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Hi there, I'm Beth and I created CobaltPool Fonts on January 1st, 2011. Font making is a hobby of mine so I figured I'd try to share my talents with the populous, as hard as keeping a site running tends to be. I hope you enjoy the work I've put into it! (:

Note: I majorly revamped the site on December 18th, 2013 and deleted all of my prior updates as such. So it looks like I might have started the site then, when really I established this page almost three years before. Like anyone reads the updates anyway, but yeah.


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Sorry I haven't updated in forever. I went on vacation, then Neo went down for maintenance while TNT ruined the site and I couldn't update my pages for a few days after that, so now I'm back. Hopefully I can get some new fonts out soon.

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The Fonts

NOTE: If you see this symbol » ✍ « by the title of a font, that means the font is only available if you have a neoboard pen.

ALSO: For quick and easy navigation, press CTRL+F and type in the name of any avatar to see if there's a font for it.

Font faces that I use are as follows:
consolas, constantia, gisha, georgia, mistral, monospace, perpetua, rockwell, tahoma, verdana & vivaldi.
If you don't have any of these on your computer, some of my fonts may not look right.

Customizable BC Font

any avatar
Closer to the Edge - 30 Seconds to Mars

Black Pteri
Salt water Room - Owl City

Wishing Well
Paparazzi - Lady Gaga

You and I - Lady Gaga

HT - Rich
ET - Katy Perry

Alien Aisha
Wild Ones - Flo Rida

Non-Pen Version:

Ghost Lupe
Audience of One - Rise Against

Non-pen version:

Zafara Double Agent
Audience of One - Rise Against

Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb
Knights of Cydonia - Muse

Quiguki April Fools Avatar
Why Should I Worry - Oliver & Company

The Little Prince Quote - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Voyage of the Dawn Treader Quote - C.S. Lewis

Non-pen version:

Battle Faerie
Alice in Wonderland Quote - Lewis Carroll

A Quote by Matthew Metelli

Island Mystic
Pompeii - Bastille

Petpet Laboratory
Promises - Nero

Fyora - Faerie Queen
Hey Brother - Avicii

Jub Zambra
Knights of Cydonia - Muse

Bilge Dice
Kingdom Hearts Quote

Count von Roo's Deadly Dice
Clarity - Zedd

The Diamond of Darkhold Quote - Jeanne DuPrau

Skeith - King Hagan
Sea Salt Ice Cream - Kingdom Hearts II

Non-pen version:

Down the Well - Spongebob Squarepants

Non-pen version:

Wishing Well
Divergent Quote - Veronica Roth

Evil Eliv Thade
Spectrum - Zedd

Cybunny - Plush
Apollo - Hardwell

Non-pen version:

Kadoatery - Mew!
Enjoy the Ride - Krewella

Must... Keep... Smiling...
Definition of a Gentleman - John Henry Newman

The Mysterious Benedict Society Quote - Trenton Lee Stewart

Shooting Star - Owl City

Non-pen Version:

Kau - Starry
Strawberry Avalanche - Owl City

Taelia the Snow Faerie
Red Lights - Tiesto

Sell! SELL!!
Firestone - Kygo

Non-Pen Version:

Fire Paw
Air Traffic - Owl City

Grey Faerie
Metropolis - Owl City

Draik - Escape from Meridell Castle

My Portfolio

Fonts I've used

Movie day at Comity. (:

Book day at Comity. (:

Silly song day at Comity. (:

Pirate day at Comity. (:

Fonts I've Made For Other People

obligatory rules

This is your typical font page, so I'm sure you already know how this goes, folks.

Do not say or imply that any of these fonts are yours. Credit is appreciated, though not required.
Only have my fonts rated if it doesn't imply that you're the creator.
Don't steal anything. That's simple.



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✯ guild fonts for delicious

Quite simply, these are the fonts I have made for my guild, Delicious. (: Give it a look.

NOTE: Fonts marked with this symbol »✍« are only available if you have a neoboard pen.

Delicious Altador Cup Fonts

Fonts available for the Delicious Altador Cup!
More teams will be added as people sign up.
Team Altador

Non-Pen Version:

Altador Cup Staff Tournament
Team Brightvale

Non-Pen Version:

Brightvale -or- Skeith - King Hagan -or- Acara - Roberta of Brightvale
Team Darigan Citadel

Non-Pen Version:

Pteri - Darigan
Team Faerieland

Non-Pen Version:

Battle Faerie -or- Peophin - Faerie
Team Krawk Island

Non-Pen Version:

Aisha Scalawag
Team Maraqua

Non-Pen Version:

King Kelpbeard
Team Meridell

Non-Pen Version:

Skarl - Moody
Team Shenkuu

Non-Pen Version:

Korbat - Royal
Team Tyrannia

Non-Pen Version:

Grarrl Warrior -or- Default Grarrl
Team Virtupets

Non-Pen Version:

Ace Zafara

Basic Guild Fonts

Generic Link

Imposter Apple
Sign Here v.Appealing

Pinatas & Candy!
Sign Here v.Delightful

Sign Here v.Captivating

Sign Here v.Enchanting

Sign Here v.Ambrosial