Improvement Review

Michelle at Appellation.
Improvement Review
August 12th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

The Neopets bar clashes terribly with your background and attracts too much attention. I do realize that your content is mainly made up of tables and using the coding abolishes all tables, but there is a way around this which enables you to remove the bar but keep your content's tables.
The coding in the textbox below hides the bar completely. Insert it somewhere between your style tags:

Now, the coding below is the first step in disregarding the coding above for your content's tables. Insert this below the coding you just previously added:

Your background is too grungy for your banner, layout design, and colors. Try using a smooth and tranquil background. I've supplied a background that I recommend you use as replacements. The blue background helps to balance out the many colors you've included in your site.

The background was from The Lunch Box, but I recolored it to match your layout. Read here on how to credit the background properly.

If you decide to use the background I've provided, it'd be best if you'd change the purple border outlining the main content box and your navigation box to a bluish shade. The colors #C6C9F7 and #B2C9FF work quite nicely.

Your banner is over sharpened, causing the lines to look rugged. Try smoothing out the lines by using a Blur Tool. Also, if you haven't already, Overlaying (duplicate the background image, set the layer to Overlay, and use Gaussian Blur at a setting of 3 or 4) enhances the image, giving it a glossy "buttery" look.

The black shadow within your banner doesn't do it much justice. I suggest removing it all together since it first seems to be a simple black border. It stands out far too much, making your banner much less aesthetically pleasing than it could be.

The transparent white bar that shows on the very left of your banner is unnecessary since there is no text present.

Besides being some colors in your banner, your content's text's colors show no similarities. The colors don't flow together and seem to be randomly chosen and put together. I suggest changing your mini-headers color to a lighter blue similar to your main headers. #5AADF5 for your text and #71BBFC for your dotted underline work fittingly. I suggest completely getting rid of the red and orange coloring as it is harsh against the other colors; try changing the reds to your previous mini-headers coloring, #00A523, and the oranges to a deep purple like #960DCD.

The first sentence in your introduction, Hello and welcome to Appellation. Appellation is an untaken names site run by me, Michelle. sounds repetitive and abrupt. Since we already know that you run the site, saying me is unneeded. Try changing it to Hello guest, (Using the VISITOR code) welcome to Appellation, an untaken names site run by Michelle.

I think it can be spelt either way, but Misspelled should probably be changed to Misspelt.

Most of your link back buttons are quite low quality. The buttons shown below are ones that need replacements.

This button is extremely messy. The border looks scribbled and chipped. The background doesn't have any visual appeal, it does the opposite; makes me want to look away. The A is jagged and the text border is poorly done, solid along with having the complete opposite color contrast against the background does not work out at all. The animation is far too rapid, supplying no 'breathing space' and the colors have a dirty tinge.

The image hasn't been edited in any shape or form, giving the button no visual artistry. The animation is also far too fast, 'breathing space' isn't supplied.

The background image is noticeably and excessively pixelized and is an extreme turn off. The border makes everything seem squished in and cramped. The animation is speedy and makes the text quite difficult to read.

This button is bland and uninteresting. The colors are stale and the strangely arranged letters are disorderly. The animation doesn't do it any justice either.

The image is too dark and dull. The animation isn't very well done either.

To replace the buttons I mentioned, try visiting the The Status Center every now and again. Look for the ranked and highly recommended button request sites with open requests. A site I highly recommend with open requests currently is Trapped Fairytales.

You have a decent amount of affiliates, but try looking for more that have some sort of relation to your site.

Your counter doesn't stand out at all amongst the text in your credits. Try centering it and move it above the rest of your credits. Maybe try adding a background to it by editing it more on Boingdragon; perhaps something similar to your banner like a cloud or rainbow.

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Michelle. I hope that my advice and criticism will greatly help your site in the long run!

Remember to replace your current link back to Effects with the updated one below; feel free to pick out a different button from the one given!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.


Quality Critique

Heidi at Zeal.
Quality Critique
August 12th, 2011

Note: If a graphic isn't included in the critique, I've deemed it neither positive or negative; in other words there is nothing wrong with it, but there is nothing outstanding.

Also, every banner and icon I mark positive, you may add my "like" to each one.


This banner is executed beautifully. The colors are very radiant, organic and flow together perfectly, giving the banner flairs of warmth. The text pops out clearly thanks to the white border, but the uniquely colored and textured letters helps the text to blend in to the background. The text's outline is smooth with no visible chips.

This banner is also beautifully done along with the colors being warm and organic as well. The image is gorgeous and picturesque; I can almost hear the water rushing and plunging. The text is elegant and glossy, very smooth with no pixelized edges. The curvy letters go perfectly with the background scenery. The only problem is the ending point. I know that it only takes common sense to realize that it's an exclamation point, but the top is slightly curved, making it appear to be a question mark at first glance.

The textures are considerably well done in this banner, almost causing a glare and giving the impression that it's extremely sunny, bright, and just a pleasant day in general. The text is bold, noticeable, and the colors are quite nicely done. The outer glow effect is a nice touch as well. However, I suggest removing the please check back later. It's best to keep the text short and to the point to keep the banner as visual as possible.

The imagery is absolutely stunning in this banner. The colors are rich and vibrant and the textures add just the perfect touch. The text is very sleek, modern and space-like, almost similar to stainless steel. However, the text's outlines aren't smooth and the rounded edges are jagged. Try using a Blur Tool to soften up the curves.

This banner is gorgeous. The colors are lustrous, bright and definitely give off the impressions of a blazing sun, scorching hot sand and an arid desert. The scratch textures are perfect, adding a harsh sandstorm along with all the other visuals. The dark, overlayed text is brilliant and really adds a dramatic effect. The white border is the perfect size to bold the text and it actually livens up the banner.

This banner straight away reminds me of the previous space banner, and it's just as good. The background image is extremely clear and energetic and the colors are dynamic and clean. The faint textures are perfectly done and almost adds character to the banner. The text again is precisely done for the setting, very space-like and metallic. The text's outlines in this banner are smooth this time, but again, try to keep the text to a minimum. The Click for our new location looks rather squished and does more harm than good.

The colors in this banner are very composed and serene. The soft textures you've used gives the impression of sunlight shining through the broken glass, making the banner gleam and shimmer beautifully. The text's font and texturing matches with the background so well it almost seems to actually belong there. Again, the small please change your links isn't necessary and tarnishes the delicate simplicity of your banner.

This banner is absolutely stunning, unique and aesthetically pleasing. The colors are misty and soothing. The text is bold, striking, lowered to the perfect opacity level, and has settled flawlessly in the clouds. The outer glow effect is a nice touch and the textures used are splendid.

This banner gives off a flair of crafting because of the sewed up texture effects. The colors are vivid, bright, and lively. The image is perfectly sharpened and almost seems like it was a page ripped out of a coloring book. The text's font matches the background nicely and the white border makes the text stand out boldly. All I suggest is to slightly change the pink color to more of a redish shade.

This icon is very well done. The colors are vibrant and the font looks like a signed signature.

This icon is artistic and creative but the text is unneeded since there is a decent amount of calligraphy already in the background image.

This icon has a vibrant color scheme that gives it character. The textures are brilliant and creates a dusty effect. This icon speaks for itself so the text is unnecessary.

This icon is dramatic and colorful. The photography is expressive, powerful and the details of the water droplets enhance the icon.

This icon has a sense of trepidation and a chilling aura.

This icon is fresh, crisp and clean. The colors are bright, visual and make for an aesthetically pleasing icon.

Your pixel envelope resources are clean and classic. They are also the perfect sizes, able to blend into the content but still noticeable. You offer many shades of the basic colors so there should be at least one that will match every layout. I'm not sure whether you actually drew them since the image URL is Google instead of the usual Tinypic used for all the others. Same goes for your counter bases, which also has the Google link.

Both of these pixel bullets are very well done. The shading and lighting effect is perfect which gives the impression that the bullets are glossy. You also offer many different basic colors for these bullets so there should be at least one that the visitor can use. The background is transparent with no visible white parts which is excellent and highly convenient for site owners who use a colored background like myself.


The textures are image placement are quite well done in this banner, but you've made a hash of the text, which completely ruins the aesthetics of the background. The text's outline is harshly rugged and chipped, which reminds me more of gravel rather than arid, scorching sands. The outer glow and drop shadow are too solid and rich. The colors do flow well together, but don't match up with the background image's colors. I suggest using the same style with the text as your outstanding Closed desert banner.

Although the image's lines are smooth, this banner is far too over-textured. Also the colors are exactly the same as the original image; try using Color Overlay layers and fiddle with the hues. The font is also extremely curly and the curls of the t, u, and s all meet at one area and overlap, making the text look messy. Try to avoid using excessively curvy fonts that have overlapping letters. Also, you didn't do a very good job with the text's border coloring. A simple deep green would have been substantial.

This banner doesn't have much visual appeal to it. The background's perspective is quite nicely done, making the banner appear sloped, but the cropping was poorly done and makes the banner seem abruptly cut off. The text is disorderly. The letters don't follow a straight line; the i, t, and u seem to have larger spaces in-between the bottom than the others. Most letters are squished together while a couple are far apart. The tops of the letters are blended away which doesn't do it any good. The one and only perfectly done feature with the text is the reflection, which matches the background perfectly.

There isn't too much wrong with this banner, it's even very nicely done visually at first glance, but the longer and closer you look at it, the mistakes start to show. The background doesn't look textured at all, (which isn't a bad thing of course), but it lacks the visual appeal it could have if it was nicely textured. The text is also very poorly done. The H has one rounded leg, but all the others are squared and it looks a bit odd. The I is slightly out of proportion with the rest of the letters, it looks much more thin. The A strangely enough has a small, random tail at the top. The T's top is unsymmetrical and chipped at the corners. The U looks bent to the side and has a couple uneven parts on the left side and the middle. The S has no problems though. Now, the reflection has a couple mishaps. All the letters besides the S aren't blended in the water, rather cut off at the water lily's edge. Also, the reflection's edges nearest the original letters should be blended instead of cut. The coloring of the text doesn't match where it is, I suggest using a light green to green gradient, like the water lily's colors; the edges and the center.

The textures in this banner make the background look dusty and barren when it is quite the opposite. The textures should make the image sunny with flairs of warm and rustic autumn colors. The text is too bold and modern for the image. I suggest using the a thin text style like the one you used in your Closed desert banner.

This banner is visually extremely well done, the textures are perfect and add a dreamy and calm effect, but again, the text used ruins the appeal. It's rugged and far too bold, bulky and looks a tad awkward. The gradient effect and colors are wonderfully done, but the font completely devastates it. I suggest using a curly font like the one you used in your Under Construction Faerieland banner.

This banner is over-the-top textured with the wrong types of brushes; wheels/gears? The text used is looks like it was cut with the pen tool and is not smooth at all. The Please remove us is also unnecessary; always try to keep the text to a minimum.

This banner is alright, but the textures don't supply any color, making the image fade out when it has a fantastic opportunity to have bright, dramatic colors. The font is rather difficult to read and is extremely thin. The colors don't match the background it's against, a deep aqua or navy blue would have looked much more classy. I suggest change the font to the one you've used in your oasis Hiatus banner.

The textures used in this banner make the image look pixel-y. Smooth and colorful textures, like bokehs, would have made the background much more aesthetically pleasing. The text is far too thin and the outer glow is too intense. I suggest using the same style and font as you used in your Altador Hiatus banner or your desert Closed banner.

The grungy textures in this banner are used far too excessively and powerfully. Simple bright lighting textures would match perfectly with the image since it's taking place in the sky. The text, like the previous banner, is thin and jagged. I suggest using the same style of text as your Closed desert banner.

The grid you've used for a texture doesn't add much of an appealing effect to your banner, it instead simply adds lines that doesn't do much good. The text is ridged and far too bright. I suggest you change the text style to something similar to your Rainbow Pteri Hiatus banner, but with colors and textures that are the same as the background.

The only problem with this banner is the coloring effect. They're bland and the original colors are much more appealing, so the colors have ruined the banner rather than enhancing it, especially the Lupe's eye, which is unnatural. The random star texture on the left side of the banner is unnecessary. Other than that, the text is bold and the colors are very well done.

This banner's background is uninteresting and cropped at the wrong place. The text looks as though it was stuck at a random place and outlining isn't too appealing. The Closed desert banner's font style would look fantastic on this banner.

A banner in the Revamp section has a broken image.

The textures and colors in this banner are done phenomenally well, but the text ruins everything slightly. It's hard to read and the outer glow is too strong. The t's in Construction are almost cut off at the bottom of the banner. I suggest using the text style in your Rainbow Pteri Hiatus banner for this banner and using the same colors and textures as the background.

This icon's text and the icon in general is plain. I suggest using Chinese symbols spelling Great Wall Of China to add some character along with a vibrant bokeh texture to liven up the image.

These pixel arrows aren't the best of quality. They are far too large and would take up a bit too much space in most layouts. The colors aren't adequately made, they are dark and a tad grungy. The shading and lighting effects are faint and could have been more noticeable done to polish up the arrows and make them glossier.

Both of these pixel signs aren't very visually appealing. The colors are rather bland and make the text difficult to read. The text is also too bold and bulky for such a small image, making it seem cramped and stretched. However, the gradients were quite nicely done.

Recommended / Not Recommended

The ratio of positives over negatives is 19:17. The reason why I recommended Zeal was because of the stunning imagery your graphics have along with the perfect use of textures and colors. What you really need to improve is the types fonts you use for your text and the jagged edges. Most cursive and curly fonts are thin and difficult to read and you'll be hard pushed to find a suitable curvy font for banners.

Thank you very much for applying for a Quality Critique Heidi! It was a pleasure to critique your graphics and I wish you the best of luck with Zeal!

Remember to replace your current link back to Effects with the updated one below; feel free to pick out a different button from the one given!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

Cib's Premades

Improvement Review

Cib at Cib's Premades.
Improvement Review
August 14th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

The top Neopets bar is still showing at the top. Since it doesn't fit very pleasantly with your background, I suggest you remove it by using the code in the textbox below. If you still want it showing, at least remove the bar's vile background by using the second code in the textbox below. Insert either one of them somewhere in-between your site's style tags:

Since your layout and content is entirely made up of tables, add the coding below into your style tags as well:

In your Welcome paragraph, you've made a couple small grammar mistakes; Here you'll be able to find quality lookup that are easy and... Lookup should be in plural form, lookups.

Another mistake is found in the following sentence; Feel free to edit this lookups as much... This should be changed to these.

The contact me found in the last sentence in your Welcome paragraph should be linked to your userlookup for visitor convenience.

For highly effective visitor convenience, you should have your navigation bar fixed. This will cause your navigation to follow as you scroll up and down the page. Copy the coding in the textbox below and insert it into your nav DIV right after the id.

I also suggest leaving more space in-between your content box and your navigation by adding the coding below into your #nav style tags:

I recommend not having yellow colored links as they are a tad hard to see against a white background for some. However, #14A174 for the links and #09BA82 as the hover effect work out quite nicely.

In the Changes section, you have a typo; If you don't understand, please draw the image next... draw is supposed to be drag.

In the Sitely section, your affiliates are in a long and narrow box which doesn't make it convenient for visitors to glance through and click. I suggest expanding the box so that it doesn't scroll, doubling the height of the box, or just remove the height restrictions of the box all together.

At the bottom of your Sitely section, To be anywhere here, please contact me doesn't make much sense. Do you mean becoming affiliates or adding link back buttons? Try elaborating further to explain your point.

In your Credits section, there's a small typo; Resources: Bullet from Peach Pit. "Top the Top" image... The first top should be To.

When crediting a font you've used, say what the name of the font is instead of crediting the website that has it advertised. As long as the font was and still is free for commercial use you should be fine with not even including a credit.

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Cib. I hope that my advice and criticism will drastically help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back to Effects with the updated one below; feel free to pick out a different button from the one given!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

The Faerie Compass

Improvement Review

Adzs at The Faerie Compass.
Improvement Review
August 14th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

Both the Neopets bar and official credits portion are still visible which drastically reduces your layout's visual appeal, especially the bar's yellow/green background. Copy all of the coding in the textbox below and add it somewhere between your site's style tags:

Since your content is made up entirely of tables, add the coding in the textbox below right beneath the previous coding you added. The coding has been adjusted to match with your DIVs:

I recommend removing all of the periods in your headers. There isn't much need for an end point as headers aren't sentences plus it would help to evenly center the text.

I also suggest upper-casing your h1s to give off a more professional flair. I don't recommend changing anything but the text-transform.

I suggest replacing all of the arrows in your directory's navigation on the right to bullet. It'd spruce up your page and cause everything to become much more noticeable. This bullet was made by Heidi at Zeal, so make sure to credit her properly if you decide to use it:

The bullet is neutral and blends in perfectly with your links. I've also supplied the image's coding in the textbox below:

Your layout's footer doesn't match up with your banner as well as it could have. Since the floor has a circular pattern, I suggest moving the footer's image up until the very bottom half of the circular floor is showing, causing an enclosed effect around your content; therefore giving your layout a much more coordinated header and footer.

The very first sentence in your short introduction paragraph has a messy combined hover effect that is similar to your link's. Since you've used a name attribute instead of a DIV, you'll have to add an ending anchor (/a) right after the a name="home tags to eliminate the hover effect of your text.

Your italicized words don't match with your layout or the rest of your text effects. I suggest changing the color to a light grey, either #6582C6 or #6582C6 work quite well, or change all of your italics to bold instead.

You've repeated the date August 14, Sunday in your updates.

I suggest that you should remove the Music Codes section from your directory since they are no longer usable on the site.

Under Pet Directories you've left out the last s on Species.

Your second to last button on the bottom row is a tad rushed at the end. It starts off perfect but once Compass is about to scroll off, the animation is hurried and poorly done. Since the button maker is on an indefinite hiatus, you can't ask for a slight change. I recommend replacing it completely. Try visiting the ranked button request sites quite frequently.

At the Voice Box, you've repeated a same date, August 14, Sunday.

Also, I suggest using your h4s for separating the dates in your Voice Box. The text separators you have up currently aren't eye catching, are skipped over easily and rather difficult to read.

You've made a few errors typos in your Credits section:

... so encouraging and supportive, for all the suggestions that helped me imporve TFC, and... Imporve should be changed to Improve.

My very inspiration for starting the faerie compass was a directory... Always capitalize your site's name, The Faerie Compass.

Nienkju's Resouces, Swimchick(dot)net, 49 Days (hiatus) and Sticky's Goodies for brushes and... 49 Days is off it's hiatus. Also, the (dot)net in Swimchick is unneeded.

You, my fellow neopians and site makers for visiting, for all your help and suggestions and ideas. Try not to overuse and in one part of a sentence. Remove the first 'and' after help and replace it with a comma.

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Adzs. I hope that my advice and criticism will in someway help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back to Effects with the updated text below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

The Bakery

Improvement Review

Madame at The Bakery.
Improvement Review
August 17th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

The Neopets bar is showing and is extremely barefaced; it attracts more attention than the layout. I highly suggest removing this by using the coding in the textbox below:

Since you have a couple tables present in your content, use the coding below to exclude your content's tables from the coding above:

Michelle has done an inadequate job with your layout and it has plenty room for improvement. The image at the top left is odd and doesn't blend in or match with the rest of your layout. The image is over-sharpened and jagged. The box-collage style is clashing and rather uninteresting; it isn't suitable for the image. The background is highly overused in Michelle's layouts and does absolutely nothing besides create even more dullness.

The content box's drop shadow is poorly done and looks like a simple dark outline of the box. The shadow covering the navigation and makes it appear even smaller than it already is.

The only thing that is reasonably well done is the font used in the title. The scribbled coloring is effective and reminds me of a sign that would be hanging outside of a bakery. The orange helps to balance out the tedious blues and somewhat livens it. The small text that is outlined in blue underneath 'The Bakery' is pointless because of its size. It also ruins the aesthetics and simplicity of the title because of the strong drop shadow.

