703594 Main Street, Neopia Central

06/04/2012 - Holy (Ollie the) Kau! (Journal 128)

Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Living Room. Percky_Pippy rests inside watching the Neovision while wearing a sweater with "HUG" on the front. Nearby Sarah_Shivan, to Percky_Pippy's left from the view looking in from the front door into the Living Room, also watches. To her left is Dragoon2049, who is wearing a light jacket.
Percky_Pippy: Why does the air conditioning have to be cranked up so much? Dragoon and I are freezing in here.
Sarah_Shivan: You don't have fur anymore, Percky. And Dragoon never has. Its just fine in here for BlindEternities and me.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, BlindEternities2049's Room. BlindEternities2049 the anthro Baby Gelert sleeps on his back in the cool temperature. Nearby, Powerstone naps with his caretaker.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Sarah_Shivan's Room. LegacyWeapon naps in his Petpet bed, enjoying the nice cool temperature.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Dragoon2049's Room. Newton naps in his Petpet bed, enjoying the nice cool temperature.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Percky_Pippy's Room. Wii sits up on Percky_Pippy's bed, not tired at all.
Wii (in Petpet): Oh, just get on with it, will you?!?
Scene: Ridley2000's Mansion, Main Living Area. Brian, Norm, and Ridley2000 talk while Ollie1109 (the Green Kau) walks in. Norm snickers after getting a good look at Ollie1109.
Norm: Why is it I keep wanting fresh milk whenever Ollie the Kau is around?
Ollie1109: So not funny.
Brian: Eh, its a little funny, but I know its all part of the Lab Ray's randomness.
Ridley2000: Well at least Ollie's not prone to accidentally eating typically non-food items.
Brian: Some Grarrls and Skeiths are happy to be Neopia's garbage disposals.
Ridley2000: It takes a lot of self-control to not eat non-food items when everything looks and smells like food.
Norm: Thanks for reminding us that while Grarrls and Skeiths may be inherently dim, they do eat trash and have great self-control to resist eating things that aren't.
Brian: *turns to the camera and gives a thumbs up* The more you know...
Ridley2000: Who are you giving that thumbs up to?
Brian: Oh, nobody! *puts his hands and thumbs down as well as turns back to the group* Anyway, male Kaus don't produce milk so getting very fresh milk will have to wait.
Scene: Commercial break. The words "Keptox Soda" are in a jagged border. It has few colors and just shows the name, not the soda itself.
Announcer (singing): Keptox Soda! Keptox Soda! Keptox Soda! Keptox Soda!
Scene: Neovision Studio. Time lays in the usual comfy chair, relaxing in the nice cool air conditioned building.
Time: This has been a long advertisement for air conditioning! *laughs* Aren't Kaus funny?

11/24/2011 - Happy Thanksgiving! (Journal 127)

Scene: Neopian Subshack, Downtown Neopia Central. My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy sit across from one another at a booth in the very unbusy restaurant. All they have before them is soft drink each.
Percky_Pippy: Maybe I should have brought something to drink. I can't believe I got thirsty like this. Thanksgiving supper is probably already done by now. Still, I'm glad to be out here with you. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for, don't we?
My_Cybunny132543: It still defies logic how Haku gave me a loving home despite the fact I was forced into theft after my Owner disappeared. I'll always be thankful for that. Also, the freedom of where I live now is nice so I'm thankful to Chaud, Cyrus, and Rana. They took a stranger in and made me feel like family.
Percky_Pippy: I'll never forget when I was first adopted by Haku. It was an odd household and I thought that it was probably just another temporary thing, but he's never abandoned me, yet. He still cares a great deal for all of those in his household, and those who are friends with those he's close to. He feels like true family now. I'll never stop being thankful for that.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Sarah_Shivan comes from the bathroom from washing her paws after doing some cooking with Dragoon2049 and Haku2049. BlindEternities2049 (the anthro baby Gelert) lays on his belly with his paws holding his head up on a tiger couch with LegacyWeapon, watching some sappy Thanksgiving movie on the Neovision. Sarah_Shivan walks over and sits down next to Legacyweapon, so that the Feepit is in the middle. LegacyWeapon turns to look at Sarah_Shivan who turns to look at him.
LegacyWeapon: I've seen you all do this Thanksgiving thing before, and I can kind of understand a day to reflect on what you have, but what's the huge meal for?
Sarah_Shivan: Its a tradition. Thanksgiving was originally about the hard work British Americans on Earth put into growing crops. Once they had the help of the locals who they called Indians, they had a great season. They celebrated with a huge harvest meal like what you've seen at our table.
LegacyWeapon: More Earth traditions? Sometimes I just wish Neopia would have some of its own. Oh, well. If there's nothing wrong with it, why fix it?
BlindEternities2049: And coming from mister fix-it Feepit that's saying something!
Action: Haku2049 opens the oven and checks to see if the roasting turkey or juppie pie is done yet. On the stove a warm pot of gravy and a warm pot of stuffing rest.
Dragoon2049: Well, supper is certainly coming along. I love being able to help out when Percky's away. I'll never figure out your human family's desire to eat ham instead of turkey. It doesn't taste as good and ham has a lot more fat.
Haku2049: I don't get it, either.
Action: Haku2049 puts plates, forks, knives, and napkins at each place at the table, with BlindEternities2049's to the right of Haku2049's usual side of the table. He goes teleports another Functional Grey Chair from the The Shed and places it to the left of where the baby Gelert will be sitting.
Dragoon2049: I have a lot to be thankful for, too. Though we didn't start off on the best of terms now we're pretty close. I'm a member of a band and I'm pretty good with a sword. Plus, Newton can be a lot of fun.
BlindEternities2049: I'm so thankful to have my magic. Haku's a great teacher and I truly appreciate that.
Sarah_Shivan: I'm thankful to have friends who are fellow Xweetoks.
LegacyWeapon: I'm thankful that Haku is willing to put up with my laboratory and not only that, encourage my creativity!
Newton (in Petpet): *walks out of Dragoon2049's room and sniff the air* Food! I get to experience the smells and sometimes tastes of them all the time! It makes me tailwaggy! Yay! *wags tail hyperactively*
PowerStone (in Petpet): *lays in his Petpet bed* Its nice to be allowed to nap whenever I want. Plus, sharing dislike of Newton with LegacyWeapon is interesting. *yawns*
Action: Dragoon2049 checks the turkey and pie in the oven. He quickly closes the oven back up and reports to Haku2049.
Dragoon2049: Its almost done. Now if only Percky would...
Action: Percky_Pippy knocks at the front door. Sarah_Shivan gets up to answer the door. LegacyWeapon looks at the screen again. She opens it and Percky_Pippy rushes in.
Percky_Pippy: Am I late for supper?
Sarah_Shivan: We haven't eaten it yet.
Percky_Pippy: That's good to hear.
Dragoon2049: Loud Percky racing in for supper? I love being right about these things...
Haku2049: Dragoon the psychic? Or just Percky making him look good for a change?
Dragoon2049 (sarcastically): Ha. Ha.
Action: Percky_Pippy walks into the Dining Room/Kitchen and sees Dragoon2049 and Haku2049 talking in the cooking area.
Percky_Pippy: Okay, how much longer?
Dragoon2049: You can sit down now if you like. Its almost done.
Action: Percky_Pippy sits down at her usual place at the table.
Haku2049: You can carve the turkey, Dragoon. I know you like to.
Dragoon2049: Using sword sharp weaponry to cut a turkey to pieces? What's not to like? But why is carving a turkey very little like carving a pumpkin?
Percky_Pippy: No idea. But I do know that turkey tastes better than pumpkin.
Dragoon2049: Yeah, you're complaining about pumpkin pie made us go with juppie pie, instead.
Percky_Pippy: Something new for Thanksgiving? I can't wait! A typical Thanksgiving meal has several choices as well as desert! Its special right away for that. I love Thanksgiving!
BlindEternities2049: Dragoon! Is the food done yet?
Dragoon2049: You can sit down at the table now if you want!
Action: BlindEternities2049 jumps off the couch and walks towards the Dining Room/Kitchen. LegacyWeapon and Sarah_Shivan follow him. Soon BlindEternities2049 and Sarah_Shivan are sitting at their places at the table. Haku2049 checks the turkey and pie and find them to be done. He takes both out and moves them to the center of the table. Then he places the two pots on the table as well. Dragoon2049 walks up to his usual place at the table and cuts the pie into eight equal pieces before cutting the turkey into large enough pieces for the mortals to grab at will.
Percky_Pippy: Its actually kind of nice having a self-serve aspect to the big thanksgiving meal. We grab what we want when we want.
Action: BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan each grab what they want to eat before getting up to grab what they want to drink from the Faerie Fridge. Once they've finished with their decisions they all sit back down and begin to eat.
Percky_Pippy: I think what I'm most thankful for at the moment is the togetherness that thanksgiving brings. I've never met an Owner quite like Haku and I'm thankful to be a part of this family.
Sarah_Shivan: I'm thankful to have Haku as an Owner, too. Considering my experiences with other Owners. Haku really does take the cake. This family certainly isn't boring!
Dragoon2049: Despite my family hug offers going unheeded, I must agree that this is the best environment for all of us.
BlindEternities2049: I wouldn't have this family any other way!
Haku2049: I'm happy to live here with you all. I try to keep things relaxed and I haven't heard a complaint about that yet.
LegacyWeapon: And you probably never will!
Scene: Neovision Studio, Downtown Neopia Central. Time sits in front of the camera sitting on the usual infamous chair.
Time: Happy Thanksgiving from the cast of 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central!

10/29/2011 - Adopt a Pet, Today! (Journal 126)

Scene: Neovision Studio. Haku2049 stands dead center of the view, with Luce_love_spirit (the female Striped Lupe) to his left, and Sir_Finley (the male Skunk Lupe) to his right.
Haku2049: Because _mutt_2008_ has been hounding me about her admiration of the Pound and its cause, meet two Lupes who may very well be adopted before I submit this! That's right, its another go at having real Pound pets...
Darryl007 (from off camera): You're saying I'm not real?!?
Haku2049: *sighs and looks at Darryl007* No, you're plenty real. What makes you think I'm talking about you, anyway?
Darryl007 (from off camera): No reason. Just thought it would be amusing to see you look off camera for a bit.
Haku2049: *sighs and looks back at the camera* Okay! Ignore Darryl007 off camera there. He needs a home, too, but not in the same way these two Lupes, do!
Percky_Pippy (from off camera): I've just refreshed the Neopets pages! They're still there!
Haku2049: Yes, we do need to keep track this time. Anyway, to my left is Luce_love_spirit. According to _mutt_2008_, she's been in there quite some time.
Luce_love_spirit: *sighs* I've been in there for what feels like forever. I was so happy when you decided to take me here. Its hard to imagine advertising my own adoption, but if you've seen the previous few episodes you should know well how bad things are for us in there. Sure we have donations by people as kind as Haku2049...
Emperor Mishra (in Petpet, from off camera): Haku's not kind. He's evil!!!
Action: Haku2049 teleports Emperor Mishra to the North Pole to cool off yet again.
Luce_love_spirit: ...but things are far from even that nice. Please, won't someone adopt me?
Percky_Pippy (from off camera): They're still there!
Haku2049: To my right is Sir_Finley. He's also been in the Pound for awhile.
Sir_Finley: I miss having a reason to wag my tail. Sure the meals have been somewhat good in the Pound lately, but its far too crowded for me. Plus, where's the shampoo? Why only one shower per day?!? By far there's not enough to explore here. We're cooped up inside all the time without even a -blocked- Luce and I live in Room 3 together and I keep hearing about how much she wants to cook again. There are just too many rules that make life for everyone in the Pound miserable.
Darryl007 (from off camera): I'll say!
Sir_Finley: We need to get out of the Pound before we lose our sanity!
Haku2049: There you have it folks. A good old fashioned public service announcement. To our knowledge these pets still are up for adoption...
Percky_Pippy (from off camera): Yup!
Haku2049: Anyway, take a good look at these two Lupes. Won't someone take them into their kind home and soon?
Percky_Pippy (from off camera): This has been a public service announcement from 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central...

10/24/2011 - 11/26/2011 – Nightmares of Being a Blumaroo (Journal 125)

Scene: The Pound, Room 5.
Darryl007: Humans...I'll destroy every last one of them that is abusive or doesn't care about their pets...
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan sit on both tiger couches, resting off a big meal.
Dragoon2049: Spaghetti and garlic bread? I thought the change from free food was temporary, but wow!
Percky_Pippy: *glomps Haku2049 who is standing behind the tiger couch she's sitting on* Wonderful food, plenty to do! I love it here!
Haku2049: So all I have to do to make you tailwaggy is cook you some spaghetti?
Percky_Pippy: *lets go* Hardly. I'm just so happy to have you for an Owner.
Dragoon2049: I'm too full to join the family hug.
Sarah_Shivan: I'd settle for being able to call Haku "dad".
Haku2049: Hey, don't call me dad or I'll have you beheaded.
BlindEternities2049: *snickers* And the dislike of that title continues...
Haku2049: Hmm... I wonder if Amanda the Yellow Aisha counselor is needed again.
Sarah_Shivan: Why? Brain didn't even need your rescue and he's been out for awhile.
Haku2049: Oh, I met Tritus, an emotionally withdrawn Blumaroo from Room 5 there, but he was adopted shortly after the four Pound pets went back and were immediately adopted by chance and not my fault. Tritus is much more relaxed now with a caring Owner who cooks better than I do. A Blue Shoyru named Darryl was abandoned this morning because his owner tried everything to make him a battle pet, but he could never see hurting anyone. Until he went psycho a few minutes ago in the Pound, punching a hole in the wall and vowing to do the same to all unfit owners.
Dragoon2049: Punching a hole in the wall? That's so cool!
Percky_Pippy: Its much easier and more accurate to use a blaster.
Sarah_Shivan: And the two most violent pets make their obvious comments.
Percky_Pippy: Ha! Haku said something like that not too long ago!
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Allison_11385 sits on the white couch while Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness sit on the floor. Allison_11385 notices the time as well and decides to get up.
Allison_11385: Tritus, sweetie. Would you accompany me for my dailies?
Action: Allison_11385 walks over to Tritus while Tritus stands up.
Tritus: Sure!
Action: Allison_11385 and Tritus move to the front door.
Allison_11385: We'll be back soon!
Lupiness: Have fun!
Scene: The Neohospital. Alexia, Sahara, and Zeita wait in the waiting room. They all sit in identical chairs looking in no particular direction. A Blue Elephante in a nurse's gown walks up to the three. They all look at her while she looks at them.
Elephante Nurse: Meexis has a small fracture in his right leg as well as bruises across the chest. We've applied wooden splints attached with rubber wraps to prevent him from moving the fractured area. We have plaster casting material, but it takes time to dry and Meexis didn't like the saw to take it off. The wood is weather treated so getting it wet shouldn't be a problem. We also have crutches so he'll be able to get around a little better while straying off his injured leg. We've got as comfortable as we can for him, but please make sure he doesn't take it off. In about a week you should come back for a follow up to see if the leg has healed by then.
Action: A Red Kougra nurse wheels Meexis into the room. Meexis holds onto his crutches with both arms, desperately wanting to scratch his leg.
Meexis: Gah! My leg itches like crazy now!
Sahara: You're scared of a saw used to remove a body cast?
Meexis: Hey! That thing is fairly big and what if they miss and hit my leg?
Red Kougra Nurse: We have plenty of experience with that saw. We've never injured a patient with it. Scaredy Acara.
Meexis: *rolls his eyes before looking directly at Alexia* Can we leave now? I've had enough of being made fun of by nurses.
Elephante Nurse: You don't need to stay for any reason. Just head to the front desk to pay the fee and you're free to go.
Red Kougra Nurse: You'll have to put up with me until you get to the front desk, Scaredy Acara.
Sahara: I'll take him up front.
Action: Red Kougra Nurse moves aside to let Sahara wheel Meexis up to the front desk, quickly being followed by Alexia and Zeita.
Scene: The Games Room. Tritus watches Allison_11385 play a game. A Faerie Usul walks by Tritus with her owner. She notices the Blumaroo and he notices her.
Faerie Usul: Your nose looks funny...
Faerie Usul's Owner: Hey, that wasn't nice. No carrots later.
Faerie Usul: No! My carrots...
Action: Another owner walks by, snickering briefly as she looks at Tritus.
Owner: Blumaroos have the funniest looking noses. I should have brought Propmaster2000. He'd enjoy the sight gag, too.
Action: Allison_11385 looks down at Tritus and he looks up at her.
Allison_11385: You okay, honey? Its not nice for anyone to make fun of someone else's appearance.
Tritus: I'm used to it. I don't like being made fun of but I know Alexia isn't the only one who thinks Blumaroos look odd. I've wanted to be a Zafara for a long time now because I've had it with the criticism.
Allison_11385: Why a Zafara?
Tritus: They're not much different physically from Blumaroos and they don't have many features Blumaroos are made fun of for. Oddly they're not on Alexia's "make fun of" list.
Allison_11385: Well that's an interesting goal of yours... *gets back to gaming*
Scene: The Pound, Room 5, a little later. Darryl007 walks into the room after a meal and lays back down where he was before.
Darryl007 (in thought): Carrot and Pea Omelet for Lunch? There was enough to go around, but I almost gagged. Now I'm back to brooding...
Scene: 905999 Brookesfield Drive, Neopia Central, a little later. Meexis sits up on his bed, arms crossed and not liking his situation at all. Sahara looks at him from beside his bed. Alexia and Zeita sit on the zen couch in the Living Room.
Sahara: Its great that I can make fun of you all day and you can't do anything about it. Ha! Scardy Acara!
Meexis: Stop *swings one of his crutches at Sahara, but misses* saying *swings and misses again* that!
Zeita: I wonder if any battle pets use crutches for weapons...
Sahara: Maybe ninjas because they use everything they can to take down their opponents!
Meexis: I'll show you a thing or two with my ninjaness!
Alexia: *sighs* Hey! Don't break those crutches! Its like they wanted to charge us a ton for them. I looked at the bill and the crutches cost almost as much as the doctor's fee!
Zeita: Odd how Meexis breaking his leg only riles him up.
Meexis: Next time you try being forced to be relatively still and resist the urge to scratch around the splint!
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Tritus follows Allison_11385 down the sidewalk on their way home. A Faerie Shoyru flies over the two, looking down and snickering.
Faerie Shoyru: Blumaroos...
Action: Devon and Kevin sit on the roof of a business watching passersby.
Devon: *points out Tritus* That thing's nose is funny looking!
Kevin: Even I thought that sounded dumb, but the nose of a Blumaroo is so long do they eat Petpetpets with it?
Tritus (in thought): Oh great. More jerks adding to my problems...
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. LegacyWeapon snickers at Newton trying to make it through a trap filled maze on his way to some food. BlindEternities2049 walks into the Lower Hallway to see the chaos.
BlindEternities2049: Um...what's going on here?
LegacyWeapon: Percky asked me to make this for her to use on Newton and I'll do just about anything to make that Doglefox suffer...
Action: Percky_Pippy comes from her room, excited. She walks up and joins BlindEternities2049 and LegacyWeapon.
Percky_Pippy: Great job, LegacyWeapon! How did you get Newton in there?
LegacyWeapon: The temptation of food, of course.
Action: Percky_Pippy snickers. Suddenly Newton falls quite some distance through a trap door.
BlindEternities2049: Where does that trap door lead?
LegacyWeapon: I don't know. Its not supposed to do that.
Action: Dragoon2049 comes from his room with Newton on his head.
Dragoon2049: So not funny, guys! Making a portal to have Newton drop on my head!
BlindEternities2049: We have our owner to thank for that zany portal fun.
Haku2049: *sitting in front of the computer, writing* You're darn right! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central, bed time. Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness lay in their beds, tired from a long day of their daily routine.
Tritus (in thought): So...tired...
Scene: Dream sequence in downtown Neopia Central. Tritus walks down the sidewalk, being stared and laughed at by random humans and Neopets. He begins to pick up the pace. A Faerie Shoyru keeps pace to his right.
Faerie Shoyru: Your nose is funny looking!
Alexia: Tritus! Blumaroos are not cute by any meaning of the word! I'm so glad I abandoned you...
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central, the next morning. Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness lay in their beds. Xweetokness wakes up first and looks over at Tritus.
Xweetokness: Good morning, Tritus. *gently shakes Tritus* Um...Tritus?
Lupiness: *wakes up, yawns, and looks over at Xweetokness* What are you doing, sis?
Xweetokness: Trying to wake Tritus up.
Lupiness: Why, isn't it easy?
Xweetokness: *stops her efforts and looks at Lupiness* He's just not waking up.
Action: Lupiness stands up and moves to the other side of Tritus's bed and begins poking him. Xweetokness stands up to get a better view.
Lupiness: Oh, come on!
Xweetokness: Not so easy, is it?
Lupiness: Definitely not.
Allison_11385: Lupiness, Tritus, Xweetokness! Breakfast!
Action: After a few minutes of not getting a response or seeing anyone come downstairs she walks up to the room and sees what's going on.
Allison_11385: What's going on?
Lupiness: *stops his efforts and looks at Allison_11385* Tritus just won't wake up.
Action: Allison_11385 joins Lupiness, and Xweetokness around the very asleep Tritus.
Allison_11385: *gently shakes Tritus* Come on, honey. Breakfast time.
Xweetokness: Told you.
Action: Tritus morphs into a Purple Zafara. Allison_11385 quickly stops her efforts. Allison_11385, Lupiness, and Xweetokness stare in disbelief. Tritus wakes up, noticing his family around his bed before sitting up.
Tritus: Um...what happened? *notices the change* How did I become a Zafara?
Xweetokness: You were really out of it. I tried to wake you for breakfast, then Lupiness tried, finally Allison came and tried to wake you up, too.
Tritus: I remember having a nightmare where everyone made fun of my nose then I woke up as a Zafara.
Allison_11385: Are you okay with the sudden change, honey?
Tritus: I'm fine. Being a Zafara isn't much different than being a Blumaroo. I don't know how I became a Zafara, but its as I predicted. It doesn't bother me at all.
Scene: Neovision Studio. Haku2049 sits in the usual chair facing the camera.
Haku2049: Yes, the one who helped Tritus out once again was me. In fact...Newton! Get off the camera!
Dragoon2049 (off screen): Newton, quit eating the camera! Well, trying to anyway.
Newton (in Petpet): Yay, food!
LegacyWeapon (off screen): Stupid Doglefox...

10/22/2011 – 10/24/2011 – The Letters of Tritus (Journal 124)

Scene: The Pound. Darryl007 (the Blue Shoyru) stands defeated next to his owner, Sophie_Lover007 (the Human). Dr. Death rolls his eyes as he catches the human filling out the abandoning paperwork. Sophie_Lover007 quickly finishes and hands it to the desk Uni, who shows it to Dr. Death briefly before the Nimmo decides to do his job.
Sophie_Lover007: Hurry up and get that weakling out of my sight.
Action: Dr. Death shows Darryl007 the way to Room 5, where he would be staying for the time being. Soon they arrive.
Dr. Death: This is where you'll be staying until you're adopted or we need to move pets around. Its still early here. Most pets don't get up at this time. Breakfast hasn't been served yet.
Darryl007: I already ate before I left but after suddenly being abandoned like this I wouldn't have much of an appetite, anyway.
Dr. Death: Listen, I've got to get up to the front desk. Cry alone if you must.
Action: Dr. Death leaves while Darryl007 sits down on the floor leaning against the wall and an unoccupied bed. He shrinks down as small as he can and puts his head down over his legs and cries.
Darryl007 (quietly and muffled): I...I knew my owner wanted me to...to...be part of the family sport...Battledome fighting...but...
Action: Trinity wakes up, but instead of stretching she hears muffled crying and looks in that direction, still laying down.
Darryl007 (quietly and muffled): but...I...I...just could never see myself hurting someone. I'm a nice Shoyru. Why...how could...could anyone abandon...for being nice?
Trinity: That's a very stupid reason to abandon a pet.
Action: Darryl007 raises his head back up and stands up to see Trinity laying in bed.
Darryl007: I...I didn't know anyone was awake...
Trinity: I wasn't until you cried about being a nice Shoyru. I don't think you woke me up, though. If you did, its fine.
Darryl007: Who are you?
Trinity: Oh, I'm Trinity. And you?
Darryl007: Its Darryl.
Action: Darryl007 bows his head down, unable to hide his crying.
Trinity: Everyone cries their first day. It gets a little easier with time.
Darryl007: I...I hope you're right...
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy stand on top of the tall Neovision Studio. A piece of candy is tied to the end of clear fishing line, which is dangling off the side of the building. Haku2049 sits in a lawn chair while Percky_Pippy looks off the building for potential victims. Boochi sees the candy just out of his reach. Percky_Pippy laughs.
Percky_Pippy: Haku, look! We've got Boochi!
Action: Haku2049 gets up and looks off the building to start having some fishing fun.
Haku2049: Its usually fun when Boochi comes to visit.
Action: Percky_Pippy snickers. Haku2049 keeps bouncing the candy within range before pulling it back up
Boochi: Why must you be flying, candy?!?
Action: Boochi aims his weapon at the candy, but by chance he fires and the ray hits part of the fishing line. Boochi joyfully grabs the candy in mid air and walks away, happily. Percky_Pippy turns to Haku2049.
Percky_Pippy: Did you know his ray could do that?
Haku2049: Smart fish...
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness slowly wake up in their room. Tritus keeps his eyes closed while awake and thinks.
Tritus (in thought): I feel so relaxed here. I don't have to wait in line for a meal and I have more privacy here than I had at the Pound. What's truly special is that I was adopted after spending a little more than a year there. To a wonderful and caring family, too. Yet Meexis and Sahara still care about me. Oh, and that Xweetok I've never met. I wonder when they'll decide to come over and visit. I have no intention of ever going back to that house. Even if Alexia wasn't there. I have too many bad memories.
Scene: 905999 Brookesfield Drive, Neopia Central, a little later. Alexia, Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita sit on their Zen Couch watching Neovision.
Meexis (sarcastically): Omelet and Jelly for breakfast. That's a new one!
Alexia: Oh, shush.
Zeita: Really into saving money or hiding an inability to cook?
Alexia: Oh you shush, too.
Sahara: Um...I've got to go say hi to a friend. *gets up and heads to the door*
Alexia: Later, Sahara.
Sahara: Later! *leaves*
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central, a little later. Sahara walks up to the front door, clearly wanting to know how Tritus is doing. She knocks. Allison_11385 opens the door.
Sahara: Hello, there. Is this where Tritus lives?
Allison_11385: Of course! *moves aside to let Sahara in* Come on in.
Action: Sahara walks in. Allison_11385 quickly closes the door behind her.
Lupiness: So, would you love your own room? I know I would.
Action: Sahara makes her way into the Living Room to see the couch conversation going on.
Tritus: I don't mind one way or the other right now.
Sahara: Tritus!
Tritus: Huh? *turns to see Sahara* Sahara!
Action: Tritus stands up and walks over to Sahara. Lupiness and Xweetokness just look at the two, confused.
Tritus: Um...what are you doing here?
Sahara: Zeita told Meexis and me to stay out of your life for awhile until you had acclimated, but I couldn't wait. They're all watching Neovision right now. Anyway, how have you been? You're back to normal, right?
Tritus: Getting there.
Sahara: That's good to hear. So, are things better for you here versus what you were put through when you lived with us?
Tritus: So far things are much better. Who's Zeita exactly?
Sahara: Oh, she's the Green Xweetok Alexia got to replace you. Zeita still feels guilty for being your replacement and knowing you were in the Pound as a result. She refused to be mentioned because she thought you might hate her.
Action: Lupiness and Xweetokness walk over to get a better view and perhaps join in the conversation.
Tritus: Alexia would have abandoned me eventually. Getting a Xweetok was just a convenient reason to. How could I hate someone I've never met, anyway?
Xweetokness: Besides, he has a much better family now.
Lupiness: One question. In your experience with Tritus have you ever seen him happy?
Sahara: Just now when I walked in was the first time I've ever seen him smile.
Tritus: I was never given enough reasons to. Since the day I was created my level of depression didn't even allow me to smile for the happiness of others. It got worse in the Pound, especially after I'd been there a year. Now for the first time in my life I feel cared for. It feels great.
Lupiness: Plus probably having the best cook around for an owner doesn't hurt, either.
Allison_11385: I keep saying I'm not that good.
Xweetokness: *turns to Allison_11385* And we keep saying you're great.
Sahara: Okay, what did you have for breakfast?
Tritus: The best pastries I've ever had.
Lupiness: Wonderfully frosted with just enough sweet flavor to combat the tart!
Sahara: And to think I had omelet and jelly yet again.
Allison_11385: *chuckles* Well we do have one pastry left over. You're welcome to it.
Action: Allison_11385 grabs the plate with the last pastry on it and hands it to Sahara. Sahara accepts it and takes a few bites before reporting.
Sahara: Including the extremely rare times we've eaten out that's probably the best thing I've ever eaten. Certainly within this month.
Xweetokness: Add one more to your cooking's fan club!
Allison_11385: *rolls her eyes* A grand total of four.
Action: Sahara finishes the pastry before handing Allison_11385 back the plate. Allison_11385 takes the plate and puts it in the kitchen sink before coming back to enjoy the conversation.
Sahara: This place is nice. Alexia just got us our own rooms not long ago. All they have in them are our beds, though. Alexia still isn't very good at the games so it will likely be quite some time before we get more.
Allison_11385: I'm pretty good at some games myself, and I occasionally get paid for my cooking services, but I love to hurry home to spend time with my pets.
Sahara: Sometimes Alexia just doesn't want to go home. Especially with three pets who occasionally poke her conscience.
Allison_11385: *chuckles* That would mean she wouldn't have much of a conscience to start with.
Sahara: Not when it comes to anything or anyone not on her cute list. Blumaroos still aren't on that list. Well, I'd probably better get going. I might stop over later with Meexis and Zeita. *moves towards the door, ready to leave*
Tritus: Bye, Sahara.
Sahara: Later. *leaves*
Allison_11385: Well that was interesting.
Xweetokness: Yeah. Its hard to believe her owner abandoned Tritus like that.
Tritus: That's why I still care about them. They were the only ones keeping me from hyperventilating from the stress of living with Alexia.
Scene: The Pound, Room 5, a little later. Darryl007 lays on his bed, alone in the room, staring at the ceiling wondering why his owner thought he deserved this. Trinity walks in and sees the still sulking Shoyru.
Trinity: Still sulking? Breakfast is over so why not go with me to the Living Areas? There are all sorts of activities to get your mind off of the situation.
Darryl007: I think I'd rather just lay here and try to figure out if this is some kind of trick or something. I wouldn't put it past my owner. He's tried a lot of things to make me a Battledomer, but all have failed.
Trinity: Are you sure you're in here because you're too nice? That sounds dumb.
Darryl007: Him abandoning me in the first place was a surprise. All I know is he wanted me to be a battle pet and I refused. I wanted to read books, not hurt someone. He's done some mean things to try to make me mad. Anything to make me fight back. I never have.
Trinity: Well we have books here. A small library of donated books.
Darryl007: Like I said. Maybe some other time.
Trinity: Fine, then. See you later. *leaves*
Darryl007 (in thought): Why is a place like this even necessary? Humans truly are fools...
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. A piece of candy dangling from fishing line floats above Newton, bobbing down to an attack level occasionally. Newton notices the floating food item.
Newton (in Petpet): Candy!
Action: Newton jumps up and bites the candy hard. Haku2049 reels the Doglefox in. Newton just hangs there, not willing to give the thing up.
Percky_Pippy: Wow, impressive bite strength, Newton.
Action: Dragoon2049 walks out the front door to see the zaniness going on.
Dragoon2049: What are you two doing to my Doglefox?
Percky_Pippy: Its called fishing. Will he fall for this every time, Haku?
Dragoon2049 and Haku2049: Pretty much.
Percky_Pippy: Hooray! We've found the perfect fish!
Action: Acara Fisherman (The Blue Acara) walks by with a camera. He notices another awesome fishing photo op and decides to take advantage of it.
Acara Fisherman: I'm so happy you two catch the funniest fish! *takes a photo before continuing his walk*
Dragoon2049: Did you bring that guy here?
Haku2049: No. That guy just has an entire album of silly fish photos and he enjoys making his collection larger.
Dragoon2049: Seriously, the things that happen around here...
Haku2049: *snickers* Think we should upgrade our fishing strategies again?
Percky_Pippy: I think we did a very good job. But if fans want more, who are we to say no? Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Dragoon2049: Put him down, Haku.
Haku2049: Okay. Fun done here.
Action: Haku2049 cuts the line with his tail. Newton falls to the ground with his candy and some fishing line tied around it.
Haku2049: I love copy and paste...
Scene: 905999 Brookesfield Drive, Neopia Central, a little later. Alexia, Meexis, and Zeita sit on their Zen Couch watching Neovision. Sahara opens the front door.
Sahara: Back. *moves over to the Zen Couch and leans against it while standing instead of bothering to sit down*
Zeita: So who did you visit?
Sahara: Tritus.
Zeita: *looks at Sahara* I warned you not to.
Sahara: *looks at Zeita* He was glad to see me. He's not mad at you, you know. He said Alexia would have abandoned him eventually. Getting a Xweetok on a budget was just a convenient excuse, and how could he hate someone he's never met?
Alexia: You're darn right I'd have abandoned him eventually! Why do you three care about that idiot?
Meexis: Something you probably wouldn't understand. Sahara, Tritus, Zeita, and I feel like family. We just live with you, Alexia. Come on, let's go visit Tritus.
Zeita: Fine.
Action: Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita move to the door. Meexis and Sahara leave without saying anything. Zeita stands there for a moment.
Zeita: I doubt he'll ever forgive you but at the very least you could get it off your conscience. *leaves*
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Newton jumps up and down on Dragoon2049's lap, eating his piece of candy, while the Scorchio is watching more Star Trek: Voyager.
Dragoon2049: I don't really know why this show is so addicting. You don't care, do you, Newton? You just care about getting a piece of candy.
Newton (in thought): Mmm...candy!
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central, a little later. Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita walk up to the front door, wanting to chat with Tritus. Sahara knocks. Allison_11385 walks up to the front door and opens it.
Allison_11385: Back so soon, Sahara?
Sahara: Yup. With Meexis and Zeita.
Allison_11385: Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness are sitting in the Living Room. Come on in.
Action: Allison_11385 moves aside and holds the door open for Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita. Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita move to the Living Room and see Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness sitting on the carpet, smiling. Allison_11385 closes the door after the three pets are in, then sits down on the white couch to relax. Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita race over to get a better look.
Meexis: I didn't know you could smile, Tritus.
Tritus (sarcastically): Ha, ha. Very funny.
Meexis: Sarcasm?!? You have a personality! *glomps Tritus* That's amazing!
Zeita: You're hurting him...
Meexis: *notices* Oh. *lets go and backs up a bit* Still, you haven't lived here long and you finally have your own personality.
Lupiness: Really? We knew he was quiet but he's spoken up more and more.
Zeita: *bows in front of Tritus* I'm Zeita. When I heard I was your replacement I felt guilty. But Sahara told me what I needed to hear. You really do forgive me?
Tritus: *looks directly at Zeita* Yes. Like I told her. Alexia would have found an excuse to abandon me anyway.
Meexis: Ha! That's confirmed by how Alexia responded to Sahara's short enough explanation.
Tritus: Alexia will never be able to honestly apologize.
Meexis: I tried to poke her conscience before left. Its like she can't give us a reason to have good feelings for her.
Zeita: We've tried a lot to make Alexia part of the family, but...
Sahara: We just live with her. That's as far as our relationship with her is.
Allison_11385: That's terrible!
Zeita: Its not like we all haven't given her proper poking. Alexia just...doesn't seem to get it.
Scene: 905999 Brookesfield Drive, Neopia Central. Alexia sits alone on the Zen Couch, still watching Neovision.
Alexia: We just live here? You ungrateful bunch of...
Haku2049: *in human form teleports inside by the front door with Percky_Pippy* I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you.
Alexia: *turns to see Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy* Who are you and how did you get in my house?!?
Haku2049: *looks at Alexia* I'm Haku and this is my Neopet, Percky. Technically the door's unlocked. We do that a lot, too.
Percky_Pippy: We had a nice day fishing together and now you ruined it by teleporting us both here, why?
Haku2049: *looks at Percky_Pippy* Intervention.
Percky_Pippy: Wait, with her?
Haku2049: Yup.
Alexia: What do you mean intervention?
Haku2049: *looks at Alexia* Do you even care about Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita?
Percky_Pippy (in thought): *looks at Alexia* I still don't get why I had to come along...
Alexia: Why, what have they done now?
Haku2049: You clearly don't have a bond with them. They all feel like they're just living here. You're just part of the environment, but nothing to care much about.
Percky_Pippy: No...way...I get it! Give me my weapon so I can smack some sense into the idiot!
Haku2049: I hope that won't be necessary, Percky.
Alexia: What are you two wackos talking about?
Haku2049: Neopets have feelings just like humans. They need to feel loved every bit as bad as humans.
Percky_Pippy: Wait, so I was dragged along because we bonded while fishing the last two days?
Alexia: Fishing? During fall?
Haku2049: *laughs* You should see the two photos a Blue Acara who enjoys fishing and getting amusing fishing photos took.
Alexia: Why are you two bothering me?
Haku2049: Your pets have tried since they were created to reach out to you. To make you a part of their family.
Percky_Pippy: What would you do if they stopped interacting with you? If they finally gave up on you and just started ignoring you. BlindEternities, Dragoon, Sarah, and I don't have to. We genuinely care for our owner and he cares for us. Isn't that right, dad?
Haku2049: Don't call me dad or I'll have you beheaded.
Percky_Pippy: *snickers* Actually, just Sarah wants to call him that. He does a great job at making us happy.
Haku2049: Actually I think I'm great at stepping back and letting you guys make yourselves happy.
Alexia: Do you oddballs have a point?
Percky_Pippy: We've been showing how you should be towards your Neopets.
Haku2049: If you don't take our hint go to Bad Owners Anonymous. If you don't...
Percky_Pippy: I might come back with my Cloudy Wand of Storms and kick your butt! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Haku2049: I love the sound of maniacal laughter...
Action: Haku2094 and Percky_Pippy teleport back home while Alexia gets back to watching Neovision.
Alexia (in thought): Like I need two idiots telling me how to behave towards my pets.
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Lupiness, Meexis, Sahara, Tritus, Xweetokness and Zeita sit on the floor, talking while Allison_11385 sits on the white couch.
Zeita: Yeah, it would be nice to have Alexia care about us. We've tried almost everything we could think of.
Meexis: And the few others we've decided are too dangerous to try.
Sahara: Alexia...she's more self-centered than anyone else I've ever known.
Tritus: Seriously, how is a person like that even allowed to own Neopets?
Xweetokness: You poor things!
Zeita: Its not like she can't change. Its just it takes a ton to get anything through to her. *looks at the clock* Um...don't we have that thing in an hour or so?
Meexis: *looks at the clock* You're right! Drat! And I was hoping to chat with Tritus some more.
Lupiness: What thing?
Sahara: Oh, just some thing Alexia and her friend want to go to. And drag their Neopets to. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention because it sounds boring, but whatever. We'd better hurry before Alexia yells at us or something.
Action: Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita walk to the door. Meexis and Sahara leave.
Zeita: Bye!
Allison_11385, Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness: Bye!
Action: Zeita follows Meexis and Sahara out of the Neohome and on their way back home.
Scene: Neopia Central. Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita walk home quickly feeling a little worse about their situation.
Sahara: Think Alexia will ever get the hint?
Zeita: Not anytime soon, that's for sure.
Action: Being first in line Meexis walks into the back of an Invisible Skeith. He stops cold.
Meexis: Um...what did I bump into?
Invisible Skieth: You run into an Invisible pet and don't even have the courtesy to say you're sorry! Gah!
Action: Invisible Skeith tosses Meexis into the air an impressive distance where he hits a tree before falling down hard on the cement sidewalk. Invisible Skieth races away at an impressive speed. Soon he's out of sight and mind of the three.
Meexis: Ow...
Sahara: Well at least I wasn't first in line. Then again, if I was thrown I could just correct in air before going splat.
Meexis: Oh, shush.
Zeita: Isn't copying our owner a bad idea? She's not role model material.
Meexis: *stands up and is in even more pain* Ah! My right leg feels like its shattered or something.
Sahara: We should get you to the hospital.
Meexis: Not to put a hole in your logic but wouldn't we need our owner to pay the medical bills? She'd need to be there and she doesn't seem to have the capacity to care.
Zeita: Or she might send us off with some Neopoints and then ignore us.
Scene: 905999 Brookesfield Drive, Neopia Central. Alexia sits alone on the Zen Couch, still watching Neovision. Zeita opens the front door and holds it open for Meexis and Sahara. Meexis is leaning on Sahara to try to stay off his hurting leg. Alexia hears the commotion and looks towards the door. She immediately gets up, turns off the Neovision, then joins her pets at the front door.
Alexia: What happened?
Sahara: Meexis was first in line on the way home and he ran into a powerful Invisible pet, who tossed him hard to not apologizing right away. Meexis flew through the air, crash landed into a tree, then fell off onto the hard cement sidewalk.
Meexis: My right leg is what hurts the most. Hence why Sahara helped me limp home.
Alexia: Sit on the couch for a second while I go and get something for the pain.
Action: Sahara helps Meexis onto the couch. Zeita joins them over there as well.
Zeita: Normally she'd just have one of us do it. I'm confused.
Action: A short time later Alexia comes back with a pain pill and a glass of tap water.
Alexia: Here.
Action: Alexia hands the pill and glass to Meexis, who quickly takes the pill with a few gulps of water before he hands the glass back. Alexia takes the glass back and puts it in the sink before coming back with a pouch of Neopoints attached to a belt around her waist.
Alexia: We'll give that some time to take effect then we'll hurry you to the hospital.
Sahara: But what about your thing with your friend?
Alexia: I'll have to cancel. *picks up the phone*
Meexis: Gah! I'm so confused! Why are you taking me? Why not just have us go to the Hospital alone with some Neopoints and just go with your friend?
Alexia: Because for reasons that escape me a little I care for you all.
Action: Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita roll their eyes suspiciously at their Owner. Alexia calls her friend.
Alexia: Abigail? Its Alexia. Meexis was badly hurt on his way home so we'll all be going to the hospital. Rain check? Good. Thanks. Bye.
Action: Alexia hangs up and puts the phone down on its cradle. She walks over to her suspicious looking pets.
Alexia: What?
Sahara: What do you think. This is so out of character for you.
Alexia: Well I know I've been ignoring your attempts to reach out to me for so long.
Sahara: Wait, so all it took was for Meexis to get hurt? We should have broken his leg ages ago!
Meexis: So not funny!
Alexia: Actually it was more complicated than that. A human and his Shoyru came in and left shortly before you guys came back. I was irate at what they said at first, but seeing Meexis come in with pain on his face...it made me think that maybe they were right. Maybe Neopets aren't so different from humans.
Zeita: So Alexia's in a caring mood? Does that mean we have to take two to the hospital?
Alexia: Oh shush.
Sahara: Normal response. She's okay.
Scene: The Pound, Room 5. Darryl007 continues to lay while staring at the ceiling.
Darryl007 (in thought): I really must wonder why that despicable Owner pushed me so hard to become a fighter. When I get out of here I'll show him a thing or two!
Action: Darryl007 gets up and punches the wall. Wind surrounds his fist as he punches and puts a fair sized hole in the wall. He pulls out his no longer wind covered fist and stares at it.
Darryl007: Well, every human that abandons a pet here will die at my hands! *laughs manically*
Trinity: *walks up to the room* Lunch is about to begin. *looks at Darryl007* Um...are you okay?
Darryl007: Better than okay. Now I know why that jerk abandoned me! Well I'll punch him sometime and have him hurting worse than this wall!
Trinity (in thought): Oh no. We need a full time counselor...
Scene: The Neohospital, some time later. Alexia, Sahara, and Zeita wait in the waiting room. They all sit in identical chairs looking at the floor.
Sahara: Well if you hadn't remembered to cancel you would be way late night now.
Alexia: I'm sorry it took me so long to get the hint.
Zeita: Well the point is you finally have.
Action: Sahara bends over her chair to hug Alexia. After a moment Alexia hugs Sahara back.
Sahara: I've waited so long to be able to do this...
Zeita (in thought): I just wonder if this is a new beginning for our family. Does Alexia finally want to be part of it or is something wrong with her? Oh well. If its permanent or just for today its certainly progress...

