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Interactive Storytime!

Hello my fellow Chaotiqians, and welcome to IAST! So, what is "Interactive Storytime" supposed to mean, do you ask? Well, it's basically like the Storytelling Competition that TNT hosts, but shorter and a bit simpler. Here's how it works: At the beginning of each competition, I (or a guest judge) will write the first part of a random short story. After reading it, it's your job to decide how the story should end. Try to make your idea unique; it doesn't have to be something totally-random-crazy, but try to make it clever and fun in whatever way you'd like. You don't have to write out your ending like in the Storytelling Competition; you're welcome to if you want, but if writing isn't your strong suit or you're just feeling lazy for the time being, you can just send me the basic idea and I should be able to work with it. At the same time, though, writing out your ending will net you a few extra points for depth and effort...

Once enough people have entered and the judge has had enough time to pick the winner and write out the next story beginning, the round will end and a winner will be officially chosen! The winner's ending will be published (if the winner just sent in an idea, I or the guest judge will write it out), and the winner will receive a shiny trophy graphic. (Uhh... that part isn't in place quite yet, as I still have to finish the graphics). If there are enough really good written entries, those runner-ups will be published as well! The previous round's story can be found underneath the current round, and once we get to the third round an archive page will be set up with all previous winners. Now get writing!

Oh, one more thing! (Er, two things actually). First off, if you'd like to be a guest judge, just Neomail me with your story beginning so I can post it on this page for the next round, and we'll start working from there. Also, in some rounds there will be a bonus question of sorts; at the end of the original story bit, I'll have some sort of trivia question or something relating to, say, the characters or setting or something. The answer may be something that you have to look up (but that pertains to the story), or something that you figure out or guess from context clues, and the first person to NM me the correct answer will win a bonus question graphic. Hooray!

Current Story: Shooting Stars

A late-evening breeze swept over the rolling hills just beyond the central city of Brightvale. It was a clear night, perfect for stargazing – much to the delight of the five pets who scrambled back and forth to set up a pair of telescopes.

Aaand… Done! Snaekingly stepped back to admire her instrument, ruffling her wings in satisfaction. Despite her Darigan colour and heritage, the Lupe had been living in Brightvale for years and was even one of Brightvale Academy's brightest students. Two of her companions, the white Kacheek Candene and the blue Hissi Sarsona, were also her classmates.

Candene twirled in excitement as she took in the view around her. The sky is absolutely gorgeous tonight! she squealed. This meteor shower is going to be the best! Don't you think so, Kholtek?

The desert Xweetok grinned. I'd expect so. The view is certainly nice enough.

Sarsona raised her eyebrow as she looked over Kholtek's shoulder. You all right back there, Reynol?

Kholtek blinked and turned back to see his fellow Xweetok still struggling to put the second telescope together. His grey fur was bristled just slightly with frustration, but he smirked back at the Hissi.

I've almost got it. These things are a lot more complicated than the ones back home in Meridell, you know that?

Snaekingly chuckled a little. Only the best for the Academy's astronomy department. Her smile wavered as she continued to watch him. Wait, careful with that! Just... Here, let me help you...

As the Lupe darted over to aid her less experienced friend, the other three settled in the grass. Kholtek took a sweeping look around him.

It's a bit strange, I have to admit. The stars here are in a bit of a different position than they are in Sahkmet.

Sarsona leaned back against the hill and shot him a playful look. Isn't that what these student exchanges are for? Learning more about the world and –

Candene gasped, interrupting her. Guys, it's starting! She looked back to where Snaekingly and Reynol were still fiddling with the second telescope and tugged on both of their tails to get their attention.

The five pets all turned to watch as bright meteors shot through the sky. In the end, Snaekingly was the only one to even bother with a telescope, as Candene and Kholtek simply looked up at the sky in awe and Reynol and Sarsona lay on their backs to watch.

A few minutes into the natural light show, Sarsona squinted and craned her neck forward. Guys, is it just me or is that one –

Snaekingly gasped as her scope picked it up as well. I think it is!