The rounded box in the bottom left-hand corner is much too small for your updates; it seems the words are crammed in and don't grab any attention whatsoever. Move your updates over to your homepage and replace the updates in the box with a couple of your highest quality link backs for visitor convenience. The two I recommend putting up are:

I highly suggest requesting a new layout altogether. There are no sites that are offering open petpage requests that I recommend, but Brieta at Out Of Focus is thinking of opening her requests soon hopefully, so keep an eye out. Also try visiting The Status Center and the sites listed daily for open petpage requests.

If you decide to request for a new layout, I suggest that you follow a warm, chocolate brown color scheme like #6B4112, #804B0E and #98530E along with an image that follows a bakery-related theme like bread or cakes, something visually pleasing and gives the impression that the visitor is actually in a cozy, hearty bakery.

There are many grammar errors in your introduction. Also, I suggest having the 'story' before your welcoming introduction; it'd flow together much more smoothly.

Welcome to The Bakery, a new review site by Madame Red. Since opening on August 15th 2011, we've been offering helpful reviews and serving delicious food.
This would be much better off combined and written as Welcome guest (Use the #visitor code) to The Bakery, a review site run by Madame Red which opened on August 15th, 2011! The Bakery offers helpful reviews along with a side-order of delicious food.

The morning is warm and clear on Krawk Island.
This doesn't give off much of a visual representation. Try rephrasing it to The morning is warm, sunny and the sky is free of clouds on Krawk Island.

You could hear the singing of the birds and the water splashing on the ground.
This goes off into past-tense. Since this story is an introduction to your site, stay present-tense like The singing of the birds and water splashing on the island's ledge fills the air.

It is quite load since sailors are chatting near the bay.
This is a bit pointless and doesn't supply the story with anything. If you decide to keep it, change load to loud.

The line-up for Krawk Fashions shop is getting longer, but as you come closer you discover that it actually leads past the store and into the bakery instead.
Rewrite this to The line-up for Krawk Fashions is growing rapidly, but as you walk near you discover that it actually leads past the store and into the neighboring bakery instead.

A huge sign on the door says Opens at 9 AM. Your clock shows 8:59. Just a few more seconds and...
This is rather blunt; rewrite it to A huge sign hanging on the door says Opens at 9:00 AM. You take a quick glace at your watch: 8:59. Just a few more seconds and...
Italicize or bold Opens at 9:00 AM as well.

A brown usual welcomes everyone in. Once you get seated, she comes over to your table.
Usual should be Usul. Get should be are. And comes over would better be written as wanders over.

I suggest that you only have a single link choice after your introduction so that you don't confuse the visitor. Keep the link to the menu and remove the other two, especially the link to Neopet's homepage which gives the impression that you want your visitors to leave as soon as they came.

Your link's hover effect is plain and annoying. I suggest removing the text-spacing and add a color changing hover. A couple effective colors are #76C0F2 or #95D0F7. Same goes for your navigation, but change the font to something more noticeable and the colors to something rich and dark like #3374C4.

*you grab the menu, open it up and start reading...*
This, in the Menu tab, is unnecessary and unprofessional. Remove it completely to save space and make the section a tad more clean.

The text in your rubrics is hard and a pain to read because of the overuse of italics. I suggest removing the italics from the text describing each section and instead, have the scores italicized. Also, skip lines in-between the titles, description, and the scores, double-space between sections, and indent paragraphs. Use the coding below before each sentence to indent them:

Add spacing in-between the numbers and text in rule 5.

Also bold and italicize important words and phrases in each rule besides your trick to make the rules more involved to the visitor.

I suggest moving your trick at the end of rule 7 to make it less noticeable to rule-skimmers. Your trick is also extremely hard and irritating to click on because of the hover effect of your links.

In rule 1, the first orders should be changed to Requests.

In your Request tab, remove *the waitress, Tessa, stop at your table and asks "Are you ready?", you nod and start ordering* for the same reason as I explained previously.

Center the request sign to evenly line it up along with your waiting list and available reviews.

In your Pick Up tab, most of the text is cut off in the header.

You've made many spelling errors with a word; archieves should be archives.

Your pick up section is extremely cramped and scrunched together; the boxes with the reviews inside have limited space and make the long rows of text hard to read. I suggest having separate pages for each review and increase the size of the review's boxes. Also remember to have sentence breaks to make it easier for the customer and visitors to read. Never italicize all of the text in your reviews either, like you've done with Dark Light's review.

Your rankings are disorderly, cluttered, and cramped all into the left side. I suggest centering everything in that section to even out the spacing between each edge of the content box.

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Madame. I hope that my advice and criticism will help to drastically improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.


Improvement Review

Izzy at Planetarium.
Improvement Review
August 18th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

Your introduction story is all very well with the concept of the mysterious unknown, but an introduction is supposed to introduce yourself and your site to the visitor; your introduction does neither. I realize that you'd prefer your homepage to not scroll, but there is plenty of space at the top for your content and DIVs to move up a tad. I suggest adding a couple brief, to the point sentences introducing your visitors to yourself and your site. Welcome the visitor to Planetarium and present yourself, supply your name that links to your userlookup for convenience. Describe what the purpose of your site is, what it offers, and maybe when you opened your site to the public.

Your italicized text is rather difficult to read. I suggest changing the bright green color to either #46B72F or #1D9E1B which are much easier on the eyes and match your layout's colors better.

There is a random s floating at the top of your background; right of the banner. Remove it by deleting the s at the very beginning of your coding.

Your counter is in an extremely unnoticeable and inconvenient place; at the very end of your update's scroll-box. I suggest moving the counter and it's contents somewhere in your sitely's credits section.

Your navigation is barely noticeable at first glance. I suggest giving your navigation some coloring; #2C7C8A works effectively. Change the navigation's text size to 14 also. I suggest you keep the navigation's hover effect exactly the same though.

Your link's hover effect with the cursor change is annoying and unneeded. I recommend removing the cursor hover as not everyone appreciates or can see the cursor you have chosen.

In your Rules tab, I suggest you change the header to say rules instead of enter.

In the Forms section, remove the italics from Copy and Paste Links Into Address Bar to Neomail Forms. as it's difficult to read a whole sentence that is italicized. I suggest keeping address bar italicized however. Also, un-capitalize all of the letters besides the C in Copy; unnecessary capitalization is unprofessional and pestering. Do the same for the basic forms.

I suggest increasing the size of your textareas in the Forms tab to make the text easier to view and select.

There are a few broken links and header errors.

In the Link and Basic Forms section, the (?) beside Story is broken; it should be linking to #Story3 instead.

In the Story Teller section, the header says Buttons With A Purpose, change it to the right heading as it is a bit confusing.

The Back button's link in the Story Teller section is broken since the #Story DIV is capitalized. Remember to never capitalize a DIV as it makes links leading to them faulty.

In your Rankings tab, you've capitalized and italicized each word in the introduction sentence once again. The button you offer as a ranking award is low-quality and the animation is glitchy.

All of your link back buttons in your Sitely section are rather low-quality with not very many visually pleasing qualities to them.

Although the colors, background, font, and animation are all quite well done, the border destroys the aesthetics of the button; it has absolutely no shape or form to it.

The font is difficult to read, the sparkle animation is dull and glitchy, and visually, there isn't much to it.

This is your worst button. The colors are insipid, the border and white inside-border are dominating, the text is blurry and cramped, the text border is far too strong, and the animation is uninteresting and quick; it has no pauses for "breathing space" in-between.

This button would have actually been one of the best for a visually pleasing appearance, but the text ruins it by being on two separate lines. There is also no animation, making for a boring button.

I suggest separating your listers into two groups by using a table. Copy all of the coding in the textbox below and replace your current lister's links and coding with it.

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Izzy. I hope that my advice and criticism will help to improve your site's convenience and appearance!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

Mo's Fonts

Full-Out Review

Mo at Mo's Fonts.
Full-Out Review
August 18th, 2011

First Impressions (19.6/20)
The ambience is dazzling, luminous, and extremely welcoming upon entering. The warm colors are striking and flow together beautifully. The banner does a significant job of captivating attention from the visitor; your site's name and what you offer is instantly supplied within the banner.

Right away you can tell that Monky created your layout; she's put loads of technique and style into your layout which brings a fantastic first impression to the visitor.

Everything looks tidy and organized at first glance along with being easily noticeable. All the colors' shades are smoothly alike and flow together nicely. However, the buttons under link back aren't the highest quality. I suggest replacing them with the two buttons shown below:

Overall, you've done a fantastic job with your site's first impression! Good job Mo!

-.4 points for supplying low quality link backs on the homepage.

Introduction (4.4/5)
Your introduction is to the point and concise which is good, but a bit monotonous. In your first sentence, I suggest changing that started to which started; you overuse 'that' in one short sentence.

In your second sentence, the second link to your userlookup is unnecessary; although it might help the visitor to double-check that they are mailing the site's owner, I suggest removing the link on neomail me.

The two tips you mention under your main introduction are extremely helpful; without them, the visitor would be lost. Also, it gives the impression that you offer much more fonts for Neoboard Pens than for regular users; the key would usually be the other way around, noting that the font is only available for Neoboard Pens.

-.6 points for a dull and slightly repetitive introduction.

Layout and Coding (24/25)
Monky has done a fabulous job with your layout. The banner pops out brilliantly from the content, but enough to blend in to not attract an excessive amount of attention. The gentle yellow outer glow and the faint inner shadow adds the perfect touch of charm and makes the banner pop out even more. The color effects and textures are done beautifully and professionally; both are Monky's expertise. The fonts used as the text are flawless and ideally match the banner's background.

The content boxes are all very well done; the striped border used on the main content box is stylish and the solid border on the link back's box is the perfect contrast against it. The gradient effects are excellently as well.

The navigation looks a bit odd and out of place though. The hover opacity effect of the navigation's background is done professionally and suits the layout's background nicely. However, the thing that makes the navigation seem misplaced is the double lined links, picture fonts and word fonts. Since your site is obviously focusing and dealing only with fonts, it's all right to remove the 'fonts' from all of the navigation links. This would greatly improve the organization and appearance of the navigation. I suggest you do the same with misc. fonts to balance everything out. However, Monky has edited the picture fonts and word fonts coding so that the two words will fit in the box and if you remove the word 'fonts', the text is positioned at the very top of the box. To fix this, just remove the 2 from the class='nav' to the right.

Your headers, bolds, italics, and links are all quite nicely done at first look; they all coordinate with your banner's colors. However, your link's hover effect's color is extremely hard to read and blends in fully into your content box's background. I suggest change the color to either #FEC64F or #FFCE61.

-1 point for minor issues with the navigation and links.

Content (19.5/25)
Your fonts overall to me are extremely stunning and impressive. It's fabulous to see that there are around a hundred or more different types of fonts that all have a distinct creative flair to them. I'll go section by section and mention fonts and general content that is either outstanding or needs some sort of improvement.


Your request section looks highly unorganized and cluttered. I suggest centering everything on that page besides the header and the line of text under the header. Also, reduce the space in-between the tables holding the form/envelope and the request sign.

In the sentence at the top underneath the header, I suggest adding by clicking the envelope below after neomail me.

It'd make more sense if the newest font requests were ordered at the top, while the older font requests are at the bottom.

All the fonts listed here all show something different, are creative and are all very nicely done in general.

-1.5 points for organization issues.

Picture Fonts

Your picture fonts are organized interestingly; it attracts the attention of the visitor and makes the fonts simple to scroll and flip through.

As simple as this font is, it's fabulously done, classy and would catch attention easily on the boards. The most brilliant feature of this font is that not a single Neoboard Pen required, it's unbelieveable how you can mange to add so much to a font with no extras needed.

This font is very well done. The simplicity of it is eye-catching and the pink heart helps to balance the greys and greens out and is suited perfectly to the avatar you've provided.

Another simple but effective font; it's creative.

This font looks very complex, but it paid off since I've seen it being used a considerable amount. The bee's dotted path is exceptional.

The font doesn't remind me of popcorn in the slightest until you see the avatar. I suggest removing the outside lines and dots and change the line in the center to a lighter shade of pink, similar to the avatar.

You did a brilliant and 100% accurate job with this font. I was reminded of Dora right away, and I dunno whether to be proud of that or not ahaha.

The colors and font used in 'frowny' is excellent, however the O's as eyes don't do much justice for it. I suggest just leaving the 'frowny' in as it expresses itself enough alone.

This font reminded me more of a ferris wheel rather than a firework or flower.

The color's in this font are done perfectly. The clouds are brilliantly done and almost give off a 3D effect to the lighthouse, but the text beneath it pushes it back to normal.

Much like the previous bee font, this font is just as good. The way you evenly aligned the butterfly with the text is flawless.

I feel that so much more could have been put into this font, it's a tad bland and uninteresting. The volcano image reminds me more of the back of a person's neck.

This font is precious and very effective. You've also done quite a precise job of copying the avatar into a picture font.

I don't know what to think of this font, it's rather nondescript; it doesn't take the shape of a cloud Jubjub very accurately, even if you have gotton the correct colors.

This font is elegant and charming and it goes perfectly with the avatar you've supplied.

This font is another one of those effective and simple fonts which is very nicely done. However, it was in an unnoticeable place, right below the very last font preview instead of beside it.

You've definitely have a great deal of talent and creativity when it comes to picture fonts Mo. There is an abundance of fonts to choose from and there should be at least one that your customers would fancy. Fantastic job! Any font that I have not mentioned is neither outstanding nor has any issues.

-2 points for lower quality fonts and an extremely minor organization issue.

Miscellaneous Fonts

This font is characterless and has no meaning even for a miscellaneous font.

This font is vibrant, colorful, simple but effective; it matches the avatar perfectly.

This font is artistic and visual. The pinks are vivid and bright, but the black heart ruins the charm of the font.

This font, similar to the previous rainbow font, is also alive and colorful; matching the avatar flawlessly.

You have more than an ample amount of miscellaneous fonts which all have an imaginative twist to them. Any font that I have not mentioned is neither outstanding nor has any issues.

-.8 points for a low quality font and a minor issue with another font.

Word Fonts

This font is perfect for an obnoxious BC spamming advertiser.

This font is extremely artistic and creative, matching the avatar and text meaning brilliantly.

This font is also extremely creative; the way you aligned 'falling' is perfectly done and the whole font just matches the avatar so well.

You've done a very good job with giving this font a tropical flair; the colors are gorgeous and vibrant.

This font has a very professional appeal to it which matches the avatar beautifully.

This font is a little too simple with not much meaning, making for an uninteresting font.

This font is all together very well done, dynamic and the colors go fantastic together.

Simple but very bright and colorful; the font matches the avatar perfectly and the fonts used makes the text pop out vividly.

This font is gorgeously done and extremely eye-catching; the colors flow together perfectly. The text doesn't align up exactly, but it gives the font character and the bottom underline fixes it.

The gradient effect in this font is stunning and gives off a tropical and warm flair.

This font is dazzling and elegant; all the colors flow together beautifully and in accordance to the avatar which suits the lyrics brilliantly.

This font gives off an impression of crafts and stitching; the colors are soft and work very well together.

This font is absolutely brilliant and one of a kind. It's unbelievable how you managed to make it all work without a Neoboard Pen as well.

This font is a bit dull and empty. The font and colors are too harsh and dark.

This font is very creatively done. The colors are excellent along with the outstanding font used for the J.

This font is brilliantly wintery and the colors give off chills; makes me long for the winter holidays.

The overuse of the musical symbols and the text's font ruins the appeal this font could have had.

This font is very well done, the S's liven up the font and the text's font gives it character of a lovely bakery.

This font is perfectly done with the solid and dashed underlines and the green heart which balances out the purples. The cramped in text is perfectly done and really adds style to it.

This font is just really really well put together in general.

This font is rather boring and the font is hard to read. There isn't much to this font at all.

This font is bleak and the text's font looks ragged. The color gradient is poorly done and doesn't have any visual appeal to it.

You've got brilliant talent when it comes to Word Fonts; you offer such a vast selection of these fonts that it's almost 100% guaranteed that your customer will find a font they will love. Any font that I have not mentioned is neither outstanding nor has any issues.

-1.2 points for a few low quality fonts.

Grammar and Professionalism (15/15)
All of your grammar seems to be in perfect condition from what I saw, so fantastic job Mo! Spellcheck must be watching your back.

As for professionalism, you are decent at staying professional, you have your blips at a couple times, but it gives yourself and your site character somewhat.

I recommend you fully type out your update's dates instead of the shortened version.

I also recommend linking the font names you mention in your updates to the section they are in; therefore visitors can quickly scroll to view the fonts you are talking about rather than hunting them down. A simple change that can improve visitor convenience and it shows you in someway care about the fonts you make.

Do not take credit. By this I mean do not say or infer that you made one of my fonts.
You sound extremely professional and calmly assertive in your first rule. It's good to see no overreactions which can scare your visitors over credits.

If you do not like your font, let me know. I will definitely re-do it. I understand my taste is all over the place and may not match yours. I certainly do not want you posting with a font you dislike.
You seem understanding and actually caring for your customers which gives visitors the impression they can contact you and get a friendly response, rather than feeling as though they are bothersome. Good job!

If a font does not work in your browser, let me know. I probably know how to fix it.
Like before, you seem easily approachable and you know what you are doing.

The Font Vocabulary and Font Types that you offer in your Extras section are exceedingly helpful and well explained. Brilliant job with them as they boost your professionalism and your visitor's assurance in you greatly.

Your FAQ has thoroughly explained answers and most questions and answers the visitor can actually benefit from.

No points were deducted in this section.

Sitely (5.5/10)
Your sitely section is overloaded with low-quality, visually displeasing buttons. I suggest you remove all of them besides the buttons listed below:

This will leave you with one row of high quality, aesthetically pleasing buttons. This is around the perfect amount, but feel free to request more if you'd like. Check The Status Center daily for open button requests; try to only request from ranked and recommended sites.

Everything in those button's textareas are perfectly coded and everything is in place.

You have a substantial amount of affiliates. You may want to revisit each and every one of your affiliates to see if they have new batches of buttons as many of the buttons you have up aren't of highest quality, lowering the chance of a visitor visiting your affiliates' sites.

The idea of having your favorite font by your affiliates is a brilliant idea of somewhat connecting to your affiliates.

I suggest moving Always looking for more affiliates, neomail me if you are interested! (And looking for Avatar / Font related sites, but I may make exceptions). above all of your affiliates' buttons, right below the header to make it more noticeable as it is easily scrolled over.

You have many listers which is excellent. I also suggest visiting every one of your listers' sites to update their button to something more visually pleasing and to see if they still have you listed.

Lacuna has closed, but you can replace their button with mine!

Your credits all seem to be in good condition and correctly crediting. I suggest centering your 'Seal of Fonting' and add space in-between the bottom of the content box so that it doesn't look as stuck and cramped in.

You also don't have a counter present and visible! Since you opened your site over a year ago, you won't have an accurate count of how many page views your site has obtained unless you have a counter someplace else. You can always create a counter at boingdragon and start from now if you would like!

-3 points for many low quality link back buttons.
-1 point for low quality buttons advertising your affiliates and listers.
-.5 points for lack of a counter.

Score and Conclusion (88/100)
Mo's Fonts is doing extraordinarily good job with supplying all kinds of aesthetic, creative, and high-quality fonts! Your expertise with creating fonts is one of a kind and your professionalism shows in your site. I'd like to congratulate you Mo on being capable of running such a successful site for over a year! It was a pleasure to review Mo's Fonts and I wish you and your site the best of luck!

Recommended / Not Recommended
The fonts offered at Mo's Fonts are brilliant and gorgeous; a visitor there is bound to find at least one font they love! I'd recommend Mo's Fonts to absolutely anyone who was looking for a new font; either premade or requests since Mo offers both.

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Mo. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

Ask Grace

Improvement Review

Grace at Ask Grace.
Improvement Review
August 24th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

First glance at your layout; the Neopets bar is noticeable and overpowers your background. Copy the coding in the textbox below and add it somewhere in your site's style tags:

Since there are a couple tables present in your content, add the coding in the textbox below right beneath the previous coding you added:

Your background is bright yellow with white polka-dots and it doesn't match the blues, oranges, and browns along with the scan-lines; the yellow almost gets sickly after a while. You want to use a background with a color that will balance the many colors you have used in your layout; it'll have to be a background with no color at all. A light, stylish, and glossy grey would do the trick. I've supplied a couple options of backgrounds for you. Either of these will increase your layout's professional and visual appeal drastically:

Both of these gorgeous backgrounds were from 49 Days so if you decide to replace your current background with either of them, make sure to supply an applicable credit.

