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April 23, 2014 | Let it go
Sorry for not updating until this late in the day. Anyways, requests are still open if you need one for any reason whatsoever! Also, I am still trying to think up part 3 so it could possibly take a while longer than expected.

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    About the Author

    My name is Alice and I am 18 years old. I also live in the land down under and I absolutely love it here and am proud of being an aussie.

    I had done quite a bit with site owning and Fiction is my most recent one along with Tsunami and Fireflies trailing quicker behind. My favourite colour is Purple and my favourite animal is dogs.

    I also am really into anything to do with art, including writing stories and drawing and dancing. I also have the weirdest obsession with cheese and I love eating it so much!

    I am also a Disney fanatic and I had been watching Disney movies ever since I remember and my favourites are Pocohontas, Brother Bear and The Fox And The Hound.

    I also love to chat so chances are if you send me a neomail, it will turn into a big conversation!



    Keep Moving Forward - Walt Disney

    Adventure Is Worthwhile in itself - Amelia Earheart

    Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened - Dr Seuss

    Unless somebody like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better, it's not. - Dr Seuss

    Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. -Abraham Lincoln

    You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream- C. S. Lewis

    A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth - Charles Darwin

    Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. - A.A Milne

    Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. - Steve Jobs





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    Life on Mystery Island: Part 1

    Kira the Island Krawk has been living on Mystery Island for her entire life and she knew every single area like the back of her hand but she also discovered that nothing ever special happened here and life was just an daily routine over and over again. She had wished that if anything special happened on this peaceful island that she would be a part of that particular special thing but she started to doubt that it wouldn't happen.

    Little did she know something would happen very soon.

    Kira woke up one day with a smile on her face because it was her birthday and it wasn't the usual routine but it was very much the same so she ran to her bedroom window and stared out to see if there was something very interesting and special to be seen. She spotted nothing, and she slowly backed away but then she noticed a black figure scurring past the palm trees.

    Could this be a sign of something special?

    She ran out into the living room to see her mum and dad holding a cake with presents packed in front of their feet in a large plie and there was a certain glow around the hut. Kira peered at her parents with an unusual sense of joy in her heart.

    Happy birthday Kira!" her parents said at the same time.

    Thanks guys!" Kira replied.

    At that very second a loud thump was heard coming from outside. Kira and her family had not yet heard any noise exactly like that big thump and they were curious as to what that meant.

    What was that?" Kira asked her parents.

    I don't really know, why not go outside and see what it is?" her mother said in suggestion.

    As Kira walked outside she spotted many neopets and owners run in many different directions with panic in their screaming voices. Kira shrugged and ran the way everybody else was running from.

    She discovered a little boy who looked awfully familiar like the Tombola man with the same mask and shirt with only the pattern different. Kira looked at him with curious eyes.

    Who in Neopia are you?" Kira asked him.

    My name is Rajah and my father is the Tombola man and I also seem to be lost, far away from my father. Please, help me."

    Okay" Kira replied. "But first we need some supplies and we should head over after that."

    That sounds good." Rajah replied.

    As soon as they got their supplies they headed to Tombola, but the owner was not there but instead was a note. Kira cautiously picked it up and began to read out loud.

    Save me." Kira read. Rajah looked at her shocked.

    Rajah then spoke up. "All we need to do is to search around Neopia and find my father and then everything will be right as rain."

    Kira slowly turned to look at him. "Let's do this."

    Part 1 Comments

  • I quickly got the inspiration of a pet who's life is just the same routine, every single day but then a adventure comes just totally out of the blue. Look out for Part 2 very soon!
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    Life on Mystery Island: Part 2

    Kira then went home holding Rajah's hand to let her parents know about her newfound adverture and how important it was to them. As soon as they rushed through the door into the living room, her parents were sitting on the ground eating their lunch of fruit salad when they spotted the duo and sat up curiously staring at them.

    Hi Mum and Dad." Kira said. "I was wondering if I could go on a adventure around Neopia to find Rajah's father, the Tombola man."

    Sure darling." They said. "But, we would like to give you a special birthday present before you go and find your friend's dad." Her mother slipped a compass into her hand and she stared at it interested what she could possibly do with it.

    Take this compass, and it shall help you on your journey through Neopia in many ways you had never imagined so now we will give you a piece of cake and your friend to help you guys on your journey."

    After pieces of cake and hugs were given, the duo head on their way, her mum and dad waving off and their journey.

    After a few hours of sailing across Neopia, they arrived in Terror Mountain and they were really feeling the cold, but a friendly bruce came along clutching a sweater and watching the duo curiously.

    Why hello there!" The Bruce said. "Looks like you had never experienced the cold before and I had brought a sweater on my travels that you may use."

    First of all, who are you and secondly how would one sweater bring warmth to the both of us?" Kira asked the bruce.

    My name is Blossom." The bruce replied. "And my sweater is big enough to be thrown over both of your freezing shoulder." Kira and Rajah shrugged and pulled the sweater over them and it brought them great warmth.

