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The golden sunshine was belting down on you, and you huffed out a breath of frustration and exhaustion. The heat was just getting too much for you in this open Savannah. Why is it always me who gets lost? You begin to think to yourself, and you give a little moan. Then opening your canister and taking a gulp of fresh water, you set off again. Despite the hot weather, you couldn't help but admire the beautiful landscape before you. You didn't at all regret coming to visit the plains, despite the re-route you had to take. However you felt a little bit anxious about the Lions that prowled the land, although you had been previously reassured that this wasn't the Lion's terrain. But why not? Surely the Lions would have been desperate to set up camp here, for it was close-by to the watering hole, and prey here was plentiful. You could spot Zebra happily grazing far into the distance near the hazy mountains.
As you pondered, your arms hung lazily down to your side as you prodded on, and your hands ran gently over the tops of the thick golden grass that reached past your knees. You peered ahead of you, your eyes squinting in the sunlight, and you spotted a lone huge Baobab tree, which casted a great shadow. Perfect you thought to yourself, as you started towards it.

Finally reaching the colossal tree and the wonderful shadow it casted, you collapse down at its base, resting your head against its giant trunk. But as you begun to close your eyes, you suddenly hear a growl from above you. You jump up in shock and swerved from its direction, grabbing a nearby stick firm in your hand for protection. You expected a Leopard to pounce at you, but instead sat on a low branch was a marvellous Cheetah, his pearly whites briefly bared, and his long tail gently swinging side to side.
Are you going to drop that? He asked, his voice deep and husky as he eyed the long thick branch in your hand. You did so you gaze into his blazing eyes. They were beautiful, an icy blue, clearer than the skies above.
Who are you? You ask, slightly mesmerised. The Cheetah stopped baring his teeth, as he decided that you were no threat to him.
I am Crowes…. Would you like to hear more stranger? He cocked his head to one side as he regarded you steadily.
Yes… You murmur out. I do.

About Crowes

The soul behind his icy eyes


Name: Crowes (Crow-ez)
Nickname: Crow
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 7 years old
Age Group: Adult
Occupation: Racer
Species: King Cheetah
Destination: The Plains
Orientation: Straight
Diet: Carnivour
Element: Earth

His Favourites:

Colour: Blue
Food: Antalope
Drink: Lemonade
Time of day: Dawn
Day: Thursday
Month: March
Preffering Light/Dark: Light
Weather: Sunshine
Season: Spring
Setting: Grasslands

His Design

Run fast for your mother, fast for your father

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Irises: Ice Blue
Colouraion: Golden Hues
Markings: Black spots, stripes under eyes
Pelt: Fur
Build: Skinny, Agile
Size: Medium
Height: 2ft 9
Length: 5 ft 7
Clothing: Protective Socks, Charm and a Crow's feather on tail

His Story

The story of a gifted Levati member

The plains... they are hot and hostile, and only for the brave and mighty. No matter who you are, we must travel miles and miles on end to find what we need, whether it be food, or water. The weak don't surive here. Us Cheetahs have it tough, and many generations ago we were on the brink of extinction. Our numbers are still depleted, but we are back. We are ready and fighting... and the battle that determines our destiny has just begun.

On Crowes' second birthday, (so he is still a mere cub) the Sevan Race was taking place. The Sevan race occurs once every two years on Crowes' birthday. It is a very dangerous and high-speed race for all Cheetahs of the Savannah. Around 120 cheetah spectators, from all packs far across the Savannah Plains, take place. All Cheetahs from different backgrounds and different packs can compete, and usually there are around 20 cheetahs would race. Back then, the King Cheetahs were a very rare species, and there were only two packs that were known to exist; Crowes' family's pack and one other. There were 5 King Cheetahs competing that year, and because of their small numbers it was a rarity for one to win.

The gruelling challenge actually takes place on Crowes' pack land, the Levati terrain; despite a member of the Levati pack hasn't won the rave for a decade. The Cheetahs would start 6 miles away from the finish line, at the base of the mountains. The Cheetahs have to run deep through the Lion's and Leopard's terrain, which proves to be highly dangerous as the big cats know of the race and will try to hunt down the cheetahs. If a Lion catches up to one, the cheetah is in trouble; since their small and light body is no match to the strength of a lion; Cheetahs after all are built for speed. So the race proves to be very dangerous and sometimes cheetahs can be killed. Crowes and his young brothers watched the race and were instantly fascinated by it.

A few years passed and Crowes has grown up. He is now a full-fledge member of the Levati Pack. The Levati pack contains 7 King Cheetahs, 2 of his brothers including himself, and then two separate families of King Cheetahs of 2 brothers each. This is the family tree:

Crowes, Eagon and Kite are 3 brothers of the pack. (Crowes is the youngest out of the three.) Dante and Rugan are 2 brothers, Dante being the alpha male and Rugan being the second dominant. Lint and Cad are half brothers, with the same mother but separate fathers.

Dante and Rugan are the oldest of the pack, a few years older, and Crowes and his younger brothers are the youngest of the pack, Crowes being the youngest overall.

There had always been a conflict between Dante and Crowes… a clash of personalities? That is possible the case, but they despise each other. Crowes is trying to train for the upcoming race, and so is Dante, but Dante insists that Crowes cannot compete. Crowes only just turns old enough to compete in the rave because it takes part on his birthday.

