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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Candie: Oh LOOK, Mr. Higgle Winks, a VISITOR!!! HIII!!!! :D
Mr. Higgle Winks: HIISSSSSSSSS
guest: Er.. Yeahh... Hello.
Candie: Hello there and welcome to my page!! :D I'm Candie, what's your name?
guest: ...guest.
Candie: Ooer. HEY guest! *waves* Say hello, Mr. Higgle Winks.
Candie: Oh well, that's okay. *whispers* He's shy..
guest: Riight. *raises an eyebrow*
Candie: *Gasp* Don't do that, you'll ruin your eyebrows... You always want to have good eyebrows. :)
guest: ...

Alrighty then, WELCOME TO MY PAGE, guest! MY LOBELY CANDY COVE... Sweet, sugary candy awaits you! And even if you don't like candy(*gasp* don't like candy?!!?!?), don't worry, there will lots to see about my stats, my likes/dislikes, my friends, and of course, my family. Mr. Higgle Winks (my pet Cobrall) will assist me aswell in letting you know about the kinds of candy, tips in purchasing, proper dental hygiene and everything else. Please feel free to snoop around and have a good time. I am of course your HOSTESS, the one and ONLY candie_swirl the EYRIE. Not just any Eyrie - an ELEKTICK Eyrie. Ahem, please do call me CANDIE by the way.

ALL About ME!! ME! ME ME!!!
Don't worry, we'll get to the candy soon enough. Always save the best for later!! Here you will find out everything about ME. Ahhhemm hemm. *takes a deep breath*
My Name
Okay, now you're probably wondering "how did you get your name?", right? Okay, well, if you're NOT wondering that, I'm going to tell you anyways. Before I was born, Whitefrosty found a Christmas Paint Brush on the ground in Happy Valley. She wanted to use it, and she wanted to get an Eyrie since she had only three pets. She thought, "Eyries look nice in that color... they sort of look like CANDY CANES." So that's how I got the name "CANDIE SWIRL". Ta daa! :D
Okay, but now you're wondering, "How come you aren't painted Christmas today?" Well, you see Whitefrosty got bored of my look and so she painted me Purple next. Then she got bored of my look AGAIN. She won a contest at her friend's Guild and she asked for an Elektick paint brush. She got it, and then I became ELEKTICK!!! :D If you're still confused, there's a diagram below. :D (I don't remember what color I was when I was born... either blue or red..)
... ... ... ME!! :)

My Stats

Name: Candie_swirl, Candie
Owner: whitefrosty
Petpet: Mr. Higgle Winks, Winky
Age: 154727 hours
Birthday: August 26
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Amberish, brownish, orangey...
Level: 18
Strongness: 19
Fastness: 15
Defence: 15
Max HP: 15
Current HP: 15
Smartness: 37


Besides candy, I love a whole bunch of other things. Hover your cursor over each item to find out more.

Did I mention I'm a real popcorn nut too? I LOOVVEEE popcorn!!! Pop pop pop pop... Pop. :D:D:D Butter is my favourite kind, and also Pink Spooky Popcorn because it's PINK! :D


Here are some things I dislike. What really gets on my nerves are veggies! Blah! Candy is 1 000 000 000 000 000 times better than veggies. To make things worse, Whitefrosty is always trying to get me to eat more of them. Ick. :(
Mr. Higgle Winks: Sshe's ssssoooooooo pickkyyy...
Quiet Winky, or else I'll add YOU to this list.


This here's whitefrosty, and she's my "owner". Although that doesn't sound quite right, so I call her the Human Girl or my Human Slave.. Hee hee that sounds better. She looks after us, feeds us, and picks up after us. Sometimes she can be really mean and you'll see steam coming out of her ears and her eyes will glow red. Tee hee. :)

Here, 'tis Mountain_Forest aka Tain. Tain is my evil older brother who likes ripping up things. Things which include MY toys. *glares* Anyways, he's not in the house much, luckily. He's half Lupe, half wild animal... Literally. He also has nice hair, and a nice mate too.

