Hello and welcome to my Guide to the Beauty Contest! My name is BC Jedi Master Ani and I've been entering the BC for almost as long as I've been on neo! I've seen the good & the bad of the BC as its changed throughout the years. I decided I wanted to create a guide to share what I have learned.

I've tried to make this page as easy as possible to use. The navigation to the left will take you to each section of the page. Under the navigation is a box with terms and definitions that you should know when entering the Beauty Contest.

May the (BC) Force be with You!

⇢ BC news & updates

The BC doesn't change very much, but when it does, this is the place to look. All current updates about the BC will be here!

**NEW** November 13, 2014 - The BC finally has an avatar! It seems that this avatar has an error and is unusable :(

* * *

September 27, 2013 - The Beauty Contest trophies have been updated with new art! Check them out!


* * *

July 23, 2012 - The Beauty Contest Board has how been renamed the Art Board!


* * *

July 7, 2012 - As of July 13, 2012 the new start/ending time for the Beauty Contest will be 12 PM N.S.T. on Friday! Hopefully this will make things less confusing!


* * *

December 31, 2011 - The current start/ending time for the BC is 3:15 PM NST.

* * *

June 25, 2011 - The filesize limit has been raised from 25k to 75kb as said in the editorial of the 500th NT! Wow!


⇢ glossary of terms

Just like any place on Neopets, the Beauty Contest has its own set of vocabulary. These things may seem foreign to you if you are just starting to BC, so I've included this handy glossary for you! Feel free to come back here and re read them if you are ever unsure of what something means.

Under each main topic I have a list of words you should know before reading that section. (: Click them if you forget what they mean!

Amanda W. - Basically the coolest person evar. She is the TNT member who looks through all the entries and essentially runs the BC every week. She is the contest_judge.

Advertising - This is what you need to do in order to get votes! Spread your BC Link around a lot so that people will see it and vote! Talk up your entry and ask people to vote!

Advertspam - Same as "Advertising" but this term is usually used with negative connotations, such as saying the same thing over and over to get votes.

Anthro - Short for "Anthropomorphic." A pet who stands on 2 legs and has human-like characteristics.

Art Board - Forum where you can advertise your BC entry, vote, and talk about all things art!

BC - Abbreviation for: Beauty Contest.

Beauty Contest - A weekly competition in which you enter a piece of art of your pet that you drew. The number of votes you get by other members of the neo-community determines if you place. You can win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Overall or in the individual specie.

Beauty Contest Boards - (uncommon abbreviation: BCb). Former name of the Art Board

Competition - The other entries that are in the contest. This mainly applies to pets in the same species category as you.

Critique - Offering advice on a person's picture. A good critique will include things the person did well, and things the person could improve on.

Digital Art - Used to refer to art that was drawn on the computer or other electronic device.

Filesize - How much space your file takes up on a computer's disk. This does NOT mean the physical dimensions of the image.

First Come First Serve - (uncommon abbreviation: FCFS). Voting for whoever gets to the topic first.

Free Votes - Usually in a topic title telling people that they have votes that are unused. Post your entry here!

Goldban - (past tense: Goldbanned). If you win 1st place you can't enter the contest for another 4 months. This is to prevent repeated winning by the same pet/person.

Manual Voting/Votes - (abbreviation: MV). Going through the entries on the BC voting page and picking which entry to vote for in each species.

Non-Silent Voting/Votes - (abbreviation: NSV). The voter is telling you who they vote for. Usually by posting: "Your vote has been cast for ____".

Quad - Short for "Quadruped." The pet is more animal-like, generally on all four legs.

Silent Voting/Votes - (abbreviation: SV). Not posting on the board who they have or haven't voted for. Usually done to prevent others from getting mad if they didn't get the vote.

Traditional Art - Used to refer to art that was not draw on the computer with programs such as Photoshop or Paint.

WIP - Abbreviation for: Work in Progress. An unfinished picture that someone is still working on. May want advice also.

⇢ the basics of the BC

Terms to Know: BC, Beauty Contest, Art Board, Goldban

* * *

There are a few things you need to know before you even start to enter in the contest. In this section you will learn basically and overview of what the BC is and where you can find things within the realm of the "Beauty Contest." Be sure to review your terms I have listed above before you start this section!

The BC starts Friday at 12 PM NST and ends one week later at the same time. .

Some thing to note before you go in:

The BC is not an art contest - it has always been about advertising! Don't let this hold you back: people love to vote for art that shows that effort was put into it. Try your best, be happy, and have fun with it!

important links

Here are some places you should know before you start!

BC Main Page
Enter Contest
Art Board

navigating the BC main page

(drag to address bar for full view)

Main Page - This is the first page you see when you go to the Beauty Contest. You will see our lovely little Eyrie mascot and he will tell you when the current contest ends!

Enter Contest - Here is the place you go to submit your image to the Beauty Contest. There is a place to enter each pet and write a speech for them. Also, if you are goldbanned then it will tell you here when you can enter again.

View Contestants and Vote - Look at other people's entries and choose the one you want to vote for! There is a drop down menu to sort the entries by species!

***Remember you get ONE VOTE for EACH SPECIES every week!***

Previous Weeks Votes - See how you did against your competition! This page shows you how many votes each entry got. The first group you will see is the Overall rankings. You can choose to sort the entries by species and see what ranking you got in your pet's individual specie!

FAQ - Basically non-existent. There once was a BC-specific FAQ, but when TNT revamped the help & support center, the BC got left behind. :( If you have a question, best bet is to ask it on the Art Board!

Past Winners - This will show the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each species and overall dating back to the first ever BC! Use the drop down menu to pick a date or species to see who won!

quick q&a

Q. What time does the BC start?

A. As of July 13, 2012: 12 PM NST every Friday!

* * *

Q. Can I enter on a side account?

A. As of April 4, 2008: YES! You can enter on a side account. You can only advertise from the account the pet is on though!

* * *

Q. How many pets can I enter at a time?

A. As many as you like! You can enter all 20 of your pets (5 accounts x 4 pets each = 20), but keep in mind you need to advertise on your separate accounts for the pets!

