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Full Name: Bei Kinova
Alias: Beiki (bay-kee)
Soldier/ID Number: 99
Species: Unknown; alien life form
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be in her early 20s
Genetic Family: N/A
Beiki is, what some may call, a scientific phenomenon. She is not a direct descendant of any creature, nor was she born on any planet. Beiki was born through space dust.
Hundreds of lightyears away, an emission nebula and reflection nebula existed near one another, reflecting the light from neighboring stars and emitting their own spectrum of color through an abundance of atoms. It was the death of a nearby star that began it all.
For nearly a week, this giant star glowed brighter than its neighboring galaxies combined, its light charging and feeding the two clouds of dust. At the finale of this event, the star gave way and shattered, casting large remnants of itself into the galaxy. The largest flew straight through the two nebulae, and it was the collision that set off the reaction.. the reaction that would lead to Kinova's becoming.

Traits and Characteristics:
Alert. Resourceful. Cunning. Charismatic. Free-spirited.
Beiki has signature red eyes; a trait assumed to have passed to her from the emission nebula. Her alien skin is dust-gray in color, and she often clothes herself with a variety of aerobic spacesuits, jumpsuits, and hoods.
Bei's appearance is closest to that of a grundo or human-- which has become a curious matter. Could the supernova have collided with several inhabited planets before reaching the two charged nebulae? Perhaps the traits of combined collisions contributed to the genetic make-up of this living nebula.
To most, Beiki doesn't seem to represent even a fraction of the dynamic event that others would imagine her 'birth' to have been. This is because they are normally looking through a blind lens.
The heavily-charged atoms of the nebulae not only created life; they created a brilliant mind. There is much more to Beiki than can be seen from the surface..

The nova that granted her life is believed to have been stored within her; keeping her body temperature forever comfortable. Thus, Bei can withstand the coldest of temperatures. Finding comfort in the natural (and beyond freezing) temperatures in space as an infant, Beiki is rarely ever affected by climate change (with the only exception being the scourging heat of another star).
Last but certainly not least, Beiki has the ability to dissipate (disappear into space dust) at will. Her body transforms into a colorful, miniature nebula before disappearing entirely-- offering her a quick escape. She cannot linger in this disappeared form however, and so whenever she does perform this trick, she is actually in the process of teleporting. She oftentimes uses this ability as a form of transportation, and sparingly during combat.

Likes and Dislikes

-looking after others
-kreludan fashion
-the scent of outer space


Heh, and I guess as a little random bonus (since I noticed I listened to this song quite a lot when I first made this application) Beiki's personal theme song will be Explosions In The Sky's Your Hand In Mine. The music has a very light, optimistic tune to it, and whenever I hear it I am reminded of Beiki's light-hearted character.

The Encounter

A pale, feminine alien greets you at the space station with a smile, her outstretched arm reaching for yours. She grasps your hand with her two; her equivalent of shaking hands.
My name is Bei.
Descendant of a supernova.

I've been asked countless times of my creation, of how I came to be. And whenever I'd fail to give my audience the details I'd see them grow frustrated inside. Even the composed ones. But honestly, would you remember your becoming? I'd think not.
What I'll tell you is what I've told the others; although my state and intellect was that of a newborn then, I was-- somehow-- able to 'see'. Now, I don't actually remember what happened, but the event seems to come to me through dreams. Night after night, I can see the brilliant flares of red, taste the helium and hydrogen in the atoms around me. Aside from this, there is only a dark expanse. A familiar dark void, speckled with the shimmering faces of suns far away.

And then, all within an instant, the earsplitting bang. The raging, dying, ball of hot-blue star. I can see it coming towards my coordinates in the dream, and through them, at the same time. The explosion still echoes in my ears when I wake. The alien brings her fingers to her lips, tapping gently in a sign of light distress. Her eyes go distant for a moment before returning. And I find myself grabbing at my racing heart. I hold myself together, shaking, as if I myself were going to shatter, you know? The dreams terrify me.

Anyway, Beiki moves on, shrugging off the memory of her dream for the time-being, it must have taken a bit for my brain to kick in. Up until then I had been living off of pure instinct, I suppose. Can't honestly remember much of those early passages of time. But once I started thinking, I decided that I wanted to find someplace, somewhere, with other life forms like myself.
That may be where my journey began.
I began travelling the universe; jumping from galaxy to galaxy, teleporting from planet to planet, hoping to find some form of intelligent life. At my age then, I also just wanted to find someone to play with (other than, of course, the occasional speeding asteroid). I never did find anyone though, Beiki said this with a bit of a shrug in her shoulders.
It's a shame how some far-out sections of the universe can be so underpopulated.

