Thank you!

Chaucor was gifted to me on 7th September 2011.

I tried zapping, applying and saving up... But one day got a neomail out of the blue from someone I didn't know, offering me Chaucor.
I'll be forever grateful for it, Andy!

Also, thanks to ZYDP wishlist where I got spotted :)


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Name: Chaucor
Nickname: Coro
Species: Acara
Color: Mutant
Gender: female (despite her looks)
Age: ~19
Place of birth: Altador
Element: Earth

She is: calm, patient, gentle, brave, strong, loyal, emphatic and "smart in her own way".

To lie in grass and look at the sky
A good work-out
Singing of birds

Iced surfaces
Judging book by its cover
Math (and the rest of complicated things)
Wearing dresses

Food: "Greek" Salad
Color: Yellow
Flower: Dandelion
Book: The Luckiest Babaa


So far I've go only doodles showing my work on the charadesign (drag and drop to url bar for full-size):

Chaucor looks like a guy, dresses like a guy, even her voice can be taken as belonging to a guy under these circumstances, so others treat her as a guy. And she doesn't care.

RPed in furry anthro form, which means standing on 2 legs and might wear clothes, but all pet-specific features such as fur, horn etc. remain.
Tall and athletic. Brown fur.
The outer surface of her palms has hardened tissues, same as her horns, with hard and sharp knuckles good for attacking. Same goes for her hoof-like feet.

Maroon slightly curled hair that almost reaches her shoulder blades, but is usually tied. Has a red symmetrical mark over her nose and cheeks. Above that her skin is black in contrast to lower part of her face which makes an impression of "bandit's mask".
He eyes are multicolored, ranging from green on the bottom of the iris to honey-gold. They resemble green amber.

She might look like someone very serious. Her face may give the wrong impression of her being unfriendly, grumpy or even hostile, depending on the context. But she does smile too, gently. Her eyes tend to have that weary look or as if she was lost in thoughts.

Fan Art

Chibi Coro with Funke, by Myzo

Toy Box


Chaucor doesn't talk much. She listens closely to the important things others have to say, even if she does not understand it. In such cases it's more like she was not listening, because she cannot even repeat it. True, she is not too bright. But then, she learns from the experience and can feel the difference between good and wrong.
She is very brave and will always help the weaker. Never starts and argument and tries to reason first, which may be hard sometimes for someone who is not a born speaker. Avoids to use force, but practices daily to be strong: when the situation calls for it, she uses her strenght to protect those in danger. She feels much compassion for others even those with whom she fights.
Chaucor is known to have a never-ending supply of patience. At moments when even a zen monk would get furious she remains calm. It's a handy feature, whether you fight the hordes of darkness or baby-sit a hyperactive kid.
Going to the countryside or exploring wilderness and getting in touch with nature is her favorite form of relaxing. She likes animals and respects their right to be wild.
She is a loyal servant of a light faerie who never leaves Chaucor empty-handed when setting for next journey. However, Chaucor is not afraid of physical job and with her willingness to help she get enrolled helping farmers with their crops or doing other tasks on the farm - the grateful folks give her place to sleep, warm meals and maybe few silver coins.
As mentioned in the appearance, she looks like a guy and is confused for one, but she never claims to be one. She has no intention of hiding that she's a girl unless the situation may call for it...

Darkness and Light

The life was flowing peacefully for her, just like for other little girls and boys who spend their time playing and helping out in house chores.
Until the day she became an orphan.
She asked
But there was no answer.
A little lost lamb venturing into a dark cave. With every step sinking into damp despair. The sadness, the horror, the growing hatred and resignation was pulling her deeper and deeper into the mouth of darkness which was slowly engulfing her.
And then appeared the light.
A spark of hope brightened her heart enough to make the little step towards her new life.

Sol, the light faerie, put hand on the child's shoulder, saying:
Follow me.
Chaucor followed her. She still is. Forever following the path of Sol.

