You're wandering about a household owned by the Harure-Ryuujin family. The owners are a boy and a girl. The boy's name is Hakumei Ryuujin, or Haku, and the girl is Kiki Harure. Kiki, the girl, met you at the door and allowed you to wander about the house, as long as you knock upon entering any of the rooms. You walk over to one door, its painted sunset colors, and the name 'Cathtris' is written in purple sparkly ink. You knock on the door and it flies open, inviting you in. "Hello?" you call into the room, "Is anyone there?" you call again, still nothing. You reach for a light switch and find out it was already on, the light must have blown out.
You turn to walk away and the shadows seem to grab onto you and pull you in, "Wait! Stop!" you yell, struggling against it, but in the end they drag you in anyway, and you blank out

When you awaken your in a tent, the area around you is painted colors of the twilight sky. You sit up and look around, then unzipping the tent you exit and look into the sky. Two full moons are hovering above you, both of them shining an opaque white light onto the dark pastel scenery. "Are you okay now?" you hear a calm voice ask you.
Huh?!" you ask, spinning around, you see a woman with a staff and two horns. She has piercing blue eyes that look deep into your soul.
I asked if you were okay." she said again, her tail flicking back and forth in irritation.
I'm fine," you answer simply. As you look around more you notice a castle, and forests, "Where am I?" you ask her.
She looks at you, "You're in the Twilight Realm." she tells you quite as-a-matter-of-factly. "I am Cathtris, the head Priestess around here." she tells you.
Oh! I'm guest and I just came from the Harure-Ryuujin Household back in Neopia!" you tell her.
Ah, then you may call me Coco, as that is my name in that world," she tells you. "How did you come here?" she asks.
You think to yourself a moment and remember her room, "Your room, the shadows, that's what brought me here," you explain.
Oh..." she looks away and mumbles, "Lord Haku, and Lady Kiki must have put a spell on it...
What?" you ask her.
Oh nothing," she answers.
Why don't you tell me about yourself?" you ask hapilly.
She nods, "If I must."


Name: Cathtris
Alias: Coco
Translated: None
Caretaker: Kiki
Species: Split Aisha, Twilight Priestess
Age: 17
Gender: Girl, isn't it obvious?
Roleplay: Open
Crush: Jalla...
Weapon: Staff of the Twilight Moon, Sword of Destiny
Powers: Future Sight, Purification, Dispelling of Demons
Level: 8
Strength: 14
Speed: 12
Defence: 11
Health: 11//11
Intelligence: 10


The sky flickered for a moment, Coco looked up, "Hmn," she thought to herself.
What about your family?" you asked her.
Oh..." she waved her staff around, it shone with white light and hazy images appeared in front of you.

My Lady Kiki is the ruler of Harure, one of the Lands of Luna. She is a giggly happy person who often runs away from her duties. Though, I do believe that life shouldn't always be duty after duty, I also believe you have to give up some time to take care of things. But, she is always having fun, so I guess as long as she is enjoying herself...

Hikari is an innocent little girl who likes to believe everyone has some good in them, and so far, just about every person she has met has become her friend. She takes care of OmiZekia with me.

OmiZekia is one of the living dead types. Hikari and I often visit him in his room to make sure he's okay. He doesn't leave his room very often, so it makes me wonder what he's doing down there, and it makes me worry. I hope he's alright.

Satsu is a wolf who controls poison. He is always doing his duty, and never giving any time for himself. He says he wants to help people, because in the other world he lived in all he did was create something to kill everyone. He claims he wants to repent for his past mistakes, so I guess I can't blame him.


The pictures disappear and she sighs, thinking to herself.
Do you have any friends?" you ask her.
She nods, "Yes actually, lots of them!" she tells you, as she does the same thing and new pictures appear around you both.

Heka is my very first friend. We throw wild dance parties allot. He is a ghost shoyru, a very kind one at that. I'm very glad that I could meet him first!