This is my older bro, and he's the sweetest little thing ever! But don't be fooled, folks, he can be pretty mean if you get on his bad side. He also has a pet Uggatrip, Grawp, which may look cute and innocent also, but watch out - he bites. Stegs obsessed with potion making just as I am about candy!! hey wait a minute... I just noticed something. I'M THE YOUNGEST IN MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!???????!!!!!!!!!! D:D:D:

This is my older sis extreme_heatwave(Extrei). Her petpet is very creepy and growls at me all the time. o_o; Anyways, Extrei's a singer/song writer/guitarist. It's really annoying listening to what she actually calls music all the time, since her band practices at our house mostly. Sometimes I just don't get her. Oh yeah, and we share a room together. It's total mess; I'm serious. But she does have nice hair.

THIS is MR. HIGGLE WINKS, or just WINKY for short :D He's my petpet, a BLUE COBRALL, and I love him very much!!! :D:D:D
Mr. Higgle Winks: Sssaave mmeeee...
Hush, Winky.


Angunahitobito is a very nice guy. :) I don't talk to him very much anymore... I wonder where he went off to? I remember we used to make potions together, and my old petpage was all about potions. But then I got bored of it, so Steggy took over with the potions. Potion making was a bad experience. Never mix bubble gum with Snorkle snouts and garlic. ;_;

Talunn is my buddy and together we shall rule the WORLD!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! He also has a Slorg named Sploosh! Sploosh is so adorable, I just love poking him. :) Talunn is one twisted Moehog. :D He's quite twitchy at times because since he's SKETCHY, he's afraid that he'll blow up/melt/disintigrate. So, I made him an undestructable BUBLLE GUM BUBBLE!! HAHA! Now, WORLD DOMINATION IS MINE!!!!! Er... I mean.. OURS. :D

Gee, I guess that's all there is to know about me. If you have any questions, Whitefrosty would be happy to answer them. :) Now, 'tis the moment you've all been waiting for - that's right - THE CANDY!!!! :D:D:D


Mr. Higgle Winks: Hellooo, fooolishhh mortal, welcome to the candy sssection of Candie'sss petpage..
Candie: That's great Winky! What else would you like to say to our lovely visitor?
Mr. Higgle Winks: Goo awayy...
Candie: No, no, no. Silly thing.
*ahem* Here you will find out all about my favourite kinds of CANDY (Jelly & Chocolate included).

Candy Guide
My Comments means my comments - what I think about the specific kind of candy.
My Rating means my rating on the kind of candy out of 5 stars: ***** meaning the highest and best, and * meaning the lowest and worst. I thank the NeoBoard smilies for providing the lovely icons. :)
My Top Candy Choice means that the item I select is what I think is the best out of all candy in that specific category.
And the Cost means the APPROXIMATE cost of the specific GROUP of items. They are taken from the Shop Wizard and are rounded off.

But before we get to the candy, here is some information you will find handy: (HEY THAT RHYMES!! XD)
candy n. - A rich sweet confection made with sugar and often flavored or combined with fruits or nuts.
sweet tooth n. - A fondness or craving for sweets. (that's ME!!!)

chocolate n. - Fermented, roasted, shelled, and ground cacao seeds, often combined with a sweetener or flavoring agent.
There is a lot of history behind chocolate. How it was first found and how it became the delicious treat we have today. Unfortunately it is too long for me to tell you, so please go to this great site that tells you all about the History of Chocolate:

Milk Chocolate
milk chocolate n. - Sweetened chocolate made with milk and other ingredients.
My Comments: Milk chocolate is probably the oldest and most common type of chocolate. Mixed with milk, this creamy treat is a delicious prize for everyone.
My Rating:
Cost: Approx. 100 - 550 NP & up

White Chocolate
white chocolate n. - Cocoa butter combined with milk and a sweetener, often flavored with vanilla.
My Comments: White chocolate is just like milk chocolate, except it is white. Sometimes this kind of chocolate can be too sweet, so you can't eat large amounts of it.
My Rating:
Cost: Approx. 150 - 400 NP & up

