Welcome to the portfolio and blog of foreverflyleaf! This is where I will put my personal content such as my old userlookups, neoboard fonts and put updates about what I am currently working on or envolved in. I cant say if I will update often or not but at least its a start.

About me

My realy name is Misty, and no, believe it or not, I have never been into Pokemon. I go by Fly most of the time online_ especially on neopets. Around some other sites I go by Fear or Exile, but those sound so sinister.

I was born on July 9th and I am 21 years old. Im not fancy. I dont do a lot with my hair or wear makeup too often and if I do its just some eyeshadow and blush. I love to wear dark jeans, hoodies and sweatshirts and a good pair of skater shoes.. but Im no skater.

Talking about myself is a little strange, and I dont know much of what to say, so thats it for now! (:

About Silent Serenity

Silent Serenity was original just some HTML that Simple had made for our guilds and webbies. I learned HTML by editing her codes, and eventually she moved onto CSS and I continued to learn CSS from things she had created.

After a lot of guild drama and some troubles in real life making us slow down after nearly 6 years of owning guilds and things we decided it was no longer for us to be a part of them. Simple and I are creative and just stopping doing coding and things wouldnt have been possible. We always had made premades but never really put them out there, mostly just posted a lot of codes and old lookups of our own on a petpage for people to use. Simple even did quite a few custom layouts.

Alas, Silent Serenity was finally able to have our full attention! It has been a really positive experience and a huge turn from constant guild drama to working on something that is generally very positive and peaceful. Its a great experience helping other people to express their own creativity trhough ours.



I stalk these sites often!

CSS / Design

Simple edited by Fly
This layout is free use with credit.
Silent Serenity


Link to me?


January 4th | CSS/HTML

» People often want to know where I learn or ask me if I can teach them CSS/HTML. This is my answer! I originally learned HTML from Simple, and then I started learning CSS by reading online tutorials. If I seen something someone did that I liked, I would spend endless hours trying to search forums to figure out what it was called and how to make it myself. I eventually came along some great sites and the one I use most often is w3schools :) You can also go there and learn some basic to advanced CSS/HTML but be warned that not everything is neopets compatible!

December 27th | Thank YOUs!

»I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who gave my presents, I appreciate them all SO much! Simple, Winter, Chrissy, Holly, Pinkie, Tristian, Miley, Mama and even more!! :* I appreciate it so much!

December 22nd | Surprise Cupcake!

» Thank you so much to Miley for my surprise cupcake! I love it! You can see it down in my art box!!

December 16th | Silent Serenity credit removed and thank you to loyal users!

» I first of all want to say THANK YOU to all the people that are constantly sending Simple and I thank you mails and appreciation letters. We never had any idea that opening a site for fun on neopets and letting other people create and learn from it would actually make an impact on anyone. We just did it for fun because we like to be creative ourselves. We appreciate it so much, and continue to make the content you request as much as possible, JUST for people like you! Please always feel welcome and free to mail us for help and offer us your ideas you want to see anytime. Its never been a bother, just sometimes we take a little while to get back to you. ;) All the creativity we see always makes us as excited as Christmas Day, all year round!!!

» Lately I have been noticing that people for some reason are taking the liberty to remove credit for content they get from Silent Serenity however still credit other sites that they are using. From now on if I notice credits (whether its ours, or a friends) removed from one site yet another getting credit, I will not be sending you a polite reminder neomail but reporting you myself immediately for blatant theft. I would also like to point out, up to THIS point, Simple has not reported ONE person and I myself only reported exactly ONE person who stole content and won UL Spotlight with it. Im happy to say they were removed immediately. However after receiving so many mails from people who a upset from this theft, and some who have taken matters into their own hands, I decided its unfair for me to continue turning a blind eye just because Im not a confrontational person. Of course, I will never just turn report happy, this is only for people who are doing blatant theft such as claiming content as their own or removing credits from specific sites only.

