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Everyone's like, "You should be proud of who you are!".
And I'm like, "I wish I could, but I don't know who I am".

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(Written by Diane).

It's ok, I can fix that
I'm a doctor, seen it all
Fixing you is helping me
Forget all I've forgotten
What's my name, again?

That's ok, I understand
I just hope that you don't mind
If I get things wrong sometimes
For some reason I forget
What'd I say, again?

Look this way, show me your eyes
What is it I see in them
Were you here in some past life?
Or am I speaking nonsense
What's your name, again?

What'd you say? Help me understand
Is this some key into my past?
At times it seems that all I have
Is a lock around my neck
What's the day, again?

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The automatic doors slide open as you step inside the hospital. The sign outside had given a name to this place: Collean Hospital. You were in the city of Genray.

There is the tangy smell of antiseptics floating in the room. The walls are a boring cream color, and the room is almost dead silent except for the sound of coughing, breathing, and the woman behind check-in desk typing. There are two hallways at the far end with the desk in the middle. They both have signs above them, the one on the right reading 'Walk-in Clinic' and the one on the right listing all the different floors and what was on them (for example, you saw that Pediatrics was on 2B, and the bathrooms on 4F). You walk across the carpeted room (the waiting room, as it turned out) to the check-in desk in the center, passing stuffed chairs holding different people, one of which a young, female, speckled Acara holding a staff. She seems to be watching you, but as you look over at her you notice her eyes are clouded over. She's blind, or at least mostly.

The woman behind the desk, a smiling anthro in her thirties or forties, greets you. "Hello," she says to you, showing off her unnaturally white teeth. "Checking in or visiting someone?".

What were you supposed to say? You had come in because your stomach had been feeling weird, but now that you thought about it the whole thing seems very weak.

Just as you open your mouth to speak when two people exit the right hallway. There is a male, appearing in his early twenties, and a female appearing in either her late twenties or early thirties. The male is a Cybunny anthro, christmas or white, and the female was a Kougra anthro, silver or gray with translucent glasses. The female seems to be chastising the male quietly, worry obviously present in her olive-green eyes.

."...can't make a mistake like that again, Reelo is going to fire us both and-" she suddenly stops, noticing you standing only a few feet away. You smile, hoping to make the trapped look on her face go away.

You also notice that the male has started smiling brilliantly. He's an odd-looking fellow, with a large physician's head-mirror strapped to his forehead, slightly covered by thick, moussed bangs on the right side. He is donned in bright, neon orange scrubs, the darker undershirt sleeves reaching his hands and covering them slightly in a feminine way. He seems to notice that you noticed his outfit and he pulls his hands to his face, brushing his whiskers as he covered his hands the rest of the way and biting into one of his fingernails. He shifts his feet, watching you, and you realize he is bare-footed.

."Chy," the female says, "you should say hello to this person."

The cybunny moves his hands away, smiling so widely it almost hurts your eyes. The one moment of shyness you saw in him instantly vanished, and he bounds up to you rapidly.

."Hullo!" he says, excitedly. He offers his left hand and you raise an eyebrow but change hands to shake his. "My name is Dr. Chy, but you can call me Chy." He seems very proud of his name, and acts like you should be honored that you can call him by his real name and not put the doctor title in front of it.

."I'm Phiamme, Ms. Phiamme to you," the kougra, Ms. Phiamme, speaks up. She has her arms crossed but is smiling lightly, speaking to you but looking at Chy with warm eyes. She loves him, you figure. But not in the romantic way. She loves a mother.

You introduce yourself, and they both nod. Ms. Phiamme opens her mouth to speak, but Chy cuts her off.
."So are you sick?".

."Chy, you'd figure they're sick. They're at a hospital," Ms. Phiamme tells him. He looks back at her and pouts for a minute, as if considering what she said. He turns back to you, looking above your head. "Oh yeah. Hospital...".

You prepared yourself for an awkward silence when the young girl with the staff stood, tapping her way over. Chy looked down and saw her, instantly brightening.

."Sarah! What are you doing here? Did I call you...?" He frowns slightly, as if worried he had forgotten something.

."No Chy, I'm here for a check-up with Phiamme," the young girl, Sarah, told him.

."Ms. Phiamme!" the kougra interfered. The child ignored her words, but tapped her way to the older doctor. Chy frowned again, deeper, obviously somewhere between upset over the child's leaving and confusion.

."Saaraahh, wait a second," he called after the child, still growning. He whispered the next line. "I don't know where to go next.".

Sarah sighed and taped her way back over to the adult. She appeared to be left-handed, because she holds her staff in one hand and her right crawls up his shirt, pausing at his mane. She pulled a small chain out from under his fluff without a smile, and then stood on her tip-toes to pat his cheek.