Dark Chocolate
dark chocolate n. - A slightly bitter deep-brown chocolate with no added milk.
Description: Sweeter than the Milk Chocolates and considered (by some) as the best of all chocolates!
My Comments: Dark chocolate is sweeter than the milk chocolates?? Funny, I always thought dark chocolate is slightly bitter. x_x Plus, the creamy taste of milk is gone..
My Rating:
Cost: Approx. 250 - 1500 NP & up

Orange Chocolate
Description: Milk chocolate, mixed with a tinge of orange to create a mighty tongue-twister!
My Comments: Orange chocolate has a generally unusual and interesting taste. If you're bored of plain old milk chocolate, try this for a change!
My Rating:
Cost: Approx. 450 - 1000 NP & up

Mint Chocolate
Description: This minty chocolate Neopet treat is rarer and more expensive than the normal chocolate version (and also tastier!)
My Comments: Mint chocolate is a very delicious treat made of chocolate mixed with the refreshing taste of mint. This type of chocolate is not too sweet and has a touch of minty freshness - perfect as an after lunch treat.
My Rating:
Cost: Approx. 250 - 2000 NP & up

Other Things Chocolate
Well, there's A LOT of chocolate items in Neopia and it's too bad I can't list them all here! So please visit this AWESOME Chocolate Gallery: Death By Chocolate
Month of Gathering - Sept. 15th - Annual Chocolate Ball
Every year the Chocolate Factory plays host to one of the most exclusive events in Neopia. Only the most influential Neopians are invited to dine within the mysterious factory walls. Each event is slightly different, but whatever the year you can guarantee there will be many splendid outfits and delicious chocolates on display... Source: Neopia's New Features
I NEVER miss out on the Annual Chocolate Ball! Make sure you mark this event on your calendars because this is something you surely wouldn't want to miss!

Hard Candy

sweet n. A small shaped piece of sweet substance, usually made with sugar or chocolate.
My Comments: Sweets are very common in Neopia. Sweeties are the basic kind of hard candy. They come in many fruity flavours such as orange, lemon and apple. Just tear off the wrapper, pop it in your mouth and let it melt!:D But don't litter! *wink*
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice:
Cost: 230 - 450 NP

My Comments: Mmmm... Neodrops, the famous Neopian candy. Actually, they're just hard candy drops - Yum! They come in so many flavours too!!!
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: That would be Rainbow Neodrops of course! All the pretty colors mixed altogether! :)
Cost: 130 - 1500 Np & Up

lollipop also lollypop n. - A confection consisting of a piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick.
My Comments: Lollypops(lollipops, or sometimes called Suckers) are great fun to lick! And they come in soo many varieties! But careful not to eat the stick that the candy is attached too... Eughh.. Soggy...
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: My top lollypop choice would be the Rainbow Gelert Lollypop because it's great fun to eat!! Each layer has a different flavour and it's made into the shape of a Gelert's head. How cute!! :)

Candy Canes
candy cane n. - A usually striped stick of peppermint candy with the top curved to resemble a walking cane.
My Comments: Candy canes usually come up around the Month of Celebrating and then disappear through out most of the year, so you better get yours fast! These are just sticks of yummy hard candy shaped into little canes. Most are peppermint flavoured, but in Neopia you'll find flavours such as Asparagus and even Ummagine!!
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: The Lemon Sherbert Candy Canes are my top choice because if you're tired of the regular peppermint kinds, the sweet zingy taste of lemon will surely liven up your taste buds!

jelly n. A soft, semisolid food substance with a resilient consistency, made by the setting of a liquid containing pectin or gelatin or by the addition of gelatin to a liquid, especially such a substance made of fruit juice containing pectin boiled with sugar.
Yeah okay, so jelly isn't technically what you call candy, but it's sweet, soft, guey and simply delicious!!! There's even a WHOLE WORLD MADE OF JELLY!!! YOU HAVE TO GO VISI-
Mr. Higgle Winks: No there issssssn't...
Hey! Whaddaya mean there isn't-
Mr. Higgle Winks: It doesssssn't even exsssissssst..
What doesn't- Oh... YEAH thats right. What am I talking about? Silly me, there's no such thing... Hahahaa... A world of jelly... Ha.

