The building was quaint and well-maintained, the walls laid with stone that was hand-placed. It was on a clean street that had been built into a slight hill, a pair of pristine stone steps leading up to the ornately carved wooden door. It was in the wealthier part of the Crystal City, embellished by a variety of plants and flowers and trees to the front of it. It was nestled comfortably in between a clothing store and a coffee shop. Various stuffed toys could be seen through the windows, lining the benches in front of them and the walls behind them. No two plush toys looked alike, and every single one was made with the finest of craftsmanship. Above the door, hanging from a wrought iron frame, was a sign that read "Anima Stiche: Exquisite Handmade Plush Novelties."

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Here is a brief history of the world Caryshai lives in. He lives on a planet called Seraphium, in a land gifted with magic and nature, but plagued by war and hate. There are several different races, and the dragons that rule them all. Because of the differences in their cultures, there is a lot of discrimination amongst them. The land is run by the Dragon Lord, father of the exiled prince Sytira and the illegitimate son Mikosu. He is a cruel man who rules the other races with fear. Because of his treatment of them, there are members of all races who oppose him. He has wiped out many rebellions and populations, some now completely erased from known history.

Caryshai is a mystery - no one knows where he came from and even what race he is, or how he always manages to evade the ever watchful Dragon Lord's watch. Owner of a not-so-humble shop catering to the young, the wealthy, and the emotionally fragile, Shai's motivations are unknown and kept hidden beneath an eccentric personality and a mischievous gaze.

Statistical Information

In Depth Information

Caryshai is a Soul Weaver, or a being with the capability to sense the presence of a wandering soul and attach it to an item. He specializes in weaving souls into the bodies of the plush toys he meticulously creates. When doing so, he saves the eyes for last, as the soul enters the body easiest through the eyes. Even though souls can be attached to anything, it is much easier to coax one into something with a face and eyes. Though it is unknown why this is, Shai assumes it is because eyes and faces have a familiar sense about them.

He is incredibly eccentric, and a perfectionist. He will spend hours or days creating one plush toy, and it has to be completely perfect or it gets scrapped. His companion Akki complains about how he has to pick up and throw away so many toys that are missing their eyes. Shai works very closely with his pieces, needing glasses to work because his face is practically on top of his workspace. Every time his hair falls in front of his face, he picks it up and clips it back, grumbling about how he should just cut it. At the end of the day, he has a ridiculous amount of clips and ribbon in his hair from where he's moved it out of his way, and his hair is a huge mess. Akki always makes fun of him for it.

No one has ever seen Shai in any form other than his own human one. He has never been seen in his beast/animal form, and thus it is unknown exactly which race he belongs to. There is a plush toy often seen sitting on the counter in the shop, however, of which is rumored to be based off his form due to the similarity in Shai's ears and the plush's ears. Some people even believe that the toy is him - based on how whenever the shop owner appears, the plushie is mysteriously gone. Only Akki has ever seen his other form, and he never speaks of it, though he is sometimes seen complaining, as if speaking to another, when no one is in the room except for that odd plushie sitting on the counter...

Soul weaving is a risky art - Shai nevers knows what kind of soul is floating around. It could be a playful child, a homicidal maniac, or just an innocent, lost soul. Because it takes a while for a soul to get used to being in an artificial body, and even longer for them to be able to shift into a humanized form, Shai keeps them around the shop in order to make sure they are not the souls of bad people. Despite this, he has customers come in requesting an item with a soul in it - he cannot guarantee the soul he senses floating around them is the soul they want, but they still pay for it.

He charges an exorbitant amount of money for custom jobs such as these, and has even been commissioned to make whole bodies for some. Many of the souls he has attached as custom commissions need to be disabled - as bad souls tend to hang around longer than good ones. When these souls go AWOL, he charges another exorbitant fee to track it down and detach the soul. He enjoys hunting them down - he is a huge fan of games and riddles. Akki is never happy to have to do so, but he tags along to help. Shai can be seen as a scammer, but he never lies to his customers about the realities of his service.

His Loyal Companion

Akki is what the people of this world refer to as a "beast," another one of the creatures that are discriminated against. While they have the potential to be members of society, they are treated as pets and servants. As such, most of them never reach their true potential - they never learn to assume their human forms or even to speak the common tongue. They are considered lower than even the lowest class citizen, lower even than the salamanders, and have no rights. They are only given what their owner or master chooses to give them, and they are often treated with hostility and vehemence. They have become outlets for those who need to feel some kind of authority.

Akki is the first plushie that Shai ever made - and therefore was the first soul he ever attached to an item. Shai named Akki, as his soul must have wandered the realm in between life and death for too long that he forgot everything - who he was, his name, the people important to him. And so, he has stayed with Shai ever since, and is one of the only people who can stand to be around him for more than an hour - though he is incredibly vocal about his opinions. He is, in Shai's words, "a complacent little snot" who will complain about anything and everything, like how he has to take care of the shop and customers while Shai spends his time crafting in the back room.

Despite his bad attitude and sharp tongue, he is very close with Shai and would defend him with his own life, though he would never care to admit it out loud. Akki greatly respects Shai, again never saying a word about it, for keeping him around and taking care of him when he has nowhere else to go. So even though he complains (excessively) about his situation, he wouldn't trade it for anything, not even the memory of his past life.


Sytira - petpage
The dissident prince
Caryshai seems to be supportive of Sytira's goals - as long as it benefits him. They met on a chance encounter when a bad soul went on a rampage and attacked Sytira and his group. The prince is very wary of him, sensing that something about him might be off, and Shai seems to know exactly who he is, though no one knows where his information comes from. Sytira will assign him a crucial role in the future.