    Hey Blossom, can I ask you a question?" Rajah spoke up.


    Have you seen the Tombola man pass through here? He is my father and he went missing just today. Have you ever seen him today?"

    Speaking of your father." Blossom replied. "I have been given a clue from him today and I shall give it to you." Blossom slipped a thin sheet of paper into Rajah's hand and Kira read it out loud.

    Where the king has it's toil, Brightvale will sell them foil." Kira readed clearly.

    Well, looks like we are off to Meridell next." Rajah said with excitement in his voice and hope in his heart.

    Well then let's go!" Kira said cheerfully.

    Part 2 Comments

  • Yep, I had released part 2 in the same day as part 1! Hope you are enjoying this story series!
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    Life on Mystery Island: Part 3

    As soon as the duo made it to Meridall, the air started to feel a bit warmer so they took the sweater off the back and Kira tied it around her waist as carefully as she could. Rajah then slowly looked around at their new surroundings.

    This place looks very colourful." Rajah said. "Maybe we could try all the activties here right now!"

    We don't have time for that, we have to grab the second clue!"

    Kira and Rajah walked around, asking pets if they had seen the clue even the king but nobody had ever seen it and the duo was about to give up hope, until they spotted the Cheeseroller stand.

    Maybe he has a clue." Rajah asked Kira.

    He could have a clue, let me go over and ask." Kira replied.

    The duo walked over to ask the techo for the clue but as they did, the techo gave a little smirk.

    I will give you the second clue, but only if you do the cheeseroller course and make it pass the finish line in less than 60 seconds then your prize is the cheese and the second clue you are longing for."

    Deal!" the duo said together. They discussed it for a bit and then they chose Kira to do it. As Kira went to the starting line, she had butterflies in her stomach and her head was ringing.

    Ready, set, GO!" The techo shouted and Kira was on her way with a fast start and she was rolling the cheese quickly and carefully.

    Go Kira!" Rajah cheered in support.

    Kira passed the finish line in only 49 seconds and the Techo slipped the clue into Rajah's hand. This time Rajah read it out loud.

    When your'e underneath the ocean blue, that is where you'll find the next clue." He read.

    Wow, Maraqua!" Kira said in excitement.

    Alright then." Said the Techo. "Take your cheese and your clue and keep moving!"

    Yeah, let's go!" Rajah exclaimed.

    Part 3 Comments

  • I decided to add a little challenge in this part because well, achieving your goals is not always easy and sometimes you gotta work for it!
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    Life on Mystery Island: Part 4

    As they salied above Maraqua, they quickly realised that they would find it really hard to breathe under there and they felt awkward not knowing beforehand about the location of the next clue was underwater.

    Dude, what are we going to do now?" Rajah asked Kira with a disappointed tone.

    All we need to do is to find a way down there to get it." Kira replied but soon after that, a Koi poked it's head above the water clutching two snorkels.

    See Rajah, problem sovled!" Kira exclaimed.

    Who are you two guys?" The Koi interrupted.

    My name is Rajah and this is Kira." Rajah replied solemly. "We are looking for clues to find my father and it has been said there is one in Maraqua but we require those snorkels to do so."

    Sure, here you go!" The Koi replied.

    The duo slipped up their snorkels, stood up and dove into the water. Underneath, it was a water wonderland filled with Kois, Jetsams and Flostams swimming around and greeting everybody like they had known each other for their entire life.

    Alright, let's look for that clue!" Kira exclaimed.

    They swam around as much as they possibly can and talked to everybody who they saw in their sights but nobody had that clue and they swam up to a trench as something caught Rajah's eye.

    What's that?" Rajah asked Kira as they both looked down into the trench, and they realised it was the third clue. It seemed to have dropped down through the crack in the trench by mistake.

    What will we do now?" Kira wailed. "It fell through the crack in the trench and the crack is way too small for me to swim through!"

    Then she had a moment of thought and stared at Rajah with a smile, Rajah just shrugged his shoulder in confusion.

    Rajah, you are the only one who can fit through that crack so you know, you can get the clue now, I have been doing it for long enough."

    Are you sure?"

    Yes I am, besides this whole time we had been searching for your father and not mine."

    So Rajah dived through the crack, grabbed the sheet of paper and swam back up and dropped it into Kira's hand.

    Those were the longest moments of my life!" Rajah joked.

    Kira held the clue in front of her face, and read it out loud.

    Where's witches, spooks and trees live, you'll find your father where the dweller gives."

    The Haunted Woods!" Rajah exclaimed. "And that is exactly where my dad is Kira!"

    Kira smiled. "Your dad must be so proud of you coming all this way to find him, and I'm very proud of your super braveness!"

    Gee, thanks!" Rajah said with a slight grin.

    Part 4 Comments

  • So yes, I added a bit more conversation to this part because well, it's nearly the end and Rajah should be known for his bravery in finding his dad.
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    Life on Mystery Island: Final Part

    When the duo finally made it to the Haunted Woods, they grinned at each other. This is it. This was their last stop and they got excited about finding exactly what they were looking for.