December 16th | Busy busy!

» Well its Christmas time so as you can expect things are kind of busy and.. lazy!

»Simple and I are working (mostly simple) on revamping our oldest content on SS and making them a little better since we have learned a lot.

» My cupcake from Beyond the Batter is complete and I love it for sure! (you can find it below in my Art Box!

December 9th | New portfolio!

» So I have been working on a new portfolio and I came up with this. Its base code came from Simples Sweet Dreams. You can find my previous layout on the side bar, its available for you to use, please just link back to Silent Serenity! That layout was also based off of layouts from the crafting book.

» I still need to add my pervious layouts, but those believe it or not take me a while and I wasnt happy with the scroll bar last time :P

» I made another lookup for spotlight winner, its a winter candy land. If I dont win spotlight (which it took tons of entries to win my first one and have already submited 3 or so other ones that didnt make it), I will post it here somewhere for you guys to see after Chirstmas!

December 8th | Been a while!

» Hey guys, its been a while since my last update. I have been moving pretty slow lately but im still around! :P

» So since I last wrote to you, I have decided on a few more permanent pets I want, and im just working out what outfits I should get them! On my main where I do my most customizing with NC I pretty much stick to girl pets all the time, but im finding that when making permanent outfits I prefer male pets. o__o Who knew! :P

» I also want to say thank you for the lovely gifts I have received all ready this December! I appreciate it so much and I dont think I could ever repay with enough gratitude, just know it always brightens my days!

» I found some great Koren shows to watch and have been filling a lot of my time with those. Im also playing a lot of Warframe and working on maxing out mods and frames. Maybe later I will post some pictures for those wondering what that game is.

» I made it into a couple request sites and found some more that im waiting to open again! I got a lovely new special cupcake doll from Bisou and will be having a custom cupcake from Beyond the Batter soon! I will add them down below next time I update!

Dream List


Winning site spotlight and userlookup spotlight are what I consider my biggest achievements. It took me years of entering lots of lookups before I finally won! Then of course are those avatars that took ages!

Current Goals

Im really working on getting some trophies, and most of them will be the "legit" way, meaning probably only games with max scores. Im no good at the first of the month rush and those scores arent really true to the trophy worthy score (but I have nothing against them). I do think the trophy system needs a revamp, once someone gets gold they should no longer qualify for the trophy list.. perhaps they could do a high scores list AND a trophies list. (:

Ive been working on a few of those avatars for years, so I doubt those will be anytime soon!

My Art Box

The Music

Wolves at the Gate
Thousand Foot Krutch
Icon for Hire
Andy Mineo
Family Force 5
Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack
Write This Down
Adrian von Ziegler (composer)
Before Their Eyes
The Classic Crime
Demon Hunter
Jeremy Camp
House of Heros
Mike Mains and The Branches
Linkin Park
Toby Mac
August Burns Red (instrumentals)
For Today
Twenty One Pilots
Capital Kings
Tripp Lee
Dubstep / Progressive House / Classical / Instrumentals

The Entertainment

Kingdome Hearts
Other pet sites (sub/mara)
30 Days of Nights
28 Days Later
Star Trek Voyager
Star Trek The Next Generation
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Doctor Who (BBC)
Legend of the Patriots (Korean)
Queen Seondeok (Korean)
Pan's Labyrinth (Spanish)
Remember the Titans
Lord of the Rings (series)
The Emperor's New Groove
Finding Nemo
Robin Hood (BBC)
The Twilight Zone (originals)
Foyle's War (BBC)
Vera (BBC)

Stargazed the Island Aisha
» View Lookup

I made Stargazed during the purge. Someone made a names board and posted her name. I grabbed it up and was hoping for an eventide zap, but she ended up becoming Island.

Skullen the Skunk Aisha
» View Lookup

Skullen was made by Simple. I cant remember what she started out as, but she eventually changed skunk from zapping. Since the Skelly RR, I decided to try her out as a creepy party princess for a while!

