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Hello there! Welcome to Happy Land! As you may or may not know, Happy Land is where all the cute little Wockies and Cybunnies are born! We are also home to the most magnificant of rainbows, not to mention the inventors of chocolate and marshmallows!
But apart from all of that, we also love to help! And that is what this page is all about. All of the Happy Land residents decided to put together something to help the every day neopian make their own petpage.
We will take you through each step to becoming a successful site, right from the word go! So, if this is what you were looking for when you clicked our colourful little button, settle in a get ready to make your own web page!

Picking a Theme

First and foremost, you will need to pick a theme for your site. Generally the people who look at these guides are going for things like premades, review sites, directories and the likes.
When you chose your theme, make sure it is something that you will enjoy, and not something that will be a hassle or something you just wont have time for.

Even though it is hard nowasays, try and find something original that no one else has. Take Happy Land, for example. I have seen plenty of guides on making petpages, but none that offer the things you really need, so I made one myself.
So there's another idea, for you; was there ever anything you really wanted to know how to do, but there were no guides for it? Since you know how to do whatever that is now, why not make a guide for someone else?
Usually the whole idea of making a petpage is to help other Neopians.

Here are some ideas you can use. Some are popular, but the one you make could be better than the rest ;)
  • Review Site [example]
    These sites offer to look at other peoples sites and tell them how they can improve. Not reccomended for people who they themselves, don't know what they are doing when it comes to sites.

  • Petpage Directories [example]
    These are quite common, but it is hard to come by one with a good amount of links. The idea here is to link to as many petpages around Neopets as possible, but recently the trend is only linking to sites that link back to you. Good for beginners with a lot of time on their hands to search for and add links.

  • Button Requests [example]
    Button request sites are generally made by people who are good with graphics and can animate. Button request sites are generally less popular if they don't have the tools to animate buttons for their requesters. Good for people who can make graphics, but aren't so good with HTML/CSS.

  • Premades [example]
    Whether it be premade CSS or premade Lookups, people who do this should have plenty of time to make new things, and also be amazing with CSS and HTML. If you don't have the knowledge, then it is far less likely that people will use your stuff. This is for code experienced people.
More will be added soon.

Choosing a Name

Your sites name is a big part of it's success! If you name your button request site something like Rabbits Warren, who will know what it is? Your name should either be something that relates to your site, or something that would drag people in anyway.
The trend as of late seems to be just smashing random words together and hoping people click. If you're specifically looking for a review site, which would you more likely click; Yummy Carrot, or Pickle's Site Evaluations? Sure, maybe Yummy Carrot would get a lot of hits, but the number of those people requesting to be reviewed would be minimal.
Keep this in mind.

If you're lost and can't think of a name, here are a few suggestions. If you take one, please click here and mail me so I can cross it off the list. You wouldn't want someone using the same name as you now, would you?

  • Review Site
    - [Your Name]'s Reviews
    - [Your Name]'s Site Evaluations
    - Sweiver (reviews backwards :D)
    - Analysis
    - Open for Inspection
    - Recapped
    - Prattling (Reviews)

  • Petpage Directories
    - The All-Seeing Eye
    - The Guide Guide
    - The Ultimate Hit List
    - The (Colour) Pages
    - (The) Petpage Register
  • Button Requests
    - Buttontastic
    - Beautiful Buttons

  • Premades
    - Inspired (CSS)
    - Illusian (Graphics)
More will be added soon.

Making a Layout

Your layout really depends on the kind of site you have. For example, if it is an image heavy page, like a button request site, you may want to go for a simple CSS layout to avoid long loading times.
If it is a Premade CSS site, you should have some semi-fancy CSS layout to show what you are capable of. But really, the main thing people are looking for when they go to petpages is the content. So your layout should be fairly simple and not too image heavy.
But then, simple doesn't have to mean boring. You still want people to feel comfortable on your site! Generally speaking, if you can't decide on a layout style, just go for the good ol' two column layout.

You can't code, you say? Ah, well, I belive I have the solution to that! Here are some petpage templates for you to use! You may edit them however you wish, the only thing I ask is that you leave the small credit at the bottom of the page, and do not redistrobute them.
These are great for HTML and CSS beginners. You can easily look through some HTML and CSS guides on how to spiff them up, since they are quite boring the way they are. Learn how to put a background on them, make headers, create a navigation! All this and you've already got the base code so you don't get scared away.

But please please PLEASE, do not say you made them, or offer to make custom ones for anyone. The only place these codes should come from is here, and only you may use your edited versions. Thank you for cooperating!

Adding Content

Your content is probably the most important part of your site, so it has to be good.
Not only is it the actual content, but it's the way you organize it. You don't go around shoving in you affiliates between all of your text. Nor would you put your navigation at the bottom of the page.
This about where things go, and where they would be the most convenient. Take a look at other sites to get ideas, but don't just copy them, what's the point of having a site if there is an older more complete one out there already? You have to think of your own ideas to. And that brings us to another point, being unique.

Okay, we all agree directories, button requests sites and premades aren't exactly a great new idea anymore. But if you're going to go with something that has already been done, make sure that not only you do it better, but you have some things no one else has!
Do a little brainstorming and I'm sure you'll think of something. If I told you my ideas here, they would hardly be original anymore, would they ;)

Before you publish your site, make sure you've gone through and gotten out all of the grammer and spelling mistakes (unlike I have -redface-). This just makes you look a bit more like you know what you're talking about, and people are likely to take you more seriously.

