Hello, my name is Cheles and I'm addicted to stuffs....

Welcome to my page of lists! Here you will find my Neocash Wish Lists, Trade List, as well as my Neopoint Shopping List!

Most of the items in my tradelist, I'll let go for 1 GBC. Neomail and we can work out a trade =)

If you don't see something you're looking for in my Trade List, let me know! Closet items may be available for trade.

The Biggest Ones of All...

I'm showing off my "Big Wishes" first with this disclaimer:
I DO NOT keep tons of GBCs on hand mostly because when I am able to purchase NC,
I prefer to spend it on items rather than hoarding capsules.
That being said, if you have one of these items and wish to work out a reasonable deal,
send me a message and let's see what kind of trade we can come up with!

Butterfly Dress
(NC Ultimate Dream Item)

Dark Valentine Sword

Fyora Collectors Staff

Golden Ball Gown

MiniMME6-S2: Golden Outdoor Background

New Years in Shenkuu Background

Spyder Web Dress
(NC Ultimate Dream Item)

Zenco the Magnificent Contacts

All the things I would love to have...

For my side...

This is for my side neoluvu2005101 :)

Fancy Sparkles Shower

For my Gallery...

Neopets 10th Birthday Cake

Pop-Up Birthday Card Background

Red Velvet Birthday Cake


None at the moment!

Other Clothes...

None at the moment!


None at the moment!


None at the moment!


Sparkly Gold Lace Gloves

Spyder Web Gloves

Spyder Web Mask

Contacts, Face Paint, & Makeup...

Rich Golden Eye Makeup

Backgrounds, Foregrounds, Showers...

Cosy Autumn Front Porch Background

Storm Cloud Tree

Windy Autumn Fence


Fanatics Museum Scholars Retreat Pass

Wild Card Fortune Cookie

Unopened Bags...

Blue Festive Balloons Goodie Bag

Green NC Mall Third Birthday Goodie Bag

Halloween Barbat Goodie Bag

NC Mall 4th Birthday Blue Goodie Bag

NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag

NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag

Peppermint Goodie Bag

Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag

Purple Festive Balloons Goodie Bag

Second NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag

Second NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag

Snowman Goodie Bag

Mystery Morphing Experiments...

MiniMME10-S1: Mystical Genie Lamp

MiniMME11-S1: Approaching Eventide Skirt

MiniMME11-S2: Starry Night Wings

MiniMME11-S2: Tropical Eventide Wig

MiniMME12-S1: Grand Maractite Hall Background

MiniMME12-S2: Ornate Maractite Trident

MiniMME12-B: Maractite Shoulder Armour

MME12-S1: Enchanting Music Box

MME12-S2c: Sheet Music Garden Foreground

MME12-S4c: Magical Baton

MME15-S1: Magical Storybook Background

MME15-S2a: Runaway Dish and Spoon Staff

MME15-S4a: Storybook Collection Skirt

MME8-S4: Pretty Flower Facepaint

MME16-S1: Menacing Forest Path Background

MME16-S2b: Blinking Forest Eyes

MME16-S3: Glowing Vine Dress

MME16-S4a: Poisonous Leaf Wings

MME16-S4b: Deadly Toadstool Staff

MiniMME17-S2c: Whimsical Tea Table

MME17-S2b: Sparkling Blue Ball Mask

MME17-S3: Chiffon Snowflake Wings

Backgrounds & Background Items...

Advent Calendar Background

Altadorian Grand Piano

Armoury Background

Carnival Background

Ceiling Tea Party Background

Charming Bakery Display Background

Colourful Polka Dot Town Background

Concert Hall Background

Dark Faerie Shadow

Dazzling Ice Cream Castle

Deserted Town Background

Entrance to Fyoras Castle Background

Faerie Cave Background

Fair Vendors Background

Fantastical Mushroom Tree House

Fountain of Rainbows

Galaxies Beyond Background

Garden Alcove Background

Gift Exchange Aftermath Background

Glade of Pink Background

Gorgeous Spring Garden Background

Hero of Neopia Background

Hidden Garden Door Background

Knife Throwing Board

Land of Gifts Background

Lavender Trellis Background

Magical Balloon Background

Magical Birthday Celebration Background

Mosaic Path Background

Mystery Island Hut Background

Neopets Holiday Gift Tag Background

Neopia Peripheral Background

Pirate Bunk Background

Potato Themed Ride Background

Pretty Poinsettia Trees

Radiant Sun Rise Background

Rainbow Lane Background

Rainbow Library Backround

Rose Garden Background

Shadowy Hands

Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds

Shopping in Neopia Central Background

Sloth Shadow Background Item

Snow Covered Forest

Spooky Shadows

Sun Princess Background

Sweetheart Gram Dressing Room

Tied to the Mast Background

Ultra Busy Holiday Factory Background

Virtupets Sleigh Background

Whimsical Negg House Background

Winter Cemetery Ruins Background

Winter Park Bench Background

Foregrounds, Garlands, Frames, etc...