My Comments: (above are just a few examples of jelly, there are WAYY more jelly foods in Neopia) Jelly is great as a desert or a snack. It's very fun to eat since it's all wobbly and comes in many fruity flavours, and some flavours you'd never guess: strawberry, lime, orange, lemon, apple, blackcurrant, blueberry, chokato, tigersquash, cornupepper, thornberry.. Oh but watch out for the poison, dung and glowing kinds. Those I DO NOT recommend eating!! Just look at what has happened to my dear brother!!
My Rating:

Jelly Beans
My Comments: *gaspeth* I LOVE JELLY BEANS!!! :D They are so fun to eat and you can take them everywhere with you! The best thing is that there are so many funny flavours to choose from! You can also share with your friends, but in my case, I don't like to share my precious candy :P I just have to watch out for the Charcoal Jelly Beans.. Ick.
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: That would be the Double Chocolate Jelly Beans. Double Chocolate Jelly Beans are realllyy rare and hard to get - that's because they taste so darn good!

My Comments: Oooh gummies!! Gummies is so fun to say... Gummies, gummies, gummies. Gummies! Gummy candy is like jelly basically. Well, it is made out of the same stuff that jelly is, but the only difference is that gummy is more chewy! And that makes it more fun to eat! :D
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: Gummy Fish are certainly my favourite because they're so cute!! They look just like little fishies, only they come 4 yummy flavours!!

gum n. Any of various viscous substances that are exuded by certain plants and trees and dry into water-soluble, noncrystalline, brittle solids.

Bubble Gum
bubble gum n. - Chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles.
My Comments: Bubble gum is realllyyy fun to eat.. I mean CHEW. You can blow bubbles, chew it, stick it on places, chew it, stick it to other pet's fur, stick it to your owner's hair... Thats about it. :) Make sure you don't swallow gum after it's lost the flavour, however I don't have any idea what happens to you if you do swallow it... And do you know that Bubble Gum was created by accident?? The history of Bubble Gum is quite interesting - please check it out:
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: I love all kinds of Bubble Gum, but my favourite has to be Bubble Yumcause it's YUMMEH!! I love Bubble Gum so much 'cause it's PINK. You know why it's pink? 'Cause that's the only color Walter E. Diemer had, and I guess it sort of stuck. I'm very glad it did. :D

candyfloss n. - A candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature.

Candyfloss/Cotton Candy
My Comments: Gee, I wish there were more candyfloss items in Neopia because candyfloss is soo interesting!! It's soft, sweet and fluffy... But once it hits liquids, it melts away! You know, once I dreamed that the clouds were made of candyfloss. Wouldn't that be great??
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: My top choice would be the Pink Spooky Floss. It's really delicious and fluffy, if you're brave enough to eat it. :) NEOPIA NEEDS MORE CANDYFLOSS/COTTON CANDY ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marshmallow n. - 1. A light, spongy, very sweet confection made of corn syrup, gelatin, sugar, and starch and dusted with powdered sugar. 2. A confection of sweetened paste, formerly made from the root of the marshmallow plant.

My Comments: Mmmm... Marshmallows. So soft and spongy and sweeet. *licks beak* I absolutely loove marshmallows! Oh and there's an Usuki Marshmallow Set too! You can make your own smores!!! (Smores are perfectly toasted marshmallows trapped between two crunchy ghrahm crackers and drizzled with chocolate and sometimes added with fresh fruit... *drools* Why are they called smores? 'Cause you will always want s'more!! But hey, smores are a different story.)
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: My top choice would HAVE to be the ADORABLE Marshamallow Grundos!!! Oh they are just too cute to eat. :) Plus they come in 4 awesome flavours too! Plain, Chocolate Covered, Strawberry and Tchea!!

toffee n. - A hard, chewy candy made of brown sugar or molasses and butter.

