This used to be my boring, generic petpage, but then my owner gave me something really special: My own screenie page! Now my owner has a few words to put in.

Hello! I'm everblue2er101, and welcome to my screenies! They're not the best there is, I know that, I'm trying to get more and make them better. My grammer and splelling isnt always perfect. Sorry. I'll try and fix that.

If you want to see funny screenies, I recommend the Boards, Talking to and REs. You can use Ctrl+F to find any specific section you want.

I was inspired to start making screenies after reading many screenie pages, especially lara_croft14, and the blunikk directory

Regarding fanmail, it will most likely be made into a screenie, but will not displayed on this page. Too many people neomail and just want to be in a screenie

Brucey111133 insisted that he have some part in the screenies (he's very demanding), so his petpet SirQuacksALot the Mallard will show up once in a while

Brucey: I am not!

Me: Really.....

Brucey: Yes, really. Now go get me a cookie!

Me: You know, I can move this to one of your brothers pages

Brucey: Never mind! Enjoy the screenies!


Talking to

This is me chatting with an evil computer. The link is


Most people say this one is their favourite.

My personal favourite




Whoops... I meant treasure

Random Events




This was originally for the people who didn't know what the birthday sidebar looks like. Now it's a reminder to what the site used to look like

April Fools. Yup, TNT tried hard, but for the non-Battledomers, not much happened. This is their message and an example of one of the "closed" shops


A VERY kind person made me this. Thanks, dancing_piglet_5!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Creameneos sceenie award

See you later!