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There are those who feel
As cold as ice

But that doesn't mean their hearts
are covered in frost

Yet our hearts are just as easily shattered
And those who break us only see us for our evil

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And there are those who warm our hearts
But if we're not careful

We'll be burned by their deceit

And the smoke will cloud our eyes

And their lies will spread like fire

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We think (we hope)

that we're more good
than evil...

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But only you can determine
which side dominates

Which side will you choose?

A song of ice and fire...

{ Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. }
- George R.R. Martin

I was not required to make this application.

Welcome, krisse, to my application for Kaodda the unconverted grey Gelert. I hope you enjoy reading this application as much as I enjoyed making it! Best of luck to all other applicants - I know Kaodda will go to a wonderful home, no matter who gets chosen in the end.

NOTE: This application is NOT finished due to short deadline. Sorry!


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• Because of short notice, this application is not done. Some parts may be missing or lacking in detail.

• Enjoy your stay!


- Because of the shortening of the deadline and various things such as time constraint, work, school, and technical difficulties, this application isn't as complete as I would like it to be, and for that I apologize!

- Thankfully, I've managed to get bits done throughout the month, as well as some last minute details, so hopefully this is enough for you to judge with!

- Best of luck with the adoption process!


Basic Statistics

Name: Kao'da

Alias: Kao

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Birthday: July 17th

Physical Stats: QUAD

Fur: Grey-blue hue

Eyes: Amber to Rose-gold

Markings: Different colours at tips of the ears

Other: Swirls of magic around the paws and tail

Loves : Loathes

Large bodies of water

Whistling of winds

Open Fields

Shade under trees

The stars

Large groups of people

Loud and busy noises

Close confinement

Hot blazing sun


Strengths : Weaknesses

Silent and quick

Clear minded

Able to blend into surroundings

Physically strong

Not a good swimmer



Large physique


Name etymology

In Japanese, Kao apparently means face, a look, or ex pression. I chose to sort of incorporate this into Kao's character: Those who gaze upon Kao either interpret him as a bad omen, or a good luck sign, depending on the person and their state of mind.

Therefore, those who are more 'evil' in nature will interpret his presence as bad luck, while those who are more virtuous will interpret his presence as good luck.


Kao's main form is a canine, with a physique similar to that of a large wolf. However, in very rare cases, Kao can transform into a human-like form for a very short period of time. He needs the power of the full moon in order to do this, and even then, it takes a lot of energy and overall is not worth the effort.

The moon is where Kao gets his energy. It is said that the moon controls the tides, which Kao also draws his energy from. Therefore Kao is never far from a large body of water.

    - Unfortunately, Kao is a poor swimmer, and has a fear of drowning that causes him to have a love/hate relationship with water. Though water gives him power, which he seeks, being in deep water for too long makes him uncomfortable.

Kao's character is basically a wolf that chases the moon by night, in order to maintain power and survive, but along the way he brings both good and bad to those around him. His effects mainly have to do with water, but sometimes people correlate his presence with other events, both good and bad.


Kao only has two powers, and they are very difficult to control. The first one is purifying any water that he steps in. This occurs randomly if not controlled.

The second power is poisoning any water that he steps in. This also occurs randomly unless he controls it, which he usually can't.

As you can see, these powers contradict each other. Since Kao draws some of his power from the tides, he interacts a lot with water, and often runs across water to get where he needs to go faster.

The larger bodies of water are not as affected (since the purification/dilution doesn't spread to a large area) but smaller ponds and lakes can be completely purified or poisoned without anyone knowing. There is no indication whether or not the water he touches is poisoned or pure, other than the fact that sometimes, living things that drink from the water become extremely ill or die.

Kao cannot completely control his powers, as that would require a large amount of energy. Though he can make foul water drinkable again, he can also make drinkable water poisonous. There is no way to tell.

