Who am I...?

Or rather...Who WAS I?

I don't know-nor do I care really- why you seem to have this morbid interest in me, but it is in my hope that if I just tell you something it'll end in you going away much, much faster...

Rellexia created me on a day known to humans as 'Christmas Eve'. It has no significance to me other than it makes it much easier to remember my day of creation. I was originally a red Aisha, not that it matters for it didn't last long. In all honesty I can't even remember being red. All the better, red tends to draw too much attention.

And no. From what people tell me I wasn't social back then either. It's how I am not some weird side effect from the coloring.

That's basically it.
You are actually interested in hearing more?
Ugh...What a pain. Here we go...

-Life as I KNEW it.-

Okay so maybe I was slightly better tempered when I was still 'living'.

I do remember I loved skateboaring back when I was still a basic color. It keeps you from getting bored, and people are less likely to approach you if you're whizzing by on a plank with wheels. All the better.

But people not approaching you wasn't quite enough...They still clogged the streets and constantly got in my way. So I took up the habit of practicing at night. It's not such a ludicrous sounding idea in the middle of the night anyway.

Neopian Central Park was my favorite place to go...Lots of railings and the like. I wasn't riding when I first heard it, I had my skateboard under my arm and I was walking towards a good set of steps to practice the more complicated tricks on.

I hadn't heard it clearly enough at first as I'd grown accustomed to, even perhaps mastering the art, of blocking others out. Why I suddenly had the urge to find out what it was I'll never know. I'm not one for curiosity. Curiosity gets you in trouble.

Curiosity got me killed.

Anyway, I ended up turning around and heading into the direction of the sound when I heard it again. It was someone...A girl I suppose...Who was crying out:


Later on I wondered who she really expected to be in the park in the middle of the night...But I was, so I suppose it's not such a stupid idea after all.

I started running at that point. Running faster than I ever had, and thinking slower than ever before. When I first saw the girl who had called out-A silver Kougra-she was surrounded by two mean looking Skeiths holding wooden clubs. I hadn't really heard any words exchanged between the three, but I figure I'd seen enough movies to understand that the woman was being robbed.

Now I was close enough for them to see me, although the Skeiths hadn't bothered to turn around and look, too intent on keeping the Kougra where she was. But the girl had seen me. Our eyes locked as I kept running towards them...

And grabbed hold of my Skateboard...

And screamed:


They both turned around right as I jumped up...

I hit the first Skeith hard on the head.

The last thing I saw before everything went black was the Kougra running away. She had escaped.

-'Life' After-.

In all honesty...Not much changed.

Sure, I got a bit more Anti-social but it's not like it wouldn't have happened anyway. And there is nothing wrong with wanting peace and quiet...But with the multitude of pets Rellexia keeps adopting and creating peace and quiet is now near impossible. Even my so-called Best friend annoys me, which isn't made better by the fact we share a room.

There is one person I don't really mind...

Meeting Ghosti------------------------------------------------

When I first glanced over and caught a glimpse of her fur I thought it was silver, and it instantly took me back to that night in the park. But as my head whipped around and I saw her in full I realized her fur was not silver...But grey. A grey Kougra. Her fur-while a depressing shade- shined and her eyes were rimmed by a little less red than most grey pets. As I looked at her a bit more closely, squinting in the effort, I noticed that her eyes themselves were not sad like almost all grey pets. They were scared.

I looked away right as her gaze glanced over to me. She didn't notice my look of surprise to my relief. She was too caught up in meeting the entire family at once, much to her displeasure. Everyone was babbling greetings. Asking how she was, where she came from, how they were excited to have her in the family. And Rellexia babbled over all the others, feeling the need to name every single pet under her roof.

Grumbling I pushed my chair away from the kitchen table and started towards the door.

And that one there is Col- Ninja? Where are you going? Rellexia asked worried.

Out. I said and pushed the door open.

I headed out to Neopian Central Park, where I used to skateboard, and walked around in endless circles for hours. There was something about the little Kougra that had caught my interest. And that bothered me. A lot.

So I kept walking while trying to put my thoughts back to where they should be. The sun had long gone down, so I stuffed my hands in my pockets and buried my face in my scarf as I walked on. I had to go back to the house eventually...Preferably before sun up when I knew Rellexia would be snooping into my room to make sure that I got home fine.

I looked down at my watch, it was almost midnight. Time to head back. I walked back along the park's path, making sure to keep my head down as I came out into the Central. Sometimes crazies walked out here at night.

Sighing, I got up to the porch of our neohome. It wasn't the largest around, far from it for it could barely fit the entire family. But Rellexia decorated it pretty nicely. Not that I noticed or anything.

I unlocked the door with my key and wiped my feet on the ugly welcome rug. When I looked up I almost screeched. The grey Kougra stood in the hallway in front of me, looking equally shocked if not completely petrified.

What are you doing? I asked.

I-i was j-just...

I sighed. Apparently I'd terrified the girl so much she couldn't even speak. While she searched for the right words I closed the door behind me and hung my coat up.

I was looking for the bathroom... She finally said.

It's up the stairs then to the right at the end of the hallway. I said while starting to head towards my room. The Kougra didn't move.

What's your name? She asked so softly I almost didn't hear. She could barely talk earlier and now shes asking questions? What a bother.

Ninja. Short for ColdNinja.

Oh. Was all she said.

I took that as my chance to leave, and walked past her towards my room down the hall. I heard her footsteps as she walked away, towards the bathroom.

I glanced back at her before disappearing into my room.