    Ready to do this Rajah?" Kira asked.

    Ready as I'll ever be." Rajah replied.

    As the duo went through the Haunted Woods, they noticed something slip past the brain tree and into the bushes, so they followed where it was going and it lead to a black castle with spyder webs strung all around it with a dark purple steel gate guarding the contents behind it. Kira and Rajah peered at it in fright, sighed a sigh of bravely and walked through the castle door.

    When they went in, there was old fashioned lights hanging down from the celling, there was dark purple and black checkered floor and indigo walls. In the middle there was a throne with a black figure sitting in it with a cage on the left side, containing a freaked out, familiar face shaking with fear.

    Daddy!" Rajah exclaimed.

    The black figure revealed himself as he turned around and he was wearing a black crown, cloak and clothing. The duo gulped in fear.

    Now, who in Neopia are you two?" the figure boomed.

    My name is Rajah and this is Kira." Rajah spoke bravely. "And you are holding my father captive. Please release him and we will leave you alone."

    The Tombola man looked directly at Rajah shaking with fright.

    I am afraid that won't happen easy." The villain spoke back. "If you want your father back, you have to go through me."

    The villain quickly hurded at the duo, who in time quickly dodged to the side and sent the villain crashing into the wall.

    Kira then remembered the compass her parents had given her and quickly took it out and rubbed it and then before the duo's eyes, appeared Kira's parents and all the pets she met on the journey.

    Ready for combat?" The whole gang asked the duo.

    Get him" The duo screamed.

    They battled and battled until the villain was defeated and the keys appeared in Kira's hand and the crowd went completely wild as Rajah unlocked his father's cage and he quickly came out and cuddled him, then looked at Kira and smiled.

    You mean both of you saved me?" He asked the duo.

    Well actually sir." Kira replied. "It was actually Rajah's idea to save you and he did a pretty good job at it!" Rajah then turned around and smiled at Kira and she smiled back.

    With a rub of the compass, all their friends poofed into thin air leaving Kira and her parents and Rajah with his dad in the castle.

    Well, I guess that's it." Rajah said to Kira.

    Well, who knows." Kira told him. "Life is full of adventures and sometimes you just gotta take them!" Rajah smiled at that comment.

    Well, Kira finally experienced something special and used her curiously skill to help others, and she realised there is adventure out there: you just gotta get out there and search for it!

    The End.

    Part 4 Comments

  • Thank you all for reading my very first story series and I hope you all enjoyed reading it!
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    Routine Split Apart

    Masie the Uni peeped over the fence of her neohome to instantly search for her best friend, Sally the Usul. She has been doing this ever since she could remember every morning to greet her life long friend and as she called, Sally would always rush to the fence and greet her everyday without fail.

    What do you want to do today?" Sally said with sprits high.

    Maybe we could go to the nearest park?"

    Excellent Choice!"

    As they did some soccer in the park later that day, Masie thought about how special this forever friendship was, how much fun she was having doing this daily routine and she was pretty sure it will be the same way for the rest of their lives.

    But one day the routine was about to split apart.

    A week later, Masie perked up one morning and looked over the fence but she didn't see any Sally or anybody else for that matter. She only saw big boxes cluttering the whole front yard. Masie was sure this wasn't any good, so she ran into the house looking for her owner.

    Excuse me Quinn." Masie whispered to her owner. "Why are there big boxes cluttering Sally's front yard? What does it mean?"

    Haven't you heard?" Quinn replied. "Sally and her family are moving Neohomes in 2 days, you may want to spend a whole lot of time with her before she goes?"

    Masie was devastated. Sally was about to move away, how could this routine stay together?

    Masie quickly rushed over to Sally's house, grabbed her and raced to her bedroom to sit down for a chat.

    What didn't you tell me?" Masie blurted out. "Your'e moving? What am I going to do without you?"

    I'm sorry Masie." Sally replied. "I just didn't know how to tell you without feeling bad but I am going to Krawk Island. It's just too hard."

    Masie cuddled Sally sobbing quietly.

    Don't worry." Sally told her. "We do have two more days to hang out with each other, don't worry so much about it.

    They spent the two days playing with each other as much as they could until the day of the move. 3 hours until moving the two best friends had to say their final goodbyes, so Masie rushed over to her neighbour's house and snuggled onto Sally.

    I'm going to miss you so much." Masie managed to tell her through large weeps.

    I'll miss you too." Sally replied, a tear rolling down her cheek. "But my owner says we can always contact each other through Neomail, okay?"

    Masie nodded slowly.

    So since then, Masie and Sally had contacted each other every single day and it doesn't really matter much, because they knew that not even a move would break their friendship.