."You're not working today, Chy." she told him subtly. "Go back home.".

And with that, she turned around and tapped her way back to Ms. Phiamme, leaving Chy alone again. You consider everything that just happened, and then ignore your paining stomach and go to the man, tapping his shoulder. He turns around.

."Hello," you said, telling him your name. He nodded blankly. "I know this is rude to ask, but I must. Do you have some sort of memory disease?" It had been very obvious to you, due to the past situation, and your curiosity overcame you.

The Cybunny anthro tilted his head to the right, looking down at you, confusion shining in his chipped, magenta eyes. "Yes. I do." Odd, relief is shining behind his eyes. There is also a shimmer of fear. "Can I...can I tell you about it? My life, I mean. Or what I know about it, ..." he trailed off. Oh no, you realize. He's forgotten my name.

."Yeah, Chy. Go on. I'm listening.".

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Name: Chy
Born: September 26
Age: 21
Personality: Socially Awkward, Believes He is Ghettofabulous, Lovable, Failure at Flirtatious but Tries Anyway
First glance appearance: Anthro Cybunny. White? Christmas? White fur with the lightest tints of silver. Magenta/ivy colored Cybunny mane. Doctor fashion. Loose, wrinkly, tacky, light orange scrubs. They lack the ID pocket. Dark orange undershirt with long sleeves. Shoeless (has green toes).
Eye color: Feminine rose-colored.
Scars/markings: None visible.
Hair: Wild golden-yellow-somewhat-orange and bed-heady. He probably jells it. Thick bangs fall over right eye.
Ears: Long with ivy core and magenta stripes on the tip. Left ear has a cartilage deficiency and flops down.
Accessories: Physician's head mirror wrapped around his forehead.
Jewelry: Padlock on chain hidden under Cy mane. Only out when around Sarah or Quari directly.
Love: McHottie
Offspring: None
Lives: Apartment building.
Worst Fear: Never regaining old memories.
Petpet: Quari the Juma. His only live connection to his past.
Other: Doctor. Memories taken and encased in padlock by Gal, ex-Memory Keeper.

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."I don't know too much about my life," he began, walking towards the seats on the side. He plops down in one and you sit on the one next to him, intent on listening. "For all I know, I was born about a year ago. But I know that isn't right, because I'm too tall for that." He frowns again, and you widen your eyes.
Oh dear, I've found a Crazie you think quickly to yourself. You decide to sit quietly while he continues.

."Anyway...yeah. I work here...I think." He purses his lips to the side and stood, simply walking away to the walk-in clinic. You sit there for a while, gaping, disbelieving that he simply just walked away from you.

."Don't feel bad," speaks up a voice. You look in the opposite direction to see that the acara girl has returned. She's leaning on her staff, staring a little above your head. She can't pinpoint your exact position. "I'm surprised he even remembered he works here. Today is one of his worse days." She taps her way over and sits down in the seat Chy just sat in, sitting boyishly despite her small dress.

."My name is Sarah, but you already know that because Phiamme said so. I know more about Chy than he does, because he has horrible memory. It's not really short term memory loss, more like permanent random memory loss. He used to work at another hospital really far away, but then he got attacked by a Memory Keeper and lost most of his mind.".

You sit there, blinking rapidly, confused out of your mind. Sarah doesn't seem to notice (or if she does she doesn't care), but waits a few seconds before speaking again.

."Did I overload you? I do that a lot. Anyway, you see, I'm the new Memory Keeper. I see peoples memories sometimes. I see Chy's because he has a padlock necklace and I can feel the memories inside them. He's only here because the old Memory Keeper got mad at him and took all of his. Then she sent him here. I don't know much more because I don't care to know much more, but I'll tell you what I know."

She stands and you decide to follow her, tracking after her quickly as she taps her way past the front desk and through the door on the right. You follow her down the long hallway until she reaches an elevator and presses the button.

."Chy is a resident here, at Collean. He's a very good doctor, he just has a really bad memory. He never forgets anything that could kill someone, and I know that sounds convenient but it's true. The old Memory Keeper did that on purpose." You couldn't tell if she knew what she was talking about or not, but you decided to believe her either way. The elevator arrived and you both stepped in. She felt her way across the row of buttons until she found the fourth one on the second-to-last row, and she pressed it.
."He's a really awkward guy. Very embarrassing to himself and others. For the most part he enjoys his life, but he really wishes he knew more about it."

You almost wish she would slow down, the way she was ramming things into your brain. She was overloading you, and you wondered if it was on purpose.

