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Cazar was born on February 28, 2007 and adopted on September 5, 2010. Thank you so much to the amazing Sithy! :D You have shown me that shooting for the stars may not be so unrealistic after all.

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03/12/18: Page has been touched up to fix broken images and add in a link to a new family member. :')

Title (unused): Lord Cazarus Demouix
Chosen Name: Cazar
Nickname: Aza
Species: Arbordragon
Neo Species: Darigan Draik
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Personality: He has a rather serious personality, likely from enduring the kind of life he has. He has become very reserved, but he is always very firm and quietly confident. He is a determined and strong person who dedicates himself wholly to his beliefs, ideals, and decisions. He is fiercely loyal to those who he cares for, and sometimes finds it difficult to recognize when someone is abusing that loyalty. He has strong opinions and knows the appropriate time to announce or assert them, and he is able to make important, life-changing decisions almost instantaneously. This causes many people to believe that he is cold and calculating, but he just doesn't see the point in hesitating. What has to be done has to be done. He tends to overburden himself, likely out of his desire to make up for his past mistakes. His top priority will always be the wellbeing of those he has come to care for, even if their wellbeing depends on something they will disagree with him doing.

Open minds
Self weakness
Excessive pride

Cazar is very reserved, and his past remains more or less a mystery to those around him. However, they trust him fully because he never hides how he feels, his opinions, and his personality. He is quiet, but speaks with a sort of authoritative air that makes those around him listen. He has become incredibly perceptive and has become a great judge of character. He is cautious and wary of others in spite of this, as he knows how quickly people can change. However, he knows that it works both ways, because if someone can go from good to bad, they can go from bad to good too. This perception of his is put to the test when Sytira welcomes the monster Casaenova into their little group - he knows what Nova is capable of and has done, but he knows that every creature has the potential to change.

When someone breaks through his wall, Cazar believes in them wholeheartedly and remains loyal and faithful to them. One of the reasons he accepts Casaenova is because he has faith in Sytira's ability to bring out the good in the people around him. He usually finds himself gravitating toward people who are pure and free-spirited, as he quickly became friends with Illydir, who took care of him after his wings were torn off when he escaped his previous family. He finds that people like Sytira and Illydir bring out the best in himself, and help him to forget that the rest of the world isn't usually so kind. Because they are like this, he will always defend them with his life - he refuses to die with anymore regrets than he already has.

Despite being reserved and thoughtful, Cazar acts purely on instinct when it comes to combat. He doesn't second-guess himself or hesitate, which causes some to describe him as feral. He is swift and agile and efficient. He was made for battle, and it will always be his greatest ability. He has also come to enjoy reading and crafting weapons, and he actually enjoys when Illydir decides to decorate his hair and his horns. He doesn't say it, but he likes to be connected with others. He likes that he can sometimes stop being so serious and actually have fun, as his only form of entertainment before he defected was the pain of others.

One thing that Cazar misses sorely from his previous life is flying - a gift most dragons take for granted that was stolen from him when his wings were torn off. He has unconsciously developed the habit of climbing - trees, mountains, hills, buildings, etc. It is now the closest thing to flying he will ever experience. He personally feels that his inability to fly, when he loved it so much, is part of his punishment for his past crimes. He doesn't necessarily need his wings either, as he is able to scale all kinds of objects at incredible speeds. Thus, he never searches for another way to fly. He doesn't feel he deserves such a luxury.

The following image is a reference sheet for his quad/dragon appearance. It has been resized, so if you want to see it at full size, feel free to drag and drop it into your address bar or right-click and select "View Image."

In the wild, they say that bright colors are meant to ward of any enemies or predators by telling them that this prey is too dangerous to be messed with. This is the concept I had in mind while designing Cazar's quad (dragon) form, and he is no exception to the saying. Though bright colors may not be practical for a darigan, I feel that the concept matches the feel that the old darigan images were trying to portray - dangerous and feral. What could be more dangerous than the only creatures who flaunt themselves rather than camouflaging to escape? These creatures tell you with their colors that they can hold their own before you try to mess with them.

Aza is lithe and built for speed. His quad form is about the size of a smaller horse, but much more dangerous. His colors send a warning that some may not heed, as he can be swifter and stronger than his enemies. His claws are his primary weapon, though his spiked tail can also deal some heavy damage. His horns are sharper than they appear, but he does not often use them in combat.

His human form is far less colorful than his dragon form, but the little peeks of color you see on him can sometimes speak for themselves. He is tall and lean, and his hair is often styled by Illydir. His skin is a light grey, his hair a darker shade, but his eyes provide a stark contrast to his face by being bright blue and surrounded by the blue and yellow markings apparent in his dragon form. He keeps the horns, ears, tail, feet, and claws of his dragon form, and also has scales in the customary dragon-human form areas such as around his eyes, down the back of his neck and across his shoulder span.