    Closing Comments

  • This was my very first story I wrote for Fiction and I thought about this topic and how sad it does seem to have friends move away, but it doesn't mean the end of your friendship.
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    The Magic Doorknob

    Wendy the spotted Usul's favourite thing to do was to explore her backyard with her best friend Milo the strawberry Wocky. She just loved to imagine she was an explorer and search around the bushes and trees longing for total adventure with each leap, but the friends never found anything special and adventure worthy but it didn't bother them at all.

    But what they didn't know that something special was about to come.

    One Saturday morning, the friends were playing between the bushes and trees but they weren't counting on anything special, until they spotted a faint glow from behind a bush. Wendy and Milo were very curious.

    What is that?" Wendy asked her friend.

    I don't know, so let's check it out!" Milo replied.

    They slowly walked towards the bush and quickly brushed it aside, then they spotted a doorknob glowing a faint indigo shade. The friends looked at it in confusion.

    What is this supposed to do?" Milo asked.

    Hey, look there's a note!"

    Milo grabbed the note from the bushes and read it out loud.

    Congrats, lucky finder." She read. "This doorknob will transport you to anywhere in Neopia with a rub of the doorknob."

    Do you think that's true?" Wendy asked Milo still in allure.

    Are you kidding?" Milo replied. "There is no such thing as a transporting doorknob, your'e just imagining things!"

    Oh really?" Wendy said as she dove to the doorknob and rubbed it hard.

    WENDY, NO….."

    Soon they discovered they were transported to the Haunted Woods and then they started peering around. Milo was still shaking in shock.

    See, told you!" Wendy exclaimed.

    Great Wendy, now let's go home!"

    Wendy urged her to do all the activties when somebody ran past them clutching their magical doorknob.

    HEY!" they shouted as they ran towards the figure which turned around to be Sophie the witch. The friends blushed in embarrassment.

    Excuse me, we would like our doorknob back!" Wendy ashed the witch.

    I am afraid it's not that easy." Sophie said. "Let's see, you ought to knock down a coconut in Coconut Shy and it's all yours."

    Deal!" The friends exclaimed at once.

    They made it to the stall and Wendy stepped up to play the game. Milo and Sophie watched cautiously as she took her first shot.

    It missed.

    Wendy then felt the encouragement to try again, carefully took her aim and threw the coconut with all her power.

    It missed again.

    Wendy was about to give up and walk back, but Milo came over and encouraged her.

    I believe in you." Milo told her. "I believe you can get the doorknob back and bring us all back home." Wendy then felt a burst of encouragement and threw the ball as hard as she could, which resulted in the coconut tipping over.

    Sophie grunted and dropped the doorknob into Wendy's hand, then the friends rubbed it once again and they were home, at the very time and place were they were before.

    That was such a great adventure!" Milo said. "And I wouldn't have gone on it if I stopped believing in myself!"

    You just gotta do it more!" Wendy said with a smile.

    Closing Comments

  • So, I decided to add a magical object into this story for some reason: Hope you all liked Fiction's second short story!
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    The Unexpected Valentine

    Sitting five feet away from Mindi the Strawberry Wocky was the boy of her dreams with his beautiful Uni skin and hair glowing through the beautiful sunshine reflecting through the window, she has always been the geeky type longing to be one of them: the poplar kids in school. As he turned her way, she couldn't help but blush and look away. When she made sure he wasn't looking, she slowly turned around to see he was fooling around with his mates, the typical boy stuff. His hair. Again. Blowing in the---

    MINDI!" the teacher interrupted her suddenly causing Mindi to pop out of her helpless daze.

    Yes, Miss Green?" Mindi blurted out.

    I hope you are focusing on your schoolwork, and not on your classmates." Mrs Green said with anger in her voice. "Now please focus on this work placed in front of you." Mindi slumped onto her desk but quickly turned around to stare at him but she then again blushed and then looked away but then Mindi realised this wasn't this way to be forever, she should at least have the guts to tell him how she felt.

    I can do this." She told herself with courage.

    As she entered the playground, she took a huge breath and walked towards the boy of her dreams simply chatting with his mates.

    Excuse me, can I please chat with you?" She asked bravely.

    Sure." He replied. Then they both moved over to a tree and sat down in front of it.

    You were going to tell me?" He said in his beautiful deep voice.



    I just wanted to say.."


    I REALLY LIKE YOU!" Mindi stammered, than blushed in embarrassment.


    Yeah, I said it. I really like you." Mindi spoke bravely. "I just, I don't know. Do you really like me too?"

    He shivered, turned and walked away leaving Mindi confused. She thought he really liked her. His quirks, gestures and sparks of romance. She would do anything to become one of them. She raced over to the back of a bush and started sobbing wildly.

    I wish…" she said with whimpers in between. "That he would just like me." She then noticed a faint pink glow above her shoulder. She stared in confusion.

    She then realised it was a little cupid in the form of a pink usul, looking at her with her eyes full of grief.

    What's wrong, little girl." She asked her.

    It's just," She told the cupid. "That the boy I feel romance for doesn't like me and to be honest, I would do anything to be part of his group."

    I can do just that." The cupid grinned as she spoke. "For my arrow will make any guy not resist you." Mindi shook her head in agreement.