A few days passed where I rarely spoke to my family. I had made a habit of staying within my room, leaving only if I wanted to go for a walk. I'd been walking a lot the past week. The other day I had forgotten my key to get back in and ended up having to shove my way through the cluttered garage to get into the house. I'd banged my foot hard against a box and, cursing, looked down to see a box of all my old skateboards. I had thought Rellexia would have tossed them out ages ago.

I picked up the newest one. I had gotten it for my birthday the year I'd become a ghost. It was still brand new, I'd never used it.


Now I held it under my arm as I sneaked down the hallway, being sure to avoid every creaky board. It was around eleven at night and the moon was out in full force. Everyone was sleeping.

I got to the park and found the spot I often practiced at when I was still alive. Sighing, I ran my hands over the new board. I'd never been on it, and I was out of practice.

Dropping the board I got on, balancing much easier than what I had expected given I hadn't been on a skateboard in well over a year, and pushed off. Trees whizzed by and, after I didn't wipe out, I started going through some of the basic tricks I'd mastered not many years ago. I felt my confidence rise as, stunt by stunt I succeeded, and didn't end up eating a face full of dirt as I'd originally imagined. Maybe I hadn't skated in years, but I was still good.

Then I got a little too confident and tried sliding down a stair railing. It didn't work out as I'd hoped. I skidded and the board fell from under me, leaving me to tumbled the rest of the way.


I spat out blood from where I had bitten my lip and sat up. I'd hit the ground on my side and skidded the pavement about a foot. Luckily my clothes turned out to be pretty durable, I only had two medium sized scrapes on the side of my right arm and leg.

Are you okay?

I stopped, alarmed. I hadn't seen anybody out besides me. Not even the crazies were walking around. As slowly as I could make myself I turned and looked around.

It was the grey Kougra.

Are you okay? She asked again while walking up, concern in her eyes.

Yeah. I replied, not looking at her as she sat down next to me. I wiped the blood off of my lip again, using my shirt sleeve.

Here. she said, pulling out a handkerchief. Before I could stop her she had already pulled my dirty sleeve up and tied it around the scrape.

Hey! She looked up startled as I started to get up. I don't need your help.

She looked puzzled as she got up, following me.

Maybe...But it doesn't hurt either.

I snorted and kept walking back towards the house, trying not to wince as my pants rubbed against the scrape on my leg. She walked next to me in silence, rarely looking up from the ground.

I'm Ghosti by the way. She said, almost whispering. I glanced at her briefly before turning my gaze back to the path ahead of us.

Well Ghosti, don't waste your time trying to help out okay? I know how to deal with scrapes just fine, better probably than you can. She stayed silent. And what are you doing out here anyway? You're not following me around are you?

I couldn't sleep. She said quietly, not looking up.

After some time walking in silence she spoke up again.

Have...Have you ever lived with a different family?.

I shot her a weird look. What was this girl babbling about? Wasting her energy to ponder questions whose answers didn't even matter to her. How irritating.

No. I was created by Rellexia.

She hesitated a few minutes before replying, and when she did it was even quieter than a whisper.

Do you... She paused as her voice cracked. Do you think Rellexia will get rid of me?

I stopped to stare at her. Where had this come from all of a sudden? The longer she walked with me the weirder and weirder she got. But when she glanced up briefly I saw that her eyes were glazed with tears. She was honestly scared.

I sighed. People never came to me for advice or comforting, they were all smart enough not to. But this girl Ghosti was obviously just different.

No. Once Rellexia takes in a pet she never rehomes them. You're stuck with us so you better get used to it.

She blinked. And then did something I'd never seen her do.

She smiled, making her tears spill down over her cheeks.

Thank you... She sniffled and wiped the tears off. After that she didn't speak the whole way home.

Thank you for what? I hadn't done anything. Even after we got home and parted ways to our rooms I kept thinking about it, much to my annoyance. I lost a day of sleep just staring up and the ceiling. Wondering...

Wondering what exactly I had said to make her smile like that...

And wondering why I didn't feel irritated at the idea of talking to her again.

Kittie's Aisha Adoptables


-Cargo pants.
-Jackets (Preferably leather).
-Chain accesories.
-Chokato Ghostkersandwich's.
-Blueberry and Chokato Achyfi.
-When my family doesn't bother me.


(Because 'dislike' just isn't enough).

-When my family DOES bother me.
-Getting wet.
-Shorts. Especially the workout kind.
-Neon. Colors. Blegh.
-Gaudy, flashy, or otherwise sparkling things. Seriously, you trying to blind someone?


Design Description (Animal):

Base Color: Blueish grey(color of all ghost neopets).
Eye Color: Red.
Scars: One dark red 'X' on upper left hindquarters.
Other markings: Four point dark grey shuriken(Ninja throwing star) above right eye.
Clothing/Accessories: Regular chain ghost Aisha collar. Black and White striped arm warmers on front legs.

Design Description (Human):

Age: 19
Height: 5 foot 10 inches.
Body Build: Skinny but physically fit.
Hair color: Ghost grey.
Specific clothing: Black and White striped arm warmers.
Body art: Shuriken tattoo above right eye. Snake bite studs(two lip piercings, one on left one on right).


You have got to be kidding me. What are these 'adoptables' and why do we need them? Rellexia has officially taken the notion of a 'doting parent' to a new, disturbing level.

-Custom Art

The adoptables aren't enough? Now people are drawing portraits of me?

(Hover over the image with your mouse to see who drew it!)

By others:

Rellexia's drawings:


Okay there you have it. I'm not sitting here anymore. Get lost.

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

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