There isn't really much more I can help you with on content, since it really depends a lot on what kind of site you are making! But I wish you all the best ;)

Finding Affiliates

Finding affiates is easy. Too easy, actually. These days (Gee, I say that a lot. Getting old.) people have an average of about 25 affiliates! That's way too many. The idea of affiliates is to share your traffic with another site, usually similar to yours.
For example, a premades site should be affiliated with other premades sites, and maybe things like button request sites and html/css guides too. See how they all have something in commmon? ANYWAY, that's just my opinion on the matter really.
So, first you have to decide; is my site going to have an unecesarrily large amount of "affiliates", or is it going to have only a few selected sites of similar quality to mine? If you chose the latter, make sure you don't affiliate with other sites that have say, over 25 affiliates, otherwise you're giving them the traffic from your site, but the traffic from their site just gets lost in the myriad of links.

If you are having trouble finding sites to exchange links with, here are some good directories.

Now that we've got the choosing of affiliates down, how about we get into the buttons. Having a nice button is an important thing, belive it or not. People like pretty, shiny things, so they are more likely to click a pretty button than an ugly one.
If you lack the skills to make your own pretty button, instead of going ahead and making an ugly one that even YOU wouldn't click, go visit one of these button request sites;

If you want to give it a go yourself anyway, here are some bases, borders and fonts you can use. All I require is that you put a little thank you and a link back somewhere in your credits section.

To use these in paint, simply set your background colour to the same grey as the background of these fonts, then place each letter on the button! Simple :)


Still not getting much traffic from your affiliates? Well, you can't leave it all up to them! Take it upon yourself to go out onto the boards and advertise your page! Make sure you do it in the appropriate category (If you can't think of one, the Help Chat is usually the way to go) so that people don't get upset.
Once you've done this and bumped it up for a while (maybe get some friends to come and chat with you there to keep it bumped?), you should have had plenty more hits in the one day!
You can also put the link in your signature, so whenever you post people will click! Not putting what the page is about will surely get you more clicks due to the fact that people just HAVE to know ;) Curiosity always gets the better of us.
You can also get a banner or just a text link on your userlookup and pets lookups. Any other sites you may have should have links to your new site.

Keep up with this stuff often, and you should be reeling in the visitors. But remember, if you are a site that offers premades or custom requests of any kind, be prepared for a jump in demand.

If you need a banner, I offer a free banner request service here.

Staying Updated

What would you do if the creator of your favorite petpage seemed to just drop of the face of the earth? You'd be devestated, right? Well, don't do that to your visitors! By starting a site, you should be sure that you are going to be able to keep it updated. If you're not, there's no point.
People want to see updates so that they know your site isn't from back in 2002. How will they know your info is up to date? Or if your site offers premades or requests, people wont keep coming back if it's always the same stuff, nothing new.
Look at the most successful of sites. Do they not have frequent updates? They do, and so should your site.

Getting Reviewed

Ah, now that you have been up and running for a while, have a decent amount of content, and are happy enough with your site that your fine with having someone tell you the bad things about it, go get reviewed!
Reviewing is a popular thing now (Pff, I was into reviewing way back when the layout changed ;P) so it's not hard to find someone that your happy with to review your site. If it's your first time, you should try and find a reviewer that isn't so harsh, becaues you don't want your confidence going down the drain for your first try.
So, before you request a reviewer, read through some of their other reviews to see how they go about the whole thing.

For your convenience, here I have listed some review sites. They are in order of how harsh I think they are (least harsh - most harsh). Keep in mind, the more harsh the reviewer, the more likely they know what they are talking about and that they will be able to help you.


I simply can not stress that enough! Why bother getting reviewed if your just going to have an attitude about it and think, whatever. You got reviewed to improve, right? Not just for some fancy award? Well, I'd hope so, otherwise stop now and just forget about this site thing. What's the point if your only in it for the material rewards?
Anyway, apart from that little rant, if you ARE hoping to improve by getting reviewed, listen to them! Do what they suggest, then get someone else to review you and see how you go.

If they say your layout stinks, make a new one! If they say they don't like your content for whatever reason, try and make it better! A good reviewer will tell you how, rather than just saying what's wrong, so you should have all the info you need right there on how to make your site even better, and in turn, getting more visitors!

Enjoying Yourself

If you don't enjoy working on your site, just stop. Making little web pages should be fun, and if it's not and you find you'd rather spend hours on the boards or at your guild, maybe this isn't the thing for you! There is no good reason to do it if you don't like doing it. Sure, some people think it will make them popular or famous, but it wont. And even if people seem to know you name more often, really, how is that a reward for doing somethig you don't enjoy?
It would be like picking up after dogs in a park. Everyone knows you're doing it, they know your name, but you're bored out of your brains. Think about it

BUT, on the flip side, you could be enjoying it! And in that case, keep on going! If your site is blooming and there just isn't enough to do, start another site! That's why I started this one ;) Kept me occupied for a whole weekend :D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And that's about all there is to it! I hope you found our guide helpful on your quest to create your own web page, if you have any questions don't hesitate to send Happy Land HQ a letter, good day!
- Happy Land Residents

If you did find this page helpful, it would be ever so lovely
if you could link back, so that others can be helped, too!

Links Out;
Here we have some other lovely petpages you may be interested in. Or, you may want your site here! If so, send me a mail and we can exchange link buttons. But please, only if your site is complete.

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