    Let's do this." Mindi said toughly.

    The cupid carefully aimed her arrow straight at her crush and flung the arrow into the air. He ducked just as the arrow was about to hit him and dodged it, sending it straight into Poit, another nerdy pet who was in many of her classes.

    Mindi gasped in complete shock. This was not right.

    It actually hitted Poit?!" Mindi said with a mad tone. "This isn't right! It was supposed to hit my crush! Oh, any poplar boy than a geek!"

    It was too late, Poit started walking clutching a flower in his smooth blue Krawk hand. This really can't be happening. It just can't.

    Uh, Mindi?" Poit stammered. "This flower is for you, my beauty."

    As soon as he gave it to her, she brushed his hand off and tossed the flower into a tree. "What do you want?" Mindi asked with a disappointed tone.

    Well, it's just that." Poit said slowly. "I have been watching you, and I had developed some feelings for you. Do you have any feelings for me too?"

    Listen." Mindi told him truthfully. "I do like you and all, but I just don't have strong feelings for you."

    A rush of grief flowed over Poit's face as he slowly turned away and dragged away from her and the cupid. The cupid gasped in horror.

    Telling the victim about your non existent feelings will not reverse the effect." The cupid said solemly. "There is indeed no reverse on this spell."

    Well then." Mindi spoke back to her. "Just get outta here!"

    The cupid poofed suddenly and Poit was staring over at her and Mindi couldn't help it but do the same, as she blushed and turned away. She really couldn't believe she was doing this around him! As she watched him closely she realised she did have feelings for him. He was gentle around girls, nice and romantic.

    The next day at Lunch, she knew she had to let Poit know, so she came over to him and sat down next to him. Poit just looked away.

    Listen Poit." She told him.

    No Reply.

    I know I clearly stated that I had no feelings, but I had came to realise I do so do you have feelings for me too?"

    Poit suddenly turned around. "Do you really?"


    Well then, shall I go and sit someplace with you?" He asked.

    Mindi then giggled and felt her paw enclosed into Poit's slippery hand and wandered off through the playground together.

    So, the wish didn't work as expected but it did show that you should always be yourself because just the unexpected valentine will drop in when you least expect it!

    Closing Comments

  • I decided to add a story in honour of Valentine's day where somebody has a unexpected romance and realised she didn't have to be in a poplar group to find the one for her, just be yourself and somebody will notice you!
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    Autumn Leaves

    Autumn leaves are crunching beneath my feet,

    On one breezy, cold day.

    Come and join me outside,

    Why? In many, many different ways.

    We can jump in leaf piles together,

    Get all rugged up and warm.

    We should just forget about Winter,

    And release our minds about snow storms.

    Frolick below the Autumn trees,

    Shining in yellow, orange and red.

    Then finally at the end of the last Autumn day,

    Snuggle up in bed.

    Soon Winter will come again,

    But that doesn't matter to me.

    As long as we had fun in Autumn,

    That's the way I wanted it to be.

    Closing Comments

  • This is the first poem and I added it in Honour of Autumn/Fall! You should always enjoy Autumn when it arrives, because it won't be there forever!
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    Welcome Home

    Cattie the spotted uni was looking out her pound window while tapping the walls of her grey and depressed room. She was dropped off at the pound a lot of years ago after her owner left her behind after she had quitted and Cattie's life was horrible from the first minute she was left here with some creepy Techo and no friends whatsoever and she was completely depressed with whatever happens every day and nobody even decided to check if they wanted to adopt her or not so she never got to see or even meet anybody who was interested in her, until a very special day arrived…

    Cattie woke the next morning smoothing out her long and luxurious hair contently, then looked at her skin and snarled in digust. She even disliked her skin colour and wished she just had enough money for a new colour such as Royal but she was broke. Every single pet was broke in this place. Suddenly, she heard a knock and went over to the door and unlocked it, revealing a very happy Dr. Death. "How are you today?' He asked Cattie, who replied in a slight shrug. He knew exactly that she was a depressed soul, and waiting for a family so painfully but much to her surprise, he was happy this had gotta be something in relation to her. "What?" She asked him, confused. A happy Dr. Death was not something she saw everyday.

    Somebody is coming today." He said, a sense of joy in his tone. "And she is coming to see you today, you might get adopted!"

    Cattie suddenly bounced up. "Really?"

    He nodded and she started bouncing all over the place with excitement in every bound and leap that she took. She could finally be getting a family, with a lovely owner and siblings that hopefully are willing to take her around the house to her real bedroom, real plushies and maybe a real pet. She sat down waiting throughout the day until he came in again. "It is time." He told her and she skipped out of her pound room to meet her owner.

    She was lead to a huge room, fit with a large table and two chairs at either side of it. In the first chair there sat Ploom, the uni and then at the other chair sat a tall, skinny woman with pale white skin and velvet red hair dropping to her shoulders and wearing a floral dress. Ploom gestured for Cattie to come to her side and she obeyed her instruction and came beside her, eagerly waiting for the interview to start.

