They call me Fly...

Bask in the glory of my hard earned and beautfily customized pets! :P

Transparent Aisha
Transparent Aisha
Transparent Blumaroo
Transparent Blumaroo
Darigan Grarrl
Transparent Grarrl
Transparent Gelert
Faerie Skieth

List of my achievements! (coming soon)

You're getting older, and you'll see that life isn't like your fairy tales. The world is a cruel place. And you'll learn that, even if it hurts."

Updates about my life and what im doing no neopets.

july 24th;

» Silent Serenity has now added a sister site! Miscreation is a wonderful site where you can find some really high quality graphic layouts. Hurry! :P

» I applied and was accepted to join the guild Wistful, yay! OuO

» Ive been working on completing this page!
    » I revamped the ending footer where I have who Im following, my bookmarks, my sites, etc to look more organized (feel free to copy that into your layout if you use the dashboard layout from silent serenity).
    » Ive updated my goals, avatars and added my paint brush clothing closet! Im really proud of those. C:
    » Im now following 14 more!
    » /notices while updating/ Coming Soon - New NC Game: Patapult. YES. NO. HALP. OxO GOING CRAZY WAITING. #broke
    » I adding a new section in each column, I needed more places to put my stuff! :P

july 22nd;

» So, I finally made a new portfolio! Ive never been satisfied in the way portfolios are taken on neopets. They dont usually represent portfolios, so, I will from now on call mine a dashboard istead :) This dashboard layout (and hopefully more styles), can be found at Silent Serenity if you want to use it too!

january 4th;

» people often want to know where i learn or ask me if i can teach them css/html. this is my answer! i originally learned html from simple, and then i started learning css by reading online tutorials. if i seen something someone did that i liked, i would spend endless hours trying to search forums to figure out what it was called and how to make it myself. i eventually came along some great sites and the one i use most often is w3schools :) you can also go there and learn some basic to advanced css/html but be warned that not everything is neopets compatible!

december 16th;

» i first of all want to say thank you to all the people that are constantly sending simple and i thank you mails and appreciation letters. we never had any idea that opening a site for fun on neopets and letting other people create and learn from it would actually make an impact on anyone. we just did it for fun because we like to be creative ourselves. we appreciate it so much, and continue to make the content you request as much as possible, just for people like you! please always feel welcome and free to mail us for help and offer us your ideas you want to see anytime. its never been a bother, just sometimes we take a little while to get back to you. ;) all the creativity we see always makes us as excited as christmas day, all year round!!!

» lately i have been noticing that people for some reason are taking the liberty to remove credit for content they get from silent serenity however still credit other sites that they are using. from now on if i notice credits (whether its ours, or a friends) removed from one site yet another getting credit, i will not be sending you a polite reminder neomail but reporting you myself immediately for blatant theft. i would also like to point out, up to this point, simple has not reported one person and i myself only reported exactly one person who stole content and won ul spotlight with it. im happy to say they were removed immediately. however after receiving so many mails from people who a upset from this theft, and some who have taken matters into their own hands, i decided its unfair for me to continue turning a blind eye just because im not a confrontational person. of course, i will never just turn report happy, this is only for people who are doing blatant theft such as claiming content as their own or removing credits from specific sites only.


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Notes so I will never forget my friends birthday again!


My 22nd Birthday


Swirl of Power Elixir retires from mall. Need for collection!

This is my checklist of goals I want to accomplish!

Written out list of my goals, and if I feel like it, a place I can add quick links because im lazy. C:

Silent Serenity » Make different 1/3 Dashboard premades.
Silent Serenity » Remove all old floats and replace with higher quality ones.
Moonbeam » Win site spotlight!
Moonbeam » Have a total of 25 different items.
Moonbeam » Have a total of 300 recolors.
Moonbeam » Complete the list of varients that exist.
Editing/CSS » Create an amazing lookbook and actually keep it updated. ;D
Editing/CSS » Create a book of memories to display random stuff I have made over the years.
Graphics » Figure out how to make acceptable and quality buttons. (y u make me angry buttons y)
Wistful » Make a fancy stamp ablum to stick my stamps in!
Wistful » Visit and read all memeber portfolios!
Wistful » Read every single page. 1/21
Wistful » Add more goals once I know what there is. :P
Trophie » I would love to win userlookup spotlight again. (:
Trophie » Gallery spotlight! My achyfi collection may look small for spotlight, but its totally worth it! I dont want to contaminate my collection by adding those other worthless cans.
Trophie » I want to work on getting a couple rows of trophies, thats something thats really always been really hard for me to do.
Avatar » Space Faerie
Avatar » Dice-A-Roo
Avatar » Roo Jester
Avatar » Carnival of Terror
Avatar » Graveyard II
Avatar » Destruct-O-Match
Avatar » Overall » 280 avatars
Avatar » Overall » 290 avatars
Avatar » Overall » 300 avatars
Pet » Sludgy » Paint Transparent. Complete permanent outfit. Replace his plushie sludgy with a normal sludgy. Buy him a moffit p3.
Pet » Contage » Decide on a petpet/p3.
Pet » Aways » Decide on a petpet/p3.
Pet » Contagion » Decide on a petpet/p3.
Pet » Felleia » Decide on a petpet/p3.
Pet » Reikie » Decide on a petpet/p3.
Pet » Vasser » Decide on a p3.
Pet » Decide on a name for my future Plushie Skeith.
Pet » Decide on what color and gender I want for my second permanent Gelert.
Offsite » Warframe » Get to rank 10
Offsite » Warframe » Own, max out and catalyst every single Warframe.
Offsite » Minecraft » Create my own mod pack combination (for personal use) that doesnt lag but includes awesome stuff.
Offsite » Minecraft » Make the best auto-mated farm ever.