Felix was originally the darkest faerie's assistant, or something like that. He is a kind and bouncy person, Kasei, one of my family members, is currently housing him in his Volcano, to keep the Darkest Faerie away from him. Though, I don't really see how someone so kind could be her assistant.

I haven't seen AI in a long time. She told me that I was once the Queen of the Moon's priestess, but, I guess I'll tell you more about that later.

Lyiana is one of the two girls who decided to take Hikari in as a sister. She is really sweet, and very kind. I'm glad she has decided to help take care of Hikari. She is also expecting a child, I'm very happy for her!

Tali is the other girl who is taking care of Hikari for me. She is also exceedingly nice. Lyiana and herself are both 'Toa,' I hope to learn more about what that is someday.

Lulu is the reincarnation of a Star Maiden. She is a very kind girl, and I respect her. I didn't know that the place she took me, the Starmoon Kingdom, existed. We found her past there, maybe one day I should show her the Twilight Realm.



The Moon
The Twilight Realm
My Friends and Family.
The color Orange


The color Purple


My Time in the Pound...


I was sitting in the pound, it was cold and the cage seemed too small for how big I was. Multiple people had adopted me, but I was always sent back. They always told them the same thing, this Aisha is a little devil and should be put down! I didn't care; death would be a sweet embrace to end it all. Every night I would look out the small wind*w at the moon, it was beautiful, the only thing that could comfort my raging soul.
When I slept I saw the moon as well. I would also see moments that seemed to happen on another planet, or maybe on the moon itself. It seemed to be another time as well. Every time I had that dream I would wake up and something would be different. I woke up with wings, was adopted, and was sent back. The strange thing one knew how it happened, the lupe who was under me the morning I woke up with wings told me, there was a bright light, but it seemed like moonlight, it came and went, and I woke up. Of course, there was also a land of perpetual Twilight. I had three dreams from that world, and at the end of all of them, I was engulfed by fire and sent to a moon.


One morning or at least, I thought it was morning, I was somewhere new. It was the castle I dreamt about oh so many nights. I got up and got dressed in one of the outfits; it looked like the one I'm wearing now...I put on some sandals and walked outside my room. I looked around, as I walked down the halls the people would bow and say things like, "Good Marrow Milady Cathtris" I would bow back and say, "Good Marrow" I didn't know why they called me "Cathrtis...maybe that was someone's name. I seemed to know my way around, and I walked into the throne room. The queen was sitting in the throne and I sat down in a chair beside her.
People begun to walk up to her and ask her questions. She would give an answer; they would then bow and leave. Every so often she would turn to me and tell me something. It was like that for quite awhile. I got up and left the room, and went to the dinner hall, there were so many fine things to eat and drink. I chose some foods and sat down on a cushion surrounded by others.
I left the room early and stood on the balcony, and looked out and saw the beautiful flowers, I looked up and saw earth and sighed. I suddenly felt a shock pain through my chest, and fell from the balcony. The last thing I saw was a man with a bloody sword, standing at the balcony, and I felt myself smash to the ground.
I jolted awake, sweating a cold sweat, holding my chest, there was no blood, I sighed and fell back on the pillow. "It was just....A dream..." I told myself.


It had been a week since that horrible dream, and I had marks on my cheeks, and a moon emblem on my forehead, I sighed and sat in the cage. I herd the door open, I looked up at it, Doctor Death, had led a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes in the room. She was wearing all black and had a smile on her face.
What are you looking for" he asked slyly.
She looked about, "An Aisha...." she told him, and she looked at me, her eyes met with mine.
He slinked in front of her, "Right thissss way...we have plenty of aissshasss..."
She moved him out of her way and marched over to me, "Hi there! I'm Kiki, what's YOUR name?" she asked politely.
I stared at her, " my name..."
She smiled and looked over at Doctor Death, "I want her! She's beautiful!"
Doctor Death tried to talk her out of it, but to no avail, I was taken home by Kiki, who cared for me, and gave me good food. I was rude to her at first and ignored her, but I eventually realized she wouldn't take me back to the pound; she wasn't like the I accepted her, and she became my owner.