Your built-in headers look disorderly and some letters are far too curvy; they overlap each other sloppily. Also, the two dots at the bottom of the d's and the cross on the tail of the q's don't fit in with the rest of the letters. Your headers aren't professionally done since nothing is capitalized, the long curves take up much more space than is necessary, and all the letters are different sizes making them awkwardly squished in. If you can, I highly recommend going back and editing all the headers in your layout. Either simply use bold italicized georgia or a smaller version of the font you used on the box in your banner. If neither of those work, I suggest downloading Waiting for the Sunrise and Fineliner Script at and test those out.

Your link back button's section is unorganized and has a crowded impression. I suggest moving the textarea boxes underneath each button using tables. Also increase the width of the textareas to 88px and decrease the height to 13px in order to give the visitor adequate space to copy the coding from. This will supply much more even spacing for the buttons between their surroundings; the header and the layout's top, bottom, and right edges. Copy the coding below to sort the buttons into tables and replace your current DIV with it (change all the ( )'s to the carrot brackets as the filters block the coding in textareas):

Your counter's text border outline is lighter than the background it is on. I suggest editing it to another shade darker to make it more easily readable. Also, I suggest removing the 0's as they are taking up unnecessary space.

I suggest changing your italic text's color to #FF8965.

You have more than enough yellow text; the bright yellow with your link's hover effect doesn't match well with the aqua blue. However, the aqua blue is unappealing against the brown background in your Answers section while the yellow hover goes quite nicely. I suggest using different link colorings for each of your DIVs, separated into split groups. First of all, change your main link's color to either #73CDF7 or #5AB6F8 and the hover effect to #83D6FF.

To change a DIV's link coloring to a completely different color and/or effect, use the coding below and add it right below your original a:hover coding. The yellow coloring and effects are provided already:

I suggest changing the arrow bullets in the Answers section to a tan or some sort of light brown color to match the background and text colors. I've recolored the bullet to a couple browns suitable for the background:

You have a couple broken italics tags in your Answers section. Close those off and remember to always add ending tags.

The click for older answers orange text clashes with the aqua background. I suggest changing the text color to a dark blue like the text in the previous speech bubble at the top right.

For your affiliates and listers section, this isn't a proper sitely section; you don't even have an apparent sitely section anywhere, my link back isn't shown for a start. I would have suggested moving the 24 hours service section at the bottom to your welcome message, but that would add another scroll-box. I suggest changing the header in the 24 hours service to sitely and replacing all the text in there to a regular sitely section; your sister site, affiliates, reviewers, listers, accomplishments, and credits. There is a much more wider space there so buttons can be side by side without the scrolling. I suggest removing the old affiliates and listers box altogether.

The extra one DIV section with the Grace Asks You header has an unnecessary scroll. Change the overflow:auto; to overflow:hidden;.

The extra two DIV section with the Graphics Guru header is overflowing off of the box into the background. Change the left positioning to 223px;.

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Grace. I hope that my advice and criticism will help to improve your site's organization, convenience and appearance!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

Love and Affection

Full-Out Review

Amber Lynn at Love & Affection.
Full-Out Review
August 26th, 2011

First Impressions (13.2/20)
My first impression upon entering was monotonous, nothing grasped my attention or was outstanding. The layout is small and cute, but nothing was appealing since everything is plain, boxy with no interesting shaping or form to it. The banner image looks exactly the same as the original image; textures and color-effects were all absent and this drastically reduces the visual appeal your layout could have had if there was some sort of evident editing. The drop-shadow on the banner and content boxes is far too strong for the light pink background. Your site's name header is easily noticeable, but it's rather dreary and uninteresting. The color-bars at the top and bottom of your main content box are tacky and provide zilch for your layout; the colors aren't even distinguishable colors in your banner's image. Instead of having the site name against a white background along with the color bar, everything would have looked much more captivating if there was a continuation of the banner on the left to the content box. Because of the effortlessness and blandness, there was no distinct flair or uniqueness to your site, which doesn't make the visitor want to continue on.

Besides the uninspiring layout, the content on the homepage seemed to be well-placed and organized. The updates were in a very convenient place; the visitor can glance through it anytime and anywhere within the site. You have offered three buttons right from the start which is a plus, however, they aren't the best of quality; the hard-to-read text on all three buttons is the most substantial letdown. They are also all squished in together. Replace your current link backs and textareas with the table coding in the textbox below (replace the ( )'s with the greater than/less than sign brackets):

The Neopets bar at the top is also still showing and drags more lively attention to it than the layout and background. Add the coding in the textbox below in-between your site's style tags:

Since you've just added a table for your link back buttons, insert the coding in the textbox below right beneath the previous coding to dismiss the visibility for your content's tables:

Overall, not a very impressive first impression in the slightest.

-6 points for an unappealing, uninteresting, and effortless layout.
-.2 points for a clashing and visible Neopets bar.
-.6 points for low quality link backs cramped together on the homepage.

Introduction (4.2/5)
Your introduction is simple, friendly, and slightly informative; the dainty teacup is a nice touch also. However parts are worded a bit off and repetitions occur occasionally.

I would shorten and rephrase the entire first introduction paragraph to:
Welcome to Love & Affection, a font request site created by Amber Lynn! Premade fonts and color schemes are also offered here for those of you who aren't quite sure what you're looking for yet and/or don't want to request.

Love & Affection was created on August 2nd, 2011, but things were officially up and running on August 22nd, 2011.
This would best be rephrased to Love & Affection was first started on August 2nd, 2011, but was then officially opened to the public on August 22nd, 2011 and has been actively running ever since.

I really want this site to grow, as well as improve, and I'd like to offer the absolute best fonts that I can, so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them my way!
This would best be reworded to I really want Love & Affection to grow, improve, and I'd like to offer the very best fonts that I can so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them my way! Also supply a link to your userlookup in this paragraph as shown for visitor convinience so the customer may contact you correctly.

-0.8 points for unnecessary overuse of wording.

Layout and Coding (14/25)
As I mentioned before, your layout has no aesthetics to it; mostly everything is unappealing and uninteresting. Your banner has absolutely no evident alterations and looks exactly the same as the original image. There is also no shape or form to your layout, it's boxy and unoriginal.

Your site's name header is insipid and the sub-header's dark brown and salmon pink have no flowing color-relations with each other and clash horribly; also them being the exact same font is uncreative and repetitive. As I suggested earlier, the site's header should have a background carrying on from the banner on the left to give the layout more visual features and shape.

Change your italic's color to #F47490.

Change your link's hover effect color to #FFBABC as it is unreadable when hovered over.

Change your h2's and h3's color to #CA4F53. Also, remove the dashed underline from all of your headers.

Alice at Cosmopolitan has done a considerably poor job with your layout and I highly recommend that you request a new one. A handful of sites I encourage you to visit are Nienke's Premades Extras, Bedazzled and Sunshine, which all offer petpage requests suitable for a layout for Love & Affection. None of them have open requests at the moment, but they might in a couple days time, keep checking back! Also try visiting The Status Center daily for open petpage requests.

-4 points for a plain banner image with no edits.
-1.5 point for a boxy shaped layout with no unique form.
-3 points for a common and uninteresting site header with clashing colors.
-2.5 points for unreadable and non-matching text colors.

Content (14.7/25)
It's convenient and considerate with how you organized your fonts into separate anchors depending on whether you need a Neoboard Pen or not, but for your color schemes, it'd only be classified as font if you supplied a textarea with coding supplied according to HTML for the boards as your visitor may not know how to code their font properly and need base coding to work off from.

Add a Back to fonts home linking back to #fonts at the end of each font section for visitor convenience; they have to click on the fonts tab which sends them back to the rules each time.

Neoboard Pen fonts

For requiring a Neoboard Pen, your fonts don't have any more character, uniqueness or flair than a font made without a Neoboard Pen. All the fonts share a similar type of style and all of the fonts use the same type of fonts in the text. There isn't much color variation and nothing is outstanding in the slightest.

The way you explain and describe the aspects of the fonts is a nice touch; it shows that you've put thought into making them!

The three skulls are uninteresting and repetitive, I suggest you use other death-related text characters. Also, the colors remind me more of a pirate-related font rather than in relation to graveyards/the dead. The exclamation point after your name is conflicting against the lyrics and text characters; doesn't show any relative association together. Also, having the lyrics all on one line causes the font to look flat and stretched; add some depth and alignment to it by skipping a line between the two sentences.

I suggest moving the crown down beside the your name text, to the left of it, as it doesn't fit well at the top. I suggest removing the double space in-between the NeoHTML and the font, just have a single space as it seems out of place and too far down. The colors aren't very well done, the obnoxiously bright pink lyrics stand out much more than your name and sends everything out of balance; I suggest flipping those colors, changing the lyric's color to the turquoise and the your name to a darker shade of pink similar to the crown.

Again, I suggest you move the snowman character at the top down beside the your name to balance the alignment out. The colors, again, should be flipped; the lyric's colors should be the lighter blue while the your name should be the dark blue to make it stand out instead.

-4 points for uncreative and uninteresting fonts with extremely similar styles.
-1.5 points for inadequate use and placement of colors.
-.5 points for poor positioning and a repetitive use of text characters.

Non-Neoboard Pen fonts

I suggest you fully spell out the title to Non-Neoboard Pen fonts as the abbreviated form of Neoboard is unprofessional.

Your Non-Neoboard Pen fonts are much more creative and aesthetically pleasing at first glance than your fonts that require a Neoboard Pen which is excellent for those that don't use a Neoboard Pen, but disappointing for those that do.

Even though this font is simple, but the simplicity of the gradient effect is classic and charming; it's quite well done. I only suggest that you remove the black heart above the NeoHTML, delete the double spacing in-between the NeoHTML and the font, and lighten the NeoHTML text color to a shade of dark grey instead of black.

This font is probably your very best. The colors are rich, stylish and all flow together perfectly. I suggest moving the crown down from above your NeoHTML to right below it, then add a break from the crown and the lyrics, and then after I'm lucky I'm in love skip a line so that the font will be more evenly aligned.

-.3 points for minor issues with positioning, alignment, and color.

Overall your fonts are off to a good start, but there is quite a bit of room for improvement, especially creativity and diversity wise. The extremely small amount of fonts you offer share far too many identical features and style; if you had a ranging style of font-making, that would make up for the quantity. Even if your font site is rather new, you should already have a broad portfolio of fonts you have made over the years, as you said, and then edited them according to the needs of the general customer.

-4 points for the lack of fonts and diversity of style.

Grammar and Professionalism (11.5/15)
The minuscule red bow-tie bullets don't match your layout's theme or text very well. I suggest replacing them with a more pronounced shaped bullet, like the ones below:

Both of these glossy bullets were from Zeal, so make sure to add a suitable credit if you decide to put them to use.

Here I've taken the liberty of typing out some instructions for you guys, because I realize not everyone knows how to work the font preferences system right away. These instructions will cover the main system, so they'll be fairly simple, I promise.
This would best be completely rephrased to: I realize not everyone knows how to work the font preferences system right away, so I've taken the liberty of typing out some instructions. These instructions will only cover the basics, so they'll be fairly simple. Also bold or italicize font preferences so that the visitor can take a glance and know exactly what the paragraph is about instantly.

Firstly, you have to get to the Preferences section. You can access this section by finding Boards on your navigation bar and clicking. On the page you're taken to, there will be a small list of links below the nav bar. Preferences is one of them.
There are many grammar and description issues with this paragraph. Completely reword it to: First of all, you have to go to your Neoboard Preferences. You can also access this section manually by hovering over Boards on the Neopets navigation bar and clicking Preferences, which is the second link in the pop-up menu. Make sure to bold or italicize the words I've boldened.

Remove the comma after tell you that in the third bulleted paragraph.

(Don't worry; I mark each in all of the fonts I make so you can always tell them apart.)
This is professionally well-said and a nice finishing touch to that paragraph; it relieves the confusion a customer new to font-making might have.

There aren't many, and I would very much appreciate it if you'd take a moment to do that.
In your Rules section, this sounds repetitive and parts are unnecessary. Rephrase it to: I would fully appreciate it if you'd take a moment to as there aren't very many.

Please don't claim any of my fonts as yours. While the following fonts are available for your use, please don't try and take credit for them.
This rule was very well-stated, precise, and calmly assertive, giving you a professional outlook on crediting while not being hostile.

I don't mind if you edit my fonts, so long as you still follow the above rule.
This was also written very well, but I suggest you change so long as you still follow the above rule. to as long as you don't claim it as your own.

If there is a problem with any of my fonts, please let me know.
I suggest rephrasing this to If you are having any problems with my fonts, please let me know! As shown, supply a link to your lookup for visitor convenience.

In your Fonts section, I suggest you capitalize the first letter in each of the bulleted sentences, and then add spacing in-between the text and bullets.

Remember to add a Back to fonts linking back to #fonts after each of the font's sections.

Your Request section is uncluttered and orderly; everything is well-placed and organized precisely. Everything is explained proficiently and efficiently which gives a good impression with the customer; everything is simple to find with no thorough searching for something.

-.2 points for bullet issues.
-2.8 points for grammar, wording, and capitalization issues.
-.5 points for minor convenience issues.

Sitely (7.6/10)
Even if you have supplied your buttons on your homepage, I suggest you copy the buttons and their textareas (when they are all sorted into a table) and duplicate them to your sitely section, above the Affiliates header.

I suggest you request more link back buttons, as the only one that is high quality is the one I'm using from Impulse. A few sites I highly recommend that will definitely make buttons to match your style are Nienke's Premades Extras and Whirlgig.

The two buttons you have for your affiliates are low quality and aren't appealing in the slightest. The first button is dull, the text is cramped into the the top corner and the font used doesn't look pleasant when used for the entire phrase. The second button is visual pleasing, but the text, for some reason, fades out of view abruptly since the white blob is covering it.

I also suggest you start searching and requesting for more affiliates as they are tremendous help in getting your site's name out there. Don't be afraid of being turned down! Font sites are limited and most owners will receive your request gladly.

I'm currently accepting listers, so if you're interested, please let me know.
Listers don't request to list you. You should remove this since it sounds incompetent; you request to be listed, not the other way around.

I suggest you use a bulleted list to organize your credits instead of having them in a big, clumpy paragraph.

Remove the Link back buttons are by here, here, here, and here. The here's lead to the Neopets' homepage so they are all pointless and taking up space. You also already have a note: All buttons are linked back to their creators.

-1 point for low quality buttons and not providing them in the sitely section.
-1 point for low quality buttons shown for your affiliates and extremely low amount of affiliates.
-.4 points for paragraph-form credits and unnecessary content.

Score and Conclusion (65/100)
Overall your site is off to a decent start Amber Lynn! The fonts you offer are satisfactory, but you need to work on substantial changing your variety of styles of your fonts and the quantity of the amount of premades you provide. I see promise in your site and I hope to see it continually and steady continue to grow and improve.

Recommended / Not Recommended
I've deemed Love & Affection not recommended because of the poor amount of diversity of style in your fonts. If someone was looking for premade fonts, there isn't a wide variety to choose from. Keep on working and creating new and stunning fonts for both requests and premades!

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Amber Lynn. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

The Magic of Disney

Full-Out Review

Interl at The Magic of Disney.
Full-Out Review
August 30th, 2011

First Impressions (16.5/20)
My first impression, from a quick glance, is promising. The artwork is unsophisticated yet so precise; the details of the tiny sparkles on the jewels are a perfect touch and each the dress's ruffles add a touch of growing depth. The colors are bold and flow together quite nicely and the robust red of the woman's hair balances out the many heavy shades of blues and greens. The background is a nice choice as it blends fittingly with the rest of the layout, it doesn't drag too much attention.

Although your layout is organized efficiently and in accordance to the artwork's figure, your site's name is in an inconvenient location where it will be least noticed, at the bottom; you want to have the layout header at the top which would be quickly detected. I suggest moving the content boxes down evenly close to the bottom of the dress to make enough room to move your site's title up. I suggest simplifying the title and remove everything besides The Magic of Disney to save space, but if you wish to keep the subtitle, I suggest lowering the size of the text, to all the same size and small enough to evenly fit under The Magic of Disney keep it on a single line.

Your content's headers have an obvious drop shadow as it is too dark and concentrated for the subtle blue text colors, especially on the Updates since it has unnecessary spacing in-between each letter. I suggest lowering the opacity for each and every one the headers' drop shadows to around 20% or 30% which will blend it in a tad more but the shadow will still be visible. Same goes for the drawing's drop shadow.

Your counter's animated GIF and base clash with each other; the animation drags more attention and looks cluttered alongside the base. I suggest detaching the animation from the counter and removing it altogether or remove the base and just have the numbers sitting against the content box. I also suggest that you change the number's text color to white and lightening the text border to a dark aqua blue.

Overall, you've set a welcoming first impression mainly from the pleasant and calm color scheme. Only a few key changes are necessary to enhance the visitor's first impressions.

-2 points for organization and placement issues.
-1.2 points for untidy headers.
-.3 points for clashing and overly busy images on the counter.

Introduction (2/5)
Your introduction is different from most; it's a bit artificial and repetitive. The French dialects are nice touches of character though.

Remove the comma after Ma chère.

And now I invite you to relax, let me offer you what I can, as I proudly present -
Reword this to I invite you to relax, and let me offer you what I can, as I proudly present -

Bonjour and welcome to the Magic of Disney, which is run by interl. This site specializes in Disney graphics, which includes User Lookups, Pet Pages, Banners, animations and much more!
Since you've already welcomed your visitor twice, I suggest you completely combine and rephrase this short paragraph into one sentence. The Magic of Disney, run by interl, specializes in Disney graphics, which includes userlookups, petpages, banners, animations and much more! Un-capitalize all of the words in the middle of the sentence that were unnecessarily capitalized and bold Disney since it is a company.

So, be my guest and put my services to the test. Add this after the second paragraph as it'll flow together instead of being an isolated sentence.

The stats explaining when you opened and revamped the site are somewhat interesting and beneficial. Overall, your introduction wasn't very descriptive and didn't help the visitor fully understand what The Magic of Disney offers; you didn't clearly state that you offer graphic requests.

-1 point for repetitive and overuse of wording.
-2 points for a cursory and ineffective general introduction.

Layout and Coding (17/25)
As I said earlier, your layout is unembellished and clear-cut; tidy, easy on the eyes and suited well for the shape of the women and her dress. Again, there are some organization issues as it's best to have your site's title at the top of your layout rather than below all the content, remember to rearrange the title.

The edges of your content box are smooth with no rigged corners, but the bottom right corner of your main content box is squared while all the other corners are rounded on both the side and main boxes. It stands out once it is noticed, so I suggest rounding that corner's point to coordinate with the rest.

Your navigation is easily noticeable and readable, the colors match everything perfectly and the lighting textures are a stunning touch to the text. However, the hover effect with the repeating background effect is tacky and overuses your background, changing it from simplicity to worn-out. I suggest changing the hover effect to just a clean text glow, which would increase the modern style and visual appeal of your navigation and layout in general.

As I mentioned previously, the drop shadows on your content's headers and the women are too rich and dark against the light background. Reduce the opacity of these shadows to around 20 or 30 percent. This will cause the white outlines to blend in and not look as jagged, increasing the visual appeal and smoothness of your layout.

For your h1 headers, I suggest you remove the background, given that it's misaligned with the actual background and looks lopsided, and the top and bottom borders. I also suggest you change up the text style as it is bland and uninteresting. A couple recommendations I have are changing it to bold italisized Georgia with a letter spacing of 1 or Verdana with all uppercase letters and a letter spacing of 2. I suggest keeping the color the same as it's effective against the lighter colors.

Also, the content under Updates has a hover effect which underlines everything. Remember to have a closing (/a) tag after each and everyone one of your a name tags.

I suggest you change your a:link color to #01B7BA as it looks like a default hyperlink currently. I suggest adding a color to your a:hover to make it more interesting rather than just having an underline effect. The colors #08D4C6 and #00C7E6 work quite nicely.

