I'm sure you've never heard of this place and that's okay, not many have. But those who have heard of it, speculate as to whether it is a real island or not. It's sort of something akin to myths and legends told amongst humans in the realm of Earth. Why don't you follow me. I have lots to share.

What Am I?

Color Touchers are powerful spirit channeling volstrevs that can contact spirits without needing the Calkrhuma Medallion. Volstrevs are only Color Touchers if they have recieved colorful pelts and markings from a star spirit.

Each Color Toucher has a symbol from the star who they received their colors from. The colors of a Color Toucher are bright and their designs are intricate. When contacting spirits, Color Touchers can turn into spirits themselves and create what is called a Celestial Dream Pond.

The Celestial Dream Ponds are an altered dimensional state of being in which it is a paradox of both existing and non-existing planes. It exists because it is either (but not limited to) an already existing place in the universe that no longer reflects how it once was or a place that no longer exists at all or never existed (a.k.a dream worlds).

They use the powers of the universe to help them travel back in time or travel to the future, as well. Most Color Touchers prefer not to travel in time dew to fear of ruining what has already happened or what is due to happen.

My symbols from the stars are my orange markings along my sides. The star spirit that gave these to me is Yieueaha. I was given the gift of Color Touching when I was an adolescent. This gift has helped me fearlessly lead my pack while being able to contact spirits as needed.
To be continued...

New Adoptables!

Requests: OPEN!
Trades: OPEN!

•Always keep the link back to my page~
•DO NOT remove my name
•DO NOT edit/recolor without my permission
•Send Hibiscus_Palmtree07 a neomail to receive one
•Have the subject be Courtney's so I know you want this set
•Tell me what color you want the hibiscus flower
•Send me reference pics


More colors coming soon!


To Do!


Mini Me's!



Old and first design

woof! By Detts ToT Courtney Courtney Courtney_1320-By-Deceised-2006 Pirate's Life For Me! Adopt me?  :3
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Toy Box

bow wow

Art by me

(Old design)

Art from others (old design)

Do you want to RP?
-I want to say yes because I love roleplay, but seeing as I'm starting my life out in the real world, I don't have much time. Doing adoptables is pretty much what I can handle right now. I'm sorry D:

Can my lupe and Courtney be mates!?
-Sorry, Courtney already has a mate!

How/when did you create Courtney?
-Honestly, I was about...11 and I had recently discovered that you could make "custom designs" for your neopets. So, I experimented and put different colors together and Courtney's first design was born! Recently, I looked back at her design and saw just how terrible it was and revamped it to look more polynesian-inspired. I also wanted it to be more uniform with the rest of her pack, who also have similar marking styles.

What about her name? Why Courtney?
-Actually, this character's real name is Couvalina. However, I made her when I was young and...she was supposed to be me in "wolf form". She's basically my fursona, and my real name is Courtney. Please call her Couvalina though ^^

Can my lupe be Courtney's friend?
-Absolutely! No RP needed!

How long have you been on neopets?
-Oh I'd say for over 10 years now. Hibiscus_Palmtree07 wasn't my first account though.


I like wolves, and dogs and to draw :)
-That's awesome! I hope you pursue your passion for animals and/or drawing~

Wanna do art trades and stuff?
-I wouldn't mind an art trade here or there, as long as what I am receiving back is similar quality. I work long and hard on my pieces so, I'd like someone else to do the same for me, naturally. Neomail me to ask. I may or may not be able to do it but it never hurts to ask!

Where else are you besides neopets?
-I am almost always on tumblr. Please feel free to follow my personal: tikitail.tumblr.com and/or my art tumblr: tikitail-draws.tumblr.com. I post all my art to my personal blog but if you'd rather cut out all the other posts and just see my art then I suggest following my art blog. I'm also on deviant art and furaffinity as well under the same username.


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