You approach a cozy looking home resting along the shores of a lone isle not too far from Mystery Island. You knock gently on the door. No reply. You knock again, this time a little more forceful. Still no reply. The calm waves rolled over the warm sand, lightly rocking your small boat tied to a near palm tree back and forth. Besides the ocean roars, it was silent but at the same time it set a peaceful mood to the scenery. You let out a soft sigh, slightly frustrated. For one last time, you knock again. Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick... you began to lose hope when...

Hold on, I'm coming! Please don't leave! You hear a voice followed by rather booming footsteps, muffled by the door. Soon after a young lilac and green tinted Acara swings the door open. You take in a quick little scan of his strange getup: a casual t-shirt and shorts with a towel tied snugly around his neck. He stares at you for a few seconds with a daze in his eyes. Why hullo! He exclaimed, his smile beaming greatly. We rarely get any visitors around here. Please! Come in.

The acara dragged you into his home and motioned you to sit down. You find yourself a comfy seat and he smiles at you, handing you a cup of tea. So what brings you here? He curiously asks, plopping down on the leg rest in front of you. A trail of steam rose from the tiny porcelain teacup. You stare down into the pool of deep orange tea in your hands and explain your intentions of the visit... An interview? Me? His ears perked up. Well, make yourself at home while I get ready.


Full Name: ChaosChipneo
Nickname: Chaos
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 11th day of Relaxing, Y6
Age: 11
Species: Acara
Color: Royal
Eye Colour: Jade Green
Fur: Lilac with green freckles
Hair Colour: Orange
Owner: Roanne
Personality: Carefree, Cheerful, Optimistic, Naïve

Level: 92
Health: 186
Strength: 186
Defence: 172
Speed: 59
Intelligence: 884

Gourmet Food: 121
Books: 525
Booktastic Books: 43
Fishing Level: 272

Beauty Contest:

No Design
1st in Acara category
June 11, 2010
254 Votes

Likes & Dislikes

-Big meanies
-Limes (bleeh!)
-Confusing puzzles
-Paper cuts :(

Family & Friends



This is my mother :D
She buys me a lot of nice things and takes me to a lot of cool places!

Aww, ain't he a cutie? He's just a lil' baby ghoti too! I consider him to be my petpet. One night I was resting on the beach and this little guy poked his head outta the water and shot some bubbles at me. It sure was cute (okay one got in my eye and it stung a whole lot but I forgive him) and since then he's been visiting me every evening right when the sun is setting. A plus with him is that I don't have to clean a smelly fish bowl! He has the whole ocean for his toilet!


Let's make sure you all know this; Dartenne here is the coolest most awesome person in all Neopia! He said so himself! Isn't that amazing?! I wish I was cool and awesome. He's so competitive when it comes to almost anything! I've been practicing my swordfighting everyday and somehow he wins every time. He is just too good! I gotta keep practicing my skills so I can be at least a decent match for him.

Hmm... I think Fractalz is a little... different, but that's okay! People call me different all the time. And he doesn't talk much either. Nothin' wrong with being a quiet boy! I don't mind. Besides, a best friend of Dartenne is a best friend of mine! It really makes me happy whenever he and Dartenne invite me on their adventures, plus I always have so much fun with them.

Oh my goodness, this girl! She's as sweet as strawberry jelly! Sometimes when she visits me for some lemonade she'll ask me to help her practice her proper manners and pretend we're drinking tea. It's kinda fun, although I'm not sure if I like it. Sitting up straight, always remember to stick out your pinky when you hold your teacup, "may I have the sugar, please?" versus "can I..?" But if it makes her happy, then I'll gladly help!

The Interview

The interview has begun. The young child stares at you in interest as he waits patiently for the first question. After taking a full look at the royal boy, a question pops into your mind. You stammer at first, but once you gain your voice you ask, I-is it true Royalboy Acaras have short tempers? Chaos blinks and then chuckles lightly, It's funny how people always think that. Quite an awful stereotype if you ask me. I blame false advertising from that... avatar, is it called? I wasn't always a royal. When I became one does that automatically make me short-tempered? I think not. You nod in agreement as you began writing into your notebook. Avatar = false.

Hmm... "Wasn't always a royal?" Another question appeared into your mind, What color were you before you were Royal? The Acara motioned you to wait for a second as he got out of his seat and walked towards a nearby bookshelf. He came back holding a dusty photo album. See this handsome fellow? He said, pointing to a photo of a pouty Green Acara covered in flour. This is me! My mother is showing me how to bake cookies. You look at the photo of the one standing before you. He's adorable! He must've been 4 at the time. You began to giggle but quickly choked it back, trying not to be rude. The Acara obviously caught this and turned the page in embarrassment. He pointed to another picture. Another Green Acara, but this time donned in a Christmas robe. This is the day my mother bought me this lovely coat for Christmas. It was really snowy! To be honest, I hate the cold. He closed the album. But enough of that.