This becomes the reason why the sight of Kao becomes both an ill omen as well as a good luck charm, since he can do both good as well as bad. It is believed that the more people with 'evil hearts' that are in a given area, the more likely it is that Kao will accidentally poison the water, while if there are more 'good-hearted' people in the area, he is more likely to purify it by chance. This is also why those who are good view Kao as a good luck charm, and those who are bad view him as an omen.



Kao was not 'born' in a typical way. Rather, his first appearance was when he came floating out of a lake.

It was Lory who found him (more on Lory in the family section). She guards the lake where she is bound for eternity, and her lake tends to give her mysterious things.

Lory named him 'Kao', because when she first looked upon his face, she could sense both evil and good. Kao means a face or look, and Lory could see all the possibilities upon him.

However, Kao didn't remain with Lory for long before he sought out the moon.

Growing up

Kao quickly figured out that he drew power from the light of the moon, and that direct sunlight was too powerful, to the point where he is weakened. He therefore began to only move during the night. He also quickly learned that water gave him powers as well, but he also quickly discovered his fear of drowning after going too deep into the sea and learning that he was not invincible.

However, his frequent contact with water ended up stirring some towns, and he soon realized his power to purify and poison water. This is his reason to stay away from large groups of people, as many try to capture him, either to kill him or to keep him for his powers.

Present Day

Now, Kao roams the planet, chasing the moon in order to stay alive, and trying to seek his purpose. Everyday he tries to control his powers, and on some days he succeeds, but many more days he fails.


Summary Lory finds Kao drifting in the middle of a lake that normally engulfs life. She notices he is immune to the power of the lake, and lifts him out, only to notice that she cannot get an accurate read on his face.

Though Kao stays with her for a bit, he is drawn by the power of the moon, and follows it around the world, encountering other bodies of water.

He notices the strange lights that surround his paws when he walks, but thinks nothing of them. Sometimes he sees humans, but instincts tell him to best avoid them.

Eventually, he begins to notice that humans have increasingly started to take interest in him, and goes out of his way to hide from them. Sometimes the humans find him and attempt to capture him. Others sometimes bow to him for reasons he could not understand.

Finally, he started to notice some things related to the water he wades in. It started with a villager that he noticed to be extremely sick and on the verge of death, but drank from the water Kaodda was standing in. He then was cured of all ailments.

Kao then noticed another time when he was standing in a body of water, and a woodland creature came to drink out of it, only to cough and die while it drowned.

Kao then slowly realizes that he has these powers, and attempts to figure out their purpose.

Will complete at a later date.


I haven't had much time to draw Kao, other than the main image. I was planning on drawing a few more application pieces, as well as a reference and such, but alas you may not be able to view them in time.

To view, drag to URL bar.

If chosen, I plan to draw much more for Kaodda. Drawing is the thing I love to do the most on Neopets, so expect more!

To view some other art pieces, click here!

To view more art, visit the family section and visit their pages!


This is a rather large section, as I have a rather large family of permanent pets that have been with me throughout the years. Therefore I will try to keep this section to a minimal, but if you love to browse, feel free to click on their images to visit their lookups and pages!

If you want even more information, click here for their histories.

{1} The Bunnies

These are my pride and joy. Though I have two other Cybunnies, these four are the main characters of my plot. From left to right, we have Minu (a gambler and a con artist), Aro (a shy girl who reads old magic), Vel (a kind-hearted girl with a warrior spirit), and AJ (an anti-social, but loyal arsonist).

These four makeup an unlikely, but interesting group. Read more about them on their respective lookup and pages!

{2} Evil and Darkness

These are my characters that appear to be "darker" in nature, but not necessarily evil.

From left to right we have Zi (newest addition to my family, and will be adopting an old character idea of a mutant), Lia (a possessive demon), and Tom (his passion for music can wake the dead).

Currently only Lia and Tom have pages for themselves. Since Zi is new, he is currently temporarily hosting my background page until I get his character up!