* * *

Q. How many votes do I have?

A. One vote for each Neopet's species each week/contest.

* * *

Q. What do I get for winning?

A. You can get a shiny trophy for your pet's Cabinet! It will show up on their lookup.

* * *

This is just a short FAQ for the newbies out there! Since there is no FAQ section for the Beauty Contest as of late, Jodie is hosting the unofficial (but true) Beauty Contest FAQ. Look for her topics on the BC boards!

⇢ before you enter

Terms to Know: Competition, Filesize

* * *

Okay, now that you've got a feel for what the BC is, this is what you've been waiting for! How to actually enter the contest and compete! Entering can be super easy if you make sure your entry follows all of the Contest guidelines!

1. Files must be a .jpg or .gif
2. Files must be under 75kb in filesize
3. The artwork MUST BE DRAWN BY YOU
4. No unedited Neopets pictures

Those things seem pretty simple to follow right? If you stick to those simple rules, your entry should get uploaded to the neopets' server and entered into the contest!

There are still a few things to consider, though, before you enter the contest!

species difficulties

Certain species of Neopets are harder to place in than others. Generally it is the more popular species that are harder, as there are a larger number of people who can enter.

* easy

Blumaroo - Never more than 1 page and 1 high-quality entry to compete against.

Bruce - Never more than one page really. Enter a well-done picture and you'll be sure to get a lot of votes!

Elephante - Always less than 1 page of entries. Not usually any "wow" entries, so come up with something stunning and you'll get all the MVs!

Flotsam - Very few entries, but can have 1 or 2 that are advertised during the week.

Grarrl - Normally a few pretty entries, always less then one page of entries. Very few actually advertise, normally will place with little advertising and a nice entry. Can have 2 or 3 nice entries that will be advertised!

Grundo - There are always around 6-10 entries, most of them are of mallows. If you have a quality picture (+minimal advertising) you could average bronze-silver. It also may vary from week to week

Jetsam - Same with flotsam. Very few entries but may have 1 that i outstanding and will be advertised by the artist.

Jubjub - Can have a lot of entries, but don't expect a lot of high-quality art. I do see Jubjub entries advertised though, so don't slack off!

Kiko - Generally not too hard, but there can be weeks where you will have to advertise! There are usually never more than 1 page of entries.

Kiko - Always has very few entries. Placing should be no problem even with minimal advertising.

Koi - There are a lot of the "goldfish"-like entries. Once in a while you will see nice art, but it is sparsely advertised.

Lenny - Lenny can be up and down. Sometimes has a few nice entries.Probably having to do with the popularity of Faerie Lennies.

Meerca - Usually pretty easy, but can sometimes have some competition.

Moehog - Again, usually pretty easy, but can have some competition some weeks.

Mynci - Very few entries. Some good ones, from time to time, but never numerous.

Nimmo - Usually the definitive easy category. Unpopular pet, little odd to draw, and usually the ones that enter are the ones that want to win with minimal effort.

Ogrin - Does have some dedicated fans who enter & advertise regularly, but a generally sparse category.

Quiggle - Like Nimmo, this is one of the easiest categories. Usually can win with minimal effort.

Ruki - A pretty quiet category (if you can draw them!) There are a few of these good entries few and far between.

Scorchio - Scorchios aren't too popular. Occasionally you'll find an advertised entry on the boards.

Tonu - Very few entries each week. Sometimes as few as 2-3. Almost guaranteed a trophy with minimal advertising.

Tuskaninny - Frequently will have less than 3 entries.

Yurble - Usually few entires, but sometimes the contest can heat up!

* medium

Acara - Has weeks where it very quiet, but there is usually a ful pages of entries, and some of them are definitely well done! Once in a while it can be very difficult!

Bori - Normally less then one page of entries. Most entries in Bori are very well drawn, and half the entries actually advertise. You will have to have a nice entry & decent advertising ski|| to place.

Buzz - There's a lot of good entries in it, and quite a few advertise throughout the week. The fact its an avatar pet slightly affects it as well (quite a few people have expensively painted ones from FFQs) Certainly not an easy ride to a trophy like people think.

Chia - Surprisingly, the Chia has grown in the BC. Although, not a super-popular species with artists, the Chia category seems to be well-advertised by those who enter. Look out for your competition on the boards! Pea and Fruit Chias contribute to the popularity also.

Chomby - More of an easy-medium. Usually light on the entries, but there can be a select few dedicated Chomby owners who enter and also advertise. A lof of entries are decent, so don't think it's going to be a piece of cake either!

Eyrie - There doesn't seem to be an overwhelming amount of entries in Eyrie, but there usually are a few of them advertising around!

Gnorbu - A well-rounded category in entries, advertising, and art.

Hissi - This category sees a lot of snake and dragon entries. Can often have good art and people advertising, but the numbers are relatively low.

Ixi - Ixi always depends on the week. Some weeks there are 4-5 people advertising, others there are only a few entries in the category. The popularity of UC Ixi can make this competition at times. Heavily advertise and you are most likely to get in the top 3.

Korbat - Tends to fluctuate at random though, some weeks are very competitive while other weeks can just have a handful of entries. As many as two pages to as few as two entries.

Kyrii - Does not usually have more than 1 or 2 pages of entries, but there are usually a lot of people advertising their Kyriis

Poogle - Not usually a lot of entries (it is a Limited Edition pet!), but there are weeks where it really comes alive!

Pteri - This species can sometimes be easy and you could win through getting the Manual Votes. Other times there may be more competition! Usually between 8 and 13 entries each week, but no more than 2 of them are hard to beat (this is assuming you have a decent picture and do light to moderate advertising).

Skeith - Species seems to be growing in popularity. Sometimes this can be a relatively easy category to enter though.

Techo - Seems to usually have the same competition level as Chomby, but could also be "easy" as there are sometimes very slow weeks.

Usul - Usul can be hit or miss. Some weeks a lot of competition and some weeks you can place with minimal advertising.

