Meepit Juice Break
...a Meepit Juice Break Guide for the Avatar!

It's not just Neopets that need to eat and drink. At this home for lost Meepits, it's up to you to make sure all the little Meepit children get their daily Juppie Juice!

Go play Meepit Juice Break now!

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1) The Game, the Meepits and I

This guide is designed to help you earn the Meepit Juice Break avatar. It also includes basic information about the game and myself, a self-proclaimed Meepit fanatic. Please enjoy!

My obsession with Meepit Juice Break began with the release of the game on 18 March 2004. As announced on the News page:

NEW GAME - The game you have all been waiting for has finally been launched. Yes! Meepit Juice Break is here. It features Meepits, Juppie Juice, pipes, romance, action, dragons, ogres, a prince, and a princess! Well, ok, that may be exaggerating slightly, but it's still a great game.

From the moment of its release, it has been one of my all-time favorite games. I fell in love with the strange little creatures that are Meepits.

That's me and my Meepit pal, Gus-Gus. He's very picky when it comes to his Juice.
(I *told* you I was crazy about Meepit Juice Break!)

Meepits are petpets that restock at the Spooky Petpet Shop in the Haunted Woods. As their description states, "There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes..."

2) Scoring

You can play Normal Mode or Zen Mode.

In Zen Mode there are no timers and an infinite amount of Meepits to feed at your own leisure. You earn one point for every Meepit fed, regardless of the color juice you feed it or how many pipes you use. I would only use this for practice or just time-killing on a very rainy and boring day.

In Normal Mode, you receive points for each pipe you use to feed your Meepit(s).

+ 1 for each pipe filled with any color juice, NOT the same color as the Meepit being fed.
+ 2 for each pipe filled with any color juice, the same color as the Meepit being fed.
If you use all the pipes on the board, you will get a 50-point Super Bonus!

As an example, in the best case scenario you feed three Meepits of the same color all at once their same color juice and get 6 points for each pipe you use (2 points for each Meepit, times 3 Meepits is 6).

In the first level, there are 40 pipes on the board at any given time.
40 pipes multiplied by 2 points each (plus the 50-point Super Bonus) equals 130 points possible for each Meepit fed.

On level 2 and 3 the board has 48 pipes at any given time.
48 pipes multiplied by 4 points each (plus the 50-point Super Bonus) equals 242 points possible for two same colored Meepits at once.

From level 4 and up, there are 56 pipes on the board at any given time.
56 pipes multiplied by 6 points each (plus the 50-point Super Bonus) equals 386 points possible for three same-colored Meepits at once.

And these scores don't include the fruit bonuses! There are three different fruits that appear randomly on the boards.

Blue Rambus
+ 25 points
+ 10 points
Rotten Wormy Apple
-10 points

With enough practice, you too can become a pro in no time! Visit the Meepit Juice Break High Score Table to what kind of score you need to achieve in order to be awarded a trophy.

3) Colors

A quick guide to making different color juices for those demanding Meepits!
There are three main juice colors: Red, Yellow and Blue.

Combining these will result in four new colors: Orange, Green, Purple and Pink.
Here's how to do it:
+ =
(Red Juice and Yellow Juice make Orange Juice)
+ =
(Yellow Juice and Blue Juice make Green Juice)
+ =
(Red Juice and Blue Juice make Purple Juice)
+ + =
(Red Juice and Yellow Juice and Blue Juice make Pink Juice)

4) The Avatar

On 5 April 2005, crazy Meepit lovers such as myself were rewarded with a Meepit Juice Break themed avatar! With a score of 3500 points or more, you can add this nifty avatar to your collection.

It is possible to earn the avatar playing in Normal Mode or Zen Mode. I would recommend that you play and practice on Normal mode to get the avatar. In Zen Mode, there are no timers, and an infinite amount of Meepits to feed at your own leisure. However, the scoring is very different. You earn one point for every Meepit fed, regardless of the color juice you feed it or how many pipes you use. This means you would have to feed 3,500 Meepits to receive the avatar. This can take up to 10 hours. From what I understand, it drives you crazy. So, unless you already *are* crazy, then try Normal Mode instead.

With a little practice, you could soon see this!

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use A Meepit! Run! as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

5) The Phantom Orange-Shirt Guy a.k.a. Ollie

For a little fun and well-deserved break from those crazy Meepits, click on the eye of the Green Meepit in the background of the main menu of the game. Ollie will appear for a short while with a Green Meepit on his head. Who is this guy? He wrote the awesome music for the game! Well, now that we've covered that, get back to feeding your Meepits!

This information was brought to my attention by my friend, Dwayne.


There are two perfectly legal cheats you can use during the game to help you on your way. All of these codes can only be used once per game, so use them wisely!

1) Type meepits OR hungrymeepits during game play for an extra life.
2) Type juice-o-matic during game play to reset all the meepit timers.

I hardly use these myself and have achieved scores of over 6000 without them.
You can too!

General Tips

Of all the advice I have to offer you, numbers 1 and 2 are the most important. I cannot emphasize this enough- use as many pipes possible and feed your Meepit his same color Juice! You will earn the most points if you master this strategy.

1) Give the Meepit want he wants.

Always try to feed each Meepit his same color juice as this will earn you 2 points for each pipe you use to feed him. Plus, you'll make him smile ;)

Feed him the wrong color juice and you only get one point for each pipe you use to feed the Meepit. And he doesn't look too happy about it either :P

2) Use as many pipes as possible.

