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Welcome to Cherry Blossom: The one stop click-and-go dailies for all your Neopet needs. This page will be updated as new content becomes available or by request if appropriate and follows the content of this page. Here you will find dailies, games, and quick links to shops and some guides. You will also find a few links to other neopets users with informational content, CSS, things I like and find helpful, etc...

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Pocket Dailies

Daily Puzzle Faerie Crossword Bank Interest Rich Slorg Giant Omelette Giant Jelly Fruit Machine Tombola Trudy's Surprise TDMGPOP Lab Ray Petpet Lab Ray Apple Bobbing Faerie Caverns Anchor Management Shore Grave Danger Kiko Pop King Altador Qasalan Expellibox Deserted Tomb Shiny Obsidian Worms and Gears Mysterious Negg Lunar Temple Stock Market Soup Kitchen Movie Central Neolodge Monthly freebies

Multiple Times Daily

Meteor Coltzan's Shrine Fishing Vortex Snowager Healing Springs Magma Pool Abandoned Attic Second-Hand Shoppe Marrow Weight Symol Hole Turmaculus Employment Agency

Luck / Chance

Neopian Lottery Buried Treasure Wishing Well Winter Kiosk Desert Kiosk Halloween Kiosk Deadly Dice Dice-A-Roo Food Club Turdle Racing Brucey B Slots Black Pawkeet Slots


Knowledge Excitement Mediocrity Misfortune Monotony Extravagance

Chance for Avatar

Wise Old King Grumpy Old King Island Haiku Island Mystic Test Your Strength Coconut Shy


Tarla Neggery Hidden Tower Kadoatery Garage Sale Advent Calendar Island Academy Training School Ninja Training Battledome Smugglers Cove Draik Nest


The Coincidence Snow Faerie Island Kitchen BRAIN Tree Esophagor Witch's Tower

50k A Day

Fashion Fever Catch the Petpet Wrath of the Snowager Bouncy Supreme Kookia Kass Basher Kiko Match II Petpet Pair-Up Spellseeker Turmac Roll Destruct-O-Match III Dubloon Disaster Extreme Potato Counter Hasee Bounce Meerca Chase II Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers Faerie Cloud Racers Cloud Raiders Attack of the Revenge Clara on Ice Crisis Courier Let It Slide Maths Nightmare Mop 'n' Bop Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Nova Defender Rink Runner Shenkuu Tangram Shenkuu Warrior II Smug Bug Smite Ultimate Bullseye II Techo Says Usuki Frenzy The Usul Suspects Wingoball Zurroball Whirlpool Jubble Bubble Nimmos Pond Chariot Chase Warf Rescue Team Moltara Run Snow Wars II Hot Dog Hero Neopian Battlefield Legends Tyrannian Mini Golf Assignment 53 Attack of the Marblemen

Special Games

Pyramids Sakhmet Solitaire NeoQuest NeoQuest II Cellblock Cliffhanger

Shops Links

The Bakery|Brightvale Fruits|Café Kreludor|Chocolate Factory|Coffee Cave|The Crumpetmonger|Grundos Cafe|Exotic Foods|Exquisite Ambrosia|Faerie Foods|
Hubert's Hot Dogs|Jelly Foods|Kiko Lake Treats|Lost Desert Foods|Merifoods|Molten Morsels|Neopian Fresh Foods|Neopian Health Foods|Pizzaroo|Qasalan Delights|
Refreshments|Slushie Shop|Smoothie Store|Spooky Food|Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop|Tropical Food Shop|Tyrannian Foods

Faerieland Petpets|Fanciful Fauna|Geraptiku Petpets|Krawk Island Nippers|Legendary Petpets|Maraquan Petpets|Moltaran Petpets|Neopian Petpet Shop|Peopatra's Petpets|Petpet Supplies|Robo-Petpet Shop|Rock Pool|Spooky Petpets|Tyrannian Petpets|Wintery Petpets|Ye Olde Petpets

Pet Care:
Darigan Toys|Grooming Parlour|Lost Desert Medicine|Mystical Surroundings|
Neopian Pharmacy|Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors|Remarkable Restoratives|Toy Shop|Ugga Shinies!|Unis Clothing Shop


Brightvale Glaziers|Chesterdrawers' Antiques|Faerie Furniture|Kiko Lake Carpentry|Kreludan Homes|
Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic|
Neopian Furniture|Neopian Garden Centre|Neohomes NP Superstore|Osiri's Pottery|Spooky Furniture|Tyrannian Furniture

Brightvale Books|Booktastic Books|Faerieland Bookshop|Magical Bookshop|Moltaran Books|Neopian School Supplies|Neovian Printing Press|The Scrollery|Sutek's Scrolls|Words of Antiquity

Battle Magic|Brightvale Armoury|Brightvale Motery|Defence Magic| Desert Arms|Faerie Weapon Shop|Haunted Weaponry|Ice Crystal Shop|Illustrious Armoury|Kauvara's Magic Shop|Magical Marvels|Maractite Marvels| Sakhmet Battle Supplies|Space Armour|
Space Weaponry|Tyrannian Weaponry| Wonderous Weaponry

Cog's Togs|Collectable Card Shop|Collectable Coins|Collectable Sea Shells|Kayla's Potion Shop|Neopian Gift Shop|Neopian Music Shop|Neopian Post Office|Plushie Palace|Roo Island Souvenirs|Royal Potionery|Tiki Tack| Usukiland

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