...And a new story...


When I had that dream, I soon found out it was my past, and I was once the woman named 'Cathtris.' Then I remembered Kasei, he was from a different world too, so maybe I could have spawned from a new world entirely. When I told Kiki about this, she told me to wait, and that's when I met Haku. He held himself proudly, and had horns wrapping around his head. He was a different form of elf as Kiki, so I was nervous around him. His hair blonde and white, and his eyes, one red and one blue, he seemed to be a proud person. "Where do I come from?" I asked him.
Not this place, and not the moon palace from your dreams eaither," he told me, I didn't believe him. "If you truly want to know you'll ask Kiki to transport you there." he told me.
I looked at Kiki expectantly, she sighed, "Fine! But this spell will only last for two hours, the world around me melted away, and everything went dark.
When I woke up I had a stop watch around my neck, it was counting backwards from two hours, I stared at it a moment and looked about. The sky above held two moons high in the sky, and was painted in Twilight. The town in the distance seemed to be throwing a party, so I headed for it. Being able to fly it took me about five minutes to get there.
I wandered around, people were dancing and singing, eating and drinking. I sighed, I was getting nowhere. An old woman spotted me and wandered over to me, "Young lady," she said to me when she was close enough, "Young lady why arn't you joining the festivities?" she asked, I was two or three heads taller then her.
I'm, uh," I stuttered, "This is my first time here!" I told her, looking around.
She looked up at me, hiding her face. She reached a hand out to grab mine, "Come with me, I think I know what you're looking for," she said, her hand was orange like mine, I stared and followed her.


She took me to an odd temple. Inside it everything was quiet and still. There were images of the moon goddesses, hanging on wall scrolls and carved into statuaries. She led me to one of them, "Does this woman look familiar to you lass?" she asked, her voice shaky.
I stared up at it, "It looks, somewhat like me." I told her, the woman on the wall scroll had orange skin, and black hair. She had a moon on her forehead, and lines on her cheeks, but she still couldn't be me because she had horns and many more markings.
Your right lass, she does, her name is Cathtris," the old lady said, bowing to the image. "I have a test for you," she told me.
Yes?" I asked, hoping that it would reveal my true identity.
Behind that stone wall is a demon of unmatchable power," she walked over to a statue of my almost look-alike and took a staff that had been on display, "Take this, and destroy it, then go into the room it guards." she ordered.
I stared, obviously this hag was nuts, "But-
All will be answered if you do as I say.
I sighed and looked at the wall, "How do I get in?" as soon as I finished she laid her hand on the wall and it lifted up, I went in and it closed behind me. "Crazy old woman." I hissed. I walked further and further in until my eyes saw a look alike of me, only she was purple skinned and white haired. My purple eyes were reflected by her red ones. "Umn...Hi?" I told her.
She drew a sword and charged at me, a devilish grin on her face. I blocked with the staff and growled, "Well well well, look what the cat dragged in," she hissed.
I growled and cast a spell, she deflected it and cut me with her blade, "You're going to have to do better then that!" she hissed at me again. I continued to cast spells, she continued to deflect them, my energy was waning, "Aw, done already?" she hissed.
Never!" I yelled back at her, standing up, I looked at the staff, as I stared into the silver ball in the middle words came into my head, I didn't know what I was saying, but I kept saying them over and over, the dark me fell on the ground. I stopped and walked over to her, "Game over" I told her.
You really think so?" she asked, disappearing.
Yeah." I said as I turned to the door, opened it, then went inside. It slammed behind me again.