Remember that you are being given points based on how many pipes you use to feed your Meepits. This is how you will make the most points, so use those pipes! If you use all of them, you get the 50-point Super Bonus.

3) Make sure the Meepits get fed only when you're good and ready.

At the *very start* of the first 5 levels or so, I make sure that the final feeding pipe(s) are turned away from my Meepit(s) so that they don't get fed until I'm ready to feed them.

Once all the Juice is ready I just turn that one pipe to feed my Meepit!

4) Count out loud to yourself.

Do those timers have you on edge? Take a quick peek at them, and start counting down with the *lowest one.* This way you can concentrate on the connecting the pipes and getting the juice flowing and not have to look at the timers all the time. Do this each time you feed one or more Meepits. You should ALWAYS feed the one with the least amount of time left first. With enough practice, you will get a feel for how much time you have left to feed each Meepit.

5) Feed more than one Meepit at once.

Feeding more than one Meepit at once is very convenient, especially if they are the same color. First connect the pipes toward the right so that your Meepits will be fed together at the same time, as in the red box below. Now I can connect the juice at point A or B to feed them simultaneously.

Another example, this time feeding three Meepits at once. Notice all the pipes I am using and the amount of time left on the timers. Also keep in mind that majority rules when deciding what color juice to use.

Can you see all the different ways to connect the pipes in the circled area?

In the following example, I have first connected the top Yellow Meepit and the middle Green Meepit toward the right of board and then connected those two to the bottom Yellow Meepit toward the left side of the board.

6) Don't let any Meepit go hungry.

When there is only one Meepit left to feed to advance to the next level, feed ALL the available Meepits at once. You'll get more points this way.

7) Get rid of a bad board of pipes.

If you don't like your current pipes, feed any one Meepit an erratic and random path of pipes. The pipes fall downwards and this should hopefully alter your current board to a better one.

8) What it takes to feed one Meepit.

It takes me roughly 20 seconds to feed each Meepit or group of two / three Meepits using my strategy of connecting as many pipes as possible and feeding the Meepits their preferred Juice color whenever possible.

You should notice in all my screenies that I use over 90% of the pipes available to me each time! This is key in earning points- I get between 400 and 700 points per round like this.

Secondly, I always give the Meepit (or when feeding multiples, at least one Meepit) his preferred color Juice for extra points.

Because each Meepit is timed you must learn to feed your Meepits in under 20 seconds. You can practice this in Zen mode by counting out loud to yourself. Practice makes perfect!

Of course, when the timers in later rounds start at under 20 seconds, forget about using as many pipes as possible or getting the color right- just get those Meepits fed and quickly!

9) Individuals versus Multiples.

When should you feed one Meepit at a time versus two or three at once? My chart below will help you decide how to feed the Meepits in each round.

Basically, feed each different color Meepit his own color Juice, especially in the first few rounds of the game. If there are two or three same color Meepits, go ahead and feed them all at once!

Later in the game, the timers are set lower and you will be forced to feed two or three at once the same kind of Juice even if they are different color Meepits. It's better to feed a Meepit any color Juice than lose a life trying to feed each what it wants when there is little time.

10) What about the Fruits?

The truth is, I don't really pay much attention to the Fruits when I play. Ultimately, I find them to be insignificant because my primary strategy consists of using as many pipes as possible and feeding the Meepits their preferred Juice color.

I find it to be more distracting than helpful if I have to make a certain path for the Juice flow based on the location of the Fruits. Therefore, it will be up to you to decide whether you choose to make use of the good Fruits and avoid the bad Fruits or ignore them entirely.

As evidenced by my own scores, you don't have to pay any attention to them to get a great score at Meepit Juice Break. However, the opposite may be true as well, so try both strategies and see which works best for you.

Game Breakdown

The following table tells you all the information you need to know about each of the first 10 levels of Meepit Juice Break.

Level: Current level number.
Meepits: How many Meepits you need to feed in each level to advance to the next (and in parentheses, how many Meepits appear in the tree at any given time).
Time: How much time you have to feed each Meepit.
How to Feed: My recommended feeding strategy.
Score: My average score at the end of each level.

Level Meepits Time How to Feed Score
1 5 (1) 60 Individually 575
2 5 (2) 60 Individually 1200
3 6 (2) 50 Individually 1600
4 7 (2) 40 Individually 2300
5 7 (3) 50 1, 2 or 3 at a time 2800
6 8 (3) 40 1, 2 or 3 at a time 3400
7 9 (3) 30 1, 2 or 3 at a time 4000
8 10 (3) 20 3 at a time 4700
9 12 (3) 10 3 at a time 5100
10 15 (3) 5 3 at a time 5500

Fan Art!

The talented princess_lucyanne drew the following adorable Meepit for me.
Now this is one seriously cute Meepit, don't you think?!

Thank you so much Lucyanne!!! :D

Thank You for reading my Meepit Juice Break Guide!

This Guide is brought to you by Buni and has been available continuously since April 2005. Anyone who steals or copies it will die a sudden, painful and horrible death by Meepit. Seriously. Fyora's Meepit is watching you!

You may link to me, but please let me know first!
This guide may NOT be reproduced in part or wholly anywhere.
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I'd especially like to know if my Guide was useful to you or how I might improve it.
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Last Update 29 March 2008.