10/20/2011 – 10/22/2011 - The Adventures of Pound Room 5 (Journal 123)

Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. BlindEternities2049 (the quad Baby Gelert) closes his eyes and attempts to move the Wingoball Bouncy Ball close to the barrier by bending the barrier. After a few minutes of watching nothing happen Dragoon2049 has the nerve to walk into the Lower Hallway and up to BlindEternities2049.
Dragoon2049: Um...what are you doing?
BlindEternities2049: Shh...its hard to focus. Barriers are hard to play with.
Dragoon2049: You're trying to move the ball by bending a barrier, aren't you?
BlindEternities2049: *stops trying to bend the barrier and looks at Dragoon2049* Am I that transparent?
Dragoon2049: *laughs* Apparently we all are from time to time.
Scene: Jelly World. Haku2049 walks up to the Giant Jelly with Percky_Pippy following to his right. The Jelly Wocky "guarding" the jelly just watches for a change.
Percky_Pippy: Why did you drag me along? I was playing darts and you suddenly dragged me away to go with you on your dailies. Why?
Haku2049: Do I need a reason? *grabs a piece of the Giant Jelly and teleports it home*
Percky_Pippy: Yes!
Action: Haku2049 begins to walk away from the Giant Jelly, being followed by Percky_Pippy.
Haku2049: Well you won't get one! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Percky_Pippy: Let me guess. BlindEternities2049 was doing something freaky in the Lower Hallway, Dragoon was busy playing with Newton, and Sarah was abducted by Brian. So why not jerk me around for the day?
Haku2049: Excellent guess! I shall not verify any part of that, but good guess just the same.
Percky_Pippy: Planeswalkers...
Haku2049 (in thought): Actually, it is fun jerking you around like this.
Percky_Pippy: Okay, we've done all your usual dailies so can we please go home now?
Haku2049: Sure! *grabs Percky_Pippy by the arm and races to the portal* Neopia Central!
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Haku2049 comes racing through the portal still holding onto Percky_Pippy's arm. Suddenly he lets go and Percky_Pippy trips and falls face first to the ground. She lays there defeated for a moment.
Percky_Pippy: So not cool, Haku!
Action: Melody (the Pink Kacheek) and Merrick (the Grey Zafara) walk by. Percky_Pippy picks herself up and notices the two.
Merrick: Why do you insist on these outings? Especially when its cold out like this!
Melody: Oh shush. We'll be back soon. Nobody at the Pound will miss us.
Merrick: I hate being dragged along for your little escapes.
Melody: You're just as guilty. You help teleport me!
Merrick: You know its hard for anyone to go against their room leader. Still, I do wish these powers were yours and not mine.
Melody: While it would be fun to be able to teleport myself, its much more fun to jerk you around.
Percky_Pippy: No...way...
Haku2049: Heh, something familiar, Percky?
Percky_Pippy: They're like us, but much weaker. Why does saying that make me kind of want to beat that Kacheek up?
Haku2049: *laughs* I could teleport your weapon, but you wouldn't need it.
Percky_Pippy: Um...who were they?
Haku2049: Oh, just two Pound pets looking for adventure. Well, the Kacheek is looking for adventure and is dragging the Zafara along for the ride.
Percky_Pippy: Not as bad as you literally dragging me every time we've gone through a portal today.
Haku2049: *snickers* Just making sure you keep up!
Percky_Pippy: Right...
Scene: The Pound, Room 5. Tritus (the Purple Blumaroo) lays on the rough carpet looking at the ceiling while thinking about his situation. Trinity (still a Yellow Wocky) walks up to the only way in or out, looking in to find a depressed looking Tritus.
Trinity: I knew I'd find you here. Its sad that the nurses have stopped trying to cheer you up. Why are you on the ground?
Tritus: Furniture is too good for me when I'm brooding.
Trinity: Don't say that! You deserve everything we all have access to.
Tritus: So you say.
Trinity: You should feel that way, too! Why don't you?
Tritus: I might have once, but I've been here a more than a year. I know the odds.
Trinity: That doesn't mean you won't find a home.
Tritus: Please! I'm a Blumaroo. A plain species nobody wants. My owner ditched me because she wanted a Xweetok and she couldn't afford to feed four.
Trinity: You can't think that's the only reason! Besides, you could always be lab zapped and sent back.
Tritus: Owners take pets with little hope of adoption and zap them until they're a species worth sending back. But does anyone really rescue a Blumaroo for that cause? Grundos and Skeiths maybe. But never me. Why do you care? You'll all be out before me.
Trinity: How do you know that?
Tritus: Because its happened at least three times before. You might as well get back to reading. I'm not going anywhere.
Action: Trinity reluctantly walks back to the Living Areas. Several minutes later Allison_11385 (the human) walks up to Room 5 and peeks in to see Tritus still laying on the floor. Without looking Tritus knows she's there.
Tritus: So? Going to take a quick look at the pathetic creature on the floor before moving on? That's what everyone else does.
Allison_11385: *walks in* Actually I heard about you from a few pets in the Living Areas. Why are you laying on the floor?
Tritus: I don't deserve furniture while I'm brooding.
Allison_11385: Don't say that.
Tritus: *sits up and looks at Allison_11385* Why are you still standing there?
Allison_11385: I thought I'd like to adopt a third pet, but neither of mine have any experience with Pound rescues. I thought I'd at least take the 24 hour trial to make sure the pet I choose is the right fit. I'd like to take you to my home for the day.
Tritus: Me? You are talking to me, right?
Allison_11385: Yup. There's nobody else in here besides us.
Tritus: But I'm just a plain Blumaroo.
Allison_11385: Purple isn't terribly plain.
Tritus: I was talking about my species. My original Owner ditched me because she wanted a Xweetok and said she couldn't afford to feed four. Every time someone has come by while I brood has just scoffed or rolled their eyes and quickly left.
Allison_11385: Well I haven't done any of those. So, will you come home with me for a day?
Tritus: *stands up and nods* Sure.
Action: Tritus follows Allison_11385 through the Living Areas. There he sees Trinity, putting down her book and standing up to chat. He stops and noticing Tritus stopping Alison_11385 does as well.
Tritus: It was you, wasn't it?
Trinity: *nods* Hey, I couldn't have you in eternal low self-esteem. Good luck.
Tritus: Thanks.
Action: Allison_11385 and Tritus start walking again and keep moving through the Living Areas.
Allison_11385: Friend of yours?
Tritus: A roommate. Here that's the equivalent of family.
Allison_11385: Oh, that explains it.
Action: Allison_11385 and Tritus make their way to the front desk.
Dr. Death: Wow. During this time of day you're always brooding!
Allison_11385: I've decided to take him home for the trial. I know Xweetokness will be happy to meet him, but Lupiness is a whole different story.
Dr. Death: Have fun in the magical world of paperwork.
Allison_11385: Where did that come from?
Dr. Death: Oh, one of our usual donators decided to take everyone from Room 1 out for a day away from the Pound. He said something like that making paperwork sound epic to secure their release. Immediately after that they were all adopted. Odd, but whatever.
Action: Allison_11385 fills out the paperwork.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Melody and Merrick spot Tritus following Allison_11385. Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy stalk Melody and Merrick.
Melody: No way! This is so worth following.
Merrick: Hey, following Tritus and his Owner isn't very nice. Plus, its not an adventure at all.
Percky_Pippy: *jumps from behind the two and grabs Melody* Ah ha! That's what you two are up to. Its cold out here! Just go back before someone forces you to!
Melody: Ha! Like who? Merrick?
Percky_Pippy: Actually I was referring about my owner who's right behind me.
Haku2049: *flies over Melody and Merrick doing a vertical 360 at a horizontal 180 simultaneously* Hi there!
Melody: Agh! You're a very big Halloween Draik...
Haku2049: I'm closer to human size because I'm an Owner. Percky_Pippy's my zaniest pet and she's adopted from the Pound.
Melody: No...way! *breaks free of Percky_Pippy's grip, turns around and hugs her*
Merrick: Can I go back now? I really don't want to get caught. We've been gone for hours! There's no way they haven't noticed!
Percky_Pippy: *laughs* They rarely notice a missing pet and when they do it takes a few days before they worry.
Melody: *looks up at Percky_Pippy* Really?
Percky_Pippy: Yup!
Melody: *hugs Percky_Pippy harder* Yay! Hear that, Merrick?
Merrick: Yeah, I heard it. That doesn't mean I believe it.
Percky_Pippy: My good friend My_Cybunny ran away from the Pound after she was forced to live there after her Owner stopped visiting.
Haku2049: They only cared until they found out how she escaped. Then promptly fixed the security issue.
Melody: Seriously?!?
Haku2049: Yeah.
Melody: That's so cool! We don't need to go back, Merrick! But...how did she survive?
Percky_Pippy: She...she was forced into a life of crime.
Melody: *lets go of Percky_Pippy and backs up a bit* Aw, man. Bye, bye quick escape option!
Haku2049: Merrick, why are you listening to a playful Kacheek who gets you guys into all sorts of uncomfortable situations?
Merrick: Um...how could you possibly know that?
Percky_Pippy: Mind reading! Mind reading! Mind reading! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Melody: No way! *looks directly at Haku2049* Then what am I thinking?
Haku2049: About a cheeseburger.
Melody: Wow, you really can read minds!
Percky_Pippy: Is that all Kacheeks think about? Cheeseburgers?
Haku2049: *laughs* Heh, seems that way.
Melody: Huh?
Haku2049: A Baby Kacheek said that once to test my mind reading abilities.
Melody: Mmm...cheeseburgers...
Percky_Pippy: Please don't drool to add to the reference.
Melody: Fine. *turns back to Percky_Pippy and gets back to hugging her* Yay!
Percky_Pippy: Haku, are all Kacheeks like this?
Haku2049: No, but practically all the little girl Kacheeks are.
Percky_Pippy: *eyes water* This Kacheek is worse than Time!
Merrick: I don't know who this Time character is, but Melody is a hyperactive, tailwagging adventurer.
Percky_Pippy: Its early Time only with the addition of being an adventure seeker!
Haku2049: *snickers* This show has a lot bubbly personalities, doesn't it?
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Newton lays in his owner's lap, relaxing. Dragoon2049 laughs watching more Star Trek: Voyager.
Dragoon2049: "Scorpion: Part 1" I love you. Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Action: Newton runs away from the noise.
Dragoon2049: Um...
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Allison_11385 opens the door for Tritus. Lupiness (the male Green Lupe) and Xweetokness (the female Green Xweetok) hear the noise and come running.
Xweetokness: Is that my new brother?
Allison_11385: He could be.
Tritus: She decided to take me out for 24 hours to see how I'd fit in here.
Xweetokness: *gives Lupiness a disapproving look* Clearly the reason for the trail is Lupiness over there. *points at Lupiness*
Lupiness: *looks at Xweetokness* Your point?
Allison_11385: Oh, crud! I forgot the groceries! Heh, I'll be back. Just...don't kill one another while I'm gone.
Action: Allison_11385 backs out the front door, trying to catch any early fight. Soon she leaves and closes the door afterward.
Xweetokness: Hey, let's take this to the Living Room.
Action: Lupiness and Tritus follow Xweetokness through the doorway to the left from looking in from the front door. Lupiness and Xweetokness sit on the white couch facing the Neovision on a plain entertainment center. Tritus sits on a white chair that's at a 45 degree angle in relation to the couch. Another white chair is at a mirrored angle from the chair he's sitting on. A white coffee table sits between this entire odd setup. Tritus looks at Lupiness and Xweetokness while they look at him.
Tritus: I still don't know why anyone would want a plain Neopet like me.
Xweetokness: Purple isn't plain.
Tritus: Blumaroos in general are plain and unpopular.
Xweetokness: How is our plain colors any different than your plain species?
Tritus: Well, when you put it that way...
Lupiness: *snickers* Wait, you're depressed because you're a Blumaroo? Aren't you guys supposed to be happy and bouncy?
Xweetokness: *looks sharply at Lupiness* And aren't you supposed to be loyal and have an intense sense of justice?
Lupiness: *looks at Xweetokness* Your point?
Xweetokness: I don't like to be chased. We don't all fit our species bio data to a tee. It would be an awfully boring world if that was the case.
Lupiness: Why are Xweetoks so smart?
Xweetokness: I dunno. Larger cranial capacity than your average Neopet? Cuteness that rewards books? Instinctive curiosity?
Lupiness: *looks at Tritus* You know, its borderline evil how often she's right.
Xweetokness: *looks at Tritus, laughs, and nods* I am right a lot. Lupiness may be older and stronger, but...
Lupiness (interrupting): You can stop listening to her for a few minutes while she goes on and on about being smarter than me. Wait, why are you Purple anyway?
Tritus: I used to be Blue but Alexia, my first and only Owner, tried everything to make me cuter in her eyes. We got that via random event and since I was the least cute to her I was clearly the best candidate. It didn't help one bit, either.
Xweetokness: You were abandoned because you weren't cute enough for her?
Tritus: There's more to it than that. I was the middle pet of three. Alexia's friend went out and got a Blumaroo so she did as well. Alexia was never happy with my cuteness level. I went home the first night feeling her dislike for me already. I met Sahara the Blue Shoyru that night, her first pet. I immediately felt a little jealous. Alexia never made me feel at all that welcome while Sahara and later Meexis the Blue Acara tried to make me feel like family. I guess it shouldn't have too much of a surprise to know how poorly we were doing with money. We ate omelet and drank tap water every day. But Alexia wanted a cute little Xweetok to finish off the her cute family and you can't feed four with an omelet a day from the Giant Omelet. Clearly I was the one to go.
Xweetokness: *tears up* Because of a Xweetok?
Tritus: *nods weakly* Yeah.
Lupiness: Why do you care so much? That human made your life a nightmare. You were just getting by and we're getting along fine. We have two plain extra beds at the moment just in case.
Tritus: Being in the Pound for over a year is much worse than what I was put through there.
Scene: 905999 Brookesfield Drive, Neopia Central. Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita (the Blue Xweetok) watch their owner pace back and forth while they sit on their Zen Couch.
Zeita: Its been a year. You've found Jelly World and you're getting much better at the games for the occasional change in food. Don't you think its time to go back for Tritus?
Alexia: *stops and looks at Zeita* No way! Blumaroos aren't cute one bit! What makes you think he's still in there, anyway?
Sahara: The occasional letter we've sent and gotten a reply back.
Meexis: Read the letters! You'll see how bad things are for him!
Alexia: I won't be triple teamed by my pets! I'm going out to blow off some steam... *leaves her Neohome*
Meexis: Sounds like she'll be back after an anger filled gaming session.
Zeita: I wonder if Tritus could ever handle knowing anything about me. I mean, I'm like his replacement and I still feel bad about it. We've never even met but I still wish he could come back, even for a little while.
Meexis: But from the letters of his emotional breakdown he doesn't sound like the same pet at all.
Sahara: Poor Tritus.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central, some time later. Alexia walks quickly through the streets with a fuller pouch of Neopoints. She looks at the Pound and decides to go in. At the front counter she reluctantly bows in to her pets for awhile.
Alexia: May I speak with Tritus?
Desk Uni: Um...Tritus was taken with a potential Owner for the 24 hour trial.
Alexia: Hooray! Off my conscience! *races away*
Action: Alexia stops power walking and finds herself behind the grocery carrying Allison_11385.
Allison_11385: Stupid me for forgetting the groceries. Lupiness could have killed Tritus by now. Then again, that's probably with words because Xweetokness is there...
Alexia: No...way... *stops, closes eyes, thinks about what her pets said before she stormed off, and gets louder* Darnit, Tritus! Quit hounding me!
Allison_11385: *stops and turns around and sees Alexia* Um...how do you know Tritus?
Alexia: *opens her eyes* Oh. My pets Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita poked at my conscience a little before I stormed off to the Game Corner. I passed the Pound and reluctantly went in for their sake. When I heard Tritus was gone I was relieved until I heard you talking about him. Then my conscience was poked more and I made the exclamation that probably made you stare at me. Meexis and Sahara miss the idiot, but I'm still glad I put that Blumaroo in the Pound. What owner would want a Blumaroo anyway? They're not cute.
Allison_11385: *scoffs* Then why did you get one in the first place?
Alexia: A friend of mine wanted me to accompany her to create a new Blumaroo and I made one as well because she insisted on it. I regret going through with her wishes to this day. Blumaroos are not cute or that interesting. Tritus has always been far too plain. He lacks a personality to make up for his ugliness. Seriously, even he knew it was only a matter of time until I'd Pound him.
Allison_11385: That's heartless!
Alexia: So you say. I have no idea why but Meexis and Sahara miss him and Zeita wants to meet him.
Allison_11385: So you were triple teamed by your pets?
Alexia: Oh be quiet...
Action: Allison_11385 puts her groceries down, while still crouching, searches her clothing for a pen and paper, then writes her address down. She rips the part with her address on it off, puts the pen and the extra paper away, and stands up briefly to hand Alexia the piece of paper. Alexia accepts it. Allison_11385 grabs all her groceries and stands back up.
Alexia: What's this?
Allison_11385: My address. If you ever feel like apologizing or if your pets want to say hi they're welcome.
Alexia: *reads the address* No...way...I think our Neohomes are about five blocks apart.
Allison_11385: Oh, so that means we're roughly going in the same direction. *turns around and gets back to walking*
Alexia: *stares at the piece of paper* Hmm...
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness still sit where they were before, a short time later.
Lupiness: So...hungry
Xweetokness: Normally Allison has supper ready for us by now, but I know how she is with groceries.
Action: Allison_11385 opens the door with arms full of groceries. Lupiness and Xweetokness race to see their owner in the hallway. Tritus follows them, walking.
Allison_11385: Hey, guys. I'm back.
Lupiness: Why do you always come hilariously bogged down with sacks? I could help carry things home for you.
Xweetokness: Seriously, that's about the hundredth time he's offered.
Lupiness: Hmm...should I offer several more times right now and make her count?
Allison_11385: So, what do you think about life here so far?
Tritus: Its much better than the Pound.
Tritus (in thought): Its not like anyone there feels like family I'd ever miss terribly. I just...feel a little guilty being so terribly plain. I'm average in just about everything.
Action: Allison_11385 carefully moves to the kitchen to put the groceries away and get supper started.
Scene: 905999 Brookesfield Drive, Neopia Central. Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita watch their owner walking in the front door while they sit on their Zen Couch.
Alexia: I'm back.
Zeita: Hey, that's way too small to be an adoption form.
Alexia: Its the address where Tritus is. He probably will live there.
Sahara: *gets up off the couch and moves closer to her owner* How did you get that?
Alexia: Um...
Action: Meexis and Zeita walk over to join Sahara.
Meexis, Sahara, and Zeita: Hmm...we're waiting.
Alexia: Triple teaming me again? I walked by the Pound on my way home by chance and decided to see Tritus. The Uni at the front desk said he was gone for the day so I left, happy it was off my conscience. Then I found myself behind someone who had way too many groceries who talked about Tritus. She noticed I was there after you guys got on my conscience again. We chatted and she gave me the address if you guys want to visit him.
Sahara: Amazing! We've got to go now!
Meexis: You've got to apologize, Alexia!
Zeita: Not yet. Until his adoption is official we shouldn't bother him. He needs to acclimate before we toss his life through the wringer like that.
Alexia: Hey, why are Xweetoks so smart?
Zeita: There's no one reason that makes us intelligent. Its like asking an Aisha with a reason to smile why they smile most of the time.
Alexia: Agh! My head! Xweetok comparisons give me a headache.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Melody and Merrick look around, having finally ditched Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy.
Merrick: I'm so hungry! Think they're still serving supper?
Melody: Kacheeks are impervious to hunger... *stomach growls loud* ...or not. *sees two cheeseburgers laying on the ground and begins drooling* No...way...
Merrick: *notices* Two cheeseburgers laying on the ground just waiting to be eaten. What's wrong with this picture?
Melody: Oh shush and eat with me.
Merrick: *sighs* Fine.
Action: Melody and Merrick jump at their food. Percky_Pippy begins reeling in the cheeseburger bait with Merrick clenched on it. Haku2049 begins reeling in the cheeseburger bait with Melody clenched on it. Both Pound pets are dragged a bit, fighting for their dinner.
Percky_Pippy: Haku, I think mine's a whopper! I'm having some trouble reeling it in!
Haku2049: I'll be fine! Maybe we should trade, though. I have a weak one.
Percky_Pippy: *snickers* Who knew fishing could be so fun?
Action: Melody loses grasp of the top bun and it pops right off. She stands back up and helps Merrick. Merrick stands up. Both race away with cheeseburgers still clenched in their mouths.
Percky_Pippy: Haku! I just lost mine!
Haku2049: Smart fish...
Scene: The Pound, Room 5, a little later. Melody and Merrick look around, finally back from their freezing "adventure". Merrick begins to leave.
Melody: Where are you going?
Merrick: To take a shower. Apparently that's one of the few things they do care about here.
Melody: *follows Merrick* Good point.
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Allison_11385, Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness the dining table in the dining room, a short time later. Allison_11385 gets up and collects the plates, forks, and cups used for dinner. She quickly puts them all in the kitchen sink before walking back.
Xweetokness: Allison's a really good cook, right?
Tritus: Yeah. That's the best meal I've ever had.
Allison_11385: Don't be silly! I'm not that good of a cook.
Tritus: Well for me its been just omelet or soup every meal since I was created.
Allison_11385: Oh, honey. *walks over and hugs Tritus*
Tritus: I've...I've never been hugged before, either.
Tritus (in thought): I've never felt loved anywhere. Now this misty eyed human is hugging me because I've never had a good meal before in my life.
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness lay in separate beds in their room, a few hours later.
Xweetokness: Sorry our room's not very big. Allison's still deciding about additions.
Tritus: It doesn't bother me. I'm used to this. I can't remember a time when I had much privacy. You can't expect that even while showering at the Pound. I don't think I've ever felt this calm and relaxed before, either.
Lupiness: I'm sure you'll be one of us tomorrow. Then you won't have to worry about those things ever again.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Percky_Pippy stands in front of Haku2049.
Percky_Pippy: Now that I'm fed and had a shower I must say that I'm game for more fishing tomorrow.
Haku2049: So all it took we me dragging you with me for the day to appreciate poking fun at pets who should be inside where its warm than outside looking for adventure and find trouble?
Percky_Pippy: You could say that.
Haku2049: We can only go fishing if there are fish.
Percky_Pippy: There's always fish... Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Haku2049: *snickers* Oh, what have I created?
Scene: The Pound, breakfast time the next morning. Melody, Merrick, and Trinity stand in line together. Othello stands at the end of the line behind the counter, handing out cheeseburgers. Melody looks at the tray of a Purple Chomby.
Melody: That's breakfast?
Purple Chomby: Yeah. Oddest thing, too. Othello said he just felt like making cheeseburgers.
Melody: Agh! *races to Room 5* Its a trap!
Trinity: *faces Merrick* What's that about, Merrick?
Merrick: *looks at Trinity* We were late for supper so when we saw cheeseburgers on the ground...
Trinity: What kind of trap?
Merrick: The kind fisherman set.
Trinity: Fishing poles and everything?
Merrick: Yeah. We broke free before we reached the weirdos and managed to race out of there with our food.
Trinity: *snickers* That's so funny.
Merrick: We were hounded by them almost since we left the Pound. They seemed to have some sick pleasure in poking fun of us.
Trinity: Melody practically insists on being picked on. Sad she enjoys dragging you along for the ride.
Scene: Solomon's Neohome. A cheeseburger dangling from fishing line floats above Notanotheregyptianreference, bobbing down to an attack level occasionally. Notanotheregyptianreference notices the floating food item.
Notanotheregyptianreference: Cheeseburger!
Action: Notanotheregyptianreference jumps up and bites the cheeseburger hard. Haku2049 reels the Kacheek in. Notanotheregyptianreference just hangs there, not willing to give the thing up.
Percky_Pippy: Haku, do all Kacheeks fall for this?
Haku2049: Not by far.
Percky_Pippy: Wow, impressive bite strength, Notanotheregyptianreference.
Action: Solomon walks out the front door to see the zaniness going on.
Solomon: What are you two doing to my daughter?
Percky_Pippy: Fishing. Why, does the cheeseburger not make you want to bite into it, too?
Solomon: No.
Action: Acara Fisherman (The Blue Acara) walks by with a camera. He notices probably the best fishing photo op ever and decides to take advantage of it.
Acara Fisherman: Best...fish story...ever! *takes a photo before continuing his walk*
Solomon: Will that ever be published in a fishing magazine or something?
Haku2049: Probably not. He has an entire album of silly fish photos and that's where he wants it to go.
Percky_Pippy: Oh, a hard core fisherman.
Haku2049: *snickers* Maybe we should upgrade our fishing strategies...
Solomon: Put her down, Haku.
Haku2049: Okay. Fun done here.
Action: Haku2049 cuts the line with his tail. Notanotheregyptianreference falls to the ground with her cheeseburger and some fishing line tied into the upper bun.
Haku2049: But why's she outside playing when its this cold?
Solomon: I could ask you the same question. Plus, you already know the answer.
Percky_Pippy: *turns to the camera* Fans can feel free to add whatever reason they feel like here because we're not giving them the real answer.
Haku2049: You can say that again! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Lupiness, Tritus, and Xweetokness lay on the white couch in the Living Room. Allison_11385 walks from the Kitchen to the front door.
Allison_11385: Tritus, honey. Would you come with me? I'd really like to make this adoption official.
Xweetokness: Told you.
Lupiness: Later, Tritus.
Tritus: Um...sure! *stands up and joins Allison_11385 at the front door*
Allison_11385: We'll be back soon!
Xweetokness: Bye!
Action: Tritus follows Allison_11385 out the front door. Allison_11385 closes the door behind. Then they both walk towards the Pound.
Tritus: Are you really sure you want me? I'm quiet and rather boring. In everything I'm average at best.
Allison_11385: Yes, your previous owner said that to me yesterday. Did you ever stop to think it might be her fault? She clearly still dislikes you. You had never been hugged until yesterday. Maybe you were afraid of changing. Or maybe she just implanted ideas of you being boring and ugly until you believed them. Whatever happened you can get over it with time. If even Lupiness is on board you have to be interesting enough. I did give her our address yesterday when we met. I thought maybe someday she might like to apologize or have her pets over to say hi. Apparently we only live about five blocks away from each other. Does that make you feel uncomfortable?
Tritus: Clearly I'm in between right now. She'll never apologize or change.
Allison_11385: You should never say never. She only spoke once her conscience ate at her enough to exclaim your name. That came from being triple teamed by her pets.
Tritus: Three? *tears up* I had no idea who the Xweetok she adopted was but I knew she got one. Is it guilty for forcing me out or does it just care for my well being?
Allison_11385: Or both. You can find out eventually.
Scene: The Pound, a few minutes later. Allison_11385 and Tritus are at the front desk. Allison_11385 is handed a clipboard to fill out the final adoption papers.
Tritus: While you finish the paperwork I'd like to get my letters and say goodbye to Trinity, okay?
Allison_11385: Who am I to say no?
Tritus: Thanks!
Action: Tritus walks back all the way to Room 5 to grab the letters beneath his usual bed. He picks them up and counts them to make sure they're all there. He walks back through the Living Areas and stops as he sees Trinity, who quickly walks up to him.
Trinity: What are you doing back here, Tritus? A full day hasn't been over yet.
Tritus: I came for my letters and to say goodbye. Pretty much just to you. If you hadn't said anything...
Trinity: Oh, you would have been found, eventually. I just sped things up.
Tritus: Thank you. *hugs Trinity*
Trinity: I'm so glad you'll be doing well. Write to me?
Tritus: *lets go and backs up a bit* Sure thing.
Action: Tritus begins to slowly walk away.
Trinity: *waves* Bye, Tritus.
Tritus: *waves* Goodbye, Trinity.
Action: Allison_11385 finishes the paperwork while Tritus comes with his letters.
Allison_11385: That didn't take you long.
Tritus: I only had one pet to say bye to. Just Trinity the Yellow Wocky from yesterday.
Action: Allison_11385 puts the paperwork on the desk and pays the adoption fee. The Uni just smiles. Allison_11385 and Tritus leave the Pound and start walking home.
Allison_11385: So who wrote those letters?
Tritus: Meexis and Sahara. They wanted to hear more about how was doing than write about how things were for them.
Allison_11385: Oh.
Scene: 594126 Taluna Drive, Neopia Central. Lupiness and Xweetokness race to the front door as Allison_11385 holds it open for Tritus. Tritus walks in almost to the doorway to the Living Room when Lupiness playfully tackles Tritus.
Lupiness: Its my official welcome to the family, Tritus!
Xweetokness: You'll love life here!
Tritus: *smiles* I already do.

10/15/2011 - 10/19/2011 - Meet the Royal Intellectuals / A Day in the Life of a Pound Pet (Journal 122)