Currently working on achieving these!

Decide on a Gelert companion for Vasser!

All the avatars I still need. C:

All of my paint brush clothing

Pirate Grarrl HatPirate Grarrl CoatPirate Grarrl Wooden Leg
Elderly Female Aisha GlassesElderly Female Aisha SandalsElderly Male Aisha ShirtElderly Male Aisha TrousersGhost Aisha Chain CollarCloud Aisha CollarSnot Aisha CollarDarigan Aisha CollarDisco Aisha CollarGrey Aisha CollarHalloween Aisha CollarMystery Island Aisha LeiPirate Aisha CollarChristmas Aisha CollarShadow Aisha CollarTyrannian Aisha CollarMystery Island Aisha EarringPirate Aisha EarringsPirate Aisha Eye PatchChristmas Aisha ShoesIce Aisha CollarHalloween Blumaroo Cloak
Halloween Krawk Skeleton CostumeHalloween Krawk Skull MaskPirate Krawk Head ScarfPirate Krawk ShirtPirate Krawk HookPirate Krawk Neck ScarfMystery Island Grarrl Grass SkirtMystery Island Grarrl LeiRoyal Boy Gelert CrownRoyal Boy Gelert Fancy JacketRoyal Boy Gelert PantaloonsLost Desert Gelert HeadpieceLost Desert Gelert EarringsLost Desert Gelert CollarLost Desert Gelert BracersRoyal Boy Korbat BracersRoyal Boy Korbat Chest ArmourRoyal Boy Korbat ChokerRoyal Boy Korbat CircletRoyal Boy Korbat StaffRoyal Boy Korbat TogaRoyal Girl Korbat BracersRoyal Girl Korbat ChokerRoyal Girl Korbat CircletRoyal Girl Korbat DressRoyal Girl Korbat StaffRoyal Girl Korbat TogaRobot Korbat Cranium HousingRobot Korbat Body HousingRobot Korbat Wing HousingRobot Korbat Tail HousingChristmas Grarrl HatChristmas Grarrl ShoesHalloween Grarrl CapeHalloween Grarrl VestLost Desert Grarrl GauntletsLost Desert Grarrl HeadpieceLost Desert Grarrl ShortsLost Desert Grarrl SlippersRobot Grarrl Body HousingRobot Grarrl Claw HousingRobot Grarrl Cranium HousingRobot Grarrl Tail HousingRoyal Boy Grarrl CapeRoyal Boy Grarrl CrownRoyal Boy Grarrl Tail RingRoyal Boy Grarrl TunicRoyal Girl Draik EarringsRoyal Girl Draik AmuletRoyal Girl DraikTail RingsRoyal Girl Draik BraceletsPirate Draik Eye PatchPirate Draik Hook

I painted most of these myself and although I dont have the pets anymore they still have value to me. Most of these are on my main, so I dont know if I could ever find a way to give them away.

Royal Boy Usul Crown and HairRoyal Boy Usul TunicRoyal Girl Usul CoatRoyal Girl Usul Hat and HairRobot Usul Tail HousingRobot Usul Body HousingRobot Usul Cranium HousingRobot Usul Foot HousingHalloween Usul Devil EarsHalloween Usul PitchforkHalloween Usul Devil BootsHalloween Usul Devil TunicLost Desert Usul SlippersLost Desert Usul StaffLost Desert Usul AmuletMystery Island Usul EarringMystery Island Usul BraceletTyrannian Usul Bone Tail TieChristmas Kacheek GlovesUsuki Boy Usul TunicUsuki Boy Usul GoateeUsuki Boy Usul Hat and HairDarigan Usul BowIce Usul BowMystery Island Usul BowOrange Usul BowPink Usul BowRainbow Usul BowSilver Usul BowSkunk Usul BowSnow Usul BowJelly Usul Bow Ghost Usul BowLost Desert Kacheek HairpieceLost Desert Kacheek BracersLost Desert Kacheek CollarLost Desert Kacheek Tail RingMystery Island Kacheek NecklaceMystery Island Kacheek SandalsDisco Kacheek GlassesLost Desert Shoyru HeaddressLost Desert Shoyru Tail AdornmentLost Desert Shoyru CrookHalloween Peophin HatHalloween Peophin CloakHalloween Peophin Socks

For your permie pets only because of my accounts are so full and petpages mostly all have content on them.

Disco Kacheek GlassesLost Desert Ixi CircletLost Desert Ixi WrapMystery Island Grarrl Grass SkirtMystery Island Grarrl LeiMystery Island Aisha EarringMystery Island Aisha FlowerMystery Island Aisha Lei

Newest earned Wistful stamps.

Will work on a separate stamps page and organization. I just want this to display maybe the newest 7 or so stamps I have earned!

Dashboard by Silent Serenity | Profile Doll by Bisou | Palette from Colourlovers | GIFs from tumbl'r

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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