What are you doing here...?

Vous ne devriez pas être seul…

Here you were again. The Haunted Woods. What kept drawing you into this place? You grumble to yourself as you awkwardly maneuver through the plant life.
You stop dead, chills running up your spine. What was that? And that rustling behind you?
A long, deep growl rumbles from your left.
You start bolting through the trees like the devil himself was at your heels. You'd heard of werelupes... you didn't want to meet one.
Your pursuer is hot on your trail. You hear it's claws raking the ground as it tears after you. You're getting tired... you feel hot breath on your back--
...and you stumble into a clearing. The monster is gone. You stand up, breathing heavily, clutching your heart, and look around. You feel your jaw drop: how was this place in the middle of the Haunted Woods?
Most of the flowers were almost as high as the trees bordering the clearing. They were in beautiful shades of pink and violet with large, drooping petals. You hear a creak trickling nearby and for the first time since you stupidly entered the forest, you could see the stars glittering from above.

You were so struck by the sudden beauty of your environment that you failed to notice the surprised creature just feet away.

You catch her eyes and swallow a gasp.
The lupess is a sickly green and covered in patches of various other furs. Her eyes are wide and pupilless, lined in spidery lashes. Around her neck a red, glowing orb hangs off a thick, black string. Her skin stretches across her ribs.. she must be hungry. You take a step back...
Wait. The creature jumps swiftly to her feet. Please.. don't go. She speaks in a soothing, crystal clear tone. You feel yourself relaxing a bit.
The lupess steps closer and takes a seat under a younger flower so that it hides most of her gaunt face. Are you alright? You look like you're about to have a heartattack. She stares into your eyes, concern etched across her face.
Touched by the stranger's concern, you speak for the first time. "Yeah...I think a werelupe or something was chasing me." You take a deep breath, still clutching your heart.
She frowns. Well, you're safe for now. Nothing will come near us while I have this. She gestured to the orb, which glowed a little brighter almost as to say 'Yea, wuh she sayed'. I'm Ciriquoi. Welcome to my... home.

22nd day of Running, Y12:Cleaning up my sloppy, hurried writing. Working on Ciriq's story.. and constructing so adoptuhdopts.. thanks for stopping by. :)


Au sujet de moi..

- Name: Ciriquoi
- Nickname: Ciriq
- Gender: Female
- Age: Unknown
- Species: Lupe
- Heritage: French
- Status: Single
- Color: Pale green
- Markings: Patches
- Eyes: Plain white
- Build: Petite
- Coat style: Messy and distorted
- Tail: Chopped
- Faults: Hideous, overly curious
- Current Mood: Lonely
- Personality: Sweet, clever, mischievous, humorous at times, jumpy, clumsy
- Owner: Snix

(Roleplay Information)

-Ciriq is very fragile. It doesn't usually stop her from running or playing, but she often loses limbs and (depending on what piece of her it is), they will try to get away and often succeed.
-Ciriq must always wear her necklace. Please don't steal it unless you want to see the most pathetic thing ever. :)
-Ciriq can eat. She stays really skinny as it's hard to hunt for her. Most living creatures stay at least half a mile away from her due to the dark aura of her necklace.
-Ciriq is a hopeless romantic.

Roleplay with Ciriq is currently open.

Likes and Dislikes

Je préfère des fleurs..

•Loud noises

Let me tell you a story..

L'histoire d'un monstre...

You really want to hear it? She runs a paw through the mane of hair hiding a half of her face. It's long... but I'll spare you the minor details.

I was born into a pack that picked up French as a first language from humans many centuries ago. The Haunted Woods was our home, though it went under a different name at the time.
As the daughter of the alpha, I was well-respected among my friends and family. It didn't help that they saw me as nothing less than gorgeous. My fur was golden.. it shimmered in the sun and moonlight. I was the pride of our pack.
One day, I had a little accident... I was playing with a friend of mine.. and trod on a poisonous snake by mistake. Luckily, the bite was not fatal, but I did lose my site.
I was ashamed to be toted around by my pack-members after that. They never left me alone.. I was pleased that they loved me enough to accompany me everywhere... but I felt like such a burden. After a while, I couldn't take it.
I wondered off on my own one night... just for a stroll... but of course I got lost. My sense of smell was never something to be proud of.
I paced the forest floor, whimpering softly to myself.. I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I was so ashamed... First day on my own after a year of blindness, and I get hopelessly lost. I had grown dependent on my pack, and was useless by myself.

I don't know how long I cried.

After a while, someone heard me. The shuffling of her feet against the leaves made me raise my head. Qui est là?
The shuffling stopped. She was close. "Such a pretty thing." A sickly voice rasped. "Why the sad face?" I was not too familiar with English at the time, so it took me a while to respond.
I sat up. Who are you? Her scent was strong with rot and cinnamon. I wrinkled my nose.
She shuffled closer. "I'm a friend, dearest. Now... tell me what I can do to see a smile on that pretty face?"
A chill dashed up my spine. I didn't know what to do. I am blind, mad'am. And I am lost. I felt another tear roll down my cheek.
I felt her breath on my face. "Well, that's all? I can help you out with that."
My heart hammered against my chest. You can? Comment?
She ran her fingers through my fur. "I lack beauty and you lack site. I could give you the best eyes in the entire world... if you can give me the most beautiful fur in existence."
I flinched away from her touch, mortified. You want... my fur? Maybe I had heard her wrong? I'm afraid I didn't.
The creature shuffled around me, pacing. "A small price to pay, I would think. I can make you see again! You could live a normal life. You wouldn't be a burden on your friends anymore. You wouldn't be a waste of flesh and bone." I cringed in horror, tears flowing now. Her voice was filled with hatred now. "So you won't be beautiful anymore. At least you'll be able to function. You wont get lost while trying to go on a bloody midnight stroll!"
I was terrified. And quiet. I waited for her to speak again.
Her pacing stopped in front of me. "So what do you say, Ciriquoi?"
It should have seemed obvious to avoid the hag. I was numb with pain and terror.. It didn't seem eerie at the time that she knew my name and my intentions... my past... and that I would agree. I raised a shaking paw, and she took it.