Family and Friends

At one hand Chaucor likes animals and had a longing for a small furry critter, on the other hand she feared that she wouldn't be a good owner and wanted to avoid keeping a petpet captive against its' will. The light faerie knew that. When Sol gave her the little bird to keep her company Chaucor's doubts were gone. The tweeting gift could fly freely high in the sky, but at some point was coming back to Chaucor.
Wherever chaucor travels Funke follows. It likes to use her horns as a perch. It can fly very fast, its' bright yellow feathers glisten in the sun making it look like a little passing-by comet. If you wondered why "Funke": it means "spark" in German.

The Count's Estate

Big sis Coro has an ever-lasting supply of patience which is a key survival factor when taking care of Anui. The little boy absolutely adores her. To Vlademiro she was a savior who took most of the baby-sitting duties. Not that Anui would stop bothering his fave uncle only because of it...

When Vlademiro began to fear it's too much for his nerves to take proper care of Anui a savior appeared in his life. True, not the kind that could handle everything – tuition was still left to Vlad, but so patient that even Shenkuu monks could get ashamed. What he still didn't figure out is that Chaucor is a girl. Not that she bothers to inform him. That's probably for the better.

It takes time for Chaucor to learn unless it's a survival thing. She learnt quickly not to bother L. Not that she would care to bother anyone in the first place.

The Possessed Mansion
When they first met with spooks for the Woods, only Mrisza new from the start that she's dealing with a girl, but did not reveal that to others to let Chaucor speak for herself– a female solidarity, perhaps? The two may come from different worlds, but they both like to live close to the nature. The thing that Siergiej got to know about Chaucor is that he would be better giving his lectures to Zmij – the hissi was not a best listener having the attention span of a goldfish, but at least could comprehend everything. Of course Zmij was delighted to have a new guest, but "Coro's" calm attitude acts against Zmij's sense of fun. A beast she may look, but Chaucor is no party animal, much to Zmij's disappointment. But Chaucor had some fun – when she visited Pan_Plusk – they gave each other a long and thoughtful(???) stare.

The Island Cottage
When it goes to appearances Chaucor and Lornea share the same trait – they're physical appearance is not much feminine. While Chaucor doesn't really care about it and focuses only on making her body stronger, Lornea does every (even most stereotypical) thing to look like a charming girly girl whom she is inside. Theovius was as always reluctant to make friends, but the fact that Chaucor is also a mutant and her calm behavior helped to crush the ice. Also, Theo was just little tiny less intimidated when he thought he's dealing with another guy... One thing for sure, when you put Artisaki and Chaucor lone in the same room you can be completely sure no conversation will occur (ok, it was a bit crude joke). First big achievement of Artisaki – making Chaucor feel uneasy. Some who looks like a machine, but is not one, who is supposedly an adult sometimes acting like a child, creating sounds as not speaking – Chaucor's level of comprehension led her to puzzlement. But giving them time, they eventually tame each other.

Force and Mercy

The rhymed story about wild storm Sol told her among other tales and nursery rhymes. She might not remember it clear but it was imprinted somewhere in the back of her head. She might have not understood it, but she always felt it's an important one.

The wild storm that roams
From mountain tops to sea shores
Everyone scatters when they hear
The wild storm approaching near
As it gallops an untamed wind blows
Even the tallest pine shivers and bows
Once great and proud she is no more
When the thunder's flame burns her to the core
What a shame for queen of trees to fade
But her serfs are no longer under her shade
The wild storm brought light and rain
Yesterday's dust is washed away
With merciful tears of the wild storm
Which softens rocks from highlands to shores

Hard as rock, striking like a thunder

She is connected with element of Earth. It manifests itself through her character and way of living. The earth-based powers are hidden deep within her and come to light only when she focuses on them and have strong will to use them. This may happen during a harsh fight and let Chaucor emerge victorious but exhausted.

Techniques and attacks:

Ram! – headbutting the enemy at full speed.

Thunder Stomp - When he awakens her elemental powers, her stomp causes ground to shake and crack. The foe gets startled and looses his balance, having a feeling that he stands on the back of a rampaging beast.