I recommend you add coding to edit the color of your bold text instead of having them black. Copy the coding in the textbox below and add it below your a:hover coding in your site's style tags:

I highly recommend you align your content's text to the left instead of centering it. The human eye and brain is conditioned to read from left all the way to the right and it will cause a strain in your visitor and eventually exasperate them.

Everything else seems to be in order coding-wise. You have no broken links in your navigation which is excellent seeing that you have a diverse amount of pages holding all of your site's content.

-1 point for title organization and placement issues.
-.2 points for extremely minor content box corner problems.
-.8 points for overuse of background image for hover effect and header backsplashes.
-1 point for improper use of drop shadowing on layout and image headers.
-2 points for uninteresting headers.
-.5 points for several unclosed a name tags.
-1 point for bland and default-style links and bolds.
-1.5 points for completely centered content text.

Content (16/25)
Your site's Disney-related content being extremely unique, found nowhere else in the entire site community, has brought in an impressive amount of traffic and popularity over the years that The Magic of Disney has been open. Fantastic job!

I'll go through each tab and section separately and note the layouts or graphics that have a substantial impact on visual appeal and are outstanding or the ones that could use with some improvement.


Type 1 is an effective and tidy lookup layout. However, the content box scrolls left and right which is awfully inconvenient and I suggest removing the text navigation as it is unneeded when you have the image map on the right. The best of the three:

The text's color choices in this layout aren't the best however. I suggest switching up the colors to having the main text color purple, the headers a deep ruby, and the links a purpleish-pink.

Type 2 is one of your worst userlookup layout styles. All the images in each of the layouts are over textured and blurred. The text and links are dreadfully done and the text is thick and unappealing. The credits on both the content box and background are poorly done and drag too much attention.

Type 3 is your most diverse style of lookups, but not necessarily the most striking and appealing. The layout design is unorganized and slightly cluttered; everything seems to just be thrown together. The boxes' styles are unattractive and most of their colors don't match together very well, especially the border outline; the embossed effect is ineffective and causes an unprofessional and sloppy impression on the layout. The About Me section is cramped and messy looking since the text is centered and the headers are uninteresting. The drop shadows are far too dark and surround the entire box instead of just the right and bottom edges. The Habitarium image is still visible and covers up the small image and quote at the very bottom of the layout; remember to add #habitarium to your display:none; coding. The best out of these lookup layouts are:

-.2 points for inconvenient left to right scrolling.
-.3 points for color issues.
-1 point for over-textured and blurry images and backgrounds.
-.5 points for poorly coded headers and text effects and poorly made drop shadows and outlines.
-.3 points for organization issues.
-.2 points for visible Habitarium image which ruins the appeal of the footer image.


Type 1 is dreary and lifeless visually. The colors are dull with no textures for support, causing a rather parched layout design. The quotes are unnecessary as the illustration should speak for itself, however, in this case, it doesn't since the color effects cause it to blend into the background behind the content box.

Type 2 has major mishaps with customer service and visitor convenience. The coding for each and every one of the layouts is the same as the Lion King one. Fix that as the layouts are unusable until the coding is available.

-1 point for dull and unappealing layout designs.
-3 point for major coding, service and convenience mishaps.


This layout has a nice design to it, but everything is confined and cramped due to the text. Add line-spacing to your sentences to give a little more space in-between each line. The links at the bottom are revolting and unnecessary; brown does absolutely nothing for the layout as there isn't any brown present in the banner. The banner is over-textured and isn't as appealing as it could have been. Bokeh or similar lighting textures would have been an excellent touch instead of the grungy textures currently being used which washes away the image, blurring it.

This layout, though exactly the same in design to the previous lookup, is much more lively and aesthetically pleasing due to the well-textured and colored banner. However, the header's background color doesn't match the rest of the layout's colors. I suggest changing it to a pale pinkish red instead. Again, the navigation at the bottom is unneeded and degrades the lookup with its link's tasteless brown color. I suggest changing that brown to a deep purple.

-.2 points for organization and space issues.
-.5 points for bland text and color issues.
-.3 points for an over-textured, blurry, and lifeless banner.


This animation is perfectly done and smooth.

This animation is extremely well-done as there is no sound necessary to explain what is happening and taking place.

This animation expresses character and entertainment without sound even if it is rather meaningless.

This animation also expresses character and amusement without any sound.

This animation, even without music or noise, creates a sense of eeriness.

This animation has character and amusement, you can almost imagine the sounds and noises.

This animation expresses villainous fear and trepidation.

This animation is amusing and definitely attracts enough attention to last the entire scene.

This animation is extremely dramatic, visually evoking, and interesting.

This animation is well-executed repeating-wise.

This animation is engaging and interesting to watch repeatedly.

This animation is lighthearted and cheerful.

This animation is quite the opposite from the previous animation, nonetheless effective, dramatic, and depressing.

This animation is emotional and stirring.

This animation is extremely well-done and effective; it's interesting and somewhat addictive to watch again and again.

This animation is amusing and just the perfect duration.

This animation is very attention absorbing.

This animation is creepy and sinister.

This animation is visually stunning and interesting.

No points were deducted in this section.


This icon is almost dream-like from the perfectly used colors and textures.

This icon is too very dreamy because of the stunning colors and textures.

This icon is bright, sunny, cheerful from the brilliant used of those bokeh textures.

There's not much to this icon, it's nondescript and a bit weird really.

This icon's cropping technique and text textures add a dynamic effect.

This icon once again has a very dreamy flair to it as the colors are bright and soothing.

This bokeh texture effects in these icons are far too powerful and concentrated causing the main images to become blurry and unfocused.

These icons are a bit bland with not much to them visually.

All five of these icons are over-textured with unnecessary quotes and text included. The images are blurry and vaguely distinguishable.

-.2 points for uninteresting icons.
-.3 points for over-textured and blurry icon images.


This banner is warm and peaceful, perfect for a welcoming banner, but it's over-textured with the scan-lines and the background textures.

This banner is calm and dream-like, matching the background and the text brilliantly, but again, the textures are a little over the top. The image is also extremely blurry.

This is probably the very best of the premade banners your offer. The textures are considerably well-done and the text's font and effects match the background image perfectly. The background image is sharp and dramatic and gives off an eerie impression of abandonment.

This banner is rather uninteresting, but it shows emotion and sadness that could be somewhat similar to closing a site.

-.3 points for blurry and over-texture banner images.
-.2 points for rather bland banners.


This shield is clean and aesthetically pleasing, but the white outline and the drop shadow at the very bottom are a bit carelessly done. Also, there is a huge gap at the bottom which you can see visible here.

These shields are both visually appealing, however, it's best to always have your graphics' backgrounds transparent instead of a white block background as not everyone uses white backgrounds. This drastically reduces convenience so I suggest you either add a transparent shield along with your current shield, or completely replace it with a transparent shield.

-.1 point for outline and drop shadow issues.
-.1 point for unused space.
-.3 points for non-transparent shields which reduce convenience.

Overall your graphics and layouts show that you absolutely care for and put time and effort into them, especially the animations which are stunning and brilliant. You just need to work and improve on textures and getting your images to be as gorgeous as possible. As fantastic way of giving your banners and images smooth, 'buttery' and non-blurry qualities is by using the Overlay effect. (Duplicate the background image, set the layer to Overlay, and use Gaussian Blur at a setting of 3 or 4).

Grammar and Professionalism (8.5/15)
In your Requests tab, the rule Everyone is allowed to use requests. should be better elaborated to:
Everyone is allowed to use any of the requested graphics.

Disney-related only, except for animations. is abrupt and doesn't explain much adequately. Rephrase it to:
I only take Disney-related graphic requests with the exception of animations.

I highly recommend elaborating on The rules still apply. Change it to this:
The basic rules still apply; do not steal, claim, redistribute, edit, or remove the credit from any of the graphics.

In your Graphics tab, No redistributing them. should be reworded to:
Do not redistribute anything.

Credit/Link Back is a must. No removing them. should be combined and reworded to:
A credit or link back to The Magic of Disney (/~2fruitpunch) is an absolute must along with not removing credits.

In your Graphics tabs, I suggest you add a Back to Home link at the end of each graphics section linking back to the Rules page (/~armadille) for visitor convenience as there is no way to get back to the rules on the site. For the Animations tab it would link back to (/~alverstoke#animations)

You also stated that the visitor can view each image in full size if they drag the image to the address bar and drop it, but it pops up exactly the same size. This is mainly directed at all of the layout images which pop up exactly the same size as on the site, small and unreadable.

In your Sitely's Affiliates section, The site must be high quality in my opinion. sounds off. Rephrase it to:
The site must be highly quality from my point of view.

No off-sites. doesn't make any sense unless you know what you are trying to describe. Reword it to:
No off-Neo sites.

-4 points for many grammar errors and absent descriptions in rules and general text.
-1.5 points for no flowing organization between sections and tabs.
-1 points for nonexistent full-size examples.

Sitely (7/10)
I suggest you remove all of your link backs you have present from your Link Backs section besides around 2 or 3 and move them to an actual tab in the sitely section. The three I recommend you keep in the mini Link Backs section are:

I also suggest removing all the link backs that aren't 88px x 31px given that they aren't used by most site makers anymore and are pointlessly taking up space.

You have no link that links back to your Listers section since it is on the front page of the sitely tab and you supply no link back to it.

I suggest you update some of your affiliate's buttons with more visually appealing buttons:
Change Dark Light's button to either of these:

Change Soroptimist Directory's button to either of these:

Change Foomanshu's button to either of these:

You have an excessive amount of review site's buttons and reviewings it's ridiculous. I suggest, instead of having them all in a tediously long column, I suggest you use tables to neatly organize all of the buttons. If you wish to not use tables, remove the text and add a title for each of the buttons to have them in organized rows and still display the text.

Your Credits section is organized perfectly with all the correct credits. I suggest you directly mention The Walt Disney Company as you're using their artwork.

-1 point for no flowing navigation between each section.
-.5 points for supplying a few low quality and unappealing buttons for your affiliates.
-1.5 points for very poor organization of your reviews section.

Score and Conclusion (67/100)
Overall your site's content is brilliant and one of a kind. You put so much effort into all of your layouts and graphics, especially those absolutely outstanding animations. The things you just really need to work on are keeping your graphics and images up to par with your style; textures are a huge problem as you overuse them which causes your images to become unappealing and blurry.

You also need to work on your site's organization and navigation as those two factors really make an impact on your site's visitor convenience. Your layout is stunning and very well-put together, but having built in headers can be a pain.

I wish you the best with The Magic of Disney Interl! You've come a very long way and I'd love to see you keep pushing to improve and expand your graphic design talents!

Recommended / Not Recommended
Even though Interl only offers Disney-related graphics at The Magic of Disney, the designs and quality of the content is stunning and the site would be outstanding for any Disney fanatic! Requests are also offered there which is absolutely brilliant!

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Interl. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site drastically!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

The Escapade

Full-Out Review

Spud at The Escapade.
Full-Out Review
September 3rd, 2011

First Impressions (16/20)
My impression upon entering your site is pleasing. Everything is tidily and pleasantly organized and the colors are soft and effective, the many shades of browns ranging from tan to caramel to coffee are powerful and robust. The banner's visual appearance is extremely eye-catching and engaging; the texture and brush effects are perfectly done and add character to the image, the blending and cutting are precise and really add flair to the banner, and the gorgeous hieroglyphics in the background are so sharp and visible, making even the smallest details in your banner pop-out. Fantastic job with the visual appeal with your banner Spud!

The text brings the banner's visual appeal down however. It's extremely simple and thin which doesn't match or compliment the banner or image very well. The underline is much too thick and broad for the title; it pushes the text into the background, as though it is an unimportant addition in your banner. Your title should be vibrant and easily noticeable, but still go with and blend into the banner's background image. I suggest testing out different styles of fonts and styles; maybe try a similar title style to this banner from Zeal:

At the bottom right of the banner (on the edge of the content box), there is a small, round white smudge. It isn't noticeable at first glance, but once it is spotted, it becomes annoyingly obvious.

The little images to the left of each header are a nice touch, but they don't seem to have much relation to your banner's theme, making it seem as though you've just randomly chosen these images without much thought. I suggest using desert-related objects to replace them; there should be a wide variety to choose from even in Neo-related desert items.

I suggest changing your Update box's background color to #F0D09F since the current color you have up is a bit dingy and becomes an eyesore after awhile.

Overall, a very impressive first impression as it encourages and exhilarates the visitor to continue on due to the cleanliness and professional appeal of your banner and layout design.

-2 points for unappealing and unsuitable font in title.
-1 point for small smudge.
-.5 points for unusual and mismatching images in headers.
-.5 points for unpleasant background color in the updates box.

Introduction (2/5)
The first couple sentences in your Welcome message should be combined and rephrased to:
Welcome to The Escapade, a premade petpages site, founded on June 8th, 2011, brought to you by Spud.
Attach a link to your userlookup to your name, add a contraction to the date to give off a more professional impression, and change bought to brought.

Here at The Escapade we pride ourselves on serving you up with the most quality layouts you can find, in both CSS and with graphics.
Since only you host The Escapade, we and ourselves is improperly noted. I suggest rephrasing those and other parts of the sentence to:
Here at The Escapade I pride myself on supplying you with both quality CSS and graphical layouts.

I suggest completely revamping the very last sentence in your Welcome message paragraph as it sounds like you are parting with the visitor instead of concluding your greeting. Somewhere along the lines of this will sound better: Use the navigation at the very top to jump to the different sections. Hope you find what you are looking for and thanks for visiting!

-1 point for grammar and spelling issues.
-2 points for overuse of wording and unnecessary repetitiveness.

Layout and Coding (20/25)
Your layout, in general, has a reasonably effective and structured design; everything is well positioned, easy to find, and has a flowing organization style. The banner has a vibrant and powerful visual appeal and the colors of warm browns are excellent, giving off lighting effects. The textures and brushes are done quite nicely and blend in to the background image perfectly. As I said previously, your banner's title text has a terrible font which is much too thin for the lively image. Again, at the bottom right of the banner on the edge of the content box, there's an obvious but small smudge.

The layout's background is calm, neutral, and doesn't attract any unwanted attention. You have made a very nice choice for your background image pattern and it brings your actual content forward rather than stealing the focus.

The table organization is considerably space-preserving, but it isn't aligned evenly. The welcome message and Updates are crooked, causing a slanted effect. Same goes for the bottom area with your Rules; the section on the left is much taller than the right portion which makes it slightly unbalanced.

Your fixed navigation is extremely convenient and it's placed in a perfect spot and never gets in the way. However, the text color is bland and the style is unprofessional and unattractive. I suggest changing the text-transform to uppercase, remove the letter-spacing, and change the link's text and hover background color to either #E8D59B or white (#F7F7F7) which both drastically increase the classy appeal of your layout.

I suggest removing your content's link's hover background color and, instead, have a text color change hover effect with a color of #FFA03F.

Instead of having those text bullets in your Rules, FAQ, and layout titles, I suggest you use a simple indention between each bulleted line. Use the coding below to enable an indention in replacement of the bullets:

In the bottom section with your Rules and FAQ, there is an unnecessary scroll-bar which scrolls down about a millimeter. I suggest adding around 4px to the height of that section to remove the scroll-bar.

Overall, your layout and coding designs and conditions were both quite nicely done and clean; just a few touches are required to have everything fresh and elegant.

-2 points for unsuitable and unprofessional text in banner's title.
-.5 points for small smudge.
-.3 points for uneven table alignments.
-.2 points for unnecessary scroll bar.
-1.5 points for unattractive link text style in navigation and content.

Content (18/25)
Your layout's tabs are organized conveniently and tidily with four layout designs capable of being viewed at once. The small descriptions to the right of each layout are informative and really give an idea to the visitor of what the design and style of the layout is ideal for. I'll go through both of the tabs separately and mention the outstanding pros and cons that need improvement.

CSS Layouts

This layout is simple and very neutral; the colors are calm, relaxed, and work quite well together. However, the black header block at the top takes up an excessive amount of space, making it plain and boring. Maybe reduce the height of it by around 25px or 30px. Also, the border is far too dark and the contrast doesn't blend in lightly, but abruptly.

This layout is also very simple and neutral, but the colors are rather insipid and mild including the background, whose grey is extremely dull. The headers are uninteresting and don't add much flair to the layout. The bottom borders on each of the content boxes are quite well done and are the most creative feature included in the layout. The navigation is clean and uncluttered.

This layout is bland and dreary. The green headers don't match with the top dark blue border and has no flowing similarities between them. There are also no different color tones making for a one-dimensional and very basic layout, even for CSS. I suggest having the navigation the green color of the headers and having the navigation's text a darker shade of green. The headers would look much nicer if they were a light shade of blue. The background is dull.

This layout is vibrant and very professionally done. The background stripe brings out the content box and text and the colors go extremely well together. All I suggest is that the navigation should be moved to the bottom of the streak while the title should be on the top of it as it is slightly difficult to read when the peaks of the letters are a tad concealed.

This layout, although extremely simple, is effective and proficiently made. The design reminds me of a page in a magazine or book. The light blues are soothing and are nicely done. However, the blue border on the left attracts too much attention rather than having the focus on the text. I suggest lightening the side border's color to either #C8E7E5 or #C2E1DF to balance the tones.

This layout has a clever, effective, and professional design and style to it. The colors are also quite nicely done and go very well together. All I suggest is giving the Navigate title a full background instead of just a border on the left and change the text color to white.

Graphics Layouts

This layout has an aesthetically pleasing and stylish banner with a nicely colored, textured, and brushed image at first glance. However, the scan-lines at the top center are poorly done and far too concentrated; they are rough and rigged around the flotsams head. There is a 3309 at the bottom right hand corner which doesn't add any sort of appeal to the banner. Also, the banner is extremely dull; I suggest adding some sort of faint pattern to the grey to liven it up a little. The content's text is fitting and the colors are nicely done.

This layout has quite a nice design to it; the navigation at the top is classy and clean. The banner, however, is extremely busy and confusing. The brushes are far too strong and overly used; they also don't match the image theme. The colors and textures are efficiently done though. The Welcome title blends in nicely, the text color matches and fits in perfectly, and the outer glow is a lovely touch. Same goes for the background again; it's lifeless and needs a bit more character. Another faint and light background pattern would do the trick.

This layout has a very professional and proficient appeal to it; everything is viewable right at the start and the content is very neatly organized. The banner is perfectly colored, textured, and brushed, but the scan-lines on the very left on the header banner are again, far too concentrated and noticeable. There is also a faint white smear or strip on the top banner which decreases the visual appeal of the banner entirely. I highly recommend removing it. The content's headers and sub-headers are excellently done and have a lovely, flowing color scheme. As I said previously, the content is organized precisely with a decent amount of space left available. Same goes for the background once more; it's too dull for the vibrant and dynamic header banner. Another faded background pattern is suggested again.

Overall, the content you offer is extremely professionally and efficiently done. The layouts are stunning and the customer is sure to find a layout they'd like to use. However, your CSS layouts are mostly characterless and uninteresting; they need more color and features included into them. The amount of available space in your layouts is decent, but most are a little restrictive. The visual appeal is effective in most of your layouts which is a plus, and the coding is proficient and conveniently put together.

-1 point for limited amount of space available in some layouts.
-2 points mismatching colors and dull backgrounds.
-1 point uninteresting text styles.
-2.5 points for excessive use of textures and/or brushes.
-.5 points for unnecessary white strip.

Grammar and Professionalism (11/15)
Please keep my credit. If I see you using one of my layouts without credit I will report you. Even if you edit the CSS please keep my credit on, unless you edit the CSS so much that it is unrecognizable as mine.
You sound a bit raging in this rule; you also give off the impression that the visitor can edit your layouts and then take credit for it as they can simply think they've edited it enough to remove the credit. I suggest rephrasing this rule to:
Please do not remove the credit. If you are seen using any of my layouts without a visible credit included, I will notify and/or report you. Even if you edit the CSS, it is required that you keep my credit on.

Do not use my codes or images to make your own premades.
Again, it sounds as though the visitors can use your coding as long as they aren't making premades. I suggest rewording the rule to:
Do not distribute my coding or images.