    So Quincy, this little Uni's name is Cattie!" She told the woman. She looked at Cattie who showed off by releasing a little smile, looked back at Ploom and nodded with a smile. This could be Cattie's chance at finally achieving a family.

    Cute name!" The owner exclaimed. "Now, how long has she been here?"

    Cattie and Ploom looked at each other and then she nodded and turned her gaze to look back at Quincy. "A long time." She replied honestly and she spotted a shocked look on her new owner's face. Cattie could use this year of sunken joy to achieve this new owner in a flash. Quincy then looked at the adoption papers and signed her name at the bottom. Cattie had a new family at last, and she couldn't even explain how happy she was feeling at the moment. As the two walked outside Cattie was blinded by the sun that she hasn't seen a glimpse of in so long. She decided to wave to it which caused her new owner to giggle, but then she noticed what colour she was and frowned. "You need a new spot of paint." She told Cattie concerned. She nodded, as she had the same colour for years now.

    I don't know, I had always been interested in Royal." She told her new owner honestly. "But it costs a lot, I don't think you can afford it."

    Girl I can afford it." She replied back with a slight smile on her face. "I am a pretty rich woman you know, and I can afford anything." They then walked to the nearest paint brush shop and was welcomed by a friendly Usul. They waved back and headed to the paint brush area which was completely stocked in paintbrushes of many colours and styles. She then reached for the Royal one and headed off to the counter to buy the paint brush and she handed over a bag with so much neopoints that Cattie couldn't even read what the number is. After that they stopped in the middle of the neighbourhood and her owner turned to look at her. "Are you ready?" she asked her and Cattie nodded happily as she began to paint her carefully and after hours of it, Quincy handed over a mirror to her to look at herself and she was in complete awe.

    It's beautiful!" She exclaimed and her owner smiled, and then they went home and Cattie got to meet her siblings: Tim, a spotted wocky, Masie, a pink cybunny and Rachel, a Blue Koi. Later that night, they were enjoying an easy going night in front of the warm, cosy fire that she never felt before. Quincy then looked at her and smiled brightly. "Are you enjoying your new family?" She asked her.

    I sure am." Cattie exclaimed, smiling slightly. "And it's so nice to be here."

    Well on that case, welcome home darling." Her owner said to her, digging out a smile from Cattie and they continued peacefully, watching the fire crackle and hiss. So, all she had to do was wait, and it finally came to her. Filled with a love she had never felt before, her life turned out to be perfect indeed.

    Closing Comments

  • I decided write this because, well it is sad to get left behind, but it means you'll finally find a family in the end and that's what matters. Sure, It might take a while for some people but it will come to you.
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    Mew the spotted Wocky was skipped through the fresh autumn leaves hearing them crush beneath her small feet. This was her favourite time of the entire year when it is not far away from Easter and the cool breeze that was rushing through the windows leaving her completely refreshed. She started to roll through the leaves until she spotted her older sister, Mia the pink Lenny sweeping all the leaves onto the deck. She completely adored her but she had one serious problem, she doesn't believe in the Easter Cybunny. Mew just wished she could finally change her mind but for a pet as young as she was at the moment, she wasn't too sure that anything could possibly change her into a believer. She knew her sister very well, and it could take a lot of hard effort.

    Hey Mia!" She exclaimed with a huge smile on her face. "How are you sister?"

    I'm okay." Mia muttered under her breath as she continued on her given task, she didn't want to talk much at all and her life wasn't really filled with fun at all no matter how much you try to bring her into it. She was a strong and powerful girl that knocked just about every single belief and chance for fun completely out of her way. She didn't believe in anything and she needed a lot of help in her life to make it worth living. She was always sad or depressed and she didn't want anybody in her way.

    Mia, why don't you believe in the Easter Cybunny?" Mew asked her, wanting an explanation. "I know she is real, why can't you believe that? Why do you not believe in anything?" The only reply she got was a frustrated growl.

    Listen Mew, I don't believe in anything!" Mia tried to explain. "Not even the Easter whatever. They do not exist, so stop trying to convince me that they do."

    Mia, they do exist and I know it is true." Mew begged. "You just have to finally live your life and believe in them, don't lock the magic out of your life." She saw her sister's face going red.

    Mew, they do not exist so be quiet!" Mia yelled at her. "You only think that because you just believe in anything, you are just so happy that you don't even know what is real!" She spotted tears welling up in Mew's eyes as she ran inside, sobbing loudy. She decided to chase after her.

    Wait Mew!" She tried to let her know. "I didn't mean to shout at you!"

    Y-Yes, you did!" She shouted back at her. "You don't even care about me at all, you don't believe in anything and always put down the chance to actually have some fun. Why can't you just be happy like everybody should be? It's no fun being depressed and boring so you aren't sorry!" She continued running, ignoring her sister as she ran into her bedroom and leaning her back against the door, making it completely impossible for her sister to open it.