As I walked into the room I noticed I was walking on water, I looked down to see my reflection and the other me, the evil one I fought before was staring back at me. I growled, disgrunled, and continued to walk. Soon I saw the old woman, sitting in front of me, praying, "Hey!" I told her.
She spun around and looked at me, her hood down now, she looked like she could be my grandmother. "Hello there, are you alright.
I ignored the throbbing pain in my shoulder and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine.
Good, its time to unite your light half, and dark half into one Cathtris," she told me.
What?!" I stared at her, confused.
You are the reincarnation of a woman from long ago, back before the war of Sol and Luna, the Twilight Realm you see around you, had a great king! And you, you created this temple, but the war reached us, and we sided with the Luna Lands. When the Sol Soldiers attacked, we were unprepared. You were praying in here when it happened, they reached this room and you sacrificed yourself for your people, everyone survived, except the King, and the Queen, and there little boy, the prince. The Queen and Prince escaped, and were thought dead until the Prince; Prince Hakumei Ryuujin came back to us. And now, our High Priestess of the moons above has come back as well!
I stared at her, "But, I look nothing like her..." I told the hag.
The hag chanted a few words, my reflection disappeared, and the girl from earlier came from the water, her eyes closed. A heavy need for sleep came over me, and everything went dark.

I woke up in my room and sighed, "What a dream." I told myself. I ran my hands through my hair until I hit something. I blinked and looked into the mirror, I had demon horns, and new markings, I looked like the woman I was told about.
Hey CoCo! I have a surprise for you!" I heard outside my room.
Okay," I answered, hesitant, I walked over and opened it, Haku was standing there, "Hello!" I told him.
Haku nodded, "Hello Cathtris" he told me.
Cathtris?" I asked, that's what that woman called the woman on the wall hanging.
He nodded, "Yep! I'm Prince Hakumei Ryuujin! And your the High Priestess of my lands.
I blinked, he grabbed something leaning against the wall and handed it to me, it was the staff from earlier, "This is the true Staff of the Moon, please, use it." he told me.
I nodded, "Okay..." I answered, taking it from him.
As long as you have that staff, you can go to the Twilight Realm by your own whim, please, enjoy yourself.
I nodded, and went back later that day to find the old woman, but, when I asked about her, no one remembered seeing her, or knowing she existed. And yet she helped me find my past.


Do you have anyone you love?" you ask her.
Yes," she answered.

I never thought I would find anyone who would love me for me. Then I met You. You brighten my day and I hope I see you every day. I think about you so very often, and I hope I can stay with you.


She showed you a few letters, "Whats this?" you asked.

She smiled, "These are my awards for people, but I have a few conditions...
Well lets hear them!" you told her.

CoCo's Letter of Excellence

This award has a beautiful seal on it, there are three kinds, Bronze, Silver, and the most sought after...Gold...Reciving this award is quite an honer. Note: When awarded this will have the pet's name on the top, and will be transparent.

1. Statistics about the pet, or maybe the pet's personality.
2. A short story, or a good introduction/Leaving.
3. Little to no spelling errors, no chatspeak. (lol, omg, excetra)
4. Some pretty pictures drawn by you.
5. MIDI music can get annoying, so maybe an MP3 file? If not I'll still look through the page, this doesn't really count for much.
6. NOTHING STOLEN!!! I'll know! ;D
7. Umn...YES I will correct the little unevenness of the wing...when you win! XD

WAIT! If you see someone with this award, but it doesn't have the name at the top, or if they are not on this list, tell me and I will correct for error! Arigato! ;D

Bronze Winners


Silver Winners


Gold Winners



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The world around you started to melt, except for her. "Wh-what's going on?!" you ask, panicking.
She looks around, "It seems were being summoned back to my room." she told you, as the dark black room reappeared around you, even she was gone.
A-are you still there Coco?!" you ask her, looking about.
A white light pierced through the darkness like the moon itself, from her staff, "Yes," she answered you simply as she seemed to appear in the room, "I'm sorry about my room," she told you, the only light in the room was the glow from her Staff of the Moon.
Its okay, but do you think I could leave now?" you ask her politely, needing to head on.
She nods, "Yes go ahead." she told you, the light focused and illuminated the door, that now seemed to glow.
Good bye!" you said, she waved back at you to say good bye as you left, closing the door behind you.

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Q: Why do you call CoCo Cath?
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Q: Then why did you name her 'CoCo_Orange' instead of Cathtris?
A: Because I made her before and I didn't like that name... x.x

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