Hi! My name is Coldfire12553, and this is my pet page! However, it is primarily used by my owner vanessa1357924680 to organize all of her writing stuff. This includes Neopian Times stories, Storytelling Contest wins, Poems, and even her Neo-Adventure. You can use the links on the left to browse each category to see what she's written. There's also a link at the bottom that has screenshots of times that her story has been featured on the News or the front of the Neopian Times!

A Note on Neopian Times Links
There has recently been an issue with petpages linking to individual Neopian Times pieces, so if you want to read any of her stories, click here and type "vanessa" in the search bar. Sorry for the inconvenience! Luckily, you don't have the same problem with the Storytelling Contest, the Poetry Contest, or Neo-Adventures.

Also, to keep you entertained as you browse, we've included little additional tidbits on each story! This may include what inspired her to write a piece, if it was for a special issue, or anything else about the piece that she distinctly remembers. We hope you enjoy them! And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to neomail vanessa here.


The Crystal Eye Prophecy: Issues 185 - 186

A secret meeting of faeries is being held in the Hidden Tower to discuss an the ancient Crystal Eye Prophecy, a prophecy of an orb that will grant the wielder immense power. All faeries must be present to discuss it, yet Jhudora was uninvited out of fear. But without her help, will the faeries be able to decipher the prophecy and save Neopia from chaos?

Tidbit: This was vanessa1357924680's first story in the NT! She first decided to write a story in the Neopian Times after a friend told her that he had tried to get in, but hadn't succeeded. Not discouraged, she began to write The Crystal Eye Prophecy soon afterwards!

The New Prophecy: Issues 294 - 298

In this sequel to The Crystal Eye Prophecy, Fyora is having lunch with her good friend Kauvara when the Starry Kau suddenly recites a prophecy involving a "green-eyed fiend." Appalled, Fyora recruits Jhudora and Illusen to help figure everything out before it's too late.

Tidbit: Vanessa1357924680 first decided to write a sequel to The Crystal Eye Prophecy soon after it was published, but the storyline didn't work itself out until much later where the idea was completely changed. Her main reason to write a sequel was because because she was never fully satsified with the original's ending. (She does wish however that she had come up with a more creative title.) With its completion, vanessa had 10 things published in the NT. Also, the custom picture was on the News Page that week, and a long snippet of the story was on the front page of the Neopian Times

Roomies: Issues 225 - 227

In Roomies, Jhudora's lair is destroyed by a fire. She is then forced to live back at her old high school, the Faerie Academy, with Jesc, a happy-go-lucky air faerie. The only thing the two of them seem to agree on is their shared disliked of the Proper Uses of Magical Abilities teacher, Mrs. Pierce.

Tidbit: Vanessa1357924680 says that she thinks the air faerie, Jesc, is a bit like herself. Also, this series was one of her favorites--but it wasn't at first. She didn't know how the public would received it since it was much lighter than The Crystal Eye Prophecy. She also really liked the picture that was paired with it.

Roomies 2: Issues 266 - 268

In this story, we welcome back some of the characters from the original Roomies as they travel to Mystery Island and try to stop Mrs. Pierce from taking revenge on Jhudora.

Tidbit: In the original planning stages in vanessa1357924680's mind, Jesc and Jhudora were at sometime going to visit Marisol, Jesc's older sister. However, that idea was later scrapped. Vanessa also won the Quote of the Week when Part 2 was released! Finally, the picture was vanessa's first ever custom pic drawn by the Neopian Times staff!

Roomies 3: Issues 346 - 352

Nominated for Favorite Comedic Series in the 2008 NT Awards
In Roomies 3, everyone's favorite air faerie/dark faerie duo has returned after intercepting a blackmail letter written by Vermillion Pierce directed towards an unknown student at the Faerie Academy! However, one thing happens after another, and before they know it, Jesc and Jhudora are in over their heads, caught in another one of Mrs. Pierce's vicious schemes.

Tidbit: Scotchmel the white Weewoo was named after a combination of the words "butterSCOTCH" and "caraMEL" (yes, vanessa was hungry that day...). She really wanted a completely random name for him, and that was what she came up with. And since Part Five ran through the wonderful 350th issue of the Neopian Times, vanessa also got the coveted NT Writer avatar and a cute Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie!

Roomies 4: Issues 393 - 403

A quick look at this awesome custom pic reveals that Jesc and Jhudora are back for a final Roomies! In this series, Jesc is celebrating her seventeenth birthday when Mrs. Pierce swoops in with a plan that endangers the entire Faerie Academy! Their only hope to avoid a full-scale war rests on a risky potion that delves into Jhudora's mind for answers, but even that may not be enough to stop the evil fire faerie!