    Mew, please don't leave me out of your life." Her older sister begged which was completely hopeless around her younger sister who wasn't always fully convinced.

    I just want to help you to get out of your bubble of complete gloom." She wailed. "You don't believe in anything and it is just sad, why can't you just leave me alone?"

    Mia walked away from the door, tears running down her face. She didn't mean to hurt her little sister but she didn't believe in anything she believed in. She didn't like to have fun and there was something completely wrong with her, she didn't know what just yet.

    Mew ignored her every single hour of each day until it was the night before the big day and Mew was leaving out the carrots and water for the Easter Cybunny's big visit when her older sister were just rolling her eyes at the scene.

    Mew, don't even try." She said. "The Cybunny doesn't exist and you should listen to me." Mew just ignored her and went off to bed and cried herself to sleep.

    At the stroke of midnight, Mew woke up to a noise which sounded like something or somebody was hopping across the autumn leaves. She decided to check it out so she got on a coat and slippers and went outside, she then saw her biggest belief, the Easter Cybunny. "Hello little Wocky!" She exclaimed as she saw Mew who was gasping in surprise. The Cybunny then started to giggle.

    Oh my gosh, you do exist!" She replied, utterly surprised. "My sister was completely wrong, she isn't a believer." She started sobbing quietly as the Easter Cybunny tried to cheer her up.

    We all know that she will believe tonight." She told her with a smile.

    Mia then woke up after having a nightmare and she realised she needed her little sister to be with her. She really did feel sorry and wanted to make it up to her so she ran into her bedroom and discovered that she wasn't there so she started to panic.

    Oh my gosh, Mew you have to be somewhere!" She whispered, clutching her tears back. "I can't lose you, you are the only friend I have!" She looked everywhere until she spotted her sister outside the window with a mysterious figure so she ran out to meet her little sister and they shared a cuddle.

    Mew, what on Neopia are you doing?" She whispered quickly to her little sister. "You are out here with a stranger and it's not safe, I was looking for you." Her little sister then started smiling and Mia had no idea why until the mysterious figure stepped out of the shadows and she gasped in shock.

    Mia, I would like to introduce you to the Easter Cybunny!" Mew exclaimed. "I told you that she did exist and here is your proof, just believe it now!" The Cybunny then smiled at Mia.

    Mia, I do exist." She told her with a huge smile on her face. "You can't just toss away beliefs or fun, because lives were made to be liven to the fullest. You just needed a bit of encouragement to get you to understand it."

    I do believe!" Mia exclaimed. "I believe in everything and I will have more fun than normal and I will change for the better good!" Mew then ran over and the sisters shared a cuddle.

    So from that point on, Mia had more fun and was a lot more better to be around and she respected her sister from the bottom of her heart. She didn't have to toss away beliefs or chances to have fun, she only needed a bit of encouragement to get her on her own way to become a better sister and friend to all.

    Closing Comments

  • I had dedicated this short story to Easter so I hope you liked it! This is one of my most proudest stories and I believe I did an excellent job of it. Remember that lives were made to be liven to the fullest and to never push away beliefs or chances at fun. It clearly makes you a better person and such good advice to take. Thank you for reading!
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    Midnight Sky

    Midnight sky sparkling bright,

    Stars lit in the cool of night.

    So many that you can't even count,

    There is such a very large amount.

    Us together side by side,

    Us and the humming tide.

    Watch us dance and watch us twirl,

    Full beneath the sky's peril.

    Let's stay under it toasty and warm,

    A very beautiful sky, free of storms.

    In the velvet dark of night,

    Where things are really all right.

    We can stay like this forever,

    Me and you are all together.

    Nothing can tell us what to do,

    As long as we have each other, and I have you.

    Nothing will harm us, I have your hand.

    I'll do anything for you, I can.

    So let's just stay under the stars,

    No matter where you are.

    For we are under the midnight sky,

    And our wishes can wake up and fly.

    Closing Comments

  • I decided on the theme for this poem through pure imagination and just thinking about how beautiful it would be. Remember, take somebody and sleep under the midnight sky!
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    Remember Me : Part 1

    Felissa and Rouge were best friends, they hanged out together all of the time and the entire school knows their names and what they look like and whatnot. Rouge actually had the best memory in the whole entire school, he could recall what she has seen, hear and said. She was a superstar, and everybody knows this came in handy at times and times again. Felissa could not think of anything that would break this habit and she was grateful for this amazing gift she was given mentally. That still didn't stop them, they were the best of friends.

    Little did she know, Rouge was about to lose that power…

    Felissa woke up on Monday morning, groaning and pushing her way out of her plump and beautiful bed. She never wanted to leave it but it just wasn't possible to stay in it for the rest of her whole life, she needed to get out into the world sometime. She went downstairs, grabbed breakfast and ran out the door, ready to face the day. She then walked over to Rouge's house and knocked on the front door. She knocked a few times until Rouge responed to the knocks. She was a beautiful pink Kacheek with golden hair and she was always wearing pants with a top and sneakers. She actually was a tomboy unlike Felissa, who was the biggest girly girl everybody knew at school. "Hello Fel!" she greeted her with joy in her voice. "How are you this morning?"