Amidst the Coral Foreground

Artwork Display Garland

Baby Oversized Toy

Baby Toy Wagon

Balloon Centrepiece Garland

Beekadoodle Flower Garland

Birthday Candle Pillars

Black and White Curtains

Broiling Fire Foreground

Candy Floss String Lights

Captivating Blue Star Light Arch

Chariot Chase Chariot

Charming Baby Frame

Checkered Floor

Christmas Treats Garland

Cloud Gate Foreground

Colourful Daisy String Lights

Colourful Dandelion Foreground

Colourful Glass Mushroom Foreground

Colourful Pinwheel Foreground

Crawling Spyders Foreground

Creeping Purple Fog

Dancing Fire Foreground

Delightful Flowering Vines

Enchanting Glass Jars of Flowers

Fabric Chandelier

Fabric Pumpkins Garland

Fancy Wrought Iron Lamp

Fiery Flower Foreground

Flower Candle Holder Foreground

Flower Pinwheel Foreground

Flowering Vine Garland

Fyora Wing Garland

Ghostkerchief String Lights

Giant Candy Cane Foreground

Glowing Lamps Garland

Golden Flowering Branches Garland

Gothic Holiday Chandelier

Hanging Holiday Candles

Hanging Rainbow Garland

Hanging Vine Swing

Heart Balloon Arch

Heart Pennant Banner

Holiday Greeting Card Garland

Holiday Lamp Wreath Garland

Holiday Lightmite Lamp

Ice Cream Cone Pillars

Impressive Book Arch

Iridescent Bells Garland

Jelly Garden Gate Foreground

Kreludor Crater Foreground

Lighted Teacup Garland

Lightning Bolt Fence

Lovely Heart Arbour

Mad Tea Party Stacks of Cups and Pots

Magma Pit Foreground

Merry Balloon Gift Foreground

Mosaic Flower Foreground

Mystical Red Tree

Nutcracker Sentinels

Ombre Petals Path

Orbiting Planets Garland

Ornate Altador Fountain

Ornate Silver Mirror Frame

Paper Valentine Garland

Pink and Blue Decorative Fence Foreground

Polka Dot Clouds Garland

Polka Dot Pumpkins Foreground

Polka Dot Throne

Polka Dot Tree Swing

Sea Shell Foreground

Shenkuu Growing Flower Vine

Shenkuu Lantern Garland

Shields and Weapons Garland

Soaring Heart Balloon Garland

Space Station Message Foreground

Sparkling Pink Heart Garland

Spring Weewoo Garland

Starry Cloud Garland

Starry Rainbow Garland

Stocking Garland

Teacup Garden Foreground

Tiki Stage

Unsettling Lamp Set

Waterfall Piano

Winged Hearts Garland

Winter Mitten String Lights

Winter Snow Branch Garland

Winter Star and Snowflake Garland

Yarn Decorations Garland

Yooyu Flower Garden Foreground


Beautiful Valentine Fireworks

Brilliant Fireworks Shower

Butterfly Shower

Hearts on Fire Shower

Rainbow Shower

Ray Gun Shower

Seed Pod Shower

Small Umbrella Shower

Sparkling Silver Star Shower

Coats, Jackets, & Cardigans....

Altador Cup Masters Blazer

Baby Winter Sweater

Bright Polka Dot Cardigan

Casual Greatcoat

Cloud Cardigan

Dashing Gothic Jacket

Detective Trench Coat

Jacket with Polkadot Scarf

Lovely Rose Cardigan

Moltara Inventor Coat

Patchwork Holiday Winter Coat

Pink Plaid Coat

Rainbow Cardigan

Rainbow Rain Slicker

Roo Island Bug Cardigan

Silk Stitched Metal Jacket

Snowboarder Sweater

Sombre Layered Jacket

Sporting Suit Jacket

Capes & such...

Black Halloween Capelet

Cape of the Arcane

Dark Winter Hooded Cape

Flower Petal Caplet

Hero of Neopia Cape

Jewelled Shoulder Armour

Jingle Bell Stocking Cape

Kanriks Collectors Cloak and Cape

Knitted Grey Caplet

Magical Cape of the Forest

My Super Valentine Cape

Sweeping Pink Cape

Winter Lace Capelet

Dresses & Gowns...