Wocky - Can have weeks where there are heavily advertised entries, but the popularity of Wockies has gome down over the years, so there are not as many entries.

* hard

Aisha - Always busy and always a lot of entries! if you jump in, you'll want to be ready to advertise heavy. A lot of artistic license is taken, so you see a lot of cat-like entries in Aisha.

Cybunny - Lots of entries, and frequently has multiple well-drawn entries. There are always a lot of people advertising in this category!

Draik - Although rare, Draiks are one of the most sought-after neopets. Generally 1-2 pages of entries. Usually Draik owners are also good artists and you can count on at least 4-5 entries every week that are just "wow". Most entries in this category will advertise heavily.

Gelert - There are frequently a lot of good entries, and a lot of them are also advertised. Popular category because of people's love for dogs! This category can have weeks where it is less crowded though.

Kacheek - Can fluctuate between mediam and hard from week to week. There are always a lot of entries and always a lot of advertisers! Truly spectacular art may or my not be there, but kacheek is always a busy category.

Kougra - One of the most difficult categories to enter because of the popularity of the real life cat species. Its rare to not see at least 3 very nicely drawn entries. There are at least 2 pages of entries and always a ton of people advertising!

Krawk - Like the Draik, Krawk is another LE pet that has huge competition in the BC. Usually less entries than Draiks, 1 page, maybe 2. High-quality artwork for a lot of the entries, as well as heavily-advertised.

Lupe - Another one of the more popular species, Lupe always has competition. The species is popular because people love wolf characters, so if you enter be sure to have an awesome picture and advertise a lot if you want to bring home a trophy!

Peophin - Unlike the Kacheek category, this species is generally hard because of the amount of well-done entries. These nice entries are heavily advertised, but the amount fo entries stays stable and just over a pages worth.

Shoyru - Usually an insane amount of competition to deal with (it is the #1 specie on Neo!). Shoyru BCers usually have "home boards" or frequent the popular Pound and Avatar Chat.

Uni - Because horses are popular in general, Unis seem to also have a lot of entries each week filled with the equine-lovers drawings!

Xweetok - A very popular species that has owners who love them like no other. Usually a few good entries every week as well as heavily advertised.

Zafara - There always seems to be a steady amount of advertising for Zafara no matter what week you enter!

time of year

As weird as it may seem, you also should consider the time of year you enter the BC. At certain times of the year, more people enter, which could reduce the chance of a shiny new trophy for your pet! Here are the times of year when the BC is most active:

* Christmas / winter holidays
* summertime
* holidays like Halloween or Valentine's Day
* user-run theme weeks

Usually the BC is busiest at the time when people are on breaks from school because there is more free time to go on neopets! This might be the best time for you too, so just be ready for a lot of competition! Also, people like to dress their pet up for special holidays that come around, so Halloween, St Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day can be busy times to enter too!

If you can enter at an "off" time, you might have less competition! Be sure to pick a week where school or work isn't so hectic, so you still have time to advertise.

⇢ drawing & preparing your BC entry

Terms to Know: Anthro, Digital Art, Quad, Traditional Art

* * *

Now comes the fun part about the BC! Its time for you to start drawing your BC entry! There are several methods you can use to make it!

ways to create your BC entry

Traditional Art - This is a way to create a picture off of the computer. Grab some paper and a pencil and you can get started!

Here are some materials you can use to create an entry traditionally:

* watercolor
* crayons
* markers
* colored pencil
* painting & mixed media

This is an image that would be considered "traditional art". I drew it in my sketchbook with colored pencils:

Its important to note when drawing a traditional art entry, you will need a way to get it onto the computer. A scanner will give you the best quality for this. If you don't have a scanner, a digital camera is good also! Be sure to use good lighting and to crop out anything in the background, so just your artwork is in the frame! I highly discourage using a cell-phone camera as the quality is usually very low.

* * *

Digital Art - When you draw a picture on a computer (or iPod/Pad/Touch etc.) you are creating digital art!

There are some programs you can use to create art on the computer. Some of them are free, but some are not. A (!) indicates a free program! Here are only a few of the programs you have to chose from!

* Adobe Photoshop
* Corel Painter
* MS Paint (!)
* Paintbrush [mac MS Paint] (!)
* Paint Tool SAI (!)
* GIMP (!)
* Oekaki (!)

This is an image that would be considered "digital art". I used a tablet to draw and color it in Adobe Photoshop:

types of pet stances

Once you've figured out if you are going to draw you BC image on the computer or traditionally, the next thing you need to decide on in how you pet is going to look or how they are "built". What do I mean by that? Well, there are two ways that are acceptable in the Beauty Contest: Anthropomorphic (Anthro) and Quadruped (Quad).

Anthro Pets - These are pets with human characteristics! They walk on two legs and can wear clothes. Note: This does NOT mean a human with ears

TNT's version of Antho Ixi.

Quad Pets - These are pets that generally walk on all 4 legs. They have more animal qualities than humans.

TNT's version of Quadruped Ixi.

* * *

If you're still confused about what Anthro and Quad look like, take a look at a few of my past BC entries as examples. These have all been accepted by the Contest Judge, so they follow the standards for Anthro (and Quad) in the Beauty Contest:

* Anthro

(drag to address bar for full view)

* Quad

(drag to address bar for full view)

important do's and don'ts!

These are some things to remember when you are drawing your entry and getting ready to enter the contest! These things are very important and some of them will help to ensure that you entry in acceptable by TNT and the Contest Judge's rules! Pay attention!

DO be creative - Unlike other site spotlights on Neo, like the Art Gallery or NTimes, you are allowed to enter a picture of you pet with its "custom design" -- you don't need to stick to just a Red Gelert or Island ixi. If your pet has unique markings or clothing, you are allowed to draw them like that & enter the BC!

Note: You may draw a pet a different COLOR than it actually is

You CAN have a background - Sometimes a background will show that you have put more work into your BC entry and will generate more votes. Be wary though, because backgrounds can make your image look cluttered or distorted and Manual Voters will shy away from viewing your entry.

