Extra PB Clothes
Aisha Collar Christmas Blumaroo Earrings Yellow Bruce Bowtie Sketch Bruce Bowtie Disco Elephante Hat Christmas Kau Antlers Mystery Island Scorchio Sandals Mystery Island Scorchio Necklace Tyrannian Scorchio Wig x2 Tyrannian Scorchio Wrap x2
Cloud Usul Headband x4 Cloud Usul Bow x4 Ghost Usul Headband Ghost Usul Bow Halloween Usul Devil Boots Halloween Usul Devil Ears Halloween Usul Devil Tunic Halloween Usul Pitchfork Rainbow Usul Headband Rainbow Usul Bow
Spotted Usul Headband Spotted Usul Bow Mutant Usul Bow Mutant Usul Headband Mystery Island Usul Bow Mystery Island Usul Bracelet Red Usul Bow Red Usul Headband Mystery Island Usul Earring Mystery Island Usul Headband
Purple Usul Bow x2 Purple Usul Headband x2 Fire Usul Bow Fire Usul Headband Snow Usul Bow x2 Snow Usul Headband x2 Elephante Hat x2 Christmas Scorchio Coat Christmas Scorchio Hat Gold Usul Headband
Gold Usul Bow Zombie Moehog Shirt Zombie Moehog Trousers Robot JubJub Body Housing
Robot JubJub Foot Housing

Snow Cybunny Scarf Christmas Tuskaninny Festive Hat Christmas Tuskaninny Scarf Christmas Tuskaninny Tail Adornment Christmas Tuskaninny Festive Gloves

Yellow Bruce Bowtie Glowing Bruce Bowtie Elephante Hat Blue Usul Bow Blue Usul Headband Halloween Flotsam Cloak Halloween Flotsam Hood Robot Pteri Body Housing Robot Pteri Cranium Housing Robot Pteri Tail Housing

If you have a pet that's missing any of these clothes, Neomail me and I'll gladly give them to you.

These adoptables are retired.
I will not be making any new colors or customs.


Fan Art

By golden_retrieversBy ToastehtoastBy _fluffy_chic_By jupeboxgalBy dragoninyourdreamsBy neko_graphicsBy LhunarBy lulu200400700jrBy batspidermonkeyBy bethany_the_pirateBy LhunarBy xangelicshadowxBy kitten_love_chocolatBy QeltBy PascalouBy kadiedoBy kitty_asplodeBy FionchaBy FionchaBy Dreamgirl5565By Deb72By RazziBy SkytailBy SoonkamimiBy Coconut_MuttBy RikoulaBy Mooseydoom101By Mitten_FootBy Wa2By LhunarBy unknown artist

Favorite Outfits