I woke up sometime later, in a daze. The first thing I saw with my new eyes was the dull glow of the orb tied around my neck. I blinked a few times... and was amazed. I saw better than I ever did before. Night was as clear as day. I could see everything closeup and far, far away. Every color, every detail, every movement...
Only there was no movement. The forest was still and silent.
I stood, wobbling a bit at first. I was sore from head-to-toe... and that's when I noticed my toe. It was no longer covered in shimmering golden fur, but a plain green slap in the face. I gasped and raised a paw to my head to brush through the once beautiful locks of hair I had... but my claws found only a tangled mess. I looked around, panicking. A stream trickled nearby. I dashed toward it...
I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. A hideous lupe stared back at me from the stream. She was covered in different patches of fur, stitched together by thick, black string. Her eyes were wide and blank, lined heavily in dark lashes. Like a doll.
I quickly backed away from the stream, mumbling under my breath... I panted, holding out my arms to look at them. I was completely horrified... I caught my reflection in the necklace that was constantly in the corner of my vision... and saw my face again. I screamed and ripped the necklace off my neck and hurtled it into the stream.
I sobbed silently for a few seconds until I felt the most horrible sensation. My limbs... were forcing themselves from my body.
I screamed once more as my bushy, lime green tail ripped free from it's stitches an slivered into the forest like a snake. My back paw tore off and began to scamper away like a sickly spider. It only took me a few seconds to realize what had caused this... so I dove into the stream after the glow of my necklace.
By the time I had it back around my neck, I was missing a leg and two paws... my snout was dangling off my face, but not quite detached, and my tail..
I spent the rest of my night finding my limbs and sewing them back on with the string and needle that I found in the pocket sewed on my inner leg. I was silent.. and my mind was blank, as I wish it would be forever.

I was too ashamed to return to my pack for a while. But after a few days, I grew somewhat used to my grotesque appearance.. and tracked them down. I was hoping their love for me would triumph over their fear. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I won't go into details... it is too painful.

So...now I live here, in the flowers. My pack fled the forests like cowards. Everyone left the forest. The necklace wards away those who are... 'normal'. It draws the wicked and strange.. I've come to notice. But living here, in the flowers, tends to keep the later away.
So I live in total solitude. Every once in a while, someone wonders into my home, like you did today. But they will feel uneasy... and trapped. Do you feel that way?


Il rougeoie comme le feu..

She takes the orb around her neck gently in her claws. It glows brighter, illuminating the entire area. With this, I can see the past, present, and sometimes the future. She carefully brushes a paw over it. I am still unsure how to see of my own will. It just kind of randomly happens. I never really know which time-frame it is unless it's really obvious. She releases it and the glow dies down. It also keeps my body together. Sometimes my limbs will come loose anyway, but if I take this off, I will start falling apart. Pretty cool, right? She frowns.

Friends and Family

Ils tendent à m'éviter..

Ciriq frowns a bit, her ears back. Well...I had a friend, once, but we haven't spoken in a long time. As for family? They left me a long time ago. All's I really have is...


Mon seulement ami..

A small, white creature scurries out from under Ciriq. This is Souris, my yullie. The yullie twitches it's whiskers, blinking up at you with wide yellow eyes. He just showed up in my pocket one day.. She gestured toward the purple pocket on her inner right arm. And now I can't keep him away. Not that I mind. He scurries away and disappears in the forest of flowers. She watched him, a sad little smile on her face. It's nice to have company..


N'allant pas se produire.

She sighs sadly. Not yet. And probably never. Look at me. She watches you for a minute and smiles. Sorry. I hate to be negative... I just don't meet very many males that aren't...vain. Maybe one day.


Mon sanctuaire..

I belong to a pack, but I rarely visit it's members. I am....nervous to meet them. But one day... I will work up the courage.


Peu présente!

I will be making adoptables ASAP! But for now, enjoy these. :3

Adoptables of me!


Je suis honoré..

Thank you guys so much. :)


Écoutez soigneusement...

You're listening to:
Auburn and Ivory
Beach House
from their first album, which is also called
Beach House

I hope you enjoy.
They are one of my favorites. :)

Once when I saw her there
White light she stood so still
Warming her eyes to the sea
Hardly her way to be free

Auburn and ivory
Heart break and pony tails

Holding her bones by a fire
Writing the letter she sails
White page turns golder lights
Wanting her one sacrifice

Auburn and ivory
Heart break and pony tails

Come to me
And I'll tell you what's wrong
She said, "I'll wait for you. I'll wait for...

Once when I saw her there
White light she stood so still
White page turns golder lights
Hardly her one sacrifice

Auburn and ivory
Heart break and pony tails


Et bonne nuit..

Ciriq looks up at the sky. It's almost morning. You should be safe to travel home, now. Just head through here- She points to the right of you. For a few minutes and you'll hit a path. It will lead you safely out of the forest. Trust me. She said, reading the doubt off your face. I know the forest like the back of my paw. As she said it, the stitches came loose on her right paw and it flopped onto the ground, hitched itself up on it's toes, and quickly scurried away. Ciriq sighed. Goodbye, lemmingses. She stood. It was very nice to meet you. And she awkwardly dashed after her paw.


Visite encore un jour..

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