Tidbit: With this last Roomies, vanessa had to scramble to make sure all of the pieces in the entire Roomies quartet were tied together. Also, although it is never specifically mentioned in the story, Jesc's birthday is May 4. And since Part Two ran through the Fyora Day issue, Part Three ran through the Petpet Appreciation Issue, and Part Eight ran through the 400th issue of the NT, she got Hidden Tower Secrets, A Snowbunny Tail, and a Postal Weewoo Action Figure! Thanks Droplet!

Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea: Issues 364 - 374

Nominated for Favorite Non-Comedic Series in the 2008 NT Awards
Roselia was nominated for Favorite Protagonist in the 2008 NT Awards
In this series, a young Usul by the name of Roselia is visiting her brother on a merchant vessel when she discovers during a game of Cheat! that she can see a magical aura flare up around someone when they're lying. As if this discovery isn't startling enough, it doesn't take long before the ship is attacked by pirates and Roselia and her brother are separated!

Tidbit: One of the bands of pirates mentioned in this series, known as the infamous Crimson Storms, were inspired by this background found on the neopets site. And since Part Three ran through Halloween, vanessa also got a Pirate Paint Brush! Thanks Droplet!

In Other Words: Issues 407 - 410

Chai is the lead singer in an up-and-coming band, but a fear of heights puts a damper on his life. It's only by writing letters that he's able to cope with his fear, and sometimes even that isn't enough.

Tidbit: Vanessa worked on this story simultaneously with Roomies 4. After writing about Jesc and Jhudora, she felt she needed a deeper piece and this story was born! One of the original band members was going to be a Korbat until it interfered with the plotline. And since it ran through both the Mutant Day Issue and the Chocolate Festival, vanessa got a Mutant Petpet Paint Brush and a Faerie Chocodrop! Thanks Droplet!

Princess Bones: Issues 444 - 451

Rina is just an average neopet who lives in Middleway until she is swept up in an evil plot designed to make her a princess against her will as the puppet to the throne of Brightvale! And it's all because of a single Eyrie Cab accident that had happened many years earlier.

Tidbit: The idea for Princess Bones began with a single comment a friend made to Vanessa more than a year before she started writing the series--and it took her almost a year to write the entire story! Also, Rina was originally blue until Vanessa saw the Zafara Pricess (TCG) and decided to make her character match. The Neopian Times included a longer snippet of her story on the first page too! And the story also ran past the Fyora Day Issue, the Petpet Appreciation Issue, and the 450th Issue, garnering her some neat prizes!

Seeded: Issues 460 - 464

From a young age, Isabelle has felt like an outsider, and she thinks she knows why: she was only born with a single wing, leaving her unable to fly. However, when her friend Ziya, a Seer, has a vision of faeries surrounding a young faerie child in a clearing, they are both sucked up in a heinous plot employing the use of a dark spell called a Seed.

Tidbit: Vanessa really wanted to write a story with a character with some sort of physical deformity and this was her chance. It also was the fastest series to write, taking only a little bit over a month! The custom image was on the News Page and since it ran through the Chocolate Ball, she got a nice little prize for it! Thanks Droplet!

Bottled Beauty: Issues 478 - 484

Celia has never been an extraordinarily talented neopet, like her painter mother and her dancer sister. Instead, she's just a plain Jane Acara who likes to collect ancient Qasalan items. But one day, after finding an old perfume bottle at the bazaar, everything changes...

Tidbit: Vanessa really enjoyed writing about Celia and Milo as friends and tried to make them as real as possible. The awesome image was also on the News Page and since it ran through Jhudora Day and Valentine's Day, vanessa won Angry Candy and a Pink Paint Brush! ^_^

The Roomies Ruin: Issues 494 - 500

Jesc and Jhudora are back! When Jesc decides to drop by Jhudora's lair to go the the Faerie Festival, everything seems fine... that is until a flare of purple light lights up the room and they are suddenly turned to stone! But despite not being able to move themselves, they can still hear each other... and eventually find themselves in another sticky situation.

Tidbit: Vanessa had ideas for a short story with Jesc, Jhudora, and the Faeries Ruin back when the plot first started... but as she started writing, she realized she would not be able to fit in a decent plot in 4,000 words. So she decided to write this series. The amazing custom picture was on the news, and since the series ran through Fyora Day and Petpet Appreciation Day, she got a Fyora's Castle Stamp and a Mystery Island Petpet Paint Brush.

The Thief's Hostage: Issues 514 - 518

When Amelia is mistaken for the princess, she is taken into the heart of the Thieves Guild by two young thieves and held at ransom! But little does she know how bleak the situation is...

Tidbit: Vanessa wrote this for a month-long collab about thieves thought up by the NTWF! She also was extremely happy when she saw the amazing custom picture!

Brainstorm: Issues 532 - 535

Holly Milburry is a famous Neopian writer, but her lack of inspiration is driving her insane! So against her better judgement, she decides to take a dark faerie up on her offer... and finds herself in the middle of a "brainstorm" that she'll never forget!