Do not take anything from my layouts, and claim that you made them.
This sounds a bit odd. I suggest rephrasing it to:
Do not steal or claim you made anything from my layouts.

Your FAQ is well-explained and informative. I suggest replacing Can I NF request you? with a more practical question though.

Your Info section is also very enlightening and convenient for the visitor. The top portion shows that you want to know what your visitors think and will take and follow their hopefully constructive criticism.

The drag and drop feature is extremely convenient for the visitor to take a quick glance at the basic outline of your layout design and aspects.

The Contact link in your fixed navigation at the top is another extremely convenient feature for the visitor as they can quickly click on it to contact you quickly.

-3.5 points for grammar and wording issues in your rules.
-.5 points for an unpractical question in your FAQ.

Sitely (5/10)
I suggest that you remove the following buttons from your sitely section due to them being lower quality than the rest:

If you would like to replace those buttons, I suggest visiting The Status Center daily for open button requests. I recommend requesting at the ranked and top recommended sites listed there.

Your Affiliates and Listed At section are organized strangely; the affiliates header is outside of the textbox while the listers header is inside. You also don't have a Reviewed At section and you haven't included a link back to Effects. I suggest moving the Affiliates and Listed At sections below the Link Back, which gives the link back section a full-width area. I suggest separating the Affiliates and Listed At section into separate tables side-by-side, and once you add a Reviewed At section, you can separate all three of those sections in tables alongside one another to evenly distribute each of the sections widths to evenly align themselves underneath the link backs.

All of your affiliates are high-quality and all have you listed as an affiliate as well. I suggest changing Memoir's and Planetarium's buttons to the ones shown below as the current ones up are rather unappealing:

The Faerie Compass in your Listed At section has closed. I suggest removing their button as it is taking up space.

In your Credits section, Nienke's Resources should be capitalized.
Little circles should be The bullets.

Also, the text bullets in your Credits section that you use to list each line would be better off being an indention or the pixel bullets you use in your Updates.

-2 points due to low-quality link back buttons for your site and your affiliates.
-2 points for strange and messy organization of your affiliates and listers.
-.2 points for dead link to closed site.
-.8 points for minor issues in the credits section.

Score and Conclusion (72/100)
The Escapade is off to a fantastic start Spud! Your layouts definitely show character, but they just need that extra flair and creativity to get them at their utmost quality. You also need to try working on unique and ranging styles as most of your layouts show similar designs and features. The texturing and brushing are also slight problems in your graphics; try using different styles of brushes and use them according to the image's theme! I wish you the best of luck with future layout making and I hope to see you improve even more!

Recommended / Not Recommended
The Escapade obviously has professional and effective petpage layout designs and styles that are excellent for a range of pages or sites. The layouts are easy to use and the coding is simple to understand and work with.

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Spud. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.


Improvement Review

Florelle at Alaia.
Improvement Review
September 5th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

First glance at your layout; the Neopets bar is extremely noticeable against your background and layout. Copy the coding in the textbox below and add it somewhere in your site's style tags:

As there are a couple tables present in a couple of your tabs, add the coding in the textbox below right beneath the previous coding you added. The coding has been modified to correspond with your site:

The textures used on the images may look like water splashes, but it causes a blurry effect and impression. The textures are faint and barely add any flair to the images, making your layout's visual appeal meager and relatively uninteresting.
A rocky, tropical lake gives off more of a temperate environment rather than a cozy, luminous, and sunny beach in Hawaii, so the image's theme doesn't quite match up with your site' theme.

The font used in the banner has a couple overlapping letters, making it slightly hard to read; the l looks more like a t due to the A. Also, the title is repeated again in the footer banner which is unnecessary.

The brushes used behind the boxes don't add any character or flair to your layout; they all seem to be randomly positioned and thrown together. Soft drop shadows would have been much better suited.

Your navigation's hover effect is poorly done and unappealing. The right alignment of the hover effect is irritating and far too abrupt. I suggest removing the alignment modifier and instead, add a light blue solid bottom border to make the navigation more simple and classy. The colors #AFC9D7 or #C3D5E4 work nicely.

Your content's links are extremely messy and uncoordinated compared to all of your other text. I suggest removing the uppercase transform or, if you wish to keep the uppercase effect, reduce the link's text size to 10px by adding font:10px arial; to your a:active, a:visited, a:link brackets.

Your header's underline border is too dark and causes the text to look squished in and cluttered. I suggest completely removing the bottom border, or if you wish to keep the underline, change the style to dotted and the color to #DDE4F4.

In your Introduction story, there are a couple grammar and punctuation mistakes.
... tourists around the globe come to enjoy the nature breezes warm sun, and rolling waves.
There should be a comma after breezes. Also, nature breezes doesn't make much of a visual or senses impact; I suggest replacing it with serene breezes.

You turn and head towiriards a straw hut which stands ...
Towiriards should be towards.

Aloha animalislands, and welcome to Alaia, a review site run by, yours truly, Florelle.
Change animalislands to the correct # VISITOR code. I also suggest removing , yours truly, as it adds extra unnecessary wording and punctuation to the sentence.

Alaia is pronounced ahl-lay-ah and It's a type of surfboard made entirely of wood. It's around six feet in length and is used by Hawaiian commoners to surf.
I suggest combining, rephrasing, and correcting the grammar issues with this:
Alaia, pronounced ahl-lay-ah, is a Hawaiian surfboard made entirely of wood that is around six feet long.

At Alaia, we provide helpful, in-depth reviews to help improve the sites you create on Neopets for other Neopians. We offer more than just the typical review site - with more than 3 review formats to choose from!
Since you and only you run Alaia, I suggest changing every single we to I. I also suggest that you remove the sites you create on Neopets for other Neopians and just say your site.

Remove the border on your Update's box (blockquote).

Your homepage's link back buttons are squished in together while the textareas are neatly space, making that small section look awry. Add a right margin style with a range of 3px. I've supplied the entire coding, so copy all of the coding in the textbox below and replace your button's images with it:

In your Reservations section, there are a couple grammar and wording issues in the story introduction.

Could I interest you in any of our fine items?" She says, pointing at shelves of items.
Remove the comma after says and replace it with while.

You nod and the girl takes you to the front of the store, where the front desk is. This sounds a bit repetitive and over-worded. I suggest rephrasing it to:
You nod and the girl takes you to the store's front desk.

Surfboards were lined up behind the girl, laying upright against the wall.
I suggest changing the girl to the desk to give a better visual of where they are positioned.

You quickly wait for the girl to ...
The quickly wait sounds a bit odd; I suggest you remove quickly and just leave it as wait.

The bullets you are using for your rules in your Reservations section don't match or flow with anything in the slightest. I suggest replacing the color with either a rich, deep aqua or a greenish-blue similar to your bold's color. I've re-colored the bullets to each of those colors I mentioned for your convenience:

Since they are still property and were created by Monky, remember to still leave on the credit to Bedazzled.

There are a few issues with your rules as well.

Only sites on Neopets can be reviewed since we'd have way too many requests if we do. We wouldn't have enough surfboards for everyone either!
The ending in the first sentence doesn't have any meaning, plus the rule as a whole is repetitive. I suggest completely rephrasing and shortening this rule to:
Only sites on Neopets can be reviewed since we don't have enough surfboards for everyone!

I do not review about me pages, shops, galleries, guilds, guides, and applications. I will only review Neopets sites that you have created.
The second part in this rule is the main issue. Since you've already mentioned that you only review On-neo sites, there is no point in mentioning Neopets.

In your Surfboards section, I recommend that you include navigational links like Back to rules | Request a review underneath the rubric options.

In your Reserve a Surfboard section, I suggest having the request sign centered above the rest of the content, excluded out of the table. Then, have the waiting list and form matter in a table together. This would create a more prearranged and organized impression upon the visitor and make it much easier to work with for yourself.

In your Frequent Flyer Review, you have a broken link tag which causes an annoying and disorderly hover effect on all of the text present in that section.

In your Portfolio section, I suggest you add links to each site on their buttons; the links add spacing in-between each image and is highly convienient. I also recommend you add a title on each of the site's button so that the visitor can hover over each button and see what type of review the site requested along with the details of the review.

In your Sitely section, your sister site should be mentioned before your affiliates, therefore, your sister site should be placed above your affiliates.

Add a larger break between the bottom of your Listers and your Awards and Achievements title to provide more even spacing.

Your Link Back section is in an extremely inconvenient place as you don't supply a link to it in your Sitely section, which is where the visitor will expect the link backs to be.

I suggest removing the buttons listed below due to low-quality and not being able to match up to the other button's visual appeal:

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Florelle. I hope that my advice and criticism will help to improve your site's overall organization, professionalism, convenience and appearance!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

Mesmeric: The Spa

Full-Out Review

Emma at Mesmeric: The Spa.
Full-Out Review
September 10th, 2011

First Impressions (14/25)
Upon entering, everything seemed a bit dreary and careless. The banner, although its colors and gradients are wonderfully done, the visual appeal of it is lacking. The textures are overly used and are all condensed into the left side of the banner, causing the banner to seem unbalanced and tactless. The image doesn't seem to have any exceptional effects or flairs besides gradients and textures, making it similar to the original image.

The title is positioned ineffectively as it is placed over the Updates instead of your main content box area. The attention is drawn together to the left side of your layout instead of the right, where it should be, making it rather difficult to completely focus on the main section. Since the outer glow effect used on the title should only be used on a darker colored background, the text is relatively hard to read; so all in all, the title would better off being moved to the bluish side of the banner.

The background clashes terribly with the left pinkish purple side of the banner; the pattern is also far too busy and should be faded out a tinge. I've re-colored the background to match your layout and banner. Choose either one and replace your current background color with the updated ones I've supplied:

Your content's boxes have a grayish hue to them and look dreadful. I suggest keeping your content box's color to solely white as it matches absolutely everything and brings the best out of colors.
Also, the main content box and the sub-boxes on the left are awry, making the layout out of balance and a bit awkward looking; I recommend making the Navigation box smaller to align precisely with the main content box. The curved corners are strangely done; the Updates box corner is like a chip and on the opposite side as the rest of the boxes. I suggest keeping your content boxes to simply perfect squares.

The Updates and Navigation headers also cause even more cramped impressions with your layout. Although the outer glow effect is quite nicely done, the text is too thin, curvy, and unevenly spaced. The back-splash is unnecessary and doesn't match the background, banner, or text in the slightest and the headers would seem much less congested without it.

The Navigation section seems to also be cramped and squished in all together at the top, causing unappealing empty space. Also, the section is rather uninteresting unlike an effective navigation, which has attention catching text and neatly spaced. A counter also has nothing to do with navigating throughout your site so it is out of place; the counter is also unattractive, the text is far too dark, it would look much more elegant with white text.

Overall, you've supplied an uninteresting and non-descript first impression with the visitor. Nothing stands out brilliantly to catch the visitor's attention; everything is organized and positioned confusingly, giving the visitor no sense of welcoming. Although the colors are nice and soothing, matching your site's name perfectly, the colors are overwhelming with no differentiating scheme besides blue and the occasional purple.

-3 points for an uninteresting and insipid layout, color scheme, and general design.
-2 points for banner with lack of visual appeal and poor overuse of textures.
-1 point for ineffective placement of the banner's title and slightly hard to read text.
-1 point for mismatching background color.
-2 points for oddly colored, misaligned, and mismatching curves on the content boxes.
-1 point for poorly designed and cramped headers.
-1 point for an unappealing and cramped navigation.

Introduction (2/10)
Your story introduction has no character or meaning to it; it's random and doesn't give off the impression of being at a spa-related setting. I suggest rewriting it to a completely different topic, be creative, illustrative, and descriptive if you wish to include an introduction story!

Welcome to Mesmeric: The Spa, a new review site.
Instead of saying a new review site, elaborate on when exactly you opened, the precise date for instance.

I, Emma, try to offer you quality reviews (which I know every review site says)that benefit you.
Remove the link on Emma in your story introduction, and supply a link to your userlookup on the Emma in this sentence. Remove (which I know every review site says) as it is pointless and unprofessional.

So, if you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know!
I suggest italicizing suggestions and bolding comments to emphasize those words instead of 'any'. Also, if you are going to supply a link with let me know, as least provide a link to your userlookup again instead of uselessly sending your visitors to a blank neomail form.

-3 points for an uncreative and randomly created story introduction.
-4 points for an uninformative, unprofessional and poorly written general introduction.
-1 point for inconvenience.

Layout and Coding (16/25)
Your layout is structured quite basically, but the amount of different types of text makes your layout seem cluttered and extremely unorganized. The built-in headers take up far too much space than is needed due to their curvy edges and the back-splashes are poorly done and mismatching against the layout's background.

The banner, as mentioned previously, has a nice color and gradient scheme, however, the textures are overused and inadequately placed. The image doesn't have much visual appeal as the textures are too concentrated, dulling the banner's vibrant colors that it could have had; the banner is almost similar to the original image as well. The title placement is poorly done and unnoticeable at first glance; the title should be visible quickly and should stand out against the banner image.

Again, the content boxes are extremely unappealing due to their grayish tint which doesn't match the layout's colors in the slightest. The corners are odd and only curved at certain corners, making the layout unbalanced and clumsy.

Your text has an over-excessive amount of blues. Try ranging the text colors to the various colors perceptible in your banner; they all flow together excellently and you really degraded your content's appeal by not taking the opportunity of using all the gorgeous colors in your banner.

I suggest changing your bold colors to either #8E86D7 or #A482DD.

Also, change your italics color to either #E58DED or #AB9EF6.

For your links, change the font-family to georgia and the font-size to 10px for both the a:hover and a:link. Also, change the a:link color to either #A186FF or #8892FF and change the a:hover color to either #A085FF or #959EFF.

Fully replace your current navigation's .nav:link to the coding in the textbox below:

Also, replace your navigation's .nav:hover to the coding in the textbox below:

Never capitalize your DIV or a name tags or links. Your home link in your navigation is broken because of a mismatching link. Always have each of your DIV's letters lowercased as most browsers aren't compatible for anything otherwise.

Change your h1's text color to #8264B6. Then, change the border-bottom (underline) style to solid instead of dotted and change the color to #CBB1E6.

Change your .date text color to #BF68CD and the border-bottom style to solid instead of dotted and change the color to #E2C3F7.

In your Reservations section, change the request and speed signs to the codes below. They will compliment your layout's design and color much more efficiently than your current signs. They are still both from The Lunch Box too:

In the Reservations section, Feedback about your reviewing experience is always appreciated! would look best centered and right underneath the Subject note.

There is empty and unnecessary spacing in-between the Waiting List header and the actual waiting list.

In your Extras section, center the image and layout title underneath the Past Layouts header. Also, the portfolio link isn't very noticeable against everything else. I suggest either moving it to the center.

In your Navigation section, I suggest adding a paragraph spacer between the top of the content box and underneath the navigation in-between the counter and the links.

-2 points for a cluttered and unorganized impression of the layout design.
-1 point for poor overuse of different families of text and poorly done built-in headers.
-1.5 points for a banner lacking visual appeal due to overuse of textures and poorly positioned text.
-.5 points for unappealing content boxes.
-1.5 points for excessive amounts of blue without using other colors present in the layout as well.
-1 points for uninteresting and cramped navigation text and section.
-.7 points for broken links due to unnecessary capitalization of DIVs and a name links.
-.3 points for dated request signs.
-.5 points for careless organization and spacing issues.

Grammar and Professionalism (20/30)
In your Rules section, most of your text is bolded which makes the text look disorderly and sloppy. I suggest reducing the boldened text to only embellish a couple important words in each sentence.

Please ask for only one review per site at a time. It's inconvenient for myself and others who would like to request.
This rule is a bit strange given that nobody asks for multiple reviews at a time and you've worded the second sentence that you yourself will be requesting a review. I suggest rephrasing it to:
The limit is only one review at a time. It's inconvenient for others who would like to request and myself to review.

I review almost all types of pages. The only types I do not review are daily pages and shops.
I suggest combining and simplifying this rule to:
I review almost all types of pages besides daily pages and shops.

Feel free to give suggestions! I always love it when you guys give me ideas. It helps me, and in turn, helps you.
This should be near the bottom after all of your more important rules.

I reserve the right to refuse if I notice any stolen content or a violation of Neopets' rules.
Add your review request after refuse to elaborate the rule more.

I will not review any off-neo sites.
This rule is straightforward and down to the point.

I will not review any non-English sites. Unfortunately, I cannot read other languages so it's impossible to review these.
This rule is perfectly fine, but would best be simplified and combined to: I will not review any non-English sites as, unfortunately, I cannot read other languages.

If you'd like a re-review, let me know! I'd be happy to do so, but only after you've made a significant amount of changes.
This rule is explained excellently and in a friendly manner. Good job!

If I've reviewed your site, linking back is much appreciated.
I suggest changing much appreciated to either required or mandatory since it is a way of crediting and advertising your site.

Please use at least some of the advice I've given you. I understand that it's my opinion, but I've worked hard on your review.
You can't force anyone to take and use your advice. I suggest rephrasing this rule to:
Putting at least some of the advice I've given you to use is very much appreciated. I understand that it's my opinions, but I've worked hard on your review.

Please do not change anything about your site(including the layout, theme, type of site, etc) if I'm reviewing it! This does not include updates. Nothing else may be changed other than finishing requests!
This rule looks extremely messy due to the unbalanced and overuse of bolded text along with the parenthesis. I suggest completely rewriting it to:
Please do not make any major changes to your site while I'm reviewing it! However, feel free to update your site and/or finish requests.

In your Massages section, the True Transformation Facial has sub-titles which should all be capitalized; The Fit's, The Function's, and The Appearance's thes should be capitalized.

In your Massages section, the Harmony Spa Package isn't a complete header.

In the Reservations section, the neomail subject title should include your site's name rather than the customer's site's name as it will already be introduced in the form.

-3 points for overuse of bold text, causing an unprofessional and sloppy impression.
-2.5 points for wording issues.
-2 points for overuse of wording and repetitiveness.
-.5 points for unorganized rule arrangement.
-1 point for lack of elaboration and descriptiveness in a few rules.
-.5 points for messily written rules with deficient spacing.
-.5 points for capitalization issues and curtailed tags.

Sitely (6/10)
I recommend centering your link backs and changing the textareas' width to 88px to align perfectly and suitably with your link back buttons.

I suggest changing the color of the borders on your textboxes as it is harsh and abrupt against your content box's color. The color #DBDBDB works quite nicely. Also, adjust the margin-right size from 13px to 3px.

I suggest removing the following buttons due to low-quality appeals:

Since you've retired those buttons, it'd be better if you could move them to your portfolio and make a section for them there. It'd also clean up your sitely nicely as they are taking up space.

Your Affiliate's buttons aren't exactly centered. I suggest replacing the blockquote tags with the original center tags instead. You also have an affiliate with your own button which leads to a userlookup, I suggest removing it.

I suggest centering your Reviewers and Listers sections as well.

Your Credits section seems to be all in order and perfectly organized. However, I suggest adding some spacing in-between the bullet and text in some lines.

-2 points for several centering and alignment issues.
-.5 points for coloring issues.
-1 point for low-quality link backs.
-.5 points for minor spacing issues.

Score and Conclusion (58/100)
The organization and overall appeal of Mesmeric: The Spa and its layout is lacking. It doesn't give off a good impression on the visitor so they might not be trusting or convinced on your reviewing ability. I suggest working on the professional concept of your site to maintain a substantial flow of incoming reviews. Your site's theme is extremely unique and is carried through considerably well though, so fantastic job on that Emma!

Recommended / Not Recommended
Mesmeric: The Spa is not recommended given that Emma doesn't supply professional or appealing impressions. The visitor or customer can't be assured that they will receive an in-depth and helpful because of the poor use of grammar and lack of professionalism present in her own site.

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Emma. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

Deth Designs

Improvement Review

Morgan at Deth Designs.
Improvement Review
September 19th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

Your background's color is much too bright of a purple against your banner's deep, shadowy colors. The background colors are supposed to be soft and faint instead of dazzling and dragging all of the attention towards it. I suggest using a maroon or burgundy color, like the background I've provided below:

If you do not like the outcome, feel free to change the hues and shades of the background yourself.