My Comments: To tell you the truth, I'm not really a big fan of toffee. It gets stuck to my beak and it's really hard to get it off sometimes!
My Rating:
My Top Candy Choice: My top choice would have to go to the classic Toffee Apple. A coating of sweet, thick and warm toffee over a crisp, ripe apple... Deeeelicious!

Purchasing Tips
Yup yup yup, I hope you enjoyed my candy-talk! :D There's sooooo much more candy things in Neopia, but I'm afraid it's time to move on to this next part of my lovely page: Purchasing Tips. If you're a candy nut like me, there are some tips you should find quite handy.

When you are looking for wrapped candy, make sure it's fresh. Fresh meaning that the wrapper is crisp and new - it shouldn't look like it's been twisted off before. Make sure you can smell the piece of candy too. Smell is very important. The smell should be sweet and fresh, and it should smell like what it is.

If you are looking at unwrapped candy, make sure you look for the colour. It shouldn't be moldy, discoloured or cloudy looking. It should be a clear, solid colour. Well, unless it is marbled candy or something... Lastly, make sure you check the expiry date! CANDY HAS EXPIRY DATES TOO, PEOPLE! I think.
PLEASEE visit this AWESOME candy gallery:
Candy Emporium

Dental Hygiene
Now, you wouldn't think that my Human Slave would let me eat all the candy I want, now would you? No way, she'd skin me alive! So that is why I promised her that I would keep proper dental hygiene - and that has guaranteed me that I could eat all the candy I want!!! SO if you're a candy nut like me, or you just love sweets, it's a good idea to read carefully here so your Human Slave won't stop you from eating all the candy and sweets you desire!!! :D:D:D (Well, enough to satisfy you...)
Alright then, let's start with the basics: a toothbrush. For those who have a lot of teeth, say a Grarrl or a Lupe, a toothbrush can be your best friend. If you're like me, or if you're a Pteri or Lenny, and have a beak, a toothbrush is just as useful. There are many, many kinds to choose from, but here are the basic toothbrushes:

Cost: 110 - 450 NP
Or if you're looking for something with more flexibility and quality, then here are some Deluxe toothbrushes.

Cost: 200 - 300 NP
OR, if you find plain colors boring, you can go for these really interesting and fun toothbrushes!!

OORRR, if you want something REALLYYY spiffy, why check out some of these Oral-B toothbrushes?

Now without the toothpaste, the toothbrush would be useless! (Well, almost.) Here are some toothpastes! Although most toothpastes come in minty flavours, there are some more interesting flavours too! Ewww... Pea flavoured... D:

Dental Floss
Dental floss is used for getting those nasty food particles that's stuck in between your teeth!

Mouth Wash
Mouth wash is used to make your breath smell nice after you've eaten something like garlic and toothpaste doesn't do the trick!

The Tooth Faerie
Wow, did you know that there's actually a Tooth Faerie?!

The Tooth Faerie is a unique type of Faerie. She spends her days whizzing around Neopia giving people NeoPoints when they lose their teeth.
She is actually very nice and sometimes gives me Neopoints for my lost teeth! Oh wait a minute, I have no teeth...

How to Maintain Nice Teeth and Eat ALL the Sweets & Candy You Want
Now I think if you keep these few tips as a habit, then your annoying Human Friends will not stop you from eating all the candy and sweets you want. :)
  1. First, I think it's a good idea to floss and get those little bits of gunk hiding in between your teeth. (If you don't have teeth, like me, then don't worry about flossing.)
  2. Then it's a good idea to start brushing your teeth. Squeeze a moderate amount of tooth paste onto your tooth brush and start to brush your teeth in an up-and-down motion. If you have sensitive gums, then don't brush so hard. Make sure get to every tooth! (Again, if you have a beak, brush your beak in a smooth up-and-down motion also.) After you're done, rinse and gurgle your mouth with some water. Make sure you don't swallow any of your tooth paste!! It is also important to brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  3. Then, if you think your breath needs a little bit more freshness, then pour a cap full of whichever mouth wash you desire and gurgle and slosh it around your mouth. Then, spit it out - don't swallow mouth wash!
  4. Oh, and last of all, don't eat SO MUCH candy, says the Tooth Faerie. Eat fruits and berries from Pick You Own. All I ever find from that game are old boots, piles of dung and barbed wire. Pish. Eats fruits my tail! CANDY 4 EVER!!!
Ahem, and there, ladies and germs, pets and petpets, is a guide to keep a healthy smile and which also guarantees more visits from the Tooth Faerie. I hope you will have found this guide very useful. Keep smilin'! :D

