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One is plain text and is the main guide.
The other is with pictures and should only be used along with the main guide. ie: use the picture guide to make it a little easier to understand the main guide.

ALL the guides in the Neopian Times are out of date. NO other guide on any website is proven to be accurate and virtually guarantee success.

Please check out the FAQ before asking your question on the PT board. Most of the commonly repeated questions are answered here.

Vital charts showing how to set timezone, warehouse loading times, expansion costs and much more :-

Prize structure charts showing what Neopoint award you will win if you are successful, plus an at-a-glance cloth requirements chart :-
Prizes and Cloth

General information page showing the changes in PT chronologically, screenshots of PT board posts from the Programmer, links to out of date guides that still have interesting info etc :-

Unofficial PT Players Racing Page, containing info about the "FUN Races" that experienced players enjoy :-


CoH above 1 million
Plushies Sold  (complete jobs)NP Prize
 At least 2,000,000 320k
 At least 1,500,000 240k
 At least 1,250,000 200k
 At least 1,000,000 160k
 At least 500,000 120k
 At least 200,000 96k
 At least 100,000 88k
 At least 50,000 80k
 At least 20,000 72k
 Below 20,000 64k
CoH above 250,000
Plushies Sold  (complete jobs)NP Prize
 At least 100,000 44k
 At least 50,000 40k
 At least 20,000 36k
 At least 10,000 32k
 At least 5,000 28k
 Below 5,000 24k
CoH above 50,000
Plushies Sold  (complete jobs)NP Prize
 At least 20,000 18k
 At least 10,000 16k
 At least 5,000 14k
 At least 4,000 12k
 At least 3,000 6k
 At least 2,000 4k
 At least 1,000 2k
 Below 1,000 1k

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1,2,5,6 Rolls ACCESSORY 3 & 4 Rolls
Plushie Name Rolls of
Same Color
    spacer   Plushie Name Rolls of
Same Color
Aisha 2 Bori 3
Chomby 2 Bruce 3
Eyrie 2 Buzz 3
Krawk 2 Chia 3
Kyrii 2 Cybunny 3
Ogrin 6 Draik 4
Peophin 2 Elephante 4
Pteri 2 Gnorbu 3
Ruki 5 Graarl 3
Shoyru 1 Hissi 3
Skeith 2 Ixi 3
Uni 2 Kau 3
Usul 2 Kiko 3
Wocky 2 Koi 3
Back to Central Kougra 4
Lutari 4
Moehog 3
Tonu 3
Tuskaninny 3
Xweetok 4
Yurble 4
Zafara 4
Plushie Name Rolls of
Same Color
Acara 3
Blumaroo 2
Flotsam 2
Gelert 2
Grundo 1
Jetsam 3
JubJub 2
Kacheek 3
Korbat 4
Lenny 3
Lupe 3
Meerca 3
Mynci 2
Nimmo 2
Poogle 3
Quiggle 3
Scorchio 3
Techo 3

Please make sure that you
have bought the required 
number of rolls of cloth in 
SAME COLOR for each
plushie you wish to make 


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What exactly is plushie tycoon?
It is a puzzle game, rated Hard, and the idea is to become a successful Tycoon by making plushies (not the "real" kind that you can use in Neopia, just pretend ones inside this game) and selling enough of them to make a profit by the end of the game.

Is there a prize for winning?
Every player who manages to make a profit (more than they started with) when the game ends, is a winner, and earns the title of Plushie Tycoon and the avatar. There are also the usual trophies, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The actual amount of Neopoints you can win depends on how much Cash On Hand you end with, and how many plushies you managed to sell. The Prize Charts will show you how many Neopoints you can win.

How long does it take?
It used to be almost a month, but these days, it's more usual for it to start around the 15th and run for the last two weeks of the month.It always ends at midnight (NST) of the last night of the month. The game runs 7 days a week, and your factory and store are open for 8 hours a day, 9am to 5pm.

How can I play when I'm at school/work during those hours?
The game lets you set PT (Plushie Tycoon) to have it's 8 work hours at whatever time is best for you. The first Update of every day is at 10:01am game time, and the last is at 5:01pm. Your game time is shown on the PT main page. It is not neccessary to play ALL 8 updates in order to succeed.

How do I set my timezone?
  1. Decide which of your real life hours you want Plushie Tycoon to run in.
  2. Work out what the NST time is for those hours.
  3. Use Chart on the petpage NoDogKnow to choose correct timezone.
You can only set timezone once per game. Click main page link BEFORE paying any rent, and you will see the red text appear.
AM = midnight to noon (morning)
PM = noon to midnight (afternoon)

I've heard the Pro's say to never use Refresh or Back on PT pages. Why is that?
The Refresh button in your browser sends a request to the website to repeat the last command. Normally, that is to load that page, which is fine in most cases, but NOT fine in PT, when the last command may have been to pay for something. By Refreshing, you are in fact telling your game to pay again, which may bankrupt you. The Back button (or backspace key) can have the same effect. DON'T USE EITHER! Always navigate around PT pages using the links provided at the top of the page. It is a good idea to bookmark the Main Page, in case you ever get a blank, error, or 404. You can re-enter your game via that bookmark. Never enter via any page OTHER than Main.

