This page is just my random CSS dump and not an actively-run premades site. Sorry!

All of the codes on this site are coded by rawrimmakitty unless otherwise stated.

Claim any code as yours, and I can't really do anything about it. But shame on you.


The standard rules for premades apply to this site. That is:

- You are welcome to edit these layouts in any way you would like, feel free to change colors or add images.
- Credit must be kept on the page. Theft will be reported.
- Do not distribute these layouts on your own site. If someone wants to use the code, link them here.
- Do not claim these layouts as your own.

Please note that I, rawrimmakitty, have every right to report anyone I catch using these codes without credit.

If you like my page, please consider linking back to it!

Premade Userlookups

Style 1: Patterned Backgrounds

If you have five pets, please add this somewhere to your CSS code for userlookups.

Style 2: Ornate Headers

Add border-radius: 150px; to the #userneopets a img block in the CSS to have circle borders.
Add border-radius: 40px; to #userinfo td td .medText a for circle #userinfo borders.

Premade Petlookups

Style 1: Simple Colors

Premade Petpages

Style 1: Minimalistic Rainbow

Miscellaneous Templates

These are all old templates and codes I found around my pages and compiled here. Feel free to use them, just remember to give credit.

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