A faded picture on a missing poster.

Capreto is a wispy figure, sometimes very faint and sometimes too vividly solid to be real. His form is almost a mockery of a live and breathing bori. His claws are sharper than cut glass, the ends so sharp that they seem to vanish into the air. In other times Capreto can appear very innocent, and you would not even notice the malevolence unless you were to peer into his crimson red eyes. Others nickname him "Caper" for the way he dances.


Wouldn't you want to be friends with him?

Capreto is easy to get along with, as long as you are careful about what you do. Capreto is intrinsically a fair bori, with the "correct" morals. Or does he? There is almost something mechanical about the way his ghostly heart beats, and he will quickly become cruel at the slightest bit of bad judgement. In normal affairs he is rather neutral, and does not take sides in arguments. He is not in the last bit quarrelsome, and will even help you if you need assistance. His normal day-to-day personality can be best described as "immature."

It is very difficult to see where Capreto's loyalties lie. However, it is unquestionable that he stands solidly beside Qantuin and Taodri, as he is not often seen without them. He is also loyal to his owner, Lily, but much of his private thoughts remain hidden. He can be seen, in rare instances, back in the snowy mountain of his origin; though never at the peak. He is generous with his friends and showers gifts upon those who he likes.

Capreto has many quirks like any other boris. For one, Capreto makes a trilling sound when he laughs. It sounds like a drill, almost, and fades off into the distance when he stops. He has an obsession with home furnishing, probably because he has never had a sufficiently comfortable bed before. He enjoys spending money and giving out gifts randomly.


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Capreto originated from the highest peaks of an uncharted snowy mountain named Legend Mountain, before Chuarameb was discovered. He worked for a clothes production company, an old company. Legend says that there once was a successful business there. It started to fail, ever so slowly. The workers' conditions grew worse by the day, and they found out that they were not "workers" after all--they were trapped within. A fierce uprising rose up, only to be beaten down. But a few creatures had escaped. Now on the verge of bankruptcy, the demands grew higher. Until one day, there was a fire. A horrendous fire, which burned everything down to the ground. And since then, ghosts have been in the factory, working and working to keep the production going.

It is unknown whether Capreto escaped before or after the Great Fire; though many believe that it was after.


His Profile

Prankster, Fun-Loving, Unmerciful

Full Name: Capreto
Preferred Name: Capreto
Age: Twenty-Five Years Old
Abilities: As a ghost, Capreto can float through objects. He can lift things with his mind and shoot them towards people. He is a bit weaker to fire, and has night vision. His unique abilities are to cast illusions, from simple to complex. The more complex the illusion is, the more difficult it is to keep the illusion realistic. For example, the color of the floor might change with large illusions. However, not many notice trivial details such as these, even when they are right in front of their eyes. He is ultimately a trickster instead of a fighter.
Because Capreto often goes to Legend Mountain, he has a large number of magical snowballs stocked up in his house. He frequently carries a good number of them around, and he likes to throw them at random passerbys.
In terms of the "family," Capreto is less strong when it comes to combat. However, he ranks number one in terms of who is the most annoying. He will turn invisible and spin your scarf around your neck. He will poke both of your sides and tickle you. He will hang up buckets of water and pull one string to dump water all over your body. He will also pull out chairs from behind unsuspecting visitors, so that they fall on their behind and never return.
History: Capreto was born and raised on the top of Legend Mountain. Before he was a ghost, he was a simple blue bori. He would paint himself Christmas around the winter seasons, but he would always paint himself back to blue. He was born in the winter, which was fitting, considering his hometown.

As a young bori, Capreto was quite the excitable and impressionable young bori. He played merrily with the other young creatures. He visited the mayor every day, and entered many skating competitions, even though he couldn't possibly match up to the local bruces, who had years of experience. (Bruces were always expected to excel in skating.) Capreto was raised by a motherly camouflage ixi, who took him under her wing when he was but a baby bori. Her name was Alcina. In his early years, a long period of heavy snowfall came upon Legend Mountain. Many villagers moved away, but Capreto and Alcina stayed among others. Times were getting hard, and many a creature went days or even weeks without food.

As Capreto and Alcina finished their last pieces of bread, Capreto knew he had to act. He searched all around Legend Mountain with nothing but a thin cape for protection against the elements. He walked around to all the stores, but many had closed. He finally gave up hope and returned home.

A week later, it was even more difficult to survive in the village. Towns people were dying from hunger, and even the village head was starting to wonder if moving away was the best choice. Capreto suggested the idea to Alcina, but Alcina shook her head vigorously. Packs of wild lupes hung around the lower regions of the mountains, and it was simply too dangerous. Alcina's entire family, although now gone, had been living on the mountain. Tradition forbid her from leaving.

Two months later, Capreto was wondering whether he should risk the lupes and bring back some things to Alcina. After all, they would both turn into ghosts at this rate.

Hope arrived in the news of a new company buying the village. The company was turning their village into a "company town." The village head agreed to turn over all the villagers in servitude to the new factory, as the village was desperate. The large and stone building took another couple of months to build, and word spread across the village like wildfire. Everyone was excited to see the finished product, to be the first to walk past the stony entrance doors. When construction finally ended, Capreto was among the first to enter. What they saw amazed them. Modern gadgets lined the walls. Huge machines stood in neat rows, with shiny metal and strong strength. The place could fit thousands of bodies. Little by little, those who moved away heard of the factory and moved back. The wild lupe packs were pushed back as new faces appeared. Families from Akmis, Alentus, and Gradon became common among the jostling crowds. A huge number of creatures arrived from Lishou and Belge. Although the snowfall did not subside, the villagers were no longer impoverished.