Vasser the Transparent Gelert
» View Lookup

A long time ago I had found a spotted gelert in the pound, and I loved him greatly. I filled his closet up with great PB wearables. I ended up trading him later and I missed him greatly. When Trans gelerts came out I knew I needed one! A very kind neopian allowed me to adopt him!

Galdriel the Yellow Korbat
» View Lookup

Very recently I created Galdriel! She is based off of Galadriel, the Lady of Light, from LOTRs. Maybe eventually I can paint her white and get her a pair of blue/green contacts.

Belove the Plushie Mynci
» View Lookup

Simple created Belove during the purge and zapped for a while, then I decided to adopt her and paint her. Belove was painted by hand using a Plushie Mynci Morphing Potion (1.1m)

Boopitie the Labbie
» View Lookup

I traded a VWN almost Pokemon RW Transparent Hissi for Boopitie. This is my lab rat and battle pet. I dont have an ultimate goal for this pet yet, but I think its name is really cute.

Miamouse the Biscuit Kacheek
» View Lookup

I traded a baby Draik custom (2.4m) for Miamouse in August of 2013! Im not sure what I want her to become ultimately but for now I thought the biscuit Kacheek was really cute. I hope that they release some more paint brush options for the Miamouse petpet sometime soon. Perhaps white, royal and Halloween.

Seipu the Transparent Blumaroo
» View Lookup

Seipu is one of my favorite pets! I traded for her, but I have forgotten what I traded now. It took me a long time to finally find a Transparent Blumaroo for trade. Seipu doesnt have my favorite name so I hope to one day paint my own name and let her go to a new home.

Tisker the Island Aisha
» View Lookup

I couldnt imagine my account without and Aisha on it and Tisker is it! I hand painted Tisker ages ago. I made up her name by mixing together Simple's favorite Aisha's name Tines and whisker and boom Tisker was born! She came to live on my main permanently after I traded off my beloved Halloween Aisha Tube. I still miss Tube but at the time I got an unachievable dream pet.

Felleia the Darigan Grarrl
» View Lookup

I have a great love for Grarrls. Several years ago I found Felleia in the pound and I have had her ever since. She was always ment to become male but I didnt have the means to do it, and after having her for so long Ive gotten used to her being female. She has been pampered more than any other neopet of mine. I traded, zapped and painted until I completed her closet. She is wearing Royal boy, Robot, Halloween and Desert clothing!

Ardyrin the Baby Korbat
» View Lookup

I recently adopted Ardy from a kind NCer. Baby korbats are super adorable and im glad she found a home with me!

Biliet the Baby Bruce
» View Lookup

I traded for little Billie a few years ago, he is my little elf. I hope we get some more male baby items, and I hope they dont have to do with being a gentleman or having facial hair! :P

Cattnip the Baby Aisha
» View Lookup

A very kind neopian named Jenn let me about Cattnip. She is super cute, if not the cutest of them all!

Sugaskull the Transparent Mynci
» View Lookup

I wanted a transparent Mynci and searched for one UFT for a while without any luck, but just when I was about to give up I was offered a custom transparent! I decided to search the pound and ended up finding this name in there and I thought it was perfect.

Kasiot the Halloween Draik
» View Lookup

Kasiot was Simple's first Draik. With the help of a friend they managed to come up with the 9m it cost to create back then. She started out as a Pink Draik and has been repainted many times. This is the breakdown of her paint jobs: Pink, Christmas, Yellow, Ghost, Darigan, Desert, Royalgirl and finally now Halloween!

Mystied the Royalgirl Aisha
» View Lookup

Mystied was created by me to become Skunk. I was saving up when Simple surprized me with that paint brush! She was skunk for quite a while but she started to get hard to customize so Simple and I chipped in again and made her Royal.

CSS Mumbo Jumbo



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