DO make your image look like a Neopet - Your entry needs to resemble a Neopet more than a human when you enter the BC. Your entry won't be accepted by the Contest Judge if it looks "too human". Also, you must draw your Neopet in the specie it CURRENTLY is... not what you hope it will be one day! (So, if your neopet is a Kau, you need to draw it as a Kau, not a Draik!)

You CAN enter an animation - As long as you can get it under the 75kb file limit, you are allowed to enter an animation into the BC. Usually they are just eye blinks, but I've seen them go as complicated as a running Lupe!

* * *

DO NOT use art that you found - Art that you enter into the BC must be 100% MADE BY YOU. This means: 1. no collaborations with another user 2. no makeables that you colored in 3. no image of a "Baby Xweetok" that you searched for and found on Poogle or another website.

As seen on the "Enter Contest" page. (Drag to address bar for full view).

You CAN NOT use a photograph in the BC - Whether or not the photo was taken by you, the BC is not the place to use a photograph in any part of your image (including as a background). This also includes photos of sculptures or other 3D objects!


DO NOT put (c) or your art website on your entry - Its important to put identification on your image incase it get stolen (and the thief dumbly forgets to remove any text--it happens!). On the flip side, you can't put "(c) USERNAME" or your off-site art account (or any offsite website for that matter). You should simply put your username somewhere on your entry. To be on the safe side, I have started putting the username of the account the pet is on when I entered my image.

⇢ how to save your entry

Once you have drawn your entry, its time to save it to enter it in the contest! Saving an entry for the Beauty Contest is one of the hardest things to do when you first start out in the BC. There are specific requirements for the BC, so sometimes getting them to fit those requirements can be tricky.

saving - tips from a pro

First, I want to tell you some tips I've learned over the years of BCing. These don't necessarily have to do with getting your image to fit the requirements, but they are good to keep in mind when you are going to save your entry!

Don't have your entry be longer than 800 pixels wide - Whether you are working in a large canvas in photoshop, or your photography or scanned image file is really large, reducing the height and width of your entry will help you overall. Smaller dimensions means the filesize will be less, which will help you get it under 75kb.

The second reason to keep your entry to a maximum 800 pixels wide is because you will stretch out the entry screen. I entered my Kau, below, to show you what happens if you have a long photo. This can cause some people to have to scroll left and right to see your image! When you are in the BC you want everything about it to be as easy as possible for the potential voter, and making them scroll isn't helping you at all!

Keep your entries under 600 pixels long or you'll stretch the voting page!
(Drag to address bar for full view).

Background vs. no background - I touched on this before in the Drawing & Preparing your BC Entry section, but its also important to consider when you're about to save an image for the BC!

As I said before, having a background makes your piece look like it has a lot more effort put into it. The drawback is it can deter from Manual Voters, because the thumbnail won't be as clear! When saving your image for the BC, you might consider erasing the background, or cropping the image so not all of the background is showing. These two things can also reduce the filesize, which again will help to get your image to the 75kb filesize limit!

Right: Image with background (used for petpage layout).
Left: Background removed, and ready to enter into the BC!

Reducing the quality before you crop your image - A lot of times when people are trying to get their image under 75k, they will crop the image or resize it really small! Instead of cropping until all you have is a headshot of your pet, reduce the quality of the image first! (I will go over this in the "how to save in certain programs" sections below)

The one on the left isn't as awesome looking as the one on the right!
Before you crop that far, try reducing the quality of the image!

how to save with specific programs

This section might get kind of long, so if you don't need any more help saving please continue to the next section!

To find the specific program you are looking for, please use the links below:

* Photoshop
MS Paint
Corel Painter
other ones boop

saving with photoshop

Photoshop is a program that I have a lot of experience with for saving my entries. I thin its one of the easiest to use to get your entry to under 75kb. I have a Macbook, but this is these are also the same options for Photoshop on a PC!

1. Once you are ready to save your image for the Beauty Contest. Select "File" and then go down to Save for Web & Devices.

File » Save for Web

Once you select the "Save for Web" feature a screen will pop up. Here is what it looks like:

The "Save for Web" screen
(Drag to address bar for full view)

2. Now look to the top right corner of the screen. I recommend selecting a JPG option from the drop down screen. For the BC, you can either save it as a JPG or GIF. A GIF is better when you have large areas of uniform color. A JPG is better if your image has more detail and shading. I mostly save my images in .JPG for the BC.

Select either JPG or a GIF option from this drop down menu.

⇢ how to enter

Alright, now that you are thoroughly prepared and read EVERYTHING to do &think about before you enter, its time for what you are really here for: How do I enter the BC??

Once you are at the BC Main Page click on: Enter Contest

You'll see on this page that there is a lot of text at the top. You should read over that so you can understand a few of the BC Rules :)

Next, you'll see all the pets you own on that account! There should be one box for each of them. The boxes should each look something like this:

You'll see your pet's name, an UnConverted image of them, and a statement if they are entered in the contest or not. Next you'll see entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3! :)

1. The first thing is a little rectangle with a button next to it. Click the button that says "Browse" and find where you saved your image on your computer. Select the image and hit "open".

2. Next, they ask you to write a speech to the judges. This part is really not a big deal, so don't stress! Most people write things like: please vote for me in the BC? or Look at me! Aren't I cute? Check my petpage for a better version!

3. Finally, click "Enter _____ " and BAM! You're in the contest!

Easy as pie!

⇢ rejection & troubleshooting

Sometimes when you try and enter the contest things can go wrong! This section is here to try and help you so you actually can be in the contest and try and win some trophies!

rejection at the entry page

The first place you may encounter a snag when you are trying to submit your picture is at the entry page. When you click the "Enter _____" button a message like this may come up (there should be nothing else, but the message on the page):

(drag to address bar for full view)

If you get this message, basically your entry did NOT even go through to the contest judge. It did NOT follow the two requirements of the picture when entering (filetype and filesize).

