foreword {a short introduction}

Welcome, guest, to Melt, a pixel-adoptable site, run by none other than I, Belle.
MELT used to go under the long-running name of Pixelated. I've been running that site for 3 years, I guess, going on and off, depending on the amount of work I have. Now that I have revamped the site, under a new name (after a favorite song of mine), I think of it as an entirely different experience. The original site started on October 14, 2009. Melt as a new, independent site, started on March 10, 2012.
As always, suggestions and feedback are welcome. [Just drop me a line!]


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good-byes and work

GOODBYE, CASS! I'm so sorry that I just found out about this now. Ugh. The things that happen while I'm gone. We'll miss you so much - it's a great loss to the site community. No one will ever forget SOROPTIMIST.
In other news, I'm terribly, terribly sorry for not being able to update. There's just too much work as the last grading is being done! Again - so sorry. :(
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rules + faq {guidelines}

Rules - Asking when
1.) Kindly refrain from repeatedly asking when your request will be completed. It's sort of annoying, really. I try my best to finish all the requests I have on time, so please be patient!
Rules - Neomail
2.1) Fan mail/Thank you's/(constructive)Comments are acceptable and fine.
2.2) Hate mail/Spam are NOT tolerated and are reportable.
Rules - Request
3.) If your request is left unanswered in 3 days or more, please resend it or notify me again. It may have been deleted, lost in the revamp or *blushes* forgotten. (especially during revamp periods.)
Rules - Animation
4.1) You can now request animation.
4.2) You may ask for glitter pictures, as a bonus.
Rules - Credit/theft
5.1) Always leave the credit on! If you don't want to have a link back on that [graphic] pixel, you may put any visible credit somewhere else, as long as you DON'T claim it as your own. That is art theft and will be reported.
5.2) Taking my pixels and recoloring them will not make them your own. If you recolor/take anything here without leaving credit, again, you will be reported for art theft.

ALERT: If you (yes, you, guest) have seen anyone stealing any content here, please don't hesitate to report them to me.


If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Q: Why do you make lots of these pixels?
A: I enjoy making pixels. It's sort of a hobby for me.

Q: What inspired you to make pixels?
A: I really, really like the work of a lot of the better known pixel makers (like Rae-sama and Chip-sama), so, as I sadly have nothing better to do, I tried making pixels on my own. And it's actually pretty enjoyable.

Q: Can you give me a---
A: No.

Q: Can I be your affie/list you/review you?
A: Sure! Feel free to. (just notify me first.)

Do you have any questions for me? Use the link above and ask me now!

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How to Use

Don't know how to use a pixel? Well, pixels and adoptables for that matter, are generally decorative. Yup. Except for resources like bullets, neomail signs and others - these have designated functions.
Let's chop this up:


{visit my pixels}
Pixels, as mentioned above, are merely decorative. They are pieces of art where you can see the small pixels that make up the image - thus the name.


Here on Neopets, adoptables are usually painted pets, in a pose chosen by the artist, and drawn in the same way pixels are. There are also custom adoptables, where the template is provided, and it's up to the user to decide how to decorate it.

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