Card and Betanko are two treasure hunters commissioned by a mysterious organization on Kreludor to raid the ruins of Neopia and claim the lost artifacts left behind from wars of the past. However, this is merely a cover as they look for their true objective, the legendary Dung Scarab.

(more to come)

In production since 2009, Quest for the Dung Scarab was originally a 2D/3D hybrid animation project that was to be developed alongside the final years of my college career. My animation major allowed me to work on the technologies and designs needed to establish the hybrid techniques used for the project. While many assets were created for the project, progress unfortunately was slowed due to other commitments in life. And while I intend to continue with the animation project, I felt that I needed to get the story out before it became outdated.

Thus, the QftDS comic was born!

Like my other comic, the Restock Machine, the majority of the series will be in black and white. This is so that the issues can be released in a timely manner and so that it leaves something to be desired when the animated version is released.

The story has been planned, drafted, and rewritten several times over the years with many twists and turns and character-driven plots. I hope it can deserve the time you spend reading it. Enjoy!

Quest for the Dung Scarab
Illustrated and Written by cardquestmanager
Co-edited by togepi_forever