* finding your file info

If you get this message, go back to your file on the computer and double check it to see what may be wrong.

On a Mac - Click on the Finder icon in your dock and go to the folder where your BC entry is. Make sure you are viewing your files in column view (1.) then click ONCE on your image file to select it. Look at 2. and 3.. If the "Kind" does not say "JPEG image" or "GIF image" there is something wrong with your fileTYPE and you will need to re-save your image as a GIF or JPG. If, under, "Size" the number is not 75 or less then then you will need to reduce the quality of your image.

* * *

On a PC - Go to "My Computer" and go to the folder where your BC entry is. Click ONCE on your image file to select it. In the "Details" box to the left you can find your information on the file. 1. indicates where you should find your fileTYPE. If it is not a JPEG or GIF then you need to re-save your image as one of those. 2. ."Size" is where you will find your fileSIZE. If the number is over 75 then you will need to reduce the quality of your image. You can also find this information at the bottom of the window (3.).

(drag to address bar for full view)

rejection after you entered a picture

Now, if you do NOT get the error message seen above, you entry will be successfully entered into the next contest. Your page should look something like this:

A successfully entered pet VS. a pet not entered into the contest.
(Drag to address bar for full view)

See how instead of the default neopets image of your pet, your art and speech are there!

Your pet is then officially entered into the next contest! BUT, there is still a possibility--between when you successfully enter and the start of the next contest--that your entry could get kicked out of the contest. :( If this happens, you will get a Neomail from the contest_judge (an Official account of TNT). It looks like this:

(Drag to address bar for full view)

The neomail doesn't explain much does it? I'll try and break down a few of the common reasons on why this happens:

You Entered an "unedited" Neopets Image - This means that you used an image drawn by the artists at Neopets and entered it into the contest without making any alterations to the image. You MAY enter official Neopets images, as long as you have made some changes to them to make the image your own! Here is an example of the difference between the two: (edited version courtesy of mindsend.)

On the left we have an "unedited" neopets picture. On the right we have an edited version.

There was a (c) Symbol on your Entry - As I said in my Drawing and Preparing your BC Entry section, you are not allowed to have a copyright (c) symbol or a link to an off-site website on your image. Simply remove it, add your neopets username, and re-enter your artwork!

Your Image was too Realistic - While you may be very good at drawing animals, or you may have used a photograph of a real animal as a reference for your image, this is a contest on neopets, so your image must resemble a neopet more than a real life animal.

Your Anthro Drawing is too Human-Like - Same as above, this is a neopets contest, so your entry needs to look more like a neopet than a human! Amanda generally judges by the nose: If you have a human or human-like nose, then you will most likely be rejected. Also, be wary of the skin/fur color. If your neopet is Anthro, but also has cream fur, it may be mistaken as just a human with skin rather than a neopet. Also please be aware of your anatomy and more sure its neo-appropriate! In summary, your entry can be considered "too human" for these reasons:

* human-shaped nose
* skin tone or color
* inappropriate (not neo safe) anatomy

Using FireFox to Upload your Entry - If you tend to use firefox as your primary browser, you may want to use another one (such as Chrome) to upload your BC image. Sometime firefox can send in a blank image as opposed to your entry, and therefore Amanda will reject it.

rejection during the contest

Now if you make it through all that successfully, there can still be a possibility that you can get disqualified from the contest while you pet is currently in it.

Basically, your entry can be removed while it is currently in the contest for all of the reasons above. Yup that's right! There's always going to be a risk that your entry will be removed from the contest. (Hopefully, if you're reading this guide, you won't get to this point!)

Besides those reasons above, Amanda mentioned that she also looks for these things to reject from the contest (either before it starts, or during the current contest):

* art theft
* photographs
* anything not drawn (sculptures)
* anything that violates any site or chat rules
* religious symbols
* URLs
* country flags

I think I've gone over most of those before, so the one I want to talk about is art theft

* art theft

I talked about art theft in my Drawing and Preparing your BC Entry, but if you missed that part, you need to read this section!


Art theft refers to taking another USER'S artwork without their permission, or not giving them credit. If you were removed from the contest for art theft, it does NOT refer to editing artwork drawn by members of theneopetsteam.

Both of these images can be found when searching for "Faerie Xweetok" on Google Images. The one on the right, however, is the only one drawn by the artist at Neopets. Notice the URLs of each drawing.

* * *

Everything that you enter in the Beauty Contest must by 100% made by you. A lot of people are sometimes confused about what exactly that means. Let me break it down for you:

You may not enter an image you found on a search engine - Just because you found it on Google Images does not mean that you can use it for whatever you like. Unless the image URL says http://images.neopets.com it is NOT draw by the artist at Neopets. Therefore you can't use it.

Directly stolen BC entry.
(Drag to address bar for full view)

Original source of the stolen entry.

You may not edit the image you found on the search engine - If you put that image you found onto MS Paint, Photoshop, GIMP or some other photo editor and you change the colors, add wings, a colored background etc. IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS YOUR ARTWORK. You didn't draw the base image you just edited, so its not 100% made by you!

You may not heavily reference or trace the art - If someone can identify the image you drew from, it is still NOT considered your art. You didn't come up with the concept, style, or pose--the original artist did.

* * *

Now, if you did any one of the above, that would be the reason why your artwork was removed from the Beauty Contest. If you were removed form the BC for Art Theft, you will receive two things form TNT:

One is a neomail informing you that you have been removed from the contest (it looks a little different than the one in the last section). This neomail is sent by the Contest_Judge.

Rejection neomail for art theft (among other things).
(Drag to address bar for full view)

The second thing you will receive if you have used someone else's art for your entry is a warning. Yes, that's right. Art theft is against the rules on Neopets, and you will receive an official warning to your account (& can be frozen if you continue to steal art). Please note that the warning does not come from the Contest_Judge account, but instead from the official thenopetsteam account.

This is the warning you will receive if you are removed for art theft
(Drag to address bar for full view)

* * *

Since you've gotten a warning from TNT, you maybe freaking out because didn't realize what you were doing, and the implications of it. If you were unaware of the rule regarding art theft, here are a few of the places on Neopets, where it the rule is mentioned.