Scene: Neovision Studio. Time sits in the familiar chair as least she loves.
Time: Welcome to a very special 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. This is the longest episode yet! There's a very good reason for that, so hold on and enjoy!
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Sarah_Shivan sits on a Tiger Couch in the Living Room reading Haku2049's copy of Neopian Writers' Digest for a change. Time lays on another Tiger Couch, already finished with her read through. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, and Haku2049 play Ultimate Wingoball War in the Lower Hallway.
Sarah_Shivan: Haku's right that some of it is really bad, but most somehow ends up excellent. The things the size of a long novel and a subscription is quite good for the price. Then again, the makers essentially just endure reading all the submissions and choose what's the best and publish it.
Time: See! Most of its pretty good, right?
Sarah_Shivan: Yeah. Ever since Haku started putting the best ones on the bookshelf upstairs our collection of reading material has gone up a bit.
Action: Norm (the Royal Boy Acara) and Ridley2000 (the human) walk up to the front door of the 2049 clan. Ridley2000 knocks on the door.
Haku2049: Looks like we have company. This probably requires a human touch. *transforms back into his human form*
BlindEternities2049: I've actually never seen you as a human.
Dragoon2049: Its been ages since you've been in human form. Why bother to turn into a Kitsune or Neopet for the long haul, anyway?
Haku2049: I don't really know. I guess I feel more tailwaggy when I have a tail to wag.
BlindEternities2049: *laughs* I love that word! Why doesn't everyone use "tailwaggy" in casual conversation?
Dragoon2049: Or maniacal laughter! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Haku2049: Guess I'll go answer the door.
Action: Haku2049 leaves the Lower Hallway to answer the door. He opens it.
Haku2049: Hi there.
Ridley2000: Is this where Sarah_Shivan lives?
Haku2049: Of course! *moves aside and points to the back of her head visible from behind the Tiger Couch she's sitting on. *moves back to in front of the door*
Ridley2000: So you must be Haku. I've heard of you from both Cyrus and Sarah. You must know something about Brian, then.
Haku2049: Of course! Does his royal routine bother you terribly?
Ridley2000: That's part of why I came.
Haku2049: Well come on in. I'd invite you to sit on tiger couches but there's no way Time would move and I don't want to bother Sarah. Its her first time reading Neopian Writers' Digest, after all. But there are chairs in the Commons just upstairs. Follow me.
Action: Haku2049 walks to the Commons, being followed by Norm and Ridley2000. Ridley2000 sits down in a Red Chair and Haku2049 sits down in the Red Chair across the Glow-in-the-Dark-Moon from Ridley2000. Norm grabs a Dried Bamboo Chair and pulls it closer to the chat so that he can face the Glow-in-the-Dark-Moon as well.
Norm: This isn't nearly as comfy as the chairs at home.
Haku2049: So this is the brother who allows Brian to borrow his clothing.
Norm: You'd better believe it. I didn't want to come, but dad insisted.
Ridley2000: This place is pretty impressive for a regular Neopian.
Haku2049: Seven Bedrooms, thee lounging areas, one kitchen, and one bathroom. The two rooms you can see easily from here are guest rooms. We rarely need them, but I like to be prepared.
Ridley2000: We just have six. One for each of my pets and one for me.
Norm: But our dining room is dedicated and its larger than the usual squares used to make a room for a Neohome. Our bathroom's pretty big as well. Our living rooms are huge...come to think of it, we have a lot of enormous rooms. All well filled with furniture to comfort.
Ridley2000: But we don't really have a second floor.
Norm: Not yet.
Haku2049: So why did you come exactly? You mentioned Brian.
Ridley2000: Oh, I came to meet the infamous Haku and discuss Brian's love for the color Royal.
Norm: Its not a love for him. Its an obsession.
Haku2049: So what about it?
Ridley2000: As you probably know Xweetoks can now be painted Royal. While I love Brian dearly and know much he wants to be painted, I'm not sure its best for him. Wouldn't he be even worse than usual with his royalty routine?
Haku2049: I wouldn't worry. I don't think it could get any worse. I do know its something he's dreamed about for a long time and hoped to become one day. Why not let him go through with it? After all, its not like you can't buy a paint brush to change him back.
Norm: He'd never agree to losing the color Royal!
Haku2049: You could always force him to. But if you tell him how you feel about it and give him a warning I'm confident that won't be necessary.
Ridley2000: You have a very good point there...I'll think it over.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Brian walks with Susanna down the sidewalk, talking about a very similar subject.
Brian: Do you think my father will turn me Royal?
Susanna: Royal Boy or Royal Girl?
Brian (sarcastically): Ha. Ha. Very funny.
Susanna: He cares a great deal for you so I know that's a great but yes. I'm just sad you'll look royal all the time.
Brian: And what's wrong about that?
Action: Brian and Susanna walk out of Downtown Neopia Central towards the rich residential area.
Susanna: Your royalty routine is bad enough without you being Royal.
Brian: I have been doing that less and less, though.
Susanna: Because you don't remember to grab your brother's getup before you leave?
Brian: Hardly. I can tell it makes Cyrus and Sarah uncomfortable so I don't do it around them.
Susanna: Hey, it makes me uncomfortable, too!
Brian: You...you are forced to put up with it! Ha! Ha!
Susanna: Yeah, I do put up with it. You can be a lot of fun to hang around with.
Brian: I feel the same way about you. I put up with your poetry readings because I love hanging out with you as well.
Susanna: Hey! Those poetry readings are intellectually stimulating!
Brian: More like mentally boring! You need both rhyme and meter for a poem and more than I like have neither! You're telling me an insanely short story for what reason?
Susanna: Well, it does show we both make concessions for one another. We're at your place. See you, tomorrow, Brian.
Brian: Yeah, you too.
Action: Brian walks up to Ridley2000's Mansion while Susanna walks away on her way to her Neohome. Ollie1109 (the Island Skeith) holds the door open for Brian.
Brian: Hi, Ollie. You saw me from the window, didn't you?
Ollie1109: Of course I did. I've been a Skeith for too long now, but I really do feel like I'm earning Draikdom with patience.
Brian: *sits down on a comfy couch* I'd much rather get painted like Norm.
Ollie1109:*sits down next to Brian* I know you would. You were born into the lavish life, but I wasn't. I was rescued from the pound by your owner. I seriously feel lucky to have anything right now. How could someone who saw me out and about one day, mumbling about Draikdom, would not only donate his unused zaps to me, but give me a wonderful petpet as well. He said something along the lines of "Nothing worth having is ever easy" to me once. He's right. I'd much rather feel like I'm earning my wings than have Ridley give me a shortcut.
Brian: We are pretty different. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live in the pound. I'm just not wired to understand hard work like you. My worst experiences are self-inflicted pain from acting like a royal snob out in Neopia Central.
Ollie1109: Not nearly as bad as sharing small rooms with other Neopets and not having heating or air conditioning, or even steady meals.
Brian: I want to understand that better. Hmm...I know how I might earn that Royal Paint Brush...
Action: Norm and Ridley2000 walk up to the mansion.
Norm: Um...why's the door wide open?
Ollie1109: *turns to the door* I forgot to close it! Sorry!
Action: Norm and Ridley2000 walk in and see the two chatting Neopets.
Ridley2000: As long as nothing was stolen as a result its no problem.
Brian: Its only been open for a few minutes.
Ridley2000: Oh, well...so, Brian. I have a few Royal Paint Brushes here. Now that Xweetoks can be painted Royal I thought I'd have you painted. We can go right now if you want.
Brian: Really?!? *gets up and wags his tail while running around hyperactively. Suddenly he settles down and stands before his owner.* Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. I'd like to better understand Ollie's perspective on working for something you really want. That would entail me spending a day in the Pound. Maybe then I'll feel like I've earned it.
Ridley2000: Hmm...you look dead serious for a change. I've never seen you like this. Sure. We'll set this up.
Norm: More self inflicted torture? Idiot.
Ollie1109: Yeah, but a likeable one.
Scene: The Pound. Dr. Death walks up to Brian and Ridely2000.
Dr. Death: Did you come to adopt, transfer, or abandon?
Ridley2000: Well, Ollie1109, the Xweetok I adopted not too long ago put the ideas of hard work into Brian's head. He's convinced he won't understand Ollie well enough until he spends a day in the Pound. Clearly I'll be back for him tomorrow at about this time. I'll even donate more money to this place.
Dr. Death: What kind of idiot wants to be in the pound?!?
Brian: Its just a day. Besides, all I know is a rich lifestyle. Maybe I can better appreciate things once I get out.
Dr. Death: Far be it for me to say no. You could get a very similar result from going to Cockroach Towers, but I'm sure that's not enough for a little rich kid. Fine, come with me.
Ridley2000: See you tomorrow, Brian!
Brian: Yeah. See you.
Action: Ridely2000 goes to donate some money and explain the details to the nameless Pink Uni while Brian follows Dr. Death to the back room.
Dr. Death: You'll live in room 1. Yes, the cots are lumpy and a poor excuse of anything to sleep on. If you sleep at all tonight I'll be very surprised.
Action: Brian and Dr. Death finally make it into room 1. There isn't anything besides six cots, three on the left and right walls from the entrance. Lanselita007 (the female Blue Gelert), _Amada_ (the male Red Lupe), and _Aerynn_ (the male Red Scorchio) lay on cots on the left. Dahira (the female Blue Shoyru) sits up on her cot to the right.
Dr. Death: Looks like those three turned in early.
Dahira: *turns to see Brian and Dr. Death* Yup. Lanselita, Amada, and Aerynn decided to sleep off sickness they think came from some food they ate. Who's the new pet?
Dr. Death: This is Brian, who felt it necessary to spend a day in the Pound to understand his adopted brother.
Dahira: That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Seriously?!?
Brian: *nods his head once* Yeah. Ollie and I are just wired different and I want to understand him a little better. Plus, I want to feel like I've earned the Royal Paint Brush my owner promised.
Dr. Death: Chat away, you two. I've got to get back to the front counter.
Action: Dr. Death walks back to the front counter. Brian walks closer to Dahira.
Dahira: Why would you do such a stupid thing? There's practically nothing to do besides talk with others. Especially at this time.
Brian: Not even anything to read?
Dahira: I wish. The only things to read are donated and are only available during the day. Oddly enough the hours we have access to the living areas are during normal working hours. I'm not kidding, either.
Brian: At least you have something to read.
Dahira: Everything that we have access to has been donated. Typically they were already well used items before they were donated. The exception is the pool table somebody just replaced with a new one.
Brian (quietly): Why do I think I know who donated it?
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Haku2049 (the Halloween Draik) relaxes on a Tiger Couch next to Time while Sarah_Shivan continues to read.
Sarah_Shivan: Its was sweet of you to donate that new pool table to the Pound, Haku.
Haku2049: Hey, the one they had was falling apart. Most of what they have is falling apart. Its easy to make a pool table magically, among other things. I also donated jelly and omelet. Brian will probably have some tomorrow.
Sarah_Shivan: *puts the copy of Neopian Writers' Digest down in her lap and looks directly at Haku2049* What?
Haku2049: Brian decided that to try to understand Ollie better he should spend a day in the Pound. He also thinks that he'll feel like he's earned the Royal Paint Brush his owner has offered to use on him.
Sarah_Shivan: But he won't last an hour!
Haku2049: Oh, he'll be fine. Maybe a little more sedate but he'll be fine.
Sarah_Shivan: If you insist. *yawns* I think I'd better get to sleep.
Action: Percky_Pippy comes from her room, looking briefly at Sarah_Shivan while the Xweetok walks past.
Percky_Pippy: I don't know what your friend was thinking, but its not like he can be broken in a day.
Sarah_Shivan: Camera system?
Percky_Pippy: You know it.
Sarah_Shivan: Thanks for worrying about me.
Percky_Pippy: No problem.
Action: Percky_Pippy and Sarah_Shivan go back to their rooms and close the doors behind.
Scene: The Pound, Room 1. Brian and Dahira continue to chat, being the only ones still up in their room.
Dahira: Anyway, why bother to visit this horrible place? Is understanding your brother really that important to you?
Brian: I don't know why, but yes. He's so grateful for everything. Me, I was born into it. I'm used to it. My other brother remembers back when our owner wasn't rich, but he much prefers the lavish lifestyle. *yawns and lays down on the cot next to Dahira's* Wow! This really is lumpy!
Dahira: Its not comfortable by any means, but we're living off donations here. Some pets have been here so long they've lost hope of getting owners. I haven't lost hope. I know it may take awhile, but I'll have another caring owner someday. Hopefully they won't abandon me, either.
Brian: I had no idea some lose hope.
Dahira: *yawns and lays down on her cot* You'll see an entire world of both sides of the adoption coin in here tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I'm finally tired enough.
Brian: I'm tired, too.
Scene: 703549 Main Street, Neopia Central. Haku2049 gets up and grabs the phone and dials Time's parents. Immediately there is an answer.
Mark: Who is this?
Haku2049: You savior.
Mark: Haku! What's going on? Why call at this hour?
Haku2049: Your daughter is asleep on a Tiger Couch here right now. Want me to teleport her to her room or something?
Mark: Even a simple teleport might disturb her. She also has trouble registering not waking up where she fell asleep.
Haku2049: Okay, then. I'll let her sleep. In the morning she can eat breakfast with us since I doubt she'll hate omelet.
Mark: *laughs* You know her too well, Haku.
Haku2049: Goodnight, then.
Mark: Goodnight yourself.
Action: Both adults hang up and go to bed. Slowly everyone in the 2049 household falls asleep.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Haku2049 wakes up before everyone else like always and washes his hands before cooking breakfast. Time wakes up first, noticing she had a couch swap.
Time: Hey...wasn't I on the other couch yesterday? Wait! My parents!
Haku2049: I called your dad last night, Time. Have omelet with us for breakfast.
Time: Omelet? Yay! *gets up and walks into the Dining Room/Kitchen*
Haku2049: Your one of few Neopets that I know of who might say that.
Time: Why didn't you teleport me home?
Haku2049: I offered to. Mark didn't want to disturb you and he said you have trouble registering waking up in a different place than you fell asleep.
Time: Hence why you switched which couch I was laying on.
Haku2049: I had to make sure.
Time: Um...so where do I sit?
Haku2049: You can sit in my usual chair which is the lone one closest my room. Everyone else sits in chairs closest their rooms, too. Except for BlindEternities2049, who eats from a bowl sitting on the floor.
Action: Time wags her tail while watching Haku2049 heat up some omelet. Percky_Pippy comes from her room and stretches.
Percky_Pippy: Crud. Omelet again. Why are you tailwaggy, Time?
Time: I thought you knew! I love omelet, jelly, and jelly beans! I'd have them much more often if my parents didn't mind.
Percky_Pippy: You can have my breakfast and I'll have yours.
Haku2049: It doesn't quite work that way, Percky.
Percky_Pippy: Well I can dream, can't I? Um...where is Time going to sit?
Time: In Haku's chair! I'm not done sniffing in the yummy smells yet.
Percky_Pippy: For crying out loud, its just reheated omelet which came from the Giant Omelet.
Haku2049: Technically its a third of an omelet and a third of some chicken for BlindEternities. A third of an omelet from the Giant Omelet is a meal for one Neopet for the day. I usually split it up into nine pieces for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them.
Percky_Pippy: So what kind of fraction of omelet are you making?
Haku2049: That would be four ninths. I have four usual sized slices of Omelet in the pan with the usual amount of meat for BlindEternities.
Action: Dragoon2049 races out of his room, slamming the door behind to prevent another Newton attack.
Dragoon2049: Oh, come on! Why not some pizza for me?
Haku2049: Its breakfast time.
Dragoon2049: So? *notices Time* Um...why's Time all tailwaggy?
Time: I love omelet!!!
Action: Newton scratches on the door to Dragoon2049's room. Time opens it up and grabs Newton on his way to attack his owner. Time dances around happily while Newton tries his best to think.
Newton (in Petpet): Why's Time all tailwaggy?
Action: Sarah_Shivan wakes up, stretching while laying in bed before getting up out of bed. LegacyWeapon wakes up a moment later and joins his owner in a little thing called eating. Sarah_Shivan walks downstairs with LegacyWeapon at her right. BlindEternities2049 quickly follows after with Powerstone to his right. BlindEternities2049 and Sarah_Shivan notice Time.
BlindEternities2049 and Sarah_Shivan: Why's Time all tailwaggy?
Percky_Pippy: She's been invited to eat breakfast with us and we're having omelet for the trillionth time.
Haku2049: Time adores eating omelet.
Time: As well as jelly and jelly beans! *places Newton on the ground*
Percky_Pippy: When will the food be done?
Haku2049: Its almost done now. If you're bored go wash your paws. Theoretically its healthier to eat with clean paws than dirty ones.
Percky_Pippy: I'll just wait. *sits down*
Action: Sarah_Shivan sits in her usual chair, Dragoon2049 in his, and Time sits in Haku2049's. BlindEternities2049 walks over to his usual place to eat near the wall. Haku2049 puts the omelet as well as a fork on four plates and puts them in front of everyone at the table, two at a time. He then takes the chicken and puts it in a bowl and places it before BlindEternities2049. Haku2049 grabs Juppie Juice Boxes for everyone and places them before everyone, including BlindEternities2049, after putting the straw through the pouch for the Baby Gelert. Haku2049 makes sure the stove is turned off before turning back around to participate in the morning conversations.
Time: Yum!
Action: Sarah_Shivan stares are her omelet, thinking about Brian.
Percky_Pippy: You feeling alright, Sarah?
Sarah_Shivan: Not really. I wonder how Brian's doing...
Scene: The Pound, Room 1. _Aerynn_ slyly pokes at one very asleep Brian.
_Aerynn_: Hello, new guy! *pokes harder* Neopia to new guy!
Dahira: His name is Brian. I can't believe he slept the first night!
Lanselita007: You could almost consider that hard core. If it weren't so annoying trying to wake him up.
_Aerynn_: *stops poking Brian and walks over to _Amada_'s right* Poking is a lost cause. I'm dying to know his story, though!
_Amada_: So what's his story, Dahira? Do you know?
Dahira: He's a rich Xweetok who's spending the day with us to try and understand Ollie1109 better.
_Aerynn_: So he's Ollie's brother?!? That's so cool! Ollie has to be a Draik now if he was adopted into a rich family.
Lanselita007: Or maybe not. Ollie has an excellent work ethic.
Action: Brian slowly wakes up. He stretches and opens his eyes. He slowly sits up.
Lanselita007: Congratulations for being the first one in known history here to sleep the first night! I'm Lanselita007, by the way. The Red Scorchio is _Aerynn_ and the Red Lupe is _Amada_.
_Aerynn_: So how's Ollie doing? Is he a Draik yet?
Brian: You know Ollie?
Lanselita007: We sure do! We shared a room with him. He was always going on and on about wanting to become a Draik someday and he never doubted it would come true ever.
Brian: Well Ollie is an Island Skeith right now, using the lab zaps of Haku, the owner of a friend of mine. Haku also gave him a Juma petpet.
Lanselita007: I told you Ollie would prefer the hard road. That's so typical of him.
Dr. Death (yelling from the dining room): Breakfast! If you want peas and carrot omelet come before it gets cold!
Dahira: Did I hear warm food? I thought the stove died and they couldn't afford a new one. We have a microwave we all have access to for hot cocoa or something, but the line can be bad during meals and its a poor way to heat some things.
Brian (quietly): Why do I have a feeling I know who did that, too?
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Percky_Pippy, Sarah_Shivan, and Time continue to eat. LegacyWeapon and Powerstone join Newton in breakfast as well.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): Can I get a restraining order against Newton? Preferably requiring him to be on a different planet.
Haku2049 (psychically to LegacyWeapon): Now, now. No restraining orders, LegacyWeapon.
LegacyWeapon (in thought): Darn.
Haku2049: Trust me, Brian's doing fine right now. Soon after I donated the food and pool table I found out their oven/stove range was broken, so I replaced it with a newer one last night before bed.
BlindEternities2049: They couldn't even heat their own food?!?
Haku2049: Well they have a microwave oven they all share, but its a poor way to cook most things. Plus, with so many pets living together the lines can get long. I hear the cook used to make amazing meals for a veritable army three times per day. I'm tempted to toss some premium food in one of their refrigerators in the kitchen, but that wouldn't be teaching Brian what its like to have almost nothing. Oh, and I fixed the showers, too. They had just one bathtub and several communal showers. Everyone deserves a hot shower. Period. I might fix Mishra's shower if it was broken. I'd most likely post a "you owe me one" note somewhere with my name on it as the sender.
Scene: Oricalcos, Mishra's palace.
Mishra: No, my shower is just fine!
Scene: The Pound, Dining Room. Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, _Amada_, and a small army of other Neopets wait in line for the omelet.
Brian: We raced here and we're so far from the food!
Lanselita007: What do you expect? Our room's closer to the exit than the dining room.
Adinya (the Yellow Scorchio): *walks past Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_* I can't believe this omelet is steaming hot! Hooray for wonderful donators!
Lanselita007: Hey, Adinya. Is it true the stove's fixed?
Adinya: *stops in front of Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_* I don't know what happened, but warm food is a wonderful sight!
_Amada_: Well, at least we get hot food.
Action: Adinya gets back to walking to a table to eat while Dr. Death comes walking down the line, looking at those who haven't eaten yet.
Dahira: Hey, I thought the oven was dead.
Dr. Death: *stops in front of Dahira* You'll never believe this. When the cook went in to prepare breakfast he noticed a new stove where the old one was! He told me so I had to see for myself. What? Did someone break in and replace the stove overnight? Also, the showers have been mysteriously fixed! We saw a sign outside the bathrooms saying the shower had been fixed. Skeptical we went in and saw new handles and shower heads so we had to try one out. Sure enough warm water came out! Can you believe all that?!?
Lanselita007: Cautiously skeptical Dahira probably won't believe until she sees it.
Dahira: *laughs* You'd better believe it!
Brian (in thought): No...way. I'm certain Haku's behind this. Cyrus and Sarah keep saying he has magical powers and helps friends or friends of friends. Why help me indirectly like this, though? I can handle bath lines. I'm not used to them, but I can cope for a day. But these poor Neopets are living off dying donations...and a few have very little hope of finding a family. If I'm to understand Ollie any better I have to pretend like I've been abandoned. Just to myself. I don't want to worry anyone.
_Aerynn_: Neopia to new guy! Come in, Brian!
Brian: Huh?
_Aerynn_: You do realize the line has moved, right?
Brian: Oh. *moves up in the line* I was just thinking to myself.
_Amada_: It looked like you were about to explode from deep thought.
Brian: No way! Xweetoks are naturally smart so deep thought doesn't bother me. Well, clearly besides getting lost and forgetting about the world around me.
Action: Xconxxx (the Blue Xweetok) slowly walks by with his tray of food and drink. _Amada_ turns that way and notices him.
_Amada_: Hey, Xconxxx. Can you think deeply and get so lost in thought you forget about the world around you?
Xconxxx: *stops and turns to _Amada_* Yup. Isn't that the way of every Xweetok? I do it more often than you can imagine because there's not a lot to do here and the surroundings are abysmal. *turns back to his table and walks again*
_Amada_: Well I'll be. It is a Xweetok thing!
Brian: Told you.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Dining Room/Kitchen. The mortals finish up breakfast. Haku2049 places their plates and forks in the sink. One by one they wash their paws before getting to do their daily routine. BlindEternities2049 finally finishes along with LegacyWeapon, Newton, and Powerstone. Haku2049 puts their bowls away in the sink and reluctantly looks at the large enough pile of dirty dishes.
Haku2049: Man, I so don't feel like washing them the manual way. *uses magic to first sanitize his paws before making the dishes spotless and sanitized one by one as he puts them away*
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): Cheater.
Haku2049 (psychically to LegacyWeapon): Hey, its called being lazy. Sad thing is this is the first time they've been so clean. I wonder if I might blind someone with the polished plates? *points one at LegacyWeapon*
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): *squints* Wow! That is bright! Wait, that gives me an idea! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! *races to his lab*
Haku2049: I think its better if I don't read that Feepit's mind about what could possibly be inspired by shiny plates.
Action: Haku2049 continues to clean the dishes with magic as he puts them away.
Scene: The Pound, Dining Room. Dahira, Lanselita007, _Amada_, and _Aerynn_ grab a tray, a fork, and a napkin each before heading to the food line. Brian watches them and decides to copy. Soon they reach Othello, the Red Kougra chef who's handing out food.
Othello: We have just omelet for breakfast but you do have the choice of beverage between coffee, milk, and orange juice.
Lanselita007: Something tells me we'll all be having orange juice.
Dahira: Othello! Must...see...new...stove!
Othello: Its right over there! *moves out of the way and points* Its much better than the old one. It heats up faster and is much more efficient!
Dahira: *sees the stove* So it is a new one. Dr. Death gets one point for his news accuracy this morning. But just one.
Othello: *places part of a pea and carrot omelet on a plate onto Dahira's tray* What will you have to drink?
Dahira: What Lanselita007 said! Orange juice of course.
Action: Othello places a cup of orange juice on Dahira plate. Dahira moves aside to let Lanselita007 get her food.
Othello: *places part of a pea and carrot omelet on a plate onto Lanselita007's tray* What will you have to drink?
Lanselita007: Orange juice. Duh.
Action: Othello places a cup of orange juice on Lanselita007's plate. Lanselita007 moves aside to let _Amada_ get his food. Dahira and Lanselita007 pick up their trays and begin to move towards their usual table.
Othello: *places part of a pea and carrot omelet on a plate onto _Amada_'s tray* What will you have to drink?
_Amada_: I'm thinking orange juice.
Action: Othello places a cup of orange juice on _Amada_'s plate. _Amada_ moves aside to let _Aerynn_ get his food. _Amada_ picks up his tray and follow the girls towards their usual table.
Othello: *places part of a pea and carrot omelet on a plate onto _Aerynn_'s tray* What will you have to drink?
_Aerynn_: Despite me not trying to follow Lanselita007's whims I am feeling like orange juice.
Action: Othello places a cup of orange juice on _Aerynn_'s tray. _Aerynn_ moves aside to let Brian get his food. _Aerynn_ picks up his tray but stays near the line to show Brian to their table.
Othello: You must be new here. Sorry you can't decide between food but we don't have the ingredients to make it worthwhile *places part of a pea and carrot omelet on a plate onto Brian's tray* What will you have to drink?
Brian: Orange juice does sound good.
Action: Othello places a cup of orange juice on Brian's tray. Brian moves aside to let the next Neopet get something to eat. Brian picks up his tray and follows _Aerynn_ to Room 1's relatively undisputed usual table. Soon they've all sat down and begun to eat.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, the Study. Haku2049 checks his Neomessages. Sarah_Shivan comes from her room.
Sarah_Shivan: Um...Haku. Where have you been putting the failure issues of Neopian Writers' Digest? I haven't seen them in the recycle bin.
Haku2049: I've been donating fail issues to the Pound for quite some time. I'm sure they're glad to have at least something to read.
Scene: The Pound, Living Areas, a little later. With freshly washed paws, Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ walk into the Living Areas. Brian looks around and in one room he spots the before mentioned new pool table. He sees Xconxxx reading in a room and immediately assumes its the library.
_Aerynn_: Want to play pool again, _Amada_? I'll still kick your tail.
_Amada_: Hey! I had a perfect record last week! But I accept your challenge!
Dahira: I know if I don't do something mentally stimulating I'll go crazy! Library for me as usual.
Lanselita007: Same here.
_Amada_: What about you, Brian? Pool with the guys or reading with the girls?
Brian: Hmm...go someplace mentally stimulating or watch a game interesting only for its physics? I wonder if there's anything in the library here I haven't already read.
_Aerynn_: What?!? You've read that much?
Brian: Um...yeah. Don't all Xweetoks?
_Amada_: Whatever. *drags _Aerynn_ to the pool room*
Dahira: Well the library is this way.
Action: Brian follows Dahira and Lanselita007 to the library. The three look around for good reading material and sit down together. They all have a copy of Neopian Writers' Digest in their paws.
Brian: I've never read one of these before.
Dahira: They're a collection of short stories. Some are very good. Almost every week one's donated by a Haku2049.
Lanselita007: He's been donating them for quite some time!
Xconxxx: I hear from a friend that we just get the issues he doesn't find amazing enough to keep for future reading. I do agree with the guy that most of what's posted is pretty bad, but I'm just glad to read anything right now. Besides, there is an occasional hit amongst all the misses.
Brian (in thought): He's glad to have something to read at all? We have a library at home and we donate books here from time to time, but I had no idea how small their collection was. They can't afford anything here. Its all donation based. To think Ollie had to put up with this for a long time. *tears form in his eyes*
Dahira: *notices Brian* Um...are you okay, Brian?
Brian: Its just...I didn't realize how even simple things aren't easy to come by in a donation based place like this. To think Ollie went through this every day until he was adopted into my family. I'm getting out of here at the end of the day, but some here have lost all hope of finding a family. How do you guys do it?
Lanselita007: Living here may be bad, but at least we have each other. Have you noticed how room mates usually stick together here? This place may be horrible but we all become very close because...
Xconxxx: Its almost a mental requirement.
Dahira: Don't worry about it. Everyone cries on their first day.
Brian: *wipes the tears off his face* So you weren't simply living together with Ollie? You were like a surrogate family?
Lanselita007: You could say that. We deeply cared for one another.
Xconxxx: Besides, the adoption rate is rather quick most of the time. If you spend more than a year here you're in trouble.
Dahira: Plus, if everything was rosy for us here nobody would want to leave.
Brian: Good point.
Xconxxx: I could certainly stand gourmet meals and more things to read.
Lanselita007: Better things to sleep on. Apparently mister deep sleeper over there can sleep anywhere.
Xconxxx: Wait, a new Pet slept the first night?!?
Brian: Why are you guys making such a big deal out of this?
Dahira: I barely slept at all the entire first week!
Lanselita007: Those cots are hard to get used to laying on!
Xconxxx: Who can sleep the first night when you're contemplating your future? Then again, you most likely weren't worrying about that last night.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central, The Moonlight Restaurant. Ollie1109, Norm, and Ridley2000 sit together eating lunch together, wondering what to do about Brain.
Norm: I can't believe how much I miss Brian's zaniness.
Ridley2000: I miss him, too. Things just don't feel the same without him.
Ollie1109: He truly is an idiot for going through with this. Have you heard anything from him yet?
Ridely2000: Nope. I'm going to get him right now.
Action: Haku2049 walks in, passing a very zoned out Mitch_Moonlight. He stops in front of Ridley2000's table.
Haku2049: You're not going to grab Brian early. You're going to pick him up first thing in the morning.
Ridely2000: Um...who are you?
Haku2049: *transforms back into his human form* I'm Haku, of course. I can change my appearance to suit my needs or wants. I have a plan on how to make Brian understand even better. What do you think, Ollie? Which would you prefer him to go through?
Ollie: I'd never give up in the middle of something so neither should he.
Haku2049: There you have it, Ridley.
Ridely2000: Fine. First thing in the morning we'll get him.
Haku2049: I'll take care of everything. He will get stressed out of his mind but if he goes psycho I'll take him home immediately and explain things on the way.
Ridley2000: I just hope Brian will be alright.
Haku2049: Right now he's crying in the library about what Ollie must have gone through for longer than he'll be in there.
Ridley2000: How could you possibly know that?
Mitch_Moonlight: *walks up to the table* Because Haku here can read minds and transform.
Haku2049: That and I can see in multiple places at once. Its like having eyes in the back of your head, but much better.
Ridley2000: I could use that ability, myself.
Haku2049: I think all owners could. Well, I'd better get to scaring Brian now. Later! *leaves*
Ollie1109: You're taking the transformation thing a little too casually, Ridley.
Ridely2000: Transformation magic isn't something that's rare or unheard of. I just wonder if Brian will be okay through this little experiment of his...
Scene: The Pound, The Library. Haku2049 (the female Yellow Aisha) walks into the room after visiting all the others for cover reasons.
Haku2049: Hello there. My name is Amanda and I'm a counselor. I've been going around to the other rooms to introduce myself. Clearly those who live here have all kinds of problems and I'm here to help with the emotional ones to the degree I can. If you need anything today I'll be in the Nurse's Office.
Lanselita007: Well that's awfully kind of you.
Dahira: Yeah. Do the nurses know about this? Why volunteer your usually expensive services?
Haku2049: Of course the nurses know. I don't typically get paid on Sundays and I thought it might be nice to help those who could use some.
Trinity (the Yellow Wocky): Amanda! Tritus refuses to leave our room.
Haku2049: *turns to face Trinity* Show me the way, then!
Scene: The Pound, Dining Room, dinner time. The Soup Faerie hands out bowls of soup while Othello hands out slices of his freshly baked bread, excited to feel like his talents were remotely needed for a change. Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ sit at their usual table.
_Aerynn_: Its rare when the Soup Faerie visits. Oh well. We haven't had soup in awhile.
Brian: The soup's a bit too spicy for me.
Dahira: Cornupepper soup is a bit too spicy for me, too. At least the bread is good. I can't believe how happy Othello was to serve it to us.
Brain (in thought): Carrot and Pea omelet for breakfast, macaroni and cheese for lunch, and Cornupepper Soup with bread for dinner. Most of the food here leaves a lot to be desired, but Othello's bread shows its not his fault, its the food donations he has to work with.
Scene: The Pound, Bathrooms, some time later. Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ walk into the room, feeling warm moist air coming from the showers and hearing falling water. They race up to the showers to see a few Neopets getting clean before going to bed.
Dahira: No...way! Dr. Death was right again.
Lanselita007: That's a perfect score for him today, right?
Dahira: Shutup.
Action: Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ take a shower together.
_Aerynn_: I've never been able to take this hot of a shower before! Love it!
_Amada_: Um...is that typical for Scorchios?
_Aerynn_: Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Lanselita007: Oh no! He's all hyper now!
_Aerynn_: You'd better believe it!
Scene: The Pound, Room 1, a little later. Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ sit up in bed. Brian looks around, wondering where his father is. Haku2049 walks into the room, holding onto a piece of paper.
Haku2049: I've got an hour or two before I need to head home. I came here to deliver news nobody wants to hear. I'm sure Brian could use some counseling right after what I'm about to tell him. Your owner, Ridley2000, has decided to abandon you for the exact amount of time Ollie1109 spent in here so hat you can can truly understand one another.
Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_: What?!?
Haku2049: If you can read, the paperwork is right...
Brian: *snatches the paper from Haku2049's light grasp* That's his handwriting and his signature... *begins to cry* It just can't be true... it just can't.
Haku2049: I'm so sorry I had to tell you that, hon. Can you believe I volunteered because nobody else wanted to hurt you suddenly?
Dahira: How long have you known?
Haku2049: Not long.
Dahira: I'll just check with the nurses to make sure. Something just doesn't feel right.
Haku2049 (in thought): Typical Dahira. Sorry, Brian, but I know you can handle this.
Action: Dahira races up to the Nurse's Office. Whiteness (the female White Xweetok) sits up front. She notices Dahira.
Whiteness: What is it, Dahira? Feeling well I hope?
Dahira: That new lady Amanda just told Brian he's been abandoned for awhile.
Whiteness: Its true, I'm afraid. About an hour ago we got a phone call, paperwork, and the letter from Ridely2000. We couldn't decide who to tell him until Amanda came in, joking about not having work to do. She was the logical choice.
Dahira: Are you sure this isn't just some sick joke?
Whiteness: It sounded like Ridely on the phone and the paperwork as well as the letter are in his handwriting.
Dahira: Oh. Poor Brian... *races back to Room 1*
Whiteness (in thought): Its hard flat out lying like that but if the counselor thinks Brain might be better for this, then who am I to criticize?
Dahira: Amanda, go home for the night.
Haku2049: But what about...
Dahira: You have a few hours. We have all night.
Haku2049: Alright, then. Goodnight.
Action: Haku2049 leaves the room and goes home for the night.
Scene: Ridely2000's mansion, Ollie1109's room. Ollie lays in bed thinking about the idiot everyone in this episode seems to be worrying about.
Mishra: (off camera) Not me!
Ollie1109: Be stronger from this, Brian.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, the next morning. Haku2049 (the Halloween Draik) gets up early as usual and starts making faerie pancakes. Brian may have fell asleep crying but at least he hasn't gone psycho from it.
Scene: The Pound, after breakfast. Norm, Ollie1109, and Ridley2000 walk into Room 1 and see everyone asleep around Brian. Brian slowly wakes up to see his visitors.
Brian: But...what are you doing here?
Ridley2000: I came to take you home like we agreed on.
Brain: But I thought you abandoned me!
Ridely2000: So that was Haku's plan? You should know I'd never abandon you!
Action: Brian runs to his dad and they hug. Norm smiles briefly while Ollie1109 looks around the friends and room he thought he'd never see again. Dahira slowly wakes up and notices Ollie1109.
Ollie1109: I thought I'd never see this place again.
Dahira: Ollie! Its nice to see you again. But...um...you weren't here just a day and a half.
Ollie1109: Should I have?
Dahira: The counselor...Amanda... where did she go?!? She's so going to die for lying to us like that!
Brian: *hugs Ollie1109* I think I finally understand you.
Ollie1109: Let go before I mistake your arms as food.
Action: Brian lets go. Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ slowly wake up as well and immediately notice Ollie1109.
_Aerynn_: Wow, it feels like its been ages, buddy!
Lanselita007: You're so lucky to have a caring family again.
_Amada_: I wouldn't mind just leaving this place for even a day.
Haku2049: *teleports in behind Ollie1109 with Percky_Pippy before jumping out the right side* That can be arranged!
Dahira: Um...who are you?
Haku2049: I'm Haku and we've already met.
Dahira: Really? I've heard about your donations but I don't remember your face.
Percky_Pippy: *casually moves around Ollie1109's left* My owner's like that. I was here a lot in the past but it feels a little better being a guest instead of a tenant.
_Aerynn_: And you are?
Percky_Pippy: I'm Percky_Pippy. I was born a Blue Acara until Haku bought the lab ray to allow me to become a Pink Lupe like I dreamed of. But I'm really happy being a Shoyru!
Haku2049: So I've donated the daily zaps to Ollie so he can become a Draik.
Percky_Pippy: *turns to Ollie1109* Flying's really fun, Ollie! You'll see someday!
Ollie1109: *smiles* I have no doubt.
Lanselita007: Percky...Percky...that name doesn't ring a bell.
Percky_Pippy: *turns to Lanselita007* Its been years since I've lived here. I doubt anyone remembers.
Dahira: Why take us out for the day?
Haku2049: Because you helped Brain get through the day and a half.
Percky_Pippy: *turns to Haku2049* Haku, I still want to know why you made faerie pancakes this morning from scratch. We have omelet almost every day three times a day!
Haku2049: That's confidential information, Percky. You need a much higher security clearance than you currently have.
Percky_Pippy: Very funny.
Haku2049: I wouldn't say its that funny...
Haku2049 (in thought): The truth is seeing all those pets having poor meals like that made me want to have some kind of change for you guys today.
Haku2049: Feel like you've earned that paint brush, Brian?
Brian: I'm ready.
Ridely2000: Then we'll go straight to the Rainbow Pool and eat right afterwards.
Brian: Thanks, dad. *hugs Ridely2000 again*
Haku2049: While Brian and his family go to the Rainbow Pool we briefly head to the world of paperwork to obtain such a temporary release!
Lanselita007: Why's the crazy Draik trying to make paperwork sound epic?
Percky_Pippy: He's a writer.
Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_: Oh.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central a little later. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, and Sarah_Shivan sit together on tiger couches watching "Don't Eat my Mallard...Balloon" again. Dahira, Haku2049, Lanselita007, Percky_Pippy, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ walk up to the front lawn. LegacyWeapon races up to Haku2049 with his finally finished light gun.
LegacyWeapon: You've so got to see this!
_Amada_: Did that Feepit just speak pet?
LegacyWeapon: I'm LegacyWeapon and I just modified my radio collar with a built-in translator and speaker so anyone can understand me.
_Aerynn_: Right...
LegacyWeapon: Check this out!
Action: LegacyWeapon holds his light gun up and blinds a passing Pteri, who crash lands in the nearby tree. Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy snicker while Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ laugh.
_Amada_: Does this kind of thing happen here often?
Percky_Pippy: Not crash landings specifically, but LegacyWeapon comes out with a new gadget or modifies an old one practically on a weekly basis.
Haku2049: Sometimes we wonder which will be more amusing: several submissions in the Neopian Writers' Digest or LegacyWeapon's latest toy.
_Amada_: Cool!
Action: Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy lead Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ into the Living Room.
Haku2049: The bathroom's to the left, my room to the right, the lower hallway past that. Then there's the Dining Room/Kitchen at that end *points*. Right above us is the Commons where you're more than welcome to hang out or even use the guest bedrooms easily accessible from that room. The rest of the rooms you're not allowed in without permission. My bedroom to the right is off limits even to my own Neopets. We have reading material on the Pine Finish Table as well as the remote to the Neovision. Our NVHS tape player is in the entertainment center along with a few recordings. "Don't Eat my Mallard...Balloon" has been played a lot. That's what BlindEternities, Dragoon, and Sarah are doing right now.
Dragoon2049: Arts and crafts and four chairs are in the commons upstairs!
BlindEternities2049: Roughhousing is only allowed in the lower hallway.
Sarah_Shivan: We have a small collection of books in the Study, but mainly its just a computer room.
_Amada_: Why's roughhousing allowed indoors period?
BlindEternities2049: Haku has barriers around the open entrances that allow only slow moving objects to exit. Dragoon came up with a game to take advantage of them. We toss around a Wingoball Bouncy Ball at crazy speeds. Sometimes its more fun to miss catching it from how it bounces off the walls, floor, ceiling, and barriers.
Haku2049: That's still the neatest use for my barriers they've come up with yet.
Action: Newton races outside. The stunned Pteri falls out of the tree and is immediately attacked by Newton.
Pteri: Gah! Stupid Doglefox! Get off me! *sits up* Wait a second...what happened?
Lanselita007: Why a computer?
Percky_Pippy: We all vie for time with it because it allows us to do so much! I think I'll go up there and check my eNeomail! And maybe I'll browse the Neopets site for the usual comedy they offer.
Lanselita007: I'd like to watch, and maybe read something in there if that's okay.
Haku2049: Sure. Have fun you two.
Action: Percky_Pippy walks upstairs to the Commons and through the upper hallway being followed by Lanselita007. Percky_Pippy sits in the Rolling Chair at the Wooden Desk the computer and its monitor rest on. Lanselita007 sits on the Furry Arm Chair already close enough to the computer area.
Percky_Pippy: Just to let you know Haku doesn't like the world to know about a lot of the toys from Earth here that The Neopets Team doesn't want to admit exist. On Earth Neopets is a website and people can log in and come here until they log out. That's why a lot of owners can simply appear and disappear. I got an electronic Neomail address because Haku started logging out and more recently added user profiles to keep our stuff separate. Haku may decide to erase your memory about the computer and stuff later.
Lanselita007: Oh well. At least I'm fascinated for now.
_Aerynn_: So...hungry.
BlindEternities2049: You missed our breakfast time!
Haku2049: There are leftover faerie pancakes in the faerie fridge I could heat up. Or you could snack on popcorn until lunch.
Dragoon2049: Um...what's popcorn?
Sarah_Shivan: A movie theater snack we've never had before.
_Aerynn_: I don't remember ever having either of those options.
BlindEternities2049: We also have a lot of omelet and jelly to eat. We have Juppie Juice packs, Starberry Juice, Strawberry Achyfi, and Caffeine Free Neocola to drink.
Percky_Pippy: My Neocola! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
_Aerynn_: Agh! Its been ages since I've had so many options to choose from! *thinks it over* Hmm...Faerie Pancakes and Starberry Juice sounds good. Clearly I can heat it up myself.
Haku2049: Have at it, then.
_Aerynn_ (in thought): No...way. *walks to the Dining Room/Kitchen* I don't think I've ever been allowed to raid a refrigerator like this.
Action: _Aerynn_ walks up to the faerie fridge and opens it. He takes out the plate of leftover faerie pancakes and a bottle of Starberry Juice. He heats the pancakes up with his flame and sits down in Haku2049's seat to eat.
_Aerynn_ (in thought): Wow. These taste pretty good, too. Haku's pets are so lucky!
Action: LegacyWeapon walks up to Haku2094.
LegacyWeapon: So how did your somewhat evil plot turn out? Its comical when you change your form and voice. What was the latest one? Amanda the Aisha?
Haku2049: Shh...
Dahira: *looks at Haku2049* That was you?!? Jerk! *hits Haku2049 upside the head*
Haku2049: *rolls his eyes and looks at Dahira* Done?
Dahira: *eyes water* How are you not hurt? Nothing makes sense anymore!
LegacyWeapon: Planeswalkers aren't easily hurt.
Dahira: *looks at LegacyWeapon* What's that mean?
LegacyWeapon: Planeswalkers are invincible devas with amazing magical powers.
Dahira: *looks at Haku2049* So the odd additions were your fault?
Haku2049: Yeah. I realized them more while Brian was there, but fixing things and helping those that need it usually anonymously is what I like to do. I do try not to use my powers too often, though. I don't want to become reliant on them like Planeswalkers I've read about.
_Amada_: *leans against a tiger couch* This place is paradise compared to the Pound. You guys don't have to worry about anything.
Dragoon2049: We have worries, but not as many as you guys probably do.
Haku2049: *turns to see _Amada_* No pool table here. Though I am tempted to add one to the Commons upstairs.
Sarah_Shivan: Why do you and Cyrus's dad have a thing for that game?
Haku2049: *turns to see Sarah_Shivan and laughs* Hey! Its one of the few competitive activities I'm good at! You could say we both suck compared to experts, but doing badly sometimes is all part of the fun.
Dahira: I have a slight headache. Any reading material in the Commons?
Haku2049: *faces Dahira* You can probably find an issue or two of "Stupid Pets Magazine" Time brings here. There should be a few textbooks up there and I think one of them is a reading one, which means it has a collection of rather bad stories. Oh, and Time thought it would be funny to bring a children's book because BlindEternities is the color Baby. You're welcome to grab one and lay down in either of the guest rooms.
Dahira: Sounds good. I think I'll do that. Now that you've got me thinking about it, are we allowed here for a full day meaning we'd sleep over?
Haku2049: If you want to make it a full day that's fine with me. The lady at the front desk didn't care how long you guys were gone.
Dahira: That's good to know. Thanks. *walks upstairs to the Commons and grabs the reading textbook before heading into Guest Room 1*
Dahira (in thought): This room is nice. Two cabinets, a desk, a chair, and probably the biggest bed I've ever seen. Its easily large enough for two. *sits up in bed and begins reading before stopping and tears fill her eyes* I'd never be able to read in bed in the Pound. Maybe if I were to sneak something to my room, but that's a long shot. I already don't want to leave... *lays in bed facing the ceiling grasping the textbook in her arms while crying*
Action: Percky_Pippy turns the computer off and walks through the Upper Hallway into the Commons. Shut off from her fascination, Lanselita007 gets up and grabs a copy of "Neopian Writers' Digest" from the bookshelf before sitting back down and reading.
Sarah_Shivan: Um...Haku. Why did you just let her lay down in bed? You pretty much insist we all take a bath first.
Haku2049: *faces Sarah_Shivan again* I know, but she's never read in bed before and I though I'd excuse it especially with a slight headache.
Sarah_Shivan: What? *turns to Haku2049* No way!
Action: Percky_Pippy walks down from the Commons to the Living Room.
Haku2049: That's one of the odder rules of the Pound.
Percky_Pippy: I'll say! It didn't bother me much since I was much more interested in exercise. *walks over to be beside Haku2049* Oh, can I drink a Neocola in here?
Haku2049: I'm assuming physically you can get there and back. May you on the other hand... you know the rules. Sure, but if you spill some it will be weeks before I let any food or drink you carry leave the Dining Room/Kitchen.
_Amada_: Lucky.
Action: Sarah_Shivan gets up, looking at Haku2049 as she moves to be closer to him. Percky_Pippy walks to the Dining Room/Kitchen for her beverage.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): Just checking, but if I were to visit the Pound to better understand Percky...
Haku2049 (quietly): As a guest is fine. As a tenant is unacceptable. I'd teleport you home in a second. I wouldn't trade or abandon any of you and many there know that. Besides, you don't need to do what Brian did to understand her. She's quite used to living with us now.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): So...about Breakfast...
Haku2049 (quietly): Percky brought up the same subject. I'll be honest with you. When I saw how poor the food choices were for them I felt like changing things up today.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): I didn't know you could actually cook.
Haku2049 (quietly): Ha. Ha. I can cook and bake things from scratch. Its just cheaper and easier to simply heat up free food. Oh, and faster.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): What does baking entail?
Haku2049 (quietly): Basically using the oven which is below the stove range I use to heat most food up.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): So what do you know how to bake?
Haku2049 (quietly): Baking is the easy part. You just put food in and you take it out later and its crispy and healthier than frying or using the microwave. Its best for pizza or other bread products. Pretty much the easiest recipes are ones for cookies, which are relatively unhealthy almost regardless of what you put into them.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): Think you could teach me sometime?
Haku2049 (quietly): Sure, but Dragoon's an ace with the oven. He uses it to cook his pizza and loves to experiment with baking cookies and things when Percky's not around.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): Does the list of things he only does while Percky is away continue?
Haku2049 (quietly): By several pages in Veranda font size twelve.
Sarah_Shivan (quietly): *snickers* Typical Dragoon.
Action: Aerynn_Y9 takes a drink from his beverage while Percky_Pippy enters the room. Percky_Pippy notices the Scorchio's lack of eating utensils.
Percky_Pippy: You do know we have forks, right? They're essential if you want to add something messy like maple syrup.
Aerynn_Y9: *faces Percky_Pippy* Like I know where they are. They're not sticky or anything so holding it like this isn't a problem. Does your owner always make such tasty food?
Percky_Pippy: *opens the faerie fridge, grabs her Neocola, closes the faerie fridge before turning back around to face Aerynn_Y9* Not usually. We usually have reheated omelet. Dragoon sometimes has Pizza and Sarah mints and tea, but usually just omelet. Except BlindEternities, who eats pretty much nothing but chicken. He doesn't mind the repetition one bit.
Aerynn_Y9: *takes a bite of a faerie pancake while thinking about what to say next, then takes a drink of his Starberry Juice before speaking* What about snacks? They literally are unheard of in...
Percky_Pippy (interrupting): ...the Pound. I know. We almost always have crackers and other things we can grab and eat when its close enough to a meal and we need something to tide us over until then. If we're thirsty we're always welcome to grab a drink from the faerie fridge. Haku lets us take snacks to our rooms as long as we don't spill anything. If a single crumb ends up on our bed or the floor he'll know and ban us from that freedom for a few weeks. Part of why we have juice boxes is because its so hard to spill their contents accidentally.
Aerynn_Y9: *takes a few bites of a faerie pancake while thinking about what to say next, then takes a drink of his Starberry Juice before speaking* So how do you stand repetition when it comes to food? At least at the Pound you have variety.
Percky_Pippy: That's easy. I've never had an owner like him. He can be incredibly nice, especially when it comes to little things like not having a cow when one of us gets up on the couch even after we just get home a little dirty. The fact that he allows us to eat food anywhere but the Dining Room/Kitchen is impressive, though it took awhile for him to trust us with that. He doesn't have a strict schedule for us. If we get held up or eat elsewhere he doesn't care. He knows where we are at all times but he lets us make our own mistakes, some of them rather embarrassing. This environment is quite liberating.
Aerynn_Y9: *takes a few bites of a faerie pancake while thinking about what to say next, then takes a drink of his Starberry Juice before speaking* Do we really have to leave? You're making me a bit depressed about going back.
Percky_Pippy: Hey! Haku couldn't handle eight Pets to care for. Its probably a hassle for him to have you four over at all right now. Clearly he's nice enough to put up with you for a full day, but after that you'll be stuck in the Pound until you're rescued. I've been in and out of the Pound more times than I care to remember. It took a long time until I met Haku. Getting adopted by owners as great as him are what I wish for all those who are forced to live in the Pound for any amount of time.
Aerynn_Y9: *finishes of the last faerie pancake while thinking about what to say next, then takes a drink of his Starberry Juice before speaking* I wish getting adopted didn't take so long. Its hard waiting for someone to take me to my forever home.
Percky_Pippy: Hey, I'm a living example that its possible.
Aerynn_Y9: Hey, Ollie's my living example. I know its possible. I can't wait to have the perfect owner, either.
Scene: Oricalcos, Mishra's palace.
Mishra: My shower is still just fine!
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Around noon. Everyone crowds around the table for some salad and crackers. Two per side of the table, using four chairs brought in from the Shed outside. BlindEternities2049, LegacyWeapon, Newton, and Powerstone try to ignore the loudness at the table while eating. BlindEternities2049, of course, still has his chicken to eat.
Percky_Pippy: Wow, this table feels crowded.
_Aerynn_: You could have had two lunch time shifts. I wouldn't have minded.
Haku2049: Actually I find it amusing to see you all squished at the table.
_Amada_: Real funny. All you have is a drink. Are you fine not eating?
BlindEternities2049: Technically he doesn't need to eat.
Haku2049: Planeswalkers are immortal so we don't need to eat or drink. I like to think that this Strawberry Achyfi is going into a void.
Dahira: Then why are you consuming that beverage?
Sarah_Shivan: Because he likes the way it tastes.
Haku2049: Besides, its like a small piece of mortality.
Dahira (in thought): *rolls eyes* Right...
Dragoon2049: Why do vegetables not fill me up? In two hours or so its like they didn't exist.
Lanselita007: I know, right?
Haku2049: I could have been evil and not given you bread with it, or I can deny you snacks later...
Dragoon2049: But you won't.
Sarah_Shivan: Once again I didn't know Haku could bake or make a salad.
Haku2049: Hey, it was a quick baking lesson for you, right?
Sarah_Shivan: Yeah. I can't believe its as simple as following a recipe someone else made.
Haku2049: Some are easy while others are hard. I was tempted to make banana bread for Orion. That Juma goes nuts for the stuff.
Sarah_Shivan: Seriously?
Haku2049: Yup.
Sarah_Shivan: How cute!
Lanselita007: Who is Orion?
Haku2049: The Juma I gave to Ollie.
_Amada_: What an odd family you all are.
Dragoon2049: Technically the only two normal ones are Sarah and Powerstone the Horus.
Percky_Pippy: But Haku wouldn't have it any other way, right?
Haku2049: How nice of you to remember what I said before, Percky!
Dahira: I think I'd like to take a walk after lunch.
Lanselita007: Something tells me she'll be followed by _Aerynn_, _Amada_ and me.
_Amada_: Another psychic prediction!
Lanselita007: I'm not psychic. Its just usually things work out the way I say.
Scene: The Pound, Dining Room. A little later. Xconxxx sits at his usual table trying to ignore the loudness of the conversations of the various pets in the room.
Xconxxx (in thought): I hear Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ got a day out of this place but I have no idea why. Lucky. Then again, just a day could be depressing in the end.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ walk together to a park while enduring the cool temperatures because they haven't been outside in ages.
_Aerynn_: *shivers* I can't believe I agreed to come! Its so cold!
_Amada_: Its not that cold out here.
_Aerynn_: Hey! You have fur to keep you warm. I don't.
Dahira: I don't know about you but I had to get out of there for awhile. Its too depressing experiencing what could be only to have it taken from us tomorrow morning.
_Aerynn_: I agree.
Lanselita007: I don't feel that way yet. They have new books but they don't have as many.
Dahira: You could always go to the Neopia Central Public Library.
Lanselita007: Oh, yeah.
_Amada_: Seriously, why isn't there a pool table?
_Aerynn_: Pool halls and some businesses have them.
_Amada_: But not for free.
Action: Ollie1109 chases after Orion. Orion jumps on _Amada_'s head playfully, waiting for his owner to chase after. Just as Ollie1109 reaches him Orion jumps off and Ollie1109 and _Amada_ collide. _Amada_ falls onto his back.
Ollie1109: Amada?
Action: _Amada_ gets back up, looking at Ollie1109. Orion jumps up into Dahira's arms, tail wagging hyperactively.
_Amada_: Ollie?
Ollie1109: What are you guys doing out here in the cold?
Dahira: Having a group discussion about Amada's idea of us getting out of the Pound for a day by a crazy Draik writer. I find it more depressing to have something nice for awhile only to have it gone tomorrow morning than simply having another day at the Pound.
_Amada_: I'm still fine with the decision. I miss playing pool but its nice having a day to relax. I'd rather have just a day in wonderful surroundings than none at all.
Ollie1109: You can visit my home. Brian's been back from getting painted Royal and is hyperactive for the moment. But he hasn't done his stuck up royalty thing today, which is a surprise to me since he just became that color.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Haku2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan sit on tiger couches relaxing after lunch.
Dragoon2049: Its freezing outside. Why did they want to leave?
Percky_Pippy: They probably haven't been outside in ages. Maybe at all during their time at the Pound.
Haku2049: That and they needed a "Pound Room 1" private chat. Aerynn and Dahira are depressed about seeing our nice lifestyle only to have to go back tomorrow morning. Lanselita doesn't mind the situation and Amada loves this. Ollie has just offered to take them to his home for awhile.
Dragoon2049: Agh! What's anyone doing outside?
Haku2049: Ollie was just chasing one hyper Orion.
Percky_Pippy: Think they'll come back?
Haku2049: I don't know.
Percky_Pippy: Yes you do, you're just not saying!
Haku2049: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Percky_Pippy (in thought): Planeswalkers...
Scene: Ridley2000's mansion. Dahira, Lanselita007, Ollie1109, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ arrive at the front door with Dahira still holding onto Orion. Inside Brian, Norm, and Ridley2000 sit in comfortable chairs, chatting about Brian's most recent reckless act. Brian gets up, seeing someone out the front -blocked- There's a knock at the door and Brian quickly opens it. Brian quickly sees everyone.
Brian: Um...I know why Ollie was out in the cold, but you four...
Ollie: Eht hem.
Brian: Oh, right. *moves aside* Come on in.
Action: Dahira, Lanselita007, Ollie1109, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ walk in. Brian closes the door after they have entered. Dahira quickly puts down Orion. Brian sits back down.
Ridely2000: Please, everyone. Sit down and chat with us.
Action: Dahira, Lanselita007, Ollie1109, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ sit down. Orion jumps up onto Ollie1109's lap, laying down and closing his eyes.
Brian: So, why aren't you four at Haku's place having a good time?
Dahira: *scoffs* Its much more depressing knowing we'll be back in the pound tomorrow morning than if Amada had never made such a stupid suggestion.
_Amada_: Hey, a day outside the Pound to me is great, but there are things I'm almost looking forward to going back to.
_Aerynn_: Percky's adoption speech didn't make me feel any better.
Lanselita007: While their library is severely lacking the fact that they're nice enough to have us over is amazing. Especially for just helping Brian acclimate to life in the Pound.
Ollie1109: *snickers* I think this is Room 1's first split decision ever!
Dahira and _Aerynn_: So not funny!
Lanselita007 and _Amada_: That's our Ollie!
Brian: Wait. If you want to go back then go.
Ollie1109: *looks down at Orion* If you want to be wimps about it you could always have Haku erase your memories on top of it. *looks up at Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_* But I know you're not going to give up like that. Who cares if its only for a day? Its used from time to time as a way to try a Pound pet out for awhile. To make sure they're not going to screw up your household before you commit to adoption. Besides, while you're gone from the Pound you won't be able to meet potential owners. I say go back to Haku's Neohome and quit complaining about it.
Ridely2000: Or you could always spend the night here. We have just as many guest rooms.
Aerynn_Y9: Darn it, Ollie! I miss your speeches!
Ollie1109: Hey, no hugging or your arm might accidentally be eaten.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. A little after supper time.
Dragoon2049: Slightly creamy macaroni and cheese for supper? Will we get good food tomorrow, too?
Haku2049: We'll see.
Percky_Pippy: That means no.
Sarah_Shivan: Actually I think that's closer to a yes.
Dragoon2049: Newton and I will assimilate the bathroom for awhile! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Haku2049: Has he been watching a lot of Star Trek: Voyager?
Dragoon2049: Irrelevant.
Sarah_Shivan: *laughs* I think that's a yes.
Action: Dragoon2049 begins to walk to his room, but sees Newton waiting by the bathroom door. Dragoon2049 walks in with Newton right behind him, closing the door afterward.
Percky_Pippy: Speaking of, I think we should watch some while waiting for those two to finish. Preferably the first season.
Sarah_Shivan: Sounds great!
BlindEternities2049: I'll just take a nap on the couch.
Haku2049: Alright. *moves over to the entertainment center and opens it up*
Percky_Pippy: Wait, don't we have to watch them on the computer?
Haku2049: Not anymore. I brought a Blu-Ray Burner from Earth and burned the episodes to Blu-Ray. We can watch them on these little discs. *takes a disc from its case and shows it to Percky_Pippy* Plus, it uses less space than the NVHS player. I've also taken the liberty of updating the resolution and bit depth of our Neovision so Blu-Ray quality will be rather noticeable.
Percky_Pippy: *hugs Haku2049* Always making our life a little easier. *lets go and backs up a bit* But what about the Pound pets and the existence of our secret technology?
Haku2049: They've already forgotten about them, but its not really noticeable to even Lanselita.
Action: Haku2049 opens the Blu-Ray tray and places the disc inside before closing the tray and grabbing the new remote before closing the entertainment center a bit and sits down along with Percky_Pippy and Sarah_Shivan. BlindEternities2049 jumps up and lays down, head vaguely facing the upgraded Neovision. Haku2049 presses play on the new remote and the very first Star Trek: Voyager episode begins to play. About halfway through Dragoon2049 and Newton come from the bathroom. Dragoon2049 sees the odd sight and wonders what's going on.
Dragoon2049: How are you watching that on the Neovision and why is the picture so good?
Haku2049: I've upgraded our Neovision's display for a larger resolution and support for more colors. Over-the-air Neovision won't change that way it looks much since its broadcast in about the same way most Neovisions show it as.
Sarah_Shivan: I'll see if I can't find LegacyWeapon and force him to take a bath.
Haku2049: Don't bother. *teleports LegacyWeapon into Sarah_Shivan's arms*
Sarah_Shivan: Thanks.
Action: LegacyWeapon tries to escape, but Sarah_Shivan has a death grip on him.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): So not funny! And where's my collar?!?
Haku2049 (psychically to LegacyWeapon): Your collar is near your Petpet bed.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): Evil! Evil! Evil!
Action: Sarah_Shivan takes the very reluctant LegacyWeapon into the bathroom for a bath with her. Dragoon2049 leans against the back of a tiger couch, yawning.
BlindEternities2049: Odd how Netwon loves getting a bath so much its hard to get him out while LegacyWeapon hates getting a bath so much its hard to get him in.
Haku2049: Yeah. Meanwhile Powerstone can clean himself well enough and will usually follow his owner into the bathroom for a bath.
Percky_Pippy: I'll take a bath next. Somehow I'm faster than anyone else.
Dragoon2049: Yeah, but you don't have to give Wii a near daily bath.
Percky_Pippy: Yeah, that reminds me. What's the policy for bathing non-comatose plushie petpets?
Haku2049: Still less with my usual accident clause.
Percky_Pippy: Haku, could you make me a Borg cookie?
Scene: Ridely2000's Mansion, a little later. Brian, Dahira, Lanselita007, Norm, Ridley2000, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ still sit in the Living Room, talking. Lanselita007 reads a book she's really engrossed in while _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ get a little bored.
_Amada_: My...gosh. There's nothing to do here besides talk and read? What about Neovision?
Ridley2000: We don't watch Neovision. Most of its mind numbing and dull.
Brian: Besides, a good book's much better than watching Neovision!
Dahira (whispering to _Aerynn_): Do you think they're trying to bore us into leaving?
_Aerynn_ (whispering to Dahira): Whether they are or not, its working.
_Amada_ (quietly): Agreed... *elbows Lanselita007*
Lanselita007: *looks up from the book* Huh?
Action: Dahira _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ give Lanselita007 bored looks before looking at their hosts again.
_Amada_: Gah! I can't stand it anymore! Are you guys purposely trying to bore us to death?!?
Ridley2000: Heavens, no! What ever gave you that impression?
Ollie1109: *snickers* I know its not very exciting here, but that's part of why I said my speech.
_Amada_: I'm going back. *stomach rumbles* ...right after I eat something!
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Sarah_Shivan finally comes out of the bathroom with one annoyed LegacyWeapon in her arms. Percky_Pippy races into the bathroom and slams the door shut behind her.
Sarah_Shivan: *looks at the clock* Its still sort of early, but I'm so tired after taking a bath... *yawns* I'm going to turn in early, okay?
Haku2049: Goodnight, Sarah!
Action: Sarah_Shivan walks upstairs and goes into her room, closing the door behind her. She puts LegacyWeapon down on his bed before jumping into her own and relaxing.
Dragoon2049: I'm a bit tired as well, but I'm not leaving yet. But you love season 4 a lot, too, so why not start with the Borg?
Haku2049: Percky felt like it. After you made your assimilation joke she asked for a Borg cookie. Think you can help her out, Dragoon?
Dragoon2049: The existence of a Borg cookie is irrelevant.
Action: A short time later Percky_Pippy arrives from the bathroom outlandishly clean considering how little time it took her. Percky_Pippy quickly races to sit back down. Haku2049 gets up, placing the remote down on the coffee table. He picks up the lightly sleeping BlindEternities2049. Getting picked up is enough to wake the Baby Gelert up.
BlindEternities2049: Bath time?
Haku2049: Yup.
BlindEternities2049: Powerstone! Bath time!
Action: Haku2049 takes BlindEternities2049 into the bathroom. The very alert Horus hears his owner's exclamation and flies downstairs into the bathroom before Haku2049 closes the door behind. There's a knock at the front door.
Dragoon2049: I'll get it.
Percky_Pippy: Want me to pause it?
Dragoon2049: Its the first season, so no.
Action: Dragoon2049 opens the front door to see Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_.
Dragoon2049: We weren't sure if we would see you guys again. Well, Percky and I weren't. BlindEternities and Sarah either didn't care or didn't have an opinion at the time. *moves aside* But come on in!
Action: Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ walk inside while Dragoon2049 closes the door behind them.
_Aerynn_: Man its cold out there!
Lanselita007: *cries* No fair! I was dragged here! I was enjoying a good book before these three got bored and dragged me back!
Dragoon2049: *laughs* Heh. Interesting to know our owner is more fun than Brian's.
Dahira: All they have is books and conversation for entertainment! I like to read but even I have my limits!
_Amada_: Um...what are you watching?
_Aerynn_: And where is everyone? Its not that late.
Dragoon2049: We're watching an awesome show about humans with high tech toys in the future. We've watched every episode already. If what was playing was from season 4 it would be on pause. Unfortunately Percky had to start season 1 playing...
Percky_Pippy: Hey! I like season 1. I'll turn the Borg into a cookie! Just wait and see! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Lanselita007: Um...I'm lost.
Dragoon2049: Sorry. They're called in jokes. The Borg are a group of humans with technology inside and outside. I think they're awesome but Percky would rather eat one in cookie form.
Percky_Pippy: Stupid Borg...
_Amada_: *smiles* Well, this certainly isn't boring!
Dragoon2049: Oh, yeah. We've almost all taken baths. Sarah went to bed when she got out since she was tired. BlindEternities and Haku are bathing right now.
_Aerynn_: I can't wait to take a nice hot shower.
Dragoon2049: We don't have a dedicated shower. We have a lever to make the water pour through the shower head and shower curtains that go all the way around the tub, but we rarely take showers.
Percky_Pippy: I take showers more than baths. Its much faster.
Dahira: Why do you have two bathtubs split by dividers?
Dragoon2049: Probably foreseeing we'd need two because BlindEternities can't bathe himself and Newton much prefers having fun in a body of water larger than that the Petpet tub has to offer.
Newton (in Petpet): Swimming is fun! Yay!
BlindEternities2049: Haku, do you ever think I'll be able to clean myself? Even Powerstone can do it.
Haku2049: I wouldn't worry about it too badly, buddy. Newton can't either.
BlindEternities2049: But I wish I was good enough with wind magic...
Haku2049: Wind magic can't help you. You'd need to make a large enough gust just to hover a washcloth. It would get water everywhere and the shower curtain would be all over. If you had telekinesis or an equivalent magical ability it would be easier, but it would likely still be chaos.
BlindEternities2049: Tell me again why you asked to make me walk on all fours exclusively when you created me?
Haku2049: Gelerts are a lot like domestic dogs from Earth and they can only walk on all fours. I had both dogs and cats when I was a child, but they ran away one night. I just wanted to have some of that back so to speak.
BlindEternities2049: I'm just a little depressed. I mean, even Amy can bathe herself.
Haku2049: If you learned transformation magic or became a Planeswalker you very well could do the same. You may be talented bit wind magic, but transformation magic requires light magic. If it really means that much to you I'll teach you the spell sometime.
BlindEternities2049: Really?!? That sounds great!
Dahira: I don't get what's going on, but the props look great!
Dragoon2049: *looks at the Neovision screen* Yeah, human shows can be hard to understand sometimes, but Haku likes them and tends to have the ability to explain things in the simplest terms possible.
Action: Haku2049 lifts BlindEternities2049 out of the tub. BlindEternities2049 uses his wind magic to blow dry himself, causing a breeze to escape into the Living Room. Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ look cautiously at the slightly vibrating door. BlindEternities2049 gives up air dying while Haku2049 begins to open the door. BlindEternities2049 uses another wind to force the door wide open, making wind rush at Dahira, Dragoon2049, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_.
_Amada_: What was that?!?
Haku2049: Its called air drying the Baby Gelert way.
Action: BlindEternities2049 races out of the bathroom, smiling to himself. Haku2049 follows, but walking. Haku2049 sits on the couch with his towel around his waist. BlindEternities2049 jumps up onto Haku2049's lap and lays there. A poofy looking Powerstone flies out of the bathroom and onto Haku2049's head.
Powerstone (in Petpet): I hate it when he does that.
Action: Newton collapses at Dragoon2049's feet. Dragoon2049 notices and picks up the idiot.
Dragoon2049: I think I'd better go to bed. *yawns* Silly Newton reminded me I'm tired.
Haku2049: Good night then, Dragoon.
Action: Dragoon2049 picks up Newton and walks to his room. He quickly goes in, closing the door behind. Then he places the snoozing Newton on the dumb Doglefox's Petpet bed before laying in bed himself.
Dahira: Can we shower now?
Haku2049: *looks at Dahira* Sure! While I was in there I put our toothbrushes away and put another four out for you guys.
Lanselita007: You didn't need to go to the trouble...
Haku2049: Its no trouble. We have tons of toothbrushes, towels, and other grooming products as backup mainly after Percky ate our old toothpaste when she was a Grarrl from a lab zap.
Percky_Pippy: *hits pause and turns to Haku2049* Hey, how many times do I have to apologize?!?
Lanselita007: Well that explains Ollie's no hugging thing. But how do we do this? One at a time? Two at a time?
Haku2049: Your call. Despite privacy screens true privacy usually entails having the bathroom to yourself.
Dahira: I'm so not used to that much privacy!
Lanselita007: We can take showers together, then.
_Amada_: Ladies first. I've never taken a shower this late and I'd be happy to make the record a little longer.
Dahira: Works for me.
Action: Dahira and Lanselita007 walk into the bathroom and close the door behind.
_Aerynn_: *looks at the clock* Wow. If we were at the pound and hadn't showered yet we'd be in big trouble. And devas forbid we get dirty enough to require more than one. *looks back at the Neovision screen*
BlindEternities2049: That must suck! We can take a bath or shower pretty much whenever we want.
Percky_Pippy: Even just to relax in warm bubbles. *presses play and focuses on the show again*
Haku2049: So far both tubs simultaneously have only been used for recreational purposes once.
BlindEternities2049: Sarah and I took bubble baths together.
Haku2049: *faces Percky_Pippy* If you still want me to make you a Borg cookie I may just be willing to turn you into one.
Percky_Pippy: Where did you get that from...oh. Then will you bake me a Borg cookie?
Haku2049: Maybe some other time.
Action: After being in the bathroom for a little longer than Percky_Pippy was, Dahira and Lanselita007 walk out with cutely labeled guest towels around them.
Dahira: Ah! I don't think I've ever felt so clean!
Lanselita007: We're usually just given a small cup of liquid body soap to use. I wish we were given shampoo and conditioner, too! My fur's always been so frizzy even shortly after a shower. *looks at Haku2049* Thanks for inviting us into your house for a full day. Its more than most bother to do.
_Amada_: *smiles* Especially for doing something we'd do anyway.
Haku2049: *faces Lanselita007* Well I like to be different.
Percky_Pippy: *rolls eyes* I'll say!
Haku2049: *faces Percky_Pippy* Typical Percky.
_Aerynn_: *pokes _Amada_* Hey, shower time.
_Amada_: Well, we have a record to beat for fastest super clean shower and I want to win! *races into the bathroom*
_Aerynn_: *rolls eyes* Idiot.
Action: Much slower _Aerynn_ walks into the bathroom as well, closing the door behind.
Dahira: *yawns* I don't know about you all, but I'm tired from a day of experiencing the lifestyles offered by two very different households. While ultimately boring in the end, I think we needed Ollie's pep talk. *yawns*
Lanselita007: *yawns* I'm tired, too. Though I'd much rather be reading that wonderful book in bed at the mansion. *yawns*
Dahira: There's a reading textbook on the huge bed in the guest room I laid in earlier. Complain and I might kill you sometime when I have the energy.
Haku2049: Goodnight then, Dahira and Lanselita.
Action: Dahira and Lanselita007 walk slowly and clearly at loss for energy upstairs to Guest Room 1.
Percky_Pippy: Wow, so much for finishing. *yawns* I'm exhausted.
Action: Percky_Pippy hits the stop button on the Blu-Ray Recorder remote before placing it on the coffee table and briefly picking up the one for the Neovision to shut it off. She quickly places it back on the coffee table before getting up. She looks at Haku2049.
Percky_Pippy: Goodnight, Haku.
Haku2049: Goodnight, Percky.
Action: Percky_Pippy walks up to her room, opens the door, and enters before closing the door behind her. She lays in bed and closes her eyes. Haku2049 just pets BlindEternities2049 in the quiet. Doing better than the girls but still worst than Percky_Pippy, the boys come from the bathroom feeling refreshed.
_Amada_: Please tell me we beat Percky's time.
Haku2049: Nope. But you did marginally better than the girls.
_Amada_: So where will be be sleeping?
Haku2049: Guest Room 1 is full. Guest Room 2 is to the right from the Commons while looking towards the Upper Hallway. All of the rooms have themes and Guest Room 2 has an amusing one considering you two will be sleeping there.
_Amada_: Alright, Aerynn. Let's see what we're dealing with.
Action: _Aerynn_ and _Amada_ walk upstairs to the Commons. They turn to the right and open the door to Guest Room 2.
_Aerynn_: Wait a second. Why aren't the girls sleeping in the faerie themed room?
_Amada_: Why is there a faerie themed room in the first place?
_Aerynn_: Your question is better than mine, but mine's easily solvable.
Action: _Aerynn_ and _Amada_ walk over to Guest Room 1 and open the door.
_Aerynn_: There's a girly faerie themed room right across the room. Why aren't you guys in there?
Dahira: I didn't know that's what the other one was. *snickers* Enjoy sleeping in there, guys! *yawns* We're not going anywhere.
_Aerynn_: That's what you think.
Action: _Aerynn_ walks into Guest Room 1 and picks up the too tired to fight Dahira and starts carrying her to Guest Room 2. _Amada_ snickers, rolls his eyes, then picks up Lanselita007 and follows.
Lanselita007: My textbook! *grabs it quickly off the bed and holds it close*
_Amada_: Its not your textbook. You're just reading it.
Lanselita007: *yawns* You're darn right I'm reading it!
Action: _Aerynn_ places Dahira on the same side she was before on the Regal Oak Wood Bed on the Fyora Print Bed.
Dahira: *snickers* Why move us? You guys would love it in here!
_Aerynn_: Can it, Dahira.
Action: _Aerynn_ walks out of Guest Room 2 making his way to Guest Room 1. _Amada_ walks across the Commons to Guest Room 2 and places Lanselita007 on the other side of the Fyora Print Bed. _Amada_ leaves Guest Room 2 and closes the door afterwards. _Aerynn_ and _Amada_ are soon in Guest Room 1, _Amada_ closing the door behind. They both lay in bed, looking at the ceiling while enjoying their little victory.
Dahira and Lanselita007: Boys...
_Aerynn_, and _Amada_: Girls...
Action: Haku2049 takes the sleeping BlindEternities2049 to the Baby Gelert's room upstairs. He carefully places BlindEternities2049 on the bed before leaving. Haku2049 walks downstairs to the Bathroom to put his towel in the hamper, then goes all the way to his room. He opens the door, enters, and closes the door behind him before laying in bed, staring at the ceiling.
Haku2049 (in thought): I think I'd better stay up just in case. I wonder what would be the right touch for the Pound? The right balance of more comfort than they have now, but still not as much as they'd probably have in a caring home. The right balance might take all night to decide...
Scene: The Pound, the next morning. Othello walks into the kitchen to come up with breakfast. He turns a light on to better see...a kitchen full of ingredients to make him feel useful.
Othello: Two amazing break-ins in a week? What's going on here?!?
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. A little later. Haku2049 gets up and leaves his room, closing the door behind, with breakfast already decided. He turns on the Neovision for the morning news. Percky_Pippy soon exits her room, immediately not seeing Haku2049 anywhere. Following the sound of the Neovision she walks up to Haku2049.
Percky_Pippy: Why are you watching Neovison instead of cooking breakfast?
Haku2049: Feel like going to Neopian Subshack? There's a ton of relatively healthy choices to choose from and a few unhealthy ones.
Percky_Pippy: You just want to see the chaos of choosing meal options from a new place, right?
Haku2049: Ha! Am I that transparent?
Percky_Pippy: As transparent and My_Cybunny thinks I am from time to time. Wait, what about the Petpets? Or BlindEternities?
Haku2049: BlindEternities2049 gets the choice to stay home. Anyone left at home will be offered something from Neopian Subshack when we get back or what they usually eat right away.
Percky_Pippy: Did you just come up with that?
Haku2049: No, I didn't sleep just in case. I also had to figure out the right balance for enhancing the Pound a little more. Well, a lot more.
Percky_Pippy: What exactly did you change?
Haku2049: A lot of things. Mainly the first thing pets will see when they wake up is real basic beds instead of lumpy old cots. Then they're likely to notice the individual dressers to their right or left depending on the side they're on. The first thing Othello found this morning was enough ingredients to make him cry from happiness.
Percky_Pippy: From actually feeling useful for a change?
Haku2049: Yup! Most of the furniture is slightly better, but not much so. They all have magical resistance barriers kind of like a more flexible version of the barriers around the Lower Hallway. They should last for 100 years before the magic keeping it together needs a mana recharge.
Percky_Pippy: That's probably the coolest thing I've ever heard. Invincible furniture?
Haku2049: Close enough to invincible, and much more squishy!
Percky_Pippy: Ah, making the world a better place by silly magical experimentation.
Haku2049: I wouldn't go that far. Its not terribly different than the furniture saving hard barriers.
Percky_Pippy: Its more like a more flexible per-furniture barrier, right?
Haku2049: I experimented with my pillow last night and found flexible barriers somehow use more mana than hard ones. Plus, after 100 years will they even want the same furniture?
Percky_Pippy: If it holds together that long that's probably a big yes.
Haku2049: I put a few books on the theory and magical recharging in the library and on the front desk. That's probably the first thing Mr. Death will find this morning.
Scene: The Pound. Dr. Death reaches the front desk to start his day. He sees a small book on the table with an inviting enough title and opens it up and begins to read.
Dr Death (in thought): No...way...
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Percky_Pippy sits down next to Haku2049 on a tiger couch, watching the morning news. Newton wakes up and immediately chases his tail, bumping into the door and disturbing Dragoon2049. Dragoon2049 wakes up and stands up. He walks over to the door.
Dragoon2049: I get it. I get it. Its breakfast time.
Action: Dragoon2049 opens the door and Newton races out, finding the bowl Dragoon2049 sat out for him the previous night. Dragoon2049 rolls his eyes and looks around. Seeing nobody else in the Dining Room/Kitchen, Dragoon2049 walks to the Living Room to find out more.
Percky_Pippy: We're going to Neopian Subshack. For breakfast because Haku thinks watching Sarah and the Pound pets having trouble ordering will be amusing enough.
Dragoon2049: Always an ulterior motive. *sits down next to Haku2094 on the opposite side from Percky_Pippy*
Haku2049: I don't always have one. I just usually like to follow the most amusing path.
Dragoon2049: You won't get that from Percky or me. We've both been to Neopian Subshack in the past and I know their menu well enough to know exactly what I want this morning.
Percky_Pippy: I already know, too. One wonders how Sarah will survive when Haku's not ordering?
Dragoon2049 (dramatically): Poor Sarah!
Haku2049: Ha, ha.
Percky_Pippy: So, will you at least help Sarah in the decision making process, which she's clearly not very good at?
Haku2049: Nah, I think I'll throw them all to the wolves. Or maybe I will and see how many duplicate orders there are.
Dragoon2049: Sometimes you're worse than us. Then again, on occasion its rather entertaining.
Percky_Pippy: An entire family of tailwaggy cretins?
Haku2049: Well, not BlindEternities or Sarah. So more like the early household has gone somewhat evil? Only on occasion, though.
Dragoon2049: You may not have fur anymore, but you're still a Kitsune at heart.
Haku2049: Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Percky_Pippy: *closes her eyes* Ah. The wonderful sound of maniacal laughter used in normal conversation. Its like hearing a Meowclops purr or Newton beg for a cookie.
Dragoon2049: Man I love this family!
Action: Dragoon2049 snuggles close to Haku2049. Sarah_Shivan finally makes it to the Dining Room/Kitchen with LegacyWeapon laying on her head, only to find Newton eating alone. She makes her way to the Living Room to see a really odd sight.
Sarah_Shivan: Um...did I miss something here?
Percky_Pippy: A lot, actually.
Sarah_Shivan: Where's breakfast?
Haku2049: We're going to eat at Neopian Subshack. If LegacyWeapon wants something there we can bring him back something. Or he can eat what he usually does right now.
LegacyWeapon: What does this place have?
Percky_Pippy: *opens her eyes and looks at LegacyWeapon* Sub sandwiches of all kinds. They have different kinds of meats and vegetables. They even have a flat bread omelet you can add cheese or any vegetables they have for no additional charge. I'm having a six inch bacon and egg flat bread with a soft drink.
Dragoon2049: I'm having a BLT. Haku agrees with me that adding anything else besides the obligatory bacon, lettuce, and tomato not only makes it wrong as an acronym, but also taste worse than the standard.
Haku2049: Bacon's like its own salt.
Sarah_Shivan: Where does all this meat come from?
Haku2049: From nearly brainless animals imported from Earth.
Sarah_Shivan: I think I'd like to try this "BLT".
Haku2049: Don't be too hasty. Xweetoks are more like herbivores versus these two carnivores.
Dragoon2049: That's more like BlindEternities. But we both like meat more than vegetables. Fruit is okay most of the time.
LegacyWeapon: Hm...I think I'll wait and trust Sarah to come back with something tasty.
Percky_Pippy: Ha! *looks down at Sarah_Shivan* The pressure's on now, Sarah!
Action: BlindEternities wakes up and immediately decides to see if the Pound pets are awake. He uses wind magic to wiggle the doorknobs enough to push them open. After checking both he heads to the much closer Living Room. There he sees the congregation of his family so he jumps up on another tiger couch and looks at Haku2049.
BlindEternities2049: Um...
Sarah_Shivan: We're going out to eat.
BlindEternities2049: Really?
Haku2049: Yeah. You can stay here and eat what you usually eat now or come and eat a sub with us. Or you can stay home and we can bring you back something to eat.
BlindEternities2049: Do you think they'd allow quad Neopets eat there?
Haku2049: I'm not sure off the top of my head, but at the very least you can order there.
Dragoon2049: You are too, sure.
Haku2049: Actually one of the employees doesn't care and has a thing for the color Baby. The other thinks holding food or drink in your hands and moving it from the table to your mouth is the polite way to eat and she refuses to see it done any other way. Clearly she doesn't have a Petpet.
BlindEternities2049: I'll come anyway. Is there anything with nothing but meat?
Percky_Pippy: No, but you can eat just meat and bread.
BlindEternities2049: Like chicken? *wags tail*
Haku2049: Among other things.
BlindEternities2049: Um...I suppose I could give it a try. I just wish I could walk upright so it wouldn't be a problem.
Haku2049: Well let's try the new magic you want to learn. Focus on what you want to become, surround yourself with light mana and make it happen.
Action: BlindEternities2049 closes his eyes and focuses hard. A dull light surrounds him while he changes from quad to anthro. The light fades and BlindEternities2049 jumps up and down on just his back paws, excited.
BlindEternities2049: Yay! This is so amazing!
Percky_Pippy: *looks at Haku2049* That was all him. Not you, right?
Haku2049: Yup. Great job, BlindEternities!
Dragoon2049: Wow. There's a lot you could do with that power!
Haku2049: Just don't overuse it.
Dragoon2049: Wait, what's up with the other four?
BlindEternities2049: They're still asleep.
Sarah_Shivan: Geez. How little sleep did they get?
Haku2049: They've passed Percky for sleep time so far.
Dragoon2049: Do we really have to wait for them to go out and eat?
Haku2049: Yeah.
Dragoon2049: Fine. Newton!
Action: Newton races into the Living Room and follows Dragoon2049 upstairs. Noticing both doors wide open Dragoon2049 points and Newton gets ready to pounce.
Dragoon2049: Wake, 'em up boy!
Action: Newton jumps up on the Fyora Print Bed and starts jumping up and down on Dahira and Lanselita007. Both girls wake up and push Newton off the bed.
Dragoon2049: Go attack the boys next, Newton!
Action: Newton races into the other guest bedroom and jumps up on the Regal Oak Wood Bed, bouncing _Aerynn_ and _Amada_ into submission. Newton races back once he's finished. He stands stupidly to his owner's right. Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ reluctantly all get up and go into the Commons for answers.
Lanselita007: Why did that thing wake us up?
Dragoon2049: I told him to. We're going out to eat and Haku won't let us go until you guys were ready to join us, too.
Dahira: How and why do you guys get up this early? Do you set alarms for breakfast?
Dragoon2049: No, we just wake up on our own. Or in my case, at Newton's insistence, as you now have personal experience with.
_Amada_: Okay. I'm ready for breakfast...
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central, Neopian Subshack, a little later. Haku2049 watches as all the Neopets in his care besides two try to figure out what to eat. BlindEternities2049 sits in Haku2049's arms, trying to figure out what looks the meatiest. Haley (the Green Acara) stands on the other side of the sneeze guard from an overwhelmed looking Sarah_Shivan. Zoey (the Purple Zafara) chuckles to herself at the chaos.
Percky_Pippy: Wow, you were right. Watching them try to figure out from all the possible combinations is amusing. I think Dragoon and I should go close to last since its much more fun to see them all thrown to the wolves.
Dragoon2049: Works for me.
Sarah_Shivan: Okay, what sizes do you have?
Haley: We have six inch and footlong. A six inch looks like this. *grabs a six inch 9 grain wheat sub and shows it to Sarah_Shivan*
Sarah_Shivan: That looks big! I'll have leftovers for LegacyWeapon, though. I wanted a BLT when I heard about it but when Haku explained things to me I realized I'm really more of a vegetarian.
Haley: That's fine, honey. We have a fully vegetarian sandwich. You get your choice of bread and vegetables, but it doesn't have any meat.
Sarah_Shivan: Choice of bread?
Haley: Like white, wheat, or 9 grain wheat. The list is in front of your nose. I'm holding onto the healthiest sub bun.
Sarah_Shivan: I'll go with that bread then.
Haley: *cuts the bread open and places it on a piece of paper.* What would you like on it, honey?
Sarah_Shivan: Um...
Dragoon2049: *leans up against Haku2049* I love semi-evil family moments like this.
Percky_Pippy: *laughs* Only in our family.
BlindEternities2049: None of these look like they have enough meat.
Haku2049: Most of them have enough meat to fill you up, but not enough meat to combat the taste of the sub bun by much. I'll splurge double meat for you this once.
Haley: Having trouble deciding?
Sarah_Shivan: Just a little. I've tried just about everything you have to offer at least once but I'm not sure what will go good together. Oh, lettuce and tomato. Then cucumber and a little salt.
Haley: *adds the items in that exact order* Anything else?
Sarah_Shivan: Nope.
Action: Haley passes the sub to Zoey. Zoey wraps it up in typical sandwich wrapping, but with the Neopian Subshack name and logo on it. She adds the sub to the total.
Zoey: That was probably the slowest Veggie Delite order ever. At least that I've experienced.
Sarah_Shivan: Yes, my family likes to make fun at my indecision as well.
Dahira: So...many...choices.
Action: _Aerynn_ moves into the line, finally having a meal in mind.
Haley: What can I make you?
_Aerynn_: While this is the most options I've had to choose from for a single meal I'll take a BLT the only way one should be.
Haley: Just bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Toasted in our toasted oven. How big and on what kind of bread?
_Aerynn_: Well...
Percky_Pippy: *looks at Dragoon2049* Wait, do all Scorchios agree on the BLT policy?
Dragoon2049: I don't know. Probably not.
_Aerynn_: ...I'll take a six inch on white bread.
Action: Haley makes the sub exactly like one should make a BLT. She toasts the sub right after putting on the bacon. She waits, briefly looking at the few confused looking pets trying to figure out what to eat. The timer beats anyone to the ordering punch so she finishes the sandwich before sliding it down to Zoey. Zoey takes the sub and wraps it up in the same sandwich wrap as the other and adds that to the bill as well. Haley returns to her end of the line. _Amada_ steps up next in line.
Haley: What can I make for you?
_Amada_: I'll have what he's having. *points at _Aerynn_*
Haley: *laughs* Okay.
Action: _Amada_ puts his arm down and stops pointing. Haley quickly makes the exact same sandwich again the exact same way. She once again waits for a potential customer to step up, but none do so she finishes the sandwich and hands it to Zoey to wrap it up and add to the total. Haley moves back to her end to help another customer.
Haley: What can I make for you?
Dahira: Um...
Lanselita007: Two six inch Italian BMT on your healthiest bread, and just lettuce and tomato for veggies.
Dahira: I'll go with that.
Action: Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy walk ahead of Haku2049 still holding onto BlindEternities2049. Haley makes the subs exactly the way they asked and passes them down to Zoey where they are wrapped and added to the total. Haley heads back to the beginning of the line.
Haley: Hi, Dragoon. What can I make for you today?
Dragoon2049: Haley, I'd like a six inch BLT on 9 grain wheat. Yes, toasted right after the meat and before veggies like usual.
Haley: *makes his sub* Let me guess. You knew what you wanted before you came but decided to watch these indecisive pets?
Dragoon2049: Am I that transparent?
Haley: *nods* Yup. *puts the sandwich in the toaster oven before moving back to help Percky_Pippy*
Percky_Pippy: Looks like our whole family is transparent from time to time.
Haley: What would you like, dear?
Percky_Pippy: I'll have a six inch bacon and egg flat bread. No veggies, just toasted.
Action: Haley quickly begins Percky_Pippy's sub before taking Dragoon2049's BLT from the toaster oven and passing it to Zoey, where it is wrapped up and added to the total. Haley quickly puts Percky_Pippy's sub in the toaster oven before going back to BlindEternities2049 and Haku2049.
Haley: What can I make for you today, sir?
Haku2049: I won't be eating, but BlindEternities here would like...
BlindEternities2049: I'd like a six inch Oven Roasted Chicken on wheat, with double meat and nothing else.
Action: Haley makes BlindEternities2049's sub before taking Percky_Pippy's sub from the toaster oven and passing it to Zoey, where it is wrapped up and added to the total. Haley quickly puts BlindEternities2049's sub in the toaster oven.
Haley: You're feeding eight? That's a lot.
Haku2049: Well four of them I'm treating to meals with possibly the most decisions per meal because they've never had so many choices at the Pound.
Haley: *faces Haku2049* So you're Dragoon's owner? You couldn't have adopted four more...
Haku2049: No, but they helped a rich pet I like and one of them decided it would be nice to have even just a day away from the Pound. So I thought it would be amusing to watch the chaos brought on by having a ton of menu options.
Haley: *takes BlindEternities2049's sub out of the toaster oven and passes it to Zoey* Well I'm glad our menu is so amusing.
Haku2049: *looks down the line to see pets in the way* Alright, Dragoon, find us two booths to sit at. Everyone move to the self-serve soda machine.
Zoey: *wraps BlindEternities2049's sub up and adds it to the total* Will you be paying, sir?
Haku2049: For the eight pets that came in with me, yes.
Zoey: Chips or a drink?
Haku2049: A drink for every one of them. No, not a larger one.
Zoey: Alright then. *adds that to the total* Your total is...
Percky_Pippy: Well watching a transaction happen is like watching paint dry, I'll grab our cups and hand them out.
Action: Percky_Pippy grabs eight cups and begins to hand one to everyone, including Dragoon2049 as he comes back quickly. He grabs one before Percky_Pippy can hand him one.
Sarah_Shivan: They have tea. Easy choice!
Percky_Pippy: Neocola. Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Dragoon2049: Strawberry Achyfi...
Action: Dragoon2049 grabs his drink first then walks slowly towards the two nicest looking open booths. One by one they all choose their drinks and follow Dragoon2049 to the place he picked out. Soon even Haku2049 is sitting down with BlindEternities2049 in his lap. Sarah_Shivan relaxes to Haku2049's right with Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy laugh across the table.
Dahira: I know our day of fun is about to come to a close, but I really wish we had food this good in the Pound.
Lanselita007: Heh. Maybe not so many options, but good food is good food.
_Amada_: Why do I feel like Haku had an ulterior motive for taking eight out to eat at once?
_Aerynn_: I'd rather not worry about it. Clearly we don't need Ollie to feel a little grateful that two nice owners have invited us into their homes for a full day total. If an amazing oddball who probably didn't even know we existed before Brian did his stupid stunt, could invite us into his house for a silly sounding reason then there have to be kind owners for all of us.
_Amada_: Heh, trying to fill in for Ollie?
_Aerynn_: Hey! No one can replace Ollie...
Scene: The Pound, a little later. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Haku2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan wave to Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ from the front desk. Dr. Death takes the four pound pets back.
Dr. Death: Its breakfast time right now so everyone is in the Dining Room.
Dahira: We just ate. It took us forever to decide what to eat at a restaurant but somehow we arrived during breakfast...
Dr. Death: Well, then go to the Living Areas early. Just, um...be prepared for something new.
Action: Dahira, Lanselita007, _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ make their way to the Living Areas while Dr. Death goes back up front.
_Amada_: Um...what's going on here? The furniture looks new!
Dahira: Heh. I think that's what Dr. Death was trying to warn us about. All of it looks slightly better than before, but not nearly as nice as either of the homes we've been to this week.
Lanselita007: Maybe that's the whole point. Finding the right balance must have been hard.
_Aerynn_: Can anyone not see Haku's work on this?
_Aerynn_, and _Amada_: Pool!
Dahira and Lanselita007: Library?
Action: Dahira and Lanselita007 walk together to the library while _Aerynn_, and _Amada_ race to the pool room. Dahira finds a copy of Haku's magical barrier theory and magical recharging and begins to read.
Dahira (in thought): What we were given turned out to be a good experience in the end. For that I'm thankful.
Scene: Neovision Studio. Haku2049 stands across from Time.
Time: So, do you think Dahira, Lanselita, Aerynn, and Amada will ever been seen here again?
Haku2049: Not bloody likely! They were officially adopted the day after I added them to the story (as were Xconxxx and probably Adinya). Trinity (the Yellow Wocky) and Tritus are my own characters.
Percky_Pippy: *races on camera holding a Borg-shaped cookie* Mmm... *bites the head off of it* Assimilate that!