What is an Update?
This game is a little like a "Turn Based Strategy game". Your turn lasts the whole hour between updates. This is time allowed you for setting things up in your game. Then, at 1 minute past each game hour, the game takes it's "turn", where it reads what is setup in your game and calculates the outcome, then saves the results to the Database. Only your Warehouse works 24 hours a day, and only that, rents and taxman register actual minutes. Updates happen at :01 past the hour from 10:01am to 5:01pm. To be exact, the update SCRIPT is run at :01 past each hour, and you have to "get" your update by clicking the main page link shortly after 1 minute past..

So doesn't it matter what time I hire my workers?
Nope. You can hire your workers at any time during your "turn". The game can only calculate the results from what it sees setup in your game, and the Update script doesn't know anything about time, so it won't care if you finished with only 5 seconds to spare. It will still give the same results based on how many workers you have, of what type; how many jobs you have setup, how big they are... and so on.

I started my game, but my job cost adds up to much more than the guide says. Can I start anyway?
Sure, go right ahead! Then when you go bankrupt in a few hours, you can restart and follow the guide properly instead.
The Total Job Cost limits for your first build are there for a reason:- to make sure you don't spend too much on materials when there are still many things you have to pay for out of the 50k you start with. If you can't afford something later because you spent too much, you won't sell fast enough, your cash will run out and your game will be over.

If my materials cost too much, why can't I just start with the plushies that don't need accessories at all?
Because you want the avatar, trophy and neopoint award. Starting your game with non-accessory plushies can bankrupt you very fast. It is a very BAD idea to start your game with non accessoried plushies, as those prices are more or less always lower than accessory plushies, and very volatile right throughout the month. A non-acc plushie price can drop from 60np to under 30np in just an update or two, and some plushies sell for as low as 15np at times.Always begin with the type of plushies recommended by the guide to ensure the best start for yourself.

I've wasted the whole day! My materials prices are very high. Will they ever come down?
Yes. It is quite normal to have to wait a long time, many days even, before your prices are low enough. But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Rents are Pro-rated, which means that expansion costs are cheaper each day until rent time again. So if you have to wait 4 days to start, when you expand your factory to put in more than 2 jobs, each expansion will cost only about half the amount it would on day 1. That saves you a fair bit of money, which you can spend on more ads and upgrades on your shop later. Which means your plushies will sell a lot faster. So don't despair at the long wait, your patience will be rewarded.

On the main page, it says Stuffing is down today. Should I stock up?
NO! All the materials are linked in price, and we generally use Rare Gems as an indicator of price range. If Gems are high, then all other materials are high. If Gems seem low on Accessory Discount Day, all other materials will be priced as if the Gems were at their UNDISCOUNTED price. So don't get carried away by cheap Gems, and ignore what it says on main page about stocking up. Buy only what you need for your next build. Raw material prices change at each of your game day updates.

I've bought my materials like the guide says, but I can't hire my workers! Why not?
You're probably using the Firefox browser. There is a known problem where it won't allow you to hire workers at the 250 setting. There's no problem, just hire 100, 100 and then 50 instead. If your mouse doubleclick speed is set to a slow setting, you might want to try selecting 100 and then double clicking the hire button. The Pro players use double, treble and even quad clicking for buying materials and hiring workers. But NEVER doubleclick when setting up a job. If you do, you will lose the job and all the materials you used. That is an anti-cheat protection that the programmer added to the game. Multiple clicking is fine for the other things though.

I bought what the guide said to. Why does it only let me make Grundo?
You don't have enough of the SAME color cloth. Please use the Cloth Chart to see what you need for each species.

I'm setting up my jobs and I'm puzzled by that "complexity - 4 work units" thing. What does it mean?
Complexity is merely an indication of how hard a plushie is for your workers to make. Only when you are building very big jobs (at least size 500) in a full factory of 18 jobs, do you need to even think about it, and maybe hire a few extra workers for the higher complexity jobs.

My store says I have more plushies than it can hold! What do I do?
Each level of shop allows you to "see" an extra 400 UNSOLD plushies than the one before it. That is, use your sales page to monitor your sales. You don't HAVE to expand as they will still sell. But you won't be able to watch them from the sales page until the number of unsold plushies is below your current level limit. Example: You ship 600 plushies and don't expand your store - your plushies sell a few each update until finally the total number in the store is at 399. Now you can click the sales link and go in to see which jobs have sold most etc. Expanding your store does not cost you any actual cash though, it only makes your next weeks rent a higher amount. So expand if it says you need to.

