Tutto Sembra Cosi Poco Nuvoloso its Italian for "everything seems so cloudy" - Before the rain

Welcome to Before the Rain, a background request site! I am Ari and I am the founder of this site. Before the Rain first opened its doors on August 14th, 2012. We already have a lot of content up for use. You may use these backgrounds for Shop/Galleries, Petpages etc. or where ever else you may need them, so be sure to come back often for new content. I do take requests, so please take a look at that page for further details. Take a look around and I hope you find what you are looking for!


Currently doing a request for Caits
Maddie is done!



See a background you like, but don't really like the colors? Well then that's easy! I can change that for you! Just tell me which background you like and what type of colors. (When you tell me what color, don't just put pink. I need to know what shade of pink. For example: I would like a mix of dark and light pink.) I will not know this unless you tell me so make sure you are very detailed! Fill this form out and send it to me, Ari!

Requests are OPEN!



Four options for Caits

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Please neomail me for affiliation requests here. Thank you.

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Special Thanks To..

To Sy for making this Layout for me and helping me fix the problems and future problems a long the way! I can never repay you!! Thank you so much :D
To Lyssa & Lisa for making me buttons
To my Friends for encouraging me to do this, you guys are the best and I am glad I met you!
To my guild for inspiring me in so many ways.
To all those people who complained about not knowing where to get backgrounds! You made me think about doing this just for you!



  1. Please credit me. Link back buttons can be found in the "sitely" tab. Or you can just put me in your credits with a link attached to my site; if you prefer not to have a button.
  2. Do not steal. I work very hard on these backgrounds.
  3. Do not take a background that was made for another Neopian. I want the backgrounds to be unique and I will gladly make you a similar background.
  4. Please request only when requests are open. Thank you.