05/22/2011 - Sharon_Moonlight Gets Revenge (Journal 120)

Sharon_Moonlight: I...I'm just not sure what to say. Its torture being a baby and now I'll be the color I was born.
Celest_Moonlight: It was super cool of that Shoyru guy named Tarrant to just donate three paint brushes!
Mitch_Moonlight: I know! I never liked the color shadow in the first place. Mom just made us all that color because she thought family should be the same color.
Princess_Moonlight: Do you think it was wise to leave Umbra under the care of Cleopatra like that?
Celest_Moonlight: Are you kidding? Notanotheregyptianreference and him get along so well Cleopatra won't have to worry about anything.
Scene: Ramses' Neohome. Notanotheregyptianreference and Umbra_Moonlight play together in the living room, behaving quite well. Nearby Cleopatra watches the two.
Notanotheregyptianreference: Ha! Connect 40!
Umbra_Moonlight: Agh! That move was so cheap! I can't believe I fell for it!
Notanotheregyptianreference: And I thought Xweetoks were supposed to be extra smart! *sticks tongue out*
Cleopatra (in thought): Its nice when Notanotheregyptianreference isn't terrorizing the Neohome. She's certainly getting better at pronouncing words, too. *sniffs* My little baby is growing up so fast...
Scene: Rainbow Pool, Faerieland. Celest_Moonlight, Mitch_Moonlight, Princess_Moonlight, and Sharon_Moonlight sit around the Rainbow Pool. Princess_Moonlight gets to painting her Neopets. Sharon_Moonlight jumps up and down in excitement.
Sharon_Moonlight: Hooray! No more feeling useless! In fact, if I wasn't scared of getting Boochified again I'd show that Baby Bruce a thing or two...
Mitch_Moonlight: I think I know exactly who to ask for help in that...
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Boochi watches the news at the local Neovision store. On all of the sets out for display the 2049 family's favorite news channel broadcasts the usual news Acara and Zafara, who sit in front of the camera at their news desk.
News Anchor Bob: This just in! With the help of Dr. Sloth Boochi has yet again escaped custody. This time from the Defender's of Neopia. Boochi was sent there not long ago by a red Scorchio who had no trouble flying the little brat to jail.
Boochi: I'm not a brat!
Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Haku2049. Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan sit together on tiger couches watching Neovision. On their favorite news channel the usual news Acara and Zafara sit in front of the camera at their news desk.
News Anchor Cari: If anyone has any leads as to where Boochi has escaped to please contact your local authorities.
Percky_Pippy: Why am I not surprised?
Dragoon2049: Boochi is like Jhudora and Dr. Sloth. Some can't stand them being in jail, regardless of how evil they behave.
Action: There is a knock at the front door. Haku2049 gets up and answers it. Mitch_Moonlight and Sharon_Moonlight stand outside.
Haku2049: Hello Mitch and Sharon. What can I do for you today?
Mitch_Moonlight: My sister could use some revenge on Boochi, but she's scared of getting Boochified again.
Haku2049: I can prevent you from getting Boochified during the fight, no problem.
Sharon_Moonlight: But I've never fought before. Plus, even with your help the thought of Boochi scares me. He's like a nightmare!
Haku2049: Well then I'll take on Boochi in your stead. He's not far away. Hold on a second. This will be creepy for a moment. *transforms into a perfect copy of Sharon_Moonlight* There.
Sharon_Moonlight: Wow, that is creepy... you even sound like me!
Mitch_Moonlight: So cool!
Haku2049: Well, I'd better get to kicking butt for you. Later!
Action: Haku2049 waves then leaves. Dragoon2049 comes to the front door, amazed to see his friend.
Dragoon2049: Wow, you got the day off of work?!?
Mitch_Moonlight: Actually mom was given some paint brushes by a Shoyru named Tarrant. We took the morning off to get painted.
Dragoon2049: I know you all used to be Shadow Neopets but now are none of you that color anymore?
Mitch_Moonlight: Umbra still is. He's still playing with Notanotheregyptianreference being watched by Cleopatra.
Dragoon2049: I overheard part of your conversation with Haku, but can you tell me more why you came over?
Mitch_Moonlight: My sister wants revenge on Boochi but when she sees a Baby Bruce or even thinks about Boochi she gets scared stiff. That and she's no battle pet. Your weird owner turned into an exact copy of Sharon and ran off to fight the little jerk.
Sharon_Moonlight: It was so creepy seeing myself like that!
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central, a little later. Boochi aims his new and improved ray gun at a Doglefox. He fires. The ray surrounds the Petpet and before long it dissipates revealing a shorter, smaller, and somehow cuter Doglefox! The Doglefox races off, scared of such a random encounter.
Haku2049: Even I have to admit that was pretty cool.
Boochi (demandingly): *aims his new weapon at Haku2049* Who are you and what do you want?
Haku2049: How did you get another weapon? Isn't Dr. Sloth tired of your screw ups?
Boochi: Are you kidding? I'm the perfect one to test his new ray technologies. This one is much lighter than the last one and I've had plenty of experience shooting ray guns in my life so its doubtful I'll miss when you're in my cross hairs. But something...is familiar about you...
Haku2049: I should think so. I'm Sharon_Moonlight and you've just screwed up my life! Its torture not being able to do much besides lay on your belly and look cute! Going from doing odd jobs around my mom's restaurant to just being an adorable greeter made me feel helpless! Now you're going to pay!
Action: Haku2049 charges at Boochi and punches the baby in the face before the little Bruce can react. Boochi hits the ground.
Haku2049: That's for chasing after My_Cybunny!
Action: Boochi quickly gets up and spins around, firing wildly. A ray hits Haku2049. Haku2049 decides to play along and transforms into a Baby Xweetok before the light show fades. Boochi looks at Haku2049 with a smirk on his face.
Boochi: Not so smug now, are you girl?
Haku2049: Fine. Now I don't have to feel a bit guilty for beating up a baby.
Action: Haku2049 races at Boochi and wrestles the ray gun from his hands. The Xweetok-Planeswalker then beats Boochi upside the head with the baby Bruce's own weapon!
Haku2049: That's for stealing from the baby store!
Action: Boochi kicks the ray gun out of the reach of either combatant. Then kicks Haku2049 in the face. Haku2049 falls to the ground.
Haku2049 (in thought): Maybe holding back to the strength of Sharon wasn't such a good idea... but how do I finish this?
Action: Haku2049 slowly gets back up. Boochi walks forward, towering over the baby Xweetok. Haku2049 quickly double kicks Boochi, then punches him so hard the baby Bruce flies high.
Haku2049: And that one's for me!
Action: Boochi lands in a nearby tree, knocked out. Haku2049 quickly turns back into his familiar Halloween Draik self, grabs Boochi's latest weapon, and walks back to his Neohome.
Scene: Haku2049's Neohome, a little later. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Mitch_Moonlight. Percky_Pippy, Sarah_Shivan, and Sharon_Moonlight sit together on tiger couches watching the recording of "Don't Eat my Mallard...Balloon" on the Neovision. Sharon_Moonlight sighs, wondering how things are going. Mitch_Moonlight briefly looks at his sister, then back at the Neovision.
Mitch_Moonlight: Something on your mind, sis?
Sharon_Moonlight: Oh, just wondering if Boochi is defeated already.
Haku2049: Yup, I'm finished *walks in* I held back to the extent where you could have done what I did. Well, until the end where I double kicked him and punched him with so much force he flew into the sky before falling into a tree and fainting.
Sharon_Moonlight: Um...why did you need to cheat at the end?
Haku2049: Heh, if you didn't have my help you probably would have been re-Boochified. I even faked turning into a Baby Xweetok while his ray was on me to see how it went. It was pretty even until I cheated. I was about to lose until I decided it would be more fun to get a more satisfying revenge.
Sharon_Moonlight: Where is he now?!?
Haku2049: Heh, in a very special jail cell. Priestess Sherana of Shenkuu introduced me to it.
Sarah_Shivan: Its a special space station where the only way in or out is via teleport.
Scene: A space station located not far from Dr. Sloth's space ship. Boochi tries to get free from his force field prison.
Boochi: Darn it! How did I wake up here?!? What happened?!? This is so not fair!!! *starts crying* Waahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

03/23/2011, 04/02/2011 - Answers for an Insane Kacheek (Journal 119)

Scene: Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen, morning. Percky_Pippy grabs her morning Neocola and sits down her usual place at the table. Haku2049 is busy heating up faerie pancakes. Percky_Pippy opens her Neocola and takes a sip.
Percky_Pippy: Good morning, Haku.
Haku2049: Good morning, Percky.
Percky_Pippy: I'm so glad we have plenty to eat and drink. That reminds me, what's with Neoboard avatars, anyway?
Haku2049: They are just a way to personalize the Neoboard experience. Some people use the amount they have as a source of competition. Or they compete on rarity of them. The most prized one at the moment is the Wishing Well Avatar. It really is simple to get, though avatar hunters like to put a lot of thought into nothing. I say its a waste of time to get it. The wishing well costs a Neopoint for a remote chance you might get something. Games of chance are a waste of money to me.
Percky_Pippy: So, tell me more about this avatar. I'd like to go hunting for it today. It sounds like fun.
Haku2049: If you're just going to waste Neopoints you earned outside the home I can't tell you no.
Percky_Pippy: Cool! Thanks!
Haku2049: No problem, Percky!
Action: Dragoon2049 slowly opens his room door. Inside Newton is still sleeping soundly. Dragoon2049 walks out of his room and closes the door behind.
Dragoon2049: Good morning, Haku.
Haku2049: Good morning, Dragoon.
Action: Dragoon2049 grabs a Juppie Juice box from the faerie fridge. Then he puts the straw through the hole and sits down at his usual place at the table.
Dragoon2049: That reminds me. Ramses has been wondering about Eliv Thade lately.
Haku2049: We can go to his mansion later if you want details. Suffice it to say he went insane from an anagram that's over his head. You'll see it later and laugh.
Dragoon2049: Why? Is it that simple.
Haku2049: *laughs* As simple as A, B, C.
Action: Sarah_Shivan walks down from the study. Her fur is messed up and she's tired, but she makes it to the faerie fridge for a box of Juppie Juice as well. Soon she's sitting at her place at the table, sipping slowly from the box after putting her straw through it as well. BlindEternities2049 comes downstairs a moment later, tail wagging.
BlindEternities2049: Good morning, Haku.
Haku2049: Good morning, BlindEternities.
BlindEternities2049: *looks at Sarah_Shivan* Hey, isn't it my job to be tired all the time?
Sarah_Shivan: Food...
Haku2049: Well fortunately for you, Sarah, they're done.
Action: BlindEternities2049 stops wagging his tail and stands at his usual eating place on the floor. Haku2049 puts the pancakes on three places and puts them in front of Dragoon2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan. Dragoon2049 immediately goes for the maple syrup at the middle of the table, pouring it over his pancakes. Haku2049 quickly goes back to the stove and puts some chicken patties in a bowl which he promptly puts in front of BlindEternities2049, as well as a bowl of water. Dragoon2049 puts the bottle of maple syrup back at the middle of the table. Percky_Pippy grabs the bottle and puts some on her pancakes before returning it to its original position on the table. Newton wakes up and sniffs in the nice smells. Haku2049 opens the door for the Doglefox. All of the Neopets dig into their meals. Newton races over to his bowl of food Dragoon2049 put out the previous night. LegacyWeapon and PowerStone walk downstairs and reluctantly go over to eat with Newton. Haku2049 finally sits down at his usual place at the table.
Dragoon2049: *stops eating for a moment* So, when will we go visit Eliv Thade? *starts eating again*
Sarah_Shivan: *stops eating for a moment* You're visiting Eliv Thade? Why? *starts eating again*
Haku2049: How about right after you fetch Ramses after breakfast, Dragoon? And we're going because Ramses wants to know about him. I guess its a Kacheek thing.
Sarah_Shivan: *stops eating for a moment* I'd like to go, too. Is that alright, Haku? *starts eating again*
Haku2049: Sure. I don't see why not.
Scene: Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen, some time later. Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy finish at the same time. They both put their plates in the sink and discard their drinks appropriately.
Percky_Pippy: I'll go get My_Cybunny and get that avatar today!
Dragoon2049: And I'll hurry up and get Ramses!
Action: Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy race through the lower hallway, through the living room, and out the door. Percky_Pippy flies off to grab My_Cybunny132543, while Dragoon2049 flies off to grab Ramses.
Sarah_Shivan (in thought): Finally I'm feeling much better, but I'm feeling a little guilty for not saying good morning to Haku earlier. I think its a little late to now.
Action: Sarah_Shivan finishes her food and gets to finishing off her juice box. Haku2049 takes her plate and puts it into the sink before going back to his usual place at the table and sits down.
Sarah_Shivan: *takes a sip of her juice* That reminds me. Why does BlindEternities eat meat more than Dragoon, Percky, and me? *takes a sip of her juice*
Haku2049: Well canines like Gelerts, Lupes, and even Doglefoxes need more protein in their diet. They naturally are carnivores which means they only have teeth for ripping meat apart.
BlindEternities2049: *stops eating for a moment* That doesn't mean we can't eat other stuff, its just that meat is so tasty. *starts eating again*
Haku2049: And apparently he doesn't seem to mind a little repetition.
BlindEternities2049: *laughs*
Scene: Haku2049's Living Room, a little later. BlindEternities2049 lays on a tiger couch watching the news with Haku2049 and Sarah_Shivan. On their favorite news channel the usual news Acara and Zafara sit in front of the camera at their news desk.
News Anchor Bob: We regret to inform you that we once again fell for the Neopets Team's latest April Fools prank. As it turns out nobody really showed up at the Neohospital yesterday for fear of there not being any room there.
News Anchor Cari: That's right, Bob. However, we also have video leaked of TNT getting what the deserved by an exploding clockwork yooyuball.
Scene: Video footage of the same recording Haku2049 made.
News Anchor Cari: As you can see here, the Neopets Team seemed to be attracted to the shiny package. One of the staff members opens it carefully, only for them all to see the clockwork yooyuball just in time for it to explode, leaving the group of zany individuals laying against the walls from the blast.
Scene: Haku2049's Living Room. BlindEternities2049 lays on a tiger couch watching the news with Haku2049 and Sarah_Shivan. On their favorite news channel the usual news Acara and Zafara sit in front of the camera at their news desk.
News Anchor Bob: Whether its real or fake it certainly made our April Fools Day. Thank you anonymous submitter!
Sarah_Shivan: By chance did you submit that, Haku?
Haku2049: *laughs* Hey, I just had to! It begged to be shared! So I shared it!
BlindEternities2049: *laughs* Even a day later its still funny.
Action: Dragoon2049 comes through the open front door with Ramses behind him.
Dragoon2049: We're here!
Action: Haku2049 and Sarah_Shivan get up and walk around to face Dragoon2049 and Ramses.
Ramses: So, is it true we're going to visit Eliv Thade's Mansion?
Haku2049: We sure are. It was your idea, after all.
Ramses: How are we going to get in to see him?
Dragoon2049: Something tells me its just a teleport into his bedroom or something.
Haku2049: As amusing as the things in his bedroom are to laugh at, that's not very tactful. But yes, teleporting into his Neohome is the easiest way.
Ramses: So cool!
Haku2049: Oh, that reminds me. *turns around to look at BlindEternities2049* Do you want to go with us, BlindEternities?
BlindEternities2049: Nope! I'd much rather lay on the couch. Have fun!
Haku2049: We will. *turns back to Dragoon2049, Ramses, and Sarah_Shivan* Ready you three?
Dragoon2049: I was born ready!
Ramses: Of course I am!
Sarah_Shivan: I'm ready, too!
Haku2049: Alright, then. Let's go. *teleports Dragoon2049, Ramses, Sarah_Shivan, and himself to Eliv Thad's Mansion*
Scene: Eliv Thade's Mansion, a long, long time ago. Dragoon2049, Haku2049, Ramses, and Sarah_Shivan materialize not far from Eliv Thade, who is busy trying to figure out the anagram that made him insane.
Eliv Thade: If I could just figure out a 26 letter word that uses every letter of the alphabet just once!
Ramses: Wow, its Eliv Thade! And he's alive!
Action: Eliv Thade turns to look at the four intruders. He falls out of his seat in surprise. Slowly he recovers and sits back down.
Eliv Thade: And just who are you four intruders?
Haku2049: I'm Haku2049. The Scorchio is named Dragoon. The Xweetok goes by Sarah, and the Kacheek is called Ramses. Ramses wanted to know more about you so here we are.
Sarah_Shivan: Hey, your name is an anagram for Evil Death, right?
Eliv Thade: That's right. My parents were into anagrams so I was exposed at an early age. When they died they gave me this mansion. I got more and more sure of my puzzle solving abilities that I asked my staff to challenge me. Worst mistake of my life. I gave up everything trying to figure out this confounded anagram!
Haku2049: Your maid wasn't very nice with this one. Its the alphabet song.
Eliv Thade: *looks at the paper the anagram is written on* I don't see it!
Haku2049: Technically there should be commas between letters of the alphabet but that wouldn't be crazy hard for you.
Eliv Thade: When you put it like that it makes sense! How did you know?
Dragoon2049: Probably reading the mind of whomever wrote your torture riddle.
Haku2049: Actually the only 26 letter thing that uses every letter just once I can think of is the alphabet. When you look at the length of each word's letters you can see it fits the alphabet song perfectly. You don't even need any more letters after the first 26.
Sarah_Shivan: Wow, that's impressive, Haku!
Eliv Thade: Well, despite you ruining it for me, thanks. What anagram should I solve next?
Haku2049: How about switching to acronyms?
Eliv Thade: Huh? How does that work?
Haku2049: Each letter of an acronym must coincide with the first letter of a word. Ideally the whole thing should be done fast and make some sense. I'll give you an example. Sarah, some random letters if you don't mind.
Sarah_Shivan: How about ACT?
Haku2049: Amazing carnivorous Turtums.
Dragoon2049: PMR!
Haku2049: Post melodic rhyming.
Eliv Thade: Wow, that was pretty fast. I'll give it a try, then!
Ramses: How about CRS?
Eliv Thade: Um...um... circular... risky... services?
Haku2049: Heh, that took you forever, but keep at it and you'll get better.
Sarah_Shivan: Haku calls it the Acronym Game. We play it together sometimes. Its a lot of fun, except when X or Z is involved.
Haku2049: Yeah, not a lot of words in my vocabulary that start with those letters.
Eliv Thade: Well, it sounds like a lot of fun!
Ramses: That reminds me. I'd love to know more about you...
Eliv Thade What do you want to know?
Scene: Eliv Thade's mansion, a little later. The two Kacheeks laugh as they get ready to part ways.
Ramses: Wow, this was an awesome day! I'm so glad I got to come here. *turns to Haku2049* I think its time to go now, though.
Eliv Thade: Farewell, then!
Dragoon2049, Haku2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan: Bye!
Action: Haku2049 teleports them all to his present day Neohome.
Scene: Haku2049's Living Room, present day. Dragoon2049, Haku2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan all materialize near the front door.
Ramses: Did we honestly travel through time?!?
Haku2049: *smiles and nods* Mmm hmm.
Ramses: Wow! I'm so glad you took me and went with me just because I wanted to go. I thought I'd visit his ghost, but this was almost surreal!
Dragoon2049: Hey, its not like we had much else to do!
Sarah_Shivan: It was neat meeting someone else that loves word games.
Haku2049: I'm surprised how easy it was for me to take you to the past, so it was no trouble at all! I'm just glad he had something new to work on before he died.
Sarah_Shivan: *looks at the clock* Hey, isn't that one show supposed to be on right now?
Haku2049: I think so.
Action: Haku2049 turns on the Neovision. He sits down on a tiger couch so that BlindEternities2049 is to his left. Sarah_Shivan sits down to his right. On the other tiger couch Dragoon2049 sits to BlindEternities2049's left, and Ramses to his left. Finally a sleepy Newton makes his way into the living room and lays down in between Haku2049 and Sarah_Shivan. The Neovison show begins.
Scene: The Wishing Well, a little later. My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy stand in front of the well, each with a Neopoint to waste. Both write down what they want and place it in a box at the side of the Wishing Well. Then they both drop their coins in. The Wishing Well Avatar appears before Percky_Pippy.
My_Cybunny132543: Wow! What did you do?!?
Percky_Pippy: Apparently I just wished for the avatar and got really lucky.
My_Cybunny132543: I wished for an unlimited supply of carrots, hoping the avatar would be random. Maybe it is. Hey, we should ask Haku!
Percky_Pippy: Good idea!
Scene: Later in Haku2049's Living Room. Haku2049 sits on a tiger couch, petting an asleep BlindEternities2049 and Newton laying on his legs. Percky_Pippy walks through the open front door, tail wagging.
Percky_Pippy: Haku! I got the Wishing Well Avatar!
Action: Haku2049 attempts to turn to see the two Neopets in the doorway. Instead, My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy walk into the living room and stand in front of the Halloween Draik Planeswalker. Haku2049 faces them as they face him.
Haku2049: You'd best keep that away from prying eyes. Avatar hunters will be after you! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
My_Cybunny132543: Yeah, but how did she get the avatar in the first place?
Haku2049: By doing exactly as she did. Simply asking for the avatar and getting really lucky.
Percky_Pippy: Ha! Knew it! So people really are over thinking it...
Haku2049: Well as far as those who think you need something special in your Inventory or something, yeah. Some of them by quite a lot.
Scene: Neovision Studio. Time sits in the familiar chair looking at the camera.
Time: Time travel totally rocks! Next time we gotta go visit Scordrax before he died or something!
Haku2049: Ah, how simple Time can be...

04/01/2011 - Mysterious Disease, huh? (Journal 118)

Scene: Haku2049's Neohome, morning after breakfast. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Haku2049. Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan sit together watching Neovision. On their favorite news channel the usual news Acara and Zafara sit in front of the camera at their news desk.
News Anchor Bob: This morning TNT released a series of press releases talking about an outbreak of a mysterious disease that currently has no cure.
News Anchor Cari: One of the press releases states "Neopian Hospital over-run with sick Neopets, all suffering from this mysterious illness. Further symptoms include itchiness, dizziness, and muscle aches. If you have any of these symptoms, please avoid contact with healthy Neopets, drink plenty of fluids, and rest in a darkened room.
Sarah_Shivan: Oh this is terrible!
BlindEternities2049: All the more excuse to lay down in bed and sleep!
Dragoon2049: So much for going out to practice with my friends.
Percky_Pippy: You guys do realize its...
Haku2049: April fools day. I know. In fact, we can go to the Neohospital and see just how many Neopets are there.
Sarah_Shivan: But what if we get sick there?
Haku2049: Trust me, you won't.
Percky_Pippy: Any excuse to leave and further peg the Neopets Team as a bunch of wackos I'm game for!
BlindEternities2049: Its not often we teleport places so why not?
Dragoon2049: Okay, but afterward I'm so going to Solomon's.
Sarah_Shivan: I guess...
Haku2049: Then its decided! *teleports everyone to the Neohospital*
Scene: The Neohospital. Haku2049 and his pets all materialize near the front desk. They all look around to see the place without anyone in sight. The Elephante nurse at the front desk sighs.
Elephante Nurse: Well that was a cool way to make an entrance. That's probably about the most excitement I'll get today.
Sarah_Shivan: Wait, what about all the patients?
Elephante Nurse: TNT made that up as an April Fool's prank. In fact, we've had no patients today, probably fearing there isn't any room for them left here with all the supposed "mysteriously ill" Neopets. We're kind of tempted to call it a day.
Percky_Pippy: What do you know? TNT is a bunch of wackos! But they pale in comparison to my pranking abilities...
Scene: TNT's Office. There's a knock at the front door. Dirigibles opens it to see an Acara holding onto a package.
Acara Mailman: Package for the Neopets Team.
Dirigibles: I can take that.
Action: Acara Mailman hands Dirigibles the package. Dirigibles take the package, wondering what could be inside since the packaging makes it look more like a birthday gift than office supplies.
Acara Mailman: Have a good day, sir.
Dirigibles: Thanks.
Action: Dirigibles takes the package to the office. The entire TNT staff notices and crowds around the box. Dirigibles slowly opens it. A clockwork Yooyuball begins its countdown. By the time the package is fully open the Neopets Team just looks down at the end of the countdown, unable grasp why anyone would send them such a thing. Finally the Yooyuball explodes, tossing the entire deranged staff aside and breaks a few tables and chairs. Oh, and stupid office dividers. You can't forget those! The staff is fine, but irritated while laying against the wall from such a blast.
Dirigibles: For crying out loud! Why not Meepits?!?
Scene: The Neohospital.
Sarah_Shivan: Okay, I've seen enough. Take us home.
BlindEternities2049: Yeah. Then play what happened to TNT on the Neovison.
Dragoon2049: Eh, whatever. I'm going to Solomon's. *leaves via the front door*
Percky_Pippy: I'd love to see their faces right before the explosion, too!
BlindEternities2049: An explosion? Heh. Figures. Typical Percky.
Haku2049: Okay, let's go! *teleports BlindEternities2049, Percky_Pippy Sarah_Shivan and himself to his Neohome*
Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. BlindEternities2049, Haku2049, Percky_Pippy, and Sarah_Shivan all materialize in the Study. Haku2049 quickly looks up the Neopets website and shows off the Neocam.
Haku2049: I tapped into TNT's webcam and recorded it for just such an occasion. Its in a prime location to show what happened.
Action: Haku2049 plays the scene in all ts craziness for his Neopets to enjoy. After its over they all laugh.
Percky_Pippy: Too bad they're too far away from us or I would have placed my own spy cameras.
Haku2049: Face it. You just wanted plausible deniability.
Percky_Pippy: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
BlindEternities2049: Now that's typical Percky.
Scene: Neovision Studio. Newton cocks his head cutely while looking at the camera. While he speaks he's translated by BlindEternities2049.
Newton: Strangely its not an April Fools gag on April Fools day. Instead, its a reaction to two stupid April Fools gags. Oh, and nobody was hurt in the making of this film. Wait, that's not right! Okay, nobody related to the show died in the filming of this journal!