You began to admire your surroundings as Chaos left again to return the album to the bookshelf. This is a lovely house you have here, did you do all the decorating yourself? Chaos glanced back at you while he placed the album back into the shelf. Ah why yes I did. Thank you. He cheerfully plopped back into his seat. Well... I had a little help from Mother, but she's a bit... lazy. Don't tell her I said that. You silently moved your hand across your lips in a zipping motion. An interesting little underwater painting seemed to catch your eye the most. Before you forget, you added another blurb into your notebook. Taste in interior design = Beautiful.

You continued to examine the painting. The awkward silence began to get to the teen as your eyes seemed to trail off from the painting to the Acara's exotic hair. Just for laughs, you ask him, How much hair gel do you use? Chaos gave you a look of mild shock, caught off guard by the random question. Well that's personal, my friend. He looked to the left. Then to the right. Then leaned closer to you, a hand by his mouth, and whispered in the quietest voice. Half a bottle. SHHH! It's a secret. More awkward silence. The teen tried his hardest to keep a straight face but cracked a smile. The two of you began to burst into laughter.

You moved onto the next question. "Living near the ocean, you're bound to check it out once in the while, right?" Do you swim a lot? If so, is there anything in the water that scares you? The xpression on Chaos' face changed to a serious one. Well, I'm an Acara. Swimming is in my blood. But funny you mention fear...



7 AM sharp, the Neopound is open again for a new day. The sun was just about rising from its horizon but was shrouded by the gloomy clouds. It was raining. Droplets pitter-pattered on the clay roofing in a constant rhythm. Neopets of many species were just waking up from their slumber. Others were having breakfast, munching away on cereal and slurping their glasses of milk. As the time passed, more Neopets filled the playroom as more awoke. Girls were happily playing with their dolls, guys with their toy cars. Some built tall towers as high as they could imagine out of coloured wooden blocks, while others were playing a game of Jacks just under the wobbly tower's path. One Neopet in particular, an Acara to be exact, loved to play a game of adventure.

A very young green Acara by the name of Chaos dressed himself up in an outfit much like a king. A crafty crown made from lined paper with scribbled on blue and red jewels rested upon his head. It was held together by a single strip of tape that would soon be needing replacement. A faded red bath towel was tied loosely around his neck, representing his royal cape. But before he could start his adventure he needed a weapon to fight. Maybe a sword!

In the playroom was a large glass sliding door that led to the backyard, the mahogany curtains half open. The door was closed shut to keep the rain from pouring in and the cold air from seeping through. In the center of the room was a large, red, plush carpet where many of the younger Neopets sat and played. Shelves that bordered the room gave a home for the toys that the little Neopets have been keeping themselves occupied with while they waited for the arrival of their new owner. One Neopet was pinning up their own drawing onto the wall to join the collection of drawings of their many wishes and dreams. To the back of the room was the receptionist's desk in a large L shape, the shorter length of the desk facing the front door.

Chaos scurried to the sliding door and placed his two pink tinted paws on the cold glass. Along with his hands he pressed his face against the glass and took in a glimpse outside. Rain, and with no end in sight. His breath fogged up a small section of the sliding door just in front of his mouth as he let out a sigh. With all his strength he budged open the heavy door, just enough for his puny body to slip out. A few people in the playroom gave a shudder to the sudden brief breeze of cold air entering through the crack of the opening, yet everyone seemed to ignored Chaos and continued to do whatever it was that they were doing inside the warmth of the room. A Neopet or two let out a sigh at just the thought of whatever mischievous plan Chaos had in mind.

The rain soon began to soak the little boy. Using one hand, Chaos held the towel over his head, doing the best he could to keep himself somewhat dry before he catches a cold. Quickly, he dashed to the nearest tree. Scavenging around the base of the tree, a small tree branch lying on the ground caught his eye. The force of the rain must've snapped this weaker branch right off of its rightful place. The boy picked up the branch, gave it a shake and droplets sprinkled off it only to be soon replaced by the rain once again. With branch in hand Chaos decided it was about time to return to the warm home.

Finally back inside, he slid the door behind him shut. He gripped the branch tightly in his hand and examined every detail about it; feeling the grooves from end to end. It was a frail stick with a few small leaves still attached and two more twigs branching off from the center. Satisfied, a smile spread across the young Acara's face.

To the nearest neopet, Chaos asked him, Whaddya think of my cool sword?