Holidays & Celebrations

The month of Awakening:
February 14th - (St. Valentine's Day)

On this day everyone will be sending messages and presents of love!! And what can make a better gift other than a box of chocolates??!! Lots of chocolates and love-related treats on this day. ^_^

The month of Eating:
April 27th - Cybunny Carnival

Along with the Cybunny Carnival(Cybunny Day) the Easter Cybunny is surely going to pop up somewhere with a bunch of chocolatey Neggs for you to enjoy!!! *drool* SO YOU BETTER FIND THAT CYBUNNY FAST!!!

The month of Hunting:
May 5th - Cinco De Mayo (Pinata Day)


The month of Collecting:
October 31st - Halloween

OOoooOooOooooOOOOoo I LOVE THIS DAY! It's when you do this activity where you go around dressing up like someone else and you go door to door asking for CANDY!!! AND THAT'S THE POINT OF THIS ACTIVITY!!! GREAT HUH??!?!?!! :D

The month of Celebrating:
December 25th - Day of Giving(Christmas Day)

The day of giving! Giving what? GIVING CANDY OF COURSE! The Advent Calendar, your human slaves, your annoying siblings.. One of them is most likely going to have some candy to give. You will expect some more seasonal treats on this day, including many mint and peppermint flavoured things. Such as THE FAMOUS ALMIGHTY CANDY CANE!!! :D However, the downfall of this celebration is that you must also give something back...

*gaspeth* PICTURES OF MEEE!!!!!! ^__^ Well.. there is only one for now.. and THANK YOU VERY MUCH, NAGIRAD!! :D I would really really REALLY love some fan art, so please Neomail Whitefrosty!!!!!!!
Ooer. The image is too big to fit in this here bloggie, so please go here to see the full sized image:

WHAT? You're going ALREADY? But I was having such a great time talking about candy... Hmph well, I hope you had a great time, guest(because I sure did :P) and please come back soon!!! :D
...HEY, YOU! Don't forget to LINK ME!!!
Copy the code below the image you want and paste it EVERYWHERE!!! MUH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! *ahem*

OY!! LOOKIE HERE!!! Whitefrosty has even been kind enough to make you all adoptable candy to take home with you! I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE COULD DO SUCH A TERRIBLE THING!!! This means... *gulp* ... Sharing... O_O!!
But really. DON'T STEAL THEM CAUSE THEY'RE MINE AND I SHALL-Ooh, she made jelly beans too! ^_______^

Customs of Me

Oh wahts this??!?! Other pretty pages!! But of course, NO ONE IN NEOPIA SHALL EVER EVER EVER HAVE SUCH A FINE PINK LOBELY CANDY PAGE AS I... *cakles*

Thank Yous & Whatnot
Before you go, Whitefrosty would like to thank for the spiffy cursor. It almost looks like a real lollipop... *drools and tries to lick the computer screen*
Whitey: Argh, Candie please don't do that..
Most of the definitions here on this page are curtesy of, and the rest were bits and pieces from Whitefrosty's own Oxford Paperback Dictionary. You can visit them at: Dictionaries rock!!! ;D
Last but not least, Whitefrosty would like to add that all the stuff on MY page here(especially the adoptables, blog and background)including the content and layout are all made and composed by Whitefrosty(with a LOT of help from me, of course), so please DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING FROM THIS PAGE!!! Or else I'll send my candy army to hunt you down.. >:]

Toodles! :D