03/04/2011 - Photo Op! 2 (Journal 117)

Scene: Sarah_Shivan's Room. BlindEternities2049 and Time sit together not far from Sarah_Shivan, who is sitting at her desk, though turned around so she can see the two.
Sarah_Shivan: What are you doing here, Time? And why my room instead of yours?
Time: What? I like your room! Plus, I've brought jelly beans! Have some!
Action: Time puts some jelly beans of every flavor in front of BlindEternities2049 and Sarah_Shivan. The two Neopets try the new food. Both quickly choke on the first flavor.
Sarah_Shivan: Need...juice!
Action: Haku2049 comes up to Sarah_Shivan's open doorway with three juice boxes. He hands them to the Neopets in need of refreshment, even putting the straw in BlindEternities2049's juice box and placing it near him.
Haku2049: As long as you keep the food and juice off the floor you can have it in here.
Sarah_Shivan: Just in the nick of time!
Time: Who is nick and why is he in the same sentence as me?
Action: BlindEternities2049, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan all roll their eyes at Time. Time shrugs and gets to eating some jelly beans.
Time: Mmm...I love jelly beans! My dad got me some. He works now too so we are doing much better! I think any Xweetok loves jelly beans.
Sarah_Shivan: Not me so far. Well... *takes a sip of the juice before taking a on the next flavor* ...hot! Very hot! *sips more juice to wash it down* You didn't say there were hot ones!
Time: I didn't say there weren't! There's a big variety of jelly beans in Neopia. Hope you enjoy at least one!
BlindEternities2049: I think I'll skip the hot ones. Are there any jelly beans that taste like meat?
Haku2049: Nope.
BlindEternities2049: I'm not interested in eating jelly beans now.
Haku2049: Blueberry and Lemon Sherbert are the only ones that sound good to me, or for you two.
Sarah_Shivan: I'll take your word for it. *eats the blueberry jelly beans* It tastes like plastic! *tries the lemon sherbert ones* This one is too sour! *cries* This is a waste of time! My poor taste buds!
BlindEternities2049: *takes a bite of the blueberry ones* I don't think these taste like plastic. Um...what's plastic?
Haku2049: This is plastic. *magically takes a plastic bag from behind his back and puts it in front of BlindEternities2049*
BlindEternities2049: *licks the plastic bag* Wait. It does taste like plastic!
Time: Well seeing a Gelert licking a plastic bag sure makes my day. That's part of why I love hanging out with you guys.
Action: Sarah_Shivan tries a few of the remaining flavors together. She takes a few bites before going pale in the face. She quickly races to the bathroom and throws up in the toilet.
Haku2049: Something tells me Sarah isn't a jelly bean loving Xweetok.
Action: A few minutes later Sarah_Shivan flushes the toilet to get rid of the vomit and washes her hands in the sink. Then she dries them off on a towel nearby before walking back to her room. She grabs her juice box and glares angrily at Time.
Sarah_Shivan: I'm never eating jelly beans again! I'll stick with mints and tea, thank you very much!
Time: Too bad they don't have mint or tea flavored jelly beans.
Haku2049: Its really odd that they don't. Oh well.
BlindEternities2049: *looks at the family photo on Sarah_Shivan's wall* Hey, what's that? *points at the photo briefly*
Sarah_Shivan: *looks where BlindEternities2049's pointing* Oh, that's the family photo from before you joined our family.
BlindEternities2049: What's it for?
Haku2049: Photos are reminders of events we want to remember vividly. Speaking of, I guess we can go try to get our photo taken today. If Cole's Photography won't have us this soon we can always try the one at the local Neo Mart. I'll go call.
Action: Haku2049 walks downstairs to the living room and calls Cole's Photography.
Desk Yurble (over the phone): Cole's Photography. How may I help you?
Haku2049: Yes, do you have any time available for us to get our photos taken today?
Desk Yurble (over the phone): We don't have any last minute slots today. Would you like to setup an appointment? Haku2049: I think I'll pass this time. Thanks though. *hangs up* Looks like we're going to Neo Mart!
Dragoon2049: *pokes his head out of his room* Um...why?
Percky_Pippy: *pokes her head out of her room* Yeah...why?
Haku2049: Its photo op 2!
Percky_Pippy: *races from her room* Really?!? I so can't wait! I was a guy and a Xweetok back then. Its about time to do another! I love being a cute Shoyru!
Dragoon2049: What will I do with my hair?
Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy: *sighs* Dragoon...
Dragoon2049: What?
Scene: Later at Neo Mart's Photo Center. BlindEternities2049, Cyrus, Haku2049, LegacyWeapon, Newton, Percky_Pippy, PowerStone, Sarah_Shivan, and Time all sit together in the waiting area, getting ready for the photo.
Cyrus: *brushes fur* Why do Time and I have to be here?
Haku2049: You're like an extended part of the family.
Cyrus: *continues to brush fur* That sounds odd since Time started off like a wild weirdo. What tamed her?
Haku2049: Books.
Time: And Haku and company are just fun to be around!
Newton (in Petpet): *runs around wagging tail* Its fun going somewhere new! Oh the wonderful new smells around! It makes me all tailwaggy.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): Why am I not allowed to wear my radio collar for this thing? Wait, did Newton just use Haku's term "tailwaggy"?
Cyrus: *continues to brush fur* Man! I have too much fur!
Time: Ha! I brushed mine before I left home!
Cyrus: *continues to brush fur* Yeah, well its not something most guys do. Especially regularly. At least I don't.
Dragoon2049: Hmm...should I have it this way... *combs his flesh horn forwards* or this way? *combs his flesh horn backwards*
Haku2049: *notices Dragoon2049 in front of a mirror with a comb in hand* Okay! Who gave Dragoon a comb?
Dragoon2049: Hey, I own this comb! I bought it here not long after the first photo op. We all have mirrors in our rooms so why not? *removes the comb and his flesh horn moves back to center*
Desk Zafara: Oh, what a cute baby Gelert!
Sarah_Shivan: Almost done, BlindEternities. Fortunately your fur coat isn't that thick.
Mynci Photographer: Are you guys ready yet?
Sarah_Shivan: I think so.
Haku2049: *looks around at his extended Neopian family* I believe we are. Let's get this over with! Scene: Moments later in the photo room. Mynci Photographer stands some distance away, moving his camera on a tripod to look towards the group and the dark blue patterned background (the only background they have). Haku2049 bends down in the center with BlindEternities2049 sitting to his right and Sarah_Shivan sitting to his left. Behind BlindEternities2049 stands Dragoon2049 and behind Sarah_Shivan stands Percky_Pippy. Cyrus and Time are on the ends. Cyrus stands next to Dragoon2049 and Time stands next to Percky_Pippy. PowerStone lays in front of BlindEternities2049, Newton lays in front of Haku2049, and LegacyWeapon lays in front of Sarah_Shivan. They all smile brightly as Mynci Photographer takes a few photos. An hour later they get seven 8x10 shots for putting on their walls. Haku2049 pays Desk Zafara, who continues to be enamored with BlindEternities2049.
Scene: Later in BlindEternities2049's room. BlindEternities2049 looks at his first family photo hanging on the wall and smiles.
BlindEternities2049 (quietly): I don't know why but I really feel like I just became a part of the family today. But that still doesn't mean I like jelly beans...
Scene: Cyrus' room. Cyrus puts the photo up on his wall. My_Cybunny132543 comes in through the open doorway. She spots the Xweetok looking at the wall. Soon she sees what he's looking at.
My_Cybunny132543: Why are you in that photo with Haku2094 and company? Or Time for that matter?!?
Cyrus: Eh, we're like his extended family. That's what he said. Its also why we're on the ends.
My_Cybunny132543: It looks like gender segregation!
Cyrus: Hey, we just felt most comfortable that way! But honestly, I'm surprised he even bought me a copy. I thought Time and I just came to be in the photo. Not get a copy on top of it. You know what I learned?
My_Cybunny132543: That you're part of Haku2049's extended family?
Cyrus: Nope. I learned that my fur is hard to brush and I never want to do it again.
My_Cybunny132543: Whatever.
Scene: Time's room. Time looks up at the new photo hanging on her wall. Mark walks into Time's room holding a blue Xweetok plushie behind his back.
Mark: How was your day, Time? Did your friends like the jelly beans?
Time: I had a pretty good day. Haku invited me to a family photo and bought me a copy.
Mark: So you're family to him?
Time: Extended family. That's why Cyrus and I are at the edges of the photo. Before that though I made Sarah vomit on jelly beans. She's a Xweetok so its odd.
Mark: *laughs* Well I guess not every generalization based on species is correct. Oh, and I got this for you. *reveals the blue Xweetok plushie and hands it to Time* Obviously its meant to replace the plushie me.
Time: *hugs her new blue Xweetok plushie* Thanks, dad!
Scene: Dragoon2049's room. Newton eats the leftover jelly beans BlindEternities2049 didn't eat.
Newton (in Petpet): Mmm...food!
Action: Newton swallows a few Honey and Mustard Jelly Beans and goes pale. Then he throws up on the floor.
Dragoon2049: Newton! So not cool!

11/21/2010, 12/13/2010 - Mark's Return! (Journal 116)

Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. Time knocks at the front door. Haku2049 gets up from a tiger couch, putting a movie on pause because he doesn't want to miss any. Then he puts the remote control back on the pine finish table in front of the entertainment center. Finally he goes and opens the front door. Time waves, holding onto her blue xweetok plushie.
Haku2049: Welcome, Time. Plans with Sarah?
Time: *nods* Yup!
Haku2049: She's in her room of course. Come on in.
Action: Haku2049 steps aside and holds the front door open for Time. Time walks in and Haku2049 closes the door behind her. Time races up the stairs, through the commons, the upper hallway, the study, and finally arrives at Sarah_Shivan's door. Since its closed she knocks. Meanwhile Haku2049's already sat back down and unpaused the movie.
Sarah_Shivan: Who is it?
Time: Its me, Time!
Sarah_Shivan: Oh, Time! *opens door and lets Time in* I still don't know how you convinced me into this plushie thing...
Time: Hey, they're cute! *walks in* So where can I sit?
Sarah_Shivan: *points at the green bean bag chair* Have at the beanbag chair.
Action: Time sits down in the green bean bag chair while Sarah_Shivan moves her rolling chair over to be near Time, and sits down.
Time: *looks around* Wow, you have a lot more plushies than I do! You have more on just your desk than I have actually. How come you have so many?
Sarah_Shivan: They're something cute to look at. Haku says it helps with writing. Something tells me he doesn't have any in his room, though. *notices the blue xweetok plushie* So is that your favorite then?
Time: *looks admiringly at her plushie briefly before looking up at Sarah_Shivan* Yup. When dad left I found it in my room. I just know he gave it to me as a goodbye present. That's why I care so much about it.
Sarah_Shivan: Haku told me a little about it. I wonder what really happened...
Mark (in thought): Copura, a dark faerie is what happened. She though it would be funny to turn me into a plushie and thus it was so.
Haku2049 (in thought): So that's what's going on. Mark is pretty lucky I was even able to notice him.
Action: Haku2049 once again puts his movie on pause and gets up. He walks the same path as Time on his way to the same destination. He walks up to Sarah_Shivan's door and knocks despite it being wide open.
Sarah_Shivan: Yes, Haku?
Haku2049: Time, that plushie is your dad.
Mark (in thought): About time.
Time: What?!? *begins to cry*
Haku2049: Come on out into the study, and set your dad down on the floor.
Action: Time gets up and walks into the study, holding onto her plushie. She places it gently on the floor and backs away. Haku2049 closes his eyes and puts his hands out, trying to focus. Mark is soon covered in a white aura. Haku2049's spell takes a few minutes until Mark begins to move slowly. Then the blue Xweetok turns back to normal. Soon he's back to being his normal size and everything. Haku2049 ends the spell, opening his eyes again and putting his arms down. Mark quickly hugs Time.
Mark: Oh Time! I've missed not being able to hug you! All I've been able to do is look, listen, and think.
Time: Daddy! I knew it wasn't like you to just ditch us.*looks at Haku2049* Haku, thanks so very, very much!
Mark: *looks at Haku2049 as well* I owe you a great deal as well.
Haku2049: Hey, nobody that's innocent should have to put up with being turned into a plushie for years like that. And for no reason at that! I think that faerie deserves the same treatment...
Scene: Copura's Cloud. A faerie Poogle knocks at her front door. Copura comes to the front door, angry.
Copura: What do you want?!?
Faerie Poogle: A quest!
Copura: Come to think of it...I could use a...
Action: Copura gets turned into a darkness faerie plushie. She shrinks then stops moving. She falls to the ground, inert.
Faerie Poogle: Ookay...I saw nothing!
Action: Faerie Poogle races away. Copura just lays in the doorway, unable to do anything.
Copura (in thought): I'm so going to kill whomever did this to me!
Scene: Neovision Studio. My_Cybunny132543 sits in the usual chair there for an intellectual feel.
My_Cybunny132543: We now take some time, no not Time, to talk about some Xweetoks in need of a hug and food. First up is Cypherrus (the Red Xweetok), followed by Ferulas and Yollieanna (both Yellow Xweetoks). If you see them, make sure to make them feel better!
Time (off camera): And you really can't say no once you see this photo!
Action: The video cuts to a photo of all the Xweetoks in the 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central cast looking empathetically at the screen.
Time: See! How cute are those Xweetoks? We can't leave them sad!
My_Cybunny132543: Hey, something tells me this would have more pull if it were me saying that.
Time: Who cares? Anyway, until next time, fans!

06/12/2010, 11/21/2010 - The Quest for Jelly World! (Journal 115)

Scene: Neopian Sub Shop, Neopia Central. Stitch and Time sit together at a booth for four. The two sit eating. Stitch is eating a meaty trio sub that he ordered while Time's eating the free fish sub she got because the Wocky that ordered it didn't have enough Neopoints on hand. The cook (an Acara) and the clerk (a Kacheek) smile while looking at Time.
Sub Shop Clerk (whispering to Sub Shop Cook): Wow, that's one cute young Xweetok. They look so cute together.
Sub Shop Cook (whispering to Sub Shop Clerk): This has to be a date! How can you say no when that sub was just sitting there and the Wocky said she would have to come back tomorrow...maybe. With a half finished sub Time puts her sandwich down to talk, swallowing first.
Time: I'm not really a fan of fish but I can't complain when it comes to free food. *gets back to eating*
Stitch: *swallows* You and free stuff. *gets back to eating*
Time: *swallows* Jelly, Omelette, and Jelly Beans. I've heard legends of Jelly World. *takes a bite, chews, then swallows* I wonder if its real... *gets back to eating*
Stitch: *swallows* Why do I foresee a quest in my future? *gets back to eating*
Time: *swallows* It is inevitable! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! *gets back to eating*
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central, a half an hour later. Stitch and Time arrive at the portal, hoping for an obvious way to Jelly World.
Time: Jelly World!
Action: Stitch and Time walk through and arrive in Shenkuu. They quickly turn around.
Time: Neopia Central!
Action: Stitch and Time walk through and arrive back in Neopia Central.
Stitch: Well that was odd. Either Shenkuu is closest to Jelly World or its a place it doesn't recognize and its where the last place someone went.
Time: I know how we can find out for sure! Follow me!
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, a little later. Stitch and Time walk up to the front door. Time knocks. Haku2049 answers it.
Haku2049: Hello, Time. What do you need?
Time: Haku, is Jelly World for real? We tried to use the portals to get there but we got sent to Shenkuu. Is that the closest place, or was it where the last person went?
Haku2049: Its where the last person went. TNT had Meepits remove Jelly World from the portal system. Its still where it was before, but you need a bracelet to get there. You get a bracelet from finding Jelly World in the first place. How about I teleport you guys to just outside the place so you can act like you found it?
Time: Oh would you?!? *tailwags*
Haku2049: Sure thing. Have fun. *uses magic to teleport Stitch and Time to just outside Jelly World*
Scene: Just outside Jelly World. Stitch and Time teleport in. The two see a road made from orange jelly beginning ahead. They decide to follow it.
Stitch: I've always wondered about Jelly World myself, but you're so hyper and excited about it.
Time: Hello. Jelly, Omelette, and Jelly Beans.
Stitch: Right. I forgot.
Time (in thought): Its been less than an hour and you've already forgot?
Action: Stitch and Time arrive at a gate made from orange jelly as well. Behind it stands a Jelly Shoyru. It looks at the two and smiles.
Jelly Shoyru: I've never seen you two before! Welcome to Jelly World. Since you're first time visitors you can have a bracelet that will allow you to teleport here using the portal system.
Time: Thanks! I can't wait to go inside!
Action: Jelly Shoyru hands Stitch and Time their shortcut bracelets. The two accept them and put them on.
Stitch: Looks kinda girly, but if its a shortcut I'm game.
Time: I like it!
Jelly Shoyru: Now you may enter. Have fun!
Time: Will do!
Action: Stitch and Time jog on in, still following the orange jelly path. They see buildings, statues, bridges, and even a mountain made from jelly. A nearby Jelly Acara looks at the bewildered duo.
Time: Wow, look at that mountain! *points*
Jelly Acara: That's the giant jelly. Its a lot like the giant omelette. Same rules: one jelly per household per day.
Action: Stitch and Time look at Jelly Acara.
Time: Wow, really?
Action: Jelly Acara nods. Time faces the giant jelly again and races towards it.
Stitch: Well that was impulsive of her. Any other things to see here?
Jelly Acara: Just a game, some stores, and a mostly eaten part of our premature addition. But that's where other colors of jelly were invented here. It was the first green jelly ever. Guess too many wanted to sample it.
Action: Time finally arrives at the giant jelly. A Jelly Wocky stands vigilantly watching over the jelly.
Jelly Wocky: I know I've never seen you before! You're welcome to a piece of jelly! Just one piece of jelly per household per day. Nobody knows how this beauty keeps reproducing, but we're not complaining! The giant jelly is why most people even have a bracelet in the first place! Plus, having our places of commerce nearby makes this a busy place to be. Well at times. Right now its kinda slow. I think all we have besides you running around are residents.
Time: *looks up at the giant jelly in awe* I've always dreamed of this. Ever since I first tasted jelly I knew it was special. Then after hearing rumors...and now I'm finally here! *gets teary eyed*
Jelly Wocky: Wow. I don't think I've ever seen anyone cry when looking up at the giant jelly. Usually the first thing on their minds is "can I eat it yet?".
Action: Jelly Acara and Stitch finally catch up. Jelly Wocky notices the two quickly.
Jelly Wocky: Make that two tourists then. Care for some jelly, Lupe?
Jelly Acara: I'm still voting for Meepit magic!
Stitch and Time: Huh?
Jelly Wocky: Oh. Since nobody really knows how this thing is reproduced everyone who lives here or just cares enough has a theory. Everyone seems to agree its magic.
Time: I think I'll have that jelly now.
Action: Stitch and Time grab a piece of jelly each. Then they head back to the two jelly Neopets.
Jelly Acara: That reminds me. I'll show you to the place I was talking about.
Time: Huh?
Stitch: The place green jelly was born in Jelly World.
Action: Jelly Acara shows Stitch and Time to the only other real tourist attraction in the city. Stitch and Time gasp as the look at the mostly eaten green jelly.
Jelly Acara: I believe it was supposed to be a jelly museum, but everyone got enamored in the color and it was quickly eaten.
Time: Poor museum. So, are there any other places to see?
Jelly Acara: If you want there are some easy to find shops which mostly just sell jelly items. Jelly Foods is the biggest and most well known.
Stitch: Maybe some other time. I don't know about you but I want to get this jelly home. Thanks, Jelly Acara!
Time: Same here! Bye!
Jelly Acara: No problem!
Action: Stitch and Time wave as does Jelly Acara as they part ways. Stitch and Time make their to the portal to call it a day.
Time: Neopia Central!
Action: Stitch and Time walk through the portal and arrive in Neopia Central.
Scene: Later at Time's Neohome. Brianna is busy cleaning the Dining Room/Kitchen. Time opens the front door and come in.
Time: Hi, mom, I'm home!
Brianna: How was your day, honey?
Time: Wonderful! I wanted to find Jelly World and with Haku's help I found it! *walks into the Dining Room/Kitchen*
Brianna: You don't honestly believe that... *turns around to see Time* ...where did you get that jelly...and that cute bracelet?
Time: Jelly World of course! The bracelet is required to get their via portal! That's how people have been getting free jelly. Its an awesome place! I should show you sometime!
Brianna: Well I'll be. We'd better put this jelly in the ice box.
Action: Time puts the jelly in the ice box.
Brianna (in thought): *stares admiringly at Time* If only Mark were here for times like these...
Scene: Time's Neohome, Time's Room, later that night. Time looks up at her Blue Xweetok Plushie and puts her bracelet over its head and onto it neck.
Time (quietly): I finally found Jelly World, dad. It was amazing. I wish we could go together as a family sometime, but that's just wishful thinking...
Mark (in thought): I wish so too, honey. It is torture being a plushie. All I can do is listen and think. I really do feel hopeless at the moment. Its been years and all I've done is see my daughter grow up before my eyes. Yet I still wonder and cling onto hope. Just who is this Haku anyway?

10/23/2010 - 10/30/2010 - Scordrax Finally Needed! (Journal 114)

Scene: The Haunted Woods. Celentia, a Blue Acara, laughs to herself while looking over her bit of revenge.
Celentia: How dare they not mention anything more than I was annoying that brat Percky?!? This will get revenge on them, as well as that jerk of a cook who slipped some morphing potion into my drink.
Action: Celentia moves her hands over the sinister looking box with clouds and lightning bolts on it. She presses a lightning bolt, which depresses and a hole opens in the top. Celentia quickly hides it somewhere clever and leaves.
Scene: Neovia. BlindEternities2049 (dressed up as a cute vampire), Dragoon2049 (in a Werelupe costume), Sarah_Shivan (dressed up like Princess Fernypoo), Stitch (in a Pant devil costume), and Time (in a Brucy B. Costume) walk down the sidewalk together, with plastic pumpkins for trick or treating.
Sarah_Shivan: I still can't believe Haku couldn't come! Percky's okay dressing up for a halloween party but not for trick or treating?
Time: Percky's in another one of her moods again and nobody seems to care besides us. Instead of canceling trick or treating he just decided to stay home and keep Percky company while we get to go out and have fun.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, The Study. Percky_Pippy lays on the furry arm chair, looking up at the ceiling. Haku2049 sits at the computer, typing up more of his comical goodness.
Haku2049: I can't believe when I told My_Cybunny about you're depression towards trick or treating she just laughed.
Percky_Pippy: I'm an adult. I know this. There is a very big difference between dressing up for a Halloween party and going trick or treating. When I said no to the idea I thought you'd all leave to have fun and leave me to sulk in my room. You didn't have to send them all unsupervised.
Haku2049: If there's anyone I trust together its them. You and Dragoon often don't see eye to eye so are often part of the problem. Odd how individually you're all upstanding pets, but it seems having all four of you in the same place can be more problematic than useful.
Percky_Pippy: So I'm just a complicated problem?
Haku2049: Well I wouldn't go that far. But you do seem to be the one causing the most chaos. The rather uncontrollable kind actually.
Percky_Pippy: It doesn't help that Jhudora wants me to help her take over Neopia.
Scene: The outskirts of Neovia. Clouds quickly overcast the sky. It begins to rain.
Dragoon2049: Hey, rain wasn't on the weather forecast!
Sarah_Shivan: It doesn't look like a big deal. Maybe we can wait it out.
Time: But where?
Edna: How about in my tower? Its the least I can do for the zombie attack the last time you were here.
Stitch: Thanks!
Action: BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Sarah_Shivan, Stitch, and Time walk together up to Edna's Tower, just a few meters away. They enter and Edna closes the door afterwards.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, The Study. Percky_Pippy lays on the furry arm chair, looking up at the ceiling. Haku2049 sits at the computer, typing up more of his comical goodness.
Haku2049: It goes even further than that. I have a theory about Wii. Care to test it?
Action: Percky_Pippy gets up and goes downstairs to fetch Wii from her room. She quickly comes back up with Wii in her arms. Haku2049 turns around and offers to take Wii. Percky_Pippy hands Wii to Haku2049. Haku2049 accepts Wii and places it on the computer table. He looks a Wii, and closes his eyes, using magic to prove his point. Wii yawns, opening its eyes groggily. Percky_Pippy goes wide eyed.
Percky_Pippy: That's amazing! What did you do?
Haku2049: I'm using the same spell that woke her up in the first time. This one has a permanent on it.
Percky_Pippy: Wii!
Action: Wii jumps into Percky_Pippy's arms. Upon being touched Wii stops moving again.
Percky_Pippy: Wii?!? *turns to Haku2049* What happened?
Haku2049: Let her go.
Action: Percky_Pippy places Wii on the ground, looking at what might happen. Wii wakes up again, looking up at Percky_Pippy, tail wagging.
Percky_Pippy: What?!?
Haku2049: Wii's been trying to fight this condition all along. Unfortunately you're close proximity to her makes her weaker so she stays comatose.
Percky_Pippy: *turns to Haku2049 again* This is all my fault?!?
Haku2049: Yes. You were born this way.
Percky_Pippy: Well can't you fix it?!?
Haku2049: Short of repainting Wii this is as best I can do.
Percky_Pippy: But you're way more powerful! There has to be a way.
Haku2049: Actually, you're way more powerful than you realize. You're effectively neutralizing Planeswalker level magic right now when you touch Wii.
Percky_Pippy: I...how is this possible? I mean, you are able to turn me into an Acara and back, so how could I resist magic there?
Haku2049: That's different. Its also something I'm much more skilled at.
Percky_Pippy: Well if you can't help, then is there any hope?
Haku2049: You'll need to find out how to stop hurting those you care about.
Scene: Edna's Tower. Water slowly seeps through the front door. Edna looks out her window, unable to believe what's going on.
Edna: We've never had this kind of storm here before. Its just getting worse and worse. Something tells me the door won't hold much longer. Would you help me move this stuff into the next room?
Stitch: What other room?
Edna: Up the stairs that surround the inside of my tower.
Dragoon2049: Of course! Let's get to work...
Scene: Later in Downtown Neopia Central. Celentia looks around for the one who turned her into an Acara. She spots the place. Noticing its nearly empty, Celentia eagerly races in. The cook is behind the counter, wearing clothing covering her hair and face.
Celentia: Did you really think I'd just let you get away with turning me into an Acara?!?
Action: Jhudora turns around and takes off the clothing over her head.
Jhudora: Yes, I do.
Celentia: Jhudora?!? What are you doing here?
Jhudora: The only thing that could drive one like me to menial labor is revenge. You seem to despise Percky and her family. Did you know Percky was one of mine?
Celentia: What?!?
Jhudora: Her mother needed help when she was pregnant. So I gave it to them. Before Percky was even born I imbued both of them with my power. Eventually the mother died and Percky was put up for adoption. I didn't mind so much. It would take forever for her to get to know her own powers. I could wait. But now she's landed in the care of someone I cannot defeat. Consider your powers a carbon copy of hers. Learn from me and you can quickly master them.
Celentia: Anything to beat that brat!
Jhudors: *snickers and smiles* Perfect...
Scene: Sophie's Neohome. Sophie looks at the seemingly never ending storm. Her Meowclops hisses at the storm.
Sophie: This hasn't been going on too terribly long but I have a very bad feeling about this one. Its almost as if its fueled by magic.
Scene: Edna's Tower some time later. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, Edna, Sarah_Shivan, Stitch, and Time have moved all the furniture and themselves to the second level.
Edna: I wonder how much longer we'll be safe even up here.
Action: The front door bursts open. Water pours in quickly.
Dragoon2049: That answer your question? I'll see what I can do.
BlindEternities2049: Me too.
Action: BlindEternities2049 and Dragoon2049 walk down a bit before seeing the open door. Dragoon2049 uses his fire to turn the water into steam with BlindEternities2049 uses his powers to move the door back into place and holds it still. Dragoon2049 quickly finishes his heavy job. Steam billows up through the tower where it seeps through the hatch to the top of the tower.
Dragoon2049: Why does the door have to be made of wood?!? If it were metal I'd just weld it shut.
BlindEternities2049: Wow, right now its not hard holding the water back.
Dragoon2049: Hmm...
Action: Sophie suddenly appears on the second floor. Everyone looks at her.
Edna: How did you get here?!?
Sophie: I'm not really here you idiot. What you see is a magical projection. I'm really at me own home, listing to my Meowclops continue to hiss at the storm. She rarely hisses. Usually when she does its to let me know something's very wrong. Just thought I'd give you the heads up since you are the only one remotely helpful in events like this. This storm can't be natural. My guess is that someone stole the Box of Storms and we're in the middle of its grip. While open the box will keep the storm going on nearly indefinitely. It requires mana but its so little it could take months before its finished!
Edna: So find the box and shut it?
Dragoon2049: *walks up to the second floor* I'll go. I've found that if I fly fast enough water just skims off me.
Sophie: Very well. If you manage to pull this off I might just forgive you for having no control over that mutt of yours.
Action: Sophie's magical projection disappears. Dragoon2049 walks upstairs and heads to the roof. He forced the hatch open, then jumps out. He forces it shut again before flying off towards the center of the storm.
Scene: Haunted Woods, not far from Sandra's Neohome. Aisha/Draik is searching for somewhere to get out of the rising water. She notices the Box of Storms in the brush nearby. Oddly its not drowned in water. Seeing this as odd the familiar Neopet walks closer. She touches the lid softly. It closes tight, then the water quickly floods over it. Unsure what happened she pulls the rather heavy box from the water. Still in need of shelter, Aisha/Draik looks around and finds Sandra's Neohome, encased in a bubble of air. Aisha/Draik makes a break for it and goes in. She's immediately pulled to the ground once inside. Sandra quickly comes to the door and notices her disoriented guest.
Sandra: Hello there. Are you alright?
Action: Aisha/Draik sighs and shakes her head no.
Sandra: Well come on in. I don't know how long the barrier will stay up, but this is safe for now.
Action: Sandra invites Aisha/Draik in. Aisha/Draik follows her, looking around. Soon the two are in Sandra's living room, where they sit down together. Sophie's magical projection appears.
Sophie: I just remembered about you, Sandra! You're probably of more use than that crazy Edna. I believe the Box of Storms is... *notices the box in Aisha/Draik's arms* That's it! *points at the Box of Storms* And its closed, too! Something tells me that stupid Scorchio didn't close it, did he?
Sandra: What Scorchio?
Sophie: It doesn't matter. Just guard that box. Its the cause of all this. Now we just got to come up with a way to stop this flood and find out who started it.
Scene: Neovia. Dragoon2049 flies overhead, looking at the rising flood waters. A bolt of lightning strikes from the sky, hitting the Scorchio's right wing. He goes down, splashing into the water. Dragoon2049 comes up, irritated.
Dragoon2049: Not good! All this water and my wing is hurting! There's got to be a way to...
Action: Dragoon2049 begins to flame the water. Just like before the water turns into steam and billows up into the sky. The spell finally stops and the rain comes to an end. Dragoon2049 looks up at the sunset. He keeps flaming the water until he needs to take a breather.
Dragoon2049: Aw man! I've only gotten rid of enough water to fill a little kid's swimming pool! I'll never get rid of it all!
Action: Dragoon2049 keeps at it for quite some time until he collapses into the water, exhausted.
Dragoon2049 (in thought): I have to stop this flood water and I'm the only one who can help. I just wish I had the power to...
Action: The ghost of Scordrax Dragoon2049 got from visiting the game graveyard long ago surrounds the Scorchio. Dragoon2049 is suddenly energized and flies up into the air and spurts an immense flame that takes out the entire flood waters in a few minutes! As the last of it billows up into the sky, denizens of Neovia come to see their savior surrounded by the ghost of a Scordrax. Dragoon2049 quickly faints and the ghost Scordrax disappears.
Scene: Edna's Tower some time later. Dragoon2049 wakes up being stared at by Aisha/Draik, BlindEternities2049, Cyrus, Edna, Sandra, Sarah_Shivan, Sophie, Stitch, and Time. Dragoon2049 stands up slowly.
Edna: And I was hoping I wouldn't have to thank you for doing anything. But really, once the box was closed everything else was just an annoyance.
Dragoon2049: *grins* You're welcome.
Sophie: It will take some time for things to get back to normal, but I'm certainly glad I didn't have to keep moving my things up floors.
Sandra: The real question is who did this, and why...
Scene: Jhudora's Cloud. Jhudora sits on her throne in her Neohome, with Celentia sitting in a chair nearby.
Jhudora: It seems your plan was thwarted. No matter. Soon its time for revenge...
Celentia: And I look forward to it...
Scene: Neovision studio. Time sits in the familiar chair, looking at the camera.
Time: Do I smell foreshadowing? Something smells epic! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!

09/25/2010 - 10/17/2010 - Carrot Chaos! (Journal 113)

Scene: Lorowyn Babaa Farm. Peppercorn, the male Babaa paces around the Babaa pen he's in. He looks up at the sky, angry. Peppercorn: How dare that deva and faerie harm our dear friend Tikles like that! I won't let his ideals die. Fortunately carrots have already been harvested and delivered to Neopia. Its only a matter of time before revenge is ours... Scene: Neomall, food court. My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy sit together eating lunch. My_Cybunny132543 has a plate full of carrots while Percky_Pippy has an egg salad sandwich. Both have a cup of Juppie Juice as well. My_Cybunny132543: Egg salad sandwich, really? I thought you had too much omelet. Percky_Pippy: Like you eating carrots almost exclusively is any better. My_Cybunny132543: *hands Percky_Pippy a carrot* Try one. You'll see how awesome they are. Percky_Pippy: *takes then eats the carrot* You actually like this health food? It tastes worse to me then leftover rotten omelette! My_Cybunny132543: I thought your owner sold everything rotten or just plain disgusting. Percky_Pippy: He does. I ate it before I met him. My_Cybunny132543: I don't know what you're talking about. Percky_Pippy: Must be a Cybunny thing. Scene: Supper time in Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen. Dragoon2049, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan sit around the table at their usual places, with BlindEternities2049 at his usual place at the side of the table eating with LegacyWeapon, Newton, and PowerStone. The only one in the room not eating is Haku2049, who is reading the comics section of the Neopian Times. Percky_Pippy enters the front door, closing it behind her. She walks inside, noticing Time reading the loathed articles section of the Neopian Times. Percky_Pippy (in thought): What, does Time live here now?!? Lately I've always seen her sitting somewhere quietly reading in our Neohome. She can't be here all the time. Maybe its just my imagination... Action: Percky_Pippy walks into the dining room/kitchen and looks at Dragoon2049. She blushes then glomps him! The tackle forces Dragoon2049 out of his chair, which tips over, then into the door to his room. Percky_Pippy just holds him tight in a bear hug, tail wagging. Nobody bothers to look. Percky_Pippy: Dragoon, you're so handsome! I can't believe I've never seen it before! Dragoon2049 (struggling to breathe): Percky...need...air. Time: *looks at the chaos* Hey, that's what I do! Haku2049: Still nothing funny in the comics section? Why does nothing seem to be even terribly entertaining in this thing? I remember one time Coshi didn't get in but of course everything pathetic gets in just fine. Where's the funny? Action: Haku2049 hears Dragoon2049 choking. He puts down the paper to see what's happening. Haku2049: Well that is kind of funny... Sarah_Shivan: *looks as well* Well that doesn't happen everyday. Time: *cough* Rip off! *cough* Haku2049: Ironic that getting hugged is what Dragoon expected when Percky moved in. Now its finally happened. Sarah_Shivan: And you know its fishy? Haku2049: Yeah, but its funnier just to watch. Action: Dragoon2049 keeps trying to get free. Newton tackles Percky_Pippy, which is enough to get the scorchio free. Dragoon2049 quickly backs up into his room and slams the door shut. Percky_Pippy blinks then glomps Haku2049, who just sits still, very annoyed. Haku2049: Okay, it just got annoying. Bedtime! Action: Haku2049 teleports Percky_Pippy into her room, trapping her in a barrier around her bed. Percky_Pippy tries to get out frantically, but eventually gives up. By then everyone's finished eating. Percky_Pippy cries in bed while everyone gets to doing their evening grooming then go to bed as well. Percky_Pippy (in thought): That was so embarrassing. I wonder what's wrong with me? Scene: The next morning outside Haku2049's Neohome. Cyrus quickly walks down the sidewalk and heads on up to the front door. He knocks at it. Haku2049 walks down from the study into the living room. He opens the door. Haku2049: Good morning, Cyrus. Cyrus: Maybe for you. My_Cybunny is acting all weird again. Can I retreat in here for awhile? Haku2049: Sure, but Percky was acting just as weird yesterday. I wonder if she's over it. Action: Haku2049 steps aside to let Cyrus in. He closes the door afterwards. Cyrus quickly collapses on the tiger couch. Action: My_Cybunny132543 comes hopping down the sidewalk chasing after Cyrus. My_Cybunny132543: Where are you my darling?!? *giggles* I love carrot cake! Action: My_Cybunny132543 goes right on by Haku2049's Neohome and just keeps following the sidewalk at a brisk pace. Scene: Haku2049's Living Room. Sarah_Shivan comes down from the commons and looks at the current development. Sarah_Shivan: Cyrus? What are you doing here? Haku2049: Hiding from My_Cybunny. Cyrus: She's fueled by tainted carrot cake! Its not fair!!! Sarah_Shivan: Seriously, the things that happen here... Haku2049: ...are endlessly entertaining, right? Sarah_Shivan: So how do you know the carrot cake is tainted. Cyrus: It was on the news. The carrots came from a farm with tainted carrots. Before we even knew about the carrot recall the carrots were already in a cake which was already in My_Cybunny's stomach. Then she started acting all feminine...but like in overdrive! Sarah_Shivan: The same thing happened to Percky yesterday. Haku2049: Guess she ate a tainted carrot while out and about. Action: Percky_Pippy comes from her room, still groggy but in desperate need for caffeine. She grabs a Neocola then turns around to see the morning hilarity. She quickly walks into the living room. Percky_Pippy: Hey, what's going on...Cyrus? What are you doing here?!? I so want to cuddle with you! Um...after I get some caffeine. Action: Percky_Pippy quickly opens her can of Neocola and takes a gulp, then swallows. Cyrus, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan all watch. Percky_Pippy: So, why are you here? Its great to see you, but shouldn't you be at home? Cyrus: Um...what just happened? Sarah_Shivan: You just said you wanted to cuddle him after you drank some Neocola. Now you don't? Percky_Pippy: What are you talking about? Haku2049: *laughs* Holy cow. The cure is Neocola! Percky_Pippy: What cure? Sarah_Shivan: Did you eat a carrot yesterday? Percky_Pippy: Yeah, for lunch. My_Cybunny insisted I try one. It was so terrible I think I much prefer even free jelly. Haku2049: Cyrus found out that those carrots were tainted. And you just proved the cure is Neocola. Percky_Pippy: *looks at the can admiringly* I always knew it was useful stuff. I just didn't know how useful! *looks back at Haku2049* So, how are we going to get My_Cybunny to drink one? Haku2049: Since she forced you to eat a carrot you can get revenge by making her drink a Neocola. Percky_Pippy: Best...idea...ever! Action: Percky_Pippy grabs a Neocola from the ice box then races outside, closing the door afterwards mostly to protect Cyrus. Haku2049: Now we wait. So, Cyrus. Just what farm is this carrot chaos from? Cyrus: Lorowyn Babaa Farm, why? Sarah_Shivan: Not them again! They hurt poor BlindEternities! And made him scare me up a tree. Haku2049: Hmm...its about time we go on back there... Scene: Moments later at Lorowyn Babaa Farm. Cyrus, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan teleport in. Farmer Lorowyn and his Doglefox stand happily looking at the fields after a great harvest. Farmer Lorowyn: I wonder what went wrong. I don't think I've had such an amazing year for those carrots as I have this year. I with I could be proud of the result. Haku2049: There farmer Lorowyn is. *points* Action: Cyrus, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan all walk over to Farmer Lorowyn. Cyrus: Hey, did you know about your own carrot recall? Farmer Lorowyn: *turns to Cyrus* Of course. But I just can't figure out what's going on. Percky_Pippy: I wonder why your carrots are making all the females who eat them into ditzy weirdos. Cyrus: My_Cybunny's gone crazy! Farmer Lorowyn: That sounds horrible. Haku2049: Fortunately there is a cure. Its Neocola. Farmer Lorowyn: That's a relief. Now we just need to keep this kind of weirdness from going on at my farm again. Peppercorn (in Petpet): Well that didn't take very long. Fortunately its way too late! Action: Haku2049 turns to see Peppercorn. He walks in that direction. Farmer Lorowyn: Where are you going? Haku2049: Seems like your Babaa are against you. Well at least Peppercorn is. Farmer Lorowyn: Not again. I knew Peppercorn and Tinkles cared for one another a great deal but I didn't expect he'd go as far as to emulate my Babaa that's been turned to stone for bad behavior. Haku2049: Good thing its not zombies we're talking about this time. I can do the same easily. Or turn him into a Snowbunny with amnesia and teleport him to the North Pole. Farmer Lorowyn: What I could really use is someone who can honestly tell me when magic is involved. Haku2049: I can always give that ability to your Doglefox. Farmer Lorowyn: That sounds wonderful. With help I could stop magical shenanigans from going on. That way traditional punishment would work. Haku2049: Okay then. Action: Haku2049 uses his powers to surround Farmer Lorowyn's Doglefox with a bright light. The Doglefox closes its eyes. Soon it goes away. The Doglefox opens its eyes and looks up at Farmer Lorowyn. Doglefox: I can smell something's wrong with the field! Farmer Lorowyn: You can speak Pet?!? Doglefox: I can? Ooh! I just did! Action: Farmer Lorowyn's Doglefox jumps up into Farmer Lorowyn's arms. The two just hug while laughing together for awhile. Haku2049 quickly teleports Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, and himself back to 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central. Farmer Lorowyn stand up with his Doglefox in his arms. Farmer Lorowyn: Thanks, um... *looks around while standing still* where did they go? Scene: Haku2049's Living Room. Cyrus, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan sit down together on tiger couches. Cyrus: Well that was interesting. I wonder if it was okay to leave them like that though. Haku2049: I think now that his Doglefox can sniff out magic things will be fine. Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. My_Cybunny132543 continues to hop at high speed down the sidewalk, looking for Cyrus. Percky_Pippy quickly catches up by flying. She tosses the can of Neocola at My_Cybunny132543's head. It hits and the Cybunny stops, angry. Sarah_Shivan: Hey, who threw that?!? Percky_Pippy: That would be me. *lands* You forced me to eat that weird tainted carrot and I'm getting my revenge! *picks up the Neocola and presents it to My_Cybunny132543* You're going to drink this Neocola! My_Cybunny132543: As if! That stuff's disgusting. Percky_Pippy: Oh yeah, well currently its the only cure! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! My_Cybunny132543: To what? Percky_Pippy: The tainted carrots! Weren't you listening? Dunno why but carrots from some farm make females ditzy. I might just leave the Neocola and enjoy the fact that you'll need to drink one sooner or later. But it will be much more satisfying to watch you drink it! Its revenge! Action: My_Cybunny132543 grabs the can of Neocola, looking at it. Percky_Pippy waits anxiously, smiling all over and not bothering to hide it. My_Cybunny132543: Hey, who says I didn't want to chase after Cyrus? Percky_Pippy: Hey, I hugged Dragoon and that's something I'd never do it I were sane. Have you done anything that weird? My_Cybunny132543: Well, I did kiss that Grundo guy who tried to get away. But he was so dreamy... Percky_Pippy: A Grundo?!? Seriously. My_Cybunny132543: Oh my gosh! You're right! Action: My_Cybunny132543 opens the can of Neocola and takes a drink. She slowly finishes it off, with Percky_Pippy snickering maniacally. Soon My_Cybunny132543 tosses the empty can to Percky_Pippy. Percky_Pippy catches it. My_Cybunny132543: Well I'll be. I feel better. Percky_Pippy: Let's go window shopping to get your mind off of things while I laugh at you internally. My_Cybunny132543: So transparent. Percky_Pippy: Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! Action: My_Cybunny132543 sighs. Percky_Pippy and My_Cybunny132543 walk together past the Nevision store. On the one at the front is a news update. Neovision Reporter: We now know for certain that the tainted carrots have a few immediate cures. Neocola is the first, Maple Syrup is the second, and last but not least is Kau Milk. Action: My_Cybunny132543 looks at the screen in disbelief. My_Cybunny132543: You mean there was more than one cure?!? *turns angrily to Percky_Pippy. Percky_Pippy: *looks at My_Cybunny132543* What?!? I didn't know! How could I have known?!? I found out the Neocola by accident! My_Cybunny132543: So not cool, Percky! So not cool! Action: My_Cybunny132543 chases after Percky_Pippy. Scene: Loworyn Babaa Farm, Farmer Lorowyn's Home. Peppercorn is trapped in a Petpet carrier with fake bunny ears attached to his head, and carrots in a bowl as well as a water tube attached so that he can drink from it inside. Farmer Lorowyn's Doglefox is not far away, laughing his head off. Peppercorn (in Petpet): So not funny, guys! So not funny!

10/06/2010 - 10/07/2010 - The Bubble Bath Experiment (Journal 112)

Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. A Krawk toting some Neomail walks up to the front door. Percky_Pippy eagerly opens it.
Percky_Pippy: Ooh, the mail?
Krawk: Yup. Here you go, miss. *hands Percky_Pippy the mail*
Percky_Pippy: Thanks!
Action: The Krawk begins to leave. Percky_Pippy closes the door afterwards. Soon the Krawk is gone and Percky_Pippy is sitting on a tiger couch with the mail on the coffee table. She picks up something that looks enticing and opens it up. She reads it happily.
Percky_Pippy (in thought): To our valued window shopper. You've just won a two hour spa trip for two!
Action: Haku2049 enters the living room, looking at the small pile of mostly spam.
Haku2049: You look tailwagy all of a sudden. Why?
Percky_Pippy: There's this place at the mall that sells time in their relaxing spa. Obvious My_Cybunny and I just window shop, unable to afford it. Now I got a two hour free trial and I can bring My_Cybunny as well!
Action: Dragoon2049 walks into the living room being followed by Newton, who is set on getting the cookie from the Scorchio's left hand.
Dragoon2049: Sounds fishy.
Percky_Pippy: Maybe to you. I've heard from others that this is real.
Haku2049: Makes sense since it is only two hours and with a first hand trial they can get customers to come again if they like it.
Newton (in petpet): I'm so happy I've gotten to eat cookies lately.
Action: Cyrus knocks at the front door. Haku2049 quickly answers it.
Haku2049: Hello, Cyrus.
Cyrus: I've got your wednesday copy of Neopian Writer's Digest.
Action: Cyrus hands Haku2049 the digest. Haku2049 takes it. Sarah_Shivan comes walking down from the commons room with BlindEternities2049. Both of them laugh together. They both notice Cyrus.
Sarah_Shivan: Hi there, Cyrus!
Percky_Pippy: So can I go there now, Haku?
Sarah_Shivan: Um...where to?
Percky_Pippy: *turns to Sarah_Shivan* The spa! Its a really awesome place in the Neomall where you can go to pamper yourself. I finally won a short vacation with a friend. I should probably see if My_Cybunny has her own. If she has her own ticket I might let you come, Sarah!
Haku2049: Don't bother calling. My_Cybunny does not have one. You were clearly meant to take her. Go ahead and have fun.
Percky_Pippy: Thanks!
Action: Percky_Pippy runs off with little more than the required Neomail. Newton quickly races towards the open door, then tackles Cyrus, licking him to death. Cyrus laughs.
Cyrus: You weird little Doglefox!
Action: Newton gets off, then races around Cyrus.
Newton (in Petpet): Let's play! Let's play! Let's play!
Dragoon2049: Looks like Newton wants to play.
Cyrus: I don't have to be anywhere anytime soon. Is that okay, Haku?
Haku2049: Sure. You should know the answer to that by now!
Action: Cyrus walks into the living room, closing the door afterwards.
Dragoon2049: There's only one room in this Neohome where just about anything goes. Its the lower hallway!
Cyrus: What if a ball hits something for example?
BlindEternities2049: Haku has planeswalker barriers to prevent unauthorized flying objects from causing chaos.
Dragoon2049 (sarcastically): So that's what the acronym UFO stands for!
Action: Cyrus, Dragoon2049, and Newton walk happily into the lower hallway. BlindEternities2049, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan just look at each other.
Sarah_Shivan: Um...why would Percky want to send me to a spa? Just what's so great about them, anyway?
Haku2049: While it does go further than bubble bathes, its essentially the same idea. The bubbles are supposed to make you feel good and ideally they should be pleasantly scented. Percky uses it sometimes whenever she needs to relax.
BlindEternities2049: Isn't she the only one who has ever used the bubble bath soap?
Haku2049: Of us I believe so.
Sarah_Shivan: Hey, we should do that!
BlindEternities2049: Together?
Sarah_Shivan: We do have two bath tubs so why not!
BlindEternities2049: Sounds neat. What about you, Haku?
Haku2049: I could join if you really want. I wouldn't mind hanging out as a Sandan again for awhile in the petpet tub. First I'd like to see if LegacyWeapon would like to go.
Sarah_Shivan: I'll go see!
BlindEternities2049: I'll go find the soap!
Haku2049: And I'll get the baths started.
Action: Haku2049 first puts down his copy of Neopian Writer's Digest down on the coffee table. Then he walks into the bathroom and turns the faucet for all three tubs into the on position. Water begins to pour out. BlindEternities2049 sniffs around the Neohome until he finds the bubble bath soap and brings it back to the bathroom where Haku2049 opens it and puts some in each tub. Sarah_Shivan walks up to the study where LegacyWeapon is busy typing on the computer.
Sarah_Shivan: Hi there, LegacyWeapon! Would you like to go take a bubble bath with BlindEternities and me?
LegacyWeapon (over radio collar): Not that I wouldn't mind spending time with you but I hate taking a bath.
Sarah_Shivan: I kinda expected that. See you later, then!
Action: Sarah_Shivan takes off her radio collar than puts it into her room. She quickly walks downstairs into the bathroom where the tubs have finished filling and Haku2049 has stopped the faucets from pouring.
Sarah_Shivan: I kinda expected that LegacyWeapon would decline a bath.
Haku2049: Okay, then.
Action: BlindEternities2049 walks into the middle bathroom space, jumping into the space station bath tub. On the other side of the divider, Sarah_Shivan lays down into the plain white bath tub. As the white petpet bath tub has never been used for relaxation before it doesn't have any privacy. Nevertheless Haku2049 transforms into a Sandan, quickly laying down and looking up at the ceiling, thinking about the time he beat Jumpin' Gem Heist impressively. Everyone just takes a moment to relax.
Sarah_Shivan: This feels so good!
BlindEternities2049: Bubbles are on my nose! They tickle too!
Action: BlindEternities2049 and Sarah_Shivan laugh together.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Lower Hallway. Cyrus and Dragoon2049 toss the cookie to each other, with Newton quickly running between the two.
Cyrus: Are you sure its okay to feed him cookies like this?
Dragoon2049: They're stale health food cookies we got for free. But for some reason Newton loves them.
Action: Cyrus slips while trying to throw it to Dragoon2049. It hits the ground and crumbles. Newton quickly attacks it, eating every bite.
Cyrus: Well that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Dragoon2049: I so knew you were going to say that...
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Bathroom. BlindEternities2049, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan continue to relax.
Haku2049 (in thought): I remember when Sarah was jealous of BlindEternities. Now they're great friends. Can't say the same for Dragoon and Percky, though.
Sarah_Shivan: I wonder what LegacyWeapon's up to.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, The Study. LegacyWeapon stares at the computer screen with the Neopets website on it.
LegacyWeapon: Another plot Haku could easily put an end to? Fortunately for Hubrid Nox Haku doesn't seem to notice the plot, or if he does, he doesn't care.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Bathroom, a half an hour later. Haku2049 jumps out of the tub and transforms back into a Halloween Draik. He fetches three towels. He puts one around his body and holds onto the other two with his hands. Sarah_Shivan stands up, unplugging the drain to let the water out. She steps out of the tub. Haku2049 holds out his the towel in his left hand to Sarah_Shivan. Sarah_Shivan accepts it and starts drying herself off before putting it around her as well. Haku2049 helps BlindEternities2049 out of the tub, immediately drying the Baby Gelert off.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Living Room, a little later. BlindEternities2049, Haku2049, and Sarah_Shivan all sit together on a tiger couch, still drying off.
Haku2049: I believe there's a funny family movie on in a few minutes. I think its called "Don't Eat my Mallard...Balloon
Dragoon2049: Whoa! For real?!? I've so been looking forward to watching that! I remember when it was just in theaters. Finally its on free Neovision!
Action: Dragoon2049 quickly races onto the other tiger couch. He's quickly followed by Newton and Cyrus, who sit down next to him. Overhearing the commotion, LegacyWeapon comes from the commons and takes a look at the scene. He quickly sits in Sarah_Shivan's lap, eager to watch the show. Haku2049 turns on the Neovision with the remote control on the coffee table. The movie begins and Haku2049 puts the remote control back down.
Scene: 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central, Living Room, two hours later. Percky_Pippy grabs the doorknob and opens the door. She looks at her entire family watching the final credits of a movie together with Cyrus.
Percky_Pippy: I'm back! That was the most wonderful two hours of my life so far! My_Cybunny enjoyed it, too. What did I miss?
Sarah_Shivan: You could call it a bubble bath experiment.
Percky_Pippy: Huh?
Haku2049: BlindEternities, Sarah, and I took bubble baths, keeping one another company while Cyrus and Dragoon played with Newton. Afterwards we all watched a movie together.
Sarah_Shivan: It was a lot of fun talking together in the tub.
BlindEternities2049: We should do that again sometime!
Dragoon2049: You missed "Don't Eat my Mallard...Balloon".
Percky_Pippy: Did you record it?!?!
Haku2049: Fortunately for you...
Percky_Pippy: Whew. Thanks. Maybe today wasn't the best day to have those two hours of relaxation.
Sarah_Shivan: I dunno about that. You leaving got us to thinking about bubble baths in the first place.
Haku2049: I had to explain the spa somehow.
Percky_Pippy: Fun things just seem to happen here. So...about that movie...

