Age: 118886
Owner: wocky_witch
Level: 41
HP: 39


Princess Fernypoo!

Ooh Pretty..

Choccy Cheese




I Want One!

Hello there guest, my name is Chandela488, and I am an Acara *giggle*. So what does a gorgeous Acara like moi like to do? Well there is simply tons to do in Neopia. Sometimes I go swimming with my friends just off the coast of Mystery Island. The best spot to swim is near the Rock Pool. Providing that Kougra doesn't spot you you can have hours of fun playing with cute petpets like Catamaras, Ghotis and Waleins - all for free!

Princess Fernypoo Rules!

I am a proud member of the Princess Fernypoo fan club (actually I think I am the only member as I just made it up, but nevermind). She is just SOOOOO cool! Can anyone else wear so much pink and get away with it - I don't think so! Pah and that stupid Kyrii thinks she can beat Ferny at Cheat!, think again Capara, you are dealing with a real pro there!

People say she is spoilt, but I think they are just jealous. Can Ferny help it if she knows exactly what she wants? Who can blame her for being just a little bit touchy when she has to spend every Cheat contest surrounded by idiots like Little Timmy and Brucey B?

About Me:

Well I love playing Cheat!, of course, and there is nothing like a good game of Gormball on a hot afternoon. Most weekends my owner takes me to the seaside and I go diving for treasure. wocky_witch tells me I am a really good diver, although I haven't found anything remarkable yet. I will though, just you wait and see!

Reading is also something I enjoy doing. I am trying to read every Acara book there is, so far I know there are five, but I always look for new ones whenever I go to the Book Shop, just incase a new one comes out.

This summer wocky_witch has promised to take me to the Lost Desert. Its a very long way from Neopia Central so we are saving up our Neopoints for a big shopping splurge when we get there. I really hope I get to see Senator Barca, she is one of my heroes, and I am really glad her name was cleared after the King Coltzan tragedy.

Well now you know all about me, why not NeoMessage wocky_witch
and tell my owner all about you. We love to meet new friends, maybe
we can have a friendly match in the Battledome some day?

Battle Stats

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Sloth - Eww!


Sludge - WAHHH!

Its a Petpet!

Its Evil!