the original trio

Since 2005 I have been working on three very old characters who mean a great deal to me. Ever since the start the three have had intertwining stories. But because none of them are too active on Neo anymore, I don't really feel the need to give them all their own pages. Instead I have condensed them down to these profiles.

These three characters initially started as quad-only Lupes back in the day when Lupe role playing guilds were all the rage. When I was accepted into Shukumei, they moved there and began to grow a bit more. But as time went on, the quad role playing craze died down to the point that it was almost nonexistent. Since then they have grown to human characters with the magic of Shukumei always hanging over them and still tying them together. As a result, I refer to them as my main trio. They're always going to be inseperable in my mind and usually get thrown into things together.

I'm not totally against role playing any of these three, but their characters and stories are complicated. So I probably won't unless I know you well.

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