I've got my first lot of jobs in the store, but what do I do about those jobs left in the factory?
Your workers will never complete all of the jobs you give them to work on, and the 2 or 3 they leave behind form the basis of your next build. If you setup 6 jobs, and got 4 finished, then 2 are left in the factory. When you have the cash from selling all of the 4 jobs, it is hopefully enough for you buy materials for the same number of jobs again, 6, plus pay for the next factory level expansion. Doing this means you now have 8 jobs being worked on. Next time you buy for 8 jobs, pay for another expansion, and now you have 10 jobs setup. And so on, until your factory is at the maximum level 9. You can see how much each expansion will cost on the NoDogKnow page.

My plushies are selling very slowly, is that normal?
Sales speed depends on 4 things. The Base Sales Rate of each plushie species, the different combinations of materials and colors, the Global Sales Rate, and the number of adverts and upgrades you bought for your store. At the very start of your game it is quite normal for your jobs to take up to a day and a half, and that is why the guide advises you to hold back around 1000np. To pay the unfireable manager until at least one job completely sells.

I have sold about 30 in each of my jobs, but the main page says I haven't sold any yet. Why?
There's a slight "quirk" in the main page info, but as soon as you have completely sold your first job (100 of 100) your sales figures will show correctly in the text.

How do I get the cash out of my store till?
The cash from sales will automatically get paid into your Cash On Hand when you have sold ALL of a job.

My game is going okay, but the wait for cheap materials is awful. How do people make millions?
By building. Like the guide tells you in the "Now what?" section, after your first 2 or 3 builds, you do NOT have to wait for materials to be under that 3900 cost limit, and instead should calculate if you can make a profit with your current prices. We usually judge prices by how much the Gems cost. The price of Gems range from around 400np to 4500np, so the average price range is 2k to 3k. That is the range in which you will see your Gems for most of the month and the ones you need to build with.

How do I calculate profit?
Profit is the difference between how much a job costs to make and how much it sells for. You should have some idea of how much your plushies are selling for by now, so you can use that knowledge to work things out.


Material CostOther CostsResults
4 green cloth = 1240
1 neocotton = 970
1 rare gem = 2771
1 velvet bag = 1207
Shipping = 278
Wages for 1 job = 694
(5550 wages
divided by 8 jobs)
Total material = 6188
Total job cost = 7160
Sale price = 8500 (85np per plushie)
Your profit = 1340
EARNING 1340 rather than just PAYING 82np.

My rents are due, but I don't have enough cash because my plushies aren't all sold yet. Is my game over?
No. Don't panic. As it tells you in the "Rents" section of the guide, you have 47 hours 59 minutes in which to pay rents. So just wait until everything is sold, and pay the rents. Make sure you can also buy enough to build again. If it is your last rent of the month, we normally advise people to pay if doing so won't drop them to a lower prize level. There have been cases of people receiving eviction notices after the game has ended, instead of the prize award mail they expected.

I couldn't afford to pay my rents, and I bought another advert to speed up my sales and now I'm bankrupt. What happened?
That's explained in the guide, under the "Rents" section. When you have red text at the top of each page saying your rents are "now due and payable", you shouldn't expand anything or buy ads and ups. If you do, the rent on the building will be paid automatically, possibly bankrupting you.

They didn't do any work this update! The wages were taken but only 1 job is in my warehouse. Why?
IF everything else at the update worked normally (workers paid, a few plushies sold etc) and you had the right number of workers, and your jobs are all at zero completed, then it is probably a case of Lazy Worker Syndrome (LWS). That is a random occurrence where your workers only work on the leftover jobs from last build and leave all others (or most of them) completely untouched. We don't know how or why LWS happens, but fortunately it rarely happens twice in a row.

What's going on? My game glitched! Should I send a bug report? WHY ISN'T PT WORKING??
If you are SURE that nothing happened in your game - no work done, no wages paid, no sales at all, and your COH hasn't changed up or down - then hop along to the PT Help Board and READ the last page or two to see if there has been a missing update. They are caused by problems on the neopets site, and nobody can do anything about them, but it doesn't happen often. If nobody seems to be discussing that, then it's also possible that you have been hit with Tax Avoidance Penalties for not meeting the Taxman correctly. So take another look at the Guide (last section) which explains it fully.

I'm building every update now and doing bigger jobs, so what's the best way to work out how many workers to hire?
Workforce is about the most personalised part of PT. Everyone has their own way of doing things, their own preferences and their own expectations for results. That is why the helpers on the PT board usually just give the facts and a recommendation to experiment. It's not much help to a newcomer if they ask and get 10 different answers. We try to always give the same answers to limit confusion, and there just isn't any definitive answer to the workforce question.

I have setup my next build, but don't have quite enough to pay workers and shipping. I will definitely sell some jobs at the next update, so will the cash from those pay my workers?
That is a very big gamble that some people take and get away with. However, be aware that occasionally, the update decides to be a little different and takes wages first, then manager pay, and THEN gives the cash from sales. Remember that if you go into the negative at any time, even for a second, you are bankrupt, and your game is over! Also, you are gambling that sales rates stay as they have been and those jobs actually DO sell. It might not be as much of a "sure thing" as you think to sell those last 5 pluhies in a job. Basically, it's a personal choice matter. Now informed of what CAN happen if it goes wrong... you make your own choice.

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