Chains of Sacrifice - A risky technique demanding much willpower and concentration is creating mineral chains which serve as a weapon. Most enemies incorrectly assume the chains are created to be swung at them forgetting what the chain's main purpose is. But then, it's not even about binding enemy to the spot, but assuring Chaucor that they are going to meet at the same point – an inevitable impact.


Most content of this page was added shortly I was gifted Chaucor. But summer 2012 I've decided to go in-depth andexplore other qualities of my character with this project:

In this section I will add the tasks which were not something I've already completed in the beginning of this page, are not complimentary to the previous sections or just couldn't fit them elsewhere.

Task 4: Death
How does your character feel about death? How does your character view their own death? Does this vary from their views on the death of others? Do their feelings towards death effect their life in any way?

For Chaucor only what is here and now is important. She doesn't think much about the future, too concentrated on her tasks. When she fights, she is not afraid of loosing neither she fears death, because her mind is set on the opponent. The death of others saddens her, thus she does all to keep even the enemies alive. The thing she would most regret if someone gave her a fatal blow, would be that she leaves her friends alone and would never be able to see them or her guardian again. The thing she got from Sol's lessons, is that there is no such as infinite end. Even if one tree falls, ten other sprout from the ground:
What a shame for queen of trees to fade
But her serfs are no longer under her shade

Task 5: Entertainment
What does your character do for entertainment?

Drag and drop to url bar to view full size.

Task 8: Home
Where does your character live?

Currently she lives at a rather big, but old and not very pretty mansion with Vlademiro, Anui and Librettos. Her bedroom is very modest, she doesn't have many belongings. Everything inside her room is made out of natural materials, such as wood and straw, with green and warm earthy colors creating a soothing atmosphere. Besides that, Coro has her own training room with some basic equipment like weights and bench.

Task 9: Injuries
What injuries has your character had in the past?

She often gets minor injuries during her training or when she fights. When she was still under Sol's protection, the light faerie was using magic to treat more serious wounds, but also taught Chaucor all about first aid, because she knew that one day Coro will need the knowledge. It took several years, kilometers of tangled bandages and a lake of spilled medicines before Chaucor learnt all about first-aid.
The biggest wound was made to her soul, when her parents died. It left a scar that grew smaller with time, but cannot be ever erased.

Task 10: Jokes
What sort of sense of humor does your character have?

She is generally more optimistic than pessimistic type, however, she has poor sense of humor. She doesn't understand complex jokes and isn't amused by the pranks when someone plays the victim. If someone pulls a prank on her she might feel offended and hurt. She doesn't like clowns. But seriously, who does?

Task 11: Kids
What is your character's opinion on kids?

Chaucor makes a very good babysitter: she is very patient, strong and it's hard to damage her ;P On the other hand she might have trouble with older kids who misbehave and think they're smarter than everyone else (although, they might be smarter than Coro...). One of her techniques when dealing with unruly brats: hold them still, till struggling and screaming exhaust them. She is capable of doing that, no matter whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours, so better bee a good child.

Task 12: Love
How does your character view love?

Chaucor doesn't know wise quotes on love or never got into any philosophical discussion on that topic. But what is most important, she has lots of love in her heart and she does believe in love, even if she can't find words for it.

Task 14: Night
How does your character feel about the night?
Prompt: When your character was a child were there any night time fears?

."„Be good or the werelupe will come and get ya! was what all the kids were hearing from their parents, Chaucor being no exception. She was not afraid of the darkness itself, but shadows that might had been the hideout of sneaky werelupes, stealthily crouching, encircling her home and… she now was looking at pack of Werhonds that got near her tent. With dark fur and glowing eyes they really resembled her childhood nightmares. The smell of food has lured them in and some of them were already occupied with the leftovers, but when Chaucor get out of her tent they focused on her and growled. The biggest one stepped forward, probably the leader of the pack, and jumped at Chaucor. A whine pierced the air and the Werhond landed on the ground. When he got up, he scowled at Chaucor and with the tail between his paws he retreated, taking the rest of pack with him. She felt a little sorry that the poor thing had the unpleasant meeting with her horns, but she couldn't allow them to eat her. It was her fault for luring them with the scattered leftovers. She sighed. Tomorrow she would have to search for food. But for now, it was time to rest. Before entering the tent, she took the opportunity to look at the stars, each of them reminding her of Sol.