{3} Light and Magic

We all need a little light in our life. On the left and right are Lucky and Tara, who are twin sisters at birth, but were separated by a curse. Lucky ended up being a wandering artist, while Tara became a false queen. Both had to sacrifice half their site to rid of their curse. Read more about them on Tara's page (Lucky's page needs to be updated unfortunately, but you can visit her page as well!)

Yure is a free spirit, who collects children's dreams and brings them to peace, so that children can move on into adulthood. He is generally a character that gets along well with everyone.

{4} The Lake and the Castle

Lory is probably one of my favourite pets, even though I never thought to actually have a Maractite Aisha! Lory is a spirit of a lake, with questionable origins and purposes. Ryo and BG belong with royalty in castles, however since Ryo is also a newer addition to my family, her page currently only hosts my artwork. BG is currently hosting a 'BG SWF' page that I started long ago, but I plan to change it and give him an actual story.

Flame was struck by lightning, and developed the power of electricity. You can read more about her struggles on her page!

{5} Others

I also have a couple of pets that purposely do not have characters for various reasons:

Krissy is a pet that I traded for because she shares my name. I have been stalking her ever since she purged, and a very kind user traded her to me! Krissy keeps my portfolio page, and allows users to inquire about my pets as well as about me. You can visit her page as well if you're looking for information about myself! Currently I am on my way to painting her Stealthy, after they released Stealthy Cybunnies!

Toritai or Tori is a chocolate Cybunny. Who doesn't love chocolate cybunnies? I never really intend to develop a character for her, but I have had her for a very long time (she use to be a lab rat) and I cannot part with her.

Krisse is currently a lab rat, but hosts random pages when I need him/her to. I also like to dress them up sometimes, especially when the species and colour change.

About Me


My name is Krissy, and I am a regular (or as regular as you can get) twenty or so year old who has a passion for art, science, and, well... Neopets.

-List of accounts-
Ccr153lucky2 (Main) | Ccr15366 | Owarinaiyum3 | Krisse | Kawaii_reality

I have been playing this site for over 10 years now, and have no plans to stop anytime soon. Neopets offers me a place away from reality, where I can do what I enjoy with others who enjoy the same things that I do. There are too many things that tie me to this site for me to leave it, which is why I believe Kaodda would be a wonderful addition to my family.

On Neopets

On Neo, I love to draw, code, write, collect avatars, trophies, play games, restock, customize, chat, etc. Pretty much almost everything you can think of that can be done on Neopets. You can see all my achievements just by visiting my lookup through the links on the left.

My main reason to be on the site is the pets (hence Neopets) and I love creating characters for them, coding them pages, drawing art, and customization. You can see that most of my pets have what I listed, and I never stop updating pages. Customization is also a huge part of what I enjoy on Neo, and you can see many items that I own to make my pets pretty.

-Some helpful links-
More about me | Art | NC Items

Off Neopets

Off of Neopets, I enjoy volunteering, hanging with friends, and cuddling with animals. I currently am studying in an attempt to acquire a job in the health care field, as my number one goal is to help others.

This summer I have actually received an opportunity to go overseas for a few weeks to help those in need. I have been working this entire month in order to fund my trip, and I am looking forward to it!

Of course, this doesn't mean I will be away from Neopets for long. I still plan to login as much as possible and do activities, but there will be a couple of weeks where the frequency may be diminished.


I'd like to explain why Kaodda is special to me, and why I thank you for this opportunity to apply for him. Though it may seem that I "hoard UC pets", I have only applied for the ones that I intend to keep and I feel are ones that I have truly wanted, even before conversion. The rest I have either traded for or I created myself.

To ensure you that I do not apply for any and every UC that goes UFA, the last pet that I applied for was back in 2012, which was my pet Tara (Tafq). She was to complete a character idea that I had been holding onto for a while, and I was chosen to adopt her!