Tidbit: This was originally a short story, but eventually expanded into a series with four parts! Also, it ran through the Valentine's Day Issue, earning vanessa a Beautiful Columns Foreground!

The Scientist's Apprentice: Issues 675 - 686

Darren Rickshaw, a young scientist, is in for a surprise when a seventeen-year-old boy named Parlan asks to be his apprentice. But things get a lot more complicated when he finds out that Parlan is a sorcerer-in-training...who has someone traveled through time! Together, they have to try to return Parlan to his time, all without upsetting the delicate balance of time and space!

Tidbit: This story was originally conceived 2.5 years ago! Vanessa rediscovered the first chapter on her computer, and then frantically mapped out a plot. She is very happy for incorporating a lot of foreshadowing through out the series, and it is her longest series to date with 12 parts!

Bottled Faeries Inc.: Issues 713 - 716

Leah, a light faerie, takes a job at Bottled Faeries Inc., hoping that the position will give her the chance to travel the world while getting paid. Of course, things don't go as expected and soon Leah and her companion Bartamus end up in a whole lot of trouble...

Tidbit: Vanessa came up with the idea for a place known as "Bottled Faeries Inc." around the time she first started writing for the NT (almost ten years ago!) The story idea never came to fruition back then, but she finally whipped it together years later for the Conspiracies and Mysteries NT Collab!

Our Shopping Trip at the NC Mall: Issue 330

This short story was about a rather fun time Vanessa, Snow, and I took at the NC Mall. We didn't have any neocash, but who knew you could have so much fun with a screenshot camera?

Tidbit: This short story was actually based off a half-truth. When the NC Mall first opened, vanessa had no desire to buy neocash, but the items were so pretty that she ended up dressing me and Snow up and taking screenshots!

Misfortune's Comb: Issue 359

When Adroma, a vain Royal Peophin who lives in Neovia, finds a beautiful hair comb on the ground, she takes it for herself, despite the warning she receives from its true owner, a mysterious red Wocky. But by not listening to the Wocky's advice, Androma finds herself in a situation that is nothing less than misfortunate.

Tidbit: When vanessa first wrote this story, she was unsure what name to give the main character. After using an online name-generator, she came up with "Andromeda," a beautiful girl from Greek mythology, and then shortened it to Androma. Also, the name of this short story was inspired by the Neopets TCG Card, Misfortune, which can be viewed here. And just like in the New Prophecy, a longer blurb of the story was posted on the front page! Thanks TNT!

The Author's Gift: Issue 372

When young Trey realizes that his favorite poet, Clyde Silverman, lives only a street over, he goes to visit him... but a shocking discovery makes him realize there's more to the holiday season than meets the eye.

Tidbit: Vanessa went through two other ideas for a short story for the Christmas Issue until she finally produced "The Author's Gift." She made Clyde Silverman a blue Lutari since she had wanted to write about one for ages, and the NT artists delivered with an absolutely perfect image. In fact, the image even made it onto the New Features page! She also won a Plushie Paint Brush with this entry!

Magic, Cake, and Wind Chimes: Issue 429

Everyone loves Jhudora Day... except Jhudora herself. All she wants to do is spend time alone in her cloud, but that's nearly impossible. It's only with a surprise visit from Jesc that Jhudora is able to find a way to truly enjoy her birthday.

Tidbit: Vanessa wrote this story to celebrate one of her favorite neo holidays: Jhudora Day! And with it, she finally got her 50th Neopian Times trophy! Yes! Also, since it was a special day, she received the book All About Dark Faeries.

Magic and Mustaches: Issue 437

Jim, the Head of the Neohome Planning Committee, has had it with Mr. Leemer, the neopet trying to take over his company with Neohomes 2.0. But when he decides to resort to a little bit of magic to get him back, things go wrong and he suddenly sports a mustache! Jhudora is the only one he can turn to for help, but the infamous dark faerie wants in on the revenge scheme first...

Tidbit: Vanessa was extremely happy to write a story focusing around Jim, the yellow Aisha from the Roomies quartet. Also, she collabed with other NTWF writers and wrote a story revolving around mustaches! And a larger chunk of the story was even posted on the front cover of the NT.

Scarifying: Issue 467

Crescent's owner, Elliot, is a scary Halloween Kacheek... yet Crescent is a mere Clompkin. A joke. Worried that Elliot will go off to find a better petpet, Crescent realizes the only thing left to do is scare Elliot and make him see that he really is the best petpet for him.

Tidbit: Vanessa started writing this for Halloween the year earlier, but ran out of ideas before finishing. Thankfully she revived it for the next Halloween! Also, she won a Halloween Paint Brush with it!

Clocks: Issue 470

William has never really understood people, but he loves clocks and the way they always are steady and consistent. But when the clock shop in town shuts down, William will have to face the chaotic world he feels so out of place in.

Tidbit: Vanessa was inspired to write this story from the clock tower at her school! She also wanted to write something a little deeper and this was the product!