The navigation bar at the very top of your site is a bit odd to have in a site. Given that you've supplied several links that lead away from site, I suggest removing the navigation text and replace them with link back buttons. There are multiple steps in order to do this correctly with no major or minor issues.

First, remove all of the links in your nav DIV. Then, replace the navigation with the coding in the textbox below (replace the ( )'s with the 'greater than and less than' sign brackets found on your comma and period keys):

Second, find td a img, .sf, .smallfont {display: none;} and remove td a img,.

Then find table {background: none;} and reestablish it with:
table {visibility:hidden;}
#nav table {visibility:visible !important;}
#text table {visibility:visible !important;}

After, replace your #nav, .nav a:link, .nav a:visited, and .nav a:hover completely with the coding in the textbox below:

I highly recommend requesting for new link back buttons as the arrangement I explained above would improve vastly. I suggest visiting The Status Center daily for open button requests; you have to be quick to spot them though as requests open and close almost immediately.

Since the Welcome and Updates text is close to unreadable, I suggest removing their separate DIVs and move them under the text DIV where all of your other content is instead. Therefore, your site will have the proper introduction and updates section visible to the visitor.

Also, since your banner doesn't have your site's name included, I suggest using the space now available to incorporate a title with Deth Designs into your banner. I suggest removing the two boxes on your banner if possible as well.

Your banner is a touch out of the correct position; it overflows off the main box to the right, causing an extremely noticeable and blatant white line. To fix this, change the left: 0px; in #pic to left:-1px; or left:-2px;, depending on which you think looks best.

The font you are using for your main text is hard to read due to the slight 'chipped' appearance which looks best on a dark background, when the text is white or a light grey. Find #welcome, #updates, #text {font: 8pt "century gothic";} and change it to:
#text {font:8pt tahoma;}.
The #welcome and #updates isn't necessary if you decided to move the introduction and updates below the text DIV.

I suggest changing your #text h1 letter-spacing to 1px instead of -1px and the border-bottom style to 1px solid #EDCFFF; to give them a cleaner and more professional appeal.

In your Welcome introduction message, they are a few issues that give off an unprofessional impression and need to be rephrased.

Hey there. My name is Tripdeth and this is my banner request site.
I suggest completely rephrasing this to:
Hey there guest (use the # VISITOR code) and welcome to Deth Designs, a banner request site run by Tripdeth.
By combining those two sentences together, you seem more welcoming and competent. Also, include your site's name and emphasize it and include a link to your userlookup when you mention your name.

My art isn't like the standard found here in Neopia. I like to squish as much madness into something that I can.
I suggest editing a couple things in this:
My graphic designing style isn't like the typical found here in Neopia; I like to squish in as much creative madness as I can into something.

I thoroughly enjoy making graphics so make sure to send me some interesting requests to keep me challenged.
Just a couple things here need to be reordered:
I thoroughly enjoy making graphics so make sure to send me some challenging requests to keep me interested.

I suggest switching your a:link, a:visited and a:hover colors; meaning your a:link, a:visited color will be #EE708B and your a:hover color will be #FE9D9C.

I recommend keeping your Updates to a maximum of only around 3 or 4 days worth to keep that section organized and simple.

In your Rules section, I suggest moving Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. to the very bottom of the section to give it a more dramatic emphasis.

Leave on the credit, or I report.
I suggest rewording this to:
Please leave on the credit, or I will report you for theft.

Use the format when requesting a graphic.
I suggest editing this to:
Use the Request Form provided when requesting a graphic.

If I don't reply to your request, your inbox is full.
I suggest rephrasing this to:
Please make sure to have space available in your inbox before requesting.

Also, I suggest bolding certain words in your rules to build up the importance of each and every one of them.

Try not to over-texture with dark images or use scan-lines in your graphics as they ruin the appeal and professionalism of the graphic, also, making the image hard to see and the text hard to read.

In your Sitely section, I suggest removing the Link Back? section if you decided to use the coding I explained and highly recommended doing with your link backs at the top.

Add spacing in-between the Reviewers, Affiliates (Open), and Listed At sections by using tables to make them more orderly and clean. Copy the coding in the text box below and replace your current sections I mentioned with it. (Replace the ( )'s with the 'greater than and less than' brackets on your period and comma keys):

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Morgan. I hope that my advice, suggestions and criticism will help to improve your site's organization and appearance!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.


Improvement Review

Eliza at Pennwick.
Improvement Review
September 24th, 2011

Note: Remember that the Improvement Review only mentions the negatives of your site. Anything not critiqued are deemed to have no issues.

The neopet's bar at the top of your page doesn't blend well with your background as the colors are opposite inverts. Since you haven't used any tables in your coding, the change will be simple: replace table {background:none} with table {visibility:hidden;}

The text outline on your banner's title and the text color in your banner's subtitle doesn't suit or blend in with the image in your banner; rich, deep reds or browns would have looked much more professional and tasteful.

Also, the white backsplash behind A site for writers is unnecessary and the attribute looks rather messy and negligent. Same goes for the ink and quill brush above the title, Pennwick, which is inefficient and adds nothing besides a slightly dirty tinge to the banner.

The dimgrey border around your content's boxes is too dark and contrasts inelegantly with the layout's background to the content box. I suggest diminishing the border's color to a much lighter grey such as #E8E8E8 or #D5D5D5.

Your layout's color scheme in general is extremely bland and uninteresting; there is far too much blue when there are so many rich and dramatic colors available in your banner's image! To start, I highly recommend changing the pale blue in your main headers' (h1 and h3) backgrounds to something deep and vibrant such as #AA5950. You can keep the text color white, but if you wish to give off a more cozy and inviting appeal, change the text color to either #FFAA7F.

I suggest changing your a:link, a:visited, a:active link's color to #B72619. Also, I recommend removing the text-decoration and cursor effects from your a:hover and change the color to #DB917A.

I highly recommend giving your updates section in your fixed side-bar a much more substantial height as it seems cramped into a tiny scrollbar. To make this change, remove the image after the navigation and adjust the update's height to 115px to even out each section.

I suggest removing the Pennwick and A Writing Site headers from your introduction section in the main content box.

I suggest changing the colors of all of your textareas. If you wish to keep the colors limited to blue, make the colors much darker blues such as #15266A for the background and #091649 for the border. If you are fine with shifting to colors other than blue, I suggest purely depleting the colors to a background of #C9C9C9 and a border color of #DBDBDB.

In the last sentence of your Introduction: Make way for the elegant, literate, grown-up writing site called Pennwick!
I suggest removing writing site called to make elegant, literate, grown-up perform as effective adjectives for Pennwick.

In your Suggestions section: Reread your submission several times looking for errors.
Add while after times.

Have others read your piece to find errors and to give you honest, specific critique.
I suggest rephrasing the above sentence to:
Have others thoroughly read your piece to find errors you overlooked and to give you an honest, specific critique.

If sending in a comic, please try to save it as .png or .gif, as those are higher quality than .jpg
This is inaccurate as GIFs are only for small, animated graphics and saves most of your images in terrible quality. JPGs can save your images in excellent quality if set to the highest setting.

Under your Comics section, the Paint Me Grey comic's image is causing a slight bottom scroll-bar. Shrink the image's width around 5px - 10px to remove the scrolling.

Under your Sitely section, I suggest combing Link Back and Buttons into just one header.

In your Contact Pennwick section, Also, please remember to contact the individual writers of pieces you particularly liked. There's no point for them submitting it unless you do! , is all squished in because of the header style. I suggest either simply keep the text its original style or italicize it.

Thank you very much for applying for an Improvement Review Eliza. I hope that my advice and criticism will help to improve your site's organization and appearance!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything! If the filters are being a pain, feel free to send your mail separated into parts.

Ginafire's Art

Visual Aid Review

Genafire at Genafire's Art.
Visual Aid Review
September 25th, 2011

First Impressions (11/20)

- Your site's title isn't as prominent as it could be. I suggest using one of the fonts mentioned above and adding a drop shadow if you decide to keep the text color white.

- There is a noticeable greenish-grey line from your background repeat due to the background have a thin border on the top and left sides.

- The Neopets' official credits is still visible beneath your layout and decreases the current visual appeal. Use the coding below to remove the text:

- The thick black borders around each of your layout's boxes are far too bold and compact for the light colors within. I suggest replacing the solid borders to an outer glow like above.

-3 points for poorly done header with faint visibility against an image heavy background.
-2 points for distracting and unnecessary line in the background and Neopets' credits text.
-4 points for unprofessionally done and tacky borders around each content and background box.

Introduction (2/5)

- Part of the Welcome header is cut off and totally remove the Info section as it is pointless and is taking up space as it can be included into your welcome message.
- This page was created September 10th, 2011 and it is a place where I can post my art and take requests.
This would best be completely rephrased to:
Genafire's Art was created on September 10th, 2011 by Genafire, but you can call me Gina. I offer requests and post my art here.
- I suggest removing the individual purple line-dividers as they are too thick and several in one section causes the layout to look extremely messy and cramped.
- The last paragraph in your welcome message was very informative and excellently said and put together. The links supplied supply the visitor with a substantial amount of information and feel more welcoming to your site.

-.1 points for cut-off header.
-1 points for an unnecessary section and header.
-.4 points for grammar and wording issues.
-1.5 points for bulky and line-dividers which cramp the introduction.

Layout and Coding (12/25)

- Look at the two images above, the first one is your original layout and the second is the edited one. The edited one is much cleaner with a slightly flowing organization due to the removal of several unnecessary paint-splattered boxes.
- Your layout design is extremely colorful and bright, however, uninteresting and split up into random sections with no general flow as well.
- The layout's visuals are merely boxy and no good judgment of style.
- Increase the size of the updates box to decrease the scrolling.
- As mentioned in Introduction, remove the unnecessary line-dividers in each of your sections as they are bulky and take up space.
- Your content is neatly and precisely organized, easy to scroll through and the visitor will never be lost within your site.

- I suggest removing the background from your navigation's hover effect and, instead, have the text color #66C011, change the letter-spacing to 3px, and the font to georgia as the font you are using currently doesn't work on all computers.

-4 points for an unorganized and cramped layout design.
-4 points for much too bright layout colors making the layout uninteresting and messy.
-1 point for bland shaping to the layout.
-.5 points for inadequately sized updates box.
-1.5 points for unnecessary line-dividers which don't match with the layout.
-2 points for unprofessionally done and mismatching navigational linkage effects.

Content (22/25)

- The achromatic coloring and shading is gorgeously done and the heartbroken pink eyes really brings together the unity of lost and despairing emotions in this drawing.

- The stance and movement of this drawing are excellently done along with the lovely shades of purple. However, the extended paw and leg is bulky compared to the other ones and this slightly offsets the proportion.

- This drawing is smooth and almost perfect compared to the original Pteri. The wings are definitely the outstanding factor of the drawing; the details are precis, organized and are all just put together extremely well. The colors are warm and compliment each other wonderfully.

- This drawing is clean in general and the colors are bright and sunny. However, the fins look more like long fingers.

- This drawing is gorgeous and vivid. The wings are brilliantly done with the evident 3D effect due to the perfectly done shading. The intensity and vibrancy of the wings are dazzling and really adds the impression of light flowing through the wings. The dress's colors are casual which causes the sparkles to make an even more dramatic effect. The details are exceptional even to the garland's flowers.

- As simple as this drawing is, the Korbat is precisely drawn and the chubby cheeks and smile are cutely done. The Happy Korbat Day! letters are out of proportion however.

- Again, a simple drawing, but very well done. The ears are the most outstanding factor as they best give off the impression of a clumsy and carefree baby. The overall plumpness of the drawing gives off perfectly distinctive babyish qualities.

- The drawing has precise details to and on the dress, crown, and necklace. The colors and shading are faint but excellently created. The translucency of the veil is perfectly and realistically done.

- The colors in this drawing are a bit harsh and uncontrolled; they don't flow very well together. The facial mannerisms are simple and bland. The drawing overall is quite flat and inexpressive.

- This drawing definitely has dimensions to it. The tail and bow are huge, smooth and fluffy and sets back the rest of the drawing brilliantly. The demeanor shows some sort of innocence and cuteness. The details, however simple, are effective and clean.

- Your buttons aren't of highest quality as they are quite hard to read with not much visual appeal to them. Although you do add a slight creative flair to them, they aren't overall appealing.

-2 points slight and minor issues with art including proportions, perspectives, coloring and simplicity.
-1 point for offering low quality and hard to read buttons.

Grammar and Professionalism (7/15)

- The unnecessary text pixel characters, including similes, take up space and degrade the professionalism of your site.
- Remove Before requesting, please read the following to save space.
- Your rules overall were very well written, informative, and purposeful but friendly.
- Remove the two ~ from Continue and Back.
- Remove all double !! and/or ?? as they vastly reduce your professionalism.
- I suggest centering Subject: Art Request and the textbox below it to embellish more attention towards it and set it apart from the information text.
- To view full size, click the image, drag it into the URL, and drop.
This would better be reworded to:
To view each image in full size, drag and drop the image into the address bar.
- Neomail me if an images is broken or won't show up. I'll re-upload it. Let me know if an image needs resizing. Also, if you miss the pick-up, just neomail me and I'll put it back up for a short time.
This whole paragraph has quite a few grammar and wording mistakes. Change it to:
- Neomail me if any images are broken or won't show up or if you'd like an image to be resized; I'll upload it again. Also, if you miss the pick-up, neomail me and I'll put it back up for you.
- I suggest resizing the textarea textboxes depending on how wide the image is. To do this, copy the coding in the textbox below and replace your simple textareas with it. Change the width dimensions according to the image it is below and the ( )'s to the regular triangle-shaped brackets:

-.5 points for unnecessary sections.
-3 points for unprofessional double punctuation, text characters, and similes which simply take up more space.
-1.5 points for grammar and wording issues.
-2.6 points for uneven and messily organized textareas.
-.4 points for poor usage of space.

Sitely (3/10)

- Your sitely section is an incomplete section as you only have link backs listed there without all the other necessary features included as well.
- Remove the reviewers from your Accomplishments as a review isn't embellished as an achievement.
- Reduce the size of the textareas below your link back buttons to the appropriate width, (88px), with the coding mentioned earlier.
- I suggest either removing your Retired Buttons or keep them along with your current buttons to save space.
- I highly recommend requesting new buttons as most of your current buttons are low quality and unappealing. A couple sites I highly recommend are Trapped Fairytales and Nienke's Premades Extras, but check back up on The Status Center for open requests.

- Remove Just neomail me :) and List me? from your Affiliates and Listers sections as they aren't informative.
- I suggest moving a few sections out of your Extras to your Sitely section to where they belong: Affiliates, Listers, Reviewers, and Credits.

-5 points for an incomplete, unorganized, and unprofessional sitely section.
-2 points for messy and disorderly textboxes and low quality buttons.

Score and Conclusion (57/100)
Besides your low score, your content was extremely well done and it shows you put a considerable amount of time and effort into your content; you are passionate! Your art is gorgeous and you include stunning details into your drawings. Try cleaning up your layout and content's organization for a much better first impression from your visitors.

Recommended / Not Recommended
Although the layout and organization might not suffice for the visitor, the art requests will definitely completely change their mind! The drawings provided by Ginafire are meticulous, well-formed, and picturesque; I'd recommend anyone looking for art for their pet to give Ginafire's Art a visit!

Thank you very much for applying for a Visual Aid Review Ginafire. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything!


Full-Out Review

Kuro at DigiHear?.
Full-Out Review
December 18th, 2011

First Impressions (16.5/20)
My first impression upon entering is uncluttered, florid, lively, and compelled; everything seems to be well-placed and the general outlook is sufficiently thought-out and ready to continue. The layout's graphics are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, clear, and full of colors which all blend and flow together brilliantly. However, and although I realize you were trying to go for the effective collage-fashion, the icons are positioned rather clumsily and inconsistently; they also do not closely align with the content box's edges as the far right side has an empty space. I highly suggest shuffling the icons to a more natural appearance, such as not arranging them in a chronological or even order and perhaps adding one more similar icon to align them with the sidebar content boxes. The title is at a loss of creativity and doesn't intermingle well with your layout's graphics. The tail of the 'g' in 'Digi' is hidden: add z-index:1; in the style tags of #title and #sombra. Even though the title is evident, the green isn't a good choice against the turquoise colors. I suggest using a general turquoise such as #75DCD2 with a shadow of #44AEAA or a dark turquoise such as #25C7BF with a shadow of #129C95.

-2 points for awkwardly and unnaturally placed icons which don't align with the content boxes.
-1.5 points for issues with the site's title's colors, creativity and visibility.

Introduction (5/5)
Your introduction is extremely well-written and informative; it was quick, simple to understand, and to the point. You also managed to create an individual and characteristic way of writing your introduction, you made it interesting.

No points were deducted in this section.

Layout and Coding (18/25)
Your layout is highly aesthetically pleasing visually due to the bright, lively, and perfectly textured graphics and icons. However, as mentioned and explained earlier, the icons on the very right are positioned clumsily and are too much in chronological order to be considered as a collage-style design.

The individual link back displayed at the top is perfectly positioned; it almost blends in completely, but due to the creative and clever animation it manages to reveal itself as a button instead of built-in to the layout.

Also mentioned earlier, your site's header is unappealing with a lack of creativity due to the plain use of a manually written and web-safe font. There are also minor issues with the coloring and hidden letters, but both solutions were assessed previously: z-index and the color suggestions.

Your layout is organized excellently; the visitor will have zero issues with navigating throughout the site. All of your content is easily accessed and viewed due to a clean layout design.
However, in your Submit - Get Listed section, Updates, Features tables and every other section affected, remove the justify text alignment and set it to left due to the effect being more unappealing and hard to read than it would be if set to a standard spaced text. Also, remove any scrolling with your tables in your Features and News sections by either adding overflow:hidden or increase the width/height as the scrollbar is extremely distasteful.

Your main header's grey text is bland and doesn't flow very well with the border bottom's color or the bolds and links. Change it to either of the shadow colors in your site's title for a more aesthetically pleasing and flowing text appearance.
Your bold and italicized text along with all of your subheaders have a very nice choice of coloring and font styles and all blend together gorgeously, yet they are visibly and obviously different. Although not unique or creative enough to leave an impression on the visitor, the text effects are quite well-done.

Your use of tables are highly effective with preserving space while being neatly spacious, especially in the Features and News sections. Fantastic job!

-2 points due to clumsily positioned icons.
-2 points due to issues with the site's title such as lack of creativity, coloring, and hidden letters.
-1.5 points due to unappealing text alignment issues.
-.5 points due to minor table scrolling issues.
-1 point due to bland and mismatched header coloring.

Content (24.5/25)
Your content is all in perfect condition and up-to-date even with the many sites you have listed in your directory. Excellent work!

I suggest keeping your Features section as recent as possible by removing the featurings from last month and keep them limited to either late last month or simply the current month as the featurings from then have most likely changed.

In your Site Directory section, the link and text leading to the list of inactive sites is easily overlooked; I didn't notice it until now after all these times I've visited Digihear?. Try adding oomph and flair into the note by adding text effects such as boldening keywords to bring it out.

The Featured Site section has an excellent system with an extremely long, descriptive paragraphed caption of why the site was featured and what it offers.

Your Rankings are diverse and have a wide and various themes and subject matters of the many different sites out there. They are also up-to-date which the visitor has knowledge of due to the update note which is extremely convenient!

The Mailing Service you are offering is an absolutely brilliant and helpful addition to your site. This would be extremely convenient to those running competition sites and hosting a large ranking business.

-.5 points for a minor issue with a vaguely noticeable tab.

Grammar and Professionalism (9/15)
The Submit your form! pixel in your Submit section is unappealing, unprofessional, and the bright blue color does not match or flow with the surrounding text. I highly recommend removing the graphic and simply replacing it with your typical text links.

As mentioned previously, your justified text is improperly used and doesn't organize or tidy up your sentences in the slightest. Text aligned simply to the left is the standard form of writing and reading; the only time you can find justified text is in newspaper articles and headlines.

In your Directory section, the content would appear much more organized and professional if you centered the subheaders as everything seems bunched into the left edge.