Enchanted Tale Dress

Miss Altador Dress

Whimsical Gothic Dress

Shirts & Outfits...

Caroler Shirt and Tie

Cloud Romper

Conductors Tuxedo

Cute Yellow Spring Blouse

Elegant Knight Armour

Flower Footie Pyjamas

Holiday Tuxedo Top

Rugged Work Shirt and Vest

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Shirt

Sloths Future Fashion Shirt

Space Trooper Armour

Sparkly Purple Tuxedo Top with White Shirt Underneath

Starry Layered Collar Shirt

Winter Thermal Shirt and Vest

Trousers, Skirts, etc....

Birthday Tutu and Tights

Candy Cane Skirt

Caroler Trousers

Circuit Board Skirt and Tights

Cloud Tutu and Tights

Darigan Team Trousers and Cleats

Dazzling Silk Skirt

Fancy Blue Trousers

Floral Swim Trunks

Fluffy Purple Tutu and Tights

Heart-fu Trousers

Holiday Grass Skirt

Iridescent Scales Skirt

Lifeguard Swim Trunks

Pastel Striped Trousers

Pink Pencil Skirt

Poinsettia Skirt

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Skirt

Skull Skirt and Apron

Slumber Celebration Pyjama Bottoms

Spooky Condiment Belt and Trousers

Springabee Tutu

Twirly Dancing Skirt


Altador Cup Rain Boots

Birthday Ribbon Shoes

Black and Red Stripe Stockings and Shoes

Cloud Galoshes

Dainty Heart Socks and Shoes

Flowery Burlap Shoes

Green Lace Up Boots

Jewelled Gypsy Sandals

Musicical Note Stockings and Shoes

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Boots

Sparkly Bow Shoes

Sturdy Caroler Shoes

Yellow Spring Wellies

Wigs, Hats, & Hair Accessories...