The Day of Giving: Issue 475

Lucy Higgins always gets everything she wants on Christmas... so why is it called the Day of Giving? This Christmas, Lucy decides to do something she's never done before: give a gift to Marvin, her butler and her best friend. But what will her parents do when Marvin's Christmas wish conflicts with their own interests?

Tidbit: Vanessa really enjoyed writing the descriptions for this story! Her roomate actually inspired her with her Christmas spirit. Also, Droplet gave her a Plushie Paint Brush for it and the custom image was displayed on the News Page!

A Conversation with the Darkest Faerie: Issue 487

After her failure to take over Faerieland, Xandra's statue is placed in Queen Fyora's personal gardens... right next to the statue of the Darkest Faerie herself! And despite the fact that they're both petrified, they can hear each other's thoughts. See what happens when two of Neopia's most infamous villains have a little chat.

Tidbit: Because vanessa wrote most of this before the epilogue to the Faeries' Ruin was released, she had to edit the piece slightly so as not to contradict the end of the plot. Also, a larger excerpt of her story was on the front page of the Neopian Times!

The Chronicle of a Superhero's Best Friend: Issue 503

Brandon is living a normal life--until his best friend turns out to have superpowers! But being a superhero's best friend isn't all peaches and cream.

Tidbit: Vanessa doodled her very own Circle of Superhero Friendship on a piece of paper and then re-created it on the computer for this story. Also, she loved the custom image!

One Week: Issue 538

It's been one week since Melinda was recruited by Kero, a blue Scorchio on a quest to save Neopia, to be on his expedition as a healer. But now that they are going to add a new person to their duo, everything will change, and Melinda can't help but look back on the one week she's had with him.

Tidbit: First of all, Vanessa got an awesome custom image for his piece! Also, this was written for the NTWF April Fool's Day prank where writers pretended Neoquest III had been released. Since Vanessa had never played Neoquest before, she found it a little challenging to write the piece, but quickly fell in love with the characters.

The Storyteller: Issue 566

Annette has always viewed storytelling as a pastime, but when he father got gravely ill, it becomes a way to make ends meet as she tells stories to some of Neovia's wealthiest. But then a Blue Chomby comes to one of her storytellings claiming to be a Time Traveler, and he has a theory about her that may change how she views herself, and her stories, forever...

Tidbit: Vanessa got the idea to write a short story about the Storyteller back in the summer of 2009, over three years ago, but didn't write it until summer of 2012! Also, most of it was written on a bus ride to Washionton DC!

Meepit Oaks Sanatorium: Patient 600 - Issue 600

Psychologist Harry Seff is used to working with people who are slightly mad--but never has he had a patient as crazed as Gregory Varnum! In the newly remodeled Meepit Oaks Sanatorium, Gregory is wreaking havoc, shrieking and yelling, and writing the number 600 over and over again on the walls in red paint... Can Harry find a cure?

Tidbit: This was written for issue 600! Vanessa was taking a psychology class the semester she wrote this, and thought it'd be interesting to use what she had learned in a story. She also won a Book of Ideas AND her "thank you" note to TNT was put in the editorial!

Jhudora's Fashion Line: Issue 613

When Lucinda Barlé, Fashion Manager to the Stars, arrives at Jhudora's lair and suggests a business deal creating a fashion line together, Jhudora figures that the additional money would be nice. But as things fall apart around her, she has to get crafty to get out of her one-year contract...

Tidbit: Vanessa's inspiration for this short story was the NC Mall Jhudora's Fashion Line Capsule. She had a lot of fun writing the character of Lucinda, and was super excited when she saw that she was the quote of the week! There also was a longer snippet of the story on the front page of the NT, AND since it was the Faerie Festival-themed issue, she received an awesome Air Faerie Snowglobe!

Fireworks: Issue 627

This is the story of a green Ogrin with a dream to visit the moon as told by the yellow Xweetok who fell in love with him.

Tidbit: This was an extremely important story for vanessa first and foremost because it was her 100th story to be published in The Neopian Times! She was inspired by New Year's Eve and the movie "It's a Wonderful Life," which she had seen for the first time right around Christmas! She worried about its acceptance because there is a lot of implied romance, but it was held over and accepted on the same day! They also published a larger snippet of the story on the front page of the NT! Overall, she was very proud of this piece.

Jeran: Guardian of Meridell: Issue 654

Jeran, the famous Neopian Hero who saved Meridell from a great war, may have found his match: in a small child! When Kayla asks if he can babysit his niece for an hour, Jeran thinks nothing of it... until strange things start happening.

Tidbit: This story was written for the Heroes Issue, a collaborative effort by the writers of Neopia. Vanessa had missed out on the Villains Collab a few weeks earlier, and was excited to take part with this collab. Originally, she considered writing about Nabile, but decided to do a piece of Jeran instead. She also received an awesome custom image! It was slightly different compared to some of the details specified in the story (such as Alesandra's and Jeran's clothes), but she loves it all the same.