09/18/2010 - Mallards and Balloons (Journal 111)

Scene: A park in Downtown Neopia Central. A hungry Grarrl (Giddy_Grarrl_Garrison75829675) walks next to its owner, (I_EAT_GRARRLS_562). Nearby a Scorchio is selling Mallard Balloons.
Giddy_Grarrl_Garrison75829675: *stomach growls* Told you we should have stopped for a snack.
I_EAT_GRARRLS_562: Hey, there are some Mallard Balloons up there. Would you like to eat one?
Giddy_Grarrl_Garrison75829675: Gross! You know I much prefer dung!
Scorchio (in thought): I can't believe I just heard that...
Scene: Haku2049's Study. Percky_Pippy sits at the wooden desk, in the rolling chair. She clicks on the Neopets website to see what's new.
Percky_Pippy: Hmm... I didn't know you can talk to your Petpets on this thing!
Action: Percky_Pippy goes to LegacyWeapon's page, types in "Think Newton's an idiot?" and clicks "Go". The website pops up. Percky_Pippy laughs hysterically.
Percky_Pippy: You gotta see this, Sarah!
Action: Sarah_Shivan comes from her room with LegacyWeapon on her shoulder.
Sarah_Shivan: What is it?
Action: Percky_Pippy motions for her to look at the monitor. LegacyWeapon and Sarah_Shivan do so, both reading away. LegacyWeapon goes wide eyed.
LegacyWeapon: This website is saying when asked if I think Newton's an idiot I start to bury myself into what I think is a pile of snow?!? *jumps down onto the computer and takes over. He goes back and keeps hitting "Go". LegacyWeapon sticks his tongue out? LegacyWeapon Shakes? Looks at you pathetically?!? Now I'm steamed! I'll go destroy TNT for being so offensive to Petpets! *jumps down from the table, ready to leave*
Percky_Pippy: Hold on! Feel like making fun of Newton?
LegacyWeapon: Hmm...feel offended and kill TNT for being jerks or use their system as a means of entertainment against that insufferable Doglefox...
Action: LegacyWeapon thinks for awhile then hops up on the chair and up to the monitor. By then Percky_Pippy has Newton's page up. She types in "Would you like a cookie?" and hits "Go". Up comes more comical gold.
LegacyWeapon: Newton says 'Brrrflp'. He's never said that but I imagine that's what's going on in his head most of the time.
Percky_Pippy: Newton blinks?!? *laughs* Hysterical! I'd think he'd rush you for the cookie, not just blink stupidly.
Sarah_Shivan: Newton makes a strange clicking noise?
Scene: Dragoon2049's Room. Newton runs around in a circle. Dragoon2049 holds out a cookie. Newton stops cutely.
Dragoon2049: Would you like a cookie, Newton?
Newton: Brrrflp.
Action: Newton blinks, then makes a strange clicking sound. After a few seconds of processing he jumps at the cookie.
Newton (in Petpet): Cookie!
Dragoon2049: *drops the cookie for Newton* It really does seem to take awhile for anything to reach your tiny brain, you goofball.
Action: Newton quickly gets to munching on the stale cookie.
Scene: The Neovision Studio. Time sits in the familiar chair, wearing a graduation cap.
Time: As you can tell Newton's inherent stupidity is due to his tiny brain. External stimuli takes quite some time to find it. Likewise the combination between shape and gasses in a Mallard Balloon make Grarrls sick when they eat it. This educational moment is brought to you in part by Neocola. Because Neocola's taste is just plain logical. *holds up a Neocola and takes a drink*
Percky_Pippy (in thought): Why do I have to hide behind the camera? I wanted the Neocola!
Newton (in Petpet): Are there any cookies here?

05/25/2010 - The Trio Returns! (Journal 110)

Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Main Chamber. Alpha, Beta, and Theta all sigh together, looking at Neopia through the -blocked-
Alpha: Amazing how all we had to do was make the Meepits a playground for them to let us go.
Beta: I thought helping them build a really cool place was kind fun. Just like I enjoy working on projects here.
Theta: Do you think Haku even remembers about us?
Alpha: Devas, I hope not.
Theta: That won't help. He is a deva.
Alpha: He's only a good spirit for everyone besides Xweetoks.
Beta: Or at least us!
Theta: Good thing we have a more odd plan in mind. Since we have copies of our research all over the place, even out of this dimension, we're safe on not losing that much. Now we have to apply the same technology in a less invasive form.
Alpha: And much safer since when you're being zapped you most likely are on or very close to the ground.
Beta: Everything is back in one piece so all we should have to do is flick the switch.
Theta: As revenge for that odd Draik for ruining our fun...
Action: Theta flips the switch. The main computer starts up and monitors light up. An invisible field surrounds Neopia by the the satellite. The only sign its even on is stats on a monitor.
Alpha: Wow, that signal's stronger than we expected. Great work, Beta.
Beta: What can I say? Fixing things is what I do.
Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. LegacyWeapon runs from his lab into the living room where BlindEternities2049, Percky_Pippy, and Haku2049 are sitting together watching a Neovision show.
Neovision Stewardess: Chuck me!
Percky_Pippy: I love this show. They always have way better gadgets than we do in Neopia.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): I think my lab is too small now. There are really big projects I'd like to do but there's not enough space under the Neohome without risking an ounce of structural integrity.
Haku2049 (psychically): *looks at LegacyWeapon* There's a patch in the back to the side you can build on. I was planning on making a shack opposite for all the seasonal junk.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): A lab above ground? That's plenty of room for now and I could always build up! Thanks!
Haku2049 (psychically): No problem.
Scene: Secret Lab Ray Room. A Red Meerca takes their place while Lab Ray Scientist pulls the button again. In a flash of light the Meerca becomes a Green Xweetok!
Lab Ray Scientist: Another Xweetok?!? I think the lab ray has been tampered with.
Green Xweetok: Should I let the others know the ray will be in service?
Lab Ray Scientist: Sure.
Green Xweetok: Sure. Later!
Action: Green Xweetok leaves and warns the others in line while Lab Ray Scientist opens the chassis and takes a look inside.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Boochi hits another Neopet with his ray but what results is a Xweetok instead of a baby. The Xweetok rolls his eyes at Boochi.
Former Skeith: Not only did you not turn me into a baby but you saved my owner the expense of a morphing potion.
Scene: Shenkuu Battledome. A Red Xweetok fires a ray weapon at his opponent. The big tough Red Grarrl laughs, not bothering to move out of the way in sheer confidence. The Ray hits and the Grarrl gets turned into a Pink Xweetok. The former tough guy gives Red Xweetok the stink eye.
Pink and Red Xweetoks: What kind of ray was that?!?
Scene: Dr. Sloth's space station, currently positioned close enough to Neopia to be inside the Xweetok ray field. Dr. Sloth walks into the Grundo-ray room. He laughs at his latest prey, Zeta, a Purple Xweetok tied up right in the path of the ray.
Dr. Sloth: You'll become one of my Grundo slaves whether you want to or not. Fire!
Action: A Green Grundo presses the fire button. The ray hits but appears to do nothing.
Zeta: Wow, the result really doesn't live up to the expectations.
Dr. Sloth: Ugh! What's wrong with the ray?!? Everyone leave while I work on it!
Action: Zeta and some Grundo guards leave. Soon a portal shows up right in front of Zeta. He quickly races through before the Grundos can stop him. The portal immediately closes, leaving the ropes behind
Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Main Chamber. Zeta quickly walks out of the teleportation room to see his comrades.
Alpha: Are you alright, weapons master Zeta?
Zeta: I hoped I'd never see this place again. I was set to destroy the Grundo ray. Apparently you've disabled it.
Alpha: Not entirely. It turns anyone not a Xweetok into a Xweetok but Xweetoks don't change at all.
Zeta: Making one weapon stupid?
Theta: Don't speak that way. Rays of any kind do the same thing we tried on the space station.
Zeta: But it was a ray back then. I don't see anything now.
Alpha: Some bothersome deva ruined our plans by sicking Meepits on us! The Meepits destroyed the ray and most systems but Beta made short work of the job and now we have a generator that puts up an intense field around the planet that cleverly lets idiots on the surface do our jobs for us.
Zeta: Once again I'm the only sane one here. Its not nice to dislike other species just because you don't see things eye to eye.
Alpha: *sighs* Still as bad as the deva?
Theta: Not really. The deva couldn't be tossed out an air lock. We can do that to Zeta.
Zeta: Part of why I left after you three started dreaming about a Xweetok only world. I prefer weapons and teleporters not mass species swaps. I'll go to the surface and try to figure out why you guys are so stupid.
Alpha: Its soldiers like you who are stupid. But go to the surface. I don't think I can resist tossing you outside for much longer.
Scene: Minutes later in Downtown Neopia Central. Zeta walks away from the portal, quickly looking up at the sky briefly before getting back to looking around.
Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. Percky_Pippy gets up from the tiger couch and stretches.
Percky_Pippy: What a show! I hope its never cancelled.
Haku2049: Well you know NBC.
BlindEternities2049: National or Neopian?
Haku2049: Both in our case.
Percky_Pippy: Well I'm going for a walk. I think I'll take my G5 Disabler just in case I run into that annoying Pteri who keeps bothering me.
Haku2049: Great idea. Later, Percky!
Percky_Pippy: Bye! *grabs her weapon and leaves*
BlindEternities2049: Do you think the weapon's a good idea for dealing with the Pteri?
Haku2049: Honestly its overkill. Even you could ram into it and it would faint. Its just it never gives up and is way more annoying than Time.
BlindEternities2049: So what does she have a weapon for? Do I sense an adventure for her?
Haku2049: Yes you do. The trio that tried to turn all animals in the solar system into Xweetoks is back with a slightly more clever plan that I didn't see coming since I pretty much expected the Meepits to fully destroy their satellite. But the Meepits do have a Petpet playground now!
BlindEternities2049: *laughs* Really? We'll have to take Newton and PowerStone sometime.
Scene: An hour later in Downtown Neopia Central. Zeta sits outside at a cafe, eating some salad and drinking a caffeine free Neocola. Percky_Pippy walks along the sidewalk that goes right past him. Being a Neocola addict, Percky_Pippy stops once she sees a nice can of caffeine free Neocola. Zeta quickly notices the G5 Disabler.
Percky_Pippy: A fellow Neocola lover?
Zeta: A fellow warrior? You know your weapon is a generation old, right?
Percky_Pippy: I did not know that, but I kind of am a warrior. I'm actually a spy. I have this at the moment because I thought I was going to get bothered by this really annoying Pteri...
Zeta: *laughs* The disabler is the best weapon for the job. You can stun your enemy or fry them. Your choice. I actually like to make my own weapons. My so called comrades rescued me from getting long term jailed by Dr. Sloth, but after we had another argument over policy Alpha, the leader, decided he wanted to toss me out an airlock. I hate that satellite since its so solitary. I would destroy it if I could. Alpha, Beta, and Theta need to know its not nice to poke fun of other species.
Percky_Pippy: Theta?!? That Pink Xweetok I almost punched on the space station?
Zeta: I wouldn't know, but that sounds like her. Sometimes I want to punch her as well but its not nice to hit a lady. Or kill sworn comrades. They've simply been up there too long.
Percky_Pippy: I'd be glad to punch her lights out for you!
Zeta: Sounds nice, but there is tough security very few can crack. The only real way to counter them is to shut the computers down but we couldn't get close enough.
Percky_Pippy: Ryefield and Haku have taught me a little about wireless distances. Nothing on Neopia can get a clear signal into space. Its too far and there are many things in play up there that aren't around on Earth. Plus, Ryefield is very territorial, so no hacking from space. He stays at his mansion while protected by us. In return we get technology and help out a poor robot Lupe.
Scene: Space station. Florence or Zigaroth looks out at the Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, eager to find some things out. He walks back to his supercomputer monitor and looks at the progress.
Florence: This is taking forever! I want that thing in pieces but the weapon systems destroy anything in the way. Even our super probe died! I have no choice but to hack in wirelessly. Fortunately I'm close enough to not have to worry much about the signal strength. Hmm... *types on the keyboard* Cool, I'm in. Let's see here. Looks like the only thing I can use are weapons. I think sending these encryption algorithms should short them out from strain...
Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Main Chamber. Theta hears some light beeping. She finds where its coming from and looks at the monitor.
Theta: Someone's sending a very big encryption algorithm through the weapons systems. The systems are doing lots of math they weren't designed for.
Beta: Those systems can take the strain. They can't do much from outside our satellite anyway.
Alpha: I hate Zeta for those just in case policies. They're getting our weapons hacked.
Action: Blue electronic smoke comes from a computer system. The monitor in front of Theta turns off.
Beta: *sniffs the air* That would be electronic smoke. The problem is that once blue smoke comes from electronics they don't typically keep working.
Theta: I think we can still use weapons manually.
Alpha: And we'd need Zeta's help for that.
Beta: Amazing how these arguments impede progress heavily.
Alpha: Be quiet, Beta.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Percky_Pippy and Zeta stand together not far from the portal.
Zeta: Well let's see if the security is up or not. We want to go to the Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1.
Action: The Shoyru and Xweetok duo head on through together...
Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1. Percky_Pippy and Zeta easily get through the door to the main chamber.
Zeta: You guys are coming with us and this space station should be destroyed. Lucky for us you didn't have the security on.
Alpha: We had the intruder detection and portal rerouting systems working flawlessly until somebody hacked into the weapons loophole that you created, Zeta. Who did it?
Percky_Pippy and Zeta: No clue.
Beta: We do have bio-shields. Your weapons will be pointless.
Percky_Pippy: *looks angrily at Theta* If there were enough room in here for a proper fight I'd kick your butt, Theta!
Zeta: Well we don't need to harm one another if the secret I buried is still there...
Alpha, Beta, and Theta: What other secret?!?
Zeta: Selfdestruct authorization Orion, Theta, Zeta.
Computer Voice: Authorization accepted. One minute until selfdestruct.
Alpha: Since when does the system accept voice commands?!?
Beta: How could you add those, Zeta?!? You're a warrior and nothing more.
Theta: Orion did. Only Orion would use that code. Its the people he cared about.
Percky_Pippy: Guys, timebomb!
Action: Beta knocks on a monitor.
Beta: Why don't you work, stupid?!?
Action: Percky_Pippy quickly races to the portal, soon followed by Beta and Theta. The three escape to Neopia Central while Alpha and Zeta stand looking at one another.
Alpha: You will not let this continue. It was Orion's idea for this whole thing in the first place. He would not let you do this. I know its his wish.
Computer Voice: Thirty seconds until selfdestruct.
Zeta: You've become too attached to this place its become your ideal sort of environment. But nothing's perfect. I know Orion understands that.
Alpha: But I thought he was dead!
Zeta: Dr. Sloth turned him into a Grundo. I went to save him but failed.
Alpha: Well let's go then, my friend.
Computer Voice: Fifteen seconds until selfdestruct.
Action: Alpha and Zeta race to the portal and jump out just in time. Part of the explosion comes with them before the portal closes.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Alpha, Beta, Percky_Pippy, Theta and Zeta all stand together, looking up at the sky. Percky_Pippy soon looks at Theta.
Percky_Pippy: With an explosion like that I may just let you go for the moment, Theta. But don't think this changes anything!
Action: Percky_Pippy flies off and Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Zeta all look at one another.
Alpha: Well our satellite is destroyed so now we have to focus entirely on beating Dr. Sloth.
Theta: But I thought...
Zeta: Orion's a Grundo. He doesn't remember much like all of Dr. Sloth's slaves, but he is safe for the moment. Fortunately Grundo slaves aren't as efficient as regular Neopets. Even so, they could have him doing anything.
Theta (crying): *cries* I'm...so glad he's alive. When I heard he was dead I couldn't live with myself so I got angry and lost sight of things.
Zeta: Orion is my one true friend above all others. We will save him.
Beta: The circuitry and programming master is the only one whose ever made that big of an impact on us.
Alpha: So lets get to beating Dr. Sloth! For Orion!
Beta, Theta, and Zeta: For Orion!
Scene: LegacyWeapon's new lab. Haku2049 comes out to see the progress. He sees a mostly finished structure. LegacyWeapon notices Haku2049 and dashes up to him.
Haku2049 (psychically): This is how far done you are?!? Its big and almost takes up the entire piece of land I gave you!
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): Well technically I just let some robots do it while I watched, sipping on juppie juice in excitement.
Haku2049 (psychically): I thought that you might start off smaller, not almost the size of a real room of the house.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): Well its enough room for much bigger projects and still have space to show them off to you guys. Maybe I can make a language decoder to let you guys understand what I'm saying without you needing to act as an intermediary.
Haku2049: Good work, LegacyWeapon. I look forward to the gadgets you cook up in the future...
Scene: Neovision Studio. Theta snickers while looking at the camera, sitting in everyone's favorite chair.
Theta: The word of the day is intermediary. We Xweetoks know what it means. Do you?

04/29/2010, 05/01/2010 - Happy Birthday, Coshi! (Journal 109)

Scene: 764272 Wishing Well Drive, Neopia Central, Play Room on 05/06/2010. Hunter sits in the Rainbow Bean Bag Chair that's in a corner while Garu and T.L. sit next to each other.
Hunter (whispering): So what are we going to do about Coshi's Birthday?
Action: Coshi-Dragonite enters the room, looking at the three Neopets in the corner.
Coshi-Dragonite: What are you three up to?
Garu: *looks at Coshi-Dragonite* Oh, we're just planning on what to do today. We'd like to go to the park. Its a nice day.
T.L.: *looks at Garu* But I thought...oh.
Coshi-Dragonite: Alright. Have fun, boys!
Action: Coshi-Dragonite leaves the room. Garu, Hunter, and T.L. get up. They look at each other.
Garu: We'd better do this somewhere private. Let's go.
Scene: Later at a park in Downtown Neopia Central. Garu, Hunter, and T.L. lay together side by side trying to come up with ideas. Time casually walks on by and spots the three, deciding to get closer to hear what's going on.
Hunter: Man, I can't think of a thing! All I know is cake and lots of it!
Garu: I've got nothing.
T.L.: We could really use a party planner. To bad we can't afford it.
Time: I know two people that are awesome at party planning. Maybe they could help you.
T.L.: *sits up and looks at Time* For free?
Time: Maybe. We'll have to find out.
Garu: *sits up and looks at Time* Wow, are you for real?
Time: *nods* Of course!
Hunter: *sits up and looks at Garu and T.L.* Guys, there will be cake right?
Time: I'll show you to Haku's Neohome.
Action: Garu, Hunter, and T.L. all stand up but don't change who they're looking at. Time turns around and begins to lead them. They all walk together.
Hunter: I'm not kidding! What kind of birthday party doesn't have cake? Am I alone here?!? Guys?!?
Scene: Later at 3025131 Main Street, Neopia Central. Garu, Hunter, Time, and T.L. arrive at the front door. Time knocks on the door. A moment later Haku2049 opens it.
Haku2049: Um...what are Coshi's pets doing here?
Hunter: How do you know us?
Garu: The comic, dummy.
Time: I heard them talking about needing a party planner.
Haku2049: For what event?
T.L.: Our owner's birthday's coming up and we can't think of anything!
Garu: Well technically we have the gifts part down. Just not the party itself.
Haku2049: Hmm...sounds like fun.
Hunter: Just make sure there's cake!
Haku2049: You four can handle that easily. Rumor has it that an earth faerie living near Neovia's the best cake baker in the world. And she'll do it for free just to prove she's the best baker ever.
Hunter: How do we get all the way out to Neovia?
Time: You guys really don't know much about the portals, do you? Come on! *grabs Hunter by the paw and drags him back towards downtown*
Haku2049: Well good thing the only ones here are the Petpets. The only one I'd worry about it Newton and he's stuck Dragoon's room.
Action: Haku2049 walks out of his Neohome and closes the door behind him. He takes off into the air with his Halloween Draik wings and races to Cyrus's Neohome.
Scene: Later at Cyrus's Neohome. Haku2049 knocks at the front door. Chaud opens the door.
Chaud: You knew I got the day off didn't you?
Haku2049: Time and the pets of a great comic artist named Coshi-Dragonite need birthday party planners.
Chaud: Something tells me you have the hugest cake ever in mind.
Haku2049: *laughs* Something like that.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Garu, Hunter, Time, and T.L. arrive at the weird portal. The boys gasp at the weird thing while Time walks up to it confidently. She turns back to the boys.
Time: All you have to do is say your destination and step through. Portals aren't everywhere but they are in all the major cities. *turns back to the portal* Neovia!
Action: Time walks on through. Reluctantly the boys follow.
Scene: Neovia. Garu, Hunter, Time, and T.L. arrive through the weird portal and walk a ways away from it.
Hunter: *jumps up and down* That was awesome! Now we just need to get a yummy cake!
Action: Time walks up to a local Green Scorchio in Neovian clothing.
Time: Excuse me, but do you know where a faerie named Sandra lives?
Neovian Scorchio: *looks at Time* Hmm...I don't think I've ever heard of her. What do you need to see her for?
Time: We need a cake and we hear she's awesome.
Neovian Scorchio: *points at a bakery shop* If you don't find what you want there you might be able to find out about your faerie.
Scene: A moment later in Neovian Baked Goods. Garu, Hunter, Time, and T.L. walk up to the front counter. Hunter is distracted by all the wonderful smells and great looking baked goods. A Blue Kacheek in Neovian clothing walks up to the front desk and smiles at the four Neopets before her.
Neovian Kacheek: Is there anything I can get for you?
Time: Yeah. Do you know a faerie named Sandra?
Neovian Kacheek: How dare you speak that name...I mean. Ugh...Sandra makes amazing cakes she gives away because she loves doing it. If you do a quest for her its very likely for baking items. That weirdo lives in that direction. *points*
Time: Thanks!
Hunter: I love it in here!
Scene: The Moonlight Restaurant. Princess_Moonlight sits at the front desk. Not far away Sharon_Moonlight lays still on the desk. The phone rings. Princess_Moonlight picks it up.
Princess_Moonlight: Moonlight Restaurant. How can I help you?
Haku2049 (over the phone): We're holding a birthday party for an amazing comic artist named Coshi-Dragonite. The cake is already taken care of but it is another party...
Princess_Moonlight: You've got our support again! When is it?
Haku2049 (over the phone): We're shooting for today.
Princess_Moonlight: Its a slow day so we might as well. Thanks for letting us in on it! *hangs up* Guys! Party at the usual place!
Action: Mitch_Moonlight races up to the front desk. Celest_Moonlight pokes her head out of the kitchen. Sharon_Moonlight just keeps feeling pathetic on the desk. All three look at Princess_Moonlight.
Mitch_Moonlight: The stand only takes two so its party for me! Whoot!
Celest_Moonlight (slightly sad): But I wanted to make the cake...
Scene: Neovia. Garu, Hunter, Time, and T.L. walk steadily towards the forest in the direction they were given. Soon the four search the Haunted Woods for Sandra's home. Some time later they realize they're lost.
T.L.: Um...where's Neovia from here? I have no idea where we are.
Garu: I was so busy thinking about finding the place I forgot to remember the way.
Time: Like I have the attention span for remembering a path short of heavy repetition.
T.L.: Oh no! We're lost!
Hunter: Wait! I smell something yummy! Its this way!
Action: Hunter leads the group in the direction of the smell. Soon they're at a Neohome with a cake cooling on a windowsill.
Hunter: No way! Cool!
T.L.: Guess sometimes it is good to follow your nose.
Action: Garu, Hunter, Time, and T.L. walk up to the front door. Time knocks. Soon an earth faerie comes and opens the door wide.
T.L.: Wow you're certainly in the middle of nowhere.
Sandra: I like the privacy. Besides, some bakers in Neovia hate me. Anyway, did you guys come for a quest?
Hunter: No way! We came for a yummy cake!
Time: We heard you are the best at baking cakes.
Sandra: You bet! I'll get right on it. Come on in and help if you want.
Scene: Hours later at the Luxxor Convention Center, across the street from the Neovision Studio in Downtown Neopia Central. In a vast room to the right of the lobby stands Celest_Moonlight, Chaud, Haku2049, Mitch_Moonlight, Princess_Moonlight, Sharon_Moonlight, and Umbra_Moonlight there to setup the party. With two tables already up Chaud and Haku2049 tackle the one that will have cake and punch. At the other table Celest_Moonlight and Princess_Moonlight set out drinks and snacks that people can buy. Nearby Sharon_Moonlight instructs Mitch_Moonlight where to put the decorations.
Haku2049: Isn't it amazing how many decorations are useful for any party?
Princess_Moonlight: And reusing them is easier on the budget!
Celest_Moonlight: I'm still disappointed about not getting to make the cake.
Princess_Moonlight: Do I need to repeat the easier on the budget part? Besides, how often do you get an adventure and a cake? Those lucky boys...and Time.
Action: Garu, Hunter, Time, and T.L. walk into the room. All four are needed to carry the huge cake. They quickly get it to the table Haku2049's at. Haku2049 helps them place it on the table. Haku2049 looks at the four.
Haku2049: Wow that thing looks awesome. Great work, guys! Now how about you work on the party while I stall Coshi.
Scene: Shortly after at 764272 Wishing Well Drive, Neopia Central, Entrance Room. Coshi-Dragonite sits cross legged on the floor staring at his Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree.
Coshi-Dragonite: I should probably put that away sometime. But what matters more at the moment is where the boys are for this long. I should probably check the park...
Action: Coshi-Dragonite gets up and heads for the door. He opens it up to see Haku2049.
Haku2049: No need to leave. Garu, Hunter, and T.L. are fine and having fun with some friends. They just got back from an adventure in Neovia with a Green Xweetok named Time.
Coshi-Dragonite: Who are you and how did you know I was going to look for them?
Haku2049: I'm a major fan of your art and I can read minds.
Coshi-Dragonite: Great. A great big Halloween Draik with magical powers loves my art. Might as well come in.
Haku2049: Thanks.
Action: Coshi-Dragonite backs away from the door to let Haku2049 in. Haku2049 walks in, looking around at the extreme lack of furniture.
Haku2049 (in thought): No couches or chairs. No Neovision? Its like some developing country in here.
Coshi-Dragonite: Lost in thought?
Haku2049: Huh? Oh. Just shocked that this is the second time I've seen such a lack of furniture. But last time it was no furniture at all instead of just free stuff in the corners and no chairs.
Coshi-Dragonite: Well there is a Rainbow Bean Bag Chair in the Play Room. Its in a corner.
Haku2049: In my Neohome the only rooms without anything to sit or lay on are the upper and lower hallways.
Coshi-Dragonite: Why so much room?
Haku2049: Rooms for my four pets, a room for me, a bathroom, and two guest bedrooms. Plus, four rooms for living.
Coshi-Dragonite: How many guests have you ever had?
Haku2049: So far just one poor Red Gelert I helped out. Her name's Amy and she works at the Neopia Central Public Library.
Coshi-Dragonite: Well how long do you think my pets will be gone?
Haku2049: Bored? I've got Neo-Monopoly. I warn you that I buy just about everything!
Coshi-Dragonite: Heh, you're on!
Scene: An hour later at 764272 Wishing Well Drive, Neopia Central, Entrance Room. Coshi-Dragonite sits cross legged on the floor, wide eyed staring at his piece sitting on Neo-Boardwalk with a hotel on it. Haku2049 sits across from him with tons of fake Neopoints in front of him and twenty fake properties.
Haku2049: That's my Neo-Boardwalk. You don't have enough Neopoints! I win!
Coshi-Dragonite: You weren't kidding about buying almost everything.
Haku2049: Well I think your pets might want to see you, so let's go!
Coshi-Dragonite: To where?
Haku2049: Just follow me.
Scene: Luxxor Convention Center, across the street from the Neovision Studio in Downtown Neopia Central. In a vast room to the right of the lobby stands BlindEternities2049, Celest_Moonlight, Cleopatra, Cyrus, Cyrus's parents Chaud and Rana, Dour, Dragoon2049, Garu, Hunter, LegacyWeapon, Mitch_Moonlight, My_Cybunny132543, Newton, Notanotheregyptianreference, Percky_Pippy, Princess_Moonlight, Ramses, Sarah_Shivan, Sharon_Moonlight, Solomon, Stitch, Time, T.L., Umbra_Moonlight, Zee Grarrl and his mother French_Maid_40. Amy walks into the room, excited.
Amy: Coshi's almost here!
Action: Amy turns the lights off and everyone hides. A moment later Haku2049 leads Coshi-Dragonite into the room. Amy quickly turns on the lights and everyone jumps out.
Everyone: Surprise! Happy Birthday, Coshi!
Coshi-Dragonite: Um...
T.L.: We needed help coming up with party ideas so Haku there decided to help us.
Chaud: As did I.
Hunter: Will somebody cut the yummy cake?!? I'm hungry!
Action: Coshi-Dragonite stares at the great big cake.
Time: We had to go on an adventure to get that cake. Getting lost was almost worth it.
Coshi-Dragonite: Alright then. Let's have some cake!
Haku2049: Alright, then! Let's party!
Celest_Moonlight: I'm still disappointed about not getting to make the cake...
Scene: Neovision Studio. Haku2049 sits in his usual comfy chair, looking at the camera.
Haku2049: Coshi, Garu, Hunter, and T.L. are used without Coshi's permission. I did this with the intent to surprise him. Hope it worked!
Newton (in Petpet): *jumps up into Haku2049's lap* Happy Birthday, Coshi! So can I have my cake now?

04/17/2010 - Boochi Hunting (Journal 108)

Scene: Haku2049's Study. Dragoon2049 sits back in the furry arm chair, eyes closed. In front of him Haku2049 types up a Neomail on the computer. Percky_Pippy walks up to the study, smiling brightly. She heads right over to Haku2049.
Percky_Pippy: Man I love living with a Planeswalker! We have a computer from earth, and internet from there too! Despite being fed lots of free junk I have an expensive weapon and friends with cool technology as well! Sometimes I can't believe how different things are now versus what I imagined in the Pound.
Haku2049: If that's your way of saying you'd like to use the computer next I have have to save and hit send...there.
Action: Hakuu2049 gets up from the rolling chair, letting Percky_Pippy sit down and move up to the computer to begin surfing the web. Haku2049 moves over to Dragoon2049.
Haku2049: Bored?
Dragoon2049: Its Saturday so yeah. Not quite sure what I should do.
Haku2049: I'm sure chasing after Boochi with your Ruby Sword would be interesting. He's eating some baby food he stole from Baby Delite in downtown Neopia Central. He's still there.
Dragoon2049: *opens eyes* Sounds fun!
Action: Dragoon2049 quickly gets up and runs downstairs. He races into his room to get his Ruby Sword then races out the front door, forgetting to close the door behind. Time just happens to come by and walks up to the front door.
Time: Why's the door wide open? Can I come in? I wanna read the latest Neopian Writer's Digest!
Action: Haku2049 walks down from the study and all the way to the front door.
Haku2049: Come on in, Time. Its waiting for you on the coffee table.
Action: Time walks on in, closing the door behind her. The two go to the tiger couches and sit down on different ones. Time reaches for the copy of Neopian Writer's Digest and begins reading.
Scene: A little later in Downtown Neopia Central. Dragoon2049 arrives in front of Baby Delite seeing Boochi bolt away leaving nothing but Baby Neopets behind.
Dragoon2049: Oh this'll be fun. *takes to the air and races after Boochi* I'll teach you to steal from anywhere with your little toy gun!
Action: Boochi turns around, stops, aims and fires at Dragoon2049. It misses miserably.
Boochi: Its not a toy gun! Some weird Cybunny destroyed that one but Dr. Sloth gave me a new one. This one won't shatter but its heavier. I'm still adjusting to firing it!
Dragoon2049: You mean you can't hold it up to fire it properly?
Boochi: Quiet! I am a Baby Bruce after all!
Dragoon2049 (in thought): If I were to get zapped into a Baby Scorchio like I'd like, I probably couldn't hold a microphone, or my sword. Well at least I can turn the idiot in.
Action: Dragoon2049 swoops down and grabs Boochi by the arms making him unable to fire at the Scorchio. Snickering Dragoon2049 delivers Boochi to the Defenders of Neopia. Judge Hog comes out to see Boochi without his gun being held tight by the much bigger and stronger Scorchio.
Dragoon2049: This little jerk just stole some baby food from Baby Delite by turning everyone there into Baby Neopets.
Judge Hog: I heard his weapon was destroyed.
Boochi: You'd think I'd be weaponless?!? I'm Boochi for crying out loud! Dr. Sloth made me a new one!
Judge Hog: Well where's the weapon now?
Dragoon2049: Um...good question. I thought I knocked it from his hands just before I landed.
Boochi: You mean its not on the pavement?!? Wahhhhhhhh!
Scene: Haku2049's Living Room. Haku2049 takes a good look at Boochi's weapon while Time continues to read.
Haku2049 (in thought): Well its nice to know my Planeswalker powers can make most things okay again. At least I get to play with Boochi's weapon.
Scene: Baby Delite in Downtown Neopia Central. The clerk, a Green Kackeek, looks around confused.
Baby Delite Clerk: Did that weapon just wear off or something?
Confused Cybunny: Guess so. That's the only explanation. But I thought it was permanent.
Blue Gelert: I heard his original weapon shattered since it was just hard plastic. Guess he got a new one. Glad its only temporary this time!
Scene: Later in Haku2049's Living Room. Dragoon2049 unlocks the front door and comes on in, closing the door afterwards. He walks up to the tiger couch Haku2049's sitting on. Haku2049 looks at Dragoon2049 over the arm of the couch.
Dragoon2049: I easily sent Boochi to Judge Hog. Seeing him suck at using his new, heavier weapon made me realize that it would suck not being able to hold up my sword or even a microphone. So I don't think I'm that interested in turning into a Baby Scorchio after all. That reminds me. His weapon mysteriously disappeared. I wonder if Dr. Sloth teleported it back to his lab or something.
Haku2049: Or it could be right on the coffee table.
Dragoon2049: *looks and laughs* Or that. So what are you going to do with it? *looks at Haku2049*
Haku2049: Keep it as a trophy for now. I think it would go great in the gallery, don't you? *laughs*

03/06/2010, 03/07/2010, 04/08/2010 - It sure is great to be a Xweetok! (Journal 107)

Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Main Chamber. A male Red Xweetok named Alpha smiles to himself, typing on a keyboard. Not far away a male Blue Xweetok named Beta finishes up tightening a screw.
Alpha: Almost done there yet, Beta?
Beta: Almost done.
Alpha: Good. I can't wait to test fire our Xweetok morphing ray at Neopia! I can't wait until everyone's a Xweetok!
Action: Theta, a female Island Xweetok walks into the room, striding up to Alpha. She looks at Alpha who looks at her.
Theta: Soon we'll no longer be misunderstood. I'm getting sick of all the morons around not understanding us Xweetoks. Its just a little longer until everyone's a Xweetok, humans included. Smart, Cute, and Curious. That's the Xweetok way.
Alpha: Yes. The way everyone will see it soon enough. So I take it you've got those calculations made?
Theta: Of course. The station's trajectory should be perfect now for the test fire at the space station. I think I'm going to get some air in Neopia Central. Later!
Alpha: See you again soon, Theta.
Action: Theta just waves and leaves the room.
Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Teleportation Room. Theta quickly walks into the room with a portal similar to the one in Neopia Central.
Theta (in thought): To think our ingenuity allowed us to make a node on the teleportation system around Neopia. Sure beats taking a space ship!
Action: Theta walks through the portal.
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Theta walks through the portal and walks away from it for awhile, then stops to stretch.
Theta: Boy it sure is good getting away from the lab for awhile! Now, what can I do to get my mind off of things?
Action: Theta begins to wander around.
Scene: A park in Downtown Neopia Central. Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, Stitch, Time, and Haku2049 in Yellow Xweetok form all lay together in a circle with their heads in the middle. Laying in some very green grass at a park they all relax looking at the sky.
Stitch: You know, with four Xweetoks and just one Lupe I feel kinda out of place.
Time: Don't be. Species has nothing to do with anything.
Haku2049: Well at least not here.
Sarah_Shivan: I'm glad you convinced me to just lay here and relax with you guys, Haku.
Cyrus: Ditto.
Haku2049: No problem. Dragoon's busy on a date with Red_Scorchio for a change, Percky's shopping with My_Cybunny, and BlindEternities is hanging out with Amy. All sorts of things seem to happen on the weekends that couldn't happen on a weekday.
Action: Theta walks by the group, soon noticing the gang of mostly Xweetoks. Out of curiosity she decides to take a closer look.
Theta: Fancy meeting more Xweetoks out here.
Action: Cyrus, Haku2049, Sarah_Shivan, Stitch, and Time all get up. Theta gets a better look at Haku2049 and blushes.
Theta (in thought): He's so handsome!
Stitch: What about Xweetoks?
Theta: Oh. Smart, Cute, and Curious is the Xweetok way. Nobody really understands that but me and my fellow Xweetoks.
Stitch: Sounds like you don't like other species of Neopet.
Theta: Pretty good assumption, short stuff. Why are you even hanging out with these Xweetoks?
Time: Stitch is my best friend. Mostly because most everybody else can't stand me.
Theta: I doubt any Xweetoks would feel that way.
Sarah_Shivan: Well I do think she's weird but kind of funny.
Cyrus: I can certainly put up with her.
Haku2049: Heh, well she certainly grows on you.
Theta: I figured as much. Xweetoks get one another. I want a world where everyone's a Xweetok. No more misunderstandings due to species difference. No more idiocy holding technology back. Just one great big group of smart Neopets working together to advance society.
Stitch: Okay, I've heard enough. You can stay if you want, Time, but I'm going home. *leaves*
Haku2049: Poor Stitch... I can certainly understand why he'd be offended. He loves being a Lupe.
Theta: If he were a Xweetok he wouldn't have left.
Time: Oh no! Should I go after him or stay?!?
Haku2049: He'll be just fine. Nobody can stay mad with Newton around.
Time: *giggles* Newton's too cute!
Scene: A park in Downtown Neopia Central. Stitch walks to the exit alone.
Stitch (in thought): That was certainly rude of that weird Pink Xweetok. I can't help but think there's more to her idea of a Xweetok only world than just theory. I wonder...
Action: Newton sniffs around and spots Stitch. Newton tackles the Lupe to the ground, then licks his face. Stitch half struggles to get up and half laughs out loud.
Stitch: *laughs* Stop it *laughs* Newton! *laughs* It tickles! *laughs*
Scene: A park in Downtown Neopia Central. Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, Theta, Time, and Haku2049 in Yellow Xweetok form stand together.
Sarah_Shivan: Okay then. If you're so sure about Xweetoks, just what do you do that's so important?
Theta: Technical things on a research satellite. My friend Alpha is the leader who never seems to leave his console and the guy constantly tightening screws is Beta. We're all Xweetoks. I'd love for the way it is for us up there to be the way it is for all of Neopia.
Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Main Chamber. Alpha smiles at the screen with space station in his sights. He presses a key on a keyboard.
Scene: Outside the Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1. A yellowish beam of light fires from the satellite to the space station, soon covering the entire station before ending quickly.
Scene: Space station. A former Grundo waves his arms around, confused.
Former Grundo: Agh! I used to be a Grundo, now I'm a Xweetok!
Former Chomby: Me too! But now I finally get that riddle from earlier! That's so funny!
Red Xweetok: Told you it was funny. I didn't change at all.
Action: A Yellow Xweetok hangs precariously from a light up high.
Former Shoyru: No fair! Now that I'm no longer a Shoyru I can't fly! Somebody get me down from here!
Action: The Space Faerie looks at her new self in the mirror, seeing a Shadow Xweetok looking back at her.
Space Faerie: How can this be?!? I'm a Xweetok! Everyone else here seems to as well. This makes no sense. What could overpower me like this?
Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Main Chamber. Alpha and Beta look over the audio and video footage from the space station.
Beta: Well we managed to get a Faerie. That I didn't expect.
Alpha: Besides poorly timed flying everything's going exactly according to plan.
Beta: We'll have to take that into greater account to prevent fatalities on Neopia, but so far so good. Now if only Theta would join us.
Alpha: And change our direction as easily as only she can.
Scene: A park in Downtown Neopia Central. Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, Theta, Time, and Haku2049 in Yellow Xweetok form stand together. Legacyweapon quickly flies up to Haku2049, in one of his latest dropships.
Legacyweapon (in petpet): The Feepits on the space station are all Xweetoks now! Word is everyone up there, even the Space Faerie is a Xweetok now!
Haku2049 (psychically): I have a feeling our new friend knows why...
Legacyweapon (in Petpet): New friend? *spots Theta* Oh.
Haku2049: *stares seriously* Why do I have a feeling you know about what just happened on the space station, Theta?
Theta: I never mentioned my name...
Sarah_Shivan: What happened, Haku?
Haku2049: Everyone there including friends of Legacyweapon and the Space Faerie are all Xweetoks now.
Sarah_Shivan: Really? That sounds really...well...weird.
Theta: How does he know my name?!?
Haku2049: One of the workers was a Shoyru changing a light bulb. Now he's hanging up there for his life, tail wagging like a little light! Its hilarious!
Cyrus: Awesome! We should go there!
Theta: Hello!
Time: Haku can read minds and stuff. Nothing gets past him!
Haku2049: Alright, Cyrus. Let's go! *teleports everyone*
Scene: Space station. Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, Theta, Time, and Haku2049 in Yellow Xweetok form materialize together right underneath the flailing Xweetok holding onto a light. Haku2049 points him out.
Hak2049: See?
Action: Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, and Time all look up and laugh.
Cyrus: *snickers* I didn't know light bulbs wiggled so much!
Sarah_Shivan: *laughs* Is that tail supposed to be a light shade?
Time: So that's how many Xweetoks its takes to screw in a light bulb.
Action: Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, and Time laugh even harder.
Former Shoyru: Will somebody get me a ladder or something?!?
Haku2049: You are a Xweetok and its not that far of a fall.
Former Shoyru: I'll be in the hospital if I do that! Get me a ladder already!
Haku2049: *looks angrily at Theta* Like what you helped cause, Theta?
Theta: *looks at Haku2049* He shouldn't have been flying up there in the first place. Pathetic.
Haku2049: Well I'll show you why there are so many species of Neopet. *teleports My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy in from the mall*
Action: My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy materialize right in front of Hak2049. Percky_Pippy looks around then directly at Haku2049.
Percky_Pippy: Okay, what's the deal?
Haku2049: *looks at the duo and points at pathetic ceiling Xweetok* That guy could use some help and nobody else around has wings besides you.
Percky_Pippy: How did he get up there?
Haku2049: Well not long ago he was a Shoyru. Theta, the Pink Xweetok staring at me helped create a machine that can turn any animal into a Xweetok. With the obvious exception of Planeswalkers.
Percky_Pippy: Why don't you just turn everyone back?
Haku2049: I will but I want to show Theta how useful Shoyrus can be.
Percky_Pippy: Great. She only likes Xweetoks. You sure know how to pick em, Haku.
Action: Percky_Pippy flies up and yanks Former Shoyru from the ceiling easily. Then descends with the pathetic Xweetok to the ground. Former Shoyru collapses to the ground then kisses the floor. Soon he gets up and hugs Percky_Pippy.
Former Shoyru: Thank you so much! Ironic that I got saved by a Shoyru like I was before everyone here suddenly became Xweetoks.
Percky_Pippy: Okay, this is far too much Xweetok cuteness. *pushes off Former Shoyru* Can I kill Theta yet? Or at least kick her butt? I'd really love to have one of my weapons right now.
My_Cybunny132543: But Percky, you've been a Xweetok before thanks to the Lab Ray.
Percky_Pippy: I know. It wasn't bad either. But this is way too many Xweetoks to be in one place. We're the only non Xweetoks on the entire space station! I can't take much more of this!
Action: Percky_Pippy jumps on Theta and pulls an arm back, ready to strike. Haku2049 turns everyone on the space station back to normal. Former Shoyru quickly pulls Percky_Pippy off. Percky_Pippy looks around and sighs.
Percky_Pippy: You're so lucky, Theta. If you try this again and I'm around you'll pay. Send me back so I can relax already, Haku!
Haku2049: Alright *teleports My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy back to the mall*
Action: My_Cybunny132543 and Percky_Pippy dematerialize and rematerialize at the mall*
Sarah_Shivan: This was a blast! I've never been to the space station before. I wonder what's over here?
Action: Cyrus and Time chase after Sarah_Shivan, who races off looking for cool stuff. Haku2049 faces Theta.
Haku2049: Got the message yet, Theta?
Theta: How is it you don't understand me?
Haku2049: I'm not really a Xweetok *turns into a Halloween Draik* I can turn into whatever I want. But lately I've been a Halloween Draik a lot.
Theta: So what is a Planeswalker?
Haku2049: An invincible deva. Though I am a Planeswalker I prefer not to overuse my powers. Now either disable your machine of your own free will or I'll have fun with it.
Theta: Why do I feel like I won't like your fun? Alright, teleport me to my satellite.
Haku2049: Alright *teleports Theta to the Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1*
Scene: Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1, Main Chamber. Theta materializes next to Alpha and Beta.
Alpha: Just where have you been? Care to change our vector?
Theta: Being interrogated by an idiot. And yes. *walks up to her console* These are the coordinates for Neopia.
Action: The Neopia Orbital Xweetok Lab Ray Satellite 1 slowly turns. The three Xweetoks smile victoriously. Suddenly they hear vicious Meepits biting at cables. Wires fray and the satellite stops. Then thrusters suddenly force it towards reentry. The selfdestruct timer begins. Alpha, Beta, and Theta all run to the teleportation room, but there's no portal up. They race back to the main room just in time to see the timer stop at 1.
Sinister Meepit (in Petpet): *cackles evilly* This is our satellite now! What's this do?
Action: The satellite ejects the ray but stops reentry. The ray burns up in the upper atmosphere. Alpha, Beta, and Theta groan.
Alpha: No! Just what's going on?
Action: Meepits jump out of the machine with pieces of wire and quickly tie up the three Xweetoks. Sinister Meepit jumps up into Alpha's chair.
Sinister Meepit (in Petpet): Now that those three are taken care of. What do we do with this place?
Action: All the Meepits close their eyes to think. They all open their eyes and look cutely at the camera.
All the Meepits (in Petpet): A Petpet Playground!
Scene: Neovision Studio. A tied up Theta sighs in front of the camera.
Theta: Okay, so not all Meepits are evil. Will you little morons let me go now?!?
Action: The camera shakes with Meepits laughing maniacally behind it.

01/25/2010 - Jumpin' Gem Heist (Journal 106)

Scene: Games Room. Dragoon2049, Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy look around.
Dragoon2049: Okay, so where's the new game, "Jumpin' Gem Heist"?
Haku2049: I played it earlier and its so darn addicting. I so have to play it as the cute thief Sandan! Let's see of they'll take a swap. *turns into a Sandan*
Dragoon2049: You know to some people that might look weird. You know, a Halloween Draik turning into a Sandan and all.
Haku2049: Whatever. *laughs* I'm so ready to play!
Percky_Pippy: Or a Sandan speaking Pet.
Action: Dragoon2049, Haku2049, and Percky_Pippy walk together towards the new games ground. Zenco the Magnificent Mynci sits at a table and looks at Dragoon2049, holding up a deck.
Zenco: Care to play a game of Dueling Decks?
Action: Dragoon2049 stops, quickly followed by Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy who look at Dragoon2049 for confirmation as to why he stopped, then follow the Red Scorchio's eyes to see the Mynci.
Dragoon2049: Who, me?
Zenco: Yes, you. Its simple. Just shuffle the deck, and draw the first card. Someone chooses which of three attributes to choose from then we reveal our cards. Whomever has the higher attribute wins. Easy.
Dragoon2049: Sure. But you're so going to lose! *turns to Haku2049* Detour for me. By all means continue to your game, you two.
Percky_Pippy: Sure.
Action: Dragoon2049 sits down across the table from Zenco and gets ready to battle. Haku2049 and Percky_Pippy just keep walking to the new game.
Scene: Jumpin' Gem Heist game ground. Haku2049 hyperactively runs around Percky_Pippy's feet. The Bori running the game smiles at Percky_Pippy.
Bori: Care to give the game a try, miss? All you do is shout out what you want the Sandan to do and its trained to do just that. Just forwards, backwards, and jump. Simple. You can't earn Neopoints but its a great way to unwind.
Percky_Pippy: TNT further making theft cute? I'm so in! But can my Sandan play instead?
Bori: Well since you're not getting any Neopoints I suppose so.
Action: Haku2049 races under the railing there to prevent humans and Neopets from falling into the danger zone. Haku2049 runs over to the bored looking Sandan, who is wearing his gear looking up at the sky. Haku2049 pokes his head over the fellow Sandan.
Haku2049 (in Petpet): When I heard about this game I just had to try it for myself!
Sandan (in Petpet): Are you crazy? Its dangerous!
Haku2049 (in Petpet): I won't even need your gear. It would just slow me down anyway.
Sandan (in Petpet): Nope, required. *takes gear off and hands it t Haku2049*
Haku2049 (in Petpet): Okay then. *puts the gear on* Root for me, okay?
Sandan (in Petpet): You bet! And good luck! *waves and races behind the rail*
Action: The Bori quickly walks over to his place and waves to Haku2049.
Bori: Good thing for you it starts off real slow. Good luck little buddy!
Action: The Bori starts the machine moving bins of gems and stuff across to his side of the field. When the first is overhead Percky_Pippy laughs.
Percky_Pippy: I have complete faith in you, Haku! Do whatever you want!
Action: Haku2049 smiles brightly at Percky_Pippy before getting back to the game. As bins move faster and faster Haku2049 doesn't miss a point. Dragoon2049 walks up to Percky_Pippy.
Dragoon2049: What's Haku doing?
Percky_Pippy: Cheating.
Bori: Wha...how... *laughs*
Sandan (in Petpet): Way to go, Haku!
Action: Finally the game ends with Haku2049 not missing a single gem. He runs across the other side of the rail, tail wagging. The Bori runs over to the others.
Bori: I didn't know a Sandan could move so fast!
Sandan (in Petpet): Unofficially AAA can eat his joystick. Too bad I'm one of a few Sandans that are officially licensed to play this game first hand. Not to mention it doesn't count thanks to it being played by a Neopet. Well kinda. What help was the Shoyru? Really?
Haku2049 (in Petpet): I think she prefers it that way. *laughs*
Scene: Neovision Studio. Haku2049 (the Halloween Draik) sits up on the usual chair while looking at the camera.
Haku2049: Today's distraction was partially to get away from the "What the heck am I going to do with Amy?" thing. But mostly it was my sudden realization halfway through a game of Jumpin' Gem Heist that TNT actually condones theft. As long as its cute. Good luck with your cute faces!