I did come across someone rather spectacular, however, a long while or so later. At first, I thought she was one of my kind. She was travelling at lightspeed, leaving a trail of sparkling dust behind her as she went. It had taken me a few tries at teleporting to reach her, but I finally did. From the proper distance, I noticed she was much different that me. Her skin was a deeper, darker shade than mine, and she had bright blue hair (back then, I had mistaken it for an odd helmet; for I didn't know what hair was!). Another oddity I noticed about her was that she had a set of translucent wings, protruding from her back like a delicate cape.
I recall seeing a spark of curiosity in her large, red eyes.
She told me she was part of a species called faerie.

I remember her telling me she was in a hurry to solve something in a far-away galaxy, and that she would be very interested in speaking with me again if only I could meet her in the near future, on a planet called Neopia.
Pointing out its direction, she wished me luck, apologized for the brief encounter, and assured that I'd find what I was looking for on that little planet Neopia.
And so, we both took off.

With the direction embedded in my memory, I set off in search of this planet, teleporting through the galaxies. I knew my path was warm once I began seeing planets encompassed with thick atmospheres. The galaxies and solar systems began to smell less and less like the barren voids I had grown used to. I remember thinking to myself; Could this be the scent of life?
Sooner than later I came across a cluster of inhabited planets. My mission became sidetracked. I began exploring these planets as I traveled; observing and interacting with the life I found there. Many of the civilizations I came across were more primal and hostile than the one you and I are used to now. Less civilized, I guess I should say. But all the same, I came and went, staying only a short amount of time on each planet. At most I stayed at a planet nearly two years before my departure to the next. It was astonishing for me then (and even now) to see what I saw, and learn what I learned.
As I jumped from system to system, closer, I hoped, to the planet Neopia, I noticed that the civilizations grew more advanced, more technologically and socially sound. I grew more interested in knowing what they knew. And in between studies, I would ask the people if they knew of the planet, Neopia.

A good handful of years passed before I had finally reached the so-called Neopia. There were a great number of species of people living here, Beiki looks over her shoulder, out the window of the spacecraft at the sunlit face of planet Neopia. I think I might of been-- what you would classify-- nineteen when I finally landed here.
It wasn't too difficult to follow my routine and settle in to this new planet. I had an idea of how things would be run here.. well, based off what I'd experienced in neighboring planets. But Neopia did end up exceeding my expectations, Beiki said with a smile, looking back to you, so I decided to stay.
At least, until I'd meet the space faerie again.
I hoped I hadn't come too late.

Time was never much of a concern for me, so I waited patiently, all while advancing towards citizenship. It wasn't until several months when the faerie finally found me. Bei let out an exhaled laugh. She appeared out of nowhere-- much like my own mode of teleportation-- demanding an item I've never even heard of, until she recognized my face.

Following our meeting, she listened to everything I had to say considering my past and my journeys. In addition, we learned each others names and exchanged advice concerning our troubles; she offered to take me to the Space Station, where she believed I'd find comfort and prove beneficial to a team called the Resistance, while I suggested she purchase the quest item herself (with a few neopoints I had at hand to offer her).

I couldn't have agreed with Mira any more, Beiki said, propping herself on top of the space window ledge and observing the station. I feel right at home here.

A strange gadget around her waist began blinking rapidly. You point at the device, and Beiki reaches for it, rather flustered, in response. She makes a split-second maneuver, and a small hologram rises from its base, presenting a figure requesting her presence.
Right away, sir. Beiki nods and dismisses the hologram.
Resistance Leader needs me at Headquarters, sorry about that. She hops off the window ledge and back onto the station floor. There are many people walking about this space-city, some (perhaps, much like yourself) are Neopian tourists. Beiki invites you to walk with her for some of the way..