Rose vs. Rosie: Issue 663

When Rosie the Negg-obsessed Grarrl wins a new position at the Neopian Pound after an April Fools joke, Rose, the pink Uni, is forced to show her around. But it immediately becomes clear that Rosie is not the easiest Grarrl to get along with...

Tidbit: This story was inspired by TNT's 2014 April Fools joke. Vanessa started writing the piece, but could not get a good idea of how to write. She forgot about it for a while, then re-discovered it on her computer and decided to finish the story. TNT also made her a custom image which was posted on the New Features page!

Teaching and Topiaries: Issue 668

After turning a Brightvale University professor into a topiary, Jhudora is forced to act as his substitute teacher until the spell wears off. However, Jhudora decides that teaching Brightvalian History is just not her style...

Tidbit: This story was written for the Brightvale University collab! Vanessa originally intended to write a series for the issue, but as the series grew larger and the issue approached, she wrote this short story instead. It took her about a day! She also received a Royal Blue Cape as a prize. Thanks Droplet!

Agent 700: Issue 700

00Hog has retired from his life as a secret agent to a life of card games. But when Agent 700 shows up at the Cheat! hall needing his help, 00Hog comes out of retirement to help save the day!

Tidbit: Vanessa wrote this as a last minute entry for Issue 700. As she was brainstorming ideas on the subway, she realized that 700 backwards was 007, which made her think of writing a secret agent story involving 00Hog.

The Dream Stealer: Issue 738

Poor Fred hasn't been able to dream in years... and he finds out it's due to a malevolent creature known as a Dream Stealer sneaking into his room at night. Now Fred is determined to dream again, despite what it may cost him...

Tidbit: This story was written for the Dreams and Nightmares collab issue. Vanessa had been reading a lot of Neil Gaimen at the time and thought that it might be fun to write a darker tale, and this was the result!

101 Ways to Speak Evilly: Jhudora's Top 3 Excerpts: Issue 378

Dr. E. Vilian's new book is sweeping the globe, and now the Neopian Times is presenting three excerpts for Neopians to sample. But not just any three excerpts: excerpts chosen by Neopia's favorite dark faerie, Jhudora!

Tidbit: This was vanessa's first ever article, and it was inspired by a quick reference she had made in an earlier series, The New Prophecy. Also, since it was the Jhudora Day Issue, she received a pair of Dark Faerie Wings.

Clearing the Storm - A Lutari Island Game Guide: Issue 488

Have you played Neopia's newest game Clearing the Storm? If you haven't, you really should check it out! There're puzzles, adventure, and hours of fun!

Tidbit: This was written as part of the 2011 NTWF April Fools Prank where writers claimed that Lutari Island was suddenly open. Vanessa was originally going to write a normal article about Lutari Island, when she suddenly had an idea about making a fake game article. She had a lot of fun writing it and she hoped others enjoyed reading it. Also, it was featured on the front of the Neopian Times!

Creating the Themed Neohome 2.0 of Your Dreams: Issue 602

Recently vanessa has discovered a love of making a Jhudora-themed neohome on her side account! And with these tips, you can make an awesome themed neohome as well!

Tidbit: This was written during finals week when vanessa realized how her obsession with Neohomes 2.0 could be turned into an article! It also appeared on the front of the Neopian Times, and the image is actually the picture from the neohome she referenced throughout--despite the fact that it was on a side account! TNT clearly knows all. Finally, vanessa originally had item images in the article as well, but they were taken out--most likely because there were too many!

Power Up Problems: Issue 509

Freezing, Enlargement, and Speeding, oh my!

Tidbit: This is a comic! *gasp!* Vanessa always wanted to have one comic in the NT, but she can't draw and she never had any good ideas. But while playing in the AC with the new power ups, she had an idea. She collabed with sarnfox, who did the illustrations, and they submitted it in July... but it wasn't accepted until the end of August! And because it was put in the Mutant Day Issue, vanessa got the cool book It Came From the Mine.

The Storytelling Contest

The Storytelling Contest is a contest where writers can continue a pre-existing story started by someone else. It runs each week and usually consists of about 10 parts, each one written by a different user!

Week 316

Best friends Ariana and Claire are transported to an eerie world after using an automated Fortune Telling machine. While there, they must work together with the mysterious Madame Fandango to find a way to escape before the things that created the strange dimension find them and make them stay there forever. Click here for the story written not only by vanessa1357924680, but by other Neopian authors as well.

Tidbit: Vanessa1357924680 finally got her first piece in the Story Telling Contest after two other attempts. (I guess the third time's a charm!) She found out when she was at her cousin's house and was absolutely ecstatic!

Week 319

Arrgh! The 'ere is a tale of pirates and two young 'uns, Liam and Izzy, who cause a bit o' mischief while trying to make some profit off some smuggled goods. But things don't go quite as planned and one lie leads to another which leads to a whole bunch of chaos and a swashbuckling good tale! Click here to read what happens when you mix a crew of pirates and their strange captain, two neopets, and the A to Y Cutlass Shining Company!