Capreto could bring food to Alcina. They celebrated holidays not with moldy bread, but with small feasts.

But something was wrong with the factory.

The neopets in charge started becoming more strict. They started to demand longer hours and started to demand more productivity. They didn't update the machinery. The machines got older and less safe. Cold as the outside was, the inside was so hot that Capreto could hardly bear it. They lost track of day and night. Finally, the workers got locked inside. A couple of neopets banded together to destroy one of the walls. Another group formed to stop that, hoping that they'd get the benefits when the doors unlocked. Capreto was among those who tried to escape. They escaped from the rooftops, up the chimney. But they made a fatal mistake. The roofs were iced and slippery. They fell all the way down, bounced on the snow, and got caught in an avalanche. A whirl of the color white was all Capreto remembered before he fell unconscious. A few minutes later, he did not know where he was.

He was oddly light. His hands were oddly transparent. He could now fly. And it was very cold, although not as cold as before. Capreto fell back in shock. He had become a ghost neopet.

A Bag of Neopoints

An introduction.

The icy winds of Legend Mountain tugged at Capreto's ghostly fur, his red eyes watching the calm snowfall change with the howling sounds. His fingers were all frozen solid; not that he minded. He was a ghost neopet, and ghosts did not get cold. They only got uncomfortably hot. He hated the heat. Liking the heat was something that had completely been washed away from his existence, now. None in his group liked heat. Qantuin and Taodri didn't like heat either... well, Taodri tolerated heat the best out of the three of them. Capreto whistled softly. The tunes bounced off the hidden snowy rocks, attracting the attention to nobody. He could always hear himself better than other neopets. His eyes drifted around. Where was he? He was outside a dark, forbidding cave. He had walked in to explore the place, but found the place to be the territory of a lupe pack. He left before the lupes would spot him and throw a big fuss--Capreto didn't want to deal with company now. He felt his breath growing a bit quick, so he resolved to see the his friend, a doctor, the next day. Upside down and staring at the ground, Capreto floated up, and even more up, and so up that he could see other creatures around the place he had flown up from. They were just small specks of color around the snowy ground. He finally lifted himself down and took a look around before departing.

Three minutes later, Capreto was sucking on a few snow grapes. They were so delicious. They had frozen all the way through, their surfaces shining with ice shards. A few crunching sounds were heard as Capreto popped a few in his mouth. That was when he saw a familiar face around the corner.

Taodri!" Capreto almost choked on his grape. "What are you doing here?
Thought I'd find you here," Taodri replied solidly. "You're always here. You should come back, you know. Qantuin's searching for you.
What does that Qantuin want from me now?" Capreto complained grouchily. "He'd better not be asking me for another one of his favors again!
He'd stop asking so much favors of you when you stop following his requests, Caper," Taodri spoke reasonably, grinning wickedly.
Capreto only grinned back, and let out a drilling laugh. "I know. You don't need to tell me what to do. I'd do as I like.
I know better than to tell you what to do," replied Taodri, "because you never do what others tell you to do, and at the same time you do what others tell you to do. So I am not going to bother you on this.
Fine," Capreto shrugged. "I'm going to stay a while. Care to join me? Or don't tell me that it's too cold for you?
Of course it is not. Are you foolish? Of course not," Taodri said.
Teasing you.

Capreto and Taodri trod along the path through the ice caves. Taodri's hooves clomped softly against the ground, while Capreto made no sound apart from the occasional howling.
STOP HOWLING," Taodri said to Capreto.
Oh, but why Capreto asked obnoxiously. "I love howling.
Taodri groaned. "This is why I don't like being with you in icy caves. Now stop howling.
Capreto grinned. He could always annoy Taodri with his howling, and he could do it so easily; even without opening his mouth. It was as simple for him as it was for any other Neopet to click a tongue, or to clap.

It hadn't been too long when a large bag appeared in front of them. "how strange," Capreto mused, chuckling. "Do you see this, Taodri? A bag of gold. I bet some poor fellow was depositing this in the bank, and somehow dropped it. Poor fellow.
Yes, the poor fellow," Taodri agreed. "Now pick it up.
Capreto obeyed the Tyrannian uni, swinging the bag of neopoints up behind his shoulders, where it slowly melted into invisibility. "Well, that takes care of that," Capreto quipped.

They moved on.

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You find yourself in a cheery, cozy house in Highfort. There is a girl with long brown hair and short blunt bangs, waving to you in an unnervingly cheerful way. As soon as you arrive, she gestures you into her room and starts talking at a quick pace. "Hey! My name is Amy. Amy Fitzgerald. I'm your photographer. Not boasting, but my entire family has been into photography. I even have some picture albums from my great grandparents' works. And here's my album! Oh? You don't want me to be your photographer, you say? Then what did you come here for?" She gives you a curious glance. "But you're interested in my work? Well... yeah, of course I'll show you my work. I like to work with many photography techniques, from different angles. Sometimes I go off and take pictures of my own. I can take interesting shots. Some of the neopets in my photos didn't even ask for a picture. Oh well! I think spontaneity is fun.

First Album

Wait, don't you want to see my latest work? Oh well, if you're sure. I can do MUCH better than this, you know.
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