As seen on the "Enter Contest" page. (Drag to address bar for full view).

From the Terms and Conditions found here. (Drag to address bar for full view)

⇢ advertising

Now that you have successfully entered the contest. . . Now what? NOW comes the hard part! A week-long trek of advertising! What is advertising and how do I do it? Read on to find out!

Advertising is when you display and post your entry so that others will see it and vote for you. The more people that see your entry, the more votes you can possibly get. The more votes you get, the greater chance you will place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and get a shiny trophy for your pet! Cool, huh?

The number one thing you need to advertise is the URL to your BC entry:

* * * http://www.neopets.com/beauty/details.phtml?pet=YOURPETNAMEHERE * * *

Replace "YOURPETNAMEHERE" with the name of your pet that you entered in the contest and you have your entry URL!

where to advertise

There are several places where you can advertise so that people may see your Beauty Contest entry.

Your Userlookup - Putting the image and a link to your entry on your userlookup can be helpful for people who lookup your username or click your name when you are chatting on the NeoBoards. You may only put the link on the account the pet you entered is on

Your Pet's Lookup - Again, this is a great place to put a link to your entry. Someone may search your pet and visit their lookup, see your entry and vote!

Your Pet's Web Page - This is the second best place to put your entry! Someone may be looking through pages via other pet pages and see you're in the BC and vote for you! Another great thing about petpages is they are linked from your pet's BC entry page. On a petpage you can put a better version of your picture, which may generate more votes!

The Art Boards - The number one place to get votes is the board designed for us: The Art Board. Putting your BC entry URL into your neoHTML or pasting it on your board for people to see is the fastest way to get your entry out there! Who knows how many people were lurking (not posting) and saw your entry?!

* * *

creating a hyperlink

If you want to put your entry on your userlookup, pet's lookup, or pet's web page, its important to have it link back to your pet's entry page so that they are able to vote.

New to HTML? Let me show you how to do this!

Right Click and open in new window!

Click here to edit your USERLOOKUP
(My Account » Edit Profile)

Click here to edit your PET'S LOOKUP
(My Account » Neopet Description » select which pet to edit)

Click here to edit your PET'S WEBPAGE
(My Account » Edit Pet Page » select "edit" under the pet you entered)

There are two ways you can link to your BC entry: You can link including an image, or link just with text.

Linking with an Image

Linking with Text

* * *

When linking with an image you need to have your picture uploaded somewhere on the internet.

* an image-hosting site (Photobucket)
* use Neopet's temp. image URL

I'm going to teach you how to create your image-hyperlink using Neo's temporary image URL! When you upload your BC entry to neopets, it is uploaded somewhere on their servers. So, your image is on the internet (instead of just your computer). This image URL is only temporary for the week that you are in the contest! (However, if you place, your picture is on the site permanently!)

Where do I find my Neopets temporary image URL?

* inserting a link in your neoHTML

When on the BC Boards advertising your entry, the easiest thing to do is alter your NeoSignature or NeoHTML to include your BC Entry URL.

(drag to address bar for full view)

This is an example on how you can set up your neoHTML for the BC. How do you do this?

1. Go to your Board Preferences.

2. Scroll down to where it says "NeoHTML/Signature".

3. You can keep your neoHTML the same, and simply put your BC Entry in your neoSignature. If you'd like, you can also include something to ask people to vote: Please spare a vote?, Vote?, or Vote for my [species name]?.

There are two ways you can link to your entry:

* A direct link to your entry
* Link to your pet's webpage, which links to your entry

There are certain pros and cons to each of these options. If you A) link directly to your BC Entry Page you are streamlining the number of clicks someone has to do to vote for your entry (good for those lazy voters!). However, it takes up more room in your neoSignature and you are only showing the BC-quality picture.

Option B), putting a petpage URL in your font has the advantage of being a shorter link, and can be all inclusive: if you enter more than one pet into the BC from the same account, you can but both entries on ONE page--2 or 3 links are sometimes hard to fit into neoHTML. You can also show them a higher-quality or non-cropped version of your entry before they get to the BC page. The con is: more clicks to get to the vote bottom, which could reduce the amount of people that actually vote.

Remember: in neoHTML you don't need a code to create a link! Simply paste the URL into your neoHTML/signature or post and neo will automatically make it a link when you post! Cool, huh?!

⇢ art chat boot camp

Terms to Know: Non-Silent Voting (NSV), Silent Voting (SV), Manual Voting (MV)

* * *

Alright kiddos! Its time for a crash-course in the Art Chat (formerly known as the Beauty Contest Boards). If you are new to the board, this is good to read, so you can understand the dynamics of how we operate! In a nutshell, we are a quiet and self-sustaining board.

The General Art Chat - Before the name changed, there was no one place to talk about art or other creative endeavors on neo. On the Art Chat you can talk about your art, petpage making, adoptables, as well as your BC entry!

Trolls are Rare - It's very unlikely that you will find posts or topics just to annoy people. Occasionally we will get the newbie who thinks its a topic about make-up and celebrities, but 95% of the boards are on-topic.

We aren't Report-Happy (unless you steal our art!) - If you are doing something wrong, a lot of times people will tell you (nicely), rather than just report you right away. If someone points out that you aren't following the rules. . . listen! :) There are a lot of BC oldies who have experience in the BC and know it inside and out. We want to educate you, not get you into trouble.

The "Contest Judge" is a person named Amanda - Unlike other places on the site where TNT is a huge entity that doesn't listen to you, here in the BC we have a member of TNT named Amanda, who is watching over us. She monitors the boards at times, admits entries into the contest, and deletes them if you are found not following the rules. A lot of BCers have her email and are in direct contact with her to clarify rules and report problems.

This is NOT the Pound Chat! - Some people may spam the PC for votes (please see next section), but when you come to the Beauty Contest Board remember this: we don't care if your pet is Uncoverted or nicely painted or rare. We care about your art.

types of boards

Since the BC board, is also the general art chat, you may find a range of topics.