Award Winning Hair

Baby Spring Wig

Baby Summer Hat

Big Black Lace Pirate Hat

Bigsby Shadingtons Hat

Birthday Ribbon Wreath Wig

Bobbling Ornament Headband

Box of Chocolates Hat

Charming Wonderland Wig

Colourful Negg Hair Bow

Crazy Fire Wig

Crown of Shells Wig

Curly Red Wig

Curly White Wig

Darigan Team Crazy Wig

Dark Winter Wig and Beanie

Dazzling Rainbow Wig

Delinas Collectors Wig

Diamond Flower Tiara

Elaborate Hair Gears

Elegant Holiday Hair Clip

Enchanted Snowbunny Top Hat

Fancy Gemstone Tiara

Fiery Golden Tiara

Flower Circlet Wig

Flower Fun Headdress

Futuristic High Bun Wig

Fyora Inspired Wig and Hat

Gold Glitter Streak Wig

Gold Sequin Top Hat

Gothy Winter Wig

Grumpy Cloud Wig

Gwortz Beanie

Gypsy Wrap Wig

Hansos Collectors Wig

Haunted House Hat

Holiday Celebration Feather Headband

Holiday Flower Crochet Hat

Holiday Mohawk

Holly and Vine Wig

Lady Frostbites Collectors Wig

Long Shiny Red Wig

Luxurious Pirate Wig

Magicians Wig

Mint and Aqua Flower Wig

Miss Altador Wig and Crown

Mitten Earmuffs

Muted Riding Hat and Wig

Operatic Star Wig

Pastel Blue Hair Bow

Pastel Coloured Wig and Hat

Patchwork Striped Hat

Pink Bow and Sparkles Headband

Pink Flower Hair Accessory

Pink Frosting Wig

Polka Dot Veil Wig

Roo Island Bug Antennae Wig

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Wig

Shiny Horns

Shiny Yellow Faerie Tiara

Side Ponytail Green Wig

Side Ponytail Orange Wig

Snow Covered Boy Hair Wig

Sparkling Gold Tiara

Spooky Chefs Hat and Wig

Spring Cleaning Wig

Spring Flower Head Wreath

Spring Hair Flower

Starry Night Sky Wig

Sun Princess Wig

Sunshower Wig

Super Spiky Wig

Tree Sap and Cotton Wig

Ultra Icy Tiara

Valentine Baby Bonnet

Valentines Daydream Wig

Wavy Long Wig

Wheat Wreath Wig

Winter Snowbunny Earmuffs


8-Bit Heart Wings

Antique Key Wings

Berry Nice Holiday Wings

Brilliant Blue Faerie Wings

Brilliant Green Faerie Wings

Brilliant Red Faerie Wings

Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings

Carnival Wings

Checkered Wings

Colourful Desert Wings

Colourful Feather Wings

Constellation Wings

Coral Wings

Cumulus Wings

Darigan Wings

Feathered Space Wings

Feathery Gothic Wings

Flower Balloon Wings

Flower Petal Wings

Flower Wings

Frosted Sugar Cookie Wings

Frozen Tree Branch Wings

Girly Mechanical Wings

Glittery Leaf Wings

Golden Harp Wings

Golden Snowflake Wings

Gothic Leather Wings

Gothic Ornament Wings

Hand Carved Candle Wings

Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings

Icicle Wings

Magical Festive Holiday Wings

Mechanical Wings

Moonlit Night Wings

Origami Flower Wings

Patchwork Quilt Wings

Pink Armour Wings

Plush Heart Wings

Pumpkin Vine Wings

Red Holiday Ornament Wings

Resplendent Wings

Roo Island Bug Wings

Sparkling Rainbow Wings

Sparkling Snowflake Wings

Spectral Wings

Stained Glass Flower Wings

Static Electricity Wings

Sun Princess Wings

Sun Wings

Sunny Day Wings

Tattered Wrought Iron Wings

Vine Wings

Wispy Valentine Wings

Wraith Wings

Yurble Negg Faerie Wings

Contacts, Masks, & Glasses...

Bright Green Sunglasses

Coal Contacts

Colour Changing Contacts

Contacts of the Cosmos

Cute Kougra Eye Glasses

Eye Flower Contacts

Falling Snow Contacts

Fancy Copen Goggles

Flower Petal Mask

Glittering Gold Contacts

Holiday Ornament Mask

Kaleidoscope Contacts

Naleap Inspired Mask

Operatic Star Handheld Mask

Ribbon Masquerade Mask

Spring Flower Mask

Face Paint & Makeup...