I sought out the Resistance team almost immediately once I arrived to the station. It just seemed like it was my mission to do so, given Mira's direction. They viewed me as an oddity at first, and were hesitant to introduce me to their team. But my knowledge of other galaxies and civilizations was something they wanted to know more about. I guess you can say that was my key in.
Over time the members grew to trust me. We began to grow on each other, all while keeping surveillance on dark forces. The Resistance became somewhat of a family for me, the family I never truly had. What fascinated me even more was their dedication to protecting the space station, and Neopia. These members had created a purpose for themselves, a productive one. One that I, too, eventually came to honor.
And so, I gave my oath, my pledge, to the Resistance.
I've been a trainee ever since.

Bei Kinova pauses her pace, turning to you and placing her left hand on your shoulder.
This is where we'll part, mapplen. I'm grateful to have had you as my company. Do come by the station again.
You feel Bei's hand sliding off your shoulder, losing gravity. Her deep red eyes obtain a soft glow as a cloud of colorful dust begins to take place of her form. And in moments time, she is gone.


As the scroll-bar may suggest, I have many plans for Beiki99!
Home. If you choose for me to be her new owner, Beiki99 will live on my main account.
Just to clear one thing, Cerphiel (my robot aisha) will be safely moved to my active side account, allowing for Beiki to move in to her place. No pets will result in homelessness or unhappiness.
My main account is also my NC items account; and so I find it absolutely crucial for Beiki99 to have a wide selection of backgrounds and trinkets to choose from during customization.

Yikes! During revision I realized I left out the obvious. But just in case: Beiki99 will be a permanent pet. She will NEVER be abandoned or traded. Not only is this because no other pet would interest me more than Beiki, but it is also because she deserves a loving, forever home. And therefore, I present you with this:

(something that will clip onto her lookup)

BC. My pets and I have become rather regular Beauty Contest participants (my first entry was that of Phistly back in winter a couple of years ago), and I definitely plan on entering Beiki! Of course, I might need to modify her anthropomorphic design into a more grundo-esque one for the contest, but that shouldn't be too much trouble. And seriously, a personal trophy cabinet (which I hope to achieve for her through this hobby) is a must for this stellar grundo!

Story. I love to write for my pets, however I never really caught on to Role-playing them. I've given it a try once with Phistly, but must admit that I find more interest and engagement in writing my own stories for my pets. The story excerpt I've included in the above section of the application is basically reflecting the beginning of the story I have planned for Beiki99. Although still in its draft state, I've been having a lot of fun creating it for her. I have planned a bit of a twist at the end of her story (considering her haunting dreams). Also, I'm considering changing the planet Neopia in her current story to a planet of my own creation (I've started building a universe through Windrae's plot and my new pet, Afstralos, and am building on it as I write more). Her story will remain the same, but the new setting would allow for more leniency and creativity with her story arc. I'm honestly very excited about it.

In addition to this, Beiki99 will have her own personal petlookup and petpage; something I will dedicate my time to construct. My usual method is to work on each pet a little at a time, jumping back and forth, but I do expect to give greater attention to Beiki if she were to come home with me and the rest of the family.
I've written nine stories so far for my pets. Caapa's, Windrae's and Abismos' main stories are the most complete. The other six--Autre, McGinnis, Vonenta, Cerphiel, Afstralos, and Phistly-- don't have all their stories posted anywhere yet (at least not in full; I haven't gotten around to coding their petpages) but I can inform you of their individual stories in detail if you'd like. Just drop me a neomail if you're interested, and I'll set up a petpage where they can be viewed :) Almost every other pet I own (with the exception of Munde, and Barrog; whom I'm hoping to zap into people's dream pets) has a character in development. I don't respect the idea of leaving pets to rot, and I view a lack of character design as just that. Beiki99 will start off with a proper petlookup with a story blurb and a few artworks/portraits. Her petlookup will have a similar layout to Caapa's and Windrae's current lookups, until I can start experimenting with more intricate CSS codes. I would love to drift away from using the premade layout templates eventually, and into more complicated and interesting ways of display. I started experimenting this with Afstralos's lookup, but it still needs a bit of fine-tuning.

Statistics. I like to boost/adjust my pets' intelligence levels to something that would closely match up with their personalities and story-lines. In Beiki's case, I want her to have an exceptionally high intelligence count (something past 300 would be a nice place to settle down with for some time.. before increasing it yet again). Her written character is incredibly intelligent and quick-thinking, so I believe this is only appropriate.
As for 'Battledome' Stats, I'd love to work my way up to training Beiki99 (I created a little chart that I think would be a nice way of working on her stats and story simultaneously, see below).