Before the other three could ask what they were talking about, the sky around them seemed to brighten a bit. All five looked ahead, wide-eyed, as it became apparent that one of the meteors was significantly closer than the others – and heading downward. Before anyone else could come up with a response, the great space-rock crashed just beyond the next hill.

Five sets of eyes exchanged a look that held a brief, unspoken agreement. Four pairs of legs and a slithering body paused for a beat, then darted ahead to see the wayward meteorite for themselves.

* * * * *

What will our stargazers-turned-explorers find? Is that an ordinary meteorite, or something else? And whatever it is... Just what do they plan to do with it, anyway? It's up to you!
Bonus Question: Three of the five characters in this story are based off of pets belonging to some of your fellow Chaotiqians. Can you find out which ones they are, and who their owners are? No cheating - as the owners have no doubt noticed, I slightly altered the spelling of these three pets' names so that you can't just look them up on the search bar ;)

Previous story: Of Carrot-fed Flouds

Just beyond the outskirts of Faerieland lies a high bluff. Sparsely forested and uninhabited by pets or faeries, it is instead home to vast and diverse colonies of wild faerie petpets – creatures that prefer a bit of solid ground to the now-open skies above, yet find themselves drawn to high points near the clouds.

It is towards this miniature mountain that a pair of young Faerielanders went hiking one day – although why they were bothering to walk up the difficult slope is anyone's guess, seeing as one was an Eyrie and the other a faerie Kougra.

Cedric, the Eyrie panted, glancing towards her older brother, are you going to tell me just what it is we're going out here for?

Cedric returned the look with a lopsided grin, his bright golden eyes twinkling with mischief. Of course not, Elianna my dear. That would ruin the surprise.

Elianna shook her head, but smirked. Fine, then can I at least know why we brought Mipsy along?

Cedric opened his mouth to answer, but paused. He looked back quizzically to see an energetic Kimbi bounding along just behind him. The little petpet chirruped a greeting when she saw the Kougra looking at her.

Cedric turned back to his sister sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Uhh... Because I forgot to lock the door behind me when we left and she must have wanted to follow us?

Elianna rolled her eyes. That sort of thing was not unlike him.

Cedric sighed. Okay, fine, I might as well tell you. It actually kind of has to do with Mipsy. See, back when Dad first took me to go get us a pet, I got kinda curious about some of the different petpets. Especially the whole thing with Flouds and carrots.

Elianna raised an eyebrow. Flouds?

Yeah, you know, the whole thing about "never feed them carrots?" So I went and asked the storekeeper and a couple other people what the big deal was, but either they didn't want to tell me or they didn't actually know why. So, I tried to find out myself...

Elianna's countenance turned suspicious. I don't like where this is going...

Cedric chuckled, choosing to ignore her comment. Anyway, it didn't really work out. The storekeeper stopped me and everyone kind of freaked out when they saw that I was trying to give a carrot to one of the Flouds... Even Dad, and you know how chill he usually is. So, the Kougra reached into a pocket and pulled out a handful of carrot sticks, We're gonna try again.

Elianna groaned and put a hand to her yellow-feathered face. Cedric, you can't be serious! Even after seeing how worried everyone gets about carrot-fed Flouds, you're still gonna try the same dumb stunt? Carrots are probably poisonous to them!

Cedric waved his sister's protests away. Naw, if it was poison then they would have just said so! Come on, El, I'm sure this whole thing is just some crazy faerie tale or else a minor thing that turned into some big rumour – why else would nobody want to talk about it? Besides, even if things get a little crazy, you know magic; I'm sure you could handle whatever happens with one of your spells. Why do you think I'm bringing you?

Elianna opened her mouth to protest further, but paused as the pair and the Kimbi trailing behind them crested a hill. All at once, the bluff stretched before them, its surface teeming with bounding and climbing and fluttering wild petpets. And just ahead of them, squeaking and floating lazily a few feet off of the ground, was a massive colony of Flouds.

* * * * *

Aaand the winner is: Kendra! Kendra's entry not only impressed me with its zany spark of adventure, it also made use of the answer to the bonus question, which she was the only one to successfully guess. Based on the extra hints given by her story ending, can YOU figure out what makes Cedric and Elianna more than just your average OC's?