Mikosu - petpage
The wayward heir
Caryshai and Mikosu have a history together - they met whilst Miku was performing with his troupe and Shai was on the road to gather some high-quality materials needed for his business. Miku is the only one he'll meet with even when it's about a topic he would normally avoid - involving the Dragon Lord's wishes. The humble and myserious shop owner seems to know more than he likes to let on...

A Written Narrative

 "This one!" The little girl exclaimed finally, after almost an hour of touching almost every single plushie lining the shelves of the small shop. She was a dragon, the child of a very wealthy noble at that, so Akki held in his sigh of relief and the annoyance that had been building within him during the duration of her visit.

The young dragon handed the toy to her mother, a woman dressed in some of the finest silks in the city. She turned the plush over and over in her hands, examining every single detail about it. It was a fat blue bird - Akki remembered his boss making it, as he remembered the process of every single one of his boss's creations. There had been three prototypes before it, three eyeless plush toys that had been placed in the trash. Akki got annoyed just thinking about all of the valuable materials that had gone to waste because his boss was such a ridiculous perfectionist.

The shop keeper sat up straight, lifting his face out of his hand, as the woman and her child approached the counter. He looked at the clock over the two, internally screaming at them for keeping the shop open a half hour past it's closing time. The sun had almost completely set by now, and he knew exactly what the scene would be when he entered the back room. He was dreading it already.

 "We'll take this one," the noble dragon said, handing him the toy in a delicately gloved hand. "You always have the highest of quality toys. Give my regards to the toymaker." She rummaged through her purse and set a nice pile of coins on the counter before him.

Akki grabbed the key on the chain around his neck and unlocked the register, placing the coins inside. "I will," he said as he scrawled out a receipt. "Thank you for your purchase," he said, doing his best to smile at her even though he wanted to scream at her. "Have a great night," he said, walking the two over to the front door, locking up behind them.

He turned around to view the mess the child had made of the displays, sighing and running his hand through his midnight blue hair. He stalked across the room and opened the door to the back, unsurprised by the sight before him.

Crumpled up papers and prototypes of toys lay strewn across the floor of the workshop, and Caryshai sat bent over his table in the dark, his nose almost touching the toy that he held in his hands. He paused a moment to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and must have realized that the sun was almost down, and reached for the candle beside him. Akki crossed the room and slapped his hand away from it. "Don't you dare light that candle. You're done for the night - I'm not letting you ruin your eyes even more."

 "I'm almost done," Caryshai said as he glanced over his shoulder, and at the sight of the man, Akki was stunned into silence.

Regaining his voice, Akki glowered at him. "What the... what did you do?" At the end of the work day, the boss's hair was usually a mess, but this time it seemed he had run out of clips to hold it back and had settled for using the ribbon on his desk as a substitute. The result was disasterous. "You look like a two-year-old did your hair!"

Shai brought a hand to his head, as if he didn't remember doing it. "I should just get it cut," he said, after a moment of deliberation.

 "You've been saying that for a year already. Just get it over with," the clerk complained, lighting the sconces on the walls, nearly tripping on a rejected toy as he made his way over to it. He grumbled to himself before loudly declaring, "I really don't know why I put up with you."

Shai stood, working to untie all of the ribbons in his hair. "It's the opposite, really. No one else but me could stand to be around you."

Akki scoffed as he grabbed a trash bin and started picking up the myriad of things that littered the floor. "I'm sure. I have to clean up after that annoying little dragon girl - you know, the ones who come in every week only to buy one, one, little thing - and keep us open late, and then I have to come back in here and clean up after you, the owner, who makes even more of a mess than a little kid!"

Caryshai threw up his hands, ribbons still held in his fingers, in mock defeat. "Now, now, I'll help you clean it up."

 "Then stop talking and get cleaning!" Akki exclaimed in his exacerbation.

Caryshai held a finger up and paused, looking off into the distance. "...oh dear, I think I hear a knock at the door! I'll be just a moment-"

 "Oh no you don't!" Akki yelled, tossing a reject plush across the room at him, even as he inched toward the back door. "You're not skipping out of it this time!"

The toymaker sighed in defeat and stepped back into the room. "Of course, of course. I'll stay," he said. There was a moment of tense silence where the two were motionless before the owner bolted out the back door.

 Akki blinked in his incredulity. "What... where do you think you're going?" He shouted, and took off after his boss through the open door.

A Role of his own

No one knows where Caryshai came from or what his motivations are, but he holds an incredible amount of power. The Dragon Lord is constantly seeking him out, wishing to use his abilities for his own gain. Shai always manages to avoid him, a feat in and of itself. Despite the terrible amount of money he could earn by taking commissions from the Dragon Lord, Caryshai is uninterested. He never states exactly why, but Akki suspects it is because he doesn't want to get caught in the Dragon Lord's web. The money isn't worth being trapped by someone like him.

In his world, there are creatures known as Dybbuks that have no corporeal form of their own. They exist by pushing a soul out of it's living body and taking over the body, effectively destroying it's previous inhabitant. One of Shai's main and future roles is to create artificial bodies for the Dybbuk, effectively negating the need for them to destroy others in order to exist. This is Sytira's idea and role for him - as always, Shai charges a huge amount of money to do so, but it is the only commission he will take where he does not require the money up front. This says a lot about him - he knows that it is the right thing to do... but he still wants to make money off of it.

He also acts as a hospital of sorts for his creations - should they become injured, they simply have to return to their toy forms so the injury will not be lethal, and he will stitch up the wound. When they return to their human forms, the injury will have disappeared. He often has to do this with Akki, because of the high rate of injury when they are hunting down a corrupted soul to detach from it's body.

Works of Art

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