Okay, so I finally got off my lazy you know what and revamped this page...and put up new screenies!

There's a whole new layout and everything and I'm really excited because I think this is pretty!

I've been having terrible problems with coding and what the filters allow, so this makes me really happy!


Screenie mee!

last updated: August 2, 2009

here there be screenies

&& av/random events && quests && boards && games && misc/love && wishlist &&

Number of Screenies: 132

bring it!

proceed for funnies.

av/random events

I love getting free stuff. (now dangit, where's my xmas pb??)

getting close to 200!! (is excited)

Dance krawks DANCE!

this avatar was all in all rather pointless

grr...emo usuki's make me wanna puke

Ooh la la!

I was dancing when i got this one seeing as I had spent nearly 5k

Lots of love to letting me battle it! Now I just need to find that Darigan Tonu

the glitchy-glitchy with old pointless games

If you can't tell, I'm VERY as in super-duper OMG spazztik KTHANXBAI fond of my plushies


big green and scary. like barney the dinosaur.

I guess now we know where all that rainbow dung comes from!!

Like that Family Guy episode! Shame there's no wall to burst through...:(

I had gone back to try for this one, and hey PRESTO!. 200!!!


Have i ever mentioned that I have a harry potter crazy evil twin?? Yeah? Didn't think so.

And sadly, we can see that no avatar was forthcoming.

The poor pretty vain thing thinks she can beat me! Hohau! She's sorely mistaken

Despite the pretty-ness, 202 is not a palindromic number. Its still pretty.

I know, really, 16 Jubjubs? Someone's giving Turmy competition.

About time! / punches Snargan in the FACE! / And it's number 203. Not only am I stupid...I'm lazy!

204!! Spent so much stupid NP on this. You couldn't have included a 'Something has Happened?

205!! Huzzah for lab zaps!

Yay for a super cheap book that I got for free! /sarcasm/

Got this at like 1 AM right before I logged off!

I feel in absolutely no way threatened. Fluffy bunny-meepit things are creepier.

Love, love, love. Love, love, love. Love, love, love. (It's easy!)

Seeing as I had forgotten about this one I had to finish NQ2 before going back for it :(

Still need to finish this NQ

After years of drudgery and toil!! #208!!

*blows smoke off of Ylana's blaster*

I would make karate chooping noises, but I turned 18 last week, so :(

And I think this was really cheap too, YAY!

#213!!!I love lab pets :P

Possibly the most expensive avatar Ive got that was solely for the avatar's gain. Next thing you know, Ill be spending 100k on a pinata.

#217!!*eats words from screenie above*

Due to the large number of people who called me suspicious over not having this avvie, I put in a miniscule amount of effort to get it!

Hey zombie! Being an supernatural being, do you happen to know the...Cullens?

This is what happens when the only RE rare-paintbrush Ive gotten was a Pirate PB, and having played Neo for only three days, I sold it for 97k and declared myself rich (back in *00)

*flings some cookies as well for good measure*

And how do you throw up? MON MON MON MON

*does THE touchdown/string-cutting dance*

Im glad I found a dependable guild...and this isn't the only reason

I think I may have run out of witty things to say...

Okay, the person on the other end was AMA-zing because I am incompetent when it comes to battling...

Luck-Y Streak! Luck-Y Streak! *rolls dice madly*

I swear, the random ones hate me! *shakes fist at snowager and kacheek seek*

No more tedious avatars...ever!

Funny thing was, I was just complaing about how I didn't have this one :P

After waiting MONTHS for the 'about me' page to be back online_ ..

Or better yet! Make friends with Balthazar! *dangles chia*

I swear, I freaked out when I saw this, I thought he had been converted!

I bet Jhudora'll give me more neopoints! *sticks tongue out*

Or better yet, GIVE me your kad.

If I give this back will you give me MSPP (TCG)?

You think you can howl? You haven't seen my dog yet. He howls death and dismemberment!

*throws a juvenile fit* You know how hard these are to sell?!

Hehe...I think this makes me special :)

I don't think I'll use this av. I mean do YOU ever use capara??

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Yay, and she picked the right pet!

I think the profit from this covers all other stupid snowfaerie mistakes in the future.

Just makes me wanna SHOUT! (in anger...)

All's well that ends well, right? (NO! gimme something rare dangit!)