Butterfly Face Paint

Clockwork Eyepatch Facepaint

Darigan Team Face Makeup

Dual Personality Makeup

Flower Camouflage Facepaint

Forest Dweller Face Paint

Glow in the Dark Facepaint

Holiday String Lights Face Paint

Magenta Swirl Facepaint

Magical Rainbow Face Paint

Musical Note Face Paint

Putrid Green Face Paint

Rainbow Eye Facepaint

Silver and Blue Facepaint

Silvery Blue Star Makeup

Skeletal Face Paint

Spooky Witch Makeup

Stars and Glitter Face Paint

Sugar Plum Faerie Facepaint

Sun Princess Face Paint

Super Hero Mask Facepaint

Vampire Costume Face Paint

Web of Hearts Facepaint


Aboogala Web Wrap

Black and White Bracers

Black Satin Bow Tie

Bright Bangle Scarf

Cobrall Constrictor

Dazzling Feather Earrings

Fancy Flower Bow Tie

Father Times Watch

Festive Green Gloves

Flower Beard

Ghostly Blue Gloves

Golden Flower Necklace

Lovely Flower Corsage

Mitten Scarf

Operatic Star Gloves

Pandaphant Scarf

Poinsettia Tattoo

Purple String Mittens

Sculpted Heart Moustache

Skeleton Hands Necklace

Spinning Altador Cup Star Belt

Stars and Glitter Face Paint

Vintage Gold Earrings


Aquatic Staff

Astronomical Staff

Baby Lady Blurg Umbrella

Black and White Flower Staff

Caged Crokabek Staff

Candy Cane Shield

Candy Cane Sword

Candy Poinsettia Wand

Chocolate Strawberry Wand

Cinnamon Stick Staff

Cloud Umbrella

Colourful Coral Trident

Commemorative Roo Island Jester Staff

Constellation Sword

Dark Nova Handheld Plushie

Dazzling Holiday Ornaments

Earthy Magnifying Glass

Enchanted Amulet

Extra Large Decorated Tree Staff

Faerie Lenny Bouquet

Fearsome Ceremonial Hammer

Fire Umbrella

Flower Ball Wand

Flower Star Wand

Flowery Cutlass

Forgotten Old Flower

Fun Flower Staff

Gadgadsbogen Fruit Staff

Ghostly Lantern

Gleaming Quad-Blade Sword

Gobbler Handheld Plushie

Halberd of Adoration

Halloween Sweets Staff

Handheld Heart Sword

Handheld Meowclops Torch

Haunted Goople Cleaver

Holiday Loop Staff

Holiday Pine Cone Tree

Holiday Tree Ski Stocks

Ice Cream Cone Sword

Jewelled Angelpuss Purse

Jovial Holiday Staff

King Roos Daily Dare Staff

Lutari Nutcracker Handheld Plushie

Magical Maractite Sword

Magical Tambourine

Malevolent Sentient Birthday Poogle Handheld Plushie

Miniature Sun Lantern

Mosaic Handheld Staff

Mystical Green Wand

Negg Basket Wand

Oversized Birthday Shield

Oversized Squishable Yooyu

Overstuffed Meturf Handheld Plushie

Poinsettia Pinwheel Wand

Polka Dot Umbrella

Pretty Dandelion Bouquet

Rock Candy Staff

Scary Eye Staff

Seashell Bouquet

Shell Shield

Shining Tiara Staff

Shiny Teapot Parasol

Skeith Plushie Handheld

Snowglobe Staff

Spinning Neopian Globe Staff

Spring Flower Shield

Spring Garden Bouquet

Springtime Walking Stick

Staff of the Space Faerie

Stirring a Giant Cup of Borovan

Sun Princess Staff

Teacup Candle

Thoughtful Holiday Bouquet

Toxic Skull Lantern

Wocky Gnome Handheld Plushie

Yarn Noil Handheld Plushie


Autumn Sunflowers Wheelbarrow

Cherry Blossom Branch

Decorative Porcelain Vase

Dreamy Hanso Cardboard Cutout

Flaming Chest of Pirate Gold

Flaming Tree Trinket

Floating Bree Faerie Doll

Floating Illusen Doll

Grim Faerie Statue

Heart Dispenser Machine

Holiday Decorated Tombstones

Magical Flower Orb

Magical Tambourine

Magical Watering Can

Miniature All-Purpose Writing Table

Naleap Bath

Negg Pinata

No AAA Allowed Sign

No Girls Allowed Sign

Open Book of Tales

Polka Dot Balloons

Pretty Hanging Plant

Rain Making Device

Space Station Message Foreground

Sparkling Basket of Flowers

Stacked Ornate Boxes

Sugar Plum Thought Bubble

Summer Chia Fruit Sculpture

Table of Holiday Treats

Tangle of Christmas Lights

Tree Stump Tea Party

Winter Holiday Mailbox

Shop til I drop...



Baby Faellie Plushie Friend



Elegant Draik Earrings

Elegant Draik Slippers

Lady Draik Knight Boots

Lady Draik Knight Lower Armour

Lady Draik Knight Wig and Helm

Ultimate Battlefield Background


Dragonfly Nymph



Stylish Aisha Shoes

Stylish Aisha Wig


Cui Codestone

Kew Codestone

Mag Codestone

Sho Codestone

Vux Codestone

Zed Codestone

Petpet, & P3





Faerie Caverns Background

Petpet, & P3





Chomby Warrior Bottom Armour


Bri Codestone

Eo Codestone

Har Codestone

Lu Codestone

Main Codestone

Mau Codestone

Orn Codestone

Tai-Kai Codestone

Vo Codestone

Zei Codestone


Paint Brush

Grey Paint Brush

Random Wearables

Golden Dubloon Necklace

Heavy Meridellian Cloak

Jewelled Geb Necklace

Lost Desert Silhouette Background

Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

Spring Flowers Foreground

Star Gazing Background

Twisted Golden Stave

Battledome Weapons


Hanso Charisma Charm

Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield

Kelpbeards Trident

Leaded Elemental Vial

Magical Marbles of Mystery

Ylanas Blaster

Non-Cupcake Items needed for my Gallery...

Birthday Kadoatie

Birthday Meepit

Cupcakes I need for my Gallery...

10th Birthday Evil Sloth Cupcake

Artichoke Cupcake

Baby Gelert Frosted Cupcake

Blue Wocky Cupcake

Borovan Cupcake

Chocolate Usul Cupcake

Cloud Moehog Cupcake

Fyora Day Cupcakes

Green Acara Sprinkle Cupcake

Illusen Frosted Cupcake

Lemon Cupcake

Pink Shoyru Cupcake

Popcorn Cupcake

Puntec Cupcake

Purple Acara Cupcake

Rainbow Xweetok Cupcake

Royal Girl Quiggle Cupcake

Snowager Cupcake

Starry Cupcake

Starry Poogle Cupcake

Starry Xweetok Cupcake Tray

Strawberry Koi Cupcake

Striped Blumaroo Frosted Cupcake

Striped Ixi Cupcake

White Aisha Cupcake


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Meepit invasion
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