Cazar is a very strong and swift combatant. He is the one who exterminated the Dragon Queen and the royal family's firstborn son, at the order of his adoptive father. Sytira would argue that it is his fault, as he was the child who allowed Cazar into the palace. They both feel guilt over the deaths of these two - and the blame is a combination of the two of them. They inadvertently plunged the world into the chaos it now exists in, as the Dragon King is believed to have gone mad from his despair. After learning that Cazar's own parents were actually protectors of the royal family and ended by the man who raised him, Cazar turns his back on what he came to know as his family in order to choose his own path - one of redemption. His role is that of a guardian. He wants to fix the world that he helped to break.

His main role, however, is to be by Illydir's side. On his path to redemption, Illydir was caught in the middle of his new and his old life and suffered heavy consequences because of it. Cazar will never leave Illydir's side, vowing to find a way to fix his broken psyche or die trying. Should there be no cure for Illydir's plight, then Cazar will stay by his side until one of them dies. This vow comes before even his desire to change the world, because Illydir has become the most important person in his life - even more important than the prince.

Illydir - petpage
The fractured soldier
Illydir was once a strong and funloving soldier, tasked like many to protect the royal family. After caring for an injured Cazar, he was captured by Cazar's family and reverted to the mind of a child in order to keep Cazar's location a secret. Cazar feels he owes him a debt that can only be repaid by returning him to the man he once was.

Sytira - petpage
The dissident prince
These two met when the prince was only a child, and Cazar destroyed his family. They instantly recognized one another upon meeting later on. When Cazar saved his life from some of his pursuers, Sytira realized that he truly changed and for the better. Cazar feels he owes Sytira a debt as well, but one that he can never quite pay back.

Casaenova - petpage
The undead guardian
Cazar is very wary of Nova because he recognizes when people have gone off the edge. However, he eventually allows himself to trust Nova when the cursed dragon proves his loyalty to Sytira. Cazar, of all people, understands what it's like to have that one person who believes in you completely and the desire to keep that person safe.

Poisonary - petpage
The infected curseflinger
One of the people Cazar actually turned to in order to help Illydir return to his proper sanity. Upon realizing that Ari himself wasn't all that sane, Cazar and the group are repeatedly at odds with this dragon since the Dragon Lord recruited him in his search for power. Ari doesn't really care what the reasons are, he's just having fun.

This piece is a short narrative I wrote featuring Cazar as one of my college Creative Writing craft papers. He stands in front of the home he grew up in and struggles with himself as he determines that he needs to leave. This happens only moments before they attack him and rip off his wings.

He had chosen to leave. It was somewhere he had known as his home for many, many years. He had lived with the only ones he had known as his family, though it would be some time before he knew what being a part of a real family felt like. It was difficult to leave. He had never had any thoughts of leaving before – he had accepted this life as his own and he was the type of person to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to his decisions. But those he lived with, those he knew as family, had done nothing but use him. The whole reason they had taken him in as a child, had raised him and educated him, was to use him for their own agenda.

This would be the first thing he had dedicated himself to that he would ever turn his back on. He sincerely wished that it would be his last. He was an incredibly loyal person, after all. He supposed they had seen that trait in him, even at his young age, and they had deemed it useful to their goals. Still, despite knowing that everything they had told him was all a front, everything he had felt for them was based on lies, the feelings were still there. He still felt the need to stay there – to protect the people who had reared him. But he knew this was the part of him they would be counting on, the part of him that wanted him to stay. But how could he bring himself to be loyal to a family built upon falsehoods? If there was anything his parents had taught him before they had passed away, it was the value of morals. Without them, he would be nothing more than a beast – and then he certainly would fit in with the rest of his so-called "family."

So he had chosen to leave. He would leave the life he once led, the memories he held, and the people he cared for behind. They weren't worth, despite the emotions still lingering inside of him, the moral repercussions inflicted upon him by his own guilt. None of them were. He told himself this repeatedly as he stared at the gates to a building he had once call his home. His blue eyes, clear and undeceiving, fixated on the wrought iron before him. After a long moment of silently thinking, reminiscing, and affirmation, he turned on his heel and walked briskly down the path as the cold, darkness of night fell around him. He was the type of person, after all, who dedicated himself wholeheartedly to his decisions.

The following piece is actually part of a roleplay that I did with Silver. I loved it so much though, and it really illustrates how Cazar and Illydir interact, so I decided to post it here.

A young man, large golden eyes shimmering in the early sunlight, with bright blue hair was running around both happily and chaotically as children often did. Though he was not a child, he certainly acted like one, and with a personality like his and a relatively short stature, he could be mistaken for a rather immature teenager. He wore clothing, mostly in blue and gold hues, of a foreign design; something not often seen in a small town such as this. Spilling out of his hands and pockets was an exorbitant amount of candy, likely given to him by the townspeople.

 "Aza!" He called over his shoulder, even as he ran toward another older woman holding a bowl. "Aza, come get some candy!"