I thougt this was a cute pize. but i'd take expensive over cute

Even though im satisfied, I'm still waiting for a negg/ice cream coupon...:(

First FQQ in a long time and the item was cheap. No FFQ though :(

I almost started crying, such good memories. Really, really

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Plenty of defense boosts though :)

Alright! LEVEL up!

I actually hate candycorn...but everyone seems to like it for some strange reason.

Why thank you, I do live for small profit :)

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This one is pretty self-explanatory: stupidity is contagious. And pounding is bad.

this was soooooo horrid! it brought such disturbing images to my mind! /shudders/

and here we have a fine specimen of a MANLY MAN!

needless to say, this topic had a lot of interesting answers

I'm going to spare you my rant about how desperate and cheap some people come off these days...

Now I really wanna see someone's artistic interpretation of a 'shadow baby

This is like one of those creepy freaks of nature. 0_o

Needless to say, us BC-ers turned into soy-sauce flinging three-year-olds that day.

Why, oh WHY! are my beloved help boards the target for all this spam?!!?

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OLLIE!! Oh how much we love him...

*gigglesnort* excuse me while i have an immature moment here.

this is, like my friend says, is when they're all mad at each other

as you can tell, I'm having WAAAAY too much fun with turmac roll

AhA! found you again, OLLIE!. How dare you think you could hide from me?

Noooo...of course the word stalker doesn't come to mind...

And here the TPOSG displays an unsually acrobatic pose :)

So was I...

When you drop the kass straight from the tree it falls at 9m. It takes 1337 skillz to do 8m :)

It's all black and green and depressing because you have a high score and can't land EVER!! /makes slashing motions across wrists/

The only game that gives out good prizes. It is a game, right?

Yeah. I'm a Ringer and proud of it.

He killed Velm. But I still prevailed!!

Awww. I think the heart on his back is adowable!!

As you can clearly see, NQ was a large source of amusement.

Statistically, youre supposed to get 1 pb per 200 gold keys. So I should have about 1.5 paintbrushes

I was momentarily insulted. And then I was REALLY insulted.

Okay, okay, I get the point! You want me to have snowballs!

Ahhhh....Key Quest. The solution to inflation.

I hate slots!

No, I really do!!!

Have I ever, ever mentioned that I love slots?

Okay, this needs to stop. Anyone know a good rehab center?

I'm sorry, was this a pity prize or a sign of failure?

Alas, prices have dropped...*gives it away free*

Unless of course, someone gifts it to me first :) *hinthint*

*whips out claws* Who wants some! With this dubloon I have trained to mighty-ness!

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I feel sooo generous.

stupid wheel of excitement. At least it wasnt any of my plushies...

did i also mention that I love free faeries?

While going for the avatar...i guess the stars were aligned wrong and Satan wanted revenge :(

And thats why fire pets are not to be toyed with. While you get flamed, they sit back and laugh.

Being of the most illustrious house of Scrooge...can't you see the resemblance?

I can't keep my NP. It comes in, and boom! 1.2mil gets spent on my gallery (which is worth like 2 mil but wtvr)

I got TWO babe! /hums and flashes uber-peace sign/

Firstborn are like the super-uber best :)

5th or 6th 'First 250'. First one I thought to screenie!

I love Yurbles. You might say they're yucky, but I love them /hugs Estel and Litty/

YES!! I still haven't sold the pb, you can nm offers :)

Best thing i've ever gotten from here!!!

I was unsure of whether this went under -avatar- or I put it here :p

:) Yeah, I'm a class I nerd, too.

I foray now into the PB with a sharp hacksaw and plenty of NOOB-B-GONE.

I was ticked. In retrospect, its just about the stupidest thing I've done to date.

*hint* send me free stuff!!!

When I get this avatar the person next to me gets a free pirate paintbrush (by then ill be rich enough to afford one!)

I think Webster just suffered a hemmorage.

Sadly, my darling Litty has now been downgraded to a plain blue cybunny on my sister's account. Twas cool while it lasted.

OMG. Bar-B-Que!


I dont know why I ever thought this was funny. OMG. Shoes.

this one made me feel all warm and bubbly inside. yay!

Grazi plena!

Aaah, thou art too kind :)

Hugh Laurie is well-roasted perfection on a stick.

I love it when people tell me Im awesome!

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