The Back pixels you have used in your Extras tabs are, again, mismatched with coloring and ruin the simplicity design of your content's material. I suggest to just stick with your standard text links to replace them.

Remove all smilies from your content, such as the ones in your Mail Service section. It's extremely unprofessional and unneeded; although you may want to try to reveal your personality within your site, smilies aren't the way to do it.

The bullets you've used in your Credits section are, once again, not matching with your content's or layout's colors which reduces the appearance of that section. Although you may not want to use text bullets or dashes, try finding other pixel bullets such as these glossy, high-quality bullets found at Bedazzled.

Overall, I could not find any obvious grammar issues! Excellent job Kuro!

-3.5 points for unprofessional pixel resources used several times.
-2 points for text alignment issues.
-.5 points for smiley usage.

Site (7/10)
Your link backs are all of high-quality and aesthetically pleasing visuals and are all working properly, however, there are a few problems with a couple buttons.

The border on the button above has a much too dark and powerful border and the animation's text color has a dirty tinge. The button's image visual is eye-catching and dramatic, however, the text's effects should be blended in more.

This button, quite the opposite of the previously mentioned button, has perfectly done text and animation, but the image is a tad blurry, either due to over-texturing or poor resizing. The border is also a bit too bold and dark and contrasts too abruptly with the lightened inside border and background.

Your site section, although typically organized, seems cluttered and messy due to the overuse of the main header, which is large and takes up quite a lot of space. I suggest making the Link Back through Achievements headers h3's this will completely tidy up your site section, however, remember to add text-align: center; in your h3 style tags as suggested earlier if you haven't done so already.

Your counter's numbers are off-position and don't align with the counter base at all. The colors would look best if they were shades of blue instead of yellow and black, which has no relation to your counter's background image. Edit these features by logging in to your boingdragon account and Edit Your Counter there.

-1 point for minor button issues.
-1.5 points for a cluttered site section due to the overuse of your largest headers.
-.5 points due to an unattractive counter.

Score and Conclusion (80/100)
Kuro, you are doing an excellent job with Digihear?! Your site is one of a kind and is an extremely helpful and unique addition to the site community; we are lucky to have such a dedicated and professional site owner running it! Just simply work on organization and continue to build up with your directory, you, personally, will be introducing featuring sites at many other sites!

Recommended / Not Recommended
Digihear? is definitely a recommendation in my opinion! Anyone who is looking for a site that lists all of the rankings, featurings, and current activities available in the site community should look no further than Digihear?!

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Kuro. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything!

The Lodge

Full-Out Review

Ricky at The Lodge.
Full-Out Review
December 18th, 2011

First Impressions (9/20)
My first impression upon entering The Lodge is uninterested and bland due to the coloring of the site in general and the extremely over-brushed banner. The colors, although follow a wintery theme, do not suffice as they have a warm tint, are too shady, and are a bit unsaturated. The background is off-putting due to the coloring and diagonal-line pattern which has absolutely no relation to your site's theme. I recommend simply using a solid color background of either #BED0F7 or #B8CEF7.

The snowy and wintery textures used in your banner are quite effective and really bring out the treacherous theme of the image, however, the text brushes used in the banner are excessive and unnecessary; they don't had anything visually pleasing to the banner besides making it seem cluttered and slightly blurry. The cropping, gradients and colors of the banner's image are rather nicely done for a wintery feel, but the over-texturing covers most of it up.

The tree shadows beside the title are extremely unappealing and actually are one of the major reasons for the diminution of your site's first impression. The title is also unattractive due to the curly style font and all-caps text; usually only sans-serif fonts can be uppercased completely. The extremely faint gradient and coloring are also both rather poorly done and clash slightly with the rest of your layout.

Your content looks organized, clean, and spacious which greatly increases your site's first impression and the chance that your visitor will actually read through the text! All the text is readable, has an airy line-height, and, at first sight, nothing is inconveniently positioned. The two pixel images increases your site's aesthetics and also catches the visitor's attention. Fantastic job!

Although your site is orderly, well-structured, and somewhat aesthetically pleasing, the choice of coloring and layout design is deprived of classy and clean stylization which vastly reduces your site's first impression. Later on in your review, I have provided you with an updated version of your same layout base with all the renovations I've suggested.

-2 points for dull and uninteresting color choices which do not follow the layout's theme well.
-1.5 points for an unappealing background pattern and coloring.
-3.5 points for over-usage of brushes, especially those of textural and wording features.
-2 points for highly off-putting and unnecessary tree shadows.
-2 points for poorly designed title.

Introduction (3.5/5)
There are quite a few grammatical errors throughout your introduction's two paragraphs.

Welcome, guest, to the The Lodge, a high quality…
Remove the commas surrounding the # VISITOR as those are unnecessary pauses. Also, remove 'the' before The Lodge as it is unneeded and repetitive.
Welcome guest to The Lodge, a high quality…

I'm Ricky, the landlady here at The Lodge, and I presume you are here to request a room?
I suggest splitting introducing yourself and your presumption into separate sentences as they both aren't questions and cannot be joined together.
I'm Ricky, the landlady here at The Lodge. I presume you are here to request a room?

Perhaps you might like to browse through the Guest Criteria and the Rules before we begin, then we will find…
I suggest making "Guest Criteria" hyperlink to its proper section to increase visitor convenience, give meaning to its capitalization, and just to spruce-up your introduction with an additional text effects. Therefore, remove "Rules" as they both are exactly the same and it introduces repetitiveness.
Perhaps you might like to browse through the Guest Criteria before we begin, then we will find…

Since we're heading for a white winter let's get you a cosy room…
Add a comma after 'winter' since a pause is much needed there.
Since we're heading for a white winter, let's get you a cosy room…

… we'll aim to book you into our Penthouse Suite!
Again, I suggest you link 'Penthouse Suite' to its appropriate section to improve visitor convenience and for the same reasons mentioned above.
… we'll aim to book you into our Penthouse Suite!

Feel free to browse over our brochures and enjoy the extra…
Link 'brochures' for the same reasons mentioned above.
Feel free to browse over our brochures and enjoy the extra…

Overall your introduction, though containing a few grammatical issues, is informative, friendly, and is easy to read.

-1 point for minor grammar issues.
-.5 points for a lack of visitor convenience when given the opportunity to provide it.

Layout and Coding (11/25)
I highly recommend removing your current background pattern and replacing it with a solid color background of either #BED0F7 or #B8CEF7. Background patterns are usually far too busy for your layout.

You banner's image is well cropped; it sets the atmosphere of chilling which matches your wintery theme suitably. The coloring, gradients, and textures are perfectly done and flow with the banner's image. However, the text brushes attract most of the attention and degrade your banner's visual appeal. Keep your layout's graphics as simple as possible, but detailed and vibrant enough to capture the visitors attention.

As mentioned earlier, the tree shadows beside your title are unnecessary and reduce your layout's aesthetics and appeal greatly. Your title, although has a nicely done gradient, stroke and drop shadow, doesn't have the fitting colors to blend suitably with the rest of your layout or content. Also, the font style of the text is unappealing due to the curly and all caps style.
Your subtitle is also off-putting as the border around the text is abrupt, solid, and mismatches the coloring around it. It'd be best positioned below the main title to give it more meaning and appeal with colored text and no border.

The border around your content box clashes with your background, the navigation, the content's text styles, and the title. I highly recommend you change the hue of the border to either dark blue shades or icy blue tones. Also, the border would look best without any text present on it. After these changes have been made, the border will improve your layout's aesthetics positively!

I completely revamped your layout's background image as there are many problems that would be quite difficult to change without the original file. I went ahead and made all of the changes I mentioned in your review about your layout design. The image is below:

If you make all of the changes with your coding and background, this layout will drastically improve your site's first impression and layout's visual aesthetics.

The faded out image as your content box's background is a nice touch to your layout as it adds a flair and texture behind your text. The opacity is at a perfect level and blends in well with all of your text and other content.

The navigation at the bottom is off-center and doesn't align-up with the content box with the border. Move the navigation DIV, #nav, to the right by 13px (365px). The style of it is also unappealing and uninteresting, especially the simple line-through hover effect. I've provided you with an updated navigation style with more flair guaranteed to attract the visitor's attention much more than your current navigation. Copy the coding in the textbox below and completely replace your current #nav a:link, a:visited, and a:hover style tags with it:

You italics are poorly done; they diverge aimlessly against the other colors in your layout, have an unappealing border-bottom, and have a font that is rather off-putting and dreary italicized. Most of these reasons are due to coding issues within the style tags. You've tried to combine a font style with a font family which are two completely different features of text. Remember, your font-family code must also come before any other text styles, such as codes to italicize, bold, or underline, not in the same code or before it. Completely replace your i style tags with the coding in the textbox below:

Your headers, bolds and general text are all visually pleasing and grasp the visitor's attention as they work well with the rest of your layout's colors. The only suggest I have is changing your h3's text to uppercase, the color of the text and border to a light, icy blue as purple is overused in your content, and the border-bottom to solid instead of dotted. Use the coding in the box below and replace your h3 style tags to make these changes:

In The Rooms section, you've got many scrollbars inside of a content box that scrolls. This is off-putting and sloppy. I've went ahead and done the coding for you to fix this, simply by separating each rubric into its own DIV.

Remove the two br's after Waiting List in the Reserve a Room section as there is a huge and unnecessary gap.

-2 points for an unappealing background pattern and coloring.
-3 points for over-usage of text brushes.
-2 points for unnecessary tree shadows.
-2 points for poorly designed title and subtitle.
-.5 point for a clashing and off-putting box border.
-2.5 points for misaligned and uninteresting navigation.
-.3 points for an insipid italic design and defective coding.
-.2 point for minor header issues with overusing a color.
-1.4 points for unprofessional scrollbars within a content box scrollbar.
-.1 point for a minor, but obvious gap.

Content (21/25)
I'll be grade your content by analyzing your rubrics and general content, such as extras and visual content, but not your actual reviews as I will not examine and determine your own reviewing style and technique.

Mountain Lodge Criteria

The First Impression is down to the point, but extremely vague and unspecific. First impressions are more in-depth than simply what catches the eye. First impressions include everything at first sight, especially important features like the site's title, layout, organization, and other considerably essential aspects of a site when you first enter it.
These aspects will be quickly inspected in the first impression analyzing, and then later elaborated and further inspected in their appropriate sections.

In Layout, you should introduce general coding inspections such as text styles, headers, and general content design as they all contribute to a site's layout aesthetics.

The Content is thorough, well-written, and is easy to understand. You make good and informative points with the quality over quantity based on a site's age.
Although the Originality section is explained well and is a nice addition to review a site on, originality is easily found in each and every site due to different site owners and the way they out together what they do. I suggest removing a few points from this, and adding them on to either First Impression or Grammar as they are more essential for a site's foundation.

Organization, Grammar, and Updates are all to the point, detailed and well-written and would definitely help a site to improve its basic growth and development.

I recommend combining Sitely and Link Backs and they point scale as they usually are considered to be graded together and, at most sites, are located in the same section. Link backs are advertisements of the the site so they are definitely site-related.
I also suggest combining Overall and Final Comments as they would build up a strong conclusion to your reviews together.

Beginners Lodge Criteria

This rubric is down to the point, but lacking in overall guidance due to the simplicity of it. A new site needs just as much thorough advice and criticism as any other experienced or older site. I suggest you add more details and information to each point of the criteria.
For instance, Quality of Content would best be conveyed as Qualities of Content as you should be inspecting more than just the quality of the content. Although quality is an extremely important part of a site's content, variety and creativity should be included as well.

Mannerisms are a limited reviewing aspect of a site, grammar, professionalism, and detailing should be elaborated into the criteria as fine wording is probably the most important for a new site.

Advertising is unspecific and a bit unnecessary. It usually takes common sense on how a site owner can get their site advertised and become apart of the site community. I suggest elaborating on the site-related business, such as link backs, affiliates, listers, and the first impression appeal of the site as those are the main sources of advertisement.

Scenic Suite Criteria

The Scenic Suite is excellently done and explained. Although straightforward, this criteria is clean, easy to understand, effective, and somewhat in-depth.

The rubric is perfect for those who learn visually and are more willing, and more understanding, to take advise from a reviewers actual point of view.

Single Suite Criteria

This rubric seems quick and helpful to those who are looking to simply improve their site gradually.
There are no cons I can see from the criteria, so I cannot provide you with much advice besides following up what you will discuss with the basic fundamentals of a site, no matter which section in the site, especially organization and perspicacity.


The Help Desk is a brilliant idea. Sites requesting a review can automatically expect you to grade their site's First Impression and Layout on the three codes provided here; they'll be able to fix it as well!

Your VIP Guest List is creatively named and are organized excellently. However, in the empty slots, you should insert a button holder as the gaps reduce the organization and might confuse the visitor.

The button above, although has eye-catching coloring, animation, and background, has poorly done image editing. The polarchuck image is either over-sharpened or over-textured and causes a rugged line effect resulting in a faded image. The text is a bit sloppily done as well; The Lodge should have a capitalized T and L as it is the site name.

The Hall of Fame is also a nice addition for a reminder of the now-closed sites and how, in your opinion, they made an impact on the site community.

The Christmas Toybox is a cute and unique extra as well! It's an effective way to get the Pixel sites advertised and known to provide quality pixels.

-3.5 points for vague, strangely organized, and simple criteria/rubrics with somewhat unjust point scales.
-.5 points for minor issues in the rankings section.

Grammar and Professionalism (8/15)
Your site must be at least 2 weeks old and have sufficient content for me to review (this depends on the which rubric you choose).
This rule is confusing to the visitor as you are giving them mixed messages. Either establish that the site must be 2 weeks old or remove the age restriction.

Re-reviews are available so long as you didn't stay in the Christmas Suite on your last visit.
The so long as sounds a bit off, use as long as instead. I suggest you add in or the Penthouse Suite after Christmas Suite to further elaborate that reviews with high scores cannot apply for re-review.

I only review in Internet Explorer so please bear this in mind. If your site has issues in either of these browsers, you may screenie the page so I can see it correctly.
Internet Explorer is the least modern browser available and you should not limit yourself to a single browser if you are a reviewer; consider downloading either Firefox and/or Google Chrome as well.
If your site has issues in either of these browsers doesn't make sense as you've mentioned that you only use Internet Explorer; unless you've decided to download the recommended browsers of course. Change it to If your site has issues in this browser.

To show you have read the rules, make the subject in your neomail request "TL Review".
This is an excellent way of making sure your requesters have read the rules thoroughly or not; you don't even have to read the mail as the title is obvious enough!

No guilds, wishlists or off-Neo sites.
I don't know if you mean it as widely as this, but wishlists would better off being personal pages.

You must link back to me before, during and after your review.
Before is a bit unfair and unnecessary as the reviewee might have had their request rejected. The other two are perfectly reasonable though.

There were no problems with your other rules, but there was also nothing that was exceptional with them.

Hurry and reserve a room to beat the Winter rush! Copy the form and neomail it to me.
Winter shouldn't be capitalized unless there is some specific meaning behind it. Also, add , fill it out after form just for general elaboration.

This edited GIF has a poorly done transparent background; I suggest simply using the original GIF and float the image to the left to increase the professional appeal of the Help Desk section.

If you feel that there is another site out there that is even better be sure to neomail me with your recommendation.
Add a comma after even better.

The pixel resource above is unappealing due to the gradient which makes the text quite difficult to read, creating an unprofessional impression. I suggest using the arrows and text you've applied earlier in your Check Out section instead.

To help you celebrate Christmas at your site here are all the Christmas pixels and adoptables available this silly season!
Add a comma after your site and add of after all.

You have requested far too many reviews as shown in your Our Ratings section. This drastically reduces your professionalism due to the impression that you request reviews just for the sake of filling out your review section, especially since those reviews are simply shown for your current layout. I suggest limiting yourself to requesting reviews only when you need advice, and when you do, only request from one or two reviewer(s).

-2 points for wording issues and problems with the rules.
-1 point for minor grammar and wording issues in general.
-.5 points for poorly done transparent background on an image.
-.5 points for unappealing pixel resource used in multiple sections.
-3 points for over-the-top review requesting.

Site (9.5/10)

This button has a nice choice of coloring, cropping, and text style, however, the animation and border are both poorly done. The glowing animation is compact and doesn't follow the letter shaping; it's simply a thick line all the way across. The border is just a tad too dark and oddly shaped as it doesn't match the image well.

The only major issue with this button is the unnecessary and unappealing turquoise streak in the middle of the button.

This button is a lovely and aesthetically pleasing button. The colors are wintery, but soft due to the smooth image of the bunny and faded out snowy background. The snow animation is a perfect touch to the button and almost seems to add character to it. The border and text effects are excellently done and both suit the button's imagery.

This button has vibrant colors, but the background image looks over-sharpened and the text animation isn't eye-catching or very noticeable.

This button, although has a nicely placed and cropped background, is uninteresting due to the lack of textures and coloring. Also, 'Lodge' is hard to read due to the lime green being extremely bright against the white text background.

This button has an appealing and eye-catching background image and the border does a nice job of bringing it out, however, the text animation colors have a dirty tinge and are darker than the background colors.

This button is clean and simple yet vibrant and full of life due to the brilliant colors in the background image. The text background, however, is a bit overpowering.

This button is soft, delicate, and clean due to the perfect coloring and textures. The text animation colors are a bit dark against the background color and shroud the word or letters being framed at that moment in time.

This button is full of life and modern. This button is eye-catching due to the bright and lively background image.

There doesn't seem to be any problems with the rest of your site section or anything to critique or comment on.

-.5 points for minor issues with a couple buttons.

Score and Conclusion (62/100)
You've done an absolutely fantastic job with running The Lodge Ricky, it's been open for over a year which is excellent! Your reviews are very in-depth and detailed and your rubrics are quite well-explained as well! Your site's layout lacks visual appeal however, especially at the visitor's first impression. Although you have helpful rubrics and reviews, the layout gives off the impression that you may not offer quality reviews.

Recommended / Not Recommended
Ricky has an ample understanding of how to review and will definitely offer helpful, detailed and in-depth advice and constructive criticism on how you can improve your site!

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Ricky. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything!


Full-Out Review

Kayla at Possession.
Full-Out Review
December 26th, 2011

First Impressions (10/20)
My first impression upon entering Possession was monotonous and a bit tedious really due to the colors being watery and dull with a lack of flows and blends as well as the layout's main visual being covered up. The image has vibrant, lively and eye-catching colors which would have drastically boosted the visitor's first impression if it wasn't overlapped by the navigation and link back buttons.

The site title is awkwardly positioned and is overlooked quite easily. The way it is incorporated into the layout gives it insignificance and a lack of visitor attention will be directed to it. I suggest changing the placement of the title to the top left of the layout while lowering the entire layout down as well to loosen it from the edge. There are also small portions of the background's brush present at the top which could be covered up by the title.

Neopets' top bar and copyright text are visible to the right of your layout and they diminish the visitor's first impression. Add the coding in the textboxes below into your page's style coding:

The homepage also seems rather empty and disproportionate due to all the content mainly being at the top with a large void at the bottom. The News + Updates section is the foremost cause of this. I suggest removing the icon as it doesn't add any visual aesthetics to your content, move the voting buttons out of the section (below the updates would be most reasonable as your site's updates have much more importance than these), and improve your Introduction which will be further explained in the next topic.

Although there are quite a few issues that affect the visitor's first impression, your layout isn't a turnoff due to its slight visual appeal thanks to the effervescent and eye-catching banner at the bottom. This urges the visitor onward as they will expect much more professionally-done content and organization.

-3 points due to dull and unsaturated colors from the background, content, and text.
-2 points for an unorganized and cluttered layout design which reduces the first impression appeal.
-2 points for a poorly positioned site title which gives it a lack of importance.
-1 point for background issues of brushes and unappealing Neopets' bar and text.
-1.5 points for an imbalanced and empty homepage.
-.5 points for a lack of an informative introduction from the first impression.

Introduction (1/5)
Your introduction explains the main purpose of your site, but you don't introduce yourself as the site owner or the features of your site such as the date of when Possession opened to the public or how it's run. Also, you don't go in-depth of what types of graphics or resources you distribute at Possession and whether or not they are custom-made requests or pre-made for anyone to use. I suggest thoroughly elaborating your introduction with the information mentioned to give it more purpose instead of being a simple and rather meaningless sentence.
The main purpose addition along with the "can't do that without having your own possessions" is a nice approach to end your introduction though!

