and in the "shield" symbol on the bottom corner which means we only have the "swirly X" symbol, which has to be yellow, on the middle right.

7. Now, you are ready to submit and receive a prize similiar to the one that I received! Be sure to Neomail me what your prize was!

The negg game will reset itself by the next day, and you will see the opened negg until that point, like in the image below.

Keep reading to see what kinds of prizes you may win from the Shenkuu Negg Cave!

Verified prizes so far:

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