Welcome to my humble abode!

Hi, My name is Casaenova the Draik and I come from a strange and wonderful world. My owner, mundane says I am very special as I am rare, although there are thousands of Draiks where I come from so I don't really understand...

So, what does a young Draik like me enjoy doing? Well everyone knows Draiks just love flying, we spend most of our time in the air and are just amazing at aerial stunts. You should have seen this backwards loop the loop I did yesterday. He he.. poor old mundane went as white as a sheet!

What is my homeland like I hear you say? Well its a beautiful lush land filled with green meadows, thick forests and beautiful castles. It really is a most amazing place and I love it more than any other part of Neopia. I mean the Haunted Woods are fun for adventures and stuff, but would anyone REALLY want to live there?

Also there are just the cutest petpets running around all over the place. I mean just look at these guys (and they are pretty useful in the Battledome as well.

I guess you are wondering why I left my lovely land if it really is as great as I say it is. Well to tell the truth I just had to see what else was out there. I mean lazing around in grassy meadows and play fighting with Chia plushies is all very well but sometimes you want a bit of adventure in your life. Life was so peaceful back home that I just had to travel.

Grrr... take that you pesky plushie!

Well anyway, enough about me. Feel free to chat to mundane when you get a chance, and if you fancy a friendly Battledome match, I'm your Draik :)