The chubby Skeith gave Chaos a quick look up and down then to the pathetic twig in the Acara's hand, You call THAT a sword? he scoffed, It's a piece of garbage! The Skeith gave Chaos a sinister grin before walking away, laughing.

Chaos' smile quickly faded away at the sound of those harsh words. Looking back down at the branch, it certainly did not look like a piece of garbage to him.

Dress Like a (Real) King

Their Clothes and My Clothes:

Royal Boy Acara Crown
Every Royal Acara needs a shiny crown to show off their royalty! It's made out of gold and encrusted with sparkly ruby and sapphire jewels! Crafted by the most talented goldsmith in Neopia. But who needs an expensive heavy crown when you can make your own!
Paper Crown
Okaaaay I'd admit, it's not the prettiest flower in the garden, but it still works! Had some lined paper lying around and came up with this brilliant idea to make my own crown. Just need a pair of scissors, some tape, a few felt markers for the jewels and voila! Plus if I lose this one, I can just make a new one for cheap ;D

Royal Boy Acara Necklace
I'm looking at this and wondering how do people put this silly thing on?! It looks like some sort of neck brace bangle thingy. It's also made from soild gold with a single sapphire to complete the circle. What if my neck gets too fat while I'm wearing this thing? Psh, it's not even edible D:

Rainbow Candy Necklace
See? This is much easier to wear. It has an elastic string so no matter how fat your head is, you can fit it on. It's so colourful and it's delicious too! Om nom nom~ Stylish aaaaaand satisfies my sugary cravings with its sugary goodness.

Royal Boy Acara Robe
Now thiiis I like! A fuzzy robe to keep me warm on those especially cold winter nights. I could also use it as a cape and pretend I'm a superhero! By day I'm a king, but by night... Super Chaos awaaay! Multipurpose is very helpful, but unfortunately this gets ruined in the water. I think I'll stick with my towel.

Old Towel
Most people see this as a thing to dry you off... BUT I SEE IT AS A SUPERHERO CAPE... oh, and it can be a royal robe too. It's a little faded from over the years, but it's still in good condition! You might ask, why a towel?... Why? It keeps me dry, helps me fly, and is a cheap thing to buy!

Royal Boy Acara Shirt
A normal red shirt... or is it maroon? You don't want too many clashing colours or else people will laugh at you. So make sure your clothes match! But check out that price!! You can probably buy something similar for a tenth of that price!

Plain White T
Remember I said to make sure your clothes match? Well if you're a complete disaster in the wardrobe, have no fear! White goes with everything! Trust me on this. The only problem is that if you get an itty-bitty stain on it people will see, so if you plan on jumping in the mud, have a back-up shirt.

Royal Boy Acara Pants
Oooooooh, the ever so elusive pants! I don't see that many royal boy Acaras wearing these anymore. I guess the company had to stop manufacturing these. I mean, look at the shirt! It's only one colour, so it must've cost a fortune to have two-toned pants!

Light Brown/Sandy/Tan Shorts
Striped pants are cool and all, but look at how baggy and loose they are! Maybe they're not as great as I thought. Just pick up a pair of shorts. They're convenient for when you like to run around in the hot sun. You won't trip over it and your legs won't burn up

Some Extras for Me:

Shiny Toy Sword of Justice!
Roanne bought this cool sword for me! A king must also be able to defend himself while he's out and about on adventure! Plus it's purple and shiiiiiiiny. Way cooler than the average silver steel. And seriously. Look at how shiny that thing is! It'll make your opponents go blind. Craaaazy.

Sandy Coloured Sandals
This is just a little extra I decided to throw on. I mean, what kind of king walks around barefoot? You'd think they'd have enough money to afford sooooomething for their feet! *shrugs* That's not my problem, though! At least I don't have to walk on the dirty dirt with my barefeet.

Bad Hair Day

Had trouble deciding what colour his hair should be lol. Here are all the tests we did.
15 colours - 1 per second

Mini Pets

All I ask is that you don't remove the credits. Thank you :)


Roanne needs to draw me more! D:
By Roanne:

By Others (hover for credits):
Wow, thanks so much for drawing me, guys! :D

Whoa, I'm in the NT!

To Do List

-Make new headers
-Finish background
-Link Back pic
-Finish story
-Art for story
-Outfit section
-Family/Friends section
-Likes/Dislikes section
-Art section
-Interview(Need to edit)


Wait... you're leaving already? Whaaaaat? Aw, okay. *jumps and waves*
Byeeeeeeeeee! Hope to see you again soon.

Cool Peeps

Cool Acaras
Anew SillvariDangerNaida

Cool... Non-Acaras

Special Thanks

Trinh for helpin' me and being the coolest person in the whole wide world.

Misty for inspiring me to finaaally make this page.

Sunnyneo For the coding

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