A taller man, walking slowly and calmly at a distance, declined with a shake of his head. "No thanks, Illydir. I believe you have enough for the two of us." He had ashen hued hair in subdued spikes, a darker shade of grey. His eyes were a bright and clear blue, and he wore a black vest with dark blue buttons over a bright yellow shirt – one that he certainly hadn't picked out but had worn anyway. He had on black pants held up with a dark blue belt, and heavy duty black boots that came up to his calf, laced in the same blue as his belt.

He stepped over to his companion with the smallest of smiles on his face, handing Illydir a small bag to collect his findings in. The young spirit laughed gleefully before turning to the next towns person, acquiring two silver bells hanging on yellow ribbons. He hastily removed the ribbons from the bell and proceeded to lace them into the older man's hair with a large, elated grin on his face. Cazar, or "Aza" as he was fondly referred to, simply stood as if this were an every day occurrence. "lllydir, you know we have to keep moving."

 "Awwwww!" The blue haired youth groaned rather dramatically in exasperation. He locked his fingers behind his back and skipped back a little, admiring his handiwork with a triumphant smile. "But we just got here! And there's a festival! Come onnnnnn_ " He said, but the man shook his head. "Just one day! Can't we just have one day? Pleeeeeeeease?"

Despite his childish whining, the dark-haired man offered another small smile. "I suppose we could stay, just for one day."

The blue-haired boy whooped in joy and swung his bag back and forth in his hands as he skipped down the cobblestone streets, off to find the next person offering free gifts, no doubt. Cazar simply walked at a calm pace, trying to keep his smile to himself.

Cazar had been prompted to carrying around the bag of goodies after accompanying his companion, with Illydir continuing to pour his newfound goods inside of it. He hadn't seen the blue-haired boy this stable in a long time. Just one day, one day of allowing him his fun, would be all right, he supposed. "And just who is going to eat all of this, Illydir?"

 "We are, of course!" He said, ringing his small silver bell delightfully as he skipped down the street. "I'm getting some for Aza too!"

 "Thank you for the offer, but I would rather not eat this..." He looked into the bag, at the various types of candy wrapped in several different shades of wax paper with twisted ends. "... delicatessen," he finished, only the slightest amount of distaste in his voice.

 "More for me then!" The young spirit shouted cheerfully, throwing his arms up into the air.

 "HEY, GET YOUR FREE COFFEE HERE!" He heard a shout, and instantly turned his head in that direction. He saw a worker adorned in an apron and a half-mask call down the road out of an open doorway before ducking back inside. Coffee, now that was much more Cazar's style. Something far better than the myriad of assorted candies now filling the bags they had meant to stock with more nutritional foods.

 "Illydir, come with me a moment," he said, grabbing the blue-haired youth's hand as if he really were a child. "I would very much enjoy a coffee."

 "Can I get a hot chocolate!?" He asked excitedly, swinging their locked hands back and forth. It was an odd sight, for such a solemn and serious looking man to be doing so with what was now five or six yellow ribbons tied into his hair bowless, dangling further than the edges of his hair and swaying in the breeze. But the face he wore said that all of this was normal.

 "If they have it," The older man said, and Illydir threw both of their hands into the air in joy.

Any other little pieces will show up here too, if I feel they're good enough for the public to read xD;;

I have a lot of ideas for Cazar's future, none of which are set in stone. All I know for certain is that he will have a major role to play when it comes to Sytira and his father - as he is the type to clean up his own messes, and he considers the state the world is currently in as one of his messes. He didn't make the order, but he carried it out. Therefore, his hands have been dirtied. His actions led to wars, the eradication of races, and the despair that millions of creatures are living in. I can't imagine that the Dragon Lord would let him off easily, either.

While he is capable of making difficult decisions instantaneously, that rule only applies when it comes to protecting those around him. When it comes to himself, he is almost naive. The combination of his accurate sense of judgment and the knowledge that no matter how bad someone is they can change, leads him to doubt himself. Cazar will inevitably decide to accompany Sytira and Casaenova - because they are all searching for a cure to something. He will learn that while Illydir's affliction is in his mind, not some form of curse or magic. And he will learn what horrible methods his previous family used to break him down into what he now is. That Cazar is the only and closest thing to family that Illydir has. And that he can't have any unfinished business - he will voluntarily confront his adoptive father once and for all.

I think it would be nice if Cazar would meet someone who has the patience to enter his heart. It would be a difficult feat to break through his barrier and convince him that he should allow himself to feel something other than loyalty. I've always had a pretty specific female dragon character in mind for this role, but I don't know if this will happen. I do know that Cazar would make an excellent, if not overprotective, father based on his interactions with Illydir.

Here you can find some of the illustrations I have created of Cazar. They feature him in both his dragon and his human form, and with some of his companions. They have been resized to fit onto this page, so if you wish to view them in their full glory, feel free to drag and drop them into your address bar or right-click and select "View Image."

Art by me

Art by others

Thank you so much, Lyre!!

These section just has a few little adoptables of Cazar. I really need to get around to finding more, but I know how difficult his character design is, and how it doesn't look much like a Darigan :x Yikes xD

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Thank you for taking the time to visit this page, and I hope you were satisfied with what you saw! :)

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