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Name -- Cerarose
Nickname -- Cera
Color -- Pink Faerie
Family -- Azura, Rasi, Lue, and Dre
Love -- ..........
Rollplay -- Quad and furry anthro
Age -- about 17 maybe...well that is what Sarah says, TNT says that I am 124408 hours old...I think I'll just go with Sarah ^^




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I had such a wonderful life, but then is started going on a roller coaster... It all started out with a vacation me and Dhiablos were supposed to go on. It all started out fine, we arrived at the plane station on time, we got into our seats fine, and we took off fine. It was after we were in the air and over the ocean things started going wrong...

I don't really remember much of what happened, the next thing I know I am lying on the beach with a huge gash in my side and Dhia out of breath next to me. We couldn't do anything the rest of that day, we ended up just sleeping there and waking up with sand all over us. I guess one good thing was us finding civilization, a small village of natives didn't live far from where we were. Granite they chased Dhia out of the village and on to a neighboring island, somehow trapping him there; they healed me though, the only thing left from the plane crash is now a scar.

I woke up in a tent after a terrible encounter with the medicine the natives gave me. I couldn't find Dhia though, I actually had feelings for him at the time and losing him was the last thing I wanted. I found him but not after meeting another survivor of the plane crash, Ves. Ves ended up knowing Dhia, but not in a good way. They had this big long fight about something that had happened a while ago. That was when I was introduced to the idea of Dhia being a con-artist. I didn't believe Ves of course, I loved Dhia and I didn't want to hear anything like that. We left Ves and headed back toward the village, I was hoping to pick up something to eat and a place to rest but Dhia didn't want anything to do with that. I was hurt, weak, hungry, and disgustingly dirty and all I wanted was day's break but Dhia didn't. I was starting to think that maybe Ves was right and sure enough Dhia became sick of me and spilled his guts. He was going to kill me.... I didn't know what to do then, I wanted to stay with Dhia but not after hearing that. I left the village and returned to Ves, my face stained with tears, I couldn't believe that Dhia had planned to do that to me... I really thought I had something going with him...

Dhiablos -- I don't know what to think.... I think I love you yet I'm afraid of you...

Vann -- Yeah good thing it stopped raining I don't think I could've spent another minute in that cruddy cave...

Ara -- I am so glad that you are my firend, even if I am the first...

Ves -- I should have believed you.... but I just couldn't....


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