The Flouds were happily bumping into each other around a puddle until the Kimbi began to playfully jump and nip at the petpets. They were slowly scattering off in every direction in their lazy way.

Elianna huffed and crossed her arms. Well, get on with it. They obviously aren't gonna wait for you. Your Kimbi is making sure of that.

Cedric scrambled after a green Floud and held his handful of carrot sticks up to its nose. It sniffed at the orange roots tentatively. Cautiously eyeing the hyperactive Kimbi as well as the Kougra that offered it food, the petpet nibbled on one of the carrots. Nothing seemed to happen. Cedric was baffled. He dropped the carrots and turned his back. As soon as he did, the Flouds all converged on the carrot. He heard them snuffling and growling, fighting over the vegetables.

They really like carrots? He guessed aloud.

Suddenly a Maraquan Floud poked its head out of the puddle. It shrieked and splashed around, contempt sparkled in its eye.

Cedric, Elianna's voice quavered, There's something strange going on. She pointed at the petpet writhing in the puddle.

The sight of the carrots must have driven it mad. Unbeknownst to the siblings, the Maraquan Floud was having nightmarish flashbacks. One would expect petpets to be just that—petpets. But this Floud had a mind of its own. Memories of the years of captivity broke through his mind and sent him into spasms. The Drenched had kept it as their plaything. They did unspeakable things to it, and fed it carrots, carrots, more carrots. Anger turned to rage, rage turned to malice; it learned from its mistake. It loathed the sight, the smell, the taste of carrots. It despised all Neopians. After it had escaped the grasp of the Drenched, the Maraquan Floud swam for days on end until it found a small passage, just big enough for it to fit through, that led to this hilltop. Of all the things done to this vengeful Floud, it seemed to have been enchanted. This enchantment gave the petpet the ability to focus, to plot, to scheme against its enemy. It had been rallying with its kind for years. Its distaste for carrots was spread to all Flouds. It created a chain reaction with the enchantment of the Maraquan. The enraged Floud ruled its species with its enchantment. It is unexplainable what exactly the Drenched did to cause this; but when the Flouds turn as they did once before, they become a nearly unstoppable force that seeks revenge on those who fed them carrots. No one knows the full story, but everyone knows to never feed Flouds carrots.

Mipsy started yelping and running back towards home.

The Flouds grew ravenous. Cedric had made a terrible mistake. He nervously flapped over to his sister. Magic, he said, Keep them under control! The petpets were turning on the Kougra, they were in formation as if something were controlling them. The Maraquan Floud in the puddle continued to wail and screech. Use it now!

They were slowly but surely floating toward the siblings. Elianna had the urge to fight them off, but she figured it would be wiser to alert Neopians while the Flouds were still out of Faerie City.

She took off flying down the bluff to their house despite Cedric's protests.

Where are you going?! Do you have a spell that involves flying away? Because I sure hope you're not chickening out! Cedric followed after her, annoyed at his sister. The nerve! Her plans that she kept secret from his ears irked him.

After a couple short minutes, Elianna burst through the open door of their house to find her father looking around for something with Mipsy at his heels.

Dad! the flustered Eyrie exclaimed short of breath. Dad, Cedric's done it now!

Excuse me? Cedric flew in behind his sister. You encouraged me, if I remember correctly.

Oh, shut up, Cedric, you know this can be worse than you expected. You just don't want to admit you did something stupid--AGAIN!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cool it, kids! Their father approached them. What exactly happened, Cedric?

He bit his lower lip, worried of what Dad might think of him. He took in a deep breath and said, I fed the Flouds on the bluff carrots.

His father's face broke into that same lopsided grin his son had. So that's where those carrots went! He ruffled the purple fur of Cedric's head. I'm proud of you, kid. You're gonna make a great thief someday.

Cedric sighed and rolled his eyes. Dad, you don't get it. I FED FLOUDS CARROTS.

Oh, I know. You don't have to tell me twice. I can't say it was the smartest idea you've had, but hey! Ellie, go let your mother know about this. It's a chance for some amazing heroics!

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