Task 15: Opportunity
How does your character respond to new opportunities?

She is not the type that's first to suggest a solution to the problem or decide to make a revolution in her life. She accepts whatever fate has prepared for her. She's not cunning either, so she may not even notice an opportunity to benefit from it.

Task 16: Pet
How does your character feel about pets? Does your character own any pets? What kind of pets do they like and dislike? How does your character view the pet-owner relationship?

She likes petpets, but unlike others, she respects their right to be free and act In their own way. She is accompanied by a small, yellow Naleap named Funke – a gift from Sol the light faerie. She lets it fly wherever it wants and always warmly welcomes it whenever Funke wants to spend time with her, usually perched on one of her horns.

Task 17: Questionnaire
Fill out the following questionnaire from the point of view of your character:
1. How old are you?
2. What makes you special?
3. What is the most normal thing about you?
4. What is the last thing you ate?
5. What is the last thing you did prior to this questionnaire?
6. With whom did you last share a hug?
7. What's the most exciting thing you did yesterday?
8. What will you do after you finish this questionnaire?
9. Who do you want to talk to right now?
10. What are you wearing?
11. What's your favorite color?
12. What do you wish you were doing right now?
13. Do you like pie?

1. I'm 19.
2. Special? I'm not special. But it's Sol, my guardian faerie who can make me feel this way *blushes slightly*
3. That… um… I like to look at the sky?
4. I ate whole bowl of greek salad *dreamy smile*
5. Shopping. Vlad asked me to do some. Oh, sorry – Vlad is my housemate. Actually the housekeeper. Will it take long? I don't want to keep him waiting.
6. Anui *smiles slightly* No, he's not. He's a child that lives with us and I help taking care of him.
7. I did some training and found a rock. What? It was a good rock. I think you call it lamestone… erm, limestone. Very good to practice punching.
8. Erm, hurry up and bring the food home?
9. I… Uh, I would probably have to talk with Vlad, maybe. We don't talk that much, although I like him and I think he's ok with me too. If I could pick anyone? Ummm, honestly, I sometimes think of my guardian. I prefer when she does the talking, but if I have something to say, she always listens to me. It's wonderful to be in her presence…
10. Shirt and trousers. (…) You mean the fabric? It's cotton and that's *points to shirt* is linen. They're both plants, you know? Although cotton looks like tiny babaas.
11. Hmmm… Green. Like grass. And yellow, for the bright sun that shines above. *closes her eyes for a moment* I think I like these most.
12. But now… I mean, maybe I could go into the mountains or something… but don't think I don't want to do my shopping *makes serious face* I do my duties.
13. Yes. (…). But you don't mean meat pies, do you? Oh, ok, then yes.
… can I go now?

Task 18: Robots
What's your character's opinion on robots?

I'm not sure she ever saw a robot. It would be hard to explain it to her. Maybe just saying it's like a big, mechanical toy and is just a machine that does things the mechanisms allows it too, just like some kitchen equipment. But meeting a robot shaped exactly like a real pet and programmed to act this way and showing signs of emotions (even if just that was only programmed too) would completely confuse her. I think if she met a Persocon (see: Chobits) on her way, she would start treating it like a living person.

Task 19: Scared
What scares your character?

Her greatest fear is that somethign bad would happen to her friends and family, something she would be too weak to fight against and protect her loved ones.

Task 25: Yacht
What does your character own that is considered extravagant, such as a yacht, expensive jewelry or a super computer?

None :P She modest and prefers simple life, so extravagant gadgets are not her style.

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