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Some of my RSed items (uncommon)

Some of my RSed items (common)

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Mostly lab maps..

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x 4

I stopped counting after winning 30 PBs from Key Quest. lol
So far, I've won around 1,600+ codestones from it. ^____^

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I won most of the map pieces.. ^_^ (Kass Basher and Turmac Roll)

World Challenge Info: (1 and 2)

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From 100K to 150K, I hardly RSed (because of some personal issues) so it took longer to reach it..
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How fast is your internet connection?
Not very fast (only using the cheapest DSL here in the Philippines).
I tried an online speed test and got these results:

How can you RS with a slow connection?
I'm not really sure. Probably with practice and/or luck lol
It could also be because of my computer.
My brothers are game fanatics and likes to update our computer.

How often do you RS (restock)?
Whenever I'm not feeling lazy (usually a few hours every day).
If you see me around the
HC, it's very likely that I'm RSing.

You chat while RSing?!
lol yes, I help out in the HC while RSing. It'll be too boring if I just RS.

Can you give me tips on RSing?
I would love to give tips on RSing but I don't do anything out of the ordinary.
I just wait patiently in certain shops and go for the items that I know/think are profitable.
RS guides: restocker, restokopedia, badds55123, tranquily
Item Guides: Kahrs, FruityFruiter, Advantina,

Which shops are you RSing in?
Igloo Garage Sale, Merifoods, Chocolate Factory, Toy Shop
Faerieland Petpets, Neopian Petpet Shop, Faerie Foods, Wintery Petpets
Neopian Post Office, Tyrannian Petpets, and Royal Potionery

Are you RSing in all those shops at the same time?
Yes. I have several tabs opened (along with a tab for the Help Chat).

Which one would you recommend for a beginner?
The Chocolate Factory is probably one of the easiest shops that I've RSed in.
It's the reason why I started (for the "Chocolate!" avatar) and got addicted to RSing.

How do you get the Chocolate! avatar
Restock an r90+ item (usually the ones priced at 5K+) from the Chocolate Factory.
You must buy the item from the Chocolate Factory to get the avatar.

My computer / internet connection is very slow, where can I RS?
Try the Igloo Garage Sale.
RSs at random minutes but predictable seconds = :38-:45 and/or :50
We can only RS 10 items per day (and one item per RS) so avoid the junk/cheap items.
(even if you're RS banned, you can still RS in the Igloo)

What is a "restock ban"?
It's when you don't see any items in any of the main shops (except for the Igloo Garage Sale).
It happens when you refresh too often / too much while RSing.
To check if you're RS banned, check the Tiki Tack. If you don't see any items, then you're RS banned.
It lasts for a few hours to (supposedly) 2 days. My average RS ban is around 17 hours (my longest was around 24 hours).

How often are Draik Eggs stocked in Merifoods?
I've seen 0 to 2 per day (only one per RS).
I only RS for a few hours (if I'm not feeling lazy) so it's not a definite answer.
Update: Draik Eggs are RSing more frequently recently (ever since they released the Pirate and Desert Draik Eggs)

How often are Candychans stocked?
I've only seen 3 in the (few) months that I've RSed in Wintery Petpets.

How often are Krawks stocked?
I've only seen 2 in the (few) months that I've RSed in Tyrannian Petpets.

What are your goals?
NP goal: 150K daily bank interest (438 million) --finished
Next NP goal: 200K daily bank interest (584 million)
RS Goals: Ice, Red, Pirate and Desert Draik Eggs; and some of the missing items in my Faerie Gallery
Ultimate Goal: complete Faerie Gallery and more items for my other gallery.

If you don't mind me asking, how many NPs do you have now?
For now, I have at least 500 mil in the bank.
I've been using some for my gallery and investments.. aside from those things, my NPs will be stuck in my bank.. lol

Why aren't you RSing anymore?
I stopped RSing almost 2 years ago due to some personal issues.
On September 26, 2009, the Philippines was devastated with heavy rainfall (storms) and our house was unfortunately flooded (at least 5ft).
Almost everything we had were destroyed (including our PCs, laptops, etc). Thankfully, we're all safe ^___^
Since then, we've bought new PCs, laptops, etc but I've lost the energy to RS. Maybe I'll try it again someday.

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For comments, suggestions, or if you need help with something, neomail me (kurumi_san).

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