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Welcome to Sapphire Sparkles! This is a site where you can request buttons and use some button bases for your buttons. I hope you find what you were looking for and I do hope you request a button!

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26 May: Added a new Link Back Button and Finished 2 Button Requests.

25 May: Was reviewed by Defying Gravity reviews, was very helpful! Also finished a Button Request.

24 May: Changed the site name, the banner and removed all of The Button Maker's link backs.

23 May: Finished a Button Request.

21 May: Wow! Got a lot of requests today, closed them again. Finished 2 Button Requests.

20 May: Finished 2 Button Requests.

19 May: Finished 2 Button Requests, read what Crash Landing said to improve my site. Hope my site is better.

17 May: Deleted some Affiliates.

15 May: Finished a Button Request.

14 May: Finished 2 Button Requests .

13 May: Made a Gift for Cass at her site Exclusive.

12 May: Finished a Button Request.

11 May: Finished a Button Request.

8 May: Finished a Button Request.

7 May: Finished 2 Button Requests.

5 May: Redoing my site... Neomail me if I have missed you out as an Affiliate or something else.

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Sprinkled Links is an awesome site. She makes wonderful buttons. This site is very worth visiting, click on one of her beautiful buttons now!

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