Voting Boards - These boards are where people will advertise that they are voting for other's BC entries. There are a couple of different ways to vote. They may advertise that they are Silently Voting, or Non-Silently Voting, or voting Manually.

Vote For Me! Boards - Boards advertising the person's pet. These are for other contestants and lurking voters to come take a look at their entry and hopefully gain a vote!

Critique Boards - Critique boards--whether offering or asking for them--are to help artists improve. If you are giving a critique, be sure to mention what they are doing well in their art as well as what they can improve on. A "Critique Sandwich" is a good thing to keep in mind:

1. Something that they are doing well
2. Something to improve upon
3. Something they are doing well or an overall assessment of the artwork

Here's an example of the above "Critique Sandwich": Wow! I love that you added a background to your BC entry. The perspective on it is a little off though, maybe try looking at photographs as a reference to help with that. Overall, it is a strong piece!

When giving a critique it's important to remember there is a person behind that username! Don't be afraid to ask or receive feedback on your artwork. It's how you can grow as an artist!

Art Requests & Trades - Sometimes people will advertise that they are willing to draw art for other people. Art Trade means you each draw art for each other. It's important to remember if you partake in an art trade, to get your half done in a timely manner! Art Request means you do not have to draw anything in return for a piece of art. They are doing this out of the goodness of their heart!

Adoptable Boards - Adoptables are free images you can use. Usually they are done in multiples of the different pet colors and species.

User-Run Competitions - text

⇢ beauty contest etiquette

Just like in sports or any other game, its important to have good sportsmanship when competing in the BC. Here's a couple of suggestions that you should consider when entering the BC and when you interact with your fellow artists.

good beauty contest etiquette

Comment on others entries - Often times your fellow BCers will make a board advertising that they are now voting. Its a common courtesy to look at their entry and comment about it. (It would be ill advised to say that you hate their entry... even if you do...)

Limit how many times you use an image - There are no rules against entering the same piece of art into the BC more than once. That said, BCers feel that if you've already won a trophy with it once, you shouldn't enter it again. This is your chance to try something new!

how NOT to behave when entered in the BC

Do NOT copy and paste the same message to every topic - Have a cookie-cutter "Vote for me!" message is just annoying (not to mention its considered spam, and you can be reported for it!). Instead, tailor your posts to the topic. Read the first post and interact with your fellow BCers! Its a good way to make friends!

Do NOT ask for a vote from your same-species competition - Most of the time people vote for their own pets in the BC, so its pretty useless to ask for a vote from someone who is competing in the same species as you.

Don't insult your competition - Claiming you have the "best entry" in your species is another way of saying your competition's entries aren't very good at all. Remember this contest is for fun, and all skil levels are welcome to compete in the BC!

Don't start the Traditional Art vs. Digital Art argument - For the love of Fyora, Traditional Art isn't harder than Digital Art or vise versa. Both take time and skil to become good at. Some people prefer one over the other, but that doesn't mean there is a "right" way to create art.

BC faux pas

A "faux pas" is aviolation of accepted social norms and comes from the French meaning "false step". This doesn't mean these things are against the rules or necessarily rude behavior on the BC boards. Instead, they are things that are overused, annoying, or pet peeves.

❝It's my first time in the BC. Vote for me?❞ - Although it would be nice, you may not win a trophy on your first try. I see this line used over and over and by now its just stale and has lost any meaning to even get votes.

❝Vote for my UC/expensive color pet?❞ - The competition should be about your artwork that you entered rather than how rare your pet is considered. (Also it makes you look at bit pretentious).

TOPIC: bc spam

This topic seems to be less and less important in recent years. It was commonplace to find BCers advertising on other neoboards besides the Art Chat. Although always against the rules, this "BC spam" was hardly ever enforced.

As of Fall 2014, TNT started removing entries from the Beauty Contest if they found them posting outside the Art Chat to get votes. Instead of warnings for spam, the punishment for "BC Spam" now is a lot harsher and doesn't seem to be worth the risk. Stick to the Art Chat to get votes from now on folks!

⇢ voting

⇢ a BC history

The Beauty Contest has gone through several changes since its start in late 2000. This section is to record all the different stages of the BC so that they may not be lost to the sands of time. (cue epic instrumental music here).

the very early stages of the BC

Now, according to my research, the first form of the Beauty Contest was called "Neopian Beauty Expo" and was started on February 21, 2000. Here is an excerpt from an old news update about it:


At the time of writing this section, I don't know what the Beauty Expo consisted of, but if I do find some more information about it, I will update you here!

The BC was then revamped and relaunched on November 27, 2000. This is the news update notifying the users of the relaunch:


Here are the very first winners of the Beauty Contest in all their glory:

The first months of the BC had a lot more entries like this: images taken from neopets with added additions in a computer program. These are affectionately known as CAPs (Copy and Paste) to BCers now. June 25, 2001 is the first date where artwork, not CAPs dominated the overall winners.

This is a really important thing to take notice of. That the contest was beginning to change form into what we think of the Beauty Contest as it is today. Although it will still take years and years for more user-drawn artwork and less CAPs to be entered, at this point we being to see a shift in the BC. Its fascinating to see that something that was the norm to do changed to become "one of the most disapproved of things for an aspiring Beauty Contestant to do." (source)

how voting has changed

I started BCing around 2003, and actually got to witness one of the significant changes the BC has gone through. Prior to 2004 you were actually able to see how many votes your pet had during the contest. When I wasn't entered I love to refresh the page and see the vote count for my favorite pet go up.

Since then though, TNT has removed this feature and votes stay hidden until the contest in complete.

Recent-ish editorial inquiring about the voting change (source)

the save our sides campaign

Currently you can enter the BC on your side account, and when the BC first started you were allowed as well, but there was a period of time where entering your pet into the BC from an account other than your main was against the rules.


