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Thank you!

Important note: Due to a change somewhere else, I'll be signing my new artwork with "LostLX" instead of my usual "LxisLost"! This does NOT mean you can remove my old signature.

2016 August 20th

Wowza!! I decided to stop being lazy and update some things~! One of those being the art page and as you can see it's got a new layout~!


Who the heck is Lost?

That's me, silly! The artist of this page~! Hi, I'm Lost~! I'm a twenty-three (23) year old that enjoys collecting cute items. My drawing specialties are animals, but I'll occasionally draw a human/anthro here and there (though I feel I still lack the ability to draw humans nicely).

I take commission work offline and of course real life has it's own plans, so if you see any inactivity it's mostly due to that. Rest assured I'm on Neopets daily, sometimes lurking on the art boards. I do answer neomails but if I haven't replied to yours yet feel free to send it again, I sometimes forget to reply (in that case ohgoodness I'm so sorry)! Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm a huge goofball that really does like making friends. Though I'm kinda terrible at keeping up with conversations, but I do my best to respond when I can! As for friend requests: I won't accept it if I don't recognize you. If we haven't talked and you send one, you bet I won't accept it. I have a bad memory so I'm sorry if I don't recognize you right away when we talk after it's been a while. ;v;


I've been playing Neopets for over eight (8) years now and started collecting items pretty recently, since I didn't really care for a lot of things when I was younger (only role playing but I've retired from that). I did leave the site for a while when another site was up, which I was pretty active on for almost three (3) years until it shut down for good.
Since then I decided to focus on Neopets, which has been a creative outlet for me ever since Lambbert was created.

A lot of my pets were adopted either from the pound or from another user, and only five (5) were created by me. I love them all very dearly even if it doesn't look like it's shown! ;o; So please don't ask if any of my pets are for trade. That being said, most of my pets are still under construction since I decided to redo their pages, so I'm slowly building them up when I can!



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Name: Sheepwreck
Quick Info: A very, very, very tiny pirate who enjoys adventures, especially treasure hunt adventures. He loves his ship more than anything since it's his pride and joy.
Trophies: None
Goals Fix pet page
Fix Look up
Dyeworks Red: Pirate Knots Shirt
Seaweed Bubble Shower (Not necessary)
Look Up | Page
Name: Lambbert
Quick Info: A hardworking mail carrier but also a big prankster, though he won't mix the too up since he really likes his job. His favorite pastime of all is flying with his little bird friend.
Goals Update pet page images
Fix coding
Enter BC


Neopet characters I used to own pets to, but decided to let them go. I still use the character but only offsite! (So if you've drawn them before, I still have their art! ♥)


AKA offsite characters of mine!


TvT Finally! Oct. 7th, 2014.

YES! Completed July 10th, 2014.

Jun 1st, 2014: Gross sobbing.



  • Opened slot? Neomail me about trades but make sure my profile says I'm open for 'em!
  • Be patient with me!
  • Don't offer a trade if you're going to ignore future neomails/not finish your half.
  • PLEASE inform me that you are/will be busy with life.
  • If I take my time, you can ask for a progress check.
  • Finished your side? That usually bumps you up my list.
  • I may end up taking a long time to finish my half, apologies in advance! But I WILL try and finish it asap, don't worry!
  • I draw based on art level/What you show me.
  • Title the NM however you want, but please have the following:

    001★ ----

    002★ ----


    Drag&Drop for full size, and make sure to link back to this page, or my userlookup. PLEASE Save your image and rehost it yourself! If I drew art for you and it's not here anymore, don't hesitate to ask for it again!


    Total trades completed: 63



  • DO NOT neomail me about requests.
  • Link a reference! Customizations are fine.
  • NOT first come, first serve.
  • Not everyone who posts will get a drawing.
  • App art? Maybe.
  • Feel free to request again if you have before.
  • If it's been hours since my last response the board is probably closed, unless I reply. Double check to see if I'm still taking requests.
  • If I don't reply to you, don't worry! I saw your request, I just didn't know how to respond. Especially if it's a question like: "Will you draw PETNAME for me?" B( I don't like responding to those before I start sketching.
  • Requests are usually colored sketches unless I say otherwise.
  • Should be noted that I can decline any request/trade. I do not like whiners/beggars.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions or chat! You're free to neomail questions at any time.
  • If you read/know all my rules, put *pinchit* at the end of your post (doesn't have to be on the same post but it must be posted by you).

    Drag&Drop for full size, and make sure to link back to this page, or my userlookup.PLEASE Save your image and rehost it yourself! If I drew art for you and it's not here anymore, don't hesitate to ask for it again!


    Total requests completed: 167


    Give me a sec


    My art gallery entries! Images are larger than shown. Ordered from newest to oldest.

    Coming soon...
    Not reentering.
    Page 2204, Orn Codestone
    Pg 2193, Pandaphant
    Not reentering.
    Pg 2149, Electric PPPB.
    pg 2132. Prize: GX-4 Oscillabot
    Prize: Kauvaras Potion. Page 2117.
    Prize: Screal. Page 2104.
    Not reentering.
    Prize: Woolypapith; found on page 2070.
    Not reentering.
    Prize: Christmas PB; found on page 2055
    Prize: Kauvaras Potion; Page 2018!
    Prize: Zei codestone; Page 2011.