The elevator arrived and you both stepped out, and you realized that the wallpaper in this section of the hospital was bright and pastel. The girl didn't -- no, couldn't -- notice, and continued on. Pediatrics, you guessed.

."The man Phiamme mentioned earlier, Reelo, is the Chief of Medicine here. He hates Chy and he wants him fired because he thinks he's incompetent. Phiamme, my doctor, she loves Chy. In a platonic way." Since when did a young child know what 'platonic' meant? This little girl, this Sarah, she was very odd.

As you're ambling on after Sarah, a young adult man comes from the other direction. He's a Tonu anthro, with his hair spiked back in a mohawk. He spies Sarah and becomes excited. "Hey shortie! Where's Chy?" he yells to her. Sarah frowns. "Not here," she tells him. "And I don't like you, and don't call me shortie.".

She brushes past the shocked adult and you follow quickly, surprised at her. "That was rude!" you tell her.

."He's rude," she relies. "His name is Kekum, and he's an intern here. He's obsessed with Chy, and I don't like it." She suddenly stops tapping, and turns sharply towards a door on her left. Without even knocking, she throws open the door. Inside is the silver Kougra anthro, Phiamme, treating a small child. Oddly enough, Chy is sitting on the Parents seat close by, a blank look on his face. It vanishes when you and Sarah walk in. It makes you feel warm, as if you realized that perhaps his memory was going to do a little better today.

Phiamme, on the other hand, was not happy with you two suddenly arriving. "Sarah!" she explodes. "What are you doing here!? I thought you said you couldn't have your appointment today...and why did you bring someone with you?!" She points accusingly to you. "This is not a zoo!".

."Chy asked for them," she replies smoothly, an ace at lying. Her tone of voice was so truthful that she had either practiced this or she believed it to be the truth.

Chy took on a confused look, which she either expected or could feel, because she then said, "You did, Chy. You told me yourself." She gestures her staff towards you again, and Chy stands and walks over.

The child being cared for by Phiamme suddenly begins to cry, and Chy stops abruptly. He turns around and walks back to the little boy, and pulls a lollipop out of his back pocket, gives it to him, and smiles brightly before returning to you.

Your mouth it slightly agape as he walks by you and you follow again, knowing that you were going to learn something today, whether or not it was useful.

You follow him obediently, your ears open wide.

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Genray is actually a medium-sized city, its entire popular being about 4000+ people, populating the eastern shore of a moderately large island named Turvavia.

This world is a confusing one. Technically, Genray is on the planet Earth, and therefore there are Earth references (movies, DVDS, books, car models, ect.), but none of my characters ever lived or do live in any real-life cities. On the globe, Turvavia is probably somewhere off the coast of North Carolina, in the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate and vegetation of the this little area, and the entire island, is incredibly messed up. Due to the multitude of different magical creatures, some of them with the ability to control weather or plant life, there is no set climate or type. It was once just temperate forests and grasslands, but it is now an array of mountains, tropical rain forests, temperate forests, wetlands, grasslands, and even a beach. Around the cities it is vaguely clean, warm, with a good amount of rainfall but not a lot of snow. The rain forest, as expected, receive rain almost every day and are incredibly humid. The wetlands and marshes are very muggy, the mountains are a little dry and a lot colder, and the grassland and temperate forest areas are warm, crisp, and airy.

Genray is split into many different parts. The main city is split into three: Genray City, South Genray, and West Genray. Genray City is where everything is very industrialized and New York-esque. It is in the heart of the city, and places like Collean Hospital, Oasis Bar and Nightclub, Eternity 24, and other popular chains and locations are located here. South Genray is about 20 minutes south of Genray City and is a little more rural, with the roads not as recently paved and a few trees poking out behind franchises. Everything here is privately owned, and it's where Amaranth and La Petite Théière are, along with the apartment buildings, common grocery stores and boulevard shops. West Genray is the ghetto of Genray. It is an hour away from Genray City, and people rarely go there, especially at night. It's a rundown little section overrun with crime, and the Alleyway is down there. There is no school system in Genray.

Aside from the main city areas of Genray, there are also many smaller areas. South of the three Genray cities, about an hour and a half away, is the Owlio rain forest. It's a very wide, about 14,000 square feet and suffocatingly dense. To the west of them are the Majaki Mountains and the Lake House. South of the rain forests is an incredibly rural area about 20 minutes away from the beach. Sanctuary is on this area of land.