    I'm good." Felissa replied back. Her mornings were normally always good and nothing was going to change that. She was a typically happy girl and nothing will ever change that at all. The couple continued chatting with each other until Rouge tripped over a huge rock and fell flat face onto the ground. "Rouge, are you okay?" Felissa tried to check if he was okay, until she heard the worst thing come out of Rouge's mouth. "Who are you?" She asked her, her face still planted on the ground. "And who am I?"

    Oh no, she lost her entire memory. This was terrible, she was well known for her memory and now it's all gone down the drain. "I'm your best friend!" Felissa said through sobbing quietly. "You have to remember me!" Rouge just looked at her completely confused, she didn't remember anything since her fall and she just completely lost her status fully. Felissa then picked her up in her hands and raced over to her best friend's house, maybe she'll know exactly what is wrong. As soon as they reached the house, her best friend's mother opened the door and stared at the duo in complete shock, confused as to what to do next. "Are you okay dear?" She asked her daughter who just looked at her confused. "Who are you?" She asked. Tears started to run down her mother's face as she realised what happened to her. "Let's get you to bed." She said as she got her daughter from Felissa and tucked her into her bed.

    Later that night, Rouge woke up suddenly and thought to herself. Why was she in this strange place with nobody who she knew? Who were these pets? She then made the bad decision and slowly tiptoed to the door and snuck out into the cool air. "I need to find home." She said to herself as she slowly walked down the street without anybody to support her in her travels. The next morning, her mother came into her bedroom to wake her up, but she realised that she has gone somewhere without permission. She started to panic until she heard a knock at the door and there stood Felissa, waiting to greet her friend. "Where's Rouge?" She asked her but then realised that something was totally wrong.

    She escaped." Rouge's mother told her. "What if I lost her?" She added on, trying hard not to sob. Felissa decided to give her a comforting hug and then reassured her that she wasn't lost, and she can be found.

    She can be found." Felissa explained to her, trying to help her keep calm. "We just have to try." Her mother nodded calmy. "We can do this." She said to herself.

    Part 1 Comments

  • Hello guys, I decided that it was time for a new story series and here you go! Keep your eyes peeled for the next part!
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    Remember Me : Part 2

    Felissa then walked out of the house to her own house to ask her parent's permission if she could go around the whole of Neopia. She knocked a few times until the door opened and her parents were in near vision, smiling from ear to ear.

    Hello dear, how was your visit?"

    She knew there was no time for chatting at this moment to decide the safety of her best friend. She cared about her so much and she believed nothing will ever stop her from being there for her whenever it was required. They had been friends for completely ages and they were still going strong but now they needed each other more than ever.

    Guys, I need to talk to you." Felissa explained to them. "It is very important."

    A few seconds later, the gang was sitting in the lounge room each holding a cup of NeoCola and a cookie all together. They were pretty serious when it came to meetings and they always like to be on the brink of them. "What would you like to talk about?" Her mum asked her.

    So, Rouge lost her entire memory and escaped last night." She carefully explained to them. "So, I was wondering if I could go with her mum to find her." She finished, looking eager for her answer. For these certain times she had no idea what they would say and so she needed this answer right now and fast, her parents normally took ages to come up with the answer and it bothered her out of her mind.

    Sure honey!" Her mother replied with joy in her voice as Felissa bounded up suddenly.

    Oh my gosh, are you serious?" She exclaimed, trying hard to believe that this was actually in reality and that it was real. "I love you guys!"

    We would like to give you something." Her dad told her as her parents led her into her bedroom where she found a bracelet lying on her pillow and she looked at her parents curiously but they nudged her to move towards it and she obeyed her orders. She picked it up and observed it: It had a mixture of violet and indigo beads in a very simple pattern on a piece of brown rope. She looked at her parents, which continued staring at her like something needs to be done. She decided to rub the bracelet and all of the beads lit up like gemstones.

    Not yet!" Her mother told her as she quickly took her hands off the bracelet. "This bracelet is actually an communcation device which you can use whenever you like to talk to us for any reason you would like." Felissa then jumped up and hugged her parents so much that they couldn't breathe.

    Thanks guys." Felissa told them gleefully as she bounded out the door, her parents waving goodbye as she skipped away.

    She then made it back to Rouge's house where her mother was waiting on the couch sipping her coffee. "You ready?" She asked as she noticed Felissa walk through the door. "Let's do this!" She replied, hair blowing in the wind.

    She was of course scared of this dangerous task but she knew she had to find her best friend, she would be lost without her and it could be the only way to bring her lost memory back and keep her safe. Best friends are always there for each other, no matter how big, dangerous or scary things she had to go through to do it.

    Part 2 Comments

  • And yes, I actually finally released the next part without any hassle whatsoever. Stay tuned for the next part no matter how long it could take!
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