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November 20, 2013 (2 new screenies)
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March 16, 2012 (2 new screenies)

Old Screenies

Mail call! *Splat*

Hehe, Clawz is pro like that.

Not again...

My poor Bori...

He's just excited. Thanks to those who voted for him! :D

He wishes. ;)

He has fur?!

This happened to my brother's account. I'm still Boochi-free :P

Run Shop


Happened during the Faerie Ruins Daily Quests thing. FINALLY~

Sorry Clawz, but his colour is more expensive (12 mil) and I love it. Only cost 100k for the item too Q.Q

Tried to turn this into a comic cause it seems more fun like that. It was also happened on my brother's account, thus the Shoyru.

Yes, a NEW plushie...


Luna likes Chias! D: She just... doesn't... like Chia plushies, yeah. ^-^"

You never know what you can find at the Money Tree.

Aww, poor Awesome...

Awesomeskeith is awesome.

I can't draw faeries. XD

I literally had a little seizure when I read that.

Thank you so much! This was given on Tyrannian Victory Day too!

Please don't beg for items from random people :3

Clawz hurts himself in the confusion!

Remember kids, don't drink hot soup during earthquakes!


Aww, I won't zap you again, you cute little thing you.

So lucky that I got this fanmail!

That plushie needs to go to Neoschool. :P

I'd pick 143 NP over Chickaroo any day.

Oh no! Not my "lotus leaves"! I only had like, 5 of those!! /sarcastic

Hehe, it was a personal best, so I was happy.

Why do random events keep happening while Lutasher is trying to enjoy his soup?

^Chibi-Me. I was gonna make him a Blue Lupe too.

The jackpot is also missing. :O

Why doesn't King Altador give out codestones instead?

This is what happens after I promise to not zap the Feloreena.

And here I am, making screenies.

Spare me, tiny ghost! D:

I guess that thing really works...

Interest? He didn't say ANYTHING about interest!!

Sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

At least no one will trip on it if I take it.

New Screenies

(More like old screenies with new art)

It's not easy managing a superhero.


Link back?

Pick a button!


Whoo~ I got an 8/10 from someone! You gotta be cool like me to earn a badge this awesome. Used with permission!!


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