Tidbit: At first, vanessa1357924680 wasn't notified of winning and didn't receive her prize for this story. However, it also happened to be the same day as the layout change and the problem was quickly corrected! And, seeing as it made it in just a few days before her birthday, she thought of it as a nice early birthday present. It also happens to be one of vanessa's favorite storytelling tales!

Week 321

Salamid, a simple Hissi, is doing some community service at the Qasalan Palace library when he discovers a scroll with information regarding the King's dead mother! Soon King Jazan is transported to Old Qasala with a magical amulet where he finds more questions than answers as he tries to save a mother who he had thought was dead. Click here to read this tale of betrayal, hate, and most importantly: love.

Tidbit: This was vanessa1357924680's longest contribution to the Story Telling Contest so far and believes that it was the hardest for her to write as she tried to come up with a way to end the story and tie up all of the loose ends.

Week 327

Aw... look at the poor Bori! He's so sad. But looks can be deceiving. The only thing on Seraph's mind is revenge against a light faerie named Liannah whose spell trapped the Bori in his own Neohome for ten years and changed him from a striking Darigan to his current state! Click here to read a story about foes, revenge... and two magical items that could be the key to ultimate world domination!

Tidbit: Vanessa1357924680 wrote this piece one night, sent it in, checked the New Features page... and when she had come back it had already been accepted! Not to mention she was thrilled that she got to write about one of her all-time favorite faeries: the one and only Jhudora!

Week 334

When four groups of Neopians discover the ancient tale of the Fire Gem, each of them vow to retrieve it for their own reasons. However, they soon discover that their quest is laced with deceit, treachery, and greed, and that the coveted stone may be a bit more dangerous than they had expected... Click here to read this story and discover the fate of the explorers who sought the Fire Gem.

Tidbit: Vanessa1357924680 honestly found the story quite confusing with its eight main characters and before writing had to make a list of the characters, their species, and which "group" (either Pirates, Shenkuu Warriors, Thieves, or Faeries) they were in.

Week 337

When Direne is dragged to a supposedly "mysterious" house by her excited friend Nori, she's a skeptic. After all, there was nothing special about the neohome at all: it's just a plain white house with a few broken windows. But perhaps there is more than meets the eye... Click here to read this story and discover the mysteries this seemingly-normal house is hiding!

Tidbit: Vanessa1357924680 honestly didn't like her entry piece that much and thought it could have been much better, but seeing as it was the first entry to the week's story, she realizes that her role was mainly to set the stage for the others writers, and that was fine with her.

Week 348

The Desert Scarabs, an underground gang of thieving urchins in Qasala, find themselves in deep trouble as members are recognized and pursued by palace guards! Desperate to escape, the members start fleeing, only to be captured one-by-one to help with the sinister plot. Click here to find out if Qasala will ever be safe again!

Tidbit: This story immediately caught Vanessa1357924680's attention as it takes place in one of her favorite Neopian worlds: the Lost Desert, and she attempted to write a piece earlier in the week. Despite it not making it, however, she tried again and got this piece in on the second try!

Week 384

When Liljek and Jaym, two chocolate-loving Neopets, decide to go to the Annual Chocolate Ball, things take a turn for the worst when Liljek bumps into a Chocolate Chia's masterpiece, a Negg sculpture made entirely out of chocolate. From then on, the Neopets find themselves trapped in a sticky situation involving an apprenticeship, magic, and of course chocolate! Click here to read this delicious story!

Tidbit: After attempting and failing to get into the Storytelling Contest for almost an entire year, vanessa found this story, read the entire thing in one shot, and decided to come up with an ending piece. And besides being about chocolate, one of her favorite foods, this week's number and the number of the last week she was in are "348" and "384." Coincidence? She thinks not! ;)

Week 386

When a new mayor, a Meerca by the name of Flangick, comes to power in Neovia, he rallies up the citizens to capture Sophie the swamp witch and Ilere the earth faerie. Reginald knows that nothing good can come of it, but what can he do? Click here to see if Neovia will ever be the same again!

Tidbit: Vanessa was instantly drawn since she had just written "Misfortune's Comb." So one late night she stayed up to write this piece, and then she found out the next day that it was accepted! And to make things even better, that same day she was told that her 10-part series, Pirates, the Sight, and the Sea was being held over for the Neopian Times!

Week 392

When Aleen and Nolen run into Sir Alric and find strange scorch marks and glumps of goo everywhere, they know something is up. Click here to read this story about their adventure.

Tidbit: When vanessa read this and realized that it incorporated the three Dark Faerie Sisters, she was immediately inspired--especially because she was currently playing one of the three witches in a production of Macbeth. Also, with this win, she finally reached her goal of 10 Storytelling Trophies!