Before conversion, my two "dream" pets were the Plushie Cybunny and the Grey Gelert. Before they changed the art style, Gelerts were actually my favourite Neopets. I had intended to save up for a grey paint brush to paint my pet, Lucky_star15366 (haha, yes I created that name :P), but I was also labbing her at the same time. Though she was born a Gelert, she eventually turned into a Xweetok, and afterwards conversion took away any opportunity to own a grey Gelert.

Though several have gone up for adoption, I have either missed the opportunities or was not chosen. I think that every time I am rejected or miss an opportunity it means another door opens, and I'm hoping that Kaodda finally closes the door on my dream of acquiring a UC Grey Gelert.

Future Plans


I plan to have Kao remain on my main account while I finish his page. Usually I rotate some of my pets around to my main, so that everyone can be in the spotlight, and I plan to do the same with Kao.


Kao will have lookups like my current permanent pets. The design will future a different art piece than the one on the petpage layout, which I have yet to draw.


What you see here will be Kao's future petpage, but with the application stuff written out. I plan to expand on the story, add more art work, and perhaps even change the layout like I originally planned. I also plan to develop his character more on this page.


Kao will get a few BC trophies like the rest of my pets, more for show than anything. I'm more interested in the book and gourmet trophies. I have acquired two book trophies already for my pet, Minusagi, to prove to you that I am capable.

Petpet and Petpetpet

I have not actually thought about what P2 and P3 I would buy for Kao, but whatever the choice may be, I do plan to give him a companion.


Like the rest of my pets, I plan to customize Kao. I currently am only missing one item in the customization that I have planned for him, and hope to trade for it soon!


Kao will also have buttons, some adoptables made, as well as some trinkets that I like to make my pets. Some examples:

These are 'heads' that I make for my pets.

Phasellus mattis velit non neque scelerisque, nec egestas lacus auctor. Morbi lorem leo, consequat vel mag


Leaving so soon?

Thank you for taking the time to read my application, Sinny, and thank you to anyone else who is browsing as well! I enjoyed making this application, and I hope everyone enjoys reading it, even though it is far from being finished.

I think this actually gives the future owner of Kaodda an opportunity to further develop Kaodda's character and story without the constraint of time. I believe we are truly never finished with a character or story, because like us, characters are always developing, and our minds are always coming up with new ideas that help us fall in love with our characters all over again.

Thank you Sinny for this wonderful opportunity! Whether or not I am chosen, I wish you the best of luck, and you should know that none of us come out of this process at a loss. Most of us have gained new friendships, new art, and new lessons, and I hope that you end up where you want to go after Kaodda is adopted out.

Credits and Thanks


1. Layout and coding by ccr153lucky2 (myself). Do not use without permission.

2. Overall content and images by ccr153lucky2 (myself) unless otherwise credited.

3. Photoshop vectors by photoshop, and several artists on deviantart (Once I recall their names will place here)

4. Majority of images produced in Photoshop CS5, Paint Shop Pro X5, and Jasc Animation Shop.

5. Kaodda belongs to sinthesized, and afterwards to whoever adopts him.

6. NEOPETS and all related indicia are trademarks of Neopets, Inc., © 1999-2014. ® denotes Reg. USPTO. All rights reserved. Use of this site signifies your acceptance of the Terms of Use.


1. Thank you to all who have contributed to the birth of this page, and to those who read it all until the end.

2. Thank you to those who report thefts of coding, art, writing, etc. and to those whom respect the owner(s) of the content and ask for permission before using.

3. Thank you to Sinny (sinthesized) for allowing us the opportunity to apply for Kaodda, and for enduring this long and tedious process until the end.

4. Overall thank you to everyone who has been respectful of others during this process.

5. Thank you to Tari, who is the plumpest fish in the world (wat?).

And for the final time:

I was not required to make this application.

This is an incomplete application for Kaodda the UC Grey Gelert.
Thank you for reading!

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