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[7.11.14] - Six years later and I really hate updating this outdated layout. I want to give my sincerest apologies to the fans of this comic. Unfortunately, we've been off the grid with any updates due to my commitments to Jellyneo. But I've found new passion in my newest comic The Quest for the Dung Scarab. Please be sure to check them out! Meanwhile, enjoy a bit of nostalgia as we celebrate our 10 Year anniversary with a special issue!

[10.31.08] - Happy Halloween everyone! =D Enjoy Issue 15 as my special Treat to you! =D

[09.13.08] - What's this?! Two Updates in less than 2 weeks?! Yes!

I present to you Layout 5.0! New art, new layouts, and less loading time! I've tweaked many of the images so that it's not a hassle for loading time on your computer (the biggest offender were all of the fanarts...) But anyways, send me your comments or suggestions. I'm very open to opinions and changes, because afterall, this page is all about pleasing you! Enjoy!

[08.29.08] - Hooray! I didn't pass the 6 month mark! xD *bows deeply* Sorry for my tardiness once again! I present to you the long awaited release of Issue 14!

[04.19.08] - 2008's April Fool's Transcript has been posted!

[04.15.08] - New Easter Egg Pictures are up featuring, Nub, Shekk, and Avatar The Last Airbender Themed Eggs! ^^

[04.01.08] - My goodness, o_O it's been over a year since the last release, but here it is!! Issue 13!! xD Thank you for your patience and Enjoy!

[04.09.07] - The transcripts for 2006 and 2007's April Fool's are up! ^^ As well as a basket full of new Easter Egg Pictures featuring, RS, Betanko, CardQuest, and Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Eggs!

[12.02.06] - New adoptable available! Idea provided by marcthegr8est1. More item adoptables to come! ^^

[11.27.06] - After 6 long months Issue 12 is released! I'm sorry for the very long wait ^^' I know a lot of you were waiting very patiently for this and I thank you for that! work and school keeps me on a short leash. Enjoy!

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