When Crowes is training, he is captured by some humans and put to sleep by a tranquilliser shot. He wakes up in the back of a Jeep, with shackles on his front paws and underneath those shackles are protective socks so the cat doesn't hurt himself on the heavy metal. As a human opens the back door Crowes pretends to still be asleep. The human takes the shackles off his feet to move him to a cage. As two humans pick him up, Crowes suddenly jumps out of their hands hissing and runs away. The humans try to pursuit him in the jeep.

Crowes finds himself deep in the Lions terrain with the humans behind him. The pack of Lions tries to chase him but he manages to make it out after running n-blocked- for miles. He finds that the socks on his feet are very useful because his paws are more protected against the hot, hard soil, and against the sharp stones, and also prove to be a great grip which allows him to run faster and more comfortably then ever. He finally makes it back to his pack to their surprise, and is shocked by how far and fast he has run. He tells Dante of his, demanding he should compete in the Sevan Race that was to take place two days afterwards, but Dante refused him. Because he is alpha he has to obey, but instead Crowes challenges Dante about who would be alpha male out of an act of bravery. Dante only laughed at him, and said whoever would beat the other in the race would become alpha. Crowes instantly realize the act had been foolish, because Dante is fast, and if Crowes lost he could be banished from the pack for challenging and loosing to the alpha.

The Sevan Race came and many Cheetahs came to the Levati terrain, ready to watch the race. The 30 competitors were positioned at the start line near the base of the mountains and Crowes was nervous. Many of the other racers laughed at his foolishness since he was the youngest cheetah /ever/ to compete. They set off, and Crowes found himself running behind, his confidence knocked. But Crowes told himself to relax, and he ignored the other racers, the lions and the leopards, and just concentrated on running. And it worked, for soon he had overtaken many Cheetahs and avoided many Lions. But suddenly, he saw Dante get taken down by a Lion who was waiting nearby hidden in the grass. He could have kept running to beat him, but knowing Dante could die and in an act of bravery he circled the lion and jumped on her back and attacked her. This detracted the lioness so Dante could get loose from under her paws and limped away. Together they dashed off before the now approaching lions managed to surround them. Dante thanked Crowes but carried on racing. But eventually, Crowes managed to overtake Dante.

He kept concentrating on purely the track and nothing else, and before he knew it the finish line was coming up. In his pace he speeded towards it and finally passed it. It was only as the crowd surrounded him and picked Crowes up did he realize he has won the race. Dante, who finished 5th, was stunned at the cats achievement, and so were the other Cheetahs.

Crowes was the youngest cheetah to compete and win in the Sevan race and had made history. He became alpha male and led the pact to greatness by training them, and soon all members could compete two years later, the first ever pact for all their members to compete, and Crowes won 1st again, Dante 2nd, Kite 4th and the rest not far behind. The Levati pack was then named "the fastest pack of the lands." Dante and Crowes had made peace and soon became the closest of friends.

My Loved Ones

Leave all your longing and loving behind you...

I don't like to admit it, but I'm actually rather terrified of this dragon. I still regard him as a friend, but he isn't someone I think I could get close to. I do feel sorrow for this Draik, because he seems like a decent being actually, and he doesn't deserve the curse that was bound to him. It took me a while to befriend him after I found out who he truly was; the power he was capable of. At first I was deeply angry, I shouted at him for even coming to risk the destruction of this planet, even though he swears by that he won't touch it. I do like him, although every time he comes around I tend to get nervous and aggressive towards him, because I don't think he is trust worthy. But he seems to like me, and he hasn't done much to me personally. We do have a bit of banter from time to time though, but I think that is just our alpha male instinct kicking in, we are both natural competitors. It intensifies when we are around others, especially females. I think it's possible I could be slightly jealous of him… he is a rather beautiful creature indeed, and seems to take everything in his stride.

Crowia is a being I do not know very well, but I have the upmost amount of respect for her. She is no doubt beautiful, and she brings rain to our lands when we are in desperate need. She lives in the rainforests where also Taetlyn and Jade come from, it is her home, and she stays there, giving life to the forests. Apparently she is a legend, a fabled myth, so I am blessed to have come across her. She is kind, warm and giving; despite her rough exterior she'd show you at first. I wish I could know this bird a little better from what I do. All I know, is that this bird is royalty, if you see her, you are blessed and forever lucky.

Vazme is a great friend of mine. I'm not sure if I get along with her just because of the feline blood that is in her, but either way, I just think she is a great friend. I get along with her, because she has a wonderful happy-go-lucky attitude to life, she is optimistic and always brings the best of qualities in everyone. She is my personal sunshine and I really enjoy her company. At first I was scared of her however, of course this was when I didn't know her, because she is made like a lion, and has the strength and grace of an Eagle too. We had a bit of a tiff, a scrap here and there as we met, but that was just both our misunderstanding of each other. It feels odd we were like that, looking back, because now we are the greatest of friends. Another reason we get along is because we just both have a sheer love for speed. We often race from time to time, although she has a massive advantage with her wings. I do get jealous of her ability to fly. She is a traveller though, which is sad, because she is always on the go so whenever I do get to see her, it is never for too long. Sometimes I do wish she gave up her intentions of journeying the entire planet and settle down here, however no matter how much I wish, her curious and adventurous spirit is there, she craves it, and it is part of who she is.

Direct Family:

Parents: Tya (F), Falko (M)
Siblings: Eagon, Kite (M)
Friends: Lint, Cad, Rugan
Best Friend: Dante
Mate: None
Petpet: Spotty the Tasu
Owner: Danielle


Recordings of me from others

By Danii:
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By Others:
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By Jdinky By Pinkersa By Gepardiplika By Nemossan
By Shayde By Enkyd


You can't carry them with you if you wanna' survive

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