Posting an update for the first time in AGES! Be sure to check it out!
Sorry on the delay guys, I had a health issue last week that put me in bed for a few days. Will be slowly getting back to finishing requests this week.
Finally revamped the site. We now have an awesome new layout and a new link back button!

Hello everyone!

Hello and welcome to Jules' art requests page!

I've made this place to hopefully practice with my digital painting and have some fun with art trades.
Regular art requests are only open during the weekends, and art trades are always open. Just don't forget to check out the news and rules before requesting.

Celebie and I wish you a good time requesting!


    Hello everyone, it's been a while! Some of you have messaged me about requests but unfortunately I haven't had the time to go through all of them. Sadly
    I will also have to close down requests as of now for a couple of reasons that I want to point out to everyone who still follows any of my art sites:

  • If you haven't heard of it yet, I've been terribly sick/busy for the past 2 months. Been involved in an accident that actually made it impossible for me to walk for a while. Even though I started to recover pretty fast, things got worse once I went back to work, the stress was bad for me and I started getting extremelly busy too, which means drawing became literally painful. Really sorry guys, hope you don't get too mad at me for disappearing!
  • Another really discouraging fact I found out a while ago is that someone pinned, reposted and was using my personal art offsite. I felt horrible about it, I still do actually! And that plus the fact that it was painful made me almost completely quit on art for this site. Well, right now I don't have the time anyways, so I'll just let it go fow a while...
  • Hopefully I'll see you all around when things get better. If anything, my mail is open, but I'll be slow to respond. Sorry if I let anyone down!

  • -Jules

    What to keep in mind:

    • All art is experimental. I have many coloring styles and will decide which one to choose depending on the pet you'd like me to draw. If you have a preference, feel free to let me know in your form.
    • You can check out past examples in the pickup and fan art sections.
    • Yes, I can make app art for you too!
    • I can draw anthro or quad (my anthro is better though). Let me know if you have a preference in your form. If you don't, I'll just pick that one for you too.
    • Last but not least, if you don't think that Celebie is amazing I unfortunately won't be able to draw your pet...
      Just kiding, but you should totally be aware that she is!
    • If you have any other questions, my mail is forever open. If for some reason the box is full, just send in some cheap jelly and I'll clear it.

    Hit that mail:


Rules (read these carefully):
  • Art requests are only open during the weekends, and art trades are always open. If you send me a request during the week I'll simply ignore it, sorry.
  • You must link back to this page or my userlookup, no exceptions.
  • I'll only be able to make you one pet at a time. Wait for me to finish your first request to request again.
  • I will only make Neopets based characters.
  • This is very important: do not try to take credit for anything in this page or any art that I make you. You will be immediately reported. Always follow Neo's rules.
  • Don't remove my credits or edit the drawing I make you. If there's anything in it that you don't enjoy I can change it for you, within reason.
  • Just so I know that you read the rules, by the end of your form I want you to tell me a song to listen to while I draw your pet. If you don't answer this one I'll simply ignore your form.
  • Don't use what wasn't made for you!
Fill in this form:

Once you're all set, just mail me with the subject ART REQUEST or ART TRADE depending on what you want.

Current request waiting list:
  • None

Completed Requests

  • From newest to oldest. Drag and drop to see them full.
  • I do delete stuff in here from time to time so the page won't get crowded. If you need the link to one of your older requests just mail me and I'll repost it here for you.
  • If you need help with the coding just let me know.
For Selena

For Donna

For Jewelz

For Rin

Past requests

  • Hover for more info. Drag and drop to see them in full.

Celebie fan art

  • This place is dedicated to Celebie. This is her page after all, and she's my favorite pet to draw, so here she is!
  • Don't use these without permission!

Take a look at all the art that's posted on my page!

So. much. fluff.

Who said I couldn't be all dark and mysterious?

This is one of my all time favs of her!

Quick sketch of a ever so shy model.

Cutesy quirky look.

Ancient art of years ago. It was the first piece I ever made of my pink bunny!

Celebie fan art II

  • Made for Celebie by others! She's got so many fans!
  • Don't use these without permission!

Celebie as a loveable rabbit. Made by the awesome Mary!

Celebie as a cheerful hyooman. Made by the lovely CC!

Celebie flying around in blue space. Why not, right? Made by the amazing Pink!


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