Week 400

What do an Ixi, a Hissi, the Zafara Double Agent, an artist Eyrie, Kass, the Three, and a magic book all have in common? One crazy story that's one of the best in Storytelling history! Click here for Week 400's momentous tale!

Tidbit: Vanessa tried multiple times to get into this story. In the end, she sent in a piece at the last minute, and it was up only a few minutes later! The piece that got in was a mixture of a few that she had written as attempts. Also, with this win, she won an additional prize: The Storyteller!

Week 418

When Aemyn is feeling sick, his sister tries to make him feel better by giving him a potion bought by a mysterious man name Odric. Little does she know that the potion isn't what it appears... Click here for the story!
Tidbit: Vanessa channeled a bit of her old writing in this piece, including a coin with an image on it from a book she had written as a child, and a conglomerate mass of neopets from a failed Neopian Times series.

Week 481
While attending a ball hosted for King Hagan's birthday, Frida receives a nasty surprise: being kidnapped by the King's exiled cousin! What will happen to her? Click here to find out!

Tidbit: After a very long hiatus from storytelling (more than a year!), vanessa decided to give it a go on a day when she didn't have much homework. She had a lot of fun writing about Jesper and she was awarded with a win! Also, the last time she was in the Storytelling Contest was Week 418, and this time it was Week 481. Funny how those things work out!

Week 491

While on a boat trip with her father, Yanti encounters an odd group of neopets who, under their leader Captain Chear, call themselves the Smiling Pirates. Click here to read this odd pirate tale!

Tidbit: Vanessa loves writing about pirates and enjoyed writing this piece a lot, creating the Smiling Pirates and their eccentric captain. She was actually a little paranoid after submitting and kept checking the storytelling page to see if she had won!

Week 492

Malkus Vile has offered a challenge to the thieves of Neopia: steal a priceless goblet in the clutches of King Skarl for fame and bragging rights in the underground community. Written entirely in letters, click here to read this thrilling tale!

Tidbit: Vanessa saw the opening entry and loved it... as did a lot of other Neopian writers! She tried for the second slot but didn't get in. Undeterred, she tried again and was greeted with a congrats letter! Her favorite part about her entry? It was definitely putting the infamous Kanrik in a maid's uniform. ^_^

Week 500

Matt, Kaura, Kesk, and Tal have never met before, but when their homes are all destroyed by the various elements, they soon discover that they are trapped in a world that isn't real. An evil Aisha is trying to get them, as the elements, to take part in her spell, but can they resist her magic? here to read this anniversary issue storytelling!

Tidbit: Since this was story number 500, vanessa knew she had to try for it! On her third attempt, she decided to think outside the box and turned one of the characters into a Mootix. And it made it!

Week 502

This non-linear story chronicles the fall of a Kacheek with terrible dreams into a terrible monster and the attempts of an adventurous Wocky to save her. Click here to read this stunning tale!

Tidbit: Vanessa entered a total of five times for this story. She really loved the way it was written, and despite the confusion since it was not linear, she enjoyed each piece she wrote. She finally got in on the last piece... as did a few other Neopians! But she didn't mind sharing the final spot.

Week 509

Fyora Day is fast approaching... but something goes terribly wrong and the Queen is turned into a magical wooden pepper mill! What are Meilee and Kotean to do? Click here to read this Fyora Day tale!

Tidbit: This story caught Vanessa's attention. Once she read that the Queen had been cursed, she immediately knew that she wanted to turn Fyora into something... so she chose a pepper mill! She submitted it, left the house to help a friend, and when she returned, she had won!

Week 511

Leif and Ilya are trying to catch lightmites when a star known as the Emissary falls from the sky and warns them of the impending doom of Altador! Click here to read this story!

Tidbit: The previous entry mentioned going somewhere in Altador to learn about magic. Vanessa initially thought of Finneus, but decided that was too obvious... so she decided to introduce the infamous Yurble Janitor to the story! She really enjoyed giving her own personal spin on his character.

Week 514

You, Dr. Sloth, are sick of the Neopian Times defiling your evil name! So you decide to hatch an evil plan to take over that infernal newspaper once and for all! Click here to do just that!

Tidbit: Vanessa loved that this story had Dr. Sloth and the Neopian Times in it... and when she saw it was written in 2nd person POV, she knew she wanted to write a Choose Your Own Adventure Type Story. Little did she know it would be accepted!

Week 517

When Valerie wishes her life was more exciting and lies to her friends about the fake adventures she's been on, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a real adventure hunting down treasure! But she didn't expect to run into her Ocean Muse, an evil Peophin dedicated to stopping her! Click here to read on!

Tidbit: After reading a book in which one of the characters was preyed on by an evil "Muse," Vanessa was inspired to write a piece and create the evil Ocean Muse. She enjoyed making her as creepy as possible.