The reason for the change in the rules was that the BC used to offer Item and NP prizes for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, both for the overall winners and the individual pet species. Here are what the prizes used to be before 2008:
1st: 20,000 NP + ONE rare item + 1 gold trophy
2nd: 10,000 NP + ONE rare item + 1 silver trophy
3rd: 5,000 NP + ONE rare item + 1 bronze trophy

* 1st: 10,000 NP + 1 gold trophy
* 2nd: 5,000 NP + 1 silver trophy
* 3rd: 2,500 NP + 1 bronze trophy

The BCers were very unhappy about the new ban on side accounts. This meant that they only had 4 pets to enter, or they would have to continuously rotate pets to their main account to enter them. The artists didn't really care about the NP and Item prizes in the BC. What they loved was drawing their different pets and getting a pretty trophy to show off on their lookup for winning!

To protest the new rule, artists came together and participated in what was called the Save Our Sides (SOS) campaign. The goal of this movement was to lift the ban and allow users to enter their pets on side accounts in the BC again. The campaign consisted of a few things. First of all, artists could add their name to a petition. The petpage that hosted the list was sent to TNT to show them how many users were against the new rule.

Former petpage of the Save Our Sides petition

BCers also sent in inquiries to the Neopian Times editorial about the new side account ban and entered art into the BC that drew attention to the. Here was my entry for a user-run theme week that promoted SOS:

I put a side account pet in a picture with one on my main so she could be in the BC too!

On April 4, 2008, the members of TNT changed their minds and allowed pets on side accounts to be entered in the BC again. They removed the NP and item rewards in order to make this happen.


The Save Our Sides campaign is actually something really incredible. The artists of the website gathered together and actually made a positive change in an aspect of the website they cared about.

the bc as we know it

Sept 2013 - trophies change

⇢ credits

I want to thank all the people that helped with the making of this guide! It was a lot of work and I couldn't have done it without the help of these lovely people.

Info on species difficulties: wingedsilence, __tush, purplica, magelover, jodieklns, Dizziedino, & acexcat13

Windows screenies (rejection & troubleshooting): highlordofpenguins

Faerie Xweetok (art theft): suta-raito

Editorial Help: Sunnyneo's Editorial Search

??? edited neopets picture by mindsend (used with permission)

And of course, the countless conversations, emails, and neomails with TNT's own Amanda W. Thanks for putting up with us all these years!

⇢ link back


⇢ link out

my other petpages

The most complete and up-to-date BC Guide around! . . . Isdari .:Mossy's Woodland Haven:. .{Sheryl}. Stroke of Midnight . . . . . .

other bc pages

Beauty Contest Netiquette Guide, tips for surviving the Neoboards

other guides & helpful pages

⇢ osa: guardian of the cave

about osa

✦✧ Basic Stats ✦✧
Full Name ›› Cotton_Kandy_
Alias ›› Osa
Gender ›› Female
Age ›› 32
Species ›› Kau
Brush ›› Faerie
Element ›› Ice
Love ›› Solitude
Caregiver ›› Ani!
✦✧ Appearance Etc. ✦✧
Scales ›› Deep Red
Underbelly ›› Slate Grey
Hooves ›› Slate Grey
Horns ›› Muted Ivory
Eyes ›› Bloodshot Red
Extras ›› Pure Gold: spikes along back, horn tips, earrings; Slate Grey: mohawk, wing underside
Voice ›› Raspy, Growling

* * *
✦✧ Customisation Items ✦✧
Ice Caves Background
Ice Garland
Glowing Toy Sword
Lord Darigan Collectors Mask
Cheery Bonfire

✦✧ NP Wishlist ✦✧



Ice Volcano Background
✦✧ NC Wishlist ✦✧

Icy Cavern Background

Snow Shower

Chain Necklace

✦✧ thank yous ✦✧
Thank you m3ztl1 for the Lord Darigan Collectors Mask!
Thank you acexcat13 for the Glowing Toy Sword!


Cotton_Kandy_, also known as Osa the Dragon Kau, lives far up in the snowy ice caps of Terror Mountain. Her ancestors have lived in those mountains for generations, but she is among the last of them still remaining in Neopia. Since living in the mountains for so long, these special Kaus have developed diamond-hard scales and sharp claws for their front legs. These features have helped them adapt to the rough and rocky terrain of the mountains.

Osa has made her home in a magical Crystal Cave on the very top of the mountain. Snowstorms and an almost vertical path to the cave opening prevent most from ever venturing near it. This is perfect for Osa, since she prefers to keep to herself (hence why I am writing this instead of her!). Whether her hermit-like personality has always been a part of her, or developed because she has spent so many years up in the cave, I'm not sure of. Osa and I met over a decade ago, and she took a while to warm up to me. She still acts grumpy with me, but I know she cares about both me and the other pets in our family immensely.

My meeting with Osa was one stormy and cold afternoon. I had heard of an ancient cave up in the mountains that had the crystals I needed to power a high-tech, electric light sword I was developing. Somehow I had made it to the small ledge right before the cave opening. I was just about to enter the cave when I heard a snarl and a "Who goes there?" (which more of a growl than anything really).

I'm actually not sure how I survived my first meeting with Osa, since she really hates visitors, but I can guess one reason is my stubbornness is a good match for hers. She reluctantly let me through to her abode, and has been loyal to our family ever since.

These days Osa can still be found on the same mountain ledge where I first encountered her. She has taken it upon herself to be the official Guardian of the Crystal Cave. Anyone deemed unworthy in her pale, red eyes won't make it past the entrance.

If you are chosen to pass through to the Crystal Cave where Osa lives you'll find the beautiful jewels in all sorts of hues of green, blue, and pruple. Osa's petpet, Tarn, also lives here. He is more sociable than Osa is and will bring you round the campfire to warm you up from your journey. (If you happen to catch me in Osa's Crystal Cave one day I will share with you the secrets of the Beauty Contest!)

Hope to see you at Osa's Crystal Cave soon!

- antonia22301 (Osa's owner)

PS: Osa says, "KEEP OUT!!" (well, that's Osa for you)


art & adoptables



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