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Welcome to Spiderweb, a link directory run by Edith (#edith22) and Akiha (#akiha_c). Spiderweb opened on August 11th, 2013 and has already listed 137 sites & 0 NT articles.
Spiderweb aimed at directing you by providing efficient service along convenient navigation. We list both sites & NT articles, but sites with stolen content, that break TNT's rules, are off-neo sites, or are shops/galleries/guilds will not be listed at Spiderweb.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


  • If you know exactly the name of the site you are looking for, you can simply press Ctrl + F to find the site.

before sending in your stuff

  • We do not list any sites that break TNT's rules, have stolen content or are off-site.
  • We do not list shops, galleries, guilds. If you want to list your shop, gallery, guilds, please check out the specialized directories here.
  • Linking back is not required, but is greatly appreciated.
  • Please tell us if your site closes, changes links, etc.


August 13, 2013 @ 3:08am NST

+ 27 site(s) listed, - 0 site(s) removed

August 11, 2013 @ 2:14am NST

  • Spiderweb is now officially open!
+ 44 site(s) listed, - 0 site(s) removed

August 10, 2013 @ 6:50pm NST

  • Sorry for no updates in the past few days.
  • +2 buttons, thank you Turnip and Cameron!
+ 10 site(s) listed, - 0 site(s) removed

August 7, 2013 @ 3:27am NST

  • +2 buttons, thank you Deanna and Sarah!
  • We had removed Elise, because it has stolen content from Prime.
  • Akiha: I am back from my vacation so updates will be normal from now on. C:
+ 3 site(s) listed, - 1 site(s) removed

August 3, 2013 @ 1:42am NST

  • +1 featured at icon and +2 spiffy buttons, thank you Nina and Michelle!
  • Received a proofreading review from Siren's Isle, big thanks to Kitty!
  • +1 Lister.
  • Edith: Akiha can't use the computer now because she is now on a short vacation, and there are still some issues that we have to talk about. Therefore please expect no updates until Akiha comes back. Thank you for your understanding! :(
+ 0 site(s) listed, - 0 site(s) removed

August 1, 2013 @ 10:20am NST

  • +1 beautiful featured at button, thank you Mia!
  • Edith: I listed loads of review sites today! Check them here. But I have ranked none of them yet since I need to let Akiha have a double check. The ranking of review sites is now done. Congratulation to the ranked sites! Site owners with their review sites ranked can pick up their ranked icon at the sitely section.
+ 0 site(s) listed, - 0 site(s) removed

July 31, 2013 @ 9:29am NST

  • +1 Affiliate, Luminescent!
  • +1 Site news
  • +2 lovely ranked & recommended at icons, big thanks to Delightful!
  • Received a Q&A review from Turnip, thank you so much!
  • +1 Lister, Spiderweb is now listed at Luminescent!
+ 13 site(s) listed, - 0 site(s) removed

July 30, 2013 @ 3:30am NST

+ 3 site(s) listed, - 0 site(s) removed

send stuff


To post advertisements or site news, simply filled in the form below then send it to us.

get listed

To get your sites listed, just filled in the form below then send it to us.

question & feedback

If you have any questions or comments about Spiderweb, please do not hesitate to neomail us!

feature sites

To feature a site that you think everyone should visit, just filled in the form below then send it to us.

site community

site news

Site Name: Magnifique
Site Owner: Delightful
Magnifique has a new layout.
Site Name: Wirch
Site Owner: Edith
Wirch is still on revamping.
Site Name: Akiha
Site Owner: Akiha
All request are hold due to revamping.

site ads

Site Name: Omega Ogrins
Site Owner: Gemmy
OO is open for listing permanent ogrins, having affies and listing the site in your directory.
Site Name: Blissful Bori
Site Owner: Gemmy
BB is open for listing permanent bori, having affies and listing the site in your directory.
Site Name: Urban
Site Owner: Mackenzie
Urban is a new site by Mackenzie offering premade layouts and petpage layout requests. Just opened on August 7th, Urban already features a nice selection of premades with requests to be open soon.
Site Name: Wirch
Site Owner: Edith
Are you seeking an Attractive Banner for your app/site? Or a NOT UFT/A banner just for your own pets? Wirch is offering both Banners & Icons Requests! We aim at giving the public alarge variety of banners & icons styles to beautify your page! Be sure you have read the rules before requesting!
Site Name: Season
Site Owner: Akiha
Season is an adoptables site that offers both premade and request of season-themed adoptables. If you are looking for some adoptables to decorate your site, please do take a look of Season!

recently closed

Month 00, 2013
None yet.

newly added

August 13, 2013

featured sites

featured by visitors

None Yet :(

featured by us

Site Name: Floret
Site Owner: Sarah
The quality of Sarah's buttons are high and the Sarah's Pick buttons always surprise me after I requested! What is more, the speed of finishing requests is super fast. Floret is one of the best button request site that you should really check it out when you have time!


ranking/advertising site

Ranking Sites
Site Advertising

competition site

Karma Plaudits


specialty & resources

SWF Images
Charly's SWF Collection

specific graphics


pet directories


Crosspainted Pets
W: Cross-Painted Pets of Neopia
Real Name & Real Word Pets
Unconverted Pets
Remember Me The Toy Box The Faerie Sanctuary

specific color

The Faerie Fountain
The Tide Pool
Bucket of Bolts
Neopian Royalty
Tidal Wave
Taste Explosion


about Spiderweb & us




Retired Stuff



about Spiderweb & us


Do I need to be the site owner to post an advertisement?

Yes. We are currently receiving advertisements from site owners only. However, if you want to feature a site that you think everyone should see, please feel free to feature that site by mailing us the form provided here!

I want to feature a site; what should I write in the description part?

Anything about that site! You can simply write something like, "This site provides high-quality graphics" or "I love this site because the content always makes me laugh." A comment or an introduction of that site will be perfect. Usually, a description includes two to three sentences.

Can I feature my own site?

We are afraid not. But you can definitely post an advertisement using the form provided here to advertise your own site!

Can I feature a NT article?

Yes! Please change "Site Name" & "Site URL" into "NT article name" & "NT article URL" respectively though.

I am not sure which category my site is in. Can I get listed in more than one category?

In order to make the site easier to navigate, each site can only be listed in one category. If you aren't sure which category suits your site, we will choose for you.


None yet.


None yet. We are now preparing Spiderweb's 1st event!

retired stuff

Retired layouts, buttons, banners, etc are put here. The retirement isn't due to the fact that I don't like them anymore, just because I want to try something new!

None yet!


Future plans & goals of Wirch are all written here. If you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free tell us!


- Hold competitions


- List 100+ sites in August
- Affie with 5 directories in August
- Find a sister site


Q: What kind of competitions do you think Spiderweb can hold?
A. Button of the month
B. Layout of the month
C. Graphic of the month (includes banners, icons, adoptables, etc)
D. Site of the month
E. Others (Please tell me your ideas!)


link back

sister site

None yet. Spiderweb is looking for a sister site! The only requirement is that it should be a link directory or a site under the "community" category. Feel free to mail me if you are interested!

affiliates [4/20]

Requests are open, apply?


reviewed at


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