Resistance Trainee Schedule

Stats 10-20 Trainee
Stats 21-50 Soldier/Agent
Stats 51-90 Captain
Stats 91-?? General

(the numbers on the chart would relate to an even set of statistics for Beiki99; i.e, when her stats are all at 60 points, she would be in the process of becoming a Captain of the Resistance)

I have to say, I'm actually rather new to pet training (at the moment, Qanakin, Windrae, and Caapa are my only In-Training pets) so, as you can probably observe, it may take an unnaturally long time for Beiki99 to reach the rank of 'general', but I definitely won't back down on it. In context of her story, I have a vision of Beiki ultimately becoming a respected, vital and significant figure within the Resistance. And I think a set of high stats would signify that for her. Besides, I love doing what I can for my pets, and I believe Beiki99 is worth the time and expense.
So, in time, she will be a rather intimidating grundo.

Ever since I first learned that the option of customization was added to the site, I've had a hard time not customizing my pets!
Customization is, no doubt, something I plan to give to Beiki99.
Bei will be featured with a variety of NC Mall backgrounds, much like my other pets. In the scroll-bar below, I've included a few images of how I'd plan to customize her. I already own some of the items featured below, so I'd be able to offer Beiki a personalized customization right away if she were to come home.
Drag and drop images into the address or tab bar for full-sizes!

I was experimenting with many different backgrounds and found that this one seemed to suit Bei rather well. I just love how the contours of her feet seem to hug the shape of the meteor she stands upon; and also how camouflaged she looks against the elements of this customization.
This look also inspired the layout of this application.

This one is probably my favorite so far. Although trees and snow shouldn't really exist in space, it's the composition that satisfies me. Muted colors stay true to her Grey color, and the light sources match almost perfectly. Once I purchase the foreground, this version of Bei's look will be complete!

This one is a bit random, to be honest. I was simply just playing around with some found NC items; but it could be a possible temporary customization.

Okay. If ever, by some miraculous force, I can afford to get this background, it'll go straight to Beiki99! Story and setting-wise, I think it matches her beautifully.


Ahaha, it's too bad Beiki can't have all these petpets at once!
I've been having a difficult time deciding on what companion Beiki99 would have, and unfortunately her story thus far doesn't include a petpet companion. But I wouldn't want her to feel left out, so therefore she must have a petpet. Out of these six picks, I've been leaning more towards the Robot Snowickle and Fire Yooyu. The Snowickle matches her look rather nicely, although it would be hard for me to obtain anytime soon. The Fire Yooyu seems like a clever pick because it almost resembles a fiery star; like the supernova that created Beiki. And besides it fitting my current budget for petpets (the trading post has it for 400k, I believe), the Yooyu would be a nice companion for Beiki99 especially during the Altador Cup seasons. I plan to have her as my own little Virtupets Team mascot. ^^

Speaking of mascots..

..if Beiki99 were to come home with me and my family of pets, I'd have her as one of my main, 'mascot' pets. I know that this claim might probably sound like a false promise, but I can assure you that I'm being sincere. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER! And I wouldn't want her to be anything less than what I plan for her.
The grundo in general has been an absolute favorite of mine since my return to Neopets, and, as you can see, I own two lovely grundos (and plan to own more). For a long time, I've been searching discreetly for someone like Beiki99, and now that I've been given this opportunity I've become incredibly excited. With her traditional Grey color, Beiki stands as my all-time favorite representation of the Grundo species; and my absolute favorite of all the Grey-painted pet designs. But besides being overbearingly adorable, I've fallen in love with the character I've created for her. Bei Kinova would be seen as my active pet (alternating between her and Caapa), and not in a manner of boasting, but in a manner of appreciation. She would remain in the spotlight in honor of a quest fulfilled, and of one of my favorite Neopet species. This doesn't mean the spotlight will be pulled away from my other pets; it just means Bei's spotlight and pedestal will be a step (or more) brighter.


This will be the template for Beiki's own line of grundo makeables. Isn't it squishy!

Grundo Adoptables

What's this? It seems you've stumbled upon a collection of little grundos! How charming.

Adoptable Rules

◇ Do not remove their individual links
◇ Do not alter them, enter them in any contests or claim them as your own.
◇ Enjoy!

Custom Requests are currently Open/Closed.
Neomail mapplen to place a request.

Basic Colors





Parting ways..

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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Meepit invasion
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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