Week 537

All Kate as Teenie want to do is watch the New Year's Eve fireworks... but when they bump into an odd Chomby, things start to take a turn for the worse. Click here to read!

Tidbit: Vanessa wrote this entire entry on Notepad instead of Microsoft Word because the laptop she was writing on didn't have it installed! It's also her very first "first part" entry!

Week 645

When the circus comes to town, Wallace thinks it might be fun to attend--after all, it's only 200 neopoints. But things at this circus are a lot weirder than he thought... Click here to read!

Tidbit: Vanessa hadn't won a storytelling contest in a while, but she saw the entry on a day where she didn't have much work. It was later in the evening, and she was surprised an entry hadn't been picked yet, so she wrote something quick and submitted it. She also submitted a second draft, but the judge chose the first one and gave her a Water Paint Brush as a prize!

Week 659

Bacon is the only way to appease Edgar's Pumpy. But when all the bacon is Neopia has vanished, Edgar gets swept up into a giant plot involving an Alien Aisha, a Chia shopkeeper, and the Darkest Faerie herself! Click here to read!

Tidbit: Vanessa had finally graduated from college and was home for the summer, hoping to get some writing done. She read the whole entry in one sitting, and decided to write her own part, which she was quite proud of. Surprisingly, the last entry vanessa got in was also about a Plumpy, and she won a Pink Petpet Paint Brush for her efforts!
The Poetry Contest

The Poetry Contest is a contest where writers can send in any Neopets-related poem! Listed here are the first stanza of the poems vanessa had accepted, but you can click links to read the rest!

The Faerie Festival - Page 881

The Faerie Festival had finally come
A day of food and of fun and of play
Most faeries were happy it was finally here
But not all quite felt that way...

Click here for the rest!

Tidbit: A few days before it won, vanessa1357924680 checked the calendar and, realizing one of her favorite Neopian holidays was around the corner (the Faerie Festival), decided to try writing a poem just for the occasion. And of course she couldn't help but add in her favorite faerie, Jhudora, and her arch-rival, Illusen, just for the fun of it!

The Second-Hand Shoppe Ruki - Page 1144

Come one, come all! a Ruki cries,
Into my wondrous store!
With fashionable finds free for all,
How could you ask for more?...

Click here for the rest!

Tidbit: For Ruki Day, Vanessa checked Jellyneo for a good Ruki character to write about... and discovered the Donation Shoppe Ruki!

Pink Slorg - Page 1157

I was strolling through the Catacombs
When I came across a Draik.
He held a paper out to me:
A quiz for me to take...

Click here for the rest!

Tidbit: This poem was originally written for Slorg Day! It was inspired by the "What Petpet are You?" quiz, where the most common answer is a Pink Slorg!

M*YNCI in Concert - Page 1209

A colourful sign on the Concert Hall reads:
On the 18th's a show you should all come to see
Come buy your ticket, this show will be grand
It's MYNCI performing, the world famous band...

Click here for the rest!

Tidbit: This poem was accepted far after it was written. In fact, vanessa discovered the actual paper copy after losing it for a few months only a few days before it made it into the gallery!

Jhudora's Poisonous Lollipops - Page 1215

I am the queen of quests,
As you Neopets exclaim,
But recently there is one prize
You cretins all disdain...

Click here for the rest!

Tidbit: Vanessa whipped this one up quickly for Jhudora Day, her favorite Neopian holiday! She found it especially fun to write from Jhudora's point of view.

The Tax Beast - Page 1268

Watch over your shoulder,
Keep your Neopoints n' view,
For you never know what'll happen
When the Tax Beast comes for you....

Click here for the rest!

Tidbit: This poem was written for Yurble Day! Vanessa had wanted to write a new poem for a while and just finally did, using the Tax Beast as her inspiration! And the poem was even mentioned on the News (which you can see by visiting the Screenie Tab to the left)!
The Faerie Academy

In this adventure, you are a new fire faerie, ready for your first day at the infamous Faerie Academy, a school designed to help train young faeries in the magical arts. Click here to attend classes, make new friends, and even discover the hidden treasures and secrets buried deep within the walls of the school!

Tidbit: The Faerie Academy was vanessa1357924680's way to revisit the school where Jesc (the air faerie from the Roomies quartet) lived and studied with more detail. Also, vanessa was starting to give up hope on winning since it took up a good chunk of the year (at least five months) waiting for the fateful congratulations neomail, but it finally arrived on the same day she won the storytelling contest in Week 334. Besides that, with the publicity, for a good period of time, her adventure became number one on the top rated list!

Aaaaand... This neoadventure also has two possible storylines to follow, depending on whether you decide to stay in the library or head to lunch! If you want, you can try out both!

Writing Screenies

Well, these aren't funny, but they are screenshots of my stories that I thought were awesome. For example, these images show when a custom picture was made for my story and put on the news page, or when a longer snippet of my story was put on the front of the Neopian Times. Either way, a collection of these images are reproduced below. Enjoy!

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