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Welcome to Coast, a simple CSS site run by Shyann. Since I often had other users asking to use my personal CSS I decided that I needed to get a page up and running, and so Coast was opened in April of 2014. Please keep in mind that I run this page casually however, and so it will only be updated as often as I get the urge to code.

My rules are very simple: credit back to this page with a simple link and do not claim these layouts as your own. Also, please do not take any coding that is not on this page - if I don't have it up here then it is my personal coding and not for free use. Thank you, and enjoy!

November 27, 2015 Proud to announce that Coast has an affiliate! Whitespace is now listed as Coast's cousin site. I highly recommend checking out Mexxy's codes if you don't find what you're looking for here!

Special notice Since I often receive mails from users who would like to know if they can edit the codes from this page I just wanted to post this notice: change any of these lookups however you'd like! It's always great when you can make it your own. Change the fonts, images, background patterns, etc. Just leave credit if you're using my CSS as your base. :)

November 13, 2015 It had been more than a year since I last updated this site, so I spent several hours fixing up my old userlookups and cleaning up all the codes on the site. :)

Three of my old userlookups have been revamped. One userlookup was completely removed due to coding issues that I couldn't resolve.
One petlookup has been slightly altered and cleaned up. One petlookup was taken down completely.
Petpages were cleared and I have posted a completely new petpage! It's a very simple, clean layout designed for a portfolio or about me page.

As always, I'm more than happy to hear feedback and I will always try my best to help with any coding questions sent my way. Don't hesitate to mail me with any comments or questions. :)


For rounded images just add: #userinfo table table td td a, #userneopets a { border-radius: 99em; }




link backs, cousin & listers

All link back buttons are linked to their respective creators. If they are not linked then they were created by myself.

I am proud to call Whitespace my cousin site. Whitespace is run by the lovely Mexxy, a seriously talented web designer. She offers a wide range of layouts and resources, so it's easy to add your own person touch. I highly recommend giving the site a visit whether you're looking for a new userlookup, petlookup, petpage or a nice background image!

Listed at: Smiley Central.