01/04/2010 - 01/07/2010 - The Lupe Named Justin (Journal 105)

Scene: Percky_Pippy's Bedroom. Percky_Pippy wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror. Percky_Pippy (in thought): I wonder what happened after I fell asleep? My friends must've taken me home. Scene: Neovision studio. Newton sits in the familiar comfy chair, tail wagging hyperactively. While Newton blabs on, he's translated by Haku2049.
Newton: Time to show off a new Planeswalker power! Haku can control two bodies at once. In the case of Amy its a blank body double with no mind of its own. Great for being in two places at once physically. And for making BlindEternities2049 look like an idiot!
Action: Haku2049 and Amy jump on screen.
Amy and Haku2049: Believe it!
Scene: Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen. BlindEternities2049 eats some omelette in his bowl, extremely relaxed.
BlindEternities2049 (in thought): Dragoon might not believe me but I'm sure Amy and Haku are one and the same.
Haku2049 (in thought): *drinks some Juppie Juice at his spot at the table* Heh. I won't be an easy one to foil, BlindEternities. In fact, I have an idea of how to make you go wide eyed.
Action: Percky_Pippy comes from her room, quickly closing the door after exiting. Then she sits down at her usual place. Haku2049 gets up to fetch her some food.
Percky_Pippy: What happened after I fainted?
Haku2049: A police officer escorted you and your friends home. I found you outside getting out of the police car with the help of your friend Amy. I took you in, passing by BlindEternities2049 and Dragoon2049 mostly just to get them to stop being so loud. Then you can guess I put you on your bed and you woke up this morning.
Action: Haku2049 finishes his search and places a full plate of food in front of her. Percky_Pippy begins to eat.
Scene: Dragoon2049's Room. Newton quickly jumps up and down on Dragoon2049. Dragoon2049 wakes up, laughing.
Dragoon2049: Cut it out, Newton! That tickles!
Action: Dragoon2049 continues to roll with laughter while being tickled by Newton.
Scene: Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen. Percky_Pippy snickers.
Percky_Pippy: Well they're certainly loud this morning. I give Sarah like five minutes...
Action: Sarah_Shivan descends the stairs to the Dining Room/Kitchen.
Sarah_Shivan: For what?
Percky_Pippy: *puts arms up in victory* I love being right!
BlindEternities2049: Well mornings at this house are anything but normal.
Action: Percky_Pippy puts her arms down and gets back to eating.
Sarah_Shivan: *walks over to her usual place and sits down* You never know. There have got to be weirder families out there.
Action: Dragoon2049 quickly exits his room, slamming the door shut to prevent more of Newton's tickle attack.
Dragoon2049: But how many families have a Planeswalker as the head of the family, a Baby Gelert with wind magic powers, a Scorchio rock star, a secret agent with super powers, and then the probably only normal one here, the question everything writer Xweetok?
Sarah_Shivan: I think my relative normalcy adds a certain stability to the family.
Haku2049: And we wouldn't have it any other way!
Action: Everyone laughs, then gets back to doing what they were doing. Haku2049 quickly gets food for Dragoon2049 and Sarah_Shivan. Dragoon2049 takes his place at the table and after having food put in front of him and Sarah all the Neopets eat. Newton scratches at the door. Haku2049 walks over to the door and opens it. Newton races out. Haku2049 closes the door after the little moron. Newton sniffs the air and makes his way to his little bowl next to BlindEternities2049's. Since Dragoon2049 already put food in it last night its good to go. Soon the Doglefox is eating as well. LegacyWeapon comes down from The Study with PowerStone, stopping close to the top of the staircase.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): I really hate being in the same room as Newton but I'm hungry. You think they'll notice us, PowerStone?
Haku2049: Come on, LegacyWeapon and PowerStone! There's enough for everyone!
Action: LegacyWeapon and PowerStone reluctantly join the rest. Haku2049 quickly fills LegacyWeapon's bowl with food and places some food on a plate on the counter for PowerStone. The two Petpets get to eating as well.
Scene: Later in Haku2049's Living Room. Everyone watches the news together.
Neovision Reporter: We have rumors of a band of thieves trying to take over the NC Mall yesterday. Unfortunately police have nothing to say about it and the supposed police cars never made it to any jail. Its hard to say just what happened if anything. Anyone with more information is requested by our news organization to step forward with what you know. Because so far all we have is the word of a bunch of ladies which seem like the gossip type anyway.
Percky_Pippy: Whoa, that was a low blow. The idiots got away?!?
Haku2049 (in thought): Why didn't I see this coming? Guess I was too focused on saving Percky with style.
Action: Percky_Pippy gets up and heads to the door.
Dragoon2049: Where are you going?
Percky_Pippy: To find Amy and My_Cybunny. We have to let the news know! Later!
Haku2049: Later, Percky.
BlindEternities2049: Don't you have to leave to have Amy around, Haku?
Haku2049: You wish, little Gelert. You wish.
Action: Haku2049 goes to his room and closes the door. He uses his Planeswalker powers to make a physical version of Amy. Then he teleports her to an alley in downtown Neopia Central. Haku2049 innocently comes back out of his room and hugs BlindEternities2049 from behind.
Haku2049 (whispering): Amy is real. You'll find that out today. To prove it I'll play with you all day.
BlindEternities2049 (whispering): Ha. As if. But I'll be watching you!
Scene: An alley in downtown Neopia Central. Amy walks out of the alley and down the sidewalk.
Amy (quietly): I wonder where Percky is?
Action: Percky_Pippy pounces on Amy.
Percky_Pippy: Amy!
Action: Amy turns around to see Percky_Pippy on top of her.
Amy: Percky! How are you this morning? You were out like a light and I was kinda worried it was more than just you being really tired.
Action: Both girls stand up.
Percky_Pippy: Its okay! I just saw the news. Those jerks go away!
Amy: *gasps* How?
Percky_Pippy: I guess they have some cop friends. They never made it to jail. At least that's what the news people say. They think its just a rumor made by a bunch of ditsy women but we have to go there and prove its real!
Amy: Um...where?
Percky_Pippy: Neovision Studio 7! Come on! I'll show you!
Action: Percky_Pippy grabs Amy by the arm and tugs her towards Neovision Studio 7.
Scene: Later at Neovision Studio 7. Amy and Percky_Pippy arrive at the front doors. Percky_Pippy opens them quickly. The two girls enter with the door closing automatically behind them. A female Red Wocky named Mindy sitting at the front desk notices the two.
Mindy: No way! Its Percky from 703594 Main Street, Neopia Central! Everyone here loves that show despite it being on a different station. Feel like changing sides?
Percky_Pippy: I didn't come here for that. That rumor you guys aired on the news really happened. I was there helping Amy fight that jerk Shadow Draik leader. Amy beat him pretty much alone.
Amy: But it was close. I didn't have many ideas of how to not cause massive property damage.
Mindy: Wow, we need to get you guys interviewed! Right this way...
Scene: Neovision Studio 7's News Set. News Anchors Bob (a Green Zafara) and Cari (a Blue Acara) sit relaxed behind their news desk, glad the broadcast is over. Cari sees Mindy.
Cari: Mindy, I swear if this is about the brushland incident...
Mindy: Nope. Is an update to the rumors about that theft at the NC Mall. Since the broadcast we got one police officer to confirm it and almost everyone that worked there at that time agrees with the rumor women. Men included. Hard to believe with the security, but it can happen and apparently did. These two ladies kicked the butt of the Shadow Draik leader of the thieves.
Percky_Pippy: It was really all Amy actually. She's really strong.
Action: A familiar Fire Lupe named Justin walks from behind everyone.
Justin: I'm officer Justin Lancer. We don't know how but the thieves got away. Can't say much you understand. But I saw this young lady as the only one up and ready for more after the fight.
Action: Amy turns to see the familiar Fire Lupe that helped them after the whole NC Mall theft ended.
Amy (in thought): Why is he wearing cologne? Its not like the people on the other side of the screen can smell him.
Scene: A rundown office building. A certain group of bad guys who escaped jail laugh together looking over their loot. A familiar Shadow Draik named Rikyu finishes counting the money.
Grarrl Thief 1: How much we get, boss?
Rikyu: Let's just say that even after everyone gets their own fair share we probably don't have to work again.
Skeith Theif 1: That's good ta hear.
Action: A Chia Police officer walks into the room.
Chia Police Officer: So, with the amount of cash and goods you guys swiped its easy to be very influential in the police force if you know what I mean. Lawyers have nothing on our guarantee.
Rikyu: And we thank you very much for your services that don't exist if you catch my drift.
Chia Police Officer: Just sayin' that for the right price you can arrest or set anyone free.
Rikyu: I don't plan on ever knowing anyone in prison if you know what I'm saying.
Chia Police Officer: Just keep your wallet fat and that will never be a problem. *turns away* This conversation never happened.
Action: Chia Police Officer walks out of the room.
Rikyu: Its grand having many get out of jail free cards. And we have Justin to thank for being our escape plan.
Everyone: To Justin!
Scene: Later outside Neovision Studio 7. Amy, Justin and Percky_Pippy stand together, rather sick of the interviews. Justin turns away from Amy.
Justin: I probably shouldn't be saying this Amy, but I can't help it. I somehow fell in love at first sight with you. *turns around* I know that soon there will be a war of good cops versus the bad with thieves on their side. I just want to make sure you'll be on my side.
Percky_Pippy: That's why you're wearing cologne! I'm so out of here. Later, love birds!
Action: Percky_Pippy runs away. Dumbfounded, Amy blushes.
Amy (in thought): Darn my overzealous desire for cuteness. It really gets me in trouble now and then.
Justin: At the very least we could get to know each other better.
Amy: I guess so.
Justin: Great. I know just the place...
Scene: Haku2049's Hallway. BlindEternities2049, Dragoon2049, and Haku2049 stand together in a triangle, looking at one another and laughing. BlindEternities2049 rams the Wingoball Bouncy Ball. It flies at rocket speed Dragoon2049's way. Dragoon2049 kicks it hard at Haku2049. Haku2049 reflects it at the wall with one of his Draik wings. BlindEternities2049 secretly uses his wind magic to make it just bounce around without hitting anyone. They all laugh.
Haku2049: Maybe I hit it too hard?
BlindEternities2049: You wish.
Action: Using his wind magic BlindEternities2049 stops the ball. He floats it in front of him then rams it at a surprised Dragoon2049, who is hit in the head. Dragoon2049 falls over backwards, stunned.
BlindEternities2049 and Haku2049: Dragoon's out!
Dragoon2049: Things just got scary anyway. *turns to his room* Hey, Newton!
Action: Dragoon2049 walks into his room and closes the door afterwards. There he gets tickle revenge on Newton.
Haku2049: Very good control, BlindEternities.
BlindEternities2049: Heh. I'm really glad Dragoon came up with this game. Its a lot of fun!
Haku2049: Kinda limited audience. You'd have to play in an enclosed room.
BlindEternities2049: Well at least the ball is so bouncy it doesn't really hurt ever.
Haku2049: Quite an amusing use of my barriers.
BlindEternities2049: Well they are there to prevent damage due to roughhousing.
Haku2049: Quite true. Anything moving at a dangerous velocity is reflected right back like its a super strong wall. You're probably causing more damage to the actual walls than the barrier.
BlindEternities2049: No point in us fighting. You'll win even without magic. I'm kinda tired. I think I'll take a nap.
Haku2049: Are you sure about that? I thought you wanted to prove Amy isn't real so you would keep your eye on me all day.
BlindEternities2049: Too tired to care right now.
Haku2049: Then I'll surf the web right outside your door.
Action: BlindEternities2049 goes to sleep on his bed while Haku2049 surfs the web on the family computer in The Study.
Scene: Neovision Studio. Emperor Mishra stares at the camera.
Emperor Mishra: Okay, those confused with the two body thing I have news. Planeswalkers are bodiless omnipresent spirits that can do pretty much anything. They only take physical form for the benefit of others. Usually they take the form they were in most of their life. The idea of someone controlling two at once is unheard of. Then again, Haku is a really annoying jerk who can...
Haku2049 (off screen): That's not what you're supposed to say!
Emperor Mishra: Well I hate you! Two bodies is so confusing and you're just trying to make people accept it by having the magically powerful me try to explain it?
Haku2049 (off screen): Well it is a great way to be in two places at once physically.
Emperor Mishra: And to make BlindEternities look stupid. We know. Gah! Let me go already!
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Amy and Justin walk together down the snowy streets to a cafe named Java Power. Justin stands in front of it and turns around to Amy.
Justin: Ta-da! Its so cold I thought we could both talk over a cup of hot cocoa. And there isn't any better place to get that than here.
Action: Justin turns back around. The two walk up to the front door. Justin holds it open for Amy. Amy walks through first with Justin right behind. Justin walks ahead of Amy since he already knows the place anyway.
Amy (in thought): I wonder where he's going with this I know he has something to do with the morons I just don't know what.
Action: Justin walks up to the front counter being followed by Amy. A Yellow Wocky behind the counter smiles at Justin.
Yellow Wocky: Here again, Justin? The usual?
Justin: Actually two medium cups of hot cocoa.
Yellow Wocky: That's two hundred Neopoints.
Action: Yellow Wocky takes out two paper cups and fills them with steaming hot cocoa. Then she places them on the counter. Justin forks over two hundred Neopoints and takes the cups. Then he hands one to Amy. The two make their way to a table for two next to a window where they can see it snowing outside.
Justin: We got inside just in time.
Amy: I'll say. *takes a sip* This is really hot.
Justin: *laughs* Don't burn your taste buds... Well now we can talk. How exactly were you able to beat that Shadow Draik?
Amy: Oh, I'm a battle pet. *pulls out Wand of Supernova* That's pretty much all I get from my owner. Odd she trusts me with delicate weapons but not pouring my own milk. But at least its better than being in the pound.
Justin: Or jail. I work with the police. I don't feel like I really help anyone with that position besides a few close friends but I like to volunteer every now and then. That's something my weird friends probably wouldn't agree with but whatever. I'm their safety net whether they like it or not.
Amy: And just who are these friends?
Justin: I really don't want to talk about it, okay?
Amy: Okay.
Amy (in thought): Bingo. I had a feeling he was sort of shady. Good thing I didn't have to waste energy reading his mind. Plus, its so much more fun not knowing.
Justin: So do you like music?
Amy: Depends on what kind. I really only like Alternative, Pop, and Rock.
Justin: The Kacheekmates are playing at the Rock Star tonight. Wanna go?
Amy: I'd love to see the Kacheekmates! They're my kind of band!
Justin: *winks* Then its settled. We can go now if you like.
Amy: Sounds fine with me.
Scene: Later just outside the Rock Star. Justin leads Amy past a long line of Neopets waiting to get in. A big Skeith bouncer recognizes Justin.
Skeith Bouncer: Welcome back, Justin. Let me guess. The lady's with you.
Justin: Yup.
Skeith Bouncer: Well go right on in your love birds.
Action: Justin leads Amy into the building. Inside there are many tables with chairs, many of which are occupied, around a stage in the back. To either side is a bar. On stage the Kacheekmates are playing.
Solomon: ...girl you give love a bad name!
Action: Amy watches the stage while Rikyu gets Justin alone. Justin notices Rikyu.
Rikyu: Done playing with that witch yet?
Justin: What are you talking about?
Action: Amy notices Justin isn't near. She soon spots him talking with a certain criminal. She gets closer to hear.
Rikyu: Are you done converting her or is she a lost cause?
Justin: Is not like that.
Amy: Your jerk friend I assume. So you were his safety net!
Rikyu: Well what are you going to do about it? I'm untouchable.
Amy: I could easily kick your butt again.
Justin: Cool it you two!
Rikyu: What side are you on, Justin?
Amy: Yeah, Justin. Which side?
Rikyu: There's a rundown office building not far from here. We'll fight in two hours. Justin knows the way. *walks off* I'll be waiting...
Action: Amy faces Justin. Justin slaps his head. Then he puts his hand down and looks at Amy.
Justin: Its a trap. Its his headquarters. His gang of thugs and some corrupt cops will be there.
Amy: Are you a corrupt cop?
Justin: Its how I got the job. But anymore I'm not so sure.
Amy: Well how can I say no to beating a bunch of morons into a pulp?
Justin: *laughs* Excuse me? You're going to take them all on alone? You barely beat Rikyu!
Amy: So that's his name. I was holding back though. Kinda hard to overdo lava spit while avoiding property damage.
Justin: There are still way too many.
Amy: *laughs* Then I hope my wand doesn't break.
Scene: Two hours later in the rundown office building being used by Rikyu and company. Amy confidently walks in. Rikyu stands not far away. The two face each other.
Rikyu: Bold of you to enter a trap.
Amy: Bring it on!
Rikyu: Let's not leave the lady waiting! Attack!
Action: Rikyu's men quickly use Haste and jump at Amy. Amy tries to dodge but there are too many. One Grarrl grabs her arm. She uses Lava Spit which makes that Grarrl let go. Rikyu slams into Amy's back. Amy falls forward. She turns around and waves her wand. A supernova appears and goes boom on most of the idiots. Rikyu kicks the wand out of Amy's grasp. Several Grarrl and Skeith dog pile on Amy, trapping her.
Rikyu: Don't let her get away! Let's see how she takes this Drain Life!
Action: Rikyu aims his hand at Amy and begins sapping her energy. Amy droops. Once almost asleep Rikyu motions for his goons to let her go. Amy looks up at Rikyu, slowly standing up.
Justin: Rikyu, stop it!
Rikyu: Why should I?
Justin: *sighs and looks at Amy* Amy, I could offer you anything. Just be one of us.
Rikyu: Or die. If you somehow manage to survive our friends on the police force will find some excuse to put you behind bars forever.
Scene: Haku2049's Study. Haku2049 turns to the sleepy BlindEternities2049.
Haku2049: BlindEternities, I've got to go save Amy. I'll be right back. *teleports to the rundown office building*
Scene: The rundown office building being used by Rikyu and company. Haku2049 teleports in. All the baddies scatter.
Rikyu: Just who are you, Draik?
Haku2049: I'm Haku and I don't take kindly to those who threaten those I care about.
Rikyu: *laughs* You're just one Halloween Draik against all of us. You don't stand a chance.
Haku2049 (quietly): Hmm...these idiots are too dangerous to just teleport to jail or something. I might have to make my own...
Rikyu: Quit mumbling! Forget it, everyone, attack!
Action: All of Rikyu's men attack Haku2049. A necklace with a piece of amber as a jewel appears in front of Haku2049. It suddenly sucks all the morons in, including Rikyu. Only Amy, Haku2049, and Justin remain. Haku2049 reads Justin's mind and looks at him. Justin looks at Haku2049.
Justin: What...just...happened?
Haku2049: I just sucked in all of those involved in the plot. Normally I let the local authorities take care of it but with corrupt cops in on it I had to dish out my own justice.
Justin: They're...in...that thing? *points at amber necklace*
Haku2049: Yup. Its an amber prison.
Justin: And you're not going to use it on me?
Haku2049: You were sincere when you talked about volunteering and such. You were just forced into a bad crowd.
Justin: How could you possibly...
Haku2049: I can read minds among other things.
Justin: Oh.
Amy: *looks at Haku2049* Why did you save me, Haku?
Haku2049: *looks at Amy* Its complicated. But are you okay?
Amy: Just really tired.
Haku2049: I could teleport you home. Or you could come home with me.
Justin: Or me.
Amy: *yawns* My owner will kill me for getting in over my head. Plus, who can believe what just happened? I guess I'll go with you, Haku.
Haku2049: *looks at Justin* Wanna come, Justin?
Justin: *looks at Haku2049* Huh? Oh, sure!
Haku2049: Then its settled.
Action: Haku2049 teleports home with Amy and Justin in tow.
Scene: Haku2049's Guest Room 1. Amy, Haku2049, and Justin teleport in. Amy's laying asleep in bed. Justin's just amazed and looking around the room.
Justin: We just teleported?!?
Haku2049: Yup. This is my Neohome. You're welcome to either guest room or the commons room just outside.
Justin: Thanks. I think I'll stay with Amy for awhile.
Haku2049: Okay then. I'll go tell Percky her friend is here.
Action: Haku2049 walks out of Haku2049's Guest Room 1, down the stairs to the living room, through the hallway, then knocks at Percky_Pippy's door. Percky_Pippy comes to the door, opening it just enough to poke her head through.
Percky_Pippy: Yeah?
Haku2049: Percky, Amy's asleep in guest bedroom 1.
Percky_Pippy: *goes wide eyed* Is she okay?
Haku2049: Just tired. Almost got her butt handed to her until I intervened.
Percky_Pippy: *opens door quickly and hugs Haku2049* Thanks, Haku!
Dragoon2049: Heh. BlindEternities is going to look like such an idiot when he wakes up.
Percky_Pippy: *lets go and looks at Dragoon2049* Huh?
Dragoon2049: BlindEternities keeps saying Amy and Haku are the same. Weirdo.
Percky_Pippy: Really? Well I'm going to show that baby Gelert how wrong he is...
Haku2049: Oh boy.
Action: Percky_Pippy quickly closes her door and runs upstairs. She tackles BlindEternities2049, who wakes up and yelps.
BlindEternities2049: What's the big idea?
Percky_Pippy: *gets up* Amy's real you dolt. She's in our guest bedroom.
BlindEternities2049: Ha, ha. Just where is Haku anyway?
Action: Haku2049 walks by BlindEternities2049's bedroom. He looks in at the two Neopets.
Haku2049: Right here! Let's go you guys.
Action: Haku2049 shows BlindEternities2049 and Percky_Pippy to guest room 1. There they see two Neopets.
Percky_Pippy: Justin! What are you doing here?
Justin: *turns to face Percky_Pippy* Just following Amy. She wanted to sleep here so I decided to come with.
Action: Percky_Pippy notices Amy laying in bed. BlindEternities2049 walks over too but all he can see is the bed. Haku2049 walks over and lifts the baby Gelert up.
Percky_Pippy: Taking this in, BlindEternities? Amy is laying right in bed.
BlindEternities2049: *goes wide eyed* Okay, how the...I...
Haku2049 (in thought): Yes! I so called him going wide eyed when he met her.
Scene: Neovision studio. Time sits in the familiar chair, tail wagging hyperactively.
Time: Without any other ideas for how to end this episode we'll finish with Newton singing!
Scene: Newton on a stage with Doglefox dancers behind him.
Newton: Oops I did it again. I played with your...
Time (off stage): Cut! That's so not cool, Newton! So not cool!

01/04/2010 - What's a Little Neocash Between Friends? (Journal 104)

Scene: Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen. BlindEternities2049 finishes off a drink.
BlindEternities2049: I couldn't eat another Small Original Kiwi Smoothie!
Haku2049: BlindEternities, Smoothies are drinks.
Percky_Pippy: Why does TNT make us say such stupid things? I know a Neocola isn't food its a drink! Weirdoes!
Dragoon2049: Then again if you want them to work on that it will keep them from releasing more clothing.
Percky_Pippy: Good point. BlindEternities really needs some nice clothes to wear.
Sarah_Shivan: I really don't think so. I'm glad I don't need to wear clothes around the house and especially not out in public. They're just one more thing to make us more like humans and I ask why should we? I'm happy being who I am and I don't need clothing to set me apart from the crowd.
Haku2049: Oh boy, here we go.
Percky_Pippy: I don't need them to set me apart from others, but look at this cute getup! I love that Haku was nice enough to buy them for me. He has clothes for all of us whether or not we use them.
BlindEternities2049: I technically can't but since I can't easily get clothing on and off why bother getting it on?
Dragoon2049: I like looking like a rock star!
Action: BlindEternities2049 and Dragoon2049 finish eating. Dragoon2049 puts his plate in the sink before bounding off with BlindEternities2049 into the hallway. They exchange rivalrous glances.
Dragoon2049: Ultimate!
BlindEternities2049: Wingoball!
BlindEternities2049 and Dragoon2049: War!
Percky_Pippy: Okay, they just called war. I'm so leaving. I think I'll go shopping with My_Cybunny132543 today, okay Haku?
Haku2049: Sure, Percky.
Action: Percky_Pippy puts her plate in the sink and exits out the back way to prevent becoming hit by the Wingoball.
Sarah_Shivan: I think I'm going back to bed. Or maybe I'll do some stuff online_
Action: Sarah_Shivan puts her plate into the sink then walks up to her room and closes the door tight.
Haku2049: Well looks like things here are on auto pilot.
Action: Dragoon2049 grabs the Wingoball Bouncy Ball and tosses it hard at BlindEternities2049, who uses a wind barrier to counter. The ball hits the floor and bounces around the room for awhile until it hits Dragoon2049 in the tail. Dragoon2049 swipes at it with his tail which makes it ricochet off a magical barrier at the end of the hallway up for just that purpose.
Haku2049: Something tells me I should go shopping too.
Scene: A semi trailer right outside the NC Mall. A group of Grarrls and Skeiths wearing black masks and trench coats stand in line in front of their leader, a Shadow Draik.
Shadow Draik: Now let's go over the plan again. The security terminal is in the southwest corner of the facility. So is the power relays. It will be extremely easy to knock those out. With security blinded we'll have maybe twenty minutes before they know about us if we're careful. Take whatever costs the most and is an easy sell if you can carry it. The police have a response time of a half an hour thanks to the fact this place is alone outside town. They'll be too late even if they manage to get a warning out before the power goes out. We go in roughly an hour during the switch to the PM shift since they've been known to goof off anyway. Justin will tell us when the change has happened. Its our job to scout out the cars the security officers drive and make sure they're gone. Fortunately they're parked right out the window of the semi.
Scene: Cyrus's Neohome. Percky_Pippy knocks at the front door. Rana opens the door.
Rana: Hello?
Percky_Pippy: Hi. Is My_Cybunny in? I'd like her to come shopping at the NC Mall with me.
Action: Rana turns to look at My_Cybunny132543 who is sitting on a couch watching Neovision.
Rana: My_Cybunny, honey. Would you like to go shopping with Percky?
Action: My_Cybunny132543 gets up happily and hugs Rana.
My_Cybunny132543: You bet I would!
Action: My_Cybunny132543 lets go and races up next to Percky_Pippy, tail wagging.
My_Cybunny132543: So where are we going?
Percky_Pippy: The NC Mall. Let's hurry!
Action: Percky_Pippy grabs My_Cybunny132543 by the arms and tugs her to hurry up. The two quickly make their way to the NC Mall.
Scene: Haku2049's Bedroom.
Haku2049 (in thought): Hmm...if Percky spots me she may hate me so I can't go as anything that familiar. Hmm...oh I know! That Gelert form of me Percky met on the beach of Mystery Island!
Action: Haku2049 turns into the female red Gelert Percky_Pippy met at a beach on Mystery Island. Then he teleports to just outside the NC Mall grounds.
Scene: NC Mall grounds. Haku2049 walks towards the NC Mall. He takes a look at the semi trailer full of goons and snickers.
Haku2049 (in thought): This is going to be fun.
Action: Haku2049 slowly walks into the NC Mall.
Scene: The NC Mall. Time tries on a Woodland Archer Dress and looks at herself in the mirror. A sleepy Stitch waits on a bench near the fitting rooms.
Stitch (loud enough for Time to hear): Are you done yet? You've been in and out for an hour already!
Time (loud enough for Stitch to hear): Hey, I like to try on this stuff.
Stitch (loud enough for Time to hear): But you'll never be able to afford it!
Action: Time walks out of the dressing room. Stitch takes a look at her.
Time: Oh, isn't this so beautiful?
Stitch: Um Time, I'm a guy. And I don't care much for customization.
Time: Oh, I so wish I could afford this! Too bad Neocash is so darn expensive on its own...
Action: Haku2049 walks by Stitch and Time. He, er she sees the cute outfit and decides to be a girl about it. Haku2049 speaks in a girlish voice.
Haku2049: That's a beautiful dress. Are you going to buy it?
Time: I don't have the Neocash.
Haku2049: But I thought everyone was allowed 500NC to start.
Time: That only counts for owners.
Haku2049: That's too bad. Well its actually pretty cheap. Here.
Action: Haku2049 hands over 150NC. Time accepts it, with teary eyes.
Time: You mean I can just have it?
Haku2049: What's a little Neocash between friends?
Action: Time hugs Haku2049, still trying to get ahold of herself emotionally.
Stitch: What's with girls and clothing anyway?
Action: Time snaps out of it and sticks her tongue out at Stitch.
Haku2049: Heh, now you might actually be able to get out of here Stitch.
Stitch: How do you know my name?
Haku2049: Either I'm psychic or a really good guesser. Take your pick.
Stitch: Right...
Time: Let's go buy this thing already! I think I've tortured Stitch enough!
Action: Haku2049 watches Time buy the thing. Time quickly comes up to Haku2049 with the now bagged and bought Woodland Archer Dress and hugs him, er her again.
Time: Thank you so much. Um...what's your name?
Haku2049: *laughs* Its Amy. Nice to meet you...
Time: Oh, I'm Time!
Stitch: Why are we still here again?
Time: And he's Stitch. He's my best friend.
Stitch: One irritated best friend. It looks like the only ones here are females!
Haku2049: Well you guys can go. I don't want to hold you up with my shopping to do. *waves*
Time: Bye, Amy!
Action: Stitch hurries towards the door. Time reluctantly follows. Soon the two walk outside via the front door, passing right by Percky_Pippy and My_Cybunny132543. All four busy with their friend they don't notice each other.
Percky_Pippy: I know we don't have any Neocash but man this place has a lot to offer. At least the food court takes Neopoints and the mall is a center for so many different shops! Even if you don't have Neocash you can still have a wonderful day of window shopping or trying stuff on at the NC Mall.
My_Cybunny132543: Whoot! I love this place! Its so exciting to...
Action: Haku2049 turns to face Percky_Pippy. Percky_Pippy goes wide eyed.
Percky_Pippy: You're the one I met on Mystery Island when I had an emotional breakdown, right?
Haku2049: I believe I met a Xweetok that day.
Percky_Pippy: I've been lab zapped a lot since then! Its so great to see you!
Action: Percky_Pippy hugs Haku2049.
Haku2049 (in thought): Perfect. This place is filled with females and I have a powerhouse ready to help me kick butt. Of course its only fun if I hold back.
Haku2049: Wow, that day was awesome! Amazing coincidence running into you again!
Action: Percky_Pippy lets go.
Percky_Pippy: You said it. Still escaping your owner's wrath?
Haku2049: *laughs* Whenever I can.
Action: Shadow Draik enters the building and walks into the security room. A security guard spots him. Shadow Draik blows a powder into the guard's face. The guard falls asleep. Shadow Draik turns off the cameras and shuts down the security terminal. Once its down he grabs the guard's wand and smashes it to make it really hard to get it back up and running ever. He pulls a radio out of his black trench coat.
Shadow Draik (over radio): Security's down. Its time.
Action: Grarrl and Skeith wearing black face masks, black trench coats and looking quite intimidating walk through each door of the mall. They start grabbing everything of use.
Action: A Pink Shoyru gets in front of a Grarrl.
Pink Shoyru: You know you have to pay for that!
Action: The Grarrl simply pushes Pink Shoyru out of the way. Everyone around turns to see the robber and a female Pink Shoyru pushed to the ground.
Purple Gelert: Oh no! They're stealing! Where's security anyway?!?
Haku2049: Likely a half an hour away.
Action: Shadow Draik walks out into the middle of the mall. He scoffs.
Shadow Draik: Quite right. Your little moron squad here is quite incapacitated thanks to me. And since you're all just a bunch of ladies you'll just be watching us take whatever we want and get away with it.
Haku2049: You're pretty sure of yourself, Draik!
Shadow Draik: Careful who you're talking to, Gelert. You might just end up in the Neohospital.
Haku2049: Ugh! Those willing to fight do so. If not, run!
Action: Most of the Neopets do just that. Suddenly the power goes out. Thanks to their Night Vision ability the thieves keep working. Shadow Draik silently walks around Haku2049, who turns to keep watching him.
Shadow Draik: So you have night vision, too.
Haku2049: You won't get away with this. Despite security being taken care of how do you think you'll stay out of jail? There are too many of us for there not to be a big case against you morons...
Shadow Draik: I've heard enough! Drain Life!
Action: Shadow Draik aims his right hand at Haku2049 but before he can use the ability Haku2049 disappears, suddenly attacking from behind with Fireball.
Haku2049: Fireball!
Action: Shadow Draik uses a Temporal Leak to make himself super speedy. He then uses Haste to charge at Haku2049 with deadly force. Haku2049 is hit, and falls back onto the ground.
Percky_Pippy: How dare you do that!
Action: Percky_Pippy charges at the now stopped Shadow Draik. Haku2049 quickly gets up, nursing his head just for show. Percky_Pippy slams hard into Shadow Draik. Shadow Draik quickly grabs her by the neck. Haku2049 jumps back and fires a bright beam of sunlight at Shadow Draik.
Haku2049: Sun Beam!
Action: The blast passes, not doing anything.
Haku2049: What?!? By whose definition is he a good person?!?
Shadow Draik: I've got more tricks than that, female Gelert.
Action: Haku2049 punches Shadow Draik hard. Shadow Draik lets go of Percky_Pippy. Percky_Pippy quickly gets away and takes a breather.
Haku2049: If only I hard my Wand of Supernova...
Percky_Pippy: You have a Wand of Supernova?!?
Haku2049: I am a battle Pet in case you haven't noticed.
Percky_Pippy: That explains all the abilities.
Haku2049: I don't like this. He's pretty darn strong.
Scene: Outside. All the females look at the semi. A certain Pink Meepit thinks about what to do.
Pink Meepit (in thought): Hmm...lay here on my owner's comfy shoulder or get praise for tinkering with the semi.
Action: Pink Meepit jumps off its owner's shoulder, off somebody else's shopping bag, then onto the ground. She runs to the semi and gets to tearing things to pieces. All the others seem to notice and join in.
Scene: Inside. Shadow Draik snickers.
Shadow Draik: Time's almost up. Do you want to save this mall or not?
Haku2049: Fireball!
Action: Haku2049 fires an even larger Fireball than before. Shadow Draik dodges, then aims his hand at Percky_Pippy and uses Drain Life. Percky_Pippy quickly falls to the ground, being sapped of energy.
Haku2049 (in thought): Oh great. Save Percky or the mall. I can't think of anything but Lava Spit and that will cause damage. Or, you know, stop holding back. Wait a minute...
Action: Haku2049 charges at Shadow Draik with Haste. He, er she stops suddenly to create a Bubble Shield around the two. Then he fires Lava Spit.
Shadow Draik: Owwwwwwwww! Make it stop!
Action: Percky_Pippy sits up to see. Haku2049 steps back into the bubble, shattering it. The bubble puts out the lava leaving cooling rocks on the ground, which just happen to be pinning the bad guy down. Haku2049 laughs and turns to the sleepy Percky_Pippy.
Haku2049: Well, whatever works, right?
Percky_Pippy: Heh. Yup. *yawns* Remind me to kick his butt when I wake up...
Action: Percky_Pippy faints, laying gently on the ground. Haku2049 turns to the rest of the group.
Haku2049: Hey morons! Feel like joining your leader?
Action: The thieves quickly look at Shadow Draik and run together to the semi. One gets into the semi to drive and the rest pile on in the trailer. The driver hits the accelerator. The semi lurches forward a few meters without the trailer before the slashed tires lock the wheels in place. Suddenly the police arrive. A Fire Lupe police officer walks into the mall.
Fire Lupe: Man, the power's out? How did anything get done in here?
Haku2049 (breathing heavily): Night Vision actually. Got the moron leader. I can't believe I even beat him.
Action: Fire Lupe walks in the direction of the sound. Haku2049 uses Magic Torch to help the Lupe out.
Fire Lupe: Thanks.
Shadow Draik (whispering): Stupid rocks...
Haku2049: *points light at Shadow Draik* And that's the idiot leader.
Shadow Draik: I'm not an idiot! I'm the brains and brawns behind the operation!
Haku2049: Then that doesn't bode well for the other morons.
Fire Lupe: You have a thing for calling people morons.
Haku2049: *laughs* What's your point?
Fire Lupe: And how do we get all that crushing rock off him?
Haku2049: One thing at a time, guy. One thing at a time.
Scene: Later outside the NC Mall. Haku2049 and My_Cybunny132543 sit on a bench together with a still sleeping Percky_Pippy between them. Fire Lupe walks up to them.
Fire Lupe: Now that we got the criminals and they're on their way to prison is there anything I can do for you ladies?
My_Cybunny132543: It would be nice to get a ride home.
Haku2049: I'll go take Percky back to her place. Just gotta know where that is.
My_Cybunny132543: I know where to go. Let's get going before Percky gets sick or something.
Fire Lupe: Alright then, ladies. Let's go.
Scene: Later at Haku2049's Neohome. Back as a Halloween Draik Haku2049 opens the front door and takes Percky_Pippy inside. BlindEternities2049 and Dragoon2049 stop their Ultimate Wingoball War and just watch as Haku2049 takes Percky_Pippy to here room.
Dragoon2049: What happened?
Percky_Pippy: You'll probably see it on the news later. Percky chose an interesting day to go to the NC Mall. There was a robbery attempt but a red Gelert saved the day.
BlindEternities2049: As easily as you could?
Haku2049: Not by a long shot. But she was the only one besides Percky who was able to fight. Percky got Drain Lifed. She's pretty much just tired.
Action: Haku2049 takes Percky_Pippy into her room.
BlindEternities2049: Why do I have a feeling him being gone...
Dragoon2049: How do you know he was gone? He could have easily just been sleeping or ghosted up to the top floor to surf the web. Which is pretty much what he usually does.
BlindEternities2049: Maybe...
Dragoon2049: More like probably. Now...about the war...

06/14/2009, 12/16/2009 - A Royal (Xweetok) Pain (Journal 103)

Scene: Grand Palace, Xerobi Province of the planet Aishadon. A Rhaiohs spacefighter shoots at the roof. Alien Xweetoks run for cover. A two tailed Red Alien Xweetok named Xeif comes into Queen Naria's bedroom. Queen Naria looks up from her mirror, still holding onto the comb she was using to straighten the fur on her two Green Xweetok tails.
Xeif: Sorry to disturb you my Queen but the Rhaiohs have breeched Aishadon's main defense grid and are attacking the palace! You have to get to safety!
Queen Naria: I wondered what all the commotion was about. The Rhaiohs are rumored to be vicious pirates. With their forces I doubt we could get far with escape shuttles.
Xeif: But they're the only means of escape your highness.
Queen Naria: What about the portal?
Xeif: We still don't know where it even goes! You could be lost!
Action: Queen Naria puts down her comb and jogs over to Xeif.
Queen Naria: Its better than being blown to smithereens by the Rhaiohs.
Action: Queen Naria and Xeif run together down the hallway.
Xeif: Well if that's your command, Queen. Though I would beg you to reconsider.
Queen Naria: Use my escape shuttle to save the others here.
Scene: Minutes later down a hallway recently made to study the portal. Queen Naria reaches the door leading into the laboratory. Suddenly a wingless Shadow Draik holding onto a blaster weapon walks up behind the two. Xeif quickly touches a keypad to open the door, forces Queen Naria into the room, then forces the door to lock shut. Queen Naria bangs on the door crying.
Queen Naria: Xeif! No!
Action: With tears in her eyes Queen Naria walks up to the familiar metal doorway with a portal in the middle of it. She looks deeply at its undulating, shimmering surface. She inhales deeply then walks on through...
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Brian walks down the sidewalk wearing his brother's royalty clothing once again. He looks at the portal, curious as to how it came to be.
Brian (in thought): I wish I knew where these portals suddenly came from. I don't think anyone does. They're...
Action: Queen Naria walks through the portal and looks around. Brian notices the two tailed Green Xweetok in front of him. He goes wide eyed.
Brian: I've never seen a two tailed Xweetok before...
Action: Queen Naria looks at Brian. She gasps.
Queen Naria: Xweetoks live here, too?
Brian: What do you mean by "too"?
Queen Naria: Its complicated.
Action: Queen Naria quickly walks away from the portal, trying to make tracks just in case the Rhaiohs that was tracking her managed to get through the heavily armored door.
Brian: Um...where are you going?
Queen Naria: Follow me if you must but I don't want to get caught if and when that thing hunting me comes by.
Action: Brian catches up to Queen Naria and walks with her.
Brian (concerned): Hunting you?!? What's wrong? Can I help?
Queen Naria: Its really none of your concern, one tailed Xweetok.
Brian: My name is Brian. What's yours?
Queen Naria: You wouldn't believe me.
Brian: Try me.
Queen Naria: *sighs* I'm Queen Naria of the Xerobi Province on the planet Aishadon.
Brian: Works for me.
Queen Naria: *looks directly at Brian* Just like that?
Brian: *looks directly at Queen Naria* Yup. You obviously aren't from around here. Plus, anyone with two tails that isn't a mutant and wears weird clothes like yours gets a huge leg up on my believe you list. So why come here?
Queen Naria: I didn't know where I'd end up. After a portal like the one I arrived through suddenly sprung up near my palace on Aishadon my guards immediately thought it was a threat. Soon it was quarantined off and only scientists were allowed in. After all this time of being overly careful we never figured out where the thing went. Until today nobody ever went through it. I didn't know it led to such a nice place like this.
Brian: Honestly I don't think anybody's used the portal system to go to Aishadon. But all you have to do is state where you want to go to the portal then go on through to instantly be transported to the next closest portal. There are portals in all the major areas of Neopia, the planet we're on right now.
Action: Brian and Queen Naria look mostly forward again, continuing to walk away from the portal.
Queen Naria: Then there's a chance getting home will be easy, then? Maybe after this is over with our planets can commerce easily? I've heard of Neopia before. The Aishas of Aishadon speak of it. You may know them as Alien Aishas.
Brian: That rings a bell. I've always wondered about their home planet. I didn't know they shared it with Alien Xweetoks as well.
Queen Naria: A fair assessment. Yes, its just the two of our species mostly. We get along quite well.
Brian: Um...do you care where you're even going?
Action: Queen Naria stops suddenly. Brian stops as well. Queen Naria turns to Brian.
Queen Naria: You're quite right. We're far enough away. While off I don't think my beacon has the power to be spotted this far from the portal.
Brian: Huh? What beacon?
Queen Naria: Built into my necklace is a beacon to let my people know where I am. But its not safe to use it yet. The Rhaiohs can track it, too.
Brian: You mean the thing you're afraid of?
Queen Naria: Yes. Even while off the device around my neck puts out an energy signature. That's just from the nature of the sheer power interplanetary beacons require. Right now I'd be safer without it.
Brian: Um...I'd take it off your hands for awhile.
Queen Naria: That's nonsense. Regardless its something I don't want to let anyone mess with. The Rhaiohs are far too destructive. Its best to run.
Brian: Well okay then. How do you plan on hiding here?
Queen Naria: I...hadn't really thought that far ahead yet. I don't know anybody here besides you. I don't know who to trust or even where I'm going to eat. I just hope the war is over soon and we're victorious.
Scene: Grand Palace, Xerobi Province of the planet Aishadon. Rhaiohs walk around the palace, ready to kill anybody left. A few set explosive charges on the door leading to the portal room. After getting clear they blow the door wide open.
Captain Dragoon: Well, men. Let's kill that annoying Queen Naria. Find the rest of their ships and have them destroyed! I want to make sure absolutely nobody can get ahold of our latest catch...
The Troops: Yes, Sir!
Action: Captain Dragoon and most of his troops walk through the portal confidently...
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Captain Dragoon and his small troop of ten highly skilled Rhaiohs soldiers arrive through the portal.
Captain Dragoon: Hide your weapons. We don't want to scare the locals just yet.
Action: The soldiers put away their weapons quickly.
Grunt Burton: Aw, but I was hoping for several trophies on this raid if you know what I'm saying.
Captain Dragoon: There will be plenty of time for fun and games after we kill the Queen. We just need to find her. *pulls out a tracking device* No surprise that she's out of range. Let's fan out. Use your scanners to locate the woman. Capture her and radio me. Then we'll all enjoy the kill together.
Captain Dragoon's Troops: Yes, Sir!
Action: The Rhaiohs spread out, looking for Queen Naria.
Scene: The familiar Pokemon Planet, just outside Ferry Rock City. Haku2049 lays on the grass, staring up at the clouds with his arms behind his head.
Haku2049: I don't know why this place is so calming. I really seem to figure out the most Planeswalker powers here. I'm still a beginner after all. But I really don't understand the portals. I love them dearly but if I descend will they go away? Are they mine or was this just happenstance? Its confusing to say the least. Then there's the huge possibility of where they all lead. I know its not just Neopia that's connected. If people knew about places like this I don't think I'd like the results. But maybe the people can handle it. I dunno. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it happens while I'm alive...
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. BlindEternities2049 walks happily down the street. A tall Rhaiohs trips over BlindEternities2049. The tracking device falls to the ground and shatters. The Rhaiohs gets up angrily and pulls out his weapon, immediately aiming it at BlindEternities2049.
Grunt Leaon: You'll pay for making my tracking device shatter!
BlindEternities2049: You weren't watching where you were going you big oaf!
Action: Grunt Leaon fires. BlindEternities2049 quickly gains his familiar light hawk wings, which make the attack look pathetic. Grunt Leaon fires again. BlindEternities2049 uses wind magic to grab ahold of the weapon. He puts it in a dense tornado which shatters it. Grunt Leaon goes wide eyed.
Grunt Leaon: Fine! I'll kick your butt!
Action: Grunt Leaon attacks BlindEternities2049 with a kick. BlindEternities2049 easily counters with wind, sending the idiot back. Seeing as how he's outmatched Grunt Leaon runs away. Once a far enough distance away Grunt Leaon speaks into his wrist watch.
Grunt Leaon: Captain Dragoon, I've been beaten by a tiny little...um, something. I tripped over it and after I started acting tough it kicked my butt with what appeared to be magic.
Action: Brian and Queen Naria walk past Grunt Leaon. Grunt Leaon follows them silently.
Grunt Leaon (whispering): And I think I've found the queen.
Captain Dragoon (over wristwatch): We'll be to your position shortly.
Action: Queen Naria looks back and sees the Rhaiohs behind her.
Queen Naria: Its a Rhaiohs! Let's go!
Action: Brian and Queen Naria race along the sidewalk being closely followed by Grunt Leaon. They pass BlindEternities2049, who gets between them and Grunt Leaon.
BlindEternities2049: Back for more?
Action: Brian and Queen Naria turn around to see what could scare a Rhaiohs. Brian gasps.
Brian: Okay, he's afraid of a Baby Gelert. With wings.
Grunt Leaon: You're going to regret guarding Queen Naria! Reinforcements are coming!
BlindEternities2049 (sarcastically): Ooh, I'm so scared!
Captain Dragoon: You should be.
Action: Captain Dragoon arrives with the rest of his troops, all aiming at BlindEternities2049. Captain Dragoon walks confidently forward.
Captain Dragoon: So you're guarding the queen? You'll die for that. So how about we get a trophy kill right now, mates?
Captain Dragoon's Troops: Aye!
Action: All the Rhaiohs fire at BlindEternities2049. BlindEternities2049 easily takes the hits. He creates a huge tornado which grabs all the Rhaiohs in it. Once they've all fainted the tornado stops. Brian and Queen Naria just look on in astonishment.
Queen Naria: Did my eyes just deceive me?
Brian: Way to go, little Gelert! That was awesome!
Action: BlindEternities2049 turns around and looks at the two he saved. He blinks trying to take in the two tailed Xweetok.
BlindEternities2049: A Xweetok with two tails?
Queen Naria: Quite right. Thank you ever so much for the save, little one.
BlindEternities2049: No problem. That was easy and kinda fun.
Queen Naria: I don't suppose you'd help save my palace from more of those things would you?
BlindEternities2049: Sure! Sounds like fun!
Scene: Later in the portal room at the Grand Palace, Xerobi Province of the planet Aishadon. A Rhaiohs holds out a weapon at the group. BlindEternities2049 tosses down Captain Dragoon and his group.
BlindEternities2049: Wanna end up like them?
Action: The Rhaiohs guard goes red in the face. He quickly leaves to summon reinforcements. The reinforcements just take the knocked out Rhaiohs to their ships. Soon they take off hastily.
BlindEternities2049: Aww...I was hoping for another fight.
Queen Naria: This day shall not be forgotten, baby Gelert. Thanks to you our planets may now commerce easily. Now, let's tell the others to come back and party!
Scene: Neovision Studio. Time laughs maniacally in front of the camera.
Time: We'd like to thank appaloosa500 for the Aishadon idea! Well, sort of. Alien Aishas and their home planet anyway. *glomps DeSoni*
DeSoni: *groans* Why am I even here?