-4 points for an extremely insignificant and uninformative introduction which lacks the necessary information to even be considered an introduction.

Layout and Coding (12/25)
As mentioned earlier in the First Impression section, your layout has an extremely effective and aesthetically pleasing visual layout thanks to the detailed, sharp, vibrant, and well-textured banner, but unfortunately, the image has been covered up by the navigation's and link back button's white backgrounds. I suggest moving the navigation right above the banner and move the link back buttons underneath or to the left side of the banner, where the title is currently positioned.

Also mentioned earlier, your title is strangely placed at the bottom of your layout. The title should be one of the first things the visitor notices and comprehends; it being at the bottom causes the title to be glanced over as unimportant and just a simple layout decoration. I suggest having the title right side up and horizontal so the visitor can easily read it. Also, move it somewhere at the top of the layout, preferably the top-right to cover up the background's brush's random edge.
After looking further at the title, the text seems a bit cramped due to the blocked-in, white background tab. Either remove the background all-together or increase the width of the tab to give the text more space and padding. If you decide to make these changes to the title, I also suggest using a dark sea-green (#219192) or jade (#14A070) text color to give the title flair and grasp more of the visitor's attention towards it; black is sometimes rather dull if the layout has vivid colors like yours.

Your background is far too light and watery to blend in with your layout and doesn't bring out the visual aesthetics of the layout. I suggest using a much more powerful and darker colored background such as #4A938A or #3B8388. Either of these two colors will drastically improve your layout's overall appeal and is guaranteed to capture the visitor's attention more than your current background color; your content and banner also pop-out due to the color change.

Your content's text is extremely dull and uninteresting due to the text styles being colorless. If you decide to have text styles with a layout that actually has color, I suggest you mix in the colors of the layout into your content, especially your text. I recommend you add color into your text as it'd significantly help to improve your content's visual appeal and the visitor's interest into it. Since you haven't added i or b coding into your style tags, I'll provide you with the coding for each:

Your link styles are also extremely off-putting due to the actual colors mismatching and have no relation to each other or the layout's colors. I suggest replacing your current a and a:hover coding with the coding in the textbox below:

Your News + Updates section has a brilliant, unique, eye-catching, and extremely aesthetically pleasing design which does grasp the visitor's attention as it looks quite important. The border and how it flows perfectly along with the header is clean and professional. However, I suggest you add just a tad of color into it by changing h2's text color to #2C706F instead of it being plain grayscale.

Your h3 designs are distasteful and hard to read due to the text color, background, and size. I revamped the coding for you based on matching your layout's colors and readability:

Your navigation also needs a more interesting design and text styles along with a hover effect that has text that is still visible. The navigation position I mentioned earlier covers up your layout's banner so I have also changed the placement of the navigation to a suitable place. I've revamped your navigation text completely with the coding in the textbox below, so you will have to completely replace your a.nav, a.nav:visited, a.nav:active, a.nav:hover, and .navigation style tags:

Since your navigation is now positioned above your banner, you must reduce the height of your .webbie and .one sections, which is, as you already know, are your content's DIVs. Change the height of these sections to height:348px; in the style tags.

The #dos style tags have rundown coding and has reduced your sitely section's visual appeal. Replace the current coding and style tags with the coding in the textbox below:

Overall, your layout and coding need quite a few major renovations, especially with positioning and coloring. However, despite these issues, your layout's visual aesthetics have an exceptionally strong impact on the visitor as the banner's image is very well-done in general! Your layout simple needs these finishing touches which will eliminate all impressions of a non-completed layout.

-2 points for defectively positioned navigation and link back buttons as they cover up the main visual of the layout.
-2 points for poorly positioned, designed, and colored and slightly hard to read site title.
-1.5 points for a dull and diluted background color which doesn't flow well with the layout and content.
-3 points for a lack of text styling and poorly-done color effects if any which drastically reduce the layout's aesthetics.
-1.5 points for design issues with a broadly used header in the layout.
-2 points for an uninteresting and inadequately designed and positioned navigation.
-1 point for issues with general coding and off-putting content designs.

Content (22/25)
Since the section About the Owner should be classified as an extra, it'd be best placed after Requests in the navigation as it isn't as important as your actual content you are offering.


This banner has nice, warm color tones which match the banner's image perfectly, however, the repeated sections on the right side of the banner is unnecessary and degrades the banner's aesthetics as the lines are harsh due to the poorly done blending. The text is also rather squished and the edges are a bit rugged.

This banner's aesthetics are gorgeous and are extremely eye-catching due to the perfectly done theme and coloring. However, the text is strange and, although I know what you're trying to carry out, it isn't working out with the rest of the banner.

This image cropping in this banner is very well-done, but the image itself is quite washed out.

This banner is gorgeous. The colors are rich, vibrant and bring out the eerie image theme in a very eye-catching way. The text, although not perfect, is readable and blends in well with the background.

The background image is absolutely perfectly done; it's crisp, extremely detailed, colorful, and very aesthetically pleasing. However, the text and the white strip covers up the image and drastically reduces the banner's appeal.

The background image, quite like the previous one, is very well done due to the cropping, colors, and brushing, but, again, the text and white strip is the off-putting factor of this banner.

This banner has perfect visual effects with the brushing, textures, and vivid colors, but the text is a poor choice as it is hard to read and jagged.

This banner follows a spot-on winter theme and all the features of this banner follow it perfectly.

This banner is modern, glossy, and the brushing is the perfect touch. The candy cane things (I dunno) at the bottom-center are a bit weird and don't fit in well with everything else.

This banner is rustic and has a very fitting theme overall thanks to the textures and coloring. The text, although previously mentioned doesn't work, this time works out quite effectively.

These banners are all perfectly done with excellent themes, text designs, and are all very eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

This banner is absolutely gorgeous. The calm and vibrant theme, colors, and text design work perfectly together and all blend in brilliantly. The brushing is a nice touch and adds just the right amount of flair into the banner.

These banners have very pleasant and stunning backgrounds and designs, however, the text is far too dark and abrupt against the backgrounds.

This banner has a lively, vibrant, and colorful background image which causes for an eye-catching banner, however, the text styles are rather poorly done due to the thick white borders with the thin text.

These banners all have very nicely done backgrounds with lovely and warm colors with interestingly cropped images. The text also works out quite well and is easily read.

This banner has a perfectly done image background with brilliant, flowing colors and lighting and the brushes match along with the background excellently as they can be interpreted as water currents and waves. However, the foremost off-putting factor is the text and the white strip.

This banner is very well done with bright, flamboyant colors with a nicely cropped image makes for an eye-catching banner. The text designs are perfectly done and flow well with the background.

Fake Avatars

The fake avatars didn't make much of an impression on your content, yet, there is nothing majorly wrong with them.


The collection of these signs are glossy and very modern. The radial gradient effect is effective and the brush is a nice touch. The credit is a bit too obvious and ruins the sign's appeal.

I suggest completely removing this sign as there are many issues with it. The text design is unappealing and dull, same with the brushing as it's rugged and cut-off. Also, button is misspelled in please remove our buton.

This sign is creatively done and looks professionally done due to the font, the gradient, the text border and shadow. However, I find the please remove out button unnecessary.

The text on this sign is slightly hard to read, but the perfectly done color choices and gradient makes up for it. The drop shadow is also very well done along with the text stroke.

This sign is well done for an over-sized pixel font. The textures in the text are brilliant, modern, and aesthetically pleasing along with the brush to the right.

This sign has an interesting, unique, and eye-catching collage effect which is very effective. The drop shadow helps to bring out the text as well.

This sign is a bit over-textured and the font is block-ey and faded out because of the textures. The click to go to our new location subtitle attracts more attention than the actual sign.

This sign is gorgeous. The gradient, reflection and font choice is effectively modern, glossy and classy.

This sign is considerably well-done due to the textures acting as a gradient and the vibrant colors and effective fonts.

This sign is eye-catching, just the same as the previous sign, due to the textures and lighting acting as a gradient, the vibrant colors and effective fonts.

Petpage Layouts

Your petpage layouts are all very well done, high-quality, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and have effective coding designs. However, the Fade layouts are the best quality of them all in my opinion.

Blank Buttons

Your blank button resources aren't of high-quality image bases. Most of them are rather blurry or rugged and strangely cropped. The best of them all are the three shown below:

Blank Icons

Your blank icon resources are well done and are eye-catching for the most part. Quite a few are vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, smooth and well-detailed. The best quality ones in my opinion are:

Place Holders

The first row of buttons are quite well-done thanks to the perfectly placed brush and soft colors.
The other placeholders don't really have anything wrong with them, but are dull with not much interesting features present in them and aren't the easiest to read or notice.

Overall, your content's visual aesthetics are brilliantly done, eye-catching, colorful, perfectly textured, glossy with smooth edges and nice brushing touches! The main features of what you need to improve on with your content is the text design and font choices.

-2 points for poorly designed text in some content, especially the banners and signs.
-1 point for issues with readability and aesthetics in the content, especially in the resources.

Grammar and Professionalism (11/15)
It's best to avoid using smileys or unnecessary symbols, especially in your Rules, as it reduces your professionalism and the visitor may not take you seriously. Remove the smiley at the end of rule number 003 and the ~ at the end of rule 004 in the Graphics homepage.

I suggest you change your current red Back signs to either of the sign colors below:

001) Please credit me somewhere on you site, lookup, etc. If you use any of these resources.
Rewrite this rule to:
001) If you use any of these resources, please credit me somewhere on your site, lookup, etc.

In your Requests section, remove the smiley at the end of rule 002.

DO NOT remove any credit on your graphic / layout. It isn't a shame for people to see your layout was made by me. Plus, then you're giving other people and opportunity to get their own graphic / layout here.
This rule was extremely well-written as you wrote it with a professional, assertive, and polite manner. The last part, you're giving other people and opportunity to get their own graphic / layout was a nice touch and actually makes your customer quite willing to credit you, especially if they were more than satisfied with their custom graphic or layout!

If you don't like something about your layout, feel free to have me fix it! Or ask me for permission to edit it (if you're going to do something big like a massive color change or something.)
This is a well-written rule as it directs the customer on what to do if they'd like edits made to their layout. It also lets the customer know you do allow changes to be made as long as they have your permission.

I reserve the right to decline your request. If I do decline, I will give you an explanation.
This rule assures the customer that they will not be skipped over and/or ignored if their request is denied.

The Screenie Vault might be an amusing and/or interesting addition to your site, but the current screenie topic you have up doesn't show you, Possession, or your advertising boards in the good light. Some of the usernames you've tried to cover up are visible in other screenies, such as in the actual posts. Also, disputing with people on the boards isn't professional and recollecting it all doesn't help. Criticism is fine however and should be taken literally instead of arguing about it.

Overall, you've got excellent grammar and I couldn't find many spelling, wording, or punctuation errors! Possession is quite professional in general so fantastic job with that Kayla!

-1.5 points for unnecessary use of smileys and symbols in the rules.
-.5 points for mismatching sign colors.
-.5 points for minor issues with the rules.
-1.5 points for an irrelevant section that degrades the site's overall professionalism.

Site (6/10)
If you made the changes to the #dos style tag coding as mentioned and explained previously, this will drastically increase the organization impression as the light grey backsplashes behind the buttons was off-putting. If you haven't already, I highly recommend you do so by replacing your current #dos coding with the coding in the textbox below:

This button has a rather bland visual appeal to it due to the lack of movement and flair. The text is quite well-done and matches the background, but it looks off-center due to the background image placement. The border is also far too dark for the colors within the button.

These buttons have a flowing, vibrant color scheme and are quite eye-catching. The text is also positioned well, is readable, and matches with the background image perfectly in both. The animation helps to give each button some more attention. However, the images are both a bit large and most of it is cut-off, making for strangely cropped backgrounds.

This button is a bit uninteresting due to the color scheme and lack of a visual background. The text border is too dark unlike the button's border, which is perfectly done. The shine animation is far too quick and disappears rather abruptly instead of melting away.

This button is off-putting due to the extremely dark and dull background image along with the image being rugged. The font choice is rather hard to read with the quick moving animation and mismatching text border.

This button is your absolute best button. The color scheme is gorgeously done along with the faint lighting effect. Although the animation is very hard to notice, it adds a perfect and calm flair to the button. The text design is excellently done; the font is much easier to read with a dark color and in a fixed position. The border is also perfectly done and blends in with the background with accuracy.

Your affiliates, Wildfire, Bouquet, and In Sight, have closed from the impression of the pages the links lead to.

The link directory, The Calling, has changed to a gallery guide directory and does not have Possession listed.

In your Credits, instead of saying some CSS and some resources, you should separately credit each site for each of its content present in your site.

For instance:
Back signs by The Lunch Box
This informs the visitor on where you got each and every one of the back sign resources. Remember to link back to the site's homepage instead of a certain section of their site.

To credit Deviantart, truly recognize the artist instead of crediting the entire site. Swimchick should be You will not get in trouble for this as you are not actually linking or directing your visitors to the site, just simply crediting properly.
Also, it is just considerate of you to actually credit each person instead of casually saying some.

Everything else seems to be in order, organized properly, and nicely maintained.

-1 point for unorganized CSS styling in the sitely section.
-1 points for issues with some buttons, especially positioning, cropping, visual aesthetics, and readability.
-2 points for poorly done crediting.

Score and Conclusion (62/100)
Kayla, you've got a brilliant and creative talent for graphics making, especially with images, coloring, and textures! You offer quality graphics at Possession which all show some sort of distinction from each other and the rest of the graphic-sites in the site community!
Possession does need some improvement, especially with its layout and coding, which has potential to become very aesthetic and visually pleasing if you make all the changes I've mentioned and elaborated on! Kayla, I also recommend you work on further experimenting on using different styles and designs, especially on text, fonts, and shaping.

Recommended / Not Recommended
Despite Possession's considerably low first impression and layout appeal, the content offered by Kayla is excellent! Each and every one of the graphics have eye-catching images thanks to the gorgeous use of coloring, brushing, modern appeal, and occasionally text designs!
An extremely wide variety of quality premades, including banners and icons, and glossy resources like site-status signs, along with requests are provided at Possession!

Thank you very much for applying for a Full-Out Review Kayla. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything!

Tokyo Life

Layout Critique

Tori at Tokyo Life.
Layout Critique
December 26th, 2011

First Impressions (22/25)
Your layout at a first impression was clean, organized, glossy, relaxing, and all the colors went absolutely perfect together. The site title pops right out due to the effective coloring, drop shadow, and lighting. However, the title itself is rather hard to read and misaligned due to the font choice and the positioning. The T in Tokyo doesn't look like a T in the slightest; more like a J or d.

The banner image has very smooth edges and is clean-cut. The faint textures are a nice touch and add a misty atmosphere to it. The colors, although alike to the original image, are calm and the rest of the layout's coloring goes excellently with it. On the other hand, there were faint traces of the site's title overlaid into the banner in a few locations, but this time in a small-capped, sans-serif font which is a bit too evident.

The content box has a brilliantly-done gradient effect and really pops-out against the rest of the layout. The content's text coloring all seems rather well-done and blends in nicely together.

Overall, a very promising first impression into your site; Charida has done a lovely job with your layout!

-2 points for an uneven and hard to read site title.
-1 point for an unnecessary usage of the site's name as a texture in the banner.

Title (2/5)
As mentioned previously, your site's title's coloring and appeal are wonderfully done; the gradient and shadowing effects really bring out the title along with its significance and catches the visitor's attention immediately.

However, the font is inadequately chosen due to the misalignment and readability. The y and f have a considerably large between each other and creates the impression that Life is positioned higher up than Tokyo.
As for readability, the T in Tokyo seems to be more like a J or d due to the interconnecting line not fully crossing over, like in regular t's.

-2 points due to misalignment between the two words in the title.
-1 point due to readability due to a strangely designed letter.

Design (11/15)
The anchored layout with a small but substantial content box is very efficient for a button request site. There seem to be no problems with the linkage and all sections are working perfectly with no cut-off text present.

The content's headers are exceedingly defective due to the use of non-web-safe fonts: Orator std and Written on his Hands. This is also extremely inconvenient to everyone besides the layout creator as not everyone has downloaded or installed the fonts present in the layout. Consequently, the text will be viewed as a rather unappealing sans-serif font to all who do not have the font available. I suggest changing the h1 font to either Courier New or Monospace while the h2 font to Times New Roman or Georgia and making the text style italic by adding font-style:italic into the h2's coding tags.

The main text is an easy-on-the-eyes shade of grey which blends in quite well with the content box and the other text colors present in the layout.
The links have an ineffective styling to them due to the hover effect being more readable and obviously than the link itself. I suggest flipping the colors around, making the a:link, a:visited text color #669966 while the a:hover is #99cc99.

The bolded text has a nice and simple style with the green; it matches perfectly with everything, including all the content, layout, and background.

The textareas are quite nicely done, but they could use with some eye-catching flair and appeal to improve the Request section's appearance. Replace your current TEXTAREA coding in your site's style tags with the coding in the box below:

Everything else in terms of aesthetics is spotless and matches well with the layout and coloring.

-3.7 points for defective and poorly designed headers due to the use of non-web-safe fonts.
-.3 points due to minor issues with a few text styling.

Color Scheme (9/10)
The colors used in your layout all blend in and flow together excellently. There are no unnatural colors or colors that abruptly differentiate from the rest which is fantastic.

In your navigation however, I suggest making a text color change as a hover effect using the background color of the original link. In other words, instead of continuing the white text, I suggest using #669966 by adding color: #669966; in your a.navi:hover style tags.

The bullets used in your Updates and Credits are far too bright against the rest of the colors and text in your layout. Since there are no dark green bullets available at Bedazzled, I suggest either using the grey one provided there or a re-colored bullet of Bedazzled's which I have supplied you with below:

The button for Memoir you have present currently doesn't match your layout's color scheme and there are many other higher quality and aesthetically pleasing buttons available such as the buttons below:

-.2 points for minor aesthetic concerns with the navigation.
-.5 points for mismatching bullet colors.
-.3 points for low quality, unappealing, and mismatching button used in the credits.

Organization and Convenience (21/25)
As there isn't much content present in Tokyo Life, your layout is exceedingly organized with somewhat convenient aspects taking place as well, such as in the Homepage, Request and FAQ due to the well-situated neomail link to your userlookup.

There are some areas you could improve your organization however.
In your Request section, if you arranged your Status and Waiting List sections into tables, it would completely cut back on scrolling to extent of removing the scrollbar. Just replace these two section's coding with the coding in the textbox below. Note: I have NOT included the closing DIV tag, so make sure to not accidentally delete the Request's closing tag and give the (textarea)'s the correct brackets:

In your Sitely section, your link back buttons are unaligned with their textareas. I suggest using tables to have them perfectly aligned. Copy the coding in the textbox below and replace your link backs and textareas coding with it. Note: Give the (textarea)'s the correct brackets:

I suggest centering absolutely everything in your Sitely section to tidy it up by adding a (center) tag before the Link Back? header and then a closing (/center) tag after Effects' button.

-1.5 points due to unnecessary scrolling issues.
-2.5 points due to alignment issues.

Creativity (6/20)
The layout, although I could immediately spot Charida's brilliant usage of smooth, glossy, and modern aesthetics, didn't employ a creative or unique design or essence due to the simple boxy-style formation.

As effective and pleasant your layout is, there was no creative spark or utmost effort of originality in it.

Creativity score depends on my thoughts without straightforward reasons.

Score and Conclusion (71/100)
Overall, a fantastic and excellently designed layout that effectively suits the foundation and appeal for Tokyo Life! Charida is a very dedicated, talented, and unique layout designer who has a brilliant eye for coloring and modernistic design!

Thank you very much for applying for a Layout Critique Tori. I hope that my feedback, advice and criticism will help to improve your site's layout and content design!

Remember to replace your current link back button to Effects with the updated one below!

If you have any feedback, comments or questions about your review, you are encouraged to say anything in your reply! I will highly appreciate and read absolutely everything!

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