The actual attitude of people living in Genray is "live fast, die young, and grow up quickly." Due to the continuous Q Fever epidemic, hundreds of people are killed and many children become orphaned. Since there is not yet a cure for this mutant strand, the disease will commonly relapse and send another wave through the citizens. There is usually a 10 or 15 year period between each outbreak, thought there have been times where there were waves every 4 years or so. Because of this people fear they will die young, therefore the age of things such as marriage and entering the work force have severely dropped. 13 is the new 18, and 20 is the new 30. Most people are married and starting a family in their early twenties, and you could be hired for a 10-4 job by the age of 14. To outsiders this is an unhealthy, even barbaric attitude, but to them it is simply their way of life.

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Clean up Flatline and Cymbalta and post them here.

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-Being a doctor/Helping people
-Girls o3o
-Sparkling peach juice

-Not remembering where I came from
-Not being able to help a patient
-When the juice bar closes early
-Not knowing the simple things
-Forgetting names. Including my own. ;~;

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Let's pick up again," you tell Chy. He hadn't spoken since he told you his story, and since you heard that little girl's side. "Who do you know?" you ask him. "Do you have any friends? Family?"
He seems to consider your question for a moment or two, and then speaks excitedly. "Yeah, I have friends!" He reaches into his back-pocket and pulls out a wallet, flipping it open. It's apparently full of the pictures of people he knows. "I'm kinda bad with names, so I'll just call them what them!" He pulls out the first photograph.

(Cherry). "This is a girl I call Teardrop. She always seems to be upset or crying, and I don't know why...I think I did at one point...something to do with a test. And a yes. Or something. I don't see her too much, but I wish I could make her happy." He frowns deeply, and you become concerned. You ask for the next person, and he complies.

(Swirl) ."Rainbow! I swear I've seen this little kid before...I just don't know where! She's awful quiet, and she won't tell me why! In fact, she won't tell me anything!" He looks near tears. You contemplate placing your hand on his shoulder, but he seems to shrug off his unhappy thoughts. "It makes me a little upset," he tells you, taking out the next picture. He brightens

(Sun). "Oooh. Oooh. This is, uhm, uhmmmm, Spiff...Spooc..Spick? Spick!'s girlfriend..wife...fiance? Yeah sure, they're soul mates! It's adorable. I can't wait to be asked to be the best man...if they aren't already married."

Photobucket(Maggy) ."I call her McHappy! Gawd, she's a lot like me in some ways. She's obliviously...happy!" He pets the picture, and you wonder why this girl is only in his 'not really good friends' (at least that's what you figure it's called) section of his wallet-photo-album. But then he seems to read your mind. "I don't see her at all because Spick won't let me, but I know she's nice." Okay then.

Photobucket(Topaz) ."I call her Jewel," he tells you, "because she's got one on her forehead. She's the bartender..ess of Oasis. I love Oasis. It's a juicebar. Best sparkling peach juice evverrr."
He flips through his wallet. "That's all the people I don't really know," he tells you. "And these are the people I'm really good friends with".

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Photobucket(Sarah) Oh, you recoginze this girl. It's Sarah. "Sarah!" Chy cries, and you're mildly shocked that he got her name right. "Oh, she's my best friend. Ever. BFF for life, I tell you. We do everything together. I really need her." Awkward. He shows you the next picture.

Photobucket(Spooks) ."This is Spick! He's supafly, like me." He nods quickly to show how serious he is about being supafly. "We do a lot of crazy things together. Except he never lets me see his little sister after a certain incident in pediatrics...oh well! Onto the next one.".

Photobucket Oh, it's that doctor of Sarah's. "This is Fifi! I dunno why I call her that, but I do. She's really kind to me and I think she's the only reason I'm still working here." Well, at least he's not stupid. "Let me show you my other friends."
Except he realizes he only has those three pictures in that section of his wallet. He seems upset for a moment to discover he only has three friends. Well, he moves on. "And these are the people I don't like".

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(Metro). ."This issss....Glowzoneman. ! He's super...scary. I keep ticking him off, and I never remember how! Or why! It has something to do with Spick's girl, I know that. Or maybe something else? Well, of all the people I know, I can say I like him less than other people.".

(Reloc) ."I don't like this guy! He lives across the hall from me in my apartment, and he's always stalking me and trying to make me into a model. While I know I'm quite beautiful," he hands you his wallet so he can run his fingers through his hair, and then takes it back, "the modeling business is very cruel. I don't like him."

Odd. His last picture is blank. "This is GUIDE!" he storms, suddenly enraged. "I HATE him! Sarah says he's her BEST friend, although I know that's ME!" he flicks the empty photo slot in a girl-ish way and pouts. You decide to quickly get him off the subject.
."Do you have anyone you like?" you ask him. "I mean, really like?".
He starts blushing and opens up another part of his wallet, where his ID should be, and shows you a picture of a girl.

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."This is McHottie," he tells you dreamily. "Oh, I really really like her. She's so sweet and beautiful and nice and gorgeous and she really likes me too."
Well, this was awkward. You decided to change the subject before he gave you too many details. "Do you have a pet, Chy?" you ask. He breaks out of his love-trance and nods rapidly, and runs away. You stand there awkwardly, wondering is he's run off again. Maybe you'll have to get Sarah to help you?
Oh wait, he's returning, and he's got a small creature on his arm.

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."This is Quari!" he tells you, panting. He extends the arm with the small peach-and-brown creature, a Juma. It has light hair with little pink highlights. How cute! "He's a good boy," Chy brags as you take the petpet in your arms.
There seems something off about the creature, though. It's wearing a collar displaying it's name, but on the back it has the female-arrow sign. "Chy," you begin. "I think Quari is a girl.".
He gets an odd look on his face for a moment, twitches his whiskers, and then brightens. "Oh yeah! I keep forgetting. Oops." He takes the petpet back and gives her head a little pat, looking very sweet. Then he perks up and turns quickly, hiding her behind his back. You become mildly confused, and peer past him.

There is a man walking in this direction. A bald Techo anthro with a forehead full of wrinkles. He's frowning, and wearing a white coat with a stethoscope tossed lazily around his neck.

."Chy!" he barks, making the Cybunny flinch slightly. "What are you doing here? It's your day off. You're going to make the hospital liable for your mistakes." He pauses suddenly. "What is that smell? Smells" He eyes Chy coldly. "Did you bring that mutt back in here? Pets are not allowed in Collean, period. Where is she? Give me her.".

."I-I don't have her, Dr. Reelo. Pinkie swear," Chy stutters out. Quari squirms silently in his hands, and you decide to take action. You step forward and gently ease Quari into your own hands, and then hide her behind your own back.

Reelo took no notice, seeing as he was deadly intent on watching Chy. "Show me your hands, Chy. I think you're hiding her."

Chy grins broadly and shows Dr. Reelo his now-empty hands, causing Dr. Reelo's frown to deepen. "Fine," he grumbles. "But either way, you're not supposed to be here. Leave."

He turns around and walks away, leaving Chy to turn around and start jumping excitably. "Thank you, oh, thank you thank you!" he cries, taking Quari back from you. "You're a lifesaver!"

You tell him it was no problem, and you continue on following him, though you feel that it's about time to leave.

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By Speckled (the_dude_yo)By UrayamashiiBy Sharon (l1lxbunny)By Sabu (Dragonwrath)Made by girl on Forums ;;;n.nBy Erin (ismark5555)By Erin (ismark5555)By Diane (okami_chan390)By Diane (okami_chan390)By Wifey (l1lxbunny)By Kirema666By May (x_atemu_x)By AJ (Kipperboo)By Ginger (passoinfruit)By Kari (Karikinet)By Natface (x_anothertown)By Meep (Cobbler)By Monty (Toasible)By Monty (Toasible)By Monty (Toasible)By Diane (Okami_chan390)By Meggie (Bongoshortie)By Hiccup (Hiccuphorse150)By Natface (x_anothertown)By Wifey Sharshar (l1lxbunny)By May (x_atemu_x)

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Same rules as always.
1. No stealing/editing for yourself/entering in BC/AG.
2. I know these don't have my name on them. Still, just use the pick-up code and LINK BACK pleease.
3. Don't take an adoptable that isn't yours.
Trades: Open.
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He seems to notice you peering at your watch, and it dawns on him. "You need to leave, don't you?" he asks with a faint smile. He knows your adventure together is ending.
You nod lightly, and his grin widens just a hair. "Hey, it's fine!" Chy remembers something suddenly, and pulls a few cards out of his back pocket.
."Here are some things to remember me by!".

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."And here," he tells you, "are some other business cards and photographs I've collected. I don't know who half of these belong to, but I like to look at them from time to time.".

A wind in the Plains ...CLICK ME FOR KAZZI ^^!!! :// searching for paradise

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You smile to Chy one last time as you both make your way back to the entrance. You're shocked to see the girl is still behind the desk, but then again, it's her job.

You say your goodbyes and you exit the building, leaving Chy to wander back around the building with Quari. You told him you hoped to see him again, but you doubted that, on the off chance you two did meet again, he would remember you. But that didn't upset you too much. You enjoyed your time with him, and if you saw him on the street you would give him a smile.
He deserved that.

For the next part of the story, please visit Sarah's page.
To hear a story from a person Chy saved, go to Swirl's page.

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