11/30/2009 - Trimming the Tree (Journal 102)

Scene: Haku2049's Commons. Dragoon2049 laughs to himself secretly painting over the "Caffeine Free" part of a can of Caffeine Free Neocola. BlindEternities2049 walks down the hallway from the study to the commons. He spots Dragoon2049 and picks up pace. Soon he walks up to the smiling Scorchio.
BlindEternities2049: What are you doing?
Dragoon2049: Haku says that Caffeine Free Neocola is cheaper and its the same as regular Neocola, only without the caffeine. I wanna see if thats true. So I grabbed these from the fridge and I'm painting them to look like the caffeine variety. Percky_Pippy will hopefully be in for a great big surprise! Ha!
Action: BlindEternities2049 inspects two of the already expertly done cans.
BlindEternities2049: Wow, that looks like the real thing.
Dragoon2049: One of them actually is the real thing. We have one left and I'm using it as a reference. Can you tell which one is which?
BlindEternities2049: Um...no.
Dragoon2049: Perfect!
Scene: Haku2049's Lower Hallway. Percky_Pippy and Sarah_Shivan laugh while putting decorations on the tree. Newton runs around the tree with a long tinsel decoration in his mouth, wrapping the happy girls up in his hyperactiveness. Haku2049 stands back and watches.
Percky_Pippy: And why aren't the boys helping us, Haku?
Haku2049: Oh they're just being boys. Especially creative boys.
Sarah_Shivan: Are they decorating or just being idiots?
Haku2049: Dragoon's definitely decorating something.
Percky_Pippy: From that tone I might just care. Oh well! That's a mystery for later!
Haku2049 (in thought): Thats a relief. I don't really feel like covering for Dragoon.
Action: LegacyWeapon walks into the dining room/kitchen from a door leading to his not so secret lab. He closes it behind him, brushing himself off before racing into the lower hallway.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): The lights are all strung up outside! I have a setting so bright we can blind people if need be.
Haku2049 (psychically): I should have known you would overdo it. Great job though.
LegacyWeapon (in Petpet): Sure thing. It was my pleasure playing with the electrical system of this house.
Haku2049 (psychically): You know, if that were anyone else I might be scared. Or maybe I should be.
Action: LegacyWeapon smirks and races away.
Scene: Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen a half hour later. Dragoon2049 sneaks down from upstairs and opens the fridge, quickly putting the Caffeine Free Neocola back where they came from, closing the door afterwards. He holds onto the Neocola with caffeine. Percky_Pippy spots him. Dragoon2049 smiles devilishly, holding out the drink.
Dragoon2049: Want a Neocola, Percky?
Percky_Pippy: From your -disallowed_word- quietly): Let me guess. That's the untampored original.
Dragoon2049 (quietly): Yup. I knew she wouldn't be able to resist a Neocola after I confronted her with one. But I did offer her the one she wanted. You didn't add caffeine to hers did you?
Haku2049 (quietly): Nope. Very good use of paint though.
Dragoon2049 (quietly): Thanks.
Action: BlindEternities2049 walks down the stairs looking at the two other guys in the dining room/kitchen.
Sarah_Shivan: What are you two chatting about?
BlindEternities2049: Yeah, just what are you two talking about?
Action: Dragoon2049 turns to look at BlindEternities2049, forming a bead of sweat on his forehead from seeing the Baby Gelert with a smirk on his face.
Haku2049: Oh, I was just complimenting Dragoon on how well he did his decorating. Its a good thing I have so much random creative stuff around the Neohome.
Percky_Pippy: I feel so energetic! Let's go finish the front room, Sarah!
Action: Dragoon2049 turns around and wags his tail in victory. BlindEternities2049 walks up to Dragoon2049 and Haku2049. Dragoon2049 and Haku2049 laugh. Percky_Pippy looks at the two.
Percky_Pippy: Alright, spill!
Dragoon2049: Energetic? From what? Certainly not your precious caffeine.
Percky_Pippy: How so?
Dragoon2049: We only have one Neocola with caffeine left. I painted the rest to look just like it. Good luck finding out which is which!
Percky_Pippy: What?!? No! Really, Haku?
Haku2049: Hey, Caffeine Free Neocola is much cheaper than the Can of Neocola. Have fun guessing!
Percky_Pippy: Grr! Dragoon! I'm so killing you!
Action: Percky_Pippy flies after Dragoon2049, who chuckles and races past and upstairs to the upper hallway where the two wrestle.
Haku2049: Nothing quite says the holidays like those two fighting.
BlindEternities2049 and Sarah_Shivan: You said it!

11/01/2009 - Late Night Building! (Journal 101)

Scene: Haku2049's Neohome, 11/01/2009, 8 PM NST. Haku2049 in Halloween Draik form laughs watching a group of strong Neopets finally replacing the second floor outer door with a -blocked- Soon to fix the other two problem exits as well. Sarah_Shivan walks from her room, tired. There's a sleepy LegacyWeapon on her head.
Sarah_Shivan: Haku, I know you're excited to get the thing fixed, but its eight and this is the loudest thing ever on this floor.
Worker Grundo: I don't mind working under the moon. Haku's been trying to get this done as quickly as possible. We should be done by 1 little lady.
Haku2049: Then the bathroom and my room get the odd doors to the outside replaced with windows in a similar fashion.
Sarah_Shivan: This is too much. BlindEternities can sleep through anything, but not me. I'm going to sleep in a guest bedroom.
Haku2049: Feel free to try either one out, Sarah.
Action: An irritated Sarah_Shivan walks past the group, down the new upper hallway, and over to the new commons area. Then she turns and enters guest room 1. She looks around at the two things inside, a Regal Oak Wood Bed
and a Royal Oak Wood Cabinet.
Sarah_Shivan: Well its pretty plain so far. How about we go to sleep already, LegacyWeapon?
Action: Sarah_Shivan lays down on the bed with LegacyWeapon on a pillow nearby. Both close their eyes.
Sarah_Shivan (in thought): This bed feels different, and the shadows coming through the windows are unfamiliar.
Action: Sarah_Shivan tosses and turns in bed for three hours with a very uneasy LegacyWeapon. Haku2049 knocks on the door. He opens it and goes in.
Haku2049 (quietly): Your room's quiet and the study's back to normal.
Sarah_Shivan: *sits up* Thanks. This room's just too different.
Haku2049: Good thing you're not forced to sleep here. Just about everyone needs something familiar on a daily basis. For many their room is the...
Action: Sarah_Shivan gets up and hugs Haku2049.
Sarah_Shivan: That lecture sounds like something from a cheesy after Neoshcool special. But I do need my room's predictability to feel at ease enough to sleep.
Action: Sarah_Shivan lets go and walks past Haku2049. The two walk together down the upper hallway. Soon Sarah_Shivan is in bed, fast asleep with LegacyWeapon in his own bed, also asleep.
Scene: Haku2049's Bedroom. Haku2049 lays on his bed, supervising the edit to his room.
Haku2049 (in thought): Sorry, Sarah. But I get a killer deal for night jobs!

09/17/2009, 10/01/2009, 10/11/2009, 10/27/2009 - A Very Neovian Halloween (Journal 100)

Scene: Neovian Inn, Special Event Room 1. A mile or so outside of Neovia Avaril, BlindEternities2049, Celest_Moonlight, Cleopatra, Dour, Kaleidoscope, Katie, Mitch_Moonlight, My_Cybunny132543, Newton, Notanotheregyptianreference, Percky_Pippy, Ramses, Rhyme and her parents Chime and Mime, Solomon, Stitch, and Tarrant are dressed up in costumes of their halloween counterparts. Umbra_Moonlight's dressed up as a mummy, Sharon_Moonlight's not wearing a costume, and Cyrus is dressed up like Tuxedo Xweetok. Brian, Princess_Moonlight, Susanna, and Time are all dressed up like royalty. Cyrus and Rana are dressed up like vampires. Sherry and Sarah_Shivan are dressed up as witches and Dragoon2049 is a zombie. Finally Haku2049's an actual Halloween Draik. On one big table there's a giant punch bowl with cups next to it, lots of snacks nearby, and a large batch of identical looking bags of candy. Tarrant is playfully behind a big cauldron there for apple bobbing. He stirs it with a giant spoon, being silly.
Tarrant: Double Double, Toil and Trouble! *snickers*
Action: Time walks up to the apple bobbing cauldron.
Time: Should we trust a devil to run the apple bobbing, er cauldron?
Tarrant: Who knows? Wanna play? Get an apple and you can have it. You can ask Celest to put carmel on it.
Action: Celest_Moonlight beams sitting at a table with a pot of hot caramel and sticks in front of her.
Celest_Moonlight: I love to cook! I'm happy to make things with caramel. Its weird and tasty.
Time: I don't want my tiara to get wet. *takes it off and holds onto it* Alright, I'm ready.
Action: Time starts bobbing for apples, having a tough time getting them into her teeth, taking breaths every now and then. Finally she gets one in her mouth and pulls it from the water. Celest_Moonlight and Tarrant clap.
Tarrant: Good job, Time. It only took you thirty something bobs but you got one.
Celest_Moonlight: *laughs* Want me to put some caramel on it?
Time: You bet!
Action: Time hands the apple over to Celest_Moonlight. Celest_Moonlight wipes the apple off, puts a stick through it, and dips it in caramel. A minute later she takes it out. She hands it to Time.
Celest_Moonlight: Let it cool for a few minutes before eating it. Enjoy!
Time: Thanks! *laughs and leaves with her candy apple in hand*
Celest_Moonlight: Despite the process being a little unsanitary I love it. Caramel is awesome!
Tarrant: *laughs* Maybe the devil is making you have a love for candying fruit!
Celest_Moonlight: *laughs* Yeah! Maybe I am under a spell. I should probably seek out a witch to make sure. We've only have three of em'!
Action: Celest_Moonlight and Tarrant laugh together. Not far away Stitch in his werelupe costume stands near the punch bowl, drinking from a cup. Time walks up to him.
Stitch: This punch is awesome!
Time: I think Celest_Moonlight made everything here! Its all amazing. *takes a bite from her caramel apple* Mmm...even this is awesome!
Stitch and Time: Our compliments to the cook!
Action: Dragoon2049 walks like a zombie, slowly making his way over to Ramses.
Dragoon2049: Brains...
Action: Dragoon2049 pretends to eat the back of Ramses's head. Ramses turns around angry.
Ramses: Hey, I need that! Keep your claws off, zombie!
Scene: Edna's Tower. Edna stirs her bubbling cauldron, smiling at her latest brew.
She lets go of the stir and goes over to her ingredients table. She grabs a Darigan Pteri feather and holds it above the pot.
Edna: My its been quite a journey finally getting this feather. Maybe today will be the best Halloween ever!
Action: Edna drops it. The feather slowly falls into the stuff. A bright green light comes from the cauldron.
Scene: Neovia. A bright green light traveling from Edna's Tower flows over everything within range. The gypsy camp and Neovia are covered by a brief blast of magic. It stops before reaching the Neovian Inn and Sophie's Neohome. All those caught in the blast get real pale and move sluggishly.
Gypsy: Brains!
Scene: Edna's Tower. Edna looks out her window, satisfied with the spell going according to plan to her so far.
Edna: Outstanding! I've got to go out and see if everyone got turned into their Halloween counterparts!
Action: Edna leaves her tower and gets on her broomstick, quickly flying off.
Scene: Sophie's Neohome. A zombie Shoyru flies stupidly into the door. Inside Sophie gets up from laying on the couch petting her Meowclops and opens the door. The Shoyru jumps at her.
Shoyru: Brains!
Action: Sophie dodges and grabs her wand off a counter. She aims it at the Shoyru. She fires a spell at the Shoyru, which encases it in a bubble. Sophie looks at her uninvited guest.
Sophie: So. Just who are you and what turned you into a zombie?
Shoyru: Brains!
Sophie: Zip it!
Action: Shoyru's mouth is suddenly sewn shut. Meowclops turns cutely on the couch, still napping. Sophie closes her eyes to try to read the Shoyru's mind. A moment later she slaps herself on her forehead.
Sophie: Brains, brains, brains is all that's on that Shoyru's mind! Stupid of me to waste energy trying to read something so obvious.
Scene: Neovia. Edna flies over the city, eager to see what happened. She gets closer to the ground and finds everyone outside looking sickly and searching for brains.
Edna: What?!? Why aren't the Gelerts vampires or the Kyrii werewolves? Where are all the trick or treating bags? Why isn't anyone laughing?!?
Action: Edna lands on top of the town hall. She looks around frantically for something normal.
Edna: My gosh, what have I done?!?
Action: Most Neopets around look at the only thing they'd consider edible. Edna tries to take off and head back to her tower to try to undo this, but a zombie Pteri quickly rams into her. Both hit the ground hard. Edna's broom falls to pieces.
Edna: Not now!
Action: Most of the inhabitants of Neovia chase after Edna.
Edna: This is so unfair! I'm not cut out to go out running! I just stick around my tower all the time!
Action: Edna races out of Neovia, being chased by an army of zombified Neopets. The only things keeping up are flying Neopets in the sky, who are also acting as scouts for the rest of the zombies. Edna runs right up to Sophie's door, not knowing who lives there.
Edna: Help!
Action: Sophie comes to the front door and gives Edna a stare. Then she takes a look at the advancing army of zombie Neopets.
Sophie (demandingly): What the heck did you do?!?
Edna: Its complicated.
Sophie: How about the brief version?
Edna: I wanted everyone to have a nice Halloween so I cast a spell that was to turn the color of every Neopet around to Halloween. Not turn everyone into a zombie! When I got to Neovia and looked around I couldn't believe my eyes. I wanted to go back to my tower to try to reverse the spell but I got attached by a Pteri that broke my broom. That's why I had to run for my life.
Sophie: I'm half tempted to turn invisible and just let them chase you for awhile. But we're probably the only ones capable of reversing the spell. If you stupidly do this again I'll turn you into a Meerca Pie!
Edna: Gah! Bad memories!
Sophie: Fine then. Let's get started.
Action: Sophie floats the trapped zombie Shoyru into her home. Edna quickly follows, slamming the door afterwards. Sophie quickly puts up a magical barrier around her home to make it undesirable to zombies. The zombie army blinks and turns towards the Neovian Inn. The forces quickly make their way to the largest congregation of people around.
Scene: Neovian Inn, Special Event Room 1. Chaud and Haku stand in front of the punch bowl, drinking some of the punch from plastic cups and talking.
Chaud: Another awesome holiday party we pulled off. I didn't think we'd get any free stuff from the Inn but man they certainly pitched in, too. The Haunted Woods is definitely the best place to celebrate Halloween.
Haku2049: Yup. *looks at giant pumpkin shaped carrot cake* Celest really went overboard on the cake.
Action: My_Cybunny132543 looks up at the giant pumpkin, in awe.
My_Cybunny132543: Its the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Percky_Pippy: *walks up to My_Cybunny132543* Eat some already! Its mostly for you anyway!
My_Cybunny132543: It would be a shame to eat something so beautiful. I know!
Action: My_Cybunny132543 takes the camera hanging around Percky_Pippy's neck and takes a picture. Then she smiles, hands the camera back, then grabs a plate, and a fork before digging in!
Percky_Pippy: Whoa! Take it easy on the cake! You'll make yourself sick!
My_Cybunny132543 (between bites): So...beautiful!
Chaud: *laughs* I don't think I've ever seen her so happy!
Haku2049: A giant pumpkin shaped carrot cake would do that to a carrot cake addict.
Chaud: *laughs* I guess so!
Action: Notanotheregyptianreference and Umbra_Moonlight exchange scary faces.
Notanotheregyptianreference: Blah! I'm a monster!
Umbra_Moonlight: That's nothing compared to mummy power! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Action: Umbra_Moonlight pretends to cast a spell on Notanotheregyptianreference.
Umbra_Moonlight: Take my scarab wind!
Notanotheregyptianreference: Ha! That kinda tickles!
Action: Brian and Susanna stand together near the large window facing the trees.
Brian: This has go to be my favorite day of the year! I get to wear royalty clothes and nobody will think its weird!
Susanna: But unlike my rental costume you have yours available all year. Which is weird.
Brian: Lots of people keep their costumes!
Susanna: I doubt many wear the exact same thing whenever they can holiday or not!
Brian: What? I love the color royal!
Susanna: A little too much.
Action: Solomon puts his right arm around Cleopatra's back. Both Kacheeks smile.
Cleopatra: Aw...look at how well those two are getting along.
Notanotheregyptianreference: Take my monster stare! It freezes mummies! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! *fakes firing a freeze ray at Umbra_Moonlight*
Umbra_Moonlight: Oh no!
Action: Umbra_Moonlight falls to the ground. Notanotheregyptianreference pounces on him.
Solomon: You count pouncing as...
Action: Notanotheregyptianreference and Umbra_Moonlight giggle rolling together on the floor.
Solomon: I stand corrected.
Action: My_Cybunny132543 keeps eating until her stomach hurts.
My_Cybunny132543: Ugh. My stomach hurts.
Percky_Pippy: *walks up to My_Cybunny132543* Told ya!
My_Cybunny132543: It was so worth it though! I just gotta go out and walk some of it off I think.
Percky_Pippy: Okay then.
Action: My_Cybunny132543 walks slowly out of the event room, then out the main hallway to the front doors. She walks outside, leaning over the grass just in case.
My_Cybunny132543: I hope I don't vomit.
Action: A zombie Pteri attacks My_Cybunny132543. My_Cybunny132543 notices in time and dodges. The Pteri bites at My_Cybunny132543, who jumps back and hops right at the Pteri, knocking it to the ground and pummeling it with her fists. Soon the zombie Pteri faints. My_Cybunny132543 sighs and looks out at the rest of the zombies.
My_Cybunny132543: Holy Kau! Its a zombie army!
Action: My_Cybunny132543 races inside and slams the door shut. She runs all the way back to the party hyperventilating. She confronts Haku2049.
My_Cybunny132543 (very quickly): Haku, there's an army of zombie Neopets outside and I was attacked by a Pteri and I kinda had to kick his butt but man are there a lot of them. They're creepy and weird! You gotta turn em' back to normal!
Haku2049: Slow down, My_Cybunny.
My_Cybunny132543: Zombies...outside...attacked me...go save them!
Haku2049: One little problem. Ever since BlindEternities2049 was mind controlled and I couldn't help him I've been thinking about the problem and still can't find a suitable answer. That's one type of spell I can't help anyone with.
Action: Everyone in hearing distance gasps. Everyone looks at Haku2049. Haku2049 puts up a barrier around the building to make it undesirable to zombies, but with nowhere better to go the zombies just walk around aimlessly.
Haku2049: Okay, we're safe in here.
Percky_Pippy: Besides, if we want to go home we can just teleport! Right?
Haku2049: Not quite. I'm sensing a severe lack of mana that happened recently. Probably what caused the zombies. There's not enough to last a barrier for long and certainly not enough for a mass long distance teleport. If things get bad we can always fight our way to the closest portal which is in Neovia.
BlindEternities2049: No mana means no spells so its just melee attacks, right?
Haku2049: Unfortunately.
Scene: Sophie's Neohome. Edna and Sophie stand together around Sophie's cauldron.
Sophie: This is some list of ingredients of yours. Why did you choose the inherently unstable Darigan Pteri Tail Feather?!?
Edna: What? I thought it would add the mana needed to juice the spell, not sap most of what was around to work with!
Sophie: Using that ingredient is reckless! I steer clear of the stuff. I've never bothered with random results when I can get just what I want to cause harm to anyone who...eht hem. I mean I use mana and ingredients responsibly. Now, I could think of many different things to reverse the spell but thanks to a certain someone we don't have enough to run a magical light for a half hour! I am so steamed with you Edna!
Edna: I get that a lot unfortunately. You'd think I'd get used to it. Wait a minute, how are you keeping the Shoyru here in a bubble and keeping your home zombie proof at the same time?
Sophie: Unlike you I prepare for times when there isn't much mana to use. My wand is rechargeable. I always prefer to use mana from the environment since its a natural resource anyway. I've got enough to...that's perfect! Thanks for reminding me, Edna! Now, let's get to brewing!
Scene: Neovian Inn, Special Event Room 1. Everyone around sighs, pacing and thinking. Tarrant walks up to Haku2049.
Tarrant: What are you thinking of, Haku?
Haku2049: Figures my batteries are at home. The Powerstones I have are right in my Feepit's lab.
Tarrant: Why does a Feepit have a lab?
Haku2049: Its complicated. He's a genius and likes having batteries that don't run out of energy. Heck if I'd just go anywhere with mana and even power up a stick...but I don't dare risk the mana to teleport even to the portal. And if I leave things could go wrong with the barrier anyway.
Tarrant: In other words we're going to have to retreat sooner or later.
Haku2049: Alright, the barrier is almost out of juice.
Action: Haku2049 walks out of the event room.
Tarrant: Where are you going?
Haku2049: *looks at Tarrant* I'm the only one who can't be killed here so I don't know about you but I'm going to kick butt.
Dragoon2049: I heard kick butt! I'm coming!
Percky_Pippy: So am I.
Tarrant: You'd have to drag me from the battle to keep me away.
Action: Dragoon2049, Haku2049, Percky_Pippy and Tarrant walk together to the front door. The barrier fails and the zombies all look at the building. The four Neopets walk out of the building. The zombies charge. The four heroes fly together. They all smile.
Dragoon2049: This is going to be fun!
Action: A zombie flies quickly at Haku2049, who easily dodges only to be attacked from behind by another. He falls only a meter or so then flies back up. Dragoon2049 swoops down and powers into a zombie Aisha. The Aisha tries to bite back, but Dragoon2049's too fast. Percky_Pippy slams a zombie Pteri to the ground. The Pteri gets back up and flies right at her again. The two Neopets bump heads again. Tarrant dive bombs a Grarrl with so much force it faints in one fell swoop.
Tarrant: Whew! Glad that one was top heavy.
Percky_Pippy: Whoot! Go Tarr...
Action: The zombie Pteri bites at Percky_Pippy. Percky_Pippy spins around and knocks it down to the ground again with her tail.
Percky_Pippy: Never interrupt me!
Action: Dragoon2049 takes to the air again. A zombie Darigan Uni charges at Dragoon2049.
Dragoon2049: Wow, the cute kind of scary.
Action: Dragoon2049 dodges the zombie Darigan Uni and jumps down on its back. Percky_Pippy flies over to Dragoon2049.
Percky_Pippy: Does that even exist?
Action: Percky_Pippy joins Dragoon2049 in the sitting on the Uni thing. As a result of their combined weight the Uni crashes to the ground, right on top of the persistent zombie Pteri. Both zombies faint with two amused Neopets on top of them.
Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy: Only in our dreams!
Action: All of the zombies charge at Haku2049. They quickly surround him from every direction.
Haku2049: Aw, man! This wouldn't happen if we had mana to use!
Action: All the zombies strike at Haku2049.
Tarrant: What are they doing? Its almost like they're drawn to Haku!
Action: Haku2049 starts punching away but they're coming from too many directions and they far outnumber the good guys. Several jump on top of Haku2049 and lower him to the ground. There the ground bound zombies join the feast.
Dragoon2049: No! Haku!
Action: Dragoon2049, Percky_Pippy, and Tarrant charge at the zombies, dive bombing away, but all they get is bites in retaliation.
Percky_Pippy: Darn it, I want to use my magical aqua attack!
Tarrant: Its crazy having to fight without mana!
Action: Dragoon2049, Percky_Pippy, and Tarrant keep attacking until they get exhausted, but don't manage to do very much. The three fly up to the top of the Neovian Inn. There they sit down, watching pretty much nothing going on.
Tarrant: Why have they just been circling him? Surely they have killed him by now! Or at least his physical form.
Percky_Pippy: And he said the barrier is gone but they haven't taken their eyes off of Haku.
Action: LegacyWeapon flies over the zombies in one of his dropships. He laughs.
LegacyWeapon: Sorry I'm late. You needed this some time ago, Haku!
Action: LegacyWeapon throws a Powerstone to the ground. It gets sucked under the zombies. A moment later a bite covered Haku2049 throws the entire army off him.
Haku2049: I'm sick of being bitten! Thanks, LegacyWeapon! *waves at LegacyWeapon*
LegacyWeapon: *waves at Haku2049* No problem! Glad I could help!
Haku2049: Unlike the time when you caused the...
LegacyWeapon: Hey, it got solved without my help! I said I'm sorry a zillion times already!
Haku2049: *laughs* That doesn't change a thing! *turns to the zombies* Okay, stupid zombies. How about you go back home?
Action: Haku2049 teleports all the zombies back to their homes in Neovia. Just in time a bright magenta light flows from Sophie's home over the gypsy camp and Neovia. Sophie opens her door and kicks Edna and the Shoyru out.
Shoyru: Do I want to know what happened?
Edna: I would hope not.
Haku2049: Everyone's back to normal! Time to get back to the party!
Shoyru: Why's that Halloween Draik have so many bite marks? Its almost as if an army of zombies had their way with him.
Edna: How did you know?!?
Shoyru: Kidding! I heard "party". I don't know about you but I'm going to see if I can come, too.
Scene: Sophie's Neohome. Sophie lays down on the couch next to her Meowclops, who is still asleep.
Sophie (quietly): What really matters is we made it through a zombie attack and you're still sleeping.
Action: Newton jumps up on the couch.
Sophie: Leave you little mutt before I make you! How did you even get in here?
Action: Newton moves up next to Meowclops, lays down and falls asleep. Sophie gasps.
Sophie (in thought): It defies all logic. Oh well. They're cute together.
Scene: Neovia. Sophie's being chased around by non zombie Neopets.
Neovians: You did what to us?!?
Sophie: Not again! Where's my broom when I need it?

08/29/2009 - 08/31/2009, 09/13/2009 - Time Meets Rhyme (Journal 99)

Scene: Evening in Time's Neohome. Time sighs watching Neovision with her mother, Brianna.
Time: Aw, that Faellie is so cute. I wish I had a Petpet.
Brianna: They're just to expensive honey. Besides, you have plushies. But I know you would be a great owner.
Time: They don't cost much to take care of but they sure cost a lot up front. I just want something cute to take care of!
Brianna: *sighs* This economy is torture for many. If you didn't love omelette and jelly...
Time: And jelly beans!
Brianna: ...yes, and jelly beans. Well we'd be in an even harder pinch than we are now. Thank goodness for freebies.
Time: You know nothing can beat the money card. I'll just go take a bath.
Brianna: Alright then, sweetie!
Scene: A little later in Time's Bathroom. Time lays in the warm bath water, looking up at the ceiling.
Time (in thought): I feel lonely even knowing that Stitch and mom aren't far away. At least I can annoy Haku and play with Newton every once in awhile. Newton's always in need of attention.
Scene: Dragoon2049's Bedroom. Dragoon2049 lays in bed with Newton on his chest. He pets Newton. Both boys yawn.
Scene: Haku2049's Gallery. Chaud and Haku2049 stand around the Angelpuss case.
Chaud: Nice Petpet. Where'd you get it?
Haku2049: Random event. Dunno when. I just stashed it in my safety deposit box for quite some time then found it later and put it into my gallery.
Chaud: So its been frozen for most of its existence? That poor Petpet.
Haku2049: Well I never thought of it that way. Right off the top of my head I know someone who would love to have the time to take care of one. How about Cyrus or My_Cybunny132543?
Chaud: As if. Cyrus has his job and group. He's addicted to reading and often just walks by your place. My_Cybunny132543 probably doesn't have the attention span. Plus, if it ate her carrot cake she'd be steamed!
Haku2049: Very valid points. But its just an excuse to cover up the fact that you don't want it around.
Chaud: Hey, don't do the mind reading thing on me! Its not fair!
Haku2049: Oh, alright. I'll find someone else who...
Chaud: Who what?
Haku2049: I think I might have an idea...
Scene: Time's Bedroom. Time lays on her blue bed, surrounded by her plushies. She hugs her Blue Xweetok Plushie. In the doorway Brianna secretly watches her daughter.
Time (quietly): Oh Dad. Why did you have to disappear on us? Are you even still alive? I miss you so much! *sniff* I wish things could go back to the way they used to be.
Brianna (in thought): Poor Time. But I know the best thing to do is let her cry her head off. Tomorrow she'll be tail waggly like nothing ever happened.
Scene: The next morning. Time wakes up in her room to the smell of french toast. Completely careless about last night's crying session, she quickly walks out of her open room door straight to the kitchen. There she sees her mom finishing up with breakfast.
Brianna: Perfect timing, honey. What do you think about french toast and maple syrup?
Time: *wags her tail* Sounds yummy!
Action: Time quickly sits down. Her mom puts a plate with three pieces of french toast and a fork on it in front of Time. Followed quickly by a cup of orange juice. Brianna sets up her own place at the table and sits down. The two smile. Time grabs the syrup and drenches her french toast in it. Then she hands it to her mom, who goes easier on the stuff. The two eat happily together.
Scene: Meanwhile at Haku2049's Neohome. Dragoon2049 walks from his room, with Newton running circles around his owner as far as he can, stopping the spinning as he comes into Haku2049's Dining Room/Kitchen. Haku2049's already at the table drinking a can of Strawberry Achifyi. Percky_Pippy's already at the table eating breakfast pastries in a basket at the middle of the table. Dragoon2049 sits down at the table, digging into the food as well. Both have a glass of Kau Milk in front of them.
Percky_Pippy: Nice pastries, Haku! I'll totally have the energy to fly circles around anyone today!
Dragoon2049: I think I'm just going to run around with Newton today since Zee Grarrl got everyone but me sick.
Percky_Pippy: I don't think my friends will need me today. So how about we got to the beach? I'll so beat you in a race now!
Dragoon2049: Ha! As if!
Action: Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy exchange rivalrous glances.
Haku2049: Leave that for the beach you two.
Action: Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy stop and get back to eating. Newton eats from his food bowl, tail wagging. Sarah_Shivan stretches on the couch waiting for a certain someone.
Scene: Time's kitchen. Time finishes her breakfast first and gets up.
Time: I'm going to see if I can play with Newton today, mom.
Brianna: Later, honey!
Action: Time quickly leaves her home.
Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. Cyrus walks up to the front door, hungry. He knocks. Sarah_Shivan answers it.
Sarah_Shivan: Cyrus! About time. You should know where we're going better than me. All I got from it was come hungry.
Cyrus: I know. My stomach won't shut up if I miss a meal. *stomach grumbles* Agh! Let's just get there already!
Action: Sarah_Shivan walks through the front door, closing it afterwards. Cyrus and Sarah_Shivan quickly walk together down the sidewalk.
Cyrus: Cafe Le World better be worth it. I missed breakfast muffins for this!
Sarah_Shivan: Same here.
Cyrus: Sometimes I swear our dads like to synchronize even simple things like breakfast every now and then.
Sarah_Shivan: Wouldn't surprise me.
Action: Time walks up to Haku2049's Neohome and knocks at the front door. Haku2049 answers it.
Haku2049: I was expecting you.
Time: How so? I came to see if I could play with Newton by the way.
Haku2049: Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy are going to the beach and Newton's going with. But I figured you'd want your own Petpet. I just happen to have one spare.
Time: *wags tail* Really?!?
Haku2049: Yup. Come on in.
Action: Haku2049 holds the door open for Time. She walks in, but Dragoon2049, Newton, and Percky_Pippy quickly race out.
Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy: Later, Haku!
Action: Haku2049 walks over to a Tiger Couch where an Angelpuss just happens to be sleeping. Time looks at the Petpet.
Time: Its adorable! What's its name?
Haku2049: I haven't named it yet. If your mom agrees its yours.
Time: *wags tail* Really?!? Then how about Angel Kitty?
Action: Angel Kitty wakes up. She looks up at Time.
Time: Good morning, Angel Kitty.
Action: Angel Kitty purrs.
Time: You're so adorable! Wanna come with me to the beach?
Action: Angel Kitty flies up to Time's head. Time giggles.
Time: Alright! I'll go to the beach! Thanks, Haku!
Action: Time quickly leaves with Angel Kitty still on her head. Haku2049 walks up to the closed front door and decides to leave himself. He teleports to Time's Neohome.
Scene: Time's Neohome. Haku2049 knocks at the front door. Brianna opens the front door.
Brianna: Haku! What is it? I've got to leave for work soon.
Haku2049: Oh, I just gave Time the Angelpuss that's been in my gallery for quite some time. It was sort of Chaud's idea actually.
Brianna: That's wonderful! Thank you so much!
Haku2049: Well, if you'll have Angel Kitty in your home, you might want this. *reveals a Blue Moon Petpet Bed*
Brianna: *accepts it* Wow, you really are a deva.
Haku2049: Like I said, it was Chaud's idea. He got me thinking about that frozen Petpet's life. He got me thinking about giving it away and Time was one of those on my list. She's ecstatic right now showing Angel Kitty off on the beach not too far from Dragoon and Percky.
Brianna: *hugs Haku2049* Well I've got to get to work. *puts the Blue Moon Petpet Bed on a table near the door and closes the door afterwards* Later!
Action: Brianna walks off down the street headed towards work.
Scene: Cafe Le World. Cyrus and Sarah_Shivan meet Brian and Susanna at the front door.
Cyrus: Remind me why I missed *stomach growls loudly* ugh...breakfast.
Susanna: *giggles* If you want to try meals from all over the world this is the place for it! You won't find a larger number of food options than here!
Brian: Besides, its a free meal on our owners. Too bad they're too busy watching the stock market at the moment.
Action: The four Xweetoks walk into the cafe immediately greeted by a Green Zafara.
Green Zafara: Welcome to Cafe Le World. Would you like to sit down and view the menu or just stare at the buffet tables?
Brian: We'll look first. I'm ready for food but this is the first time for these two. *points at Cyrus and Sarah_Shivan*
Green Zafara: Oh! That's just fine. The sheer number of foods here is kind of overwhelming. But there is certainly something for everyone. Take a look around.
Action: The four Xweetoks do so. Sarah_Shivan finds a simple looking pastry.
Sarah_Shivan: I wonder what that is...
Cyrus: That brownie has a mouse on it why?
Brian: Look up there. *points*
Cyrus: Oh! It tells you what the dish is called and where it came from? The Mouse Brownie started in Tyrannia in the year 1500 Before Human Intervention. It was made for Grarrls originally. Well with meat and sugar I can see why.
Sarah_Shivan: The Meat Pastry came from Altador in the year 5000 BHI. Wow. That's an old one.
Brian: They have Mint Rolls and Omelets, too. A little you know by heart and a lot you've never heard of before. That's what you can eat here. We just prefer to try new things.
Cyrus: Alright! I'm sold!
Sarah_Shivan: Me, too!
Scene: The beach. Time dashes down the beach with Angel Kitty flying right beside her. Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy chase after one another at insane speeds in the air. Dragoon2049 tags Percky_Pippy.
Dragoon2049: Tag, you're it!
Action: Percky_Pippy tries to get back at Dragoon2049. They spend five minutes speeding around in the air before Percky_Pippy tags Dragoon2049 on his right wing.
Percky_Pippy: No, you're it!
Action: With one wing too close to Percky_Pippy Dragoon2049 begins to fall and flattens Percky_Pippy when they smack into the sand. Newton attacks them both, licking away.
Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy: No, Newton's it!
Action: Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy tag Newton and dash off racing away from the Petpet on the beach. Time bumps into Stitch.
Time: Stitch? What are you doing here?
Stitch: Following you of course.
Action: Rhyme, a Baby Zafara gets pushed to the ground by a Baby Acara who jets off. Rhyme sniffs.
Baby Wocky: You don't actually expect to ever get a friend do you? You're such a weirdo! I hope you get lost as sea or something!
Action: Baby Wocky scoffs and walks off. Rhyme falls to the ground, crying.
Rhyme: Waaaaaahhhhhhh! Nobody will ever be my friend!
Stitch: Hear that?
Time: We should check it out.
Action: Stitch, Time, and Angel Kitty find the source of the crying.
Scene: Cafe Le World. At their own table with plates filled with various foods Brian, Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, and Susanna sit together.
Brian, Cyrus, Sarah_Shivan, and Susanna: Let's eat!
Scene: The beach. Angel Kitty flies down to Rhyme. Rhyme looks at Angel Kitty.
Rhyme: *sniff* An Angelpuss. *sniff* Who do you belong to?
Time: Her name's Angel Kitty and she's mine.
Action: Time sits down next to Rhyme. Stitch just stands not far from the two, thinking.
Stitch: This seems familiar...
Time: Its how we met, silly.
Stitch: I...um...knew. I was just...um...testing you! Yeah, testing you!
Time (sarcastically): Right...
Action: Rhyme hugs Angel Kitty, stopping her crying. She looks at Time.
Rhyme: What do you mean?
Time: I was a lot like you when I was little. I thought I'd never get a friend. Until Stitch stood up for me. We've been best of friends ever since.
Stitch: Yup. A lot of people shunned us for our weird relationship and still do but what's important is it matters to us.
Action: Rhyme buries her head into Time's chest. The two just hug for some time. Newton falls from the sky and lands on Time's head. Dragoon2049 quickly runs up to the hugging. He quickly grabs Newton off of Time's head.
Dragoon2049: Its best not to ask how Newton flew, but it wasn't me or Percky that did it.
Action: Rhyme, Stitch, and Time all look at Dragoon2049 as if he was an idiot.
Dragoon2049: What? *leaves*
Action: A Blue Zafara named Chime walks up to the hugging.
Chime: Are you alright, Rhyme?
Rhyme: Momma!
Action: Rhyme quickly tries to get out of Time's hands. Time lets go. Rhyme lets go of Angel Kitty and quickly races into her mother's arms.
Chime: Did those mean kids pick on you again? You shouldn't believe a word they say. You don't have to conform. You just have to be yourself.
Stitch: That sounds a lot like your mom, Time.
Chime: Huh?
Rhyme: I cried and those guys cheered me up, mommy.
Chime: Is that so? Well I haven't met anyone who would bother to cheer my daughter Rhyme up. By the way, I'm Chime and the rhyming is on purpose.
Stitch: Heh. Woulda never guessed.
Time (sarcastically): Sure...
Stitch: What?
Action: Newton skims across the sand and knocks into Stitch's legs. Stitch falls to the ground.
Dragoon2049 and Percky_Pippy: Newton! Quit jumping into the cannon. You're making us look bad!

08/27/2009 - The Mind of a Petpet (Journal 98)

Scene: Secret Lab Ray Room. Percky_Pippy gets in front of the lab ray while Lab Ray Scientist gets behind the controls. He presses the button.
Robotic Voice: The ray is fired at Percky_Pippy...and she changes into a Yellow Shoyru!!
Action: Percky_Pippy flaps her new wings and gets some altitude. She laughs maniacally.
Percky_Pippy: This is so awesome! No offense but I don't think I'll risk the lab ray for awhile. I really want to be a Shoyru for quite some time! It'll be easier to place my spy cameras for one! Muwa! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
Lab Ray Scientist: Well congratulations for becoming something you really like. I imagine being a strawberry Grarrl was hard.
Percky_Pippy: That and other terrible things. But man finally being able to chase Dragoon even when he flies up to taunt me will be cool in itself! Hooray!
Action: Percky_Pippy flies out of the room. Lab Ray Scientist just smiles.
Lab Ray Scientist: Later, Percky. Next!
Scene: Downtown Neopia Central. Percky_Pippy flies down the street. She passes Dour, who isn't on any mission. Dour looks up at the beautiful sun above. A balmy breeze blows through the city. Dour sighs happily.
Dour (in thought): Could today get any better? No missions. Just time for myself.
Action: Dour walks up to an ice cream vendor. He looks at the prices and available ice cream flavors.
Dour: I'll have a vanilla ice cream cone.
Ice Cream Vendor: That'll be 98 Neopoints, sir.
Action: Dour hands over the money and the vendor gives him the vanilla ice cream cone.
Ice Cream Vendor: Have a wonderful day, sir!
Dour: I certainly hope so. You too!
Action: Dour walks away happy. He walks into a park, laying down on the grass, eating his cone until its gone, staring up at the sky. A Polarchuck walks up to Dour, poking the Lupe's leg. Dour sits up and notices the Polarchuck.
Dour: What do you want, little guy? It can't be my ice cream cone since I've finished it.
Polarchuck (in Petpet): I'm lost! Can you tell me where the Petpet Park is?
Dour: Hmm...you don't have a collar so you don't look like you have an owner. Then again you could have a microchip... Hey! I know!
Action: Dour looks around and notices he's alone. He transforms into a Juma. Polarchuck jumps back, amazed.
Polarchuck (in Petpet): Whoa, that was so cool!
Dour (in Petpet): Now I can understand you! What's the problem?
Polarchuck (in Petpet): I gotta meet my owner Molly at Petpet Park but I can't find it! I shouldn't have gone to the Petpet Playhouse before hand! I hate being lost!
Dour (in Petpet): Is that all? No problem. Follow me!
Action: Dour walks confidently towards Petpet Park, being followed by Polarchuck. A few streets later Merrick, a shady looking Pink Kacheek, smiles staring at the two Petpets through a pair of binoculars. Beside him is Jaidyn, the Pink Poogle.
Merrick: We have two Petpets alone on their way to Petpet Park it seems.
Jaidyn: Well we should help the two little guys out, don't you think?
Action: Both Neopets snicker and walk after Dour and Polarchuck. Ahead of the four a Kyrii slips on a well placed banana peel. It falls over, onto a fruit stand, which collapses letting melons wreak havoc on the street. One rolls up to Adam Savage, who picks it up.
Adam Savage: That doesn't make much sense. We're proven on Mythbusters that one banana peel doesn't have the slipperiness needed to make someone fall.
Kyrii: Try it without shoes on, Mr Smarty Pants.
Crowd: Agh! Its Adam Savage!
Action: A huge crowd of people (humans and Neopets alike) charge towards Adam Savage, knocking over just about everything imaginable. Soon an impenetrable barrier lies across the street. The only way for Dour and Polarchuck to go is into an alley so they do so. Merrick and Jaidyn decide its time to make their move.
Pink Lupe Mythbusters Fan: Sign my book, will you?
Shadow Shoyru Mythbusters Fan: Sign my horn!
Crowd: We love you Adam Savage!
Action: Book Store Clerk comes from his store, curious about what's going on in the street. He sees the crowd and decides to check it out. He gasps when he sees the man before him.
Book Store Clerk: Adam Savage! What are you doing in Neopia Central?!?
Adam Savage: I just came to promote the new Macbook Pro! And look for myths to test that might only be found in Neopia.
Crowd (in awe): Wow...
Action: Merrick and Jaidyn quickly catch up with Dour and Polarchuck.
Merrick: Aww...are you two lost?
Action: Polarchuck stops and looks at the two Neopets staring at the two Petpets. Dour notices and turns around, looking at Polarchuck.
Dour (in Petpet): What are you waiting for? We're not lost!
Merrick: If you're going to Petpet Park just jump into my arms and I'll take you there! You obviously have a deadline!
Action: Dour notices the two Neopets and growls.
Dour (in Petpet): I think this is a trap.
Action: Merrick bends down and pulls out a special device. He turns it on. The two Pink Neopets close their eyes. The device flashes. Blinded, the two Petpets lose consciousness.
Scene: Haku2049's Neohome. Percky_Pippy comes from her room wearing her gypsy outfit. Haku2049 comes through the front door with BlindEternities2049 walking in right after. BlindEternities2049 dashes to a tiger couch and lays down on it. Haku2049 closes the front door afterwards. He turns around to sit down on the couch with BlindEternities2049, but notices Percky_Pippy coming from her room. Percky_Pippy smiles happily.
Percky_Pippy: Can I stay this way for awhile? I really love being able to fly! I love being a Shoyru. I'm okay not being a Pink Lupe for now. So no lab ray for me, okay?
Haku2049: That's fine with me. Its wonderful to hear you're happy being a Shoyru.
Action: Percky_Pippy glomps Haku2049. Haku2049 hugs her back.
Scene: Thieves Guild, Petpet Division Headquarters, lab room. Dour wakes up in a pink energy bubble, floating slightly above the bottom of a machine. The machine surrounds him from the top, left, and bottom. Henderson, an orange Wocky in a lab coat stares at the machine's monitor. Merrick looms before Dour. Dour looks up at the Neopet.
Merrick: Did you know that the Petpet mind is substantially easier to crack than a Neopet's? We're able to control and read Petpet minds here. You will soon become one of us. But just who are you little one?
Action: Dour tries to turn back into a Lupe, but can't. Merrick snickers.
Merrick: Don't bother trying to struggle. Its useless. Henderson, who is this Juma?
Henderson: Its a...whoa. The name is Dour but the address and other stuff is weird. It says its home is Pete Brown's Neoschool for the Gifted, also a secret agent base where they catch Petpet thieves like us! Ha! Can you believe that garbage? What Petpet would fool themselves into believing...
Merrick: Who says its wrong? If its really a secret agent base that loves to save Petpets, why not test our Petpet control chips on them?
Henderson: Sick an army of Petpets on them? How deviously clever, sir.
Merrick: Heh. Its what I do.
Dour (in thought): Oh, no. What have I gotten myself into now?
Merrick: I think its time to make Dour one of us.
Action: Henderson presses a button on the touch screen. Dour quickly blacks out again. The machine turns off, letting Dour fall gently to the bottom. Merrick picks up Dour and snickers.
Merrick: How will you feel destroying your own home, Dour?
Scene: Later Dour wakes up in a cage with several other Petpets. He notices a microchip glued to his forehead. He pokes at it but it doesn't move.
Polarchuck (in Petpet): Don't bother. Many have tried insane things to get it off but nothing works. They're super strong and super glued.
Action: Dour notices rows and rows of cages filled with Petpets. He gasps.
Dour (in Petpet): There is an army of us Petpets!
Dour (in thought): If only there was enough room for me to turn into a Lupe! If only I could get out of this cage...
Action: Merrick walks up to Dour's cage holding onto their remote control.
Merrick: I've got my eye on you Dour. Such a fascinating creature. The ability to turn from Lupe to Juma and back thanks to a fox like being? Enjoy attacking your former allies with your Petpet brethren! Listen up, all! Its time to attack Pete Brown's Neoschool for the Gifted! *presses the largest button on the remote control* Let's go destroy those weak secret agents!
Action: All of the cage doors open simultaneously. Every Petpet including Dour obediently walk from their cages and follow Merrick out of the facility's two bay doors. They blindly follow Merrick to Downtown Neopia Central.
Scene: Later a few blocks in front of PPL Division X. Kaleidoscope walks outside by chance and happens to notice the army. He races into the building.
Kaleidoscope: People, somehow we have an army of Petpets right outside!
Action: Everyone follows Kaleidoscope outside. Merrick laughs.
Merrick: *presses button again* There they are! Attack!
Action: All the Petpets charge at the defenseless PPL Division X. Percky_Pippy flies over the scene, noticing that the group needs help, and just happens to have her weapon with her. She descends and lands near the members of PPL's Division X.
Percky_Pippy: Why are Petpets attacking you guys?!?
Kaleidoscope: Its complicated. Somehow they figured out we're really a secret part of PPL that captures goons like them.
Rosanna: Kaleidoscope!
Kaleidoscope: Oh its not like they haven't made it public knowledge already!
Percky_Pippy: Am I the only one with a weapon?
Kaleidoscope: You can't use a weapon on them!
Percky_Pippy: Relax. Its set to stun.
Kaleidoscope: Okay, then have fun. We're pretty much useless.
Action: Percky_Pippy gets out her weapon and sets it to stun. Then she starts firing, stunning Petpet after Petpet.
Merrick: *presses button again* Mallard and faeries attack the Shoyru!
Action: Forty Petpets take off into the air chasing after Percky_Pippy. Kaleidoscope notices Dour amongst the ranks. He points him out.
Kaleidoscope: *points* Oh no! They got to Dour!
Action: Percky_Pippy fires at a Mallard, which falls over to the not so secret agents, knocked out. Curious Kaleidoscope touches the Petpet, feeling it breathe. Then he pokes at the chip.
Kaleidoscope: Its super glued!
Nicobay: I'll go look for some super glue solvent!
Action: Nicobay disappears into the building. Petpets catch up with the group. Kaleidoscope angrily charges into the fray. Petpets bite and scratch him hard but he doesn't retaliate. Instead he keeps marching on towards the remote control. Percky_Pippy can't fire fast enough and is soon bitten by many flying Petpets. She drops her weapon. Kaleidoscope picks it up. He aims at the remote control and fires. He misses miserably as Merrick simply walks a little to the left. Percky_Pippy gets bitten hard in her wings. She falls not far from Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope hands her the weapon. Petpets bite at both of the Neopets.
Percky_Pippy: I could use some help, Haku!
Action: In a flash of light every member of the Secret Agent Clubhouse teleports in.
Agent Smith: Wow, it worked! Way to go Ryefield!
Action: All the members of the Secret Agent Clubhouse quickly get into position and start firing. Soon the injured Kaleidoscope and Percky_Pippy are free. Angry the duo walk up to Merrick. Percky_Pippy aims at the moron.
Kaleidoscope: Now would you like to give up now?
Merrick: Hardly! This isn't the last you'll hear from the Thieves Guild!
Action: Merrick tries to run away, but Percky_Pippy fires. It only knocks the remote from his hand. Kaleidoscope runs up to the moron and punches him in the face. Merrick is merely dazed. The two Neopets grab the Pink Kacheek by the arms and force him towards the building. Agent Smith quickly races out and grabs the remote control.
Agent Smith: Good thing we got this remote in one piece. Ryefield will most likely want to dissect it to figure out how to counter its technology for future reference. Action: Agent Smith accidentally presses a small indentation on the back of the remote. All the chips pop off of the heads of the Petpets. Nicobay runs out of the building with a small tube of super glue solvent.
Nicobay: Okay, got the solvent! Now... *notices all the chips on the ground* Guess there's no need.
Adam Savage: Well you don't see that everyday.
Scene: Neovision studio. Adam Savage sits in the usual chair, smiling brightly, showing off the newest Macbook Pro.
Adam Savage: I really do use this thing for work.
Time (whispering): Say what's on the card, stupid!
Adam Savage: Oh! Apple deals in Neopia may not be comparable to Earth. Banana peels aren't really